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Internet Cuckold

Avatar Username: radbrad1967
Date: 01-Sep-2017 20:53:40
Mood: in love

It began innocently enough with a guy sending me some pictures of his wife, A few days of trading pictures and he said he wanted to bring his wife to Denver to meet me. He said his wife really liked the pictures of my big cock and wanted to sample it.


He got a hotel Saturday night so I had most of a week to prepare. I went to the sex store and bought some toys, a giant dildo and some tiny nipple and clit vibrator bullets.


We met at the hotel bar and had a few drinks, she had been drinking already on the trip to Denver and was pretty snookered. We sat in a booth with her in the middle and got to know each other a bit. Her name was Tina and his name was Joe. They had been wanting to try something like this for awhile, he said he had a small dick and he wanted her to have a big one to satisfy her desires. She was drunkenly feeling my crotch as I stared down her cleavage that was prominently on display. My monster was starting to stiffen as Tina rubbed it, I could see Joe was getting a little bit nervous so I ordered some tequila shots from the scantily clad waitress, and we continued to talk about what we had planned. Joe was very interested in being in the room while we had sex, and he wanted to take pictures and some video so that he could jack off to it later. He said he didn’t want to join in, only to watch and take pictures. The shots arrived and we knocked them back, and it seemed to take the edge off Joe’s anxiety.


Tina continued to rub my now rock hard cock through my jeans and while I was talking with Joe I was feeling her wet crotch. She had a short skirt on and lace panties and her juices were soaking her panties and dripping onto the vinyl of the booth seat. Tina had a cute face, though she was 40 or so, so a few wrinkles and age spots – but still cute! Her tits were nice size, not giants but not small either, They were pinched together in a too tight push up bra making her cleavage pop amazingly! Her chest was covered with a thin white top, unbuttoned to show her cleavage. I bent my head down brushing her cheek with mine and kissing her neck lightly and then nibbling her earlobe around her big dangling ear ring.


I flipped my credit card out on the table to pay the tab, while I continued to kiss her neck and nibble her ears. The waitress came by and grabbed my card. I soon had a finger in Tina’s slippery pussy by pushing her panties to one side. My thumb worked her clit while I fingered her juicy pussy and kissed her neck lightly. Soon enough the waitress was back with the bill, I think she wanted us out of there! I signed and told Joe to lead the way to his room. While we were riding the elevator I kneeled down and lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down to her knees and began to lick her slimy pussy. We stopped at a different floor to allow a stranger to get on, I stood up and kissed Tina’s neck, but her panties around her knees were clearly visible to him as he started to board the elevator, then said “Is this going up?”, Joe replied “Yes” and he said “Sorry, I must have pushed the wrong button” and backed back out of the elevator. Tina kicked her legs out of her lace panties as I pushed the door close button. We arrived in the hotel room without further incident.


As the door closed, I led Tina to the bed while Joe grabbed a chair and pulled it over near the bed. Tina grabbed my shirt and peeled it off over my head so she could rub my hairy chest and glistening abs. I pushed her back on the bed a buried my face in her sopping crotch, Licking her clit and sticking my tongue deep in her juicy slit. I opened the small bag I had brought with me a pulled out one of the small bullet vibrators. Joe had been reading his cameras and had taken off his pants – His cock was tiny, even in its current excited state. I told him to take some pictures of his wife’s juicy pussy as I played with it. I fingered her and teased her clit with my tongue and the vibrator as he snapped pictures and took short video clips with his camcorder. Tina was in heaven, moaning and shaking as I played with her sweet fuck hole. I made sure to pull Tina’s pussy open wide for a picture.


Next, I stood up and unbuttoned my jeans, Freeing my giant cock from my briefs, I told Tina “Suck it, Babe!” and she crawled across the bed grabbing my rock hard shaft and spitting on the angry purple head of my monster cock. She licked her spit of the head of my cock while scooting her ass around until she was sitting on the edge of the bed where she could better suck my cock. She bent her head down engulfing the tip of my hard shaft, while her hands pulled my jeans and briefs down freeing my balls from their pants prison. As she worked my cock with her mouth she looked up at me, and I remember to this day, her pretty green eyes and the spit dribbling out the side of her mouth. I looked over at Joe, who was rubbing his tiny dick and video taping his hot wife as she sucked on the monster cock that was going to satisfy his cock hungry wife the way he never could. Tina couldn’t get my cock all the way in her mouth, though she tried like a sweetheart, She had to settle for sucking on the purple head and licking the shaft. This was enough to give Joe some great video though.


