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Vanessa's Story Continued (Chapter 4)

Avatar Username: lovelyasianwife
Date: 13-May-2018 08:16:18
Mood: horny

Chapter 4


The company Daniel and Eric ran had ownership over a small hotel just out of town where they were to have a Chinese dinner that evening with their counterparts from their Japan office. The two Japs, Saito and Mako had a short transit in LA for a night and had reached out to their friends to entertain them, which Daniel and Eric gladly obliged. They booked a nice private room that was connected to the kitchen itself with a full course meal and plenty of whisky available. Saito and Mako loved to come to LA as Daniel and Eric always readily entertained them with girls always available to an evening’s entertainment. This time however, they were disappointed as they entered the room to dine, with only the other two men present. However being Japanese they put on a polite front and proceeded to discuss business over whisky and a few choice Chinese course meals. They did notice that the round table that they were seated at was particularly big for only four guests but chose not to comment on that fact.  Daniel and Eric apologized to them for the lack of companionship as they were actually going to introduce their new VP of sales from their tech vendor who would join them shortly. Eric then placed the focus on the food, mentioning that the whole roast suckling pig was the specialty tonight and was not to be missed. When the time came for that particular dish, the kitchen door opened and two strong waiters emerged, holding up the handles of an enormous metal serving dish with the ‘Chinese Suckling Pig’ on it. Vanessa had been placed completely naked on her knees, with her face flat on the plate, her wrists fastened between her ankles in a steel spreader bar with her ass facing upwards. Much like a roast pig, a red apple had been fastened much like a ball gag between her lips.  The Japanese men took a moment to recognize the mini prank played on them by their friends before erupting in laughter and applauding loudly as the serving dish was placed on the spinning tray in the middle of their table. The four men laughed out loud, high fiving each other as Daniel happily announced that sadly the restaurant had run out of suckling pig that evening but they had the next best substitute in the form of their tech vendors Sales VP, Miss Vanessa. Tears welled up in her eyes as she stared at the men fearfully; she was awash now with feelings of humiliation and utter despair. She closed her eyes as the Japanese whipped out their camera phones and began snapping pictures of their main course. Even as Japanese men, they had never before seen a completely naked Chinese girl in bondage served up as a restaurants main dish. They examined her by spinning her around on the tray so they could get a complete 360 view of her entire body. To the men it was a fun as well as an arousing scene as Vanessa was placed really much like a suckling pic actually would which was in the middle surrounded by other dishes such as vegetables, fish, tofu etc. She was getting quite dizzy as she was spun around so that the men could snap pictures of her from her face on, to her side to her backside, which was raised and spread therefore hiding absolutely nothing from full view. Her legs spread by the bar ensured that her bare pussy and asshole were clearly visible at all times. She tried in vain to plead with them to release her but only incoherent muffled moans and groans came from her behind the apple. Saito in the meantime was actually video calling his friends in Japan, eager to show them the prize sight of a hot young Chinese beauty so degradingly exposed during an actual dinner! She could not understand what he and his friends were talking about over the phone but she could not mistake their excited yells and laughter as her experience was captured live and aired across the globe.  To make matters worse, she watched and listened as Daniel and Eric shared their stories, pictures and videos about their shared time with Vanessa over the past few days. The men sat and happily ate, deliberately spinning the tray to obtain various food dishes and to enjoy the sight of poor Vanessa who was stuck on display until further notice.


Daniel: My friends, you would know better than us on this matter. How does one enjoy a nice suckling pig like this best? Is there anything we need to do to prepare the pig?


They all laughed out loud.


Saito: You are absolutely correct Daniel-san. To really enjoy a pig like this, you must make sure that it is always kept moist and warm. Once it is cold and dry it is not as nice! Waiter!


With that he proceeded to order a jug of olive oil and when it was brought, he stood over the table and explained that it was best to constantly ‘baste’ the pig before enjoying it. Vanessa cringed and winced as she felt him pouring the warm oil all over her back, legs and butt. The oil encased her entire body, flowing down her ass crack, lubricating her sweet asshole and pussy in the process. Her body was gleaming under the lights and she looked absolutely stunning.


Mako: Also very important to make sure meat on the pig is always tender. So when basting, you must always massage the pig so it is not tough!


