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Friends BBW wife

Avatar Username: sexhound46217
Date: 15-Feb-2019 21:03:58
Mood: full of life

Several years ago we met a couple at a social gathering. We struck up a good friendship and became close . He was a machinist the same as my self just different companies. She was a nurse at a big hospital close by . I could see right off why he married her because she was a very pretty lady and had huge tits. Over the years we’ve stayed close friends and the wives talked about anything and everything. A couple of years ago (I’ll call her Sally) came over one evening while her husband was at work.. I never thought anything about it cause that was a common occurrence. Then my wife caught my attention and pointed to the other room. I joined her in the other room and she said Sally want to know if I’d have sex with her. It kinda took me back then my wife said she’s known for a long time we’re swingers. Sally had explained that her husband had lost all interest in sex except getting a blowjob once and a while. Like I said Sally was a very pretty lady and sill is and has huge tits and dresses very attractive. But even though she walks three miles a day she has a pretty good sized butt and thighs as big as my waist. I guess some of that came from four kids and being a good cook. It didn’t take me long to agree to the arrangement. When the wife and I walked back into the kitchen Sally looked at us kinda sheepishly. My wife looked at her and a big smile on her face and Sally got an excited look of her face. Of course I don’t have a filter between my brain and mouth. And I said So your in need of some sex !!! Sally stood up and turned to the door when I took her hand to stop her. She turned around and had a dejected look on her face and I smiled and said I’d love to satisfy your desire. She came close to me and put her arms around me and gave me a very hot kiss. The wife had poured us drinks and I think she made Sally’s a little strong.Then wife and I lead her back to what we call our playroom. It is equipped with a sex swing different kinds of toys and anything else that is necessary for sex. I guess my wife had already shown her the room before because she was not surprised. We sat on the edge of the bed and Sally was sipping on her drink . As we talked she kept drinking and started to relax and become more comfortable. By then the wife had removed her top and bra and Sally started to unbutton hers . I reached over and started rubbing my wife’s tits with one hand . With the other hand I started to fondle Sally’s tits and she began to kiss me again with a lot of tounge this time. While I was busy kissing Sally my wife had finished undressing and layed back on the bed. When we broke off our kiss I saw my wife playing with her tits and pussy. I leaned over and began sucking on her nipples and then felt my belt being unfasten then my zipper. Sally then reached in to grab my dick to stroke it. I stood up and dropped my pants to the floor and stood in front of Sally with a half hardon. She took my dick in her hand and began kissing the head then engulfed it with her lips. She began to suck it slowly and deep making my dick rise to the occasion. After a while I pulled back and reached around Sally to unfasten her bra to let her tits free. She stood up and hooked my thumbs in her waist band and pulled her pants and panties all in one motion reviling her shaved pussy. I told her to sit on the bed and lay back and enjoy what’s next. She did without hesitation and spread her legs I think for me to fuck her. But to her surprise I began licking her pussy and fingering both her ass and pussy. She was squirming and thrusting her hips up at my face. She began to orgasm almost nonstop and was soaking wet and moaning like a wild woman. I kept it up till she finally pushed my head back and said I’ve got to take a break for a minute. I laughed and proceeded to lick my wife’s pussy bringing her to multiple orgasms too. After finishing with my wife I started to finger fuck both of them and by the time I was done four fingers inside both with my thumb rubbing their clits. Sally started hollaring fuck me please fuck me now. It didn’t take any trouble for my dick to slide deep inside her and just pound like a jackhammer. All of a sudden she said he hasn’t fucked like this in five years. I kept pounding her pussy like it was the last I’d ever get till finally I shot one hellva load deep inside her. When I finally quit slamming her pussy she pulled me down and rapped her arms around me and said I’d forgotten how good it felt. Finally I was able to roll over and Sally began sucking my half limp dick and my wife straddled my face grinding her pussy on my face while I was licking her. It didn’t take long before I had a stiff dick again and started banging my wife. That lead to many weekly sex dates for about two years. Then one Wednesday my wife invited Sally to join us as a guest at our local swingers club. Sally was hesitant and said I’ve never been with any other man except my husband and your husband. My wife exclaimed you can just watch and visit with other folks there or participate if you want. She finally agreed to join us and was amazed not to find everyone walking nude or having sex everywhere. My wife explained there were rooms where that went on. We had some drinks and snacks then took her on a tour of the place and yes stopped by to view in some of the windows. My wife explained if the door is shut it is a private gathering and if the door is open anybody is welcome to join in. We went back up front and got a table to relax and mingle with friends. We introduced Sally with quite a few of the guys and she was really enjoying it. The music started and a couple of the guys came over and invited her to dance. She was out on the dance floor for three or four dances when she finally got back to the table to find my wife was gone. She ask where she was and I explained she and three of the guys went back to a room. She said what to watch and I laughed and said no to enjoy three hard dicks. Sally looked shocked at first and said and you don’t mind. I kinda chuckled and told her we’ve been in this lifestyle for almost fourty years and every night we go home together. Sally sat down next to me and we enjoyed another drink. I finally leaned over and ask if she’d like to go back to a room. She quietly smiled and said that would be ok. As we walked down the hallway we stopped to view in the window where my wife was . She was up on her knees with one behind her banging the shit out of her and she was taking turns sucking each dick. Sally giggled and said that looks like fun. We found an empty room and we stripped down like school kids and I ask her if she wanted the door open or closed. She thought about for a second and said no leave it open. She giggled and said we might have company if it’s open. She began sucking my dick then I slipped inside her and pounded her pussy. I looked around at the window and a couple of the guys that had danced with her were watching. I motioned for them to join us and they almost broke their necks getting in and undressed. Sally was surprised when they climbed into either side of her. She reached out and grabbed both dicks and began to stroke them. They moved closer and she started sucking each one and before long she had a mouth full of cum from each. I finished shooting a load deep in her pussy. As she was laying there catching her breath the guys started sucking on each nipple and playing in cum filled pussy. Then to her surprise another guy came into the room and slipped his dick in her and began giving her a good fucking. . She now is a member at the club also and enjoying the extra attention from a lot of men too. I guess it all good as long as her husband stays on second shift and she is happy.


