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Gulfport Girl

Avatar Username: radbrad1967
Date: 14-Oct-2017 00:44:28
Mood: in love

After Hurricane Katrina I was down in Gulfport MS for a job. Going out to dinner alone one night I met a young girl about twenty or so. She was sitting sipping coffee and was looking at my dinner hungrily.  I invited her over and told her to order some dinner. “I really don’t like eating alone” I told her as I nibbled while we waited for her order.  She told me her house had flooded and the drywall had all been cut and demolished to about two foot above the floor and the fans were running constantly to dry out her apartment building. Basically it was too loud to sleep and really not fit to live in either. I told her I was staying at a hotel in a suite with a fold out couch and she was welcome to crash at my hotel. “There is probably a guest laundry too” I continued, and the relief in her eyes told me she really needed to wash some clothes. “Well, maybe just for a night” she said. We finished dinner and I gave her my spare room key card and told her my room number. She left and said she would meet there with her laundry. I went back to the hotel and moved the coffee table and folded the couch out. I was finding the spare pillows in the closet when the door opened and she came in hauling a giant bag of laundry. Dumping the sack on the bed, she said “Do you mind if I take a shower?” I told her no problem, and watched as she walked through the bedroom into the bathroom. I decided to play it cool and poured myself a rum and coke out of the mini fridge, turning on the bedroom TV and settled on the bed to watch some American Chopper. She was in the bathroom for a long time, finally coming out wrapped in a towel around her body and another towel wrapped around her hair. She said “I used up all the towels”. “No problem” I replied, picking up the phone and dialing the front desk, I asked for more towels. She sat on the bed and we watched TV together until there was a knock on the door, it was of course the towels. I answered the door and put the towels in the bathroom for the next morning.  I asked if she wanted something to drink, and she said he would have what was left of the coke I had used to make my drink. I poured it in a glass with ice and handed it to her, while I sat back on the bed. We watched some more TV while I finished my drink and fell asleep. The next morning I woke up and peeked into the living room, she was sleeping soundly on the pull out couch. I took a shower, got dressed and went to work without waking her.

That evening I returned to my hotel room to find her folding clothes. “I had a very relaxing morning” she said “and then got busy doing laundry this afternoon” She was only wearing a red lacy bra and panties as she worked folding her clothes. My cock grew hard and became noticeable in my trousers. She noticed and stood up came over to me and on her tip toes kissed me on the lips while she felt my hard on through my pants. I returned her kiss, our tongues twining together as we kissed. Breaking the kiss, she said “Let me pay you for your kindness” kneeling down she undid my pants and pulled my big cock out and then she licked the purple tip and began to give me one of the best blow jobs of my life. She licked and sucked my cock, tickled my balls and ass, and even sucked on my hairy balls! It was incredible! It wasn’t long with her attentions until I filled her mouth with a big load of cum and she swallowed it down.

I grabbed her elbow and pulled her up, after she was standing I picked her hot little body up and sat her on the kitchenette counter and pulling her red lace panties off I buried  my face in her bald pussy and licked and licked. She was moaning and clenching the edge of the counter top. She thrust her hip towards me as I licked her sweet little honey pot, soon enough she yelled out as she clamped her legs around my head crushing my ears as she came hard.

I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed, sliding into the bed next to her spooning up against her tight little body with my growing cock nuzzling up against her perfect little ass. We snuggled for a bit, as I nibbled her neck and my cock continued to grow. I unhooked her red lace bra and her tits popped loose, She giggled and tossed the bra on the floor.  She got up, went into the bathroom and returned shortly with a condom from my travel bag. Biting a corner with her teeth she tore open and rolled the ribbed Trojan onto my stiff cock. Next thing I know she is sitting on me, my big condom covered cock sticking right up through her legs her wet pussy lips rubbing against it. She bent down, sliding her slimy wet pussy along my rubber covered, throbbing shaft until it’s angry purple tip was even with her tight little hole, she kissed me deeply before sinking onto my cock, grunting as it filled her up! She sat up and started to ride me, her eyes were closed as she slowly slid up and down on my giant cock her tits giving a nice bounce as she hit the bottom of her strokes. I watched her ride me and got lost in the feeling of her tight pussy sliding up and down my hard cock. I can last a long time, especially when I am wearing a rubber so I just let her bounce on me. After a while she fell forward onto my chest as she came hard, I could feel her pussy contracting around my cock as her juices gushed into my hairy pubes. I let her relax for a moment, before rolling her onto her back and holding one of her beautiful legs up so I could stuff my big cock in her tight cooze sideways. She had had an orgasm nice and gentle riding me, but now it was my turn to take control. I pinched her clit as I slipped my cock into her juicy pussy and then I licked her foot and began to pound her hard and fast. She was grunting and groaning and then yelled out “FUCK ME, FUCK ME!”. I continued to pound her tight pussy jamming it in fast and hard, slamming hard into her wet fuck hole and she continued to make guttural noises. Her tits were bouncing nicely and my balls were starting to itch as they prepared to pump their load. She yelled “Fuck my slutty pussy hard you nasty bastard!” and then clenched her entire body tight pushing me out of her pussy as practically off the bed as she came in a massive orgasm. I ripped the condom off tossing it on the floor, and fisting my hard on. I climbed back up on the bed on my knees, and pumping my cock with my fist got ready to spew my load. Her legs were clamped together and she had handfuls of the duvet as she continued to ride her orgasm. I pumped my throbbing hard cock with my hand as my balls started to twitch, pumping their load up my shaft. She opened her eyes just in time to see my angry purple tipped cock spew a nice load of white goo all over her tits. She reached out and grabbed it pulling me closer to her as she jacked my cock, it spewed again drenching her beautiful tits again. She continued to jack me off and as she felt the third spew coming she bent forward and sucked the load out of my cock swallowing it like a pro. She continued to jack and suck my cock until my balls were dry.


I lay down next to her and rubbed my cum into her tits as we drifted off to sleep.


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