They all laughed once more as they all stood up and surrounded the bound and gagged centerpiece. She groaned through her gag as four pair of hands began rubbing her body all over, massaging her flesh firmly. Saito was right in front of her face, bending over forwards with a stupid grin on his face as he rubbed her shoulders before spending most of the time fondling her hanging breasts and tweaking her nipples. Mako was at the opposite end, his hands fully focused on her ass cheeks, groping them before causing her to scream out loud as his thumb easily entered her well-lubricated asshole. She started to squirm and struggle but quickly thought twice about it as she began to slip and slide on the tray which was now filled with the oil that had dripped off her naked body. Mako’s entire thumb remained in her asshole as the others groped every inch of her with Eric mercilessly pouring the remaining oil over her head, drenching her hair and causing her eyesight to blur as it flowed down all over her face. Mako’s two fingers then entered her pussy, thrusting freely in and out of it as he explained how he was being through in cleaning the ‘pig’s insides. The room was filled with the sound of his entire hand thrusting vigorously at her asshole and pussy along with her cries for release and the other men’s incessant laughter. As the waiters entered the room with a tray of fresh iced fruit for dessert, the men sat down but not before Mako added to Vanessa’s torture by inserting his pair of chopsticks in her asshole citing the need ‘to keep everything nice and loose’. She was quite the sight with her being drenched and shining in oil with a ceramic pair of chopsticks sticking out of her ass.


Eric: I don’t know about you gentlemen but I’ve always liked my roast pork with a little bit of spice added to it. I think its nice, moist and loose but I fancy a bit of mustard perhaps?


He reached for the small bowl of Chinese mustard and smeared his chopsticks in them before removing Mako’s chopsticks from the unfortunate girls asshole. Vanessa screamed bloody murder as the other three held her still as best they could as she felt the burning sensation of the mustard smeared sticks entering her rear. It was a terrible feeling, which brought more tears to her eyes as she fought desperately to expel it. Her pain increased as Saito then rubbed the mustard all along her ass crack causing her to feel like her pussy and ass were on fire. Daniel then stood at her head, grabbed her oil soaked hair and pulled her face up to meet his. Through her screams, sobs and tears she could just make out what he said to her.


Daniel: Well my lovely VP, do you want this to stop? Do you want this dinner to be over? If you do, you have to promise to go with our Japanese friends upstairs to their room and do EVERYTHING they want without question. Will you do that? If you agree, we’ll end this ahem dinner now ok?


The helpless beauty, completely without choice desperately nodded her head over and over again, begging incoherently to have the pain relieved. The men then mercifully used their warm towels to wipe up her ass crack, which in truth did little to reduce the burning. The evil Mako however offered some respite by taking the ice from the fruit tray and inserting pieces into her pussy and asshole. She squealed again as the cold was a shock to her system but grateful that it helped to alleviate the pain. She felt like passing out as she was not only in pain, cramped but also extremely hungry and thirsty a fact not lost on these wicked men. They released her from her restraints and removed the ball gag, helping her off the table and onto the ground. They ordered her to kneel down as they poured their leftovers into a big bowl, a mix of the food they themselves did not eat as well as giving her a large glass of water, all of which were placed on the floor. Vanessa was then ordered that she would be allowed to eat only when she had crawled around and kissed all four of their feet. Appalled yet not surprised, she crawled slowly and submissively kissing their shoes and winning her ability to eat. She was not however given any utensils as according to Mako and Eric, pigs logically eat from troughs. She bowed her head and despite knowing that they were recording her, she forced herself to eat on all fours, licking up the bowl hungrily. Saito and Mako who escorted her through the kitchen and up the service lift to their room where another long night awaited the broken Asian beauty raised her to her feet.


