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So horny!!!

Avatar Username: Dp2010
Date: 11-Aug-2016 18:24:29
Mood: horny

Hi, Well this week has been really very very horny!!! My wife got here and started to message another woman and it's been so hot what these two have been talking about, We have been texting all week really dirty messages and photos it's absolute filth I've never know my wife to be like this so I added a couple of pics of her swollen pussy which is so wet all the time and we've been fucking like mad. Well we got down and dirty at the beginning of the week I took her to the toilet and we fucked hard not before I'd licked her wet dripping pussy and that asshole which I had my tongue sank very deeply!!! So I stuck two fingers in her pussy and rubbed her g spot hard pulled my fingers out and vigorously rubbed her clit while she watched her new friend playing with dildos then without warning her body tightens and for the first time she squirted a lot we were both very surprised at this because she's never done it before but we liked it very much so, of course I got down there and licked up her juices which I have to say tasted so amazing ever since that night we've done nothing but tease each other all day every day for hours so when I get home her clit is massive her pussy is open so of course i do the man thing and finger her pussy to oblivion to try and make her squirt she's only done it once and we're both desperate for her to do it again and again I want to get drenched by that pussy!!!!💦💦💦💦💦 If your reading this and it makes you hard please could you tribute a pussy pic with lots of cum as I think it might help her squirt again thinking that men are spunking on her pussy!!!!

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is he Gay????

Avatar Username: youngAuscpl
Date: 09-Aug-2016 19:02:53
Mood: horny

hi everyone im just gunna give you some background so no one gets lost here

so real quick my BF is a fully submissive trysexual only thing he wont try are pissing/shitting on either him or on you he wont fuck animals and he wont fuck anyone who is a minor

Now he says that he only gets erotic with other men is because i want him to and that other then that he is overall
not a fan of recieving penis. i will admit that i have told my bf to get sexual with other men purely because it
turns me on when he does it and he likes it when i make it real rough. but this story is something even i wasnt expecting

NOW that you have a little background lets fast forward to last week......
Upon finding out that i had a late afternoon appointment my bf decided he was going to set up a little party to make me feel better when i got home. he kept the details of this party a secret from me all day saying it was going to be a suprise and eventually i caved and let him keep it a suprise. come mid afternoon i am leaving to go to my appointment my bf asks how long he thinks it will take " a few hours ill be back by 7" that gave him 3 and half hours to do whatever it was he was planning....well time goes by and it looks like im running 45 minutes late so i call ahead and tell him ill give him an extra nice treat for ruining the party but he teels some of the guests are getting abit antsy what did i want him to do. well i told him to be a good host and keep the rowdy guests entertained and i hung up the phone i was expecting him to get out some beers and watch some porn or something.....

so i finally get home and theres no loud music or you know guys carrying like i thought and im like well he sorted that out pretty quietly i wonder what they are doing so i walk up to my door and when i open it the sight that greets me had my vagina gushing as i see 12 of my more favoured lovers all naked standing in a circle.

As i tried to catch my breath and i could finally speak again i ask where is my bf and i hear a muffled sound from somewhere in the middle of them all then 1 of the guys who could see me said come over here he is just a little caught up in something i say fine i coming over there and the it hits me oh he must be giving gangbang style head and handjobs but as i got closer i could hear them making comments that you would to a hooker maybe now confused again i hurry over to the circle to see my bf squatting on the floor with this HUGE black cock half shaft deep in his throat giving out 2 handjobs and taking a cock in his ass whilst

