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Amateur Stripper

Avatar Username: radbrad1967
Date: 16-Dec-2017 23:32:52
Mood: in love

I was out at a strip bar where amateur stripping was encouraged. In the back of the club there was a table for professional guy stripping and the rest of the tables in the club were for professional lady strippers. Amateur strips would start out on the dance floor and then the manager would move them to a stage if the situation required it. While I was there checking out the local talent, I noticed a hot curvy MILF dancing on the floor. I continued to watch her dance while I sipped on my rum and Coke. It wasn’t long before she had peeled the top of her dress down and her big tits where out and jiggling nicely to her dancing! When the song ended she put her tits back in tugging her dress up, and working her arms back through the shoulder straps. I watched as she walked of the dance floor, her ample ass swinging sweetly as she strutted in high heels towards her friends at a table near the male strip table. I counted her friends and a flagged down a waitress and had a round of “sex on the beach” shots sent to the group of ladies. The ladies where watching the male dancer when the shots arrived, I watched as the waitress pointed towards me and the ladies raised their glasses in salute and I returned the gesture. About this time, I lost track of the ladies as a stripper with a banging hot body and a rubber latex dress strutted out onto the main stage and she really caught my attention.


I went down to the main stage and sat down, giving the stripper some dollars as she danced. Her tits were awesome, her nipples erect and poking points in the tight rubber dress. She squatted down in front of me to pick up a dollar and her bald slit was clearly visible as I looked up her skirt. Her muffin looked very tasty! She stretched the top of her rubber dress popping her big tits out with their big areolas and erect nipples that where a good ¾” long. I stuffed a second dollar between her tits as she squeezed them together with her arms. As she stood up to move to another customer I got a second great look up her dress at her perfect pussy and sweet ass crack. It was at this point that I noticed a pair of hands on my shoulders, turning slightly around I saw it was the amateur lady from earlier. Bending over she shouted in my ear (to talk over the music) that she and ladies wanted to thank me for the drinks, and could I come to their table? I nodded yes and followed her to their table at the rear of the club. It was quieter at the rear of the club and we could talk, I soon learned her name was Nancy and she was just divorced and her friends had brought her here to celebrate. Her friends were pretty busy with the stripper – so we had time to talk for a bit and I found out she was really horny and looking for a quickie. Always happy to oblige a lady – I suggested we slip out the back door and go to my car.


As soon as we were out the back door of the strip club, she turned around, squatted down and unbuckled my belt ripping open my button fly jeans and fishing my half hard cock out of my underwear. She started sucking on my cock right there in the alley, my cock growing and growing until it was hard and throbbing. Her slurping sounds filled the alley as she swirled her tongue around the purple head of my cock and then bobbed her head like a woodpecker taking my long girthy shaft deep into her mouth repeatedly. I was really enjoying the blow job, but didn’t want to blow my load in her mouth – I wanted her pussy! I pushed her away and she immediately stood up, hiking her dress up and bending back over leaning against the wall. “Stuff that big cock in me!” she said reaching back pulling her ass cheeks apart. Grabbing my shaft in my fist I aimed it towards her inviting rear end. I felt the wetness of her snatch instantly on my cock head and slid into her tight velvet vise smoothly, slowly I eased my big cock into her as she let out a moan and wiggled her shapely ass. Her hands were back on the wall and she pushed herself against me, her pussy swallowing my monster easily. I began slamming into her and the slapping of our two bodies banging together filled the alley bouncing off the walls. She came quickly her cunt tightening hard around my cock, then pulsing as she screamed out “FUCK ME!”. With the torture her contracting fuck hole was giving my cock I got another deep thrust in before I came, filling her pussy full of my white goo. About that time the back door of the club open and a worker came out with a couple of bags of trash to throw in the dumpster. She quickly stood up and her dress feel back down while she stood between me and the worker as I tucked my cock back in and buttoned my fly and buckled my belt.


We headed back into the club through the open door and went directly to the dance floor, where we danced sexily for a good while. We went back to table her friends were at and kissed and I slid my hand between her legs, her thighs where sticky due to my cum running out of her pussy while we were dancing and it had coated her thighs. She opened her legs wide so I could finger her goo leaking snatch while we kissed.



Her friends were ready to leave now, and she took a pen from her friend’s purse and wrote her phone number on the palm of my hand that was slightly wet with our juices. With a final kiss, we said goodbye. I watched as she walked through the bar on her high heels her ass wiggling and her thighs sticking together. She waved at me just before she went through the front door and I returned the wave. I went to the table where the stripper with the big tits and rubber dress was dancing and slipped a couple more dollars between her awesome tits before leaving the bar myself.


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