Vanessa knew she was in for another rough night. Her head was absolutely spinning as two different perverted men yet again led her to another room. Soaking wet in oil, the naked girl was herded through the door and pushed to the center of their room where the two men looked at her hungrily. She was fully aware that the level of perversion of Japanese men was likely on a different level to other men and clasped her arms around her chest with her legs drawn close together in a full defensive stance. Both Saito and Mako looked at each other before removing their belts and holding them in hand. Mako briefly left the room before emerging with a thick white cloth belt from his hotel bathrobe. He approached the trembling girl, inserted the belt to serve as a cleave gag into her mouth and tied it around her head. She shook her head violently staring at them with eyes that were pleading for mercy to no avail. The two men began whipping her non-stop with their belts causing her to cry out loud and fall to the floor with her arms up in a vain attempt to defend herself. The sound of whipping leather meeting soft feminine skin rang out as they focused mostly on her ass and legs causing large red welts to form on her delicate skin. They were obviously instilling fear and submission from their piece of entertainment as blow after blow rained down on Vanessa. She covered herself into a ball, screaming in pain through the thick cloth in her mouth, sobbing away. They finally stopped and sat down on the couch while she slowly gathered herself. She sat up, facing them all the while wiping the tears away from her face. They informed her that she was to obey them in all things and perform as how they instructed. She was nothing more than a ‘Chinese suckling pig slave’ to them and for that night they were her owners and masters. Should she fail to serve them well, she would be subjected to even more pain than what she just felt. Broken down and defeated by all her recent rounds of total humiliation, she nodded sadly. Saito then removed his clothing and commanded her to accompany him to the bathroom. He was a reasonably fit man of around 40, five eight in height but with a small cock that couldn’t have been more than 4 inches erect. He entered the shower and instructed her to clean herself and bathe him. The hot water would have felt very good on her body if it were not for the sores and welts on her legs and ass, which burnt when the shower hit her. She was forced to ignore that however and focus on lathering and massaging Saito’s body in addition to her own. She fearfully massaged him strongly with her hands and at his command, paid a lot of attention to his small cock and balls. He groaned in satisfaction as Vanessa rubbed him down, kneeling down in front of him to work on his legs and ass. He marveled at her fit body, her big breasts, shapely waist, lovely sultry face not to mention her marvelous ass that he paid extra attention to. A beautiful specimen, he thought as she sorrowfully worked on ensuring he was lathered from neck down in bath soap. He couldn’t wait to get started on her immediately and when he was washed clean, he exited the shower leaving her to shift her attentions to Mako. Mako immediately told her to give him a good show by soaping her own body up. She meekly began soaping her own body up, paying attention to his fingers which directed her to concentrate more on her breasts, pussy and buttocks. He watched with great satisfaction as she worked up a thick lather of soap on her splendid body and upon that directed her to wash him ‘body to body style’. Mako was a short squat man, about three inches shorted than herself with a hairy cock about the size of his colleague. Disgusted at the sight of him but forced to comply, she pressed her breasts and the front of her body to his back, rubbing herself on him much like a human sized sponge. Her hands worked his front as he groaned with pleasure at the feel of her large smooth breasts rubbing against his back. He eventually shifted her to his front, her back rubbing on him, her ample round fit buttocks, rubbing up against his cock. As she did so, he couldn’t resist grabbing her tits with both hands, enjoying the full, firm yet soft mounds that rose high and proud on her chest. When they both had washed off the soap from their bodies, she was told to get out, dry herself and head to the sitting area where a naked Saito was sitting down over a laptop. He turned the laptop to face her, revealing a Japanese sex chat room with over a 100 men logged on eager to watch a sexy Chinese girl perform.




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Vanessa's Story Continued

Avatar Username: lovelyasianwife
Date: 13-May-2018 08:15:40
Mood: horny

She began to plead for him not to do so as he returned the missed call and put her speaker with the phone right beside her mouth. As the phone rang on the other side, Eric positioned himself at Vanessa’s buttocks, spreading them wide and massaging her cheeks. She could feel his hot breath on her ass crack as the sound of her husband’s voice came up on the other end.


Husband: Hello? Babe? How are you? I have been trying to call you for ages! Is everything all right?


Vanessa: H..Hi honey..yes…everything is ok. I’m sorry. I have just been so tired lately so I slept for really long. Are you doing alright over there? Don’t worry about me. Just works been umm…crazy here.


Vanessa stammered through her answers, desperately trying to calm the tone of her voice as Eric began licking and tonguing her asshole and pussy causing her to squirm while attempting to answer her husband.


Husband: Ok dear. As long as you are doing well. I know you are busy as hell but try to drop me a note every now and then to let me know you are all right please? I miss you and will see you soon.


Vanessa: Yes babe. I..I..I will…. I’m sorry again. I will try and finish up everything here and come home. I m..mm..miss you too. Love you.


He said goodbye to her with the trusting husband not in the least bit aware that his wife was basically going through hell. She winced and pleaded with Eric to stop, which he did after a while, grinning and smiling at how desperate she looked. He fondled, kissed and teased her for a few minutes before untying her, leaving her sitting on the bed, looking at him in a bewildered and unsure state. He instructed her to go back to her room, clean up and she would be picked up later in the evening as they had some Japanese friends to dine with. Vanessa stared blankly back at him as he changed the passcode on her phone, giving himself access to it at anytime before returning it to her. She returned to her room thereafter to get cleaned up, fully aware that these bastards now owned her as they had access to her private life as well.


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Pool hall gangbang

Avatar Username: Hot wife 50
Date: 11-May-2018 18:00:59
Mood: horny

So I thinking if i wear my daisy duke's, crop top t-shirt that barely covers my tits and nice heels into a  pool hall. I should be able to get some young cocks to fuck me. 

I would be able to stroke  2 , take 1 in my mouth,  1 in my ass  and  1 in my pussy  letting them all cum in me.  Taking as much cum as they can give me. Taking on anyone that would have fun fucking this cum loving slut whore.

