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Blogs » num1scamp's Blog » My slutwife journey!


My slutwife journey!

Avatar Username: num1scamp
Date: 31-May-2017 12:22:33
Mood: in love

       Once we had become married,I decided to go back to college and get a 2nd degree. I needed a job that would allow flexibility with my work schedule. So I began considering different options, and thought I might try topless dancing. My husband wasn't overly thrilled about the idea, (before he met me he been part owner of one), but I was determined I still wanted to work and he agreed to help me. He warned me of all the pitfalls about it. First of all he told me, don't think you can hide what you are doing from friends and relatives, it will come out. You will be seen by someone sooner or later. I considered that, and thought that I would be ok with it, it wasn't like it was illegal. He also warned me about all the offers I'd get from men, he was right about everything he told me. After giving it a lot of thought I thought I wanted to try to see if I could do it. I asked him what I should do and he told me he'd take me to a club that had amateur contests and let me try. He gave me thorough instructions about what was legal and what wasn't. I practiced for about a week and then the big night came.

        It was a Thursday night, and I was really nervous. I was a slut but I'd never been naked in front of 120 raucous men before, I'd never exposed myself in public like this before. After we got in the club and had had a drink, he spoke to the manager about me entering the contest. I was to be the third girl up. I wanted some more liqid courage and my husband said no, you have to be able to do this sober he said, or it won't work for you. So my heart was pounding when they called my name, the stage name they gave me was Foxx, I was to hear that name a lot more in the coming years. Up I went, and I began dancing as my husband had taught me. It was really nerve racking, but the men seemed to like me and as my clothes came off the cheering became louder. As I slowly removed my top for the first time and exposed my breasts to the crowd two things happened to me. My pussy was wet, and I felt a sense of power as I paraded across that stage. Men were cheering and throwing money on the stage, as each second passed I felt my confidence grow. When I was down to my impossibly small g-string I was really into it.

         I won the contest and they let me give some lap dances that night too. I got off on feeling all those hard cocks against my ass as I danced for them. I also learned to feel totally natural being nearly nude and walking around and talking with people like it was the most natural thing to do. I mad some good money that night and my career as a dancer was launched. They offered me a job. They were also willing to accomadate my class schedule, for me it was a win, win situation. I was getting paid to do something I really loved which was turn men on! 

         Soon I had a group of regular customers. They would come to see me on a regular basis, and always tip me well. I became friendly with some of these men. Some I would let touch me more intimately than others, some I would discreetly stroke their cocks for them. some had even made me orgasm on occasion as I'd dance for them. One used to come to the club wearing shorts, that he had removed a pocket from. He'd slide his hand in his pocket and play with himself as I danced for him. One day at lunch we were sitting in a very dark corner of the club and I got bold, as I was talking to him I slid my hand in his pocket and I took his cock in my hand. I wish I could describe the smile on his face as he felt me stroke his cock for the first time. I smiled back, I was sitting with him with my top off, breasts exposed, and feeling his lovely cock grow in my hand. It turned me on, I had decided to do it on the spur of the moment. He came pretty quickly. I made a show of withdrawing my hand and licking my fingers for him. It was then my turn to dance.

       I wound up having sex with a handful of my customers. I also was seen by my calculus professor and a classmate, in those first few months. My calculus professor wound up coming on to me one day at the University. I did suck his cock in his office, and yes it did improve my grade. One night a few months after my classmate saw me, I ran into him in a club, he played keyboards in a band. I really liked the lead singer in that band, he was a black guy, good looking. I wound up in the parking lot with the singer that night, and I sucked him and fucked him. He had a magnificient cock. I eventually wound up fucking the whole band, but that's a story in itself.

      The next customer I had sex with was a guy named Ken. He always made me laugh had a great sense of humor. My husband was in the club one night when Ken was there and I pointed Ken out to him, I told my husband I'd like to fuck him. He told me to go for it, so I did. I danced for Ken and when I sat down. I told him I'd like to fuck him, as I grabbed his cock under the table. I told him a I wanted him and my husband at the same time. He got a room at the motel across the street and we spent 3 hours their after I got off. He'd bought us champagne, and I kissed him deeply. Then I stripped and sucked his cock, and drank champagne, as my husband fucked my ass. Both were delicious. 

To be continued........




Avatar num1scamp
2017-06-02 03:07:55

A big reason it has worked for me is my husband. Not only his patience but his advice and wisdom as well. He is also extremely protective of me, and has never let me get in a position where I would be in danger. I couldn't have done many of the things I have without his love and support. I would truly do practically anything for him, and I've learned to always listen to him. I'm glad someone is enjoying my blog.

Avatar pokerman
2017-06-01 21:41:11

We are both fascinated by your experiences, and just a little jealous! Your lifestyle has been hedonistic, and you seem to have loved every minute, with no worries of other peoples opinion of you. You also seem to be a beautiful, sexy woman, as a large number of grateful men will clearly testify. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Avatar merlin3
2017-06-19 13:35:12

ah well it seems being part of your karma! happy working girl... lol

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