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this site

Avatar Username: wild-e
Date: 02-Apr-2017 06:35:17
Mood: disappointed

for a wile now I have been looking on this site and posted pic and did shows for are friends but the management of this site has change so much ,and yes I know I am a free member but I would like the right to manage my page even if I stay a free member not being able to deleate some one post on my profile page is not only berbareck and just planr wrong by any stand point . If some post some thing on a general page then yes the manager has the right to let it stay but if some one post thing on some one else profile page that owner of that page should have the right to deleat it off his profile page so with saying that manage please give back the power to deleat thing off the profile page to the owner of that page.

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Best ever!

Avatar Username: num1scamp
Date: 01-Apr-2017 17:20:13
Mood: in love

         When I think of the most memorable nights I've had the men who come to mind are: my husband, Johnny, Ron, Armando, Bill.  Tuesday night another name ws added to that list. Marcus! Marcus is 6'8" tall, heavily muscled, handsome, and very black. His cock is simply magnificient, a thing of beauty. Just over 13" long, so thick my fingers don't come close to touching when I hold it, heavily veined with a pair of balls that match. Best of all he really knows how to use it, a lot of patience just getting the head of it in me. He got me very turned on before he slowly added inch by inch of it to me. It actually gets even thicker towards it's base. I marveled at the sight of it fucking me with all but a few inches inside me. I have never been fucked better by a single man in my life, and I've known far more than my share of men. I came the first time before he even had 1/2 of that monster in me. I came pretty much continuosly as he used me. Amazingly the next day my pussy was not sore from him. He fucked me the first time Tuesday night, he has been in my thoughts everyday since then.  We are having a dinner party here tonight for ten people and Marcus is one of the guests. My cunt is dripping just thinking of him. I hope I don't make a fool of myself, but I long for that man to hold me again.



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What is the purpose of using a safeword in a BDSM scene?

Avatar Username: SassyHole
Date: 23-Mar-2017 17:23:43
Mood: disappointed

I am no expert but I've always thought that a safeword was something that the submissive could use to stop a scene without having repercussions on the Dom/sub relationship. I am now told by my Dom instead that if I use it our relationship will end.

I am very confused now and I am starting to think that all this BDSM world is just a big fraud.




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New Pics Posted

Avatar Username: keyboard_100
Date: 21-Mar-2017 21:55:41
Mood: horny


I posted a few new pics this week. Let me know what you think of them :) xxxx

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Have I deserved 100 blows or this is over reacting?

Avatar Username: SassyHole
Date: 20-Mar-2017 22:14:48
Mood: horny
Music: 24K Magic - Bruno Mars

I’ve met my Dom this morning. We were in his car chatting and at some point I told him that I’ve been exchanging a few messages with my old “virtual” Dom over the past week. He doesn’t seem much surprised but at the same time he is visibly displeased. He stops the car and asks me to get out and follow him in the back of his car. We were in a quiet location but I surely couldn’t guess that he was about to punish me there. He asked me to pull my skirt up because he wanted to make a point. I realized that this didn’t sound too good he then told me that I did something really rude and disrespectful ………really??? I have just exchanged messages with him. I was trying to explain the dynamic of what happened but this only seemed to make it worse so I just had to surrender to the punishment he wanted to give me. 100 blows with 3 different crops and his hand for last. Useless to say that despite I was trying not to cry I didn’t manage to be strong enough. The first implement has been the worse, such a stinging sensation on my butt. Every time I raised one of my feet from the ground I received 5 more so I am not sure how much was the total of them. Strangely enough when he arrived at spanking me with his bare hand at last I was almost pleased about it (I am now rolling my eyes at myself – a sensation junkie afterall????). He must have felt merciful toward the end as he was keeping my feet stable on the ground with his feet so that I couldn’t move them and earn more blows.

Well, my question is: Have I really done something so bad to deserve such a harsh punishment? I wonder if being so stern is a common ground between Doms or if I am the only one that won’t be able to talk to other people involved in the lifestyle without asking permission to my Dom?

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Private :)

Avatar Username: BustyRed
Date: 18-Mar-2017 00:39:31
Mood: happy

Hi everyone, 

I greatly appreciate all the comments and attention. I am making my profile private to protect my privacy a bit. Please feel free to friend request me or send me a message if you would like me to add you. 

xo Red



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Blocked from Easynbama's profile!

Avatar Username: blackhat1
Date: 06-Mar-2017 12:37:59
Mood: in love

I don't know whats going on but Ive been blocked from Easynbama's profile, I can't view any of their posts, or send them a message. We've been friends since Jan of 2013, and they are still posting on my profile page. That tells me they didn't block me. Today makes 3 days that i've been blocked .  It's not the first time this has happened, I wish the web masters would get this fixed .  Matt

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Avatar Username: blackhat1
Date: 04-Mar-2017 02:51:53
Mood: disappointed

I don't know whats going on but today I find I'm blocked from viewing Easybama's profile or pics which is strange since we've been friends since 2013. I'm pretty  sure I haven't done anything to piss off Easy or Bob, I think they would have let me know if I had.  This isn't the first time I've been blocked from a friends profile, I just hope it doesn't take to long to get it staightened out. 