Sucking , fucking , stroking cocks till they completely satisfied and filled , covered me in hot white creamy sticky cum. Then going home to show my husband all the cum in my ass, pussy  and covering my  tits. Anybody interested in a pool hall gangbang 

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Daughters boyfriends

Avatar Username: Hot wife 50
Date: 04-May-2018 23:56:20
Mood: horny

So my husband takes my 2 adult daughters out for  dinner and a fuck date,  i know he will be fucking and filling both of their pussys with his cum. 

I think that I should call the girls boyfriends to come over. It has been a while since I have had some young cock. I dress in my micro miniskirt , fuck me heels and my black lace shelf bra. I tell them that I need some help and need 2 strong young men. 

They both show up i tell them to come in , when they see me they ask what kind of help i need. I see by the bugle in their pants that they need more help then me. I immediately release their cocks sucking one then the other.

The boys s strip out of their clothes and one begins  sucking my tits and the other licked my pussy. The one licking my pussy stands up places his cock at my pussy lips and begins to fuck me. Lifting my fuck me heels in the air as he rams his cock deep into my cunt. I keep sucking the other one. 

I tell him to lay down and straddle his cock sliding into my cunt,  i tell the other one to fuck my ass. Well both boys cum in a few minutes and i let them trade places. Once again they both fill my pussy and ass with their young cum.  I suck both of them  swallowing their loads of  spem down my throat.

 Before they leave i have both of them tit fuck me covering my tits in creamy white cum. 

They ask if i going to tell  my girls and if they could fuck me again sometime.  I tell them no to girls  and  fuck yes they can fill my cunt with cum again. 

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Carmen-Crossing the Border

Avatar Username: hard36deep
Date: 28-Apr-2018 19:23:02
Mood: horny

Carmen- Crossing the Border


Beginning of 2001, being with Marlene and experimenting and experiencing awesome new sexual pleasures a lot…really a lot….I was wanting, desiring more, different sexual pleasures.  I went searching on line and seriously I wasn’t expecting much but I was thinking let’s see what happens.


I was surprised in about a week; I received a response of a young lady liking my profile.  We started chatting and emailing what we desired. I was very surprised of the explicit, detail of what she wanted me to do to her.   Her name was Carmen, 35 years of age and stated she lives across the border but attends the University in the US, after classes she would head back home across the border.


After a couple weeks of emailing back and forth, I asked if she wanted to meet for coffee and see if we liked what we saw. I was surprised when she stated that she would be ok to meet at a hotel and we can start from there.  Ohh yea, I was definitely ok with that.


On the day we agreed I went to the University to pick her up (she ditched classes- yesss!). I was in my car and I saw this woman, in a one piece dress that wasn’t quite a maxi dress but went down pass her knees, exit the building and I don’t know why but I said, “ yep I believe that’s her.”  Sure enough she walked to my car and got into the passenger side, just like that. Carmen was about 5’6”, chubby, long dark thick curly hair to her shoulder, dark skinned and a cute face.


In her dress I could see she was full body-chubby- not fat and couldn’t quite tell how really big her tits were. As I drove to the hotel, down the road, we both complimented on each other appearances and stated laughing we actually really described ourselves to one another. We laughed and little small talk till we got to the Hotel.


As we entered the hotel room, I was excited and my cock was throbbing. Carmen appeared nervous and sat on the bed….almost as if she was ashamed! I talked to her and yes she was nervous and wasn’t sure if I would like and enjoy myself.  I stated, for your information you’re cute and I really like what I see and I stated that my cock was excited and liked you already!


I sat next to her on the bed, talking and slowly caressing and kissing her. I felt her body relax and she was touching me and my crotch, nice and slow. I stood her up, and went behind her, as I was slowly kissing her neck, as my hands caressed her tits and my hip and cock I pressed hard against her big firm ass. I love it, she begins to moan and wiggles her ass slowly against my throbbing cock. I slowly unzipped the back of her dress and slowly let the dress fall to the ground.


Still slowly kissing her neck and my hands touching, feeling her tits and ass, I unhooked her bra and, wow, popping out were full dark color tits 38DD, and protruding big and about an inch long nipples. I was at full attention and throbbing. I laid her down on the bed as I was removing my clothes and I was fully naked with a full erect cock. Carmen reaches over and wrapped her small chubby hot hand around my cock. My cock twitched with arousal and got harder! I laid her on

her back and proceeded to take off her panties and I was so surprised (in a good way) in what I saw! Carmen’s pussy area was a huge thick black bush of hair! I could barely see her pussy!


