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Blogs » joverde's Blog » Pam and her Thesis Advisor - Part 5


Pam and her Thesis Advisor - Part 5

Avatar Username: joverde
Date: 06-Jun-2017 14:03:53
Mood: horny


“Even though I broke it off three months ago, he is still calling me. He has those porn tapes of me and is threatening to show you if I don’t continue to see him.”


“Have you seen him?”


“No! But he is insisting that I see him for old-time’s sake on Thursday, two days before our wedding. He says he will give me the tapes then. I have agreed to go to his place but I’m afraid of what will happen. I don’t think he will really give me the tapes. I don’t know what to do.”


She stopped talking and I thought for a few minutes. I broke what must have been a ten minute silence. “What else is on those tapes? Is there anything else on them that you need to tell me about?”


She thought about it and answered, “There is some really raunchy stuff that I did with him over the time we were together and I am not sure what he taped. I have told you a lot of it and I am ashamed of it all, but I can’t say that I didn’t do it. I am sorry to have hurt you.”


The moment of decision was at hand. I had to decide if I wanted to go through with the wedding to a woman I was intensely in love with or to call it off and go on looking for a soul mate. She had told me several times before that she had wished she had saved herself. I was hurt by the details of sexual activity she had revealed, but I had to admit to myself that I had my sexual peccadilloes too. I decided that I would marry her for love and accept her past as past and hope that our mutual love would prevail. That decision being made. We were left with the problem of Jack and the tapes. I had an idea on how to solve that.


Thursday would be a day to remember. I asked Pam, “Can I go with you to Jack’s when you go on Thursday?”


She posed a couple of questions, “Would you lose your temper and make a scene?”


“I don’t think so. I have a plan but I can’t tell you what it is. You will have to trust me but in effect I will make him an offer he can’t refuse.” I responded.


She said, “I would like it if we went together.”


Thursday came and I picked up Pam from her office and we started to Jack’s house. I asked her, “Did Jack call today?”


She responded, “Yes he did he wanted to know if we were still on for tonight and if I wanted to go to dinner at our favorite restaurant. I told him that I wasn’t free for dinner and that I was just coming to pick up the tapes.”


“How did he take that?”


“He seemed disappointed. By the way what’s in the manila envelope in the backseat?” She asked.


“You’ll see in a few minutes when we get to Jack’s. It’s the offer he can’t refuse.” I responded.


When we arrived at Jack’s, Pam and I walked up to the door and rang the bell. When he opened the door Jack’s jaw dropped and he stammered, “Hello, Pam! I thought you would be coming alone.”


I greeted Jack, “Hi! I’m Joe Pam’s fiancé and I understand you have something for me to look at.”


Jack was utterly flustered. He was unprepared for my words and said, “Please come in!” and regaining his composure continued, “Ur ur ur .. can I get you both a drink? Come up to the living room!”


“Pam says you have quite a recreation room. Why don’t we have our drinks in there?” I answered.


Jack was flustered again but agreed and we went down to the scene of the crime so to speak. After about ten minutes of chit-chat, I said, ”We all know why we’re here, Jack. Do you have the tapes ready for Pam? Before you give them to her I want to verify that they are not blank tapes.”


Jack said, “I have to get them.” and went to a drawer in the dungeon table and handed me six VHS tapes.


I asked him to put the tapes in the VCR and turn on the monitor. When the first tape began Pam grabbed my hand and squeezed it. Her eyes filled with tears and she began to whimper.


The tape began with Pam and Jack seated on a sofa having a drink and talking. Pam seemed to be very tipsy and was being a little flirtatious and slurring her words. She said something to the effect that she needed to get back to her empty house and they got up from the sofa. Pam took a couple of steps and started to stumble. Jack caught her by the arm and steadied her. She giggled, “‘I feel so naughty coming to your place. You are my advisor. What would people think if they found out we were here alone together?”


 Jack put his hands on her waist and gave her reassuring light kiss on the lips and replied, “You are going through a difficult situation. I am only trying to help you.”


