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Drunken Hotel Slut

Avatar Username: radbrad1967
Date: 01-Sep-2017 20:57:31
Mood: in love

I dropped into Peoria Illinois on business, finding my way to the hotel in my rental car, checking in and dropping my bags in my room. I went down to the hotel bar for a quick beer after a long day of travel. I sat down at the bar, ordered a beer and then proceeded to notice the other people in the bar. A few old men, a couple in a booth and an extremely drunken lady dressed like a business woman. She was kind of cute in her pants suit, but she was practically falling off her bar stool. The bartender placed my glass of beer in front of me and I tipped it at her before taking a sip. We continued to make eye contact and soon enough she was weaving her way down to the seat next to me. We talked for a bit, she was in town until the next day and had just closed a big sale and was celebrating. I told her I was in town for a few days on business. She leaned over and whispered in my ear that she wanted me to take her up to her room and fuck her. I told the bartender to charge the beer to my room and let her lean on me while we made our way to her room. She was having trouble staying up right on her high heels.


When we got to her room, I opened the curtains wide. It was a nice warm summer night, so I opened the sliding glass door to the balcony as well. She had collapsed on the bed. I was somewhat torn on what to do, she had clearly asked me to fuck her, but she was close to passed out. I sat on the balcony and enjoyed the warm evening wishing I had another beer. The couple from the bar was down in the parking lot kissing and necking leaning on the hood of a car. I was having fun being a voyeur watching the couple, hoping to see one of them go down on the other. While I was distracted, I had not noticed my drunken business lady get up, get undressed and crawl out to the balcony. I noticed when she was fumbling with my belt though. With a little help she got my pants undone and my cock out and proceeded to suck me hard. I stood up and helped her up and into the chair, and then I proceeded to lick her bald muffin. As I lapped at her tight little slit, she began to moan loudly. I hoped the couple in the parking lot would hear, the only thing better than sex with a stranger, is having sex with a stranger while being watched by strangers! As her moans turned to barks of joy, she squeezed her legs tight around my head, her hands on the back of my head stuffing my face into her sweet pussy. After she calmed down a bit I stood up and sure enough the couple from the parking lot was looking up at our balcony. I helped my little drunken business lady to stand up and bent her over the railing. Her smallish tits should be clearly visible to the on-lookers below. I proceeded to spread her legs open and slide the purple head of my rock hard cock along her slippery slit. Finding her hot wet tight hole I pushed my throbbing shaft into her making her moan again. I banged away, our bodies slapping together and her moaning had the couple in the parking lot watching in awe. I could see them rubbing each other’s crotches while watching. My little business slut was barking again as she came clamping her legs together and tightening her cunt muscles around my throbbing cock. My balls were tingling and with three more hard strokes into the quivering pussy I pulled out and blew my load on her beautiful ass cheeks.


I carried her back into the bed, and laid her down on her stomach. Next, I went out on the patio and yelled softly to the couple in the parking lot to come up to room 218. I went back inside and finished undressing, and put the ladies high heels back on her. There is nothing sexier than a naked lady in high heels.


I sat down and waited, looking at my load of cum drying on the backside of my little naked business slut. Soon enough there was a knock on the door. It was the couple, She looked very nervous. Seeing my flaccid cock hanging she turned beet red. He pulled her into the room by her hand. I asked if they liked what they saw from the parking lot. They both responded by nodding their heads. I told them I think my lady has had enough, but I wanted them to return the favor and let me watch them have sex. I could see his dick bulging in his pants and her hard nipples on her big tits were clearly visible through her blouse. They looked at each other and she sat down on the bed, while he started to undress. Soon enough they were kissing and fondling each other on the bed next to my snoring slut. I watched as she sucked his dick, it was small but not tiny and he was hard as steel. I told them I wanted to see him lick her pussy. She hiked up her dress reveling a hairy pussy (I love a lady that doesn’t wear panties) and he dived right in. soon she was moaning and wigging with his tongue work.