I was touching and spreading her pussy hair, I located a very cute pink moist pussy. I proceed to touch her pussy lips and slowly inserted a couple fingers in her moist pussy. Carmen moaned loudly and slowly started thrusting her pussy upwards making my fingers go deeper into her very wet pussy! (Carmen had stated she was on the pill but for me, just to be safe and feel relaxed I decided to myself no cumming in her pussy)



 I position myself between her legs and I parted her hair and pussy lips with my hand and slowly placed the head of my cock just barely parting Carmen’s pussy lips. Carmen gasped and I felt a super wet, steaming hot pussy and I then slowly penetrated her very tight wet pussy- balls deep!


What a fucking feeling! Carmen …super wet, tight and hot pussy. She started slowly thrusting her hips back and forth and I let her fuck me like that for a few minutes! Each slow thrust Carmen was getting wetter and wetter. Carmen is now moaning loudly as I started thrusting and thrusting harder and deeper. I can now feel Carmen’s pussy juices dripping as her pussy twitches and squeezes my thrusting cock. I now started going harder, in and out balls deep, bending over and sucking her hg hard nipples and Carmen is now cumming nicely on my cock!


I continue to fuck, alternating slow and fast, shallow and deep thrusts and Carmen was nonstop, seriously nonstop cumming on my cock! My cock was soaked in her pussy cum, it made me harder and definitely wanting to keep fucking.  After close to 40 minutes, I moaned loudly: “I am about to cum”… I pulled out my cum soaked cock, laid my cock over her dripping wet pussy with  my balls on her pussy lips, as I came onto her stomach and chest ( just landing  below her huge tits) and I came and came. Once I stopped spurting cum and my cock was slowly dripping cum, I leaned over, took a nipple in my mouth and gently bit down…. And Carmen cum spurted again for about 30 seconds!


I looked down at my very satisfied cock and it was soaked and covered in a thick foam type pussy cum. She started to apologize sorry my cum is thick and looked into her eyes and said it was fucking awesome! That look in her eyes and face was just perfect- she was happy, surprised and extremely satisfied. Her pussy was dripping a lot and her thick pussy hairs was soaked a lot and matting erotically around her pussy.


I rolled over and she snuggled up to me, slowly touching and stroking my pussy soaked cock. As we rested a bit, as she was lightly stroking, I was playing with her huge tits and awesome nipples and my cock began to show excitement again.


 Ummm yep my cock was rising and very excited.  I got up off the bed and slowly turned Carmen on her stomach and started positioning her at the edge of the bed. She kept looking back at me, with a worried look and I asked “you ok”. Carmen still had that uncomfortable look in her eyes and asked me what I was doing?!? I was wondering if she pulling my other leg…Lol… but I could tell she was dead serious. I asked… “You have never been fucked this way?”  Carmen looked at me with complete bewilderment in her eyes and face!


I stated, “I would love to fuck you very much in this position if you’re ok with that.”  In a very very soft voice she said... “I have only done the missionary position, what we did earlier”.  I was stunned but more excited than ever. I talked to her stating my cock will go deeper in your pussy and I can fuck you even better than the first time!” I told her “if you’re not comfortable and don’t think you can or want to try…..its ok… I just want you relaxed and pleasured!”


Carmen nodded ok, but kept her face turned back toward me watching as I slowly slid my super hard cock now, slowly in her juicy tight wet pussy. I was watching her face and eyes as I entered all the way… balls deep.  I saw Carmen’s look of surprise, pleasure and amazement all in one. Carmen moaned and placed her head down and enjoyed my cock balls deep for 35 minutes. Carmen’s pussy was super wet and she was continuously cumming and several times cum gushed on my cock! I pulled my throbbing cum filled cock out of her dripping pussy and proceeded to cum hard and a lot on her ass and back!


My cock was covered in thick pussy cum and seeing it rest on her big ass…what a view.


We rested on the bed, with small talk as I continued to play and squeeze her huge tits and nipples. We both stated we would love to do this again and many times. I was so pleasured and happy and my cock was still throbbing when I dropped her off at the University watching her walk away! It was a very very educational session for both of us! I don’t remember taking pictures/videos of Carmen which of course I regret!


Carmen and I met many times over the next 2 years and we experimented and tried everything! There will be another story soon of my first 3 some, involving Marlene and Carmen and other stories with awesome sexual get together’s with Carmen!!!

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Eati'n Ain't Cheati'n

Avatar Username: silkstockingscarol
Date: 28-Apr-2018 14:10:39
Mood: horny

I'd been married right around six months when my best friend, Jane invited me to a party hosted by her family at the local Legion one Friday night. My husband was working a second shift job at the time, and although he liked Jane and would go also, he just couldn't, but gave his blessing.