I pushed her back away from my twitching cock; I need to calm down a bit before I blew a load. I told her to strip for me, and sat down on the bed. She stood up and began to dance for Joe and I. As she drunkenly danced she flipped her skirt up showing off her glistening pussy and perfect ass cheeks. Soon enough her tight top and pushup bra was off and her tits were free. She continued to dance while Joe filmed her, She stepped out of her skirt so she was completely naked now and she danced and played with her beautiful tits.


I couldn’t take it any more and walked over and kissed her hard on the mouth, she kissed back our tongues twirling together as she wrapped her legs around my waist my cock and bucked her hips. Her slimy slit sliding along my shaft she wiggled her self higher climbing up my body until my throbbing purple cock head slipped into her slick juicy fuck hole. She screamed and let loose of me letting her body drop hard onto my hard shaft. I caught her as her hot pussy bottomed out on my long thick cock. I pushed her against the hotel wall and proceeded to slide my hard cock in and out of her slippery snatch. A flash of light caught my attention and I looked down, Joe was on the floor with his camera snapping pictures of his hot wife being fucked against the wall by a real cock!


I wanted to give him some better pictures so I picked Tina up off my cock and carried her to the bed, laying her on the edge. Joe reading my mind grabbed pillows and stuffed them under his wife’s ass as I grabbed her ankles and pulled her up, sinking my monster cock back into her dripping gash once again. I pulled her legs open as I slowly pulled my cock out until the purple tip just started to show and then ramming hard back into her slippery cunt hard! Joe was holding a video camera in one hand and his digital camera in the other, the flash was going off as he clicked away and filmed at the same time. I pushed Tina’s legs together and off to one side of my head to tighten her juicy muffin around my cock. I slide my big cock in and out of her sweet tight muffin with her hubby snapping pictures of her slick pussy lips being stretched by my huge tool. I could feel my balls start to tingle as I slammed in and out of her slippery slit. All of a sudden I felt her tight pussy contract around my massive hard on and I watched as she grabbed handfuls of the bed sheets yelling out as she rode a massive orgasm wave. Joe was in shock,”I have never heard her scream like that before!” He said. I didn’t let her calm down, I bent her legs forward and began to really punish her cunt. I was jack hammering away because I knew my cum was ready to blow. I Pulled out of her tight pussy and knelt on the bed stroking my throbbing cock until my load blasted all over her sweet tits. Joe got some great pictures and video of my cum spewing on his hot little wife! I laid down on the bed to rest for a few, Tina snuggling up to me. I could feel her body still quaking from the orgasm. She said “That was good!”


Joe handed me a beer, and beat his tiny dick while looking at his sleeping wife’s cum covered tits and ripe red well used pussy. I watched as he beat off until a tiny bit of cum came out of his little prick. Poor guy!


I drank the beer and looked through the pictures on the camera, Joe was a pretty good photographer. He captured a lot good shots of my giant cock filling his wife’s fuck hole and the pictures of her sucking my stiff shaft were hot. As I looked at the pictures of me fucking Tina my cock started to twitch.


I reached over and rubbed my cum into Tina’s tits waking her. She smiled at me and said “Are you ready for me to do you?” She wiggled around until she could suck my flaccid cock, finally able to get the whole thing in her mouth. Tina sucked like a vacuum on my soft dick while she played with my balls. As it became semi-hard, she would wrap her hand around it and yank it hard. She yelled at me “Get your big cock hard, you bastard! I want to ride it!” Joe was watching in amazement as his crazed cock hungry wife jerked, sucked and tickled my cock back to full size. All I could think was ‘This bitch is crazy!’.