Avatar sexhound46217
2019-03-08 18:09:36

An update on Sally !! She has been visiting the club a couple nights a week. And as of the other evening she doesn’t have a virgin ass anymore!! She was telling us how this young man had been fingering her pussy then slid a finger into her ass. She said he kinda was reaming around my butt hole . She said I was really enjoying it when all of a sudden he inserted the second finger and I could feel my hole stretching. It hurt at first but gave me a rush of excitement. She continued to tell my wife how much the ass play was turning her on. She exclaimed how relaxed her muscles were getting when he inserted the third finger and she could feel his large knuckles stretching her even more. She said his fingers felt so wonderfully great in my butt it brought me to a massive orgasm ! She went on to describe that he pulled out his fingers and she felt him rub the head of his cock against my pussy a few times. She explained that I fully expected to feel his cock slid in my pussy but no all of sudden I felt the head pressing against my ass hole. She said I put my hand against his chest and said I don’t know about that. She said he said very softly just relax and I’ll be gentle. She told my wife that her butt hole was still well lubed from his finger play. She said he kept up steady pressure pushing against my butt hole till my muscles relaxed just enough to let the head of his cock pop inside. She told my wife it was quite a surprise to feel his cock stretching me open. She said he held it in place for me to catch my breath and adjust for the size because it was much bigger than his fingers. She said as he just had a little bit in he picked a bottle of lubricant and squirted some on his cock and my butt. Then he began to push a little bit more and pull back and do it again and again. She said the excitement far exceeded the pain level and wanted more and more of his cock in my butt. She said that her husband had never explored that kind of sex with her at all. And now she had a young hard cock taking my mid 50s vi

Avatar sexhound46217
2019-02-18 18:14:16

Her husband has made the comment that his wife is in a good mood recently. I don’t want to tell him she’s been fucking me and at least ten other guys for about a month now. I guess that would put any woman in a good mood. An up date Sally sucked and fucked her first black dick the other evening .

Avatar ontmale
2019-02-17 21:03:21

great adventure with a new friend livin the dream livin the dream

Avatar seafreetime
2019-02-20 09:04:07

sounds nice

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