Typical for Jane, she planned on riding with her older cousin, Rick however his car wasn't running very well and she ask me to pick them up, she said she didn't want to drive herself.. I had met Rick a several times before, he was about ten years older than Jane and I, very good looking and I suspected he really into sex by the way he used to tease us when we were younger. He knew we were sometimes bad girls and were both known to eagerly open our legs and mouths for hard cocks, and never got dropped off from a date without sampling the guy's cock at least once.

I got ready around three-thirty, after my husband left for work, showering and getting dressed for the occasion. I wore a calf length pleated cotton skirt and loose peasant blouse, nothing special, I thought. Later in the evening Rick would compliment me on it many times though, it seemed he liked the way my ass jiggled in it. I picked Jane and Rick up just after five as we were to eat buffet style at six-thirty at the Legion. My car was an old Chevy Bel Air with a bench seat, Rick and Jane both climbed in the front with Rick between us commenting, "Oh yeah, between two lovely horny women!" Jane giggled, I tried to pass it off as he'd been drinking already. On the fifteen minute drive Rick's left hand kept coming to rest on my thigh, which though I was flattered, I gently brushed it to his own thigh. Once he commented, "A little higher and we'll become very good friends!" I liked Rick, so I kept up a good gentle sense of humor through the night. He was very good looking and personable, so why not...

When we arrived at the Legion, Jane ran straight for the open bar while Rick and chose a table for us. The open bar would prove both Jane and I's undoing that night, it seemed as though she couldn't get enough and she was off to the bar a good deal of the night. Rick and I sat at the table keeping an eye on Jane and talking about various things, but they all led to sex and teasing at Rick's direction. I was flattered, but still trying to be a good a newlywed bride I tried to direct things away from the sexual side as much as I could, then along comes Jane well on her way to getting smashed and friskier than when sober encouraging Rick to seduce me, and me to accept and submit to his advances. I'll admit, I noticed the bulge in the front of his jeans more than once and in my mind I had to try hard to repress the notion of what his cock might be like, (of course when Jane and I were younger hanging out with Rick on occasion and he teased us, I had some wonderful fantasies about it then too).

Jane finally settled down when the meal was served, but it was only a temporary set back for her drinking. Not that Rick and I were not, we were having maybe a drink each half hour while Jane was on the highway to obliteration, and it didn't take her long. It seemed not long after we ate, she was becoming silly and a slight nuisance to people while Rick persuaded me to the dance floor where he could continue his well honed practice of seduction and suggestiveness. I gathered my wits from the fog of the drinks and my own desire to submit and suggested we take Jane home before she did something she may regret. He agreed and we gathered her and dumped her in the back seat of my car. Rick thought we should leave her there and have a few more drinks and another dance. I disagreed, thinking she would rouse herself and either come back in for more to drink, or wander off somewhere.

We went back in just long enough to gather our jackets and bid everyone a good night before taking Jane home to bed. Rick insisted on driving, which I had no problem with as he was a more experienced driver anyway. He laughingly commented on my car as being a "granny grocery getter" as we left the Legion for Jane's parents house. On the drive Rick pulled me close across the bench seat and tried to hold his arm around me, and was constantly running his hand up my thigh which like the night started, I would gently brush it away and lightheartedly admonish him reminding him I was now married, but thinking, "Why the hell couldn't he have done this before I met my husband?" Yes, I was horny. Yes, I wanted to suck and fuck him, I had for years, but I was newly married and kept fighting the urge to let him have his way with me.

At last we arrived at the house and had to carry Jane in. Well, Rick carried her in, I just helped get her out of the back seat and followed them in to put her to bed and place a trash can beside her head, just in case... Jane seemed fast asleep when I left the bedroom, so I figured I would simply leave and go home. Oh no, not the case at all! Rick had made drinks for he and I and was waiting on the couch holding out a Windsor and Coke for me, "You deserve one for the road, Carol. Have a seat and relax!" I knew better, but accepted the drink and invitation anyway, sitting at the far end of the couch taking a sip of the "seduction tonic" and placing it on the end table. Truth was, I liked the attention, the seduction, the teasing...and deep in my mind, I wanted Rick's cock too! From the outset it had occupied my mind quite a bit, I knew he had a big cock, one time when he was working on his car and Jane and I were hanging around he relieved himself from the beer he was dinking and I caught a glimpse of it, it was big! (and fat)

I don't know what I may have said, or may not have said. Maybe he sensed I really wanted his cock or the, "I'm happily married now." was just a front to make him work harder at his seduction. Whatever it was, he apparently saw right through me and boosted his efforts to get me to have sex with him. Whatever it was, I made up my mind to give in and let things go from there the next time he said or made a move on me, but didn't. I let several opportunities slip bye by further resistance. I did however finish my drink and accept another, now worrying about the time and Jane's parents coming home.

