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A huge dick day 1

Avatar Username: ThedogofGeorgia
Date: 13-Nov-2017 20:05:21
Mood: horny

I have always spread my legs, used my tongue and offered my ass to any man Paul asked me to fuck. I know that when money was needed he sold my services. I did not mind because he always gave me anything I ever really wanted. Not long ago he pushed even my limits with the man he sold me to. Paul introduced us and I boarded the private jet. When we were airborn I played a video where Paul told me that this man had provided for our needs with the deal that I was his sexually for a week 24 hours a day. I have to say that the whole prospect originally excited me a whole lot. The guy was pretty hot! Black, tall, muscular, well dressed and pretty self confident. As we flew I began to kiss him and in no time his hands were exploring my body. Not long after we started he had stripped me naked and his fingers were in both my ass and pussy. I was so hot and he still had his pants on. As I came with the pleasure of his fingers. I closed my eyes and when I opened them his pants were off and his hard cock was in my face. Several times I have fucked 14 inch cocks, I have taken really thick cocks, but this cock was like nothing I had ever seen. It had to be atleast 16 inches long and as big around as my forearm. As he saw the look on my face he told me to suck him while he explained his expectations. He told me that I was not there eat or relax or even sleep. I was there to perform every fantasy he has ever had. He began to face fuck me and as his big cock pushed at the back of my throat. He grabbed the back of my head and began to ram his enormous cock part way down my throat. I put a finger up his asshole and did my best to stimulate his cock while I tried not to gag or throw up. After a few minutes of taking me hard he shoved his cock in as far as it would go. I could not help but to gag and puke all over his cock. He continued to fuck me down the throat until I felt him shoot a huge load of cum directly dowm my throat. I began to heave as he drove his cock balls deep into my mouth and throat. He took his time before pulling his cock out of my mouth savouring the sight of his latest conquest. He went to the restroom and cleaned my puke off himself before bringing me a towel and telling me to clean up. He told me that the next seven days would be all about him doing things like that a bunch of times each day. I tried to gather my composure as the jet took me to god knowes where to be forced to do god knows what.

I will keep posting my story day by day as it played out...Rhonda


I have always prided myself on my ability to take dick inside my body. I have been fucked on numerous occasions by cocks 14 inches or so in lrngth as well as a few dicks as big around as my forearm. Never have seen or taken a cock well over 15 inches (he claimed it was 16 inches)and bigger around than my forearm. Hey I figured I could take anything for a night. We landed non a tropical island where we went inside a virtual mansion. I started to attempt some conversation when he motioned for the others to leave. He grabbed me by the hair and pullled me into the bedroom where he threw me onto the bed. He told me that Paul owed him a great deal of money, more than my sexual favors could easily repay. The deal that he struck was for him to have unrestricted access to all of my sexual pleasures with one limit, he could not kill me. He said his name was Devon and that I would beg for death before he and his friends were done taking me as they chose. I started to explain that only I could strike such a deal. He back handed me hard enogh to send me across the room bringing my nose to pour my blood onto my face. He grabbed another hand full of hair abd threw me face down on the bed. I felt a harsh blow to the nack of my. My panties were ripped from my body and Devon's hands clasp my throat and I felt his massive cock push deep in to my pussy desperatly in need of lubricant. He explained that things could be as easy or hard as I chose to make them. He grunted as he shoved his cock into me balls deep as I began to gasp fot breath as his cock plunged into me over and over again. I felt him explode inside me. I thought that was it for the time being. His cock stayed hard as I felt it enter my asshole.as his hands once again began to choke me. He drove his cock into me and kept it there until I began to lose conciousness as he got off from feeling me struggle for life as he pushed his cock deep as my legs began to kick as I fought to stay alive. As I felt him explode inside me he loosed his hold on my throat. I gasped in a breath and felt life begin to return. Devon was lifeless with hihuge cock still in my ass. He remained in my ass as both of us recouped. I awoke to the feeling of his cock growing harder as hi fingers explored the insides of my pussy. Before long he as on top of me driving his stiff cock deep into my ass. After shooting me full of more of his cum he pulled out and told me that he would send up a few ladies to get my body ready to give Devon some more pleasure. His personal sluts taugh me all about sexual healing as they used their togues to give me multiple orgasms like I had never known before.

My pussy is too wet to go on. I will tell you more about my night of lesbian love after I calm down and my pussy stops tingling...Rhonda


I dosed off and was awakened by a beautiful woman whose ethnicity I was unsure. Sgave me a handful of salve and told me to work some into my pussy as deep as I could. My cunt was swollen and sore to the touch. After about a half an hour she returned with 5 or six other women as equally gorgeous. She asked me to insert a finger and let her know how it felt and how deep. To my amazement my pussy lips no longer hurt but instead my touch felt incrdibly good. She introduced herself as Cheryl and motioned to the other ladies who said they were Sue, Carol, Jodie, Deb, Connie and Lisa. Each began to disrobe and tend to my sore body. They applies other cremes and salves to the bruises and cuts that covered my body, the burned lots of incense while Cheryl and Sue lathered up my pussy with more salve pushing all the way into my cunt. My body was then covered in an incredibly scented oil. One by one they took turns climbing on top of me rubbing in the oil with their amazing bodies. Cheryl and Sue then covered a special dildo with several lubricating gels, they pushed it as deep as they could. I asked Sue what the hell this stuff was I was being covered with. I was told it was a combination of Asian sexual remedies, remedies I would get once a day after recieving very rough sex. Sue then shot something into her pussy telling me to swish the juice aroun my mouth before swallowing it and then eating her pussy to say thanks. My tongue eagerly gave her the best oral sex I could. I thought I would never enjoy sex again, now I wanted these women like I never remember wanting a woma ever before. I ate each girls pussy and enjoyed pushing the tip of my tongue into each of there assholes. Each put on a strap on dildo lubed it with magic lube before taking turns fucking me. Finally I choseDeb and Lisa to DP me while I ate each of the others pussies. After Cheryl gave me a shot glass of something that made me begin to orgasm deep inside. The rest left and Cheryl strapped on a dildo obviously made ihto the likeness of Devons dick. As she slammed the cock into both my pussy and asshole. I could not believe how horny I was and that encouraged her to fuck me harder and deeper. She pulled out, kissed me, handed me three viles she told me to take in order to make the sex more bearable. She warned me not to spend my night masterbating, the sex will happen way too soon. She said she would send me up some food to eat before catching a few hours of sleep.

(I will pick up with day 2)


Avatar halupinya
2017-11-14 17:21:57

got a hardon already cant wait

Avatar lickclitt
2017-11-13 21:22:36

Looking forward to reading the continuing saga of 16 inches or bust.....steamy hot my friend

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