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Avatar Username: suckmytitties
Date: 19-Oct-2016 00:45:54
Mood: high

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Being Taught the Art of Control

Avatar Username: UncutPiano9
Date: 17-Oct-2016 17:31:10
Mood: horny

This is written as a follow-up to my previous entry about losing my virginity.  Several people have asked, “What happened next?” so here is summing up of what took place. 

As you can probably guess, I was completely infatuated with my friend’s mom after our first experience.  Being a teen-age, my hormones raged like never before, and I sought satisfaction from her at every opportunity.  As it turns out, she was a single mom with very limited opportunity to date, so we complemented each other well.

There were some awkward times, school events, hanging out with my friend, and a couple of times where my mother and she would chat (yes, they were friendly with one another).  These times taught me how to “be cool,” something that would serve me well later in life.  Still, it was difficult.

Things proceeded how you might guess.  We got together and screwed each other silly as often as possible.  What was different here was that she was vastly experienced and I was a newly minted non-virgin.  So she began to let me into her mind, as she taught me about the world of adult sexuality.

It turns out that she was quite the freak.  She was very much in the Dominant/ submissive relationship, and I was her willing submissive.  Of course, I’d do anything as long as she’d wrap her gorgeous hands, lips or pussy around my rigid cock.  She would blindfold me, tie me, apply light pain, tease me mercilessly and then use me to satisfy herself before giving me relief.  As I said, I was willing to endure this just to be near her, and the truth is that I enjoyed it.  I loved hearing her moan and scream as she used my cock like a toy, telling me repeatedly to hold my cum until she finished.  She taught me control, and via her instructions she taught me how to touch and please women.

The turning point in our relationship came on a day when I was doing some yard work at her house.  It was hot, and I needed to take frequent breaks. During these breaks she would grope and stroke me, and let me fondle her briefly.  Of course I was beset with a raging hard-on, but she would abruptly break the contact and send me back to work.  This happened several times, upon completion of the work, she demurely gave me a peck on the cheek and dismissed me.

Expecting more than that, I was angry, and so I asked “That’s it?  That’s all I get?”  She giggled and said “Yes. That’s all for today,” and turned her back (clad in tight shorts and a halter) to me.  I literally saw red, and went after her.

Now, I have never been large or imposing, but I was (and still am) very athletic, involved in sports and martial arts. I secured her in my arms very easily, and carried her, struggling, to the bedroom.  It was obvious that she was not going to cooperate, and so I used the very same restraints that she had been using on me to secure her to the bed.  At first she looked somewhat amused and defiant.  She threatened to scream and allege rape, and had I truly been thinking, I would have stopped.  Instead, I used her own ball gag on her.  At this point I saw the expression on her face go from defiance to surprise.  I was a pretty meek kid and she obviously thought she was in complete control of our relationship.

I pulled her shorts off and secured her ankles even though she kicked me several times.  With her legs open and her pussy exposed, I began stroking her slowly, looking right into her face.  Now I saw her expression go from frustration at not being able to stop me to one that I recognized.  Her cheeks were flushed and her nipples hardened under her halter.  I could feel her start to pulse her hips in her familiar rhythm.  She wanted me to take the gag out, but I didn’t. I began to tell her that I didn’t appreciate being teased like she had done even as I continued to finger her now very wet pussy.  I could tell she was close to cumming, so I simply lifted my fingers from her clit and licked her juices off.  Her hips pumped at the empty air in frustration, and frankly, seeing her like that turned me on quite a bit.

I untied her halter and began to gently tease and suck her nipples the way she liked.  She moaned around the ball gag.  I couldn’t understand what she was trying to say, but I think she wanted me to let her cum (she could cum from nipple stimulation alone).  At this point my cock was so hard it was almost painful, and I had a huge wet spot in my shorts from all of the pre-cum.  I found that she had a set of nipple clips and attached them rather inexpertly (my first time using them) to her hard peaks.  At this point she began to thrash like crazy.  I thought I had hurt her, and, mortified, removed them.  It turned out she was about to cum (she told me later), but I ruined her orgasm . . . again.

