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Too Familiar?

Avatar Username: num1scamp
Date: 03-Aug-2018 14:46:01
Mood: don't know

       I love to dance and flirt at times, and I have some favorite clubs I go to to do that. Last I was feeing better and decided to go out for a little, I like dressing well, sometimes slutty, somes times classy, but I always like to dress sexy, I enjoy men looking at me. I was dressed conservative for me, my ladies were on display, but my dress came to about mid-thigh, so not outrageous. The bartender saw me walk in and served me when I sat down, he knows what I like. He greeted me by name I've known him a couple years now. (One night when I'd drank a little too much he drove me home, and got to know me intimately.) I hadn't been there 5 minutes and I'd already had 4 different guys hitting on me. Now I do like attention, but it dawned on me that I've been developing a reputation at some of these places. Sure enough, a business man I danced with, told me when we sat back down that the bartender had told him I was a very friendly girl. It dawned on me that was why this guy had been so bold with his hands from the moment we started dancing.  I liked him and what he'd been doing, but I was worried that I was getting too well known as a slut in the bar. 

      I called Tom the bartender over and asked him exactly what he'd said about me? Tom said I just told him your a very hot woman who can be extremely friendly if she likes you. I'm not stupid I know he must have been a little more descriptive than what he'd said. When my new friend returned from the restroom, I asked him to accompany me outside to have a smoke, he agreed. When we sat in my SUV, I kissed him and he immediately slid his hand up my dress to my wet, bare cunt. I spread my legs more for him, I took his cock out, a nice one, and I started sucking him. OMG, he said, they were right, you're an unbelievable cocksucker, so good. I kept sucking him off as he fingered me until I came and he filled my mouth with his cum. Now, tell me what they said about me. He wanted to fuck me, not until you tell me I said. Well Tom said you really liked to suck cock and fuck a lot. He said you had a great body and really new how to use it, he said you rarely came in here without picking someone up, sometimes a few guys up. He told me that basically, everyone who were regulars at the club had fucked me or wanted to fuck me, I had developed quite the reputation.   

      So I took him back in the bar, when we sat down and Tm brought us a couple drinks, he could see I had my newfriends cock out and was sttroking it as we sat there. He said you can't do that here, I asked him why not, you seem to tell everyone what I do anyway. I stood up and bent over and pulled his  cock to me and told him fuck me. He pushed it into me, and I moaned, I'm just confirming your tales about me Tom. He fucked me hard and good, I came a couple of times, by the time we were thru, 6 guys were standing around us watching me get fucked. He filled my pussy. It was dripping down my leg, so I took a cocktail napkin, lifted the hem of my dress and wiped up the excess. I finished my drink and left.

       I guess I need to find some new places to hang out!




Avatar jonnywad3
2018-08-07 14:11:49

You can cum in my favorite bar anytime!

Avatar SuperDriveSam
2018-08-26 22:59:36

You are my hero! My woman at the beginning of our relationship showed some signs of hope to make me proud by being a slut, but she totally gave up. Her mid-west up-bringing kicked in and she turned into a fucking nun. You have no idea how much I enjoy your liberated spirit. Keep it up lady! xoxo

Avatar vonnie1971
2018-09-09 15:16:23

I enjoy reading Num1scamps posts as well. She is fantastic! Very sexy, super hot!

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