wearing: (from the top down) Crudely done make-up on his face(blush, mascara, eye liner, kipstick and lipgloss), His collar and chain, one of my nipple showing bras, a short dress of mine that had been ripped to peices, lipstick writing on his chest(I straighten shafts, polish heads and i swallow), back(Town bike free ride, dump your load anywhere) and on his ass(COCK PARTY no lube allowed and stretch me), wearing a g string with a pair of my fishnets on his legs and a pair my high heels on his feet. What can i say im stunned as i look around at the guys who arent getting any action and i see 4 guys wiping the last dribbles of cum of the end of their knobs 5 more with soft cocks drained of cum at the moment and 1 fresh hard cock and i ask him is he next he says maybe hes a bit used at the moment and i say mmm you have a nice cock and its pretty big i reach out and take hold of his cock i say oohh and its pretty hard and i smale at him before saying yeah he probably is i have so many questions but first i would like to know how come he is doing groups of 4 but there is 5 in the first group he says that my bf was sucking 2 cocks at once and they considered DPing him. i say oooh im sorry i missed that and i turn back to watch the last 4 men tear my bf up and rub my ass this guys hard cock :p shortly after that whilst teasing this young mans cock i watched as my bf choked down what was no less then 9 inches of black cock and gave simuntaneous handjobs to 2 others as 1 of them cum deep in his ass then the for the finale by this stage i was sucking the last guys cock at one end of our kitchen table and my bf was bent over the other end looking at me while taking that big
black cock deep in his ass as 2 other men come over and pin his arms to the edges of the table as the 2 he was giving hand jobs too get on the table and as 1 of them pull his head back by his hair the other shoves his cock down my bfs throat a few times to then pull out and and spray his cum over his face then holds my bfs head as the second one thrusts his cock down my bf's throat a few times this one though after squirting a part of his load down my bf's throat pulled his cock out and told my bf if he wants it to chase it as he sprayed the rest of his cum over his face then my bf was turned over and dragged onto his knees as the guy with black cock was about to cum i also knew the cock i was sucking was close to cumming so i asked if i could help the black cock out as me and the last guy walk around the table we stop so my bf is infront of us both cocks able to touch the side of his mouth i pull my pants down just enough for him to see my pussy
then i turn around and ask both of the guys to play with my pussy together and as i rub their throbbong cocks slapping them againt my bfs face. then i a feel them getting close to cumming i get them to stop fingering me so i can bend over and as i do i shove my ass in my bfs face and i get i let each cock squirt their thick hot load down my ass crack and my bf swallowed it all but it didnt end there. Now it was my turn but that for another blog

later that night i asked why he chose that to entertain the guests his answer.... i told
that i had to be a good host and entertain them so they said that i should wear a dress and all the rest then one of them asked me to sit on his lap when i felt his hard cock i asked who else was hard thay all said yes i asked what they wanted me to do majority vote was to be the group sex slave and well i was

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Rolls Royce Restoration

Avatar Username: Chippy69
Date: 09-Aug-2016 10:18:56
Mood: other

Interesting to note that this site is run from a car restoration company in Las Vegas.

Maybe thats why the admin is so poor.....they are busy spraying cars.

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Hubbys out

Avatar Username: Dp2010
Date: 07-Aug-2016 10:14:42
Mood: horny

Well Hubby went out I thought I'd have a play with the toys 😜 Really wanted him to find me playing/cumming all over the toys and my hands whilst watching porn, as time went on the bed was getting rather wet I text him to get him home, explaining I'm gagging for his hard cock in my very wet pussy! As he come through the door I was still led on my back, toy in my soaking wet pussy and playing with my nipples! He quickly got undressed and joined in with me, sliding his fingers deep into my ass whilst caressing my tits and kissing me! That very quickly got him rock hard! I slowly led my hands down to his hard cock and I started wanking him off! As my moans were getting stronger I told him he needs to fuck me as I'm aching for him with that he took me hard! Cumming together! As he withdrew I felt the hot sticky cum running out of my wet pussy dripping down to my ass which was still open from his fingers!

