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Pam and her Thsis Advisor Part 2

Avatar Username: joverde
Date: 18-Jan-2017 20:09:59
Mood: horny


Her tale of her first sex with Professor Jack really had me aroused and curious about her affair with him. I was a little perplexed by the fact that she would get romantically and sexually involved with her professor but I wrote it off that she was emotionally vulnerable at the time and not in complete control of her life. I think I was more pissed off that Jack would take advantage of her vulnerability.  We didn’t talk about it again until a few weeks later. I had come to DC for an engagement party that her friend Beth gave for us at her house and were staying in her guest room because we were too drunk to drive back to Pam’s house.  All during the party we had been sneaking off to grope each other and we were both ready to make love. I slowly undressed her, kissing and caressing each bit of her smooth skin as I did. She was very aroused and virtually tore my clothes off when I had removed her last bit of clothing, her black lace bikini panties. She sat on the edge of the bed with her legs apart, leaned back on her elbows and said, “Fuck me now!”


I moved between her legs and was about to insert my raging hard on into her when she stopped me cold and said, “Don’t you have a rubber?”


I answered, “They’re in my suitcase at your house. I really don’t need one anyway. We’re getting married next week and I don’t care if you get pregnant. Do you?”


She started to cry hysterically. ”What’s wrong?” I asked.


“I wanted to tell you this before the first time we made love.” She murmured. “I have herpes! I got it from Jack. Up until now you have always used a condom, so I didn’t have to tell you. I can’t let you make love to me without one. I love you too much to give it to you. I didn’t know how to tell you. I was afraid you would leave me.”


The words stopped me cold and it felt like I had just been punched in the stomach. For a couple of seconds I couldn’t speak.  When I finally could, I cursed her. “You conniving slut! How could you not tell me something like that.  What else is there? I need to know now!”


My words and tone shocked her and her hysterics stopped. She had never seen my anger before. She looked up at me with pleading eyes and asked. “What do you want to know? I told you that I have done some really slutty things and that I wish I had saved myself for you.  Will you still marry me if I tell you everything?”


I shot back, “I don’t know but I won’t marry you if you don’t tell me! I have to be able to trust you. If I can’t, there is no use going through with it.”


She looked at me almost defiantly, “Are you sure you want to know. There’s a lot to tell. Where should I start? Do you want to know my complete sexual history right now?” she said almost taunting me.


At that moment, I was obsessed with her and Jack. “Start with Jack. What else did you do with him? You told me about the first time. I need to know the rest.”


She acquiesced to my anger and began, “I only told you part of my first time with Jack. I told you how he ‘snowballed’ me with his cum and made me swallow it. What I didn’t tell you was that right after that he took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom and gently caressed me and made love to me. It was a Friday night and we didn’t leave his place until Sunday evening. He treated me like a queen. He fixed breakfast in bed in the morning after he made love to me. We gave each other massages and luxuriated in each other’s bodies all weekend. After the hell I had been going through with Dave, I was in heaven. I didn’t want to leave on Sunday.  As he drove me back to my car on Sunday night, Jack said, ’We have to be careful about being seen together. I could lose my position if the Dean finds out I’m involved with another of one my students.’


 “It was then that I realized how vulnerable I was to him. I had fallen in love with him but he did not seem to want to make a commitment to me. I was just another piece of tail to him. I responded to him.  ‘Jack, I love you and want to be with you. I will do anything to be with you!’


“‘Anything?’ he asked.


“‘Yes! I love you and want to be a part of your life and want you to be part of mine.”


“Just then we arrived at my car in the campus parking lot and I was gripped by the fear that this would be the end of it. I was afraid that he would just drop me off and I was just a weekend fling, so I did something stupid. I leaned over, unzipped him and gave him a blowjob right there in the car. He came in my mouth after about 30 seconds and this time I did not have to be told to swallow. He was surprised by my eagerness to please him and said in his sarcastic tone of voice, ‘I like you. You’re a fast learner.’”


 “You gave him a blow job right there in the parking lot?” I asked interrupting her. I couldn’t help thinking about the great blowjob she gave me in my office when she came up to my place in Jersey a few weeks earlier. It was the first and only time in my life that I actually came during a blowjob. I knew that she was a great cocksucker but I also knew that it was not her favorite thing to do, so I was more than a little surprised that she would do it in plain view of anyone walking by.


She looked at me and continued, “I got bolder and asked Jack, ‘When will I see you again?’


“’When do you have class this week?’ he asked.


“’Not until Thursday night but I have study sessions with some friends tomorrow and Wednesday.’


“’Good!’ he said leerily. ‘Can you come to my place after the session tomorrow night?’


“’It may be late, but if that’s all right I’ll be there a little after ten.’ I responded a bit too eagerly.


“‘See you tomorrow night then!’ and with that he got out of the car and walked me over to my car. When we got to it we both looked around to see if there was anyone nearby and seeing no one we exchanged a brief kiss and as we broke it off, we secretly groped each other.”


I was still more than a little pissed about the "coitus interruptus" but I was simultaneously intrigued by the spell that Jack had seemed to have put her under and aroused by her tale. "Did you go to his place the next night?" I asked.