About half way through the second drink on the couch, Rick apparently tired of my resistance slid over to me, slipped his hand up my top while pressing his lips to my ear, "Eati'n ain't cheati'n." and gently pushed my head toward his crotch.

That was it, I willingly offered my lips to his for a kiss to cement the agreement before doing "the deed". He gave me a quick but passionate kiss and ask if I was finally ready. I nodded and slipped off the couch taking my place on my knees between his spread legs.. Rick unzipped his jeans and began pulling his cock from them while I waited and worried if I could satisfy this big cock, "Hand me my purse. I need a hairclip, I don't want my hair getting in the way." I smiled nervously.

"Oh yeah, you're gonna do just fine. I love watching my dick getting sucked." He replied handing me my purse.

"Better now that I have more experience sucking cocks than before when I first fantasized about it..." I thought to myself gathering my hair and clipping it up behind my head. I knew his cock was waiting anxiously for me as I finished my hair, focused on it and began to reach for it only to find Rick's hand around the shaft holding it straight up waiting for my lips to engulf it and make love to it. It looked so big, so inviting, and so warm I could feel the heat radiating against my face as my mouth opened at accept it in. I must have been more open and eager than I thought, my hands just went directly to the button on his jeans and began opening it just as my lips surrounded the head and my tongue tasted the first drop of Rick's precum.

"Yeah, you want it all, don't you?" He said with a knowing wicked smile sliding his jeans from around his hips giving me full access to his entire package of male sex.

"Mmm-humm!" I groaned, my tongue orbiting the head of the biggest cock I had ever had in my mouth. The thought of being a newly married slut, on my knees sucking a forbidden cock didn't even enter my mind at the time, all I thought of was how big, hard, and warm it tasted and pleasing it with the best blow-job I could give. My mind raced with thoughts of how men like their cocks sucked and what they want from the girl doing the sucking. "Well" I thought, "I better do something with his balls since I had him get them out..."

I looked briefly into his eyes as if to ask permission, he just smiled and said, "Don't worry, I can see if anyone pulls up." Not what I was wondering, but it did make me feel more at ease. I slid my mouth off his cock and licked my way down to his balls, teasing them with the tip of my tongue and kissing them repeatedly between licks, "Yeah, you know how to use your mouth to suck a dick, Carol! Why didn't I have you do this before, huh?"

I took that as my cue to get his big fat cock back in my mouth and suck it, "You like it?" I ask.

"Oh fuck yeah, you're a good cock-sucker!" he snickered and pushed my head down on his cock, "Now, use your mouth just like you did before and I'll cum in your sweet mouth for you! Show me how you love eating dick! I love watching my dick going in a nice pretty mouth like yours!"

He must have knew me better than I thought, I loved his dirty talk and it made me all the ore eager to please his cock and suck it! I slowly took it in my lips and mouth, orbiting the head with my tongue, lapping up all his tasty precum and savoring it. I love the taste of a hard pulsing cock oozing precum mixing with my saliva! My head bobbed and twisted up and down the shaft of Rick's cock, my mind begging for more comments and dirty talk as I sucked it. His stomach heaved, his breathing became audible and his hand gripped the back of my head, "Oh, you know how to suck a dick! Keep that up and you'll be swallowing cum any time now!"

I remember thinking, "The only thing wrong with Rick cumming in my mouth will be that it'll be the end of sucking his cock!" (and I WAS enjoying it!) I tried n my own to see how much of Rick's cock I could get in my mouth, a little over half before I felt myself begin to gag, but he had his hand around the base and was pumping precum up for me, (I swear he was a mind reader).

Several times he pushed my head back off his cock just so he could watch me gobble it back up with my lips saying something like, "I just love watching an eager cock-sucker wrap her lips around my dick!" I don't know how long I was at it, but I was really into it, bobbing up and down on it, my head twisting, my tongue twirling around the head when he warned me, "Awe Carol, I'm gonna cum in your fucki'n mouth! You want my cum in your mouth, huh? Yeah, fuck!!!!!" and he began flooding my mouth with sperm. I swallowed as fast as I could, waiting for the next shot which very soon followed. No mess at all, I swallowed it all until he relaxed his hand on my head and pushed me back a few inches, admiring his work, "Oh yeah, now you have my little squiggly tailed mother-fuckers swimming in your tummy and mouth! Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Yes, I did! I never had a cock that big, did you like it?" I ask in reply.

"Fuck yeah! Your mouth was just what I needed tonight!" he said, choking his cock at me, squeezing a final drop of cum to the head, "Here, finish it off!..nice and slow."