As I watched them my cock had started to get stiff again, I squeezed my purple head making it harder. My little business slut snorted and woke up with a start rolling out of bed and staring at the couple and me with surprise. As she took it all in, she remembered me and came over and sat down on my lap and we watched the couple get back into it. She peeled off her dress exposing her bra covered big tits, and soon enough she had her bra off and her tits sagged a bit, but still looked beautiful. Her areolas were big and bright red and her nipples stuck out an inch at least. My big cock jerked at the site, and my little business slut felt it as she was sitting on my lap.

“Looks like someone like your big tits!” she exclaimed.

The girl blushed again and softly said “Thanks!”

Soon the two were going at it missionary style, and this kind of pissed me off, because I wanted to see the penetration. I rubbed my little slut’s shoulders and said loudly “This sucks! I want to see her ride you”

He complied by rolling off her and onto his back, his smallish dick sticking straight up. She proceeded to climb up on him with her back to us, but I could see her grab his dick and guide it into her hairy pussy. She rode him for minute before I said “Turn around so we can see your wonderful tits bounce as you ride him!” She complied, slipping off his dick and spinning around and grabbing hold of his dick and stuffing it back into her hairy slippery pussy. I watched as she bounced on his dick her big tits bouncing to the rhythm and driving me crazy.

My little business slut was getting hot to as she watched. Soon enough I grabbed her hips and positioned her on my now raging hard on. She dropped her weight slamming her body down onto my big cock and engulfing me as deep as she could take me. We sat there with my cock buried deep in her snatch and continued to watch the couple fuck passionately on the bed. She was starting to cum, one arm wrapped under her big tits holding them from flopping while the other reached down to frig her clit. She stood on her knees motionless while he bucked up fucking her pussy hard. Froth was forming on her wet pussy hair. The smell of sex permeated the room. My cock was twitching inside my sluts hot dripping wet pussy. The girl yelled out as she came dropping onto his dick and the guy grunted and came a moment later yelling “I’m Cuming”.

My little slut began to wiggle her hips and slowly start to ride my big cock, as we watched the girl lean back, his dick popping out of her tight hairy frothed cunt, a last little spurt of cum erupting and dribbling down his shaft.

My little slut was starting to pick up speed as she rode my giant cock, Crazed by the view of the satiated couple. I was having trouble seeing the couple now as she rode me hard slamming her tight bald cunt down onto my hard shaft. She came quickly barking again and falling forward onto the floor releasing my big throbbing cock from her tight twat. Now I could see the couple, she was still lying on her back on top of him, his dick was flaccid and her pussy hair was coated with a white froth from their sex, she had a quick little after sex spasm and a little dribble of his cum squirted out of her tight pussy.

I got up and walked over to the bed, “Can I fuck you?” I asked the girl. She came out of her sex daze and just stared at my monster cock with its purple head, nodding yes. She crawled off her boyfriend and grabbed my cock licking the purple tip of it before sucking in about half of it. He was waking up now, and had a look of shock on his face. “You don’t mind, do you?” I asked him. He thought for a second, while watching his girlfriend work on my big cock, and then slowly nodded his head. Getting up from the bed he walked past my once again snoring little slut on the floor and set down in the chair to watch.

