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A good dare

Avatar Username: maggie gene
Date: 06-Aug-2016 23:26:25
Mood: horny

I was out shopping for some new underwear when I bumped into a girl I went to university with a few years ago she is a full fledged nurse now working in a smaller clinic with only 2 doctors we grabbed some lunch and reminisced about the things we did together we did some pretty crazy thing together once we dared each other to run naked together through the men's locker room and if we wore a skirt we never had any underwear on seeing who could flash more we use to kiss and make out at parties while guys watched I was getting so turned on sitting there I could feel my panties getting damp my clit was swollen pushing against the seam in my tight jeans so when she suggested we go over to her place for a few drinks I jumped at the chance so I followed her to her place we sat down she made a pitcher of pina colatas and we started talking about some of the things we've done since we haven't seen each other I told her about the 4 guys I took on she loved it her best was 3 in one night but not all at once she loves anal too we polished that pitcher off and she asked me if I wanted to try something crazy for old time sakes I said ok what she wanted to inject our pussies with a mussle relaxant and see how wide it opens it up she's done it once before but it would be way more fun to do it together she even offered to do hers first so I could see how it was done there's 2 injections one on just each side of the pussy hole I said ok sounds very interesting she got up came back with no pants or panties on a towel with 4 syringes and a bottle she sits on the kitchen table her ass hanging over a bit puts 2 chairs apart for her feet spreading her legs wide wipes her pussy with an alcohol wipe fills 2 syringes with one hand she spreads her lips apart and with one swift motion she puts the needle in empties it and pulls it out and she didn't even flinch much does the other side and says ok get those pants of its your turn I was so turned on and nervous getting up on the table my heart was pounding as she knelt down infront of me between the chairs she wiped my wet cunt off with a towel before it could be wiped with the alcohol wipe I laid back on my elbows she spread my lips and in about 10 seconds she was done it didn't hurt a bit it burned a bit but she said it will go away it takes 20 min. or so for it to work we sat down a few minutes later had another pitcher and I could feel my pussy opening up a little sitting there she says jump up on the table again and let's see how it's working she gave me a hand mirror so I could position it to see my pussy she sits on another chair between my legs spreads my lips starts flicking my clit making me moan shoves 2 fingers all the way in spreads them apart as wide as she can pulls them out and my cunt stayed open she says try to tighten it up and I couldn't it just laid there open even my lips were sagging then 3 fingers went in then 4 fingers in sideways all the way rubbing my clit with her thumb was no problem when she pulls them out it didn't close up at all a gush of juice running out my gapped cunt dripping on the floor she moved back so I could see how big it was it was hanging there open enough I could see my cervix I try to tighten it up but nothing moves but my clit she says let my try to get my fist in there then it's your turn to open mine ok I said I could feel everything as she tucks her thumb behind her fingers and slowly pushes it in deeper and deeper I couldn't feel any resistance as it just slips right inside I loose control and start orgasming it was a totally different one my cunt usually closes up tight around what ever in it instead it just made a lot of slurping noises as she pulled it in and out don't get me wrong I came very hard and long after I calmed down she finally pulled her fist out then she shows me 4 fingers out flat in sideways spread and pulled out with no resistance usually my cunt is tight after a great orgasm then I found out we had enough of a dose to last a good 12 hours when I got off the table and stood up I could feel cool air going up my cunt juices still dripping out I reach down and feel my open cunt I put 4 fingers in it and have room to move them around pull them out my cunt makes a gushing sound as air rushes in she gets on the table I waste no time as she spreads for me I forgot what a nice pussy and asshole she has I lean over and kiss her clit gently over and over until I flick it with my tongue a few times swelling it up getting her wet I stop and I part her lips and I start pushing 4 fingers in it was so wet they fell right in I turned them from side to side as deep as I could pulled them out and there it was open a couple of inches across I put my hands together palms out put my first 2 fingers on each hand in and shoved all 4 fingers in deep then started to pull my hands apart it would stretch as far as I pulled it I could see her cervix convulsing oozing juices then without warning I pulled out and shoved my entire hand in made a fist inside her then pull my clenched fist out as she moans begging for more I shoved my fist back in started to work some fingers in her asshole with my other hand and I lean down lock my lips on her clit I have 3 fingers deep in her asshole her pussy is frothing wet as I fist sucking her clit biting it fairly hard until she has a multiple orgasm I counted at least 3 after she composed herself I pull my fingers and fist out giving her aftershocks making her twitch she lay there her cunt was gapped at least 3 to 4 inches across all red she couldn't make it close either mine felt like it was hanging down to my knees I bent over the table took a look from behind with the mirror all I could see was my lips wide apart my camel toe was gone my cunt still gapped a couple inches apart still she finally got off the table it was covered in juices that had ran off the table and dripped on the floor making a puddle of our juices she cleaned up our mess we sat down and we're talking about it when I asked her if she had ever tried it on her asshole she said no she would love to try it but she has no more syringes but she has my number now and she'll let me know when she gets some more we got dressed I shoved my underwear up my cunt to stop the oozing since I can't close it sat around had another drink said good bye for now when I got home I found some huge thing I thought I would never think of putting in my cunt I shoved my fist in and walked around looking for things to put in I put a wine bottle big end in a baseball bat an aluminum one 3 baseballs at once stand up spread my legs squat down and push them out I walked around with 2 in I could feel them moving around inside me I had an orgasm a fantastic one as I walked up and down my hallway I tried a softball but wouldn't quite go I could get my hand in so deep I could stick my middle finger in my cervix hole move it around releasing it juices giving me an orgasm that would make me shutter for several minutes at a time I would have a massive orgasm and since my cunt muscle was still relaxed it didn't lose any sensitivity it was always ready to cum again I fucked myself silly for the next 5 hours I got in the shower shoved my shower head up it and let hot water fill it up until it would pour out I held it in for 5 or 6 orgasms at the end I had to put a towel in my bed when I laid down some water must have gotten in my womb I lay on my back pull my knees up and apart and I was rubbing my clit and any pressure I put on my lower belly would make water shoot out my still open cunt it didn't take me long to cum a couple more times and no more water would come out I changed the soaked towel laid down rubbed one more off before I fell sound asleep the first thing I did when I woke up next morning was clench my cunt muscle and felt it tighten up reached down to feel my camel toe was back I could stick 2 fingers in and clamp tightly around them again there was a big damp spot on the towel from it oozing all night the only thing I could see in the mirror was a couple little bruises where the needle was other than that it was the craziest thing I've ever done can't wait to try my asshole stay tuned for that

