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Blogs » cuckjuice's Blog » My shy Reluctant wife. Part five ...All True)


My shy Reluctant wife. Part five ...All True)

Avatar Username: cuckjuice
Date: 10-Jan-2017 01:46:03
Mood: other
Music: Cool Dock on the Bay etc

After a long absence am back to carry on my memories that luckily I wrote in a diary after it happened and I find it amazing how many small details I had forgotten.

Our new friend that we had met only a few hours ago stood naked and close with his prick right in front of her face.                                                                                                                                 , As I stood in the doorway I thought ''Fuck it, I can't drive home because although I had not drunk as much as my wife and him going upstairs realised I must be close to the limit. Silently cursing myself because now sated all I wanted to do was to take my wife home to bed,our bed and just be on our own to finish off a memorable evening.

I moved positioning myself behind him enabling me to see my wife and catch her eye indicating I was tired....my mind jumping about wondering how this was going to work out and feeling too akward to ask if we could stay the night but wanting to be on my own with my love.

He was a real gentleman realising the situation asking us if we would like to stay the night also saying there was no strings attatched. Thus saying he vanished upstairs to make bed and put some sheets/duvet in the one of the spare bedrooms.

I cuddled my sparkling eyed wife and when we kissed her tongue filled my mouth and she grabbed my limp damp cock and tugged playfully giggling when I jerked because it bloody well wasn't exactly gentle. She was pretty drunk and asked for a glass of water so I left her on the couch and went to the kitchen. I had to  hunt for where the glasses were and when I got back into the lounge he was back looking on as she wiped her swimming pussy with a tissue, sat on the edge of the couch,knees shamlessly wide apart, up on her toes wiping her glistening swollen cunt.

He being naked did not try to hide how he felt because his cock although aroused before grew stiff and rigid as a bar of steel, he wrapped his hands around himself starting to wank.                                       ''Well look what you have done, who would need Viagra with you around'' he smiled as he spoke carrying on fisting himself.

Butslurring her words told him we would have to sleep, she was tired but for some reason I heard myself say that I would go on up and she should give him a goodnight kiss. So saying I left the room after asking him directions to bed.

I crawled naked into bed and waited for my honey brown skinned darling.... I wondered if he was feeling her up. Gradually realisation dawned this was turning me on. Part of me still wanted my wife to come,press herself against me, let me lick her out, whisper to each other about what had just happened. HOWEVER....

My cock grew and I caressed myself, thoughts running riot as i played back what had happened, remembering how her tits had jiggled as he fucked her, how as I held her in my arms her her body jerked with his thrusting. How her groans and squelchy wet fucking filled the otherwise silent room.

Her fingers digging in his white ass urging,demanding. My shy reluctant wife now hungry and shameless. 

IT WILL BE OF INTEREST to disclose after that night she wa sa changed woman...outwardly still the same but in private she making no bones about wanting regular fucking sessions with him. DRESSING FOR HIM IN A VARIETY OF EROTIC UNDERWEAR AND SEXY CLOTHES. He either at our house weekends and weekdays or us at his with her sleeping in between us

Aroused and waiting, my imagination running riot but also a apprehension about the love of my life in this situation and feeling worried because she was drunk and that in the cold light of morning this might make her resentful.

I crept back down having a strange feeling that I was snooping, crazy mixed up I suppose that my beautiful loving wife has been manipulated by me and only the drink had enabled all that had took place.

I stood in the doorway with goosebumps all over partly from the cold upstairs room but also from what was going after around ten minutes of waiting for her to come upstairs.

She was on a duvet that had been spread out on the carpet, face down on her knees with a big pile of soft cushions under her belly and one for her head. Ass in the air stripped naked, even her stockings off now with him tounging and probing her small puckered arse with his tongue. They didnt notice me, her eyes were closed but the way she was gripping the cushion her head rested on showed she was far from sleepy. He lapped long regular strokes along her ass crack every now and then hovering on the centre.


Sorry folks I am off to bed,it is late and this has made me randy so hope my dearest reponds and opens her legs for me...but she went to bed late so maybe not. The Khyber Pass is looming big in my mind. HMMM

(those of you may not know KHYBER PASS is Cockney rhyming slang for ass)






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