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Jennas Sex Slave Degradation

Avatar Username: jennad152
Date: 30-Oct-2017 22:52:44
Mood: high
Music: Sensual and slow



It had been three weeks since the beautiful Jenna's Master Damian had left on a business trip.  At first she had attempted to satisfy her sexual cravings with frequent masturbation, pumping her glistening dildo frantically in and out of her insatiable cunt, while holding a buzzing vibrator on her swollen clit.  She imagined his thick hard cock ramming deep and hard into her wildly sucking mouth as she knelt submissively at his feet, staring up at his face, her fingers pumping the erect shaft while her hand cupped his heavy sperm-laden balls until he jetted streams of warm sweet cum down her eager throat.  At other times her orgasmic fantasies brought to her sex-crazed mind images of her Master holding her on his knee before a roomful of masturbating men, his fingers rapidly fingering his sluts clitoris, her black-stockinged thighs spread wide exposing her dripping cunt, her obscenely short skirt pulled waist high.  In her lust-filled mind the depraved cock-whore imagined her Master allowing them in turn to empty their heavy balls, shooting streams of creamy cum onto her inflamed clit and into her avidly sucking mouth, while his own huge cock filled the sluts liquid cunt with a copious load of the precious cum she so desperately craved.


During the first week of her Masters absence the lascivious big-titted blonde slut, brought to the verge of sexual insanity by her incessant masturbation, would dress in obscenely tight skirts so short that they exposed her thong-pantied cunt and ass-cheeks and several inches of gartered white thigh above her black stocking tops.  Her voluptuous breasts and hard nipples totally exposed in the skimpiest see-thro blouses, she teetered around the local Mall on 4" spiked heels, bending over to reveal her full round ass and staring shamelessly at the huge bulges she aroused in mens pants.  Inflamed by the mental images of huge swollen cocks, the lust-crazed Jenna would retreat to the womens toilets where she masturbated herself frenziedly and her moans and pleas for "mens cocks and cum" were clearly audible as she brought her liquid cunt to quaking piss orgasms.


By the end of the second week Jenna could contain her craving for cocks and sexual submission no longer.  During that week she exposed herself ever more brazenly in the Mall, the supermarket, and in low-life bars in the seamier parts of town where she shamelessly serviced several men.  Sucking their cocks in dark alleys and the backseats of cars, although providing her with the cum she so desperately craved, did not however satisfy her deepest submissive desires to be exhibited and degraded before large groups of men.  Accordingly to that end she invited several of the best-endowed of the men she served to party with her at her house at the weekend while her Master was away.


Damians business trip had been successful, and he decided to surprise Jenna by returning a week early.  Driving up he was surprised to see no lights on, and to find the front door locked.  He decided to walk around the back of the house, where he could see the light shining on the lawn, and heard the sound of loud music and several mens voices.  Peering through a crack in the blinds, he was amazed by what he saw.


The beautiful slut, already half drunk, her blonde hair piled high and heavily made-up, wearing only a waist-cincher, garter belt, black stockings, and 4" heeled white slingback sandals, was seated between two men on the couch, her hands frantically masturbating their enormous cocks, while another man knelt between her widespread thighs rapidly lapping up and down her glistening pink slit while ramming two fingers deep into her squirming cunt.  Another man holding a short silver chain attached to a studded black leather slave collar around his whores neck, was slamming his thick cock between her avidly sucking lips.  Several other men sitting round the room were watching a video of Jenna engaged in group-sex with a number of men in a bar, her mouth, cunt, and furiously wriggling ass filled with cocks, and her voluptuous squirming body already drenched in cum which ran from all her holes.


Several of the men looked familiar, and he recognised the supermarket manager, a mechanic from the nearby garage, and two muscular teenage boys from his health club.  As Damian watched, the man licking his slut’s dripping cunt inserted his swollen cock deep inside her and began to bang her vigorously, his heavy balls slapping against her visibly swollen clit.  At the same time the wanton slut frantically masturbated the two young boys cocks until they spurted jets of thick cum onto her hands, breasts, and parted thighs, while the fourth man groaned and released a torrent of cum into her greedy mouth.  Watching his whores lust distorted face and glazed blue eyes, Damian knew she was on the verge of wetting in submission.  As the first man shot his load deep into her squirming cunt Jenna screamed, begging for more cum and cocks to use her writhing body, as her frantic fingers brought her to completion.  Shrieking .."Show me...give me cum....more cum!!!"..the wildly masturbating slut twisted her head from side to side, looking for more cum for her greedy mouth.


Jenna’s degradation was far from finished however.  One of the men pulled the clit-rubbing sex-slave to her feet by the leash and, putting on some wild music, ordered her to dance for the group's entertainment.  With the video of her cum-drinking orgy in the bar playing in the background, the sexually-insane slut began to dance obscenely for the cock-jerking men, pumping her hips in a lewd simulation of fucking and jerking imaginary cocks into her pouting mouth with one hand as she plunged a flesh-colored dildo into her liquid cunt with the other.  Her glazed eyes fixed on the mens thick jerking cocks as she danced, she reached down to pump each one rapidly in turn.


 The sight of the gorgeous big-breasted cock-slave crouching to pump her lust-crazed cunt with the dildo, while begging for the mens cocks and cum, was too much for the now equally sex-crazed men who, screaming.."Fuck the CUNT...Use the WHORE!!!"...grabbed her by the hair, slapped her face with their heavy swollen cocks, calling her "piss-whore" and "cum-slut", while delivering fresh streams of cum onto her already dripping body.  This final act of degradation was too much for the cock-crazed sex-slave who fell to the carpet and wet in submission at their feet, as the men stood over her spraying cum onto her writhing body.  Filling their glasses with cum, the sadistic men made the moaning cum-slut kneel and drain each glass, which she did avidly, spreading the white liquid on her beautiful face and huge breasts as she continued to masturbate herself with slick fingers while one of the men held her slave chain.


This final act of degradation of his sexually-insane slut, staring up at her "masters" as she drank their cum and took their cocks in all her holes in total submission, was too much for the watching Damian who realised that his training had turned Jenna into a wanton sex-slave who could no longer control her lusts and desires.  Furiously jerking his own huge throbbing cock, he spurted enormous jets of cum onto the windowpane before leaning back exhausted against the wall.  When his gaze again returned to the room the men had left, leaving only his cum-drenched slut on all fours on the carpet, her glistening ass raised high, a vibrator plunging in and out of her ass-hole, while her mouth alternately sucked on a dildo and licked cum from the floor, as she spanked her writhing bottom in masochistic submission.  Unable to watch his totally slutted whores depravity any longer, Damian left the house returning the following day pretending that he had only just returned from his trip.  In the following weeks he was to see Jenna descend further into complete sexual submission and erotomania.


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