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We are looking for a DOM man to train my wife here in Medina, Ohio on the weekends

Avatar Username: medinakinkygirl4u
Date: 03-Aug-2016 19:19:32
Mood: horny

Submissive wifeWe are very real and very serious about everything posted here. We are both str8, clean and std free. She is also baby safe. it is impossible for her to get pregnant. she is free on most Friday and or Saturday evenings for as long as you want her.We want to find a str8, clean and std free man that is at least 8 long ,, but more is better. We want a very dominant and aggressive man to seriously fuck the hell out of her. get her at sub girl 4 sex at ya hoo. You must be able to CUM to Medina, Ohio for the first time that you fuck her. If things go good the first time. Then  I will drop her off anyplace that you want her on other weekends and you can have her for just a few hours.  Or you can keep her over night if you would like that. We are both str8, clean and std free. You must be also.wife for you to fuck

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Avatar Username: hornycouple8485
Date: 02-Aug-2016 19:09:26
Mood: happy

Hi everyone. We've been long time members and finally got around to uploading verification pics. Check them out when they get approved and our older pics too. Thanks

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Avatar Username: Coatsbill
Date: 28-Jul-2016 17:21:12
Mood: in love

Wife and I went to a winery and had a bottle of good wine last Friday night. The music was good and we danced some. We got home around midnight and went right to bed. It didn't take long and I had her naked. We kissed and with her laying on her back and her legs spread I started gently rubbing her clit with a circle 8 motion. Her juices were starting to flow and I didn't want to miss any of it. I kissed her neck, her tits, her belly, and with my finger as deep into her as I could get it I kissed the very top of her cunt. I was slowly finger fucking her as I started licking and gently chewing on her clit. She was bucking up against my mouth. I pulled my finger out and took her entire cunt into my mouth sticking my tongue deep into her drinking her juices. Out of all the women I've ate my wife has the best tasting cunt still to this day. I licked and sucked and ravaged her. Just before she started to cum I turned around slid my cock all the way into her. That's when the leg cramp hit me. It hurt so bad I jumped out of bed and with a roaring hard cock I was running around the house. Everytime I tried to get back into bed the cramp returned. We never did finish fucking that night. Oh well, next time. I'm seeing g/f Kathy this weekend maybe she will get the wife's cum.