I leaned forward, catching the cum-drop with my lower lip and tried licking it off with my tongue, but the slippery little drop slid down my chin causing an uproar of laughter from Rick. I didn't miss a beat myself though, joining him in hysterics and wiping it up with the heel of my hand and licking it off which caused even more laughter from him. He bid me to get back on the couch and sit a while, "You better finish your drink and wash that all down before you leave."

I finished my drink and he offered another, but I answered I only wanted a plain Coke. Rick went to the kitchen to get it asking if I was okay. I answered that I was fine. While he poured it in my glass he ask again if I enjoyed my alone time with him. Devilishly I answered, "Feel for yourself!" It didn't take but a second for it to sink in and he was on the couch beside me, his hand down my skirt wiggling his way to my pussy as I spread my legs to accommodate him. He slid his fingers down my slit feeling how wet I had become, working them into me then to my flight to rub me to a very quick orgasm. "You know I've admired and wanted this pussy ever since I heard you and Jane were giving head back when you both just had tiny little tits. How come you didn't invite me to your wedding anyway?". He teased.

" I didn't think we were that close." I shrugged.

"Haw-haw, we are now!" Rick laughed.

We didn't have much time to talk and tease, but time did slip away. It seemed all too soon Jane's parents headlights were shining in the driveway and I ran to her bedroom not wanting to seen all cozy with Rick on the couch with Jane passed out and alone. I noticed she stirred a little, but seemed peaceful and oblivious to anything that may have happened in the past few hours. Down the hall I heard voices and footsteps, Jane's mom came in, thanked me for taking care of her and thought Jane would be okay for the night. When I passed through the living room, Rick was alone on the couch with a blanket and pillow for the night, he smiled and blew me a kiss, "Maybe again later..."

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Does my wife make you cum?

Avatar Username: Delphina291
Date: 27-Apr-2018 18:12:30
Mood: horny

Does she?

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naughty pictures prevent cancer

Avatar Username: extremepenetration
Date: 27-Apr-2018 09:09:43
Mood: in love

My wife has freckles everywhere.  When I say everywhere I mean everywhere.  She still has one near her asshole but she used to have one near her pussy hole too.  One of the first times I went down on her with the lights on I noticed it hidden in her pussy lip fold.  A few years go by and I get her to pose for naughty pics.  I was going through the pics and noticed the freckle was darkening and changing shape.  At the time she worked for a dermatologist and knew that could be a bad sign so she asked the doctor to look her over.  They decided to do the exam at the end of the day.  My wife has an incredibly wet pussy and regularly stains her panties with her cream.  The doctor gets down to my wife's pussy and my wife was embarrassed she had crusties from her own cream stuck in her pussy hair.  While the doctor was holding my wife's pussy open she had to stop and wipe away the cream flowing out of the hole.  The doctor tried to reassure her but my wife was mortified she was creaming on her bosses exam table.  The doctor decided to take the freckle and have it sent off to a lab.  It turns out the freckle was cancerous and now she has to go in once a year to have a full body exam. 

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beer bottle insertion

Avatar Username: extremepenetration
Date: 27-Apr-2018 04:19:23
Mood: in love

My wife has a big, loose, sloppy pussy and I love being able to fuck her as many times as I can get it up in one night.  Where all the other girls I had been with always wanted me to take it easy or go slow she could take every inch and wanted to be fucked.  It took me a while to convince her I liked her loose pussy as her ex didn't and neither one of them could really fell anything, so much so she started taking it up the ass to get off and not be let down when he got off and left her frustrated.  Once she believed me the fun started.

We were sitting at home having a drink after the kids were in bed.  She was sitting on the couch in her robe drinking a Smirnoff Ice and I was wondering how naughty she was going to get.  I waited for her to finish her bottle and was feeling good before asking her if she thought the bottle would fit.  It wasn't the first time we had done insertions but it had been while since she had done any.  She looked at the bottle and kind of shrugged her shoulders before looking at me with a wicked smile and saying she didn't know.  I went upstairs to our bedroom to grab the lube and when I came back down the bottle was gone and she was sitting crossed legged with her robe closed.  I started looking around for the bottle when she opened her robe and spread her legs.  While I was upstairs my wife took the bottle big end first and inserted it in her pussy until only the neck of the bottle and a small part of the flanged end was sticking out.  After I got over my initial shock I started taking pics and even asked her to take it out so I could see how she got it in.





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Help fuck my wife

Avatar Username: bamamike86
Date: 27-Apr-2018 02:04:18
Mood: horny

Whos in bama near moulton and would like to help me give my wife our first threesome

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