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Elaine Fulfils Her Fantasy

Avatar Username: pokerman
Date: 18-Oct-2017 10:05:52
Mood: horny

Kit and I have been living together for nearly a year now, and I think that we have hit nirvana - we are soul mates. But this doesn't mean that we are misty eyed in love and only have eyes for each other, far from it! Part of our affection for each other stems from the laid back attitude to our relationship and our mutual acceptance of sharing our bodies with others. For me, having lived a repressive lifestyle with a hubby who couldn't get it up, showed no affection for me, but clung on possessively, this new relationship is a lifestyle I never dreamed of. So, now that we are a couple, I felt confident enough to quit my job at the hardware store and spend more time with a man between my legs! My last day at work started just like any other - stacking shelves, working the check out, stock taking. By lunch, I couldn't wait for the day to end and to pick up my final pay check, but my boss wouldn't let up, making me work the trade checkout for the final few hours. This was where I first met Kit, and I quite liked chatting and flirting to the horny builders as they heaved heavy loads into their trucks - checking out their packages! Kev was one of my favourites, a big muscular carpenter who regularly flirted with me, and had made it plain that he had the hots for me, trying to touch my tits on more than one occasion. So when I told him that it was my last day, he showed genuine disappointment and said that we'd 'missed our chance'. I wasn't sure what he meant by that but, as he heaved the last piece of timber onto his truck, he turned to me, took me in his arms and gave me a long deep kiss. I melted into his arms as his hands pulled tight against my backside and lifted me against his crotch. As he did so, I could feel his massive erection, pressing hard against me. I automatically put my hand to it, squeezing and gently pumping it through his shorts. 'I have to go back to work, what time do you finish' he said, and that was that - a date made, my last day at work not as boring as I expected. Kev picked me up as the store was closing, the car park empty except for a couple of sad old wrecks belonging to the staff. I had been thinking of him all afternoon, and by now, my panties were soaked through with anticipation. I had decided to give him a treat, by wearing no bra and undoing my work shirt down to the last button. This clearly worked, as he got a full view of my cleavage as I climbed into the cab and sat staring at me with his mouth open. Large rough hands came round the seat and grabbed them, pinning me to the seat, while Kev moved across and pulled my shirt apart, revealing my breasts. Unknown to me, hiis mate was in the back seat, getting a lift home, and he was obviously as horny as hell. Kev latched my belt, told his mate to behave and pulled out of the car park. We roared along the road at speed, with me sitting there half naked, feeling stupid. Kev's mate apologised, and looked embarrased, clearly a little drunk after their routine Friday afternoon drinking session. I looked back and saw a youthful looking guy with blonde hair and a fit body. Clearly I didn't mind, I told him, in fact it is always a pleasure to be felt ip by a yoinger guy. He liked this and started to babble on about how great my breasts look and that they felt even better, his girlfriend only had small ones, not even a handful really, and how he had always fancied older women, especially me, who he had always had a thing for, especially when he cought a glimpse of my titties as I bent down.......Wow, I had obviously made an impression! Kev had plans - he had booked a table at a restaurant, and a room in a nearby hotel for later. Presumptive, but thoughtful. We rolled to a halt outside an apartment block and Terry got out. Kev walked round and they chatted a while before Kev got back in and drove off. We both needed to change, so Kev dropped me at home and arranged to meet at the pub up the road in half an hour. Kit was away for a few days, so I showered, disposed of my crusty panties and dressed as provocatively as I dare - a red basque under a clingy red dress. No bra, no panties, just stockings with a black garter belt. I would never have dared dress like this before I met Kit I thought, as I looked at myself in the mirror. Now, I see a big, beautiful woman, where before I would have seen a frumpy fat housewife. My hand slipped between my legs and I kneaded my clit as I dreamed of Kev's cock pumping into me. i started as I heard a voice behind me......Kev was standing there, his eyes wide, looking at my reflection. "I was walking past - you left your door open, you could have been taken advantage of" he joked. I rather hoped that I would I said, as he snuggled up behind me, his hands cupping my breasts, his erection nestling into the small of my back. I felt my head go back, losing myself in his embrace, his fingers kneading my nipples, sending ripples of ecstasy down to my pussy as he twisted and pulled on them, until they had grown to twice their normal size. Kev turned me around, Pulled up my dress and undone his pants. I felt his erection and could not believe how big it was once unleashed. I looked down in amazement and gently stroked it's full length. Most people talk of cocks in terms of length, 