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Avatar Username: Louboutinlassx
Date: 09-Nov-2023 21:31:54
Mood: horny
Music: private dancer

My friend called asking for a favour at the weekend. One of their friends had split from his wife recently and put their house up for sale. She wanted to try and cheer him up so invited me to join them for dinner. Well who was I to say no! A fantastic opportunity to dress up and spend some time with her husband, maybe a little playfully - I was all in!

We met at a local restaurant, I dressed in a low cut top, short skirt, stockings and boots  - sexy but not too slutty. It was all very casual and their mate Greg was easy to chat to. I took every opportunity to brush against my friends husband, flash a little cleavage and hold his eye maybe a little too long. I longed to kiss him again.

At the end of the evening, I was invited back to the house for drinks, Greg was staying there while he sorted himself out.

As the night went on, my friend got tired and headed to bed - much to my disappointment her husband went with her and I was so jealous imagining them in bed together. 

Greg poured me a large wine and I sat next to him on the sofa. He was a handsome guy and fit and was clearly looking to move on from his marriage.  We chatted for ages and he was flirty which is always fun and I flirted a little back. All of a sudden, I felt his hand slide up my thigh and I froze. Instinctively I looked at the door and there was my friends husband watching. I felt awful, but he smiled encouragingly at me and gave me a wink. 

Oh my god what is he suggesting!

Greg pulled me in and I looked over - my crush had a huge bulge in his jeans, he was enjoying this! The next thing I knew Greg kissed me and pulled my legs off the sofa. He slipped my dress up over my hips. " I could see you had stockings on, I have been thinking about them all night"

The next thing I knew, he was between my legs licking me and my head was thrown back but looking at my real love. He was rubbing his bulge through his jeans and blew me a kiss.

Fuck me I begged! Throwing my legs over Gregs shoulders. He undid his jeans and his thick cock burst free. I was so wet from him fucking me with his tongue that he pushed right in up to the hilt - fuck! 

I felt like I was cheating, but I looked over and my voyeur had his hand down his jeans and was clearly wanking. 

As Greg and I fucked I over moaned hard but kept eye contact with the guy I really wanted to be with. I was pounded so hard, we were both sweating and he came deep inside met then kissed me hard. We fell into a slump together. 

Im going to grab a quick shower he said, want to join me? I said that I would wait for him and watched as he walked past where my friends husband had just been. What the hell!

I lay back on the sofa and to my excitement I was joined by my guy. He wrapped his hand round my neck - you know how sexy that was to watch you get fucked? He kissed me so deeply.

We have a problem though honey, his cum is about to run onto your sofa!

With that, he got on his knees and licked the trickling cum from my ass back to my clitoris and rubbed it in with his tongue.

Fuck me I begged! I had wanted him all night and I was as horny as hell. He undid his jeans, looked me in the eye and pushed into me - god I loved his cock in me, he was the most incredible lover and this very naughty side of him made me love him even more. I came on him as he gave me my second load of cum that night. We kissed and when I tasted Gregs cum I came again.

As quick as he came in, he jumped up and we made ourselves presentable. All to soon, Greg came back from his shower, we all chatted like nothing had happened and I ordered a cab.

Definitely a night to remember.





Avatar radbrad1967
2023-11-10 04:45:05

Hot story! Love that you got in a cab leaking two loads!

Avatar Cum for you
2023-11-15 17:43:10

You are one very sexy lady, what man wouldn't want you.

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