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Upload of vids take to long

Avatar Username: Fun4u22b8
Date: 26-Jul-2016 13:17:43
Mood: disappointed

I would like to know why some of my videos never get put on

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Slut Application

Avatar Username: chuckz73
Date: 23-Jul-2016 18:56:53
Mood: horny

1. What is your name? Full name is not necessary.

2. Are you single, Married, or attached?

3. How old are you?

4. Where are you located? Closest intersection of major streets.

5. How much do you weigh? How tall are you?

6. What is your Hair color, style?

7. Are you flat-chested, or busty?

8. Do you do any drugs? If so please indicate which. (420 etc)

9. Do you drink alcohol? What is your favorite drink?

10. Do you have any STDs? If so what..

11. Are you OK with having your picture or video taken when having sex?

12. Are you willing to send nude selfies of yourself to me?

13. What is your favorite sexual position? And why?

14. What time of the day do you normally play? When are you available?

15. Can you host? Very important, I can not host...

16. Are you on birth control? If so what form of birth control do you use?

17. Do you like role playing? If so what roles do you want to play?

18. Do you shave or are you all natural?

19. Are you willing to go commando and where a short skirt for my viewing pleasure?

20. Do you like oral sex, Giving and receiving?

21. Do you talk dirty during sex?

22. Do you like being tied up?

23. Do you masturbate? and How often.

24. Do you squirt?

25. Do you produce lots of lube during sex?

26. Are you willing to have sex without condoms?

27. Do you like it when a man cums inside your pussy? If so what do you like about it?

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up tight wife looking for help

Avatar Username: aveo30hotmail
Date: 19-Jul-2016 00:32:12
Mood: other

looking for help to turn my up tight wife into a sex slave or a slut. eather way this is going to happen. have to get her back into sex and not a stuck bitch she has turned into over the past 7 years

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Saturday night!

Avatar Username: num1scamp
Date: 12-Jul-2016 16:01:53
Mood: happy

          Attended Johnny's Brother's wedding reception as Johnny's date. I removed my wedding rings at his request, (He said his Mother wouldn't understand), but still wore my slave ring, husband will understand. I wore a classy Ivory lace dress, sexy but very appropriate. Johnny was pleased with what I had picked. It was a pretty mixed affair racially. It did feel strange being in the room with 10 men who had used me sexually in every way possible just hours ago, but it did make my pussy wet. I had a chance to dance with all of them throughout the night, and was pleased to get to know them better. They were all very complimentary to me, and very discreet when fondling me a bit. I found out two were teachers, two were policeman, a counselor, a school principal, two owned their own businesses, and two worked in computers as do I. I also found out that Cherise was married to "Big Ed", who had fucked me with the biggest cock there last night. He's a school principal, with a 12" cock, I was glad actually that he hadn't wanted to fuck me in the ass. He's really a great guy, 6'4" of hard muscle. I got a lot of business cards and phone numbers given to me by the guys.  I was both embarassed and horny dancing with guys who had seen and used me at my sluttiest, but really enjoyed myself. Johnny couldn't wait until we got home and had me suck him off in the parking lot. He spent the night with me at our home. I was still a little sore from the night before, but he was careful, and still fucked me well, he can really eat pussy well too. Sunday my husband arrived home and he was thrilled with a photo album I gave him.


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Friday night.

