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I want Deedee to. cumgetsomethickdick

Avatar Username: lickclitt
Date: 13-Oct-2017 11:24:14
Mood: horny

recent private chat with my jamican friend, thought it would make a nice blog about my wanton desire for my wife,Deedee, who just last night when taking a vitamin supplement said "this pill is huge, just like my black mans cock". Think she wants it???? Quote from cumgetsomethickdick : Cum spend a week in Jamaica and I can do room service. I show up when shes in bathroom to deliver hot towels you ordered for her. You will watch me behind her and see her bend over counter showing her ass to my dick. I will whip my dick out and she will take it Tell me all about it Think it better were we to set it up where you're the masseuse and wearing a skin tight tank top and spandex shorts accentuating your muscled black body and showing the outline of your huge cock pressing against the fabric. A glass of wine for my wife spiked with a "relaxing elixir" , remember she isn't into other men but does talk about them when she's a bit tipsy, so something added to make her lose all inhibitions would be a welcome addition to her wine. Deedee knows you're scheduled to give her a deep muscle full body massage and has asked for someone who can loosen her lower back muscles As she drinks Deedee becomes more open to the massage you're giving her. You are positioned to her side pressing your hands across her back from side to side while she finishes her drink. Wanting to feel better she asks that you take care of a knot she's been complaining about in her lower back and you move behind her to push up on her lower back. Deedee tells you that's not quite the place and tells you to push lower and the only thing lower is her hot ass , so you take a handful of oil and start pressing against each ass cheek as she rocks back and forth and begins moaning telling you how nice that feels. Knowing she isn't just wanting her muscles massaged you take a bit extra oil and rub the edge of your hand between her ass cheeks making sure her asshole gets the massage she's been moaning and rocking for. Just then Deedee tells you her shoulders are way too tight and asks that you move to her head so you can take care of them. This places your budging crotch in front of her face and as you start rubbing her shoulders and pressing your hands towards her ass , she begins to lick the outline of your buldge telling you how huge you are and the one thing she needs were she to be fucked by a man other than her husband, is a black man with a huge cock. She tells you while looking at me that you're just the person she's been wait g for the past fifteen years, as she hasn't fucked anyone but her husband for that long. The full effect of the elixir you spiked her wine with has taken effect and in seconds Deedee is tugging your spandex shorts off as you peel off your top. She pushes you on the table and her oiled body starts sliding up and down your body and her mouth makes its way to your crotch where she takes your semi hard member into her mouth and begins licking and sucking and telling you how much she wants to feel it all inside her while looking at me as I'm rubbing my crotch. Afetr sucking you hard Deedee assumes her favourite portion, on top and after rubbing your shaft with an ample handful of oil pushes her pussy down down down until you're balls deep inside her. She relaxes and enjoys the feeling you're giving her deepest hot spots. She tells me she hasn't had this feeling since her college boy friend with a huge cock was fucking her but she didn't know what to do back then and wasn't going to waste the opportunity presented. She begins rocking slowly back and forth and I know exactly what she's doing, rubbing your cocks head against that espot near her cervix that makes her cum in wanes and just as expected she starts moaning and telling me how fucking hot it is as she starts to orgasm. But Deedee isn't finished and I know she's about to start fucking you to make her cum again and again as you're rubbing her gspot making her leak her uncontrollable wetness down your hips onto the table and hitting the floor as she climaxes over and over again. Sweat is pouring down her chest and she's dropping her nipples down so you can suck them and tells you to stick a finger in her ass as she knows that'll make her cum again and all the harder. After she's cum riding you six or seven times Deedee demands that I retrieve her favorite toy from her bag of tricks. I know exactly what it is, her pocket rocket, and she takes you to the bed telling you she needs it from behind had and deep. She leans over the bed as she twists her toy making it buzz to life and as she presses it against her clit she asks why are you waiting? So you FULLfil her fantasy and FULLfil her pussy with your cock and start pounding her from behind and knowing how she enjoys it, thumb fucking her bung for that add edge pleasure She's telling us both how hot it is but says she's not sure if she will be able to cum again and that there is pain mixing with the pleasure she's getting inside and out. Having had enough of watching I decide it's time someone take my cock into their own mouth and I climb on the bed with my cock pointing to Deedee's mouth. She's now in an orgasmic trance and by habit leans forward taking it deep into her throat. We are all on the edge of cumming and the look in her eyes as she's staring at me makes me shoot my load down her throat and as my cock exits her mouth a gutteral moan like I've never heard before eminates from deep inside her and she starts to spasm in orgasmic bliss as your pent up load is pumping into her womb and we all collapse in a sweaty heap of flesh. After awhile of odd silence Deedee announces "I don't know what got into me" and I say without missing a beat, "the huge black cock you've been talking about for years, I hope you enjoyed it" with a smile on all our faces Got a little carried away but I know she's talked about fucking men with huge cocks and I think she would were her inhibitions lowered and the situation was right..... LC


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