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Avatar Username: DRHEELS
Date: 03-May-2024 17:42:13
Mood: in love

Today was the day Ross would come over to discuss with Diane what she would allow as part of her upcoming gangbang. The three of us have put time aside to work this out in advance. We could not do this while the two of us were fucking her as Diane wanted to be sedated. She said it was just for fun plus she wanted no memory of what Ross and I planned to do to her (after last time!!!) so she was laying it all out for us beforehand.

Why this turned her on was a mystery as one thing she made very clear was here was to be no pictures or filming of the event – of course we agreed - hand on heart - we would never do such a thing ha ha.

Diane and I have been married for 19 years and it has been awesome. She is open to all manner of mischief and when Ross, my oldest friend, took a shine to her our sexual realtionahip rose to a new level. I will never forget the feeling of watching Ross's 8 inch pole entering Diane for the very first time - magical.

Back to the story - before Ross arrived I suggested she dress in her shortest miniskirt and highest heels, two things she did that drove Ross literally insane with lust. So when she teetered into the room looking like the cheapest whoremeat on the planet I choked with desire and nearly took her then and there.

There was knock on the door and I turned to let Ross in. Ross entered and we were both confonted by my slut wife grinning as she knelt face down on the floor and spread her ass groaning the words - gangbang is on guys - choose your hole!!! She got up laughing at our speechless faces and told us she thought that might get us in the mood to discuss the plan of attack for her gangfuck.

It was a little surreal sitting with my whore wife dressed like a piece of filth while she listed out all the things she would or would not allow to be done to her while Ross and I, and a few of the boys we might invite over, gangfucked her.

We had a smorgasbord of dirty acts lined up for her, throat-fucking, double vaginal even pissing and she was fine with all of that but when we got to anal, well she was indignant saying it was rude for all of us to line up and take turns buggering her. Ross and I looked at each other, worried as anally fucking her was a major part of the plan - unknown to Di was we had 7-8 guys lined up to run a train throgh the bitches ass while we sat back and jerked off over the slut and as the guys got more and more excited Dianne would be passed around like a piece of filth - and now this might not happen!?!? 

Diane could see the panic in our eyes and said, what the fuck, you bastards would probably do my ass anyway so she put a nice big tick beside ANAL on the list. We were set!

She said no time lie the present so shecleared the table, climbed on it and spread her legs inviting ross into her dirty cunt. Ross was not about to say no and climbed up onto my wife while I got a real close to her cunt so I could watch Ross's gorgeous massively erect fuckpole split my bitch wife open, again.

What joy it was to see him holding his cock at the entrance to my wife and looking at me as if to ask if its ok, then plunging into the slut. In between Ross's massive thrusts into her cunt, Di asked me to get her bag and find her valium, I went off to find it while she was being ruthlessly fucked. hen I cam back Di managed to wrench herself free of Ross's grip on her so she could go get a glass of water, it was about to get fun, real fun!!!

The MOST IMPORTANT thing for me was that the bitch keep her high heels on, whatever else happens I could not care less, all I wanted to make certain was she had her heels on while she had a cock up her ass.

Ross had other plans, really dirty plans for Di and was standing over my wife stroking his dick waiting for her to nod off. As soon as Di's eyes closed he started to rub his cock all over her face calling her a whore and some really disgusting names, it was lovely to see my wife sleeping like a baby while Ross ground his dick into her head swearing at her, beautiful sight.

I left him to it, he was tearing my wifes clothes off and fingering her at every opportunity telling me he was going to deal to my wife like never before, calling her a dirty fucking whore. I was too busy making myslf a coffee to care. Thirsty minutes passed and loads of grunting slapping noises later I went back into the room - what a sight!












Avatar Cum for you
2024-05-10 14:29:25

Hope you made her keep the slut heels on as you fucked her like a whore ....

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