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A good dare

Avatar Username: maggie gene
Date: 06-Aug-2016 23:26:25
Mood: horny

I was out shopping for some new underwear when I bumped into a girl I went to university with a few years ago she is a full fledged nurse now working in a smaller clinic with only 2 doctors we grabbed some lunch and reminisced about the things we did together we did some pretty crazy thing together once we dared each other to run naked together through the men's locker room and if we wore a skirt we never had any underwear on seeing who could flash more we use to kiss and make out at parties while guys watched I was getting so turned on sitting there I could feel my panties getting damp my clit was swollen pushing against the seam in my tight jeans so when she suggested we go over to her place for a few drinks I jumped at the chance so I followed her to her place we sat down she made a pitcher of pina colatas and we started talking about some of the things we've done since we haven't seen each other I told her about the 4 guys I took on she loved it her best was 3 in one night but not all at once she loves anal too we polished that pitcher off and she asked me if I wanted to try something crazy for old time sakes I said ok what she wanted to inject our pussies with a mussle relaxant and see how wide it opens it up she's done it once before but it would be way more fun to do it together she even offered to do hers first so I could see how it was done there's 2 injections one on just each side of the pussy hole I said ok sounds very interesting she got up came back with no pants or panties on a towel with 4 syringes and a bottle she sits on the kitchen table her ass hanging over a bit puts 2 chairs apart for her feet spreading her legs wide wipes her pussy with an alcohol wipe fills 2 syringes with one hand she spreads her lips apart and with one swift motion she puts the needle in empties it and pulls it out and she didn't even flinch much does the other side and says ok get those pants of its your turn I was so turned on and nervous getting up on the table my heart was pounding as she knelt down infront of me between the chairs she wiped my wet cunt off with a towel before it could be wiped with the alcohol wipe I laid back on my elbows she spread my lips and in about 10 seconds she was done it didn't hurt a bit it burned a bit but she said it will go away it takes 20 min. or so for it to work we sat down a few minutes later had another pitcher and I could feel my pussy opening up a little sitting there she says jump up on the table again and let's see how it's working she gave me a hand mirror so I could position it to see my pussy she sits on another chair between my legs spreads my lips starts flicking my clit making me moan shoves 2 fingers all the way in spreads them apart as wide as she can pulls them out and my cunt stayed open she says try to tighten it up and I couldn't it just laid there open even my lips were sagging then 3 fingers went in then 4 fingers in sideways all the way rubbing my clit with her thumb was no problem when she pulls them out it didn't close up at all a gush of juice running out my gapped cunt dripping on the floor she moved back so I could see how big it was it was hanging there open enough I could see my cervix I try to tighten it up but nothing moves but my clit she says let my try to get my fist in there then it's your turn to open mine ok I said I could feel everything as she tucks her thumb behind her fingers and slowly pushes it in deeper and deeper I couldn't feel any resistance as it just slips right inside I loose control and start orgasming it was a totally different one my cunt usually closes up tight around what ever in it instead it just made a lot of slurping noises as she pulled it in and out don't get me wrong I came very hard and long after I calmed down she finally pulled her fist out then she shows me 4 fingers out flat in sideways spread and pulled out with no resistance usually my cunt is tight after a great orgasm then I found out we had enough of a dose to last a good 12 hours when I got off the table and stood up I could feel cool air going up my cunt juices still dripping out I reach down and feel my open cunt I put 4 fingers in it and have room to move them around pull them out my cunt makes a gushing sound as air rushes in she gets on the table I waste no time as she spreads for me I forgot what a nice pussy and asshole she has I lean over and kiss her clit gently over and over until I flick it with my tongue a few times swelling it up getting her wet I stop and I part her lips and I start pushing 4 fingers in it was so wet they fell right in I turned them from side to side as deep as I could pulled them out and there it was open a couple of inches across I put my hands together palms out put my first 2 fingers on each hand in and shoved all 4 fingers in deep then started to pull my hands apart it would stretch as far as I pulled it I could see her cervix convulsing oozing juices then without warning I pulled out and shoved my entire hand in made a fist inside her then pull my clenched fist out as she moans begging for more I shoved my fist back in started to work some fingers in her asshole with my other hand and I lean down lock my lips on her clit I have 3 fingers deep in her asshole her pussy is frothing wet as I fist sucking her clit biting it fairly hard until she has a multiple orgasm I counted at least 3 after she composed herself I pull my fingers and fist out giving her aftershocks making her twitch she lay there her cunt was gapped at least 3 to 4 inches across all red she couldn't make it close either mine felt like it was hanging down to my knees I bent over the table took a look from behind with the mirror all I could see was my lips wide apart my camel toe was gone my cunt still gapped a couple inches apart still she finally got off the table it was covered in juices that had ran off the table and dripped on the floor making a puddle of our juices she cleaned up our mess we sat down and we're talking about it when I asked her if she had ever tried it on her asshole she said no she would love to try it but she has no more syringes but she has my number now and she'll let me know when she gets some more we got dressed I shoved my underwear up my cunt to stop the oozing since I can't close it sat around had another drink said good bye for now when I got home I found some huge thing I thought I would never think of putting in my cunt I shoved my fist in and walked around looking for things to put in I put a wine bottle big end in a baseball bat an aluminum one 3 baseballs at once stand up spread my legs squat down and push them out I walked around with 2 in I could feel them moving around inside me I had an orgasm a fantastic one as I walked up and down my hallway I tried a softball but wouldn't quite go I could get my hand in so deep I could stick my middle finger in my cervix hole move it around releasing it juices giving me an orgasm that would make me shutter for several minutes at a time I would have a massive orgasm and since my cunt muscle was still relaxed it didn't lose any sensitivity it was always ready to cum again I fucked myself silly for the next 5 hours I got in the shower shoved my shower head up it and let hot water fill it up until it would pour out I held it in for 5 or 6 orgasms at the end I had to put a towel in my bed when I laid down some water must have gotten in my womb I lay on my back pull my knees up and apart and I was rubbing my clit and any pressure I put on my lower belly would make water shoot out my still open cunt it didn't take me long to cum a couple more times and no more water would come out I changed the soaked towel laid down rubbed one more off before I fell sound asleep the first thing I did when I woke up next morning was clench my cunt muscle and felt it tighten up reached down to feel my camel toe was back I could stick 2 fingers in and clamp tightly around them again there was a big damp spot on the towel from it oozing all night the only thing I could see in the mirror was a couple little bruises where the needle was other than that it was the craziest thing I've ever done can't wait to try my asshole stay tuned for that