Pam put her arms around him and pulled him closer. Her head pressed into his chest and she began to cry.


I watched the screen as Jack pulled her in even closer and started to soothe her by running his hands over her shoulders and back and lightly caressing her neck. She looked up and he bent down and they kissed very passionately for a few minutes. When their lips separated his head went down to nuzzle her neck and ears. They had lost control of their bodies. The camera angle was bad so I could not see exactly what they were doing but her blouse was soon on the floor and his head had moved down to suck on her bra covered left nipple. Pam moaned as his tongue wet the bra fabric. She shuddered. I think that she actually had an orgasm. While she was cumming he seemed to move around to give the hidden camera a better angle of Pam’s loosening his belt, undoing his pants, and sliding her hand down his boxers. From the new camera angle, I could see clearly when she pulled his dick out, rubbing over the head of his dick and up and down his shaft.  After a couple of minutes after I watched him stiffen, moan and spurt his cum on her hands and blouse.


 I watched as the scene which Pam had described a few months before played out on the screen. I knew what was coming next. Jack took Pam’s hand and licked all his cum off her fingers and immediately bent down and kissed her, depositing his cum in her mouth. The look on her face was a cross between disgust and lust. She looked confused and froze for a moment not knowing what he wanted her to do with the cum in her mouth. “Do you like the taste of cum? Bet it isn’t the first load to hit your tongue.” he asked in a nasty tone.


She seemed ashamed when he said that, and her shoulders slumped and her head bowed down. That posture exaggerated the difference in their height. Jack’s 6 foot 3 inches dwarfed her 5 foot 4 inch and he used this to his advantage.  He looked down at her bowed head and placed the tips of his fingers under her chin to slowly raise her head until she was looking up into his eyes and commanded, “Open your mouth! I want to see!”


As Pam complied and opened her mouth, Jack gently turned her face toward the hidden camera and it was clear that she still had the “snowball” in her mouth.  It was a curious mixture of foamy saliva and gooey milky white semen; as though one of them had thoroughly swished it around in his or her mouth savoring it much like one would taste a fine wine. Anyone watching that tape would be sure that it wasn’t Pam that savored it.


Jack was not pleased when he saw that it was still in her mouth. “There is no place to spit it out so you better swallow it!’ he ordered almost angrily.


Pam grimaced as she complied with his command and swallowed hard coughing a little as the thick goo went down. There were tears in her eyes and Jack looked down and gently apologized. “Pam I am so sorry. I just got carried away with myself. I have always been the dominant in my relationships but I don’t think you were ready for that, were you?”


Pam shook her head now and bowed it again. It was unintentional, I think, but it seemed to me that she was tacitly assuming a submissive posture toward him. Again Jack placed his fingertips under her chin and tilted her face up and gave her a very loving kiss. “Please let me make it up to you!” he said.


 Pam responded passionately and as they kissed, I could see her left hand go down between them into his boxers and I watched as her fingers pulled out and encircled Jack’s flaccid cock. His fingers were busy unfastening her back-hook bra and sliding the straps off her shoulders. They then his right hand gently grazed her left nipple, the one visible to the camera. I could see it harden immediately and she let out a soft moan. He took her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and pinched it. Pam yelped, “Ouch! That hurts! Please don’t pinch my nipples like that!”


I instantly recognized that Jack had crossed one of Pam’s cardinal rules: Don’t directly touch my nipples or clit! I expected that the mood was broken and that the scene would end.


 I was mistaken.


 Jack immediately pulled his hand away from her nipple and apologized, “I am sorry. I thought you like your nipples played with.”


My eyes were riveted to the TV and I was hardy aware of Pam sitting next to me on the right, until she grabbed my hand that was moving toward my (by now) raging hard-on. She whispered to me, “Don’t touch yourself! The bastard is taping us right now.”


I took my eyes off the TV and scanned the partially darkened room and sure enough, I saw at least two red LED lights blinking, one in the far left corner of the dungeon and one near the ceiling directly above the TV. I thought to myself, “I had better cool down or my plan will never work and he will end up blackmailing both of us.”



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