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Me Amy saying hi

Avatar Username: John/Amy
Date: 13-Jan-2017 20:17:54
Mood: horny

Hello everyone I am Amy my husband John wanted me to get on here and say a few words. I see that my husband has told you about me being into black men since the mid 90s, yes I was 23 years old and Willis was 45 years old. What he did not tell you was that that night Willis took me on the conference room table at work was that he also impregnated me that night, and yes my first child was with my black lover not my husband. Now my husband New I was a bit of a slut especially for guys with big cocks, because the first night I met my husband it wasn't 30 minutes and I had his cock in my mouth sucking it. And after John and my best friend Dana's boyfriend had left I call my boyfriend at the time up and told him it was over. So if there is anything you would like to know about us just feel free to ask. So goodbye for now can't wait to hear from you love John/ and black cock slut Amy.

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Just a bit about ourselves

Avatar Username: John/Amy
Date: 11-Jan-2017 20:11:56
Mood: in love

Hi, I'm John. me and my wife Amy would like to share a little bit about ourselves. Me (John) I stand 5'11" tall, I have an average build, I have short brown hair, and blue eyes. Amy stands 5'2" tall, and is average build with a few curves, she has long brown hair, and has beautiful green eyes. Amy has 42D breast. This January 24 me and Amy will be married for 27 years, I started sharing Amy in 1994 with one of her coworkers. Amy went to work at an office cleaning place, after about a week working there she came home one night and told me that there was a black guy that worked with her that constantly flirted and touched on her, I told her to report him to her supervisor but she did not want to get trouble started and she's only been there a week. Amy had decided to not worry about it and I wasn't worried about it because I knew my wife could handle herself, but as the weeks went by this guy got more and more bolder. About a month later Amy came home and told me that she was bent over a conference room table and her coworker came up behind her and pushed his cock against her ass, I asked her what did she do and she tell me she didn't do anything she just froze there, she said the next thing she knew he grabbed her shoulders and lean down and whispered into her ear. ( I know you want this black cock Amy.) after that night our sex lives changed and I started to incorporate this black guy bending my wife over a table and fucking her. I found the more I talked about this black guy fucking her she would get extremely wet, so one night as we was having sex I told her I would love to fuck her pussy after her black coworker got done fucking her. The next morning as we was eating breakfast Amy asked me if I truly wanted her to have sex with that black coworker prayer The next morning as we was eating breakfast Amy asked me if I truly wanted her to have sex with that black coworker, I told her that it did not matter to me it was all up to her and that I would love her no matter what. At 11:30 pm that night Amy came home from work dropped her purse on The floor climbed on my lap and started kissing me, and after a long passionate kiss. She told me that she let him take her at first I could not believe it and then she tells me that she was in the conference room he came in and as he walked up behind her she said she told him if he was going to do it and be a man and do it and she said the next thing she knew her pants was on the floor and his cock was inside her pussy. I asked her why did she think about it and she told me that he had the biggest cop she had ever seen or felt, after that night her coworker Willis would come home with her two or three times a week and I would get to watch him fuck her.

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My shy Reluctant wife. Part five ...All True)

Avatar Username: cuckjuice
Date: 10-Jan-2017 01:46:03
Mood: other
Music: Cool Dock on the Bay etc

After a long absence am back to carry on my memories that luckily I wrote in a diary after it happened and I find it amazing how many small details I had forgotten.

Our new friend that we had met only a few hours ago stood naked and close with his prick right in front of her face.                                                                                                                                 , As I stood in the doorway I thought ''Fuck it, I can't drive home because although I had not drunk as much as my wife and him going upstairs realised I must be close to the limit. Silently cursing myself because now sated all I wanted to do was to take my wife home to bed,our bed and just be on our own to finish off a memorable evening.

I moved positioning myself behind him enabling me to see my wife and catch her eye indicating I was tired....my mind jumping about wondering how this was going to work out and feeling too akward to ask if we could stay the night but wanting to be on my own with my love.

He was a real gentleman realising the situation asking us if we would like to stay the night also saying there was no strings attatched. Thus saying he vanished upstairs to make bed and put some sheets/duvet in the one of the spare bedrooms.

I cuddled my sparkling eyed wife and when we kissed her tongue filled my mouth and she grabbed my limp damp cock and tugged playfully giggling when I jerked because it bloody well wasn't exactly gentle. She was pretty drunk and asked for a glass of water so I left her on the couch and went to the kitchen. I had to  hunt for where the glasses were and when I got back into the lounge he was back looking on as she wiped her swimming pussy with a tissue, sat on the edge of the couch,knees shamlessly wide apart, up on her toes wiping her glistening swollen cunt.

He being naked did not try to hide how he felt because his cock although aroused before grew stiff and rigid as a bar of steel, he wrapped his hands around himself starting to wank.                                       ''Well look what you have done, who would need Viagra with you around'' he smiled as he spoke carrying on fisting himself.

