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Mature Flight Attendant

Avatar Username: radbrad1967
Date: 22-Oct-2017 17:52:45
Mood: in love

I was on business travel to Japan, and while everybody else was sleeping in the main cabin, I was thirsty for water so I went to the back galley. There was the cutest little flight attendant sitting on the jump seat and reading a book. She was older, probably 50 something, deep laugh wrinkles scared her otherwise pretty face.  I asked if I could have a water, she got it for me and we began to chat a bit. She had piercing green eyes and couldn’t help noticing her body was pretty smoking for an older lady. We chatted for a while about books and traveling, soon enough the talk turned to boyfriends and girlfriends. I told her I was currently between girlfriends and she told me she had not long ago arrived back home after a flight had been canceled and caught her husband fucking a younger girl. I laughed and said “Maybe you should get even” even as I said it my cock stiffened. Something about this older lady was so sexy! She noticed the bulge in my pants and replied “Maybe” reaching over and rubbing my bulging pants. “Have you made the mile high club yet?” she asked. I replied that I traveled mostly for business and the opportunity had never presented itself. She put her book away and said “Give me a second and come into the lavatory” She went in the restroom and I could hear her rustling around. Pretty soon the occupied sign slid back and I opened the door and pushed my way into the tight little bathroom. Squeezing in I noticed that she had removed her pantyhose and panties and they were stuffed up her skirt. She wiggled her skirt covered ass up onto the tiny sink opening her legs. I caught a glimpse of her hairy pussy as she pulled at my belt loosening it. We kissed long and hard our tongues intertwining as she continued to fumble with my pants. Soon enough my pants were around my ankles and my big cock was out of my briefs. She jacked it with her hand while we continued to kiss. I bucked my hips back and she bent my cock down level with her hairy pussy, rubbing my purple head along her hairy slit until I found her loose hole. She was the loosest pussy I had ever had my big cock in. I loved it! Room to move at last! What had I been doing banging the tight younger girls? I needed older loose pussy! I slowly slipped my big cock in and out of her while we kissed and whispered to each other. She told me I was a lot bigger than her hubby. I told her I loved her big juicy pussy, it was just perfect for my big cock! I plowed her and she began to rub her clitty, cumming quickly soon after. She told me “We need to hurry” and reached around and stuck her finger up my ass while my cock was buried deep in her pussy. She wiggled the finger in my ass holding me deep in her pussy and said “Cum in me” The combination of her finger in my ass and her sweet loose pussy wrapped around my cock and her talking dirty to me made my cum spurt. Pump after pump I filled her loose pussy full of cum. She said “wow, that is a lot of cum! It is going to be leaking out of me for a day” She snapped my briefs back over my slowly shrinking cock, and I bent down bumping my head on her head as I reached for my pants around my ankles. She laughed and said “They didn’t build these lavatories to fuck in, did they?” I laughed in turn and pulled up my pants fastening them and buckling my belt. I left the restroom leaving her to freshen up. She came out of the restroom soon after back in her pantyhose. She went over by the door in the galley and lifted her skirt showing me her pantyhose covered pussy my cum leaking out and staining her crotch. I went over and kissed her again and whispered in her ear that she was a sexy little thing. We sat and talked awhile longer, before I returned to my seat. As I was de-boarding the plane she said “Thankyou!” and gave me a hug. I never saw her again, but She changed my life forever, I only wanted experienced ladies after her!


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