Avatar Username: num1scamp
Date: 11-Jul-2016 16:10:15
Mood: in love


      Johnny had sent me a package during the week, it contained a white Wicked Weasal bikini. The note simply said your attire for friday, Johnny. It was the smallest bikini I'd ever seen. I had to totally shave my pussy since the bottom just covered my vulva. The top was two strips of cloth tha barely covered my nipples. I Threw on some heels and wore a very short sundress as a cover-up to drive to his home on Friday night where the bachelor party was being held. He has a lovely home on a lake, with a privacy fence, a hot tub and a pool as well. When I arrived, Johnny greeted me with a hug and a kiss and thanked me for coming. He intorduced me to my fellow hostess, her name was Cherise. She was a lovely black lady, with long straight hair, 36 c breasts, thin and very pretty. She was wearing a bikini identical to mine.  Johnny instructed us to meet the guests at the door, lead them to the pool area, and get them a drink. When all the guests had arrived, he said we'd help to get the party in full swing. There were to be a total of 10 men at the party including Johnny. It was a beautiful night and the weather was perfect. He also had full buffet and bar set up by the pool. Johnny's brother was the last to arrive, I kissed him a the door and led him to the pool to his seat as the guest of honor. He squeezed my breast and said thanks baby.  Johnny made a short speech concluding with this is my brothers last night of freedom, so let's give him something to remember. the music started and cherise and I started dancing and teasing him. Cherise was climbing on him like he was a cheap ladder. I kissed his shaved head and rubbed my tits on it. He pulled me around and had both of us on his lap. He pulled my left breast out and started sucking on my nipple, then he suck on Cherises tits, switching back and forth between us. Cherise took his cock out and was stroking it. Johnny yelled out to the men that these ladies need some encouragement. Let's make sure they treat him right. A very tall black man came for and stuffed some bills in my crotch. Treat that man's cock right baby he said. I got on my knees and starting sucking his cock. I removed his pants and underwear, I soon had Johnny's brother's cock to it's full 10" and it was as hard as a rock. As I was sucking his balls, Cherise began to lower herself on his cock. She started fucking him and he pulled me to my feet. He kissed me as he fucked Cherise, she sucked my tit as he fucked her. He told me, your next baby, but I want your ass. I'm gonna fuck your white ass good. I'm gonna make sure you do darlin', I said. Johnny came and grabbed me and started dancng with me, soon I was surrounded with a group of hot good looking black guys dancing and rubbing against me. They were all grabbing feels of my ass, tits and pussy, and my little crotch piece was bulging with money stuffed in it. I wound up being passed from man to man, and I sucked each of their cocks to hardness like the greedy slut I am. I heard one ask Johnny, where'd you find this  white bitch? She's the best cocksucker 've ever had. I've been fucking her for years he said, and Ive got to agree, I love the way she handles cock. You can tell she really loves it. Johnny took me to a chaise lounge and his brother approached me, time for your ass fuck baby he said. He kissed me and told me to assume the position. I got on my hands and knees on the lounger with my ass towards him. Give that big black cock Darlin', I said.  As he slowly slipped that huge cock in my ass his friends starting cheering. Fuck that bitch. Show her how a black man fucks. Fuck that slut, make her your whore. Fuck me Daddy, I cried, fuck me hard, I'm your bitch for tonight. I had a beautiful jet black cock shoved in front of my face as he fucked me. I took it in my mouth gatefully, I soon had a cock in each hand as they fucked me from front and rear. I was moaning as I sucke the cock in my mouth. I could feel Johnny's brothers' cock swell And he filled me ass with his cum. It made me have a huge orgasm as I felt tha hot cum. My orgasm triggered the guy in my mouth and he shot so much cum in my mouth I couldn't swallow it all. I was flipped over on my back, and someone entered my pussy fully in one push.  Another cock filled my mouth, and I was soon stroking two more. I spent over an hour on that lounger, sometimes with a cock in my ass and pussy simultaneously while I sucked a cock as well. Them came in me, and on me. Johnny finally came over and said whoa, this girl needs a break. My face and breasts were covered with cum, when I stood up cum was dripping from my holes. I had cum so many times myself I could barely stand. Johnny took me in the house and got me a drink, he told me to relax. Take a shower, and come back to the party if I felt like it. I washed up, did my makeup and hair, and felt much better. My pussy was throbbing, I still wanted more cock. I went back to the party wearing just my heels, no use at modesty now. Johnny asked if I was ok, I said I will be once you fuck your slut some more. I could see Cherise had taken my place on the lounger, she looked busy. Johnny took me to a couch, as he kissed me I stroked him until he was fully hard and I sat on his cock facing him. He thanked me and told me what a geat slut I was. I thanked him and told him I was glad he invited me. I came again as Johnny filled me with his cum. I got off him, kneeled down and cleaned his cock and balls with my tongue. Then I stood up and yelled "Anybody got some cock for me"?