As soon as my cock was hard enough Tina climbed up on me sliding my purple headed cock down her muffin crack and into her dripping wet pussy. She wiggled around trying to get her legs under her so she could ride me, her drunken state making this somewhat difficult for her to do. I grabbed her hips and helped her get her balance and she placed her hands on my chest and began to ride me. Joe was taking pictures of his hot little drunk wife riding my monster cock. My steel hard shaft glistening with his wife’s pussy juices as he snapped picture after picture. Tina tired, and sat down on my shaft, bucking her hips to grind our pelvises together. As she ground her clit into my pelvis bone I could feel her cum again, a smaller one this time. I told her I wanted her doggie style, so she climbed off of me and Joe piled pillows up for her to lay her belly on. Tina’s beautiful ass was high in the air with her pussy lips parted open showing her inner pink. I licked up her pinkness and across her tight little asshole, feeling her sphincter quiver as my tongue flicked across it! I told Joe to get me one of my little bullet vibrators as I walked on my knees rubbing my cock towards her waiting glistening pussy. I slid my monster into her slick cock hungry cunt as she groaned a sound of pleasure. I took the vibrator from Joe and began to tease her little puckered asshole while slowly sliding my monster in and out of her slippery pussy! Soon she said “I want you in my ass!”. Joe was incredulous, He said “You have never let me fuck your ass!” Tina said “Your tiny little prick doesn’t deserve this ass! – I want a giant cock in my ass!” I continued to slide my hard cock in and out of her pussy and the told Joe “There is some Vaseline in my bag – get it!”


When Joe came back to the bedside with the Vaseline I told him to grease up his wife’s tight little ass crack. “Make sure you get your finger in her shit hole” I told Joe as he worked to ready his wife’s ass for my monster cock. I could feel his finger smearing lube in her ass with my cock as I continued to stroke in and out of her pussy. He was being a good little cuckold! I told him to get the big black dildo out of my bag, and he complied. I pulled my monster out of Tina’s cunt and replaced it with the big black vibrating dildo. I smeared more Vaseline on my rock hard shaft, making sure to cover the angry purple head with lube.


I stood up on the bed and bent my knees so that the greased up purple tip of my big cock snuggled against her tight little shitter. She moaned and clenched her hands as I began to push my rock hard cock against her ass hole. Slowly her tight ass opened up due to the pressure from my cock and the vibrator stuffed in her slick pussy. I watched as my purple head slipped slowly into her shit hole. The room was being lit up with flashes again as Joe took more pictures. I noticed that his little prick was hard again. Slowly I inched my monster cock into her ass feeling the vibrator buried deep in her pussy. I yelled at Joe “Pull that dildo out of her cunt!” I felt the dildo pop out of her pussy as I inched in another inch or two. Tina had two handfuls of  the blanket and was grunting like a pig. I slid my big cock back out of her shitter a couple of inches. I wanted her to remember this forever, but I didn’t want to hurt her. Tina feeling me backing back out of her ass, grunted “Fuck My Ass!” I pushed back in the two inches I had backed off and then more. I could feel her ass clench around my cock as she came in a quick orgasm. I continued stuffing my monster into her spasming shit hole. She grunted again and bucked her hips back taking most of my cock into her ass. Since this bitch wanted it, I thought I better give it to her! I began to stroke my cock in and out of her ass, as she yelled and screamed like I was killing her. Poor Joe was in shock. I slammed into her ass my balls swinging forward and slapping her ripe red pussy lips. Nothing like a screamer to make my balls boil! Now I was out of control slamming my cock into her shit hole as hard as I could, pulling out and spitting on my shaft and slamming back home. She came again and again as I continued my anal assault. As she screamed and grunted my cum poured out of my cock filling her shitter as I pulled my cock loose from her clenching ass hole. That little spot at the base of my cock clicking releasing spurt after spurt of cum on her red gaping ass hole! Joe took a picture as the last of my cum spurted into her wide open ass and then another as Tina grunted with another orgasm snapping her shit hole half closed and bubbling some of my cum up from deep in her bowels.

I sat backwards, my knees giving way – and watched as poor little dicked Joe licked and sucked my cum out of his wife’s gaping ass hole. Joe was beating his little prick as he worked to cleaned cum out of his wife. He spurted a small load on the bed cover as her slurped and licked his wife’s perfect ass!



I rested for a few and then got up and gathered my toys and whatnot, got dressed, French kissed Tina and left. It is always good to satisfy a hot wife! I never saw Tina or Joe again. I have been waiting for the pictures of videos to show up on some of the cuckold sites, but have never seen them. I guess Joe is keeping them for a personal whack off material. They have never contacted me again, Too bad – Tina was a hell of a fuck!


Avatar rogerb
2017-09-02 01:33:29

Another hot story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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