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How we got started

Avatar Username: John/Amy
Date: 10-Aug-2017 19:32:25
Mood: in love

When we got to gather we was teenagers in high school, and I (John) was 16 and Amy was 17 when we started our adventures. A little about Amy at the time she was 5'2“ tall and 130 pounds, with brown hair, green eyes and a true set of 42D breasts and those breasts were the trigger that would light her fires. Once you would start to kiss, suck, fondle, tit fuck them, her pussy would get really wet and then she wanted some cock. A few months after we had gotten together we where experimenting with everything we could think of, having made use of all of her openings with toys, we had done role playing, she really enjoyed the part of being picked up by a stranger or the naughty school girl. we were laying in bed talking about what we wanted to try and I asked her if she ever thought of actually doing a man that she didn't know. She admitted that she had thought about it but she didn't know how I would feel about it. I told her that I had already given it some thought and it would be O K with me as long as I knew about it and that I was close by in case anything went wrong. The years went by and Amy whin't to work at Milepost office cleaning, she had been working there a few week's and it was the weekend before Christmas and we were invited to a party that was being held at her boss's house, she worked night time cleaning office's in those days and as far as any of her co-workers knew she was single. This would be the first time that we would use the story that she is my older sister, As the evening gets closer to midnight she has been spending a lot of the evening flirting with 3 of the single guys there, dancing and a little kissing and laughing and talking. As she refills her cup of punch she whispers to me that she is interested in slipping off to one of the bedrooms with "Willis" if it's allright with me. I told her "If that's what you want to do it's fine with me." Her choice of her first stranger caught me by suprise. Willis is a older black man and he looked like a clean cut sharp guy. Not too long after our conversation I don't see her or him anywhere in the room, so I am sure that they have slipped off to one of the bedrooms. I made my way across the room on the pretex of finding the restroom and I go upstairs in search of a little married woman who is about to share her pussy for the first time and also be her first time with a black man. The hallway was fairly dark and I walked all the way to the end and I did use the rest room and then I listened at the first bedroom door and I could just barely make out some sounds inside so as quietly as possible I turn the knob and peek inside, there was a nightstand light on and I realize that it's Mary, Amy's boss and Robyn one of the other black guys from the party and he is banging her ass like she is a three-dollar hooker, I closed the door as quietly as I had opened it. I moved on to the next room and when I looked in, there they were. They were both completely naked and Willis is eating her pussy like he's starving and she is sucking on his black cock that is about as thick as a coke can (Now I'm 6" long fairly thick) but he's about 4" or 5" longer, making him about 10“ or 11" long. A few minutes of this mutual enjoyment and she pulls his dick out of her mouth and said "Fuck me now." Now Willis is nobodys fool he turned around and got in between Amy's legs and I could see him rubbing his cock up and down her slit and I got my first look at somebody other than me getting into her pussy. They were so preoccupied that they didn't even notice. Willis worked the head in and she kept her legs wide open as he started to pump his cock in and out of her going deeper with each stroke and the deeper he gets the more she starts to moan until he was all the way in and he held himself there for a moment and she puts her hands on each side of his face and pulls him to her for a kiss and then says " Fuck me hard with that big cock". Willis pulled back a little and hooked his arms around her legs and started to slowly fuck her and every few stroke's he would increase the pace and pump her harder, until he was pounding her like there's no tomorrow and she is at times saying "OH YES FUCK ME, THAT'S IT FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG DICK, OH YEAH FUCK ME". I can see that as he pounds his black dick into her that she is thrusting her pussy up to meet his thrust. "I'M COMING AGAIN" is the next thing I hear along with the slapping of flesh until he gives her one more deep stroke and holds himself there and she said "Oh yes fill my belly with that hot juice, give it all to me." Willis lets her legs down and she wraps them around his ass because she really likes for the cock that's in her to stay as long as possible and it helps to keep the cum in her. As they lay there catching their breath Willis asks her if she would mind if they went out sometime. She said "I don't think that will problem." While I'm standing there watching I see her starting to rock her hips up and down on his dick and after a few minutes of this she said "You're getting hard again aren't you." He started to work his dick in and out of her, but after a couple of minutes he pulled out and told her to get on her hands and knees, she did and he proceeded to pound her again until they had both gotten off again. I quietly closed the door and went back to the party. Willis came downstairs about 10 minutes later but she didn't come back to the party for about a half hour. she had taken her time and had straightened herself up, had fixed her make-up and combed her hair and she was smiling that big pretty smile of hers. It was about 2:00 a.m. so we thanked our hosts Mary and said our good byes and went home. We were both rather quiet until we layed down on the bed and she said "Did you enjoy the show?" as I climbed in between her legs and slid my dick into my first piece of sloppy seconds and I told her that it was very hot and that she could do this any time she wanted. She said "O K but you have to be there just like tonight. " I told her I wouldn't miss it for anything as I added my juice to Willis's.


Avatar SuperDriveSam
2017-08-18 13:53:02

Loved the story. Mmmmm. I have shared my girl with a couple BBCs so far. She loved getting fucked and I enjoyed watching them and participating. Now, I am trying to encourage her to do it on her own. She is a bit reluctant. :-)

Avatar John/Amy
2017-08-19 18:16:57

I love watching my wife getting fucked by a black guy, just watching his black cock going in and out of her is so hot. I love to hear her moan and scream, and to hear him tail her she is his slut makes me hard just thinking about it.

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