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Stumbling Up The Next Step

Avatar Username: pokerman
Date: 01-Jun-2017 23:17:18
Mood: in love
Music: Joni

I feel totally deflated after our last sexual,adventure. Kit and I went looking for a repeat of our last experience.......at least I was, and Kit was hoping for something more inclusive. _ I have read a lot of blogs and stories on this site, some I believe, some I don't. Some leave me feeling hornier than I ever thought possible, while others leave me cold. Such is life, and our own real life version of these experiences seems to have the same effect on me. Going back to the same pub, on the same night, I expected, and desperately wanted, to see Danny standing at the bar with a massive hard-on, just for me. _ No such luck! Instead, I had to listen to a sordid tale of debauchery, starring yours truly! _ At this point, I wondered if I was cut out for this lifestyle. A lifetime of being the timid demure housewife, shocked at anything outside of my husbands idea of the sexual norm, has left scars that open occasionally and this was one of those times. I felt ashamed. Thankfully, the stories changed, the pub gradually emptied and we were left talking to Tom and Lesley. Despite my inward embarrasment at Tom unknowingly describing my clitoris and insatiable pussy to the entire pub, I quite liked him. Tom seemed taken with me, and Kit and Lesley were also getting close, so we accepted Lesley's invite to stay for the night. By the time we arrived, I desperately hoped that Tom would leave, so that we could all sleep it off, but too much wine had been taken and I found myself getting turned on by Tom and his muscular frame. I couldn't take my eyes off him and began to wonder if his cock was as big as his biceps. I naturally had a quick feel of both and was mildly impressed! Things then took a turn for the worse when Tom got angry at Kit for feeling up Lesley. Hating violence, I wanted to leave, but Lesley calmed things down, told Tom off and lightened the mood. _ Kit and Tom decided beer was the antidote to violence, which left Lesley consoling me. She was so comforting, understanding and feminine, that I fell into her arms and we kissed. _ This was not my first girl on girl experience. My best friend at school and I used to wonder what it would be like to kiss a boy, so we practised our technique on each other. One thing led to another and we ended up fingering ourselves. Pretending our fingers were boys cocks, we would take the male role in turn, and 'fuck' the other. I was so ashamed by this, that I never had an orgasm, but my less inhibited friend made my fingers wet on every occasion, coming frantically, despite the imposed silence due to her parents being the other side of a thin wall! _ So when Lesley started kissing down my body, it seemed natural, and it felt good. She had a lovely gentle way about her and I felt good as she pulled down my panties, then gently kissed and sucked at my clitoris. Lesley's tongue worked like magic and I soon lost control, thrusting my hips to meet her tongue as I came in a gentle, cascading orgasm. At this point, everything happened in a rush. In my post orgasmic state, I saw a cock in front of me, the same cock that I had gently assessed in the kitchen earlier - Tom's cock. I was fascinated by it, because it was so different from the few that I had experience of. This cock was massively thick, two hands just encircled it, but not particularly long, and with a huge head, angry and red. I don't like giving head, but I just had to taste it, lick it and take it in my mouth. _ At this point, I was aware of Kit mounting Lesley from behind, his face a picture of delight as he fondled her breasts. This made me feel better about the situation and I relaxed into it, taking Tom with both hands and stroking him whilst watching in wonder as his shaft thickened further and started oozing pre-cum. I was wet, so wet that I could feel it dripping down my leg. Taking Tom by the cock, I turned him toward me and moved into a position where he could penetrate me. He seemed reluctant at first, so I held the swollen head of his cock against my soaking pussy lips, gently pushing my hips up, massaging his engorged head against my clit, gently helping him to enter me. Slowly, I pushed him in an inch or so, but it was beginning to get uncomfortable, so I eased off to allow my pussy to relax. At this, Tom's breathing shortened, his head went down and he forced his cock into me. The pain was immense and I stifled a scream as he continued to pump frantically at me, despite my obvious discomfort. _ I wanted gentle, gradual thrusts to slowly enlarge and fill my pussy, as Dan had done. This was neither gentle nor gradual, but thankfully brief, as Tom suddenly grunted and gave one last thrust, his load emptying inside of me. Looking down as he withdrew, I noticed the mix of cum and blood oozing from my ragged, sore pussy. _ We both lay there exhausted, me from the pain, Tom from his exertions, and he soon drifted off to sleep. My attentions were now on Kit and Lesley, who were gently fucking, in what seemed like a dreamlike state, with Lesley riding him, changing pace with Kit's reactions, slowing when he seemed about to come, gradually quickening her pace when his orgasm faded. I felt desperate, and wanted to be in Kit or Lesley's place. They looked so peaceful, and in a state of nirvana as they endlessly, slowly and gently rode each other, their bodies at one, their orgasm never ending. _ I would have fucked either of them, they looked so beautiful. _ A lesson learned -.another cock sampled, but the owners attitude is an important part of the sexual equation. I now need a few weeks off to heal - physically and spiritually. Then I will search again for more big cocks, but only ones attached to gentle minds..........or I might try women for a change. Women like Lesley.


Avatar wild-e
2017-06-02 01:03:26

damn you try to drive me nuts try me some day

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