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Shared wife

Avatar Username: sexhound46217
Date: 16-Nov-2017 15:16:19
Mood: full of life

Tonight started out like any normal evening. We had invited one of our friends over to enjoy a MFM with wife. He arrived on time and wife greeted him at the door wearing a see through top and a rap around dress with hose and heels. She gave him a passionate kiss as he fondled her ass before leading him into the living room. I had already started fixing drinks when they came in. We sat around talking for a little while before my wife started making moves on our guest. It wasn't long before she had his pants off him and giving him a blow job. As normal for him it didn't take long before he was cumming in her mouth. She finished sucking him dry and licked her lips after swallowing and told him now it's your turn to satisfy me. She quickly got up from kneeling in front of him and unrapped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She stood in front of him almost completely nude and slid her fingers between her pussy lips and then said see how wet I am. He quickly got down on the floor and right between her legs He started lapping up her pussy juices and licking her clit . She was biting her lower lip and moaning and I could see she was starting to quiver. I knew it wasn't long before she was going to cum all over his face. She let out a really deep moan and cum splashed all over his face . He leaned back for a second to catch his breath and you could see the inside of her thighs glistening with cum running down both legs. She said I've got to sit down after that. She sat back on the couch and spread her legs open and laughed saying I'm really wet now. He said I can take care of that as he proceeded to lick up and down both legs making his way to her waiting pussy. As he proceeded to devour her pussy again he and the wife were so indulged in each other they never heard me answer the door. As two other friends that we party with and I walked into the living room. It was like they never noticed us at all they were so engrossed in each other. As we were standing watching them she started arching her back and moaning more and more. All of a sudden she was squirting all over his face again and her hips were bucking up and down as she was screaming oh god I'm cumming again. She had flooded his mouth and she was still squirting cum al over him. She was shaking all over and breathing so hard and deep. Finally she calmed down and relaxed and opened her eyes to see the other guys standing there with big bulges in their pants. She was very surprised seeing them standing there when one of them said next. She started smiling and said more the merrier as one waisted no time burying his face in her pussy. She told the other guy to undress and get over here too. He stepped up on the couch with his cock bouncing around as she took ahold of it and began to give him a blow job. She had his balls in her hand as her head bobbed up and down the shaft of his cock. The one giving her pussy another work over slid his fingers in her and began sucking her clit. She began to have another massive orgasm and flood him with cum too. And at the same time she kept sucking till he filled her mouth with cum. She swallowed his load and looked at me and said your next. I just smiled at her and said I'll take my turn later. By then she had the last guy she had just finished sucking was devouring her pussy. After he had brought her to another great orgasm she said you guy are soooo bad your great. We got out the mat and put it in the middle of the floor with a fuzzy blanket on top. She had previously brought out a wide variety of her sex toys to use that evening. As she got up to move to the mat she grabbed a vibrating butt plug. She added some lube and slid it in her butt. And I'll tell you this plug is about eight inches long and at the biggest diameter two and a half inches with the smallest diameter about an inch. So no matter what its not going to slide out by accident. She turned on the remote and wigged a little and said that feels good. By that time the first guest was on the mat next to her ready to play with her tits . As he started to suck her nipples he ran his hand down to her pussy and exclaimed your hole pussy is vibrating. She just laughed and said I think you guys will enjoy it. He fingered her for a few more minutes before getting into position to slide in her pussy. He had put her on her side and straddled one leg with the other leg over his shoulder. He had a very impressive cock on him that he nicknamed beer can . It may not have been quite as big as a beer can but close and about nine inches long. He guided his cock to her pussy lips and rubbed it back and forth and in a thrusting motion he slid into her pussy. She exclaimed OMG that feels so goood !!!!! He started pumping in and out going deeper each time till his balls were straining not to slide in too. She started to moan and begging fuck me harded with that big dick. He picked up his pace and was slamming his cock in her at a record pace . Her tits were bouncing back and forth from his pounding you could hear them slapping on her chest. Then all of a sudden she let out a deep guttle sound and started to shake all over as he kept slamming his cock in her till he stopped and buried his cock deep and arched his back . He was pumping her full of cum. She was still almost convulsing as she kept cumming. As he pulled out her pussy was still gapping open the next guy assuming the same position slid his cock right into her and began pounding. She was breathing very heavy and said you are going to make me cum again fucker. He had one hand at her pussy with his thumb rubbing her clit and the other hand was squeezing her tit. She started to have another orgasm one right after another as he kept up the pace pounding her quivering body. She knew he had great stamina and tonight was no different. He fucked her for about fifteen minutes before he finally unloaded his load in her. As he pulled out his cock she raised her leg up to release his neck you could see cum running out of her pussy. She layed over on her back still breathing very heavily when the third guy moved in between her legs. She said oh god give me a few minutes to catch my breath. He ignored her and started fingering her pussy first with a couple of fingers then he slid in all four fingers till he had his hand in her up to his thumb. She began to quiver again and was having another orgasm. After that one had subsided she looked at him and said either fuck me or fist fuck me you mother fucker . At that point he pulled his hand out a little and tucked his thumb in and slid his hole hand in her pussy. Yes he has smaller hands than most men but it didn't take much pressure for his hand to disappear inside her . All of a sudden she said now fist fuck me good mother fucker. I know he had made a fist inside her pussy because he was shoving his arm half up his forearm. As he pumped his fist in her he made kind of a twisting motion. She was arching her back with every stroke and cumming the hole time. His arm was covered with her cum and the previous two others cum. He hammered her pussy for quite a while till she took ahold of his arm and said your going to have to give me a break or I'm going to pass out. He laughed and said ok but I'm not done with you yet. As she layed there with her legs spread wide open you could see her butt plug was still vibrating and her pussy was glistening and gaping open. Her breathing had gotten back to normal and she had relaxed he started to ease back in her pussy with his fingers. She lifted her legs and grabbed both ankles so he had easy access. He took the clue and began to fist fuck her again for a few minutes till he pulled out his hand still in a fist and it made a popping sound . Then he bent down and began licking her wide open hole and sucking on her clit. She crossed her legs around his neck and squeezed his head with her thighs as she began bucking violently cumming again and again and again. Her toes were curled up so tight and her face was going pale . She finally just went almost limp and was totally spent. As the two of them layed on the floor every one was talking and commenting about her butt plug and how much it intensified the experience. She said it caused her to have much intense orgasms than normal. She finally got her strength back and started to get up saying I've got to go pee and get a shower. After she left the room we changed the blanket because it was soaked with mostly her cum. Then the guys started high fiving each other and saying how much they enjoyed her. After about a half hour my wife returned with a fluffy bright pink robe rapped around her. She looked around the room at the guys and said I think you guys tried to wear out my pussy all in one night. She picked out the last guy and took him by the hand led him to the mat and told him to lay down of which he obeyed. She straddled his lap still in her robe and began passionately kissing him as she was rubbing back and forth on his cock. Then she raised her hips and slid his cock in her pussy. She began slowly riding his cock and leaned back as she intensified her hip action. She began pinching his nipples as she was grinding her pussy on his cock . It wasn't long before she shed her robe and displayed her totally nude body. He had both tits in his hands tweaking her nipples. Both the other guys had boners again and moved to either side of her with their cocks swinging next to her face. She started to suck one then the other then back again. She would stop for a few minutes from grinding on the one guy to keep him from cumming . She kept just bringing them to the point of no return and stop till she had them swollen. Finally she let the guy in her pussy unload in her and sucked each of the guys to competition. I know it was a very hot evening watching the wife enjoy herself so much.


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