His girlfriend licked and sucked my little slut’s juices off my big erect tool until I said “Stop” pushing her away. “I want to stuff my big cock in your tight cum filled pussy” I told her. She crawled around positioning herself for doggie, her sweet ass high in the air, stuffing pillows under her belly. I crawled onto the bed on my knees holding my throbbing cock in one hand, fondling her cute ass with the other. I rubbed the purple head of my big cock up and down her hairy slit mixing her saliva, pussy juices and his leftover cum together. I slowly eased my monster into her tight hole, as she groaned and said “Give me that big cock!” Soon I was jack hammering her tight fuck hole as hard and fast as I could. She was grunting and getting very vocal “Fuck me you big cock fucker!” I continued my assault on her sweet snapper; I have better control about cumming a second time in an evening. I was in heaven though, getting my cock wet twice in a strange slut and now in this tight little girl. I could feel my balls boiling so I pulled my cock out of her tight cunt fast, making a popping sound. Calming myself down I rubbed her hair pussy with my hand sticking three fingers up her juicy pussy. While I was calming down and trying not to explode cum, I looked over at her boyfriend, his dick was hard again and he was pounding it furiously with his hand. My little slut was still snoring away on the floor. I motioned him over and grabbed her hair pulling her head up to suck on his dick. I continued to finger her pussy while she sucked on her boyfriend dick. I plugged my cock back into her cunt for a few strokes before pulling back out and telling him “I need a break, you fuck her for a few” we changed places. He got his dick in her while I positioned myself sitting down with my legs open so she could lick my monster. I told him “Don’t cum, I am hoping for a double penetration” She looked up at me with her tongue sticking out licking my hard shaft with a “no way” in her eyes. “My ass is exit only” she said. “Mine isn’t” said my little slut who had woke back up and was ready for more action. I said “Well, get up here!” Now it was the girls turn to sit in the chair and watch as the spit she had lustily applied to my big cock was used as lubrication to slip my purple head up my little slut’s ass. I was laying on the edge of the bed; my slut was sitting her beautiful ass on my cock, and the boyfriend was beating his meat getting ready to stuff her bald cunt with his dick. My slut rode my cock for a couple of slow strokes getting used to the feeling of a monster cock up her shitter. Then she settled all the way down on my shaft and told the boyfriend “stuff your little dick in my cunt!” I couldn’t see anything, but I could feel his dick slide into her pussy. He was crazed and began banging away while my slut just sat there with my big cock wedged deep in her shit hole. She began to bark again, cumming quickly, squeezing my cock tight in her ass and clamping her legs tight around him, He forced her legs back apart and his girlfriend was suddenly there holding one of my sluts legs apart watching lustily as her boyfriend banged my little sluts bald pussy. My little slut was cumming again now, barking constantly, wigging trying to get away from the assault on her cunt, but unable to move due to my massive member stuffed up her ass and the girl holding her leg. My slut’s ass muscles were massaging my cock as she came again and again, my balls were on fire with the need to expel their load. With a final jerk my slut got loose from the dick in her cunt and rolled over onto her side with my cock still halfway in her ass. The boyfriend was spurting his load all over one exposed her ass cheek. His girlfriend bent over and licked his dick and then followed the cum trail to my slut’s ass cheek licking it clean. My cock popped out of my slut’s shitter leaving it gaping open showing off the pink insides of her anus and my load blasted out of my purple headed monster spraying my slut’s ass cheek and the girls lapping tongue.


I soon fell asleep completely satisfied, with my naked little slut next curled up next to me. I awoke the next morning to the morning sun streaming in through the open sliding door of the balcony. I could hear the sound of the shower running. Looking around, I noticed the couple had left sometime during the night taking all their clothes with them. Too bad! I would have loved to fuck her big tits! I thought to myself. I went in to the bathroom to pee. I pulled the shower curtain open to look at my little slut taking a shower while I pissed. She watched me pee while she soaped her moderately sized tits and rinsed them off. I climbed in the shower with her and she soaped up my chest the soap suds washing down to my cock and balls. As we showered together, my cock rose again. I told her “I want to cum in your ass!” she replied “I have a plane to catch, I can’t have my ass leaking your cum.” We settled on a quick fuck on the bathroom counter with the shower still steaming and me pulling out and blasting my load on her pretty little bald pussy lips that were red and ravaged by the long night of crazy sex. I rubbed my slowly shrinking cock along her sweet slit, smearing my sticky white load along her pussy lips. We rinsed off in the shower, we dressed and she headed to the airport while I headed to the job site where I was working. I never saw any of them again. It was one of the best nights of sex I have ever had!


Avatar sherwood17
2017-09-11 05:26:21

What a great night! I need a business trip like that!

Avatar rogerb
2017-09-01 23:51:15

Wow very hot.

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