I asked her if she was going to scream, she emphatically shook her head no, thinking that I would take the gag out of her mouth.  I didn’t.  Instead I found the riding crop that she would sometimes use to lightly spank my cock and balls.  I slid it between her thighs and watched her eyes open wide in fear.  I then tested a swat on the insides of her thighs. Enjoying her reaction to this, I then experimented with a swat on her pussy. This, of course, elicited a huge reaction from her.  Waiting for her to calm, I did it again soon after.  She was so wet that there was a puddle on the sheets underneath her.

I was really excited now, and started using the head of my cock to tease her clit, the way she’d do when I was the one tied up.  I asked her if she wanted to cum, she fratically nodded yes and bucked her hips trying for more contact with my cock, so I simply backed away.  She was now sobbing and moaning in fuck lust, her body was completely flushed, awaiting release.

I decided to give it to her. Looking right into her face, I slid the tip of my cock into her warm, wet pussy.  It felt as though it was trying to suck me in as she pumped her hips trying to fuck herself on my cock.  I told her to lay still or I wouldn't fuck her, and she went motionless.  I then slid slowly into her.  Once I was buried inside her, I could feel her contracting her pussy around my hard shaft, but I knew that wouldn’t be enough for her to make herself cum.  I asked, if she was ever going to treat me the way she had today (very slowly fucking her). She vigorously shook her head no (starting to fuck her harder).  I asked if she was mine. She nodded her head yes (sliding in and out in long slow strokes).  Her eyes closed as she neared her orgasm - I knew the signs by now. I reminded her that she was not allowed to cum yet and her eyes flew wide open and she moaned and whimpered as she tried to control herself.  At this point I remember thinking that she was a creature of pure lust. Leaning into her face I then asked, if she wanted to cum, and if the answer was yes she had to say, "Please, Sir fuck me until I cum."  Her answer, even with the ball gag in her mouth, was obvious.  I then fucked her in earnest as she had taught me and gave her permission to cum.

She responded thunderously and didn’t so much squirt as release huge amounts of honey from her over-pleasured pussy.  I had never seen or felt her pussy so wet before.  Her orgasm was long as it was intense, and I remember thinking that seeing her moan and writhe in pleasure like that was the most beautiful sight in the world.  I was so turned on that I just kept fucking her, she told me later that she came twice again as I bucked my hips into her petite body.  I pulled out and shot a huge load of cum all over her pale skin.  I removed the ball gag and kissed her deeply.  When we broke the kiss, she begged to suck my cock.  Not even bothering to wipe it off, I obliged by straddling her pixie-like face and fucking her mouth while playing with her pussy.  She came on my fingers while I had my cock balls deep in her mouth, and I loved how she gagged on it as her body squirmed during her orgasm.  I then continued fucking her mouth until I shot another (smaller) load of cum down her throat.  She had no choice but to swallow.

Withdrawing my spent cock from her mouth, I kissed her on the cheek and said "Good girl." Then I proceeded to untie her, and carried her to the shower.  After we had bathed and dried off, I realized that I had essentially sexually assaulted my friend’s mom.  I was about to apologize, but before I did, she kissed me and said “Thank you. I really needed that.”  Shy again, I just kissed her and said that I had to get back home. I left stunned but newly initiated into the world of BDSM.

Our relationship dynamic changed after that, and it was she who took on the role of sub in our encounters, even calling me “Sir” when we were alone.  There were many other encounters, and I was still learning even though I had assumed the dominant role in the relationship.

Our affair ended when her mother, who lived in North Carolina, became ill.  She took a job there and she, with my friend, moved away.  I never heard from either of them again.  Sometimes I get curious, but I prefer the memory because of its lack of expectation. So, I haven’t looked for her even though I think of her often.


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