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Hubby's Office

Avatar Username: Domcpl
Date: 13-Jul-2008 18:19:07
Mood: in love

I'm watching from a distance,waiting for hubby to leave his office..Seeing him finally come out through the door I dart inside,getting things ready in a hurry for when he gets back,standing sort of off to the side so hopefully he won't notice me when he first comes in I stand waiting,my heart beating like crazy in my chest.Finally I hear he's footsteps, and my heart beats faster still,can I go through with this??I've always wanted to fuck hubby in he's office ?All these thoughts rush through my head as he gets nearer,to late he's now inside his office and i'm standing off to the side totally naked..Sitting in his chair,his mind preocupied,he's reading the little story I put on his desk while he was gone,I see hubby's hand slide down to his cock rubbing it while he's reading and I know its having the desired effect :) I smile..I love it!!But then theres a puzzled frown,wondering all of a sudden how it got on he's desk and who put it there,glancing up he see's me,i'm standing in front of him now ,nothing on,his mouth drops open as he realize's its me.I smile at him and the look on his face..Sidling over to the door I lock it. He licks his lips,watching me as i walk towards him,I can see the huge bulge in his pants and my mouth waters,I want to taste him,I want to hear him moan for me,I tell him this and it seems his cock grows even bigger in his pants..Behind his chair now my hands on his shoulders I massage them,my lips finding his neck,gently kissing it,nibbling lightly as my fingertips automatically find the nipples i've been wanting to flick ..rubbing my fingernail over them lightly through his shirt my hot mouth on his neck caressing and kissing,I can feel his nipples hardening.But he knows this just won't do!! slowly button by button I undo his shirt,whispering in his ear,I'm going to make you feel so good baby,I want to fuck you,suck your cock!!his head falls back as my mouth finds his kissing him deep,our tongues meeting and dancing together,slowly my tongue fucks his mouth in a fucking motion,he moans and i capture it,mmmmm i'm soooo hot babe!!!my hands explore he's chest now,loving the feel of he's skin beneath my touch,flicking over his nipples he moans again,mmmm so sensative i like :)rolling his head sideways,his tongue flicks out and licks one of my tits,he hasn't even hit my nipples but they harden instantly at he touches it holding it towards him ,he sucks a nipple into his mouth ,sucking and flicking it,my moans driving him crazy...I can't hardly stand what I'm feeling i'm so fucking hot if I don't stop him i'm gonna hit the point of no return and i'm not ready for that yet!!Pulling my tit from his mouth I kiss him again loving the feel of his mouth on mine,grinding them together we are both so hot now,neither wanting to stop..I nibble his lower lip then suck it gently into my mouth,my hand on his cock stroking it through his pants,he moans and bucks his hips,wanting more contact,his arms reaching up and bringing my head in ,grinding his mouth to mine as we continue to kiss my hand still stroking his hard cock...Finally gasping I break away from your kiss,I need to calm myself and catch my breath,god he's getting me hotter and hotter.He's gazing at me now wondering whats next,I smile and swing his chair around,kneeling before him he know whats coming and a loud groan escapes him..undoing his pants I slide them clear of his body I want to see all of him..My fingertips lightly grazing up and down your legs causeing him to shiver,I can see his cock moving a little throbbing needing and I smile,a small drop of precum on the tip drives me crazy and leaning forward I lick it off,he jumps moaning loud,mmmmm thats it baby let me know how much you like it :)slowly swirling my tongue all over the tip of his cock head,bathing it,he bucks his hips and I know what he needs and wants more..slowly bathing the rest of his cock with my tongue,all up and down his length as he moans,i'm slowly driving him wild and I love it...My tongue finds that little sensative spot just beneath the head of his cock and pressing against it with my tongue as I suck the side of his cock with my mouth,his hands find my head trying to guide it over his cock,he needs to feel the hot wet tight warmth of my mouth pressing tight against the full length of his hardness,needing to feel you throbbing between my lips I let him guide me,my mouth closing around his shaft he gives a sharp groan,slamming his cock deep in my mouth,swallowing I take his cock down my throat,its so tight pressing around his hardness,I slowly start to fuck him with my mouth,he's hands wrapped in my hair,he keeps my head in place and start to buck his hips,fucking my mouth hard now,slamming his cock deep in my throat as I suck his at the same time,he is moaning loud now,ohhhhh yessss,he's moans are getting me so fucking hot,his taste is driving me wild as he continues to pump my hot mouth,then finally giving one last lunge deep in my throat and shouting as I feel spurt after spurt of his hot man juice coating my throat,of fuck yessssss,swallowing greedily I try to get every drop although some escapes and runs down my chin and over his balls....I  keep my mouth on his cock even as he rests ,enjoying the feel of him in my mouth,godd I love it and my pussys so hot and wet and just aching for him to fuck it..That will come soon and I know its going to be well worth it.Finally standing I smile at him,sitting on his desk my feet resting ontop of it at my side by my hips.makes my pussy stretch and open as he swings his chair around he can see it,so wet,my big clit hard,protruding out at him and something else,something red,he frowned then smile as he realized what it is,i've added a strawberry ,slid it in my cunt,wanting him to eat me and eat the berry from my pussy,his hands on my thighs he leans forward,his tongue darts out and hits the tip of my throbbing clit,an electric jolt shoots through my whole body,sending a scream from me before I even realize its coming,likeing my reaction he attacks my clit with his tongue tickling it hard and fast,my hips move all on their own as he tickles my clit,flicking it back and forth my moans coming louder all the time,gripping my thighs tight he sucks my hard little clit into his mouth,sucking and stroking it with his lips,baby your bringing me to the edge of no return ,god I can't stand it!!Slowly he stops,looking up at me and smiling,his tongue traces a line around my pussy hole,stretched a little by the strawberry,slowy he nibbles at this berry,his tongue sliding in by it,into my wet hole bringing the berry out more,sucking,he sucks the whole thing into his mouth,looking at me he chews it,some of the juice running down his chin,before attacking my hot cunt again,sucking and licking,I grind my pussy into his mouth,rubbing it all over his mouth and tongue as he sucks my clit,his fingers engulf themselves in my hot hole,fucking me as he jerks my hard clit with his mouth,finally i'm at the end I can't take anymore and with a loud scream I grind my cunt against his face ,cumming on his tongue and coating his fingers.he laps it up,moaning against my pussy as he dose,ohhhhhh god baby!!!!,I collapse back on his desk,weak,..Grabbing my legs he pulls me to the edge of his desk spreading me wide apart,ramming his now hard cock deep inside my pussy,this makes me scream once again as he hits the back of my cunt,slamming me hard over and over,I can feel my orgasm building again already,i'm going to cum on your cock baby!!I can feel him tensing so I know he is close,but he has one more trick up his sleeve before he cums,reaching down as he continues to pin me to his desk with his cock he pinches my clit between thumb and finger,jerking it stroking it driving me absolutly wild!!! hard and fast his fingers work my large clit til I just can't take anymore with his cock buried in me deep,pounding me over and over and his fingers stroking and tickling my clit I once again cum hard and heavy,this time coating his rock hard cock,at the feel of my hot juice on his cock and the hard contractions from my pussy squeezing his shaft he gives a loud moan and a hard thrust coating the inside of my hot cunt with he's cum...Our juices mingle together,running out and down the crack of my ass,onto his desk,reaching down I dip my fingers,then place them on my tongue letting him watch me lick our mixed juices,Are you ready for another round baby????


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