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Would you let your husband and Dom meet?

Avatar Username: SassyHole
Date: 02-Mar-2017 19:40:07
Mood: in love
Music: Daft Punk

I have been in a Dom/sub relationship for a few months now and both my husband and my Dom have mentioned occasionally that they would like to meet. Of course each of them has his own different agenda but I am really not sure how to proceed. The fantasy is somehow appealing and sexy but I am really worried about the possible outcome.

My husband is not aware of what I do with my Dom and I am afraid that things would go awry once they meet. So basically I am scared of how he would react watching me submitting to a perfect stranger. I am enjoying myself so far I have to admit but I don’t want anyone to be hurt so I have been keeping the two relationships separated until now.

All I have been doing with my Dom is totally out of the lines of a “normal” sexual relationship so I have no clue what my husband could think and furthermore I really wouldn’t want him to assume that I would do the same with him if he happened to be interested in any of the practices I have been engaging with my Dom.

The unusual component in this triangle is that towards my husband I act like his Domme while I submit to my Dom but my husband is unwilling to recognize his place until now…..I have never talked to him in the terms of Domme/sub and I am afraid of how he could react if I bring up the topic. I have noticed a shift in his behavior over the past few years and to my greatest surprise he seems more and more falling into the submissive position with me.


Is there anyone who could offer his opinion on this matter?

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My Big Hanging Tits Wife Denise Our Story how it all started !

Avatar Username: denisebrown44f
Date: 26-Feb-2017 15:00:21
Mood: horny

My mature big hanging tits wife wife Denise can be seen stark naked all over the internet ! Many thousands of men now know what she looks like without any clothes on ! However for many years I was the only man to have seen her naked. No one else knew what her body looked like and that was they way I wanted things to stay ! But that all changed just over four years ago whilst we were on a beach holiday in Greece !

Denise and I had been on the beach soaking up the sun and I have to say she looked amazing in her bikini ! Although most of the women on the beach were topless Denise always kept her top on. Even so she grabbed a lot of attention and sideways glances by men as her big juggs wobbled in her bikini top almost spilling out ! They were probably trying to guess what type of nipples she had ! But only I knew the answer to that !!

Well anyway approaching mid day with the sun at its hottest we decided to leave the beach for a spot of lunch. As we had done the previous days we would go into the shower block just off the beach to shower and change into tops and shorts. The men's and ladies shower blocks were attached to each other in the same building. I normally finished first and had to wait ages for Denise to emerge but that day I was more than surprised to see her standing there looking very animated

Denise immediately pointed to the ladies shower block and said there's a man in there ! I just barged past her and pushed the door open with Denise following me in but there was no one inside, it was empty ! He had obviously gone ! Denise told me she had looked up to see a man peering over the top of the cubicle at her ! I asked Denise what he had seen and she told me he must have been looking for quite a while and had definitely seen everything as she had taken her bikini off and was about to shower ! I pushed the next cubicle door open where he had been and we were shocked to see the stool he had been standing on and worse still semen high up on the white wall where he had obviously ejaculated looking at my wife nude ! Denise told me she wouldn't have looked up and seen him if he hadn't spoken and said 'look' I realised he had probably been ejaculating at that exact moment and wanted to see Denise's shocked face as she tried to cover her nude body from him!

We were both seething with anger as we stormed into the hotel foyer to report what had happened ! The manager told us that the shower block didn't actually belong to the hotel but the police were aware of this sort of thing happening to female tourists ! Apparently the shower block is used by local prostitutes and their clients !!!! We both decided there was no point in taking things further and just left it there. I did however start to get more and more angry as the day went on and inevitably we both argued ! What made me more angry was the thought that whilst another man was relieving himself over my wife's naked body, I was just next door totally unaware and ignorant of what was happening !! I couldn't get out of my mind the thought of him watching my wife take her bikini off and then see what wasn't his to see ! Now another man had seen what only I had ever seen before ! My wife's body had been violated ! I felt as though he had actually fucked her ! Here was the only other man at the time other than me to have unloaded his balls whilst seeing her exposed naked body !

I realise that now men see my wife's nude pics on the internet everyday and many of them are likely to use them during masterbation, but at the time her nudity was still only accessable to me her husband!

As a footnote Denise has since told me that after her initial obvious shock at seeing this man looking at her nude she had become very highly aroused ! In fact as soon as he had made way out of the block, she had remained in the cubicle to masterbate before coming out to meet me !!!

Scott & Denise

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