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Memorial Day

Avatar Username: Coatsbill
Date: 29-May-2024 18:29:29
Mood: in love

Time to catch up. I hardly ever fuck Kathy anymore but the last to fucks I've had was with her. So, I would take the wife over to the coast in the RV and catch up. 

  We stayed in a nice rv park in Coos Bay. After a evening of a really nice dinner and some time at the casino we headed back to the rv. The wife likes to watch Survivor on tv and had it taped. So, we watched and had a couple of drinks while watching. I fixed her a Cadillac Margarita extra strong. The last time she got toasted on them I got deep throated and a great fuck. As soon as she finished her drink I had another one waiting for her.

  The show was over and I wasted no time turning off the lights and shutting down the rv. Val said, think I'll take a shower before bed. I thought great a clean pussy to eat. She was fooling around getting ready so I told her I was going to jump in first and did. When I got out she was standing there naked  ready to get in. I pulled her to me and kissed her and cupped her pussy lips in my hand slowly kneading her clit. She said, down boy, let me get cleaned up and I'll see ya in bed soon. 

  Quick shower and into the rear bedroom naked. I streatched out on the bed naked and waited for her. When she came in and say me naked she dropped her towel and climbed onto the bed. I could tell the Margaritas were getting to her. She kissed my belly and cupped my balls in her hand. I said, come here and pulled her up and kissed her hard. She was hot, she kissed back really hard. I nudged her just a little and she went down and took my cock into her mouth. My wife has sucked my cock so much she has it really figured out how to do it right. I just layed back and let her work me. She was kind of on her knees sideways sucking me. She was hungry. I had to have her take it easy or I wasn't going to last. I told her to turn around and straddle my face and lower her pussy onto my mouth. The whole time she kept my cock in her mouth. As soon as her pussy lips touched mine I took my tongue and found her clit. I licked and nibbled on it and she was squirming. Cunt juice flowing down over my face. She gets really wet. Nothing like Kathy who squirts but still the wife puts out alot. 

  We ate and sucked till both were close to cumming. I thought I'm not done yet and rolled her over onto her back. Now it was my turn to take control. i call this eating Kathy Style. I get Kathy like this often but have only done it a couple of time to the wife. I hook my elbows behiend her knees and pull her legs up and open. With the bathroom light still on I could see right down into her cunt. She was wet and open. Spread like that everything is exposed. I attacked. My tongue went as far into her as I could get it sucked as much juice out of her as I could. I flicked the skin between her cunt and asshole with my tongue and she always likes that. Tongue deep in again and my chin crushed down onto her clit. I wiggled my chin down onto her and she started moaning. I held there like that and started fucking her mouth. I used her mouth just like a cunt. I slowly fucked deep. She has a way of tilting her head back and taking me deep into her throat. With my chin hard on her clit and my cock deep in her mouth she started cumming. Juice everywhere. I just slowly did a soft circle eight on her clit with my chin and it was driving her crazy. When she took my cock into her hand and pulled the skin down she got the first load deep into her mouth. When I started cumming I started fucking her mouth again. I timed it so each time I shoved down she got more cum squirted into her mouth, We finished and just layed there awhile.  Then she turned around and kissed me. She still had cum all over her lips, but I had cunt juice all over my face. She said maybe I shouldn't of had that secound Margarita. I told her I was glad she did. 

  Somewhere around 3 in the morning I woke and rolled over onto her and before she could wake up I was fucking her. We both came again and rolled over and went back to sleep.

  I shouldn't tell about fucking the wife without her knowing. But, It kind of really turns me on telling about what the wife does when she fucks. She has been really good in bed. I don't know why I fool around with Kathy. Something about forbidden fruit being sweeter I guess. 


Avatar latin_Irishrose
2024-05-30 17:28:18

Mmmm once again your HOT story got me rock hard and throbbing! More please We know of Coos bay Wish my Memorial Day end like this! Mine was paying Honours to my fallen brothers am sure they would give a big Ooorrrraaaa and huge load of cum for your day Thanks for your service Semper Fi more stories

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