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Disappointing to see

Avatar Username: Domcpl
Date: 23-Apr-2008 17:57:36
Mood: disappointed

Well just thought we would put this out there for more feed back.There seems to be alot of profiles with out pics on them which brings me to the point that those people that are making the profiles up are not who they say they are or they have something to hide from there partners or they arn't serious about anything.As we all know putting pics,video's ect on any site will probably end up on someother site or all over the net but if you have nothing hide and you love people looking at you and your partner then who care's where your pics ect end up and if you didn't want it to happen we wouldn't post anything .As it makes no sense to make profile up with no pic and try and find someone as you dont know who you are talking to ect.But as i say i'm just expressing my opinion.


Avatar domywifemaster
2008-04-24 04:52:46

Dom,Are you referring to people contacting you? We are going to need feedback from the good users of this site on this.If you guys would all like we can add an option for you in your settings to only allow users with Pictures to contact you, or leave comments for you. Do you guys have other ideas?

Avatar Domcpl
2008-04-25 02:29:28

Allowing users with Pitcures is a good idea.I would some how give people that join a time frame as to post an authentic pic or account will be suspendid or deleted.I just think it is very rude not having pic if you are serious and want to make it a good site to meet and chat with people with the same interests.

Avatar Corwin
2008-04-25 12:47:56

What about those of us who don't have a decent camera, can't afford one, (I barely get minimum wage, part time at that) and won't even think about posting blurry, grainy, low quality pictures? I hate blurry pictures and see way too many of them on every amateur site I visit. If people can't see what you intend to show, why bother? And to be quite honest it's not easy to get it at least halfway up and keep it there long enough to try to get a decent shot. (I'm an old bald fart, the equipment doesn't seem to be set on autopilot any more...lol I'm not sitting here with one foot in the grave, just early 50's but things do seem to be slowing down a bit.) When I do try, in the time it takes to divert my attention to the camera, get it aimed and focused, it's halfway gone already... it's frustrating... If I'm not happy with it I won't show it to anyone else. I have only a few pics of a female, I do not have her permission to post them, and will not. I'm more into looking anyway, and will never ever post anything that's not mine to post, and then only if I do have permission. Posting pictures is an option, not a requirement. And who knows, I just might be too shy to show off...but still enjoy looking...just to bring up a different point of view, not necessarily my actual scenario. But some people surely are here just to look, and are too shy to show off like others do.What I don't like are the ones that do not have their signifigant other's permission and post their pictures anyway. There are lots of those floating around, and I hope they all end up in divorce court getting their collective clock cleaned. Enjoyed the chat, by the way.

Avatar domywifemaster
2008-04-25 21:30:40

We thin that forcing people to post pictures of themselves is not a good idea, as not everyone is an exhibitionist.There can be options such as:Only allow users with pictures to contact you, or leave comments.Only allow users with pictures to see your full pictures.Do you guys have comment on those options?

Avatar buttluvr
2008-05-04 19:10:55

I agree to a point. As others have stated I prefer to keep my private details private. I have a pic on my profile of myself and enough info so people know where I'm coming from.If someone wants to get to know me we can chat and go from there.T.

Avatar jonmaddux
2008-05-30 06:30:22

Some people enjoy beautiful people but due to the nature of their jobs could be fired under a morality clause if a pain in the ass coworker found them out and reported them. (as in my case) So i enjoy looking at beautiful women but cant risk my livelihood by plastering my face on an adult website profile.

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