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We are looking for a DOM man to train my wife here in Medina, Ohio on the weekends

Avatar Username: medinakinkygirl4u
Date: 03-Aug-2016 19:19:32
Mood: horny

Submissive wifeWe are very real and very serious about everything posted here. We are both str8, clean and std free. She is also baby safe. it is impossible for her to get pregnant. she is free on most Friday and or Saturday evenings for as long as you want her.We want to find a str8, clean and std free man that is at least 8 long ,, but more is better. We want a very dominant and aggressive man to seriously fuck the hell out of her. get her at sub girl 4 sex at ya hoo. You must be able to CUM to Medina, Ohio for the first time that you fuck her. If things go good the first time. Then  I will drop her off anyplace that you want her on other weekends and you can have her for just a few hours.  Or you can keep her over night if you would like that. We are both str8, clean and std free. You must be also.wife for you to fuck

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Avatar Username: hornycouple8485
Date: 02-Aug-2016 19:09:26
Mood: happy

Hi everyone. We've been long time members and finally got around to uploading verification pics. Check them out when they get approved and our older pics too. Thanks

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Avatar Username: Coatsbill
Date: 28-Jul-2016 17:21:12
Mood: in love

Wife and I went to a winery and had a bottle of good wine last Friday night. The music was good and we danced some. We got home around midnight and went right to bed. It didn't take long and I had her naked. We kissed and with her laying on her back and her legs spread I started gently rubbing her clit with a circle 8 motion. Her juices were starting to flow and I didn't want to miss any of it. I kissed her neck, her tits, her belly, and with my finger as deep into her as I could get it I kissed the very top of her cunt. I was slowly finger fucking her as I started licking and gently chewing on her clit. She was bucking up against my mouth. I pulled my finger out and took her entire cunt into my mouth sticking my tongue deep into her drinking her juices. Out of all the women I've ate my wife has the best tasting cunt still to this day. I licked and sucked and ravaged her. Just before she started to cum I turned around slid my cock all the way into her. That's when the leg cramp hit me. It hurt so bad I jumped out of bed and with a roaring hard cock I was running around the house. Everytime I tried to get back into bed the cramp returned. We never did finish fucking that night. Oh well, next time. I'm seeing g/f Kathy this weekend maybe she will get the wife's cum.

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Upload of vids take to long

Avatar Username: Fun4u22b8
Date: 26-Jul-2016 13:17:43
Mood: disappointed

I would like to know why some of my videos never get put on

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Slut Application

Avatar Username: chuckz73
Date: 23-Jul-2016 18:56:53
Mood: horny

1. What is your name? Full name is not necessary.

2. Are you single, Married, or attached?

3. How old are you?

4. Where are you located? Closest intersection of major streets.

5. How much do you weigh? How tall are you?

6. What is your Hair color, style?

7. Are you flat-chested, or busty?

8. Do you do any drugs? If so please indicate which. (420 etc)

9. Do you drink alcohol? What is your favorite drink?

10. Do you have any STDs? If so what..

11. Are you OK with having your picture or video taken when having sex?

12. Are you willing to send nude selfies of yourself to me?

13. What is your favorite sexual position? And why?

14. What time of the day do you normally play? When are you available?

15. Can you host? Very important, I can not host...

16. Are you on birth control? If so what form of birth control do you use?

17. Do you like role playing? If so what roles do you want to play?

18. Do you shave or are you all natural?

19. Are you willing to go commando and where a short skirt for my viewing pleasure?

20. Do you like oral sex, Giving and receiving?

21. Do you talk dirty during sex?

22. Do you like being tied up?

23. Do you masturbate? and How often.

24. Do you squirt?

25. Do you produce lots of lube during sex?

26. Are you willing to have sex without condoms?

27. Do you like it when a man cums inside your pussy? If so what do you like about it?

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handjob and some 69:... handjob and some 69
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a Man, 48y.o.

nice handjob then blowjob while i eat her beaver
One Night Stand / Yo... One Night Stand / Yo...
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My hubby went out with his friends an I went out by my self and found ...
Cuc's hot wife sucks... Cuc's hot wife sucks...
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Met this couple in the hotel bar. Hot wife, eh?

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