      I slept at Johnny's that night, a thoroughly well fucked and satisfied slut. Many of the men at the party asked me out, but I told them all the same thing. If they wanted to see me again they had to ask Johnny, I was his slut. My husband will be proud. I admit I was a little scared of going to the bachelor party, but I'm really glad I did. I'll never forget that night.



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Re:July 6th

Avatar Username: num1scamp
Date: 11-Jul-2016 13:04:55
Mood: horny

            As ordered I met Sir Johnny and his brother at a very nice restaurant in Birmingham. i was dressed as he requested and throughout the dinner he and his brother both kissed, teased, and played with me shamelessly. Sliding their hands in and out of my dress, feeling my breasts, and fingering my pussy as they pleased. They made me cum twice during our dinner. I'm sure the other diners must have thought I was some hooker they had purchased. My orgasms couldn't have gone unnoticed, I know one for sure didn't as our waiter was standing at our table when it happened. He had truly made me feel like his slut all thru dinner. As the valet brought our cars, I stood between he and his brother and they both held me and fondled my breasts and ass in public in front of the restaurant. Two virile black men and their white whore.


      I rode with Johnny in my car and his brother followed. Sir Johnny told me he wanted his brother to enjoy me fully, and he wanted to use me in our playroom so we went back to my house. As he drove he orderded me to expose my breasts for him and I pulled my dress back and faced him with them exposed. He then had me show him how wet I was by putting my fingers in my pussy and then he had me lick the juices off of them.  He unzipped his pants and said, you know what to do.  I pulled his beautiful black cock out and started making love ot it with my mouth. I do love Johnny's cock, I sucked him well and tried to make him cum, but he has too much control. We pulled up to my house, and he made me walk to the door with my tits out. I hope none of the neighbors were watching. When we were inside he and his brother stripped me in the foyer. He instructed me to meet them in our playroom and to bring a bottle of wine. I went to my bedroom and freshened up, put on a pair of black seamed nylons, a leather slave collar, and 6" heels. I got a bottle of wine and went down to the playroom.

       I entered the room, and poured them both a glass of wine and kneeled before Master Johnny. He told me to pick out a flogger and present it to him, and I did. He then in structed me to suck his brothers nigger dick, and I immediately got it out and went to work on it, as I felt it grow in my mouth my slutty pussy started to drip. Sir Johnny began working my ass with the flogger warming my cheeks as I worked on his brothers cock. He told me to swallow it, I tried but his brother is 10" and thick and I failed on my first try to get it all. He whipped my ass hard and I did manage to swallow him, Johnny then rubbed my ass as I sucked his brothers cock and began shooting lube in my ass, I knew what was coming next. He slowly slid his thick 9" cock onto my ass as I sucked his brother and told what a good white slut I was . He made me tell his brother how much I love Black Dick and how I'm his slut. I told his brother I'm Johnny's white whore and I'll do anything for him, fuck anybody for him, do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, I love his beautiful cock. His brother soon erupted in my mouth as Johnny pounded my ass with his cock.  They chained me up and then took turns using me as they wished for several hours. I came many times and they had me beggin them to fuck me over and over as they worked on me.

        After the play room, we were relaxing in my living room having a drink as Sir Johnny told me that may have been my brother's last piece of white ass. He's getting married Saturday. I have a favor of you to ask, he said. I know I could order you to do it, but I won't. I want you to entertain and help out at his bachelor party. It'll be at my home, there will be a total of 10 men there and one other woman. I'm not asking you to be there as my slave but to help serve the men and entertain, as of now there will be one other woman there. I said, you know my husband will still be out of town, if I do this, his rules still apply. We've been friends for years and I'd love to do this for you and your brother, but you've got to promise me you won't let things get out of hand. Johnny said whatever you do will be totally up to you, you won't be serving as my slut, I just would like you to help me give my brother a night to remember. I went and sat on his brothers lap. I kissed him deeply. His cum was dripping out of my pussy as I did. I said, I promise you if I'm the last white girl you have, you're gonna remember it. He laughed and said I know I will.


to be continued...........

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Long & interesting

karine: karine karine
Views: 0
duration 08:06
from jcp1958
Couple, 97y.o.

Meneo de caderas y p... Meneo de caderas y p...
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duration 13:59

Real ama de casa frondosa meneando caderas con firmes nalgotas y exube...
wife friend: wife fr... wife friend
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duration 13:37
from alternator944

wife friend

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