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Shy Sweetheart

Avatar Username: radbrad1967
Date: 09-Oct-2017 20:36:31
Mood: in love

I chatted with a somewhat shy girl on the internet for a while, she told me she had just separated from her husband and was trying to figure out what to do with her life now that she was single again. She had one kid (a little girl) and was having trouble balancing her work with watching her young kid. She was pretty upset about going through a divorce. I played it cool and just listened for the most part. We had never met, but just talked on the phone and email and texted. One day she was texting me and then there was a knock on my door. There she was on my door step! She was a tiny little thing about a foot shorter than my 6’1”, red-blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. She was dressed in a pair of overalls with no top under them; I could clearly see down her overalls and saw that she had no bra on either. She tiny little freckled tits (almost flat chested). I let her in and we sat in the living room and chatted some more. She could plainly see I was checking her out, and she must have decided that she like what she saw of me too, because she got up and climbed on my lap kissing me hard and licking my teeth with her tongue.

I unsnapped one of her overall straps, and she did the other throwing the straps over her back while the front bib fell down exposing her tiny freckled tits and presenting her pink puffy areoles with tiny erect nipples topping them off where perfect for licking and sucking on. I wasted no time in getting to work licking and sucking her nipples while she wiggled and squirmed on my lap leaning back so my hungry mouth could get ant her sweet little nips! I was holding her back while I licked and sucked her nips, she shifted forward kissing me again and I got one had between her legs the crotch of her denim overalls was soaked with her juices! Fuck me! This chick was ready to go!

Soon enough she stood up and her overalls dropped to her ankles and she stepped out of them, still wearing her little white sneakers. She wasn’t wearing panties either! She kicked her overalls into the corner and laid down on the floor. “Eat me” she said. I was off the couch and had my head in her crotch in an instant. I lapped at her bald honeypot like I was a dog that just got back from a long walk and was drinking water. Her pussy was sopping wet with her juices and I licked them all up, I licked the inside of her thighs while I fingered her tight little snatch getting ever drop of her cootch liquid I could find with my tongue while making more flow with my fingers. I must have worked licking her thighs, slit, clit and ass crack for an hour! Her tiny hot little body was driving me crazy and I finally had to get my cock in her.


I knelt between her legs and picked her up by her tiny waist pulling her pussy that was wet with her juices and my saliva onto my throbbing hard member. My purple head parted her bald pussy lips with ease and I pulled her onto my big cock slipping it in to her deep. I looked up past her tiny tits and she was biting the lower corner of her lip with her eyes closed. I began to use my hips to thrust in and out of her tight slit. The view was awesome; on the back strokes I could see my entire throbbing shaft with veins popping out and then just see my purple helmet start to pop out of her tight slit, before disappearing back into her depths. Looking up further her tight belly was topped off with a super cute little belly button, then her ting freckled tits with their puffy areolas and erect tiny nipples. Next her freckles flowed up her neck to her pretty little face framed with her red blonde hair; her pink lips were beautiful as her little pink tongue licked her top lip. Her eyes were still closed as she enjoyed the slow fucking I was giving her.


She moaned and her whole body started to shake as she came, her pussy squirting a big gush of pee all over my chest. I had never had a squirter before and the surprise made me pull back, my big cock popped right out of her tight snatch – the sexy sight of seeing her cum like that triggered something in my mind that in turn triggered my balls to let loose. I sprayed her soaking wet pussy and belly with a giant load of cum. This was the biggest load of cum I had ever unloaded; it was amazing how much I sprayed her with! She laid on the carpet in the aftermath wiggling in her mess and my sticky gooey cum bath with a look of satisfaction on her pretty face.


She got up and pulled her overalls back on and left to go pick up her kid from her ex, she must have wanted to smell of sex while picking up her kid! I chuckled to myself; it is great cucking a loser small pricked dick head that can’t hold onto a sweet little thing like her!



We continued our liaisons every Saturday for a good month, Every time she wore the same thing overalls with nothing on underneath and every time she left with my cum covering her sexy body and smelling of her squirt juices. One Saturday afternoon after our usual fuck session she started crying and I got her calmed down enough for her to tell me she and her husband were getting back together, for the kid, and she wouldn’t be seeing me anymore.  I kissed her goodbye and she whispered in my ear that she was going to miss my big cock, her husbands was tiny compared to mine and couldn’t make her squirt like I could. She told me she had planned to call it off when she arrived but just couldn’t resist one more good fuck. I told her maybe she should shower before leaving, she looked at her watch and climbed in the shower. I followed her into the bathroom and watched her shower, taking mental pictures of her perfect little body. I was going to miss my little squirter! She dressed and left and I never heard from her again. Who knows – maybe someday her little dicked husband will cheat on her and she will come see me for some payback!


Avatar lickclitt
2017-11-03 19:31:51

She should have kept fucking you for the cock size difference alone. Deedees x had a small pecker, no more than 5” and thin. She’s said a hundred times she’d never fuck a little dick again. Let me know when she hits you up again to get properly laid

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