8", 9", or whatever, but personally, I don't carry a tape measure in my bag so let me just say that this was the biggest I have ever seen. Two hands covered the base, but the head stuck out beyond, as I enjoyed the feel of him, the contrast of our skin tones, the heat pumping from it, the head wet with his pre cum. I bent and kissed the head, by now engorged with blood and angry looking. A kiss turned to a little suck and then a full blown, open mouthed swallow. All I could take was his head, before gagging, it was so thick. There was no way that I could blow this guy, even though I desperately wanted to - something I normally avoid. Kev woke me from my amazement by lifting me to my feet, effortlessly picking me up and carrying me. "Bedroom, or here on the floor" he asked, staring at my breasts with what I can only call........desire. 'Floor, now' I croaked, and he dropped to his knees, pulling my dress off, and running his hands over my basque encased body, touching every exposed part with his large dark hands, sending shivers through me. This is my fantasy I thought, as he undressed before me, his cock standing erect and massive like a stallion, his dark muscular body glistening with sweat, his eyes transfixed by my ample form laid on the rug before him, breasts spilling out, my pussy wet and puffy with expectation. With no pretention for foreplay, Kev descended onto me, his cock positioned between my now gaping legs, desperate to receive him. My hand grabbed him, then both hands, guiding him toward my engorged clitoris and placing that massive head at my glistening opening. He stopped, gently pushed the head toward, and finally against my clitoris and kissed me ever so gently on the lips. Our kiss continued, soft, gentle, tongues probing, whilst my pussy ached for him to enter me, to fill me with his hot meat. "I've fantasised about this" Kev said.......'me too' I answered, and we both realised that we were about to fulfil each others dreams, but were nervous to continue. I gently wrapped my legs behind him and gently eased him toward me, feeling my pussy stretch as his cock went deeper. Stopping for another kiss, he withdrew slowly and I pulled him back in. Inch by inch, Kev's member filled and stretched me until I thought I could take no more. Looking down, I realised that he was barely half way in, his balls full and hanging behind, waiting to fill me with his seed. Kev turned on his side, maintaing our coupling, and asked me to go on top. He had a fantasy of fucking a white woman with big breasts and he wanted to se them bobbing before him. I reluctantly pulled his cock out and rolled him over, staring at this huge pole, which I was about to mount. A mix of desire and fear griped me as I lowered myself onto him. I could feel wetness coming from within as he once again entered me and I held him there, his head filling me. I pushed my hips down until his glans reappeared and rubbed my swollen clit. Bang! an explosive orgasm hit me and I collapsed on his chest, a gush of cum soaking Kev as I shook, groaned and squealed in ecstasy. Kev seemed to love this and buried his head in my cleavage, groaning and swearing at me, pulling me back on top. Although weak with passion, I managed to mount him again surprised at how he slipped easily in this time, filling me again, deeper than before, but still not to his full length. Kev grabbed my hips and made me fuck him, slowly at first, but faster and more ragged as our passions rose, my orgasm building again as we rode and bucked, my breasts spilling from his tight grip, nipples angry and erect, white flesh red and sore with the treatment he was giving them. At this point I was on such a high that I thought I might pass out, as a second orgasm ripped through me and yet another soon started to build. Keve had a look of frantic lust on his face and I started at him, his eyes half closed, his face contorted with the exertion of pumping frantically into me, sweat beading in his hair and on his forehead. Looking down, I realised that our groins were grinding together - I had every inch of him inside of me and I felt like I was about to burst. It was the best feeling I have ever experienced, and I wanted it to last for ever, but I could feel Kev shaking as he pumped, his eyes growing to saucers as he exploded inside of me with such force that I could feel his cum squirting inside of me, something thet I had never before experienced. And that was it - my fantasy fulfilled, whilst fulfilling that of another. Two people exploring and enjoying an experience that had, up to that moment, only been in their heads. We all need to do this - to go out there and act out our fantasies with like minded adults, with mutual consent. It takes both people to enjoy fantasies, in my case, we managed to enjoy mutual self satisfaction. Would I want to do it again? Maybe, but I doubt that it would be the same. One thing that I now know - I like big cocks, and I am capable of taking the biggest of them, as long as there is mutual affection and consideration. Next time, I want somebody who can last long enough to take me to that third and fourth orgasm, and beyond. I'm thinking of getting Kit into Tantric Sex!


Avatar ontmale
2017-11-04 16:53:12

great story well written and fantasies fulfilled cant beat that ... other than doing it again and oh yea again

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