Butslurring her words told him we would have to sleep, she was tired but for some reason I heard myself say that I would go on up and she should give him a goodnight kiss. So saying I left the room after asking him directions to bed.

I crawled naked into bed and waited for my honey brown skinned darling.... I wondered if he was feeling her up. Gradually realisation dawned this was turning me on. Part of me still wanted my wife to come,press herself against me, let me lick her out, whisper to each other about what had just happened. HOWEVER....

My cock grew and I caressed myself, thoughts running riot as i played back what had happened, remembering how her tits had jiggled as he fucked her, how as I held her in my arms her her body jerked with his thrusting. How her groans and squelchy wet fucking filled the otherwise silent room.

Her fingers digging in his white ass urging,demanding. My shy reluctant wife now hungry and shameless. 

IT WILL BE OF INTEREST to disclose after that night she wa sa changed woman...outwardly still the same but in private she making no bones about wanting regular fucking sessions with him. DRESSING FOR HIM IN A VARIETY OF EROTIC UNDERWEAR AND SEXY CLOTHES. He either at our house weekends and weekdays or us at his with her sleeping in between us

Aroused and waiting, my imagination running riot but also a apprehension about the love of my life in this situation and feeling worried because she was drunk and that in the cold light of morning this might make her resentful.

I crept back down having a strange feeling that I was snooping, crazy mixed up I suppose that my beautiful loving wife has been manipulated by me and only the drink had enabled all that had took place.

I stood in the doorway with goosebumps all over partly from the cold upstairs room but also from what was going after around ten minutes of waiting for her to come upstairs.

She was on a duvet that had been spread out on the carpet, face down on her knees with a big pile of soft cushions under her belly and one for her head. Ass in the air stripped naked, even her stockings off now with him tounging and probing her small puckered arse with his tongue. They didnt notice me, her eyes were closed but the way she was gripping the cushion her head rested on showed she was far from sleepy. He lapped long regular strokes along her ass crack every now and then hovering on the centre.


Sorry folks I am off to bed,it is late and this has made me randy so hope my dearest reponds and opens her legs for me...but she went to bed late so maybe not. The Khyber Pass is looming big in my mind. HMMM

(those of you may not know KHYBER PASS is Cockney rhyming slang for ass)





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Being blocked from friends profiles

Avatar Username: blackhat1
Date: 09-Jan-2017 10:08:27
Mood: horny

I don't know how many of you have this problem but I have to users that are on my friends list that when I try to message the the site tells me that I've been blocked or blacklisted. One of the users and I have been emailing and he says he didn't block me, and he's still emailing me so what gives? The other user and I had just started messaging when this happened. So anyone that has contact with Phantom84 please let her know that I've been trying to message her, and if she can to message me. I've contacted the adminastrators but no awnser yet. Thanks for letting me bitch. And if someone can get my message to Phantom84, I be forever in your debt.

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latin couple

Avatar Username: javv
Date: 07-Jan-2017 19:09:47
Mood: horny

latin married couple here seeking for a nice, cool, gentleman black partner for real meeting on vacations trip..send message if you are blk and nice.. add on skype:  gerrard.matus

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best pusy ever and best ass ever

Avatar Username: hankers
Date: 04-Jan-2017 18:05:43
Mood: horny
Music: something soft like both kay's pussies

both Kay's have the hottest pussies and ass and also give wonderful blow jobs and swallows every last drop and always want more. If you see either of them make a date and go to heaven.

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Hubby a orders

Avatar Username: clubba999
Date: 03-Jan-2017 13:17:58
Mood: in love

We went to a friends for drinks over the festive period , a couple early forties , we had been friends sometime and about 6 years ago a female friend of mine was having an affair with this guy. Long story short he had message me about sleeping with him too, I had said no and I told his wife , Well my hubby also knew about this so things have been normal . After a bite to eat and drinks flowing a comment was made about my tits being big and in your face the boys were getting louder and we just giggled at them then I went off to the loo , as I came out my hubby pulled me close kissed me and said I was going to enjoy my night now and reached under my dress pulling my knickers off stuffing them in his pocket . We went back into the lounge area where Lee was sat on the sofa at one end and Lorraine opposite hubby put me in the middle of himself and Lee and we had few more drinks and the comments were getting naughty did I struggle to get bras that support my fine tits are my nipples big , even Lorraine joined in saying I looked great on sun beds . Then hubby told me to show them were all friends Lorraine will show hers to which she smiled at me and next thing I have lee holding my bare tits feeling my nipples as the others watched . Lorraine came over next to my hubby sitting by our feet and I noticed hubby was feeling her Lee had my back to him reaching round showing off squeezing my tits when hubby said if you reach down you will find she normally doesn't wear panties either , I froze Lorraine lent forward lifted my dress and exclaimed it true her pussy is bare hubby laughed and Lee pushed me off his lap got round in front of me and pulled my dress up saying I had a sweet pussy pulling me forward on the sofa . Things happened so fast Lorraine touched my pussy lips and hubby lent over to kiss me saying enjoy baby and at that point I felt Lee between my legs I knew what the next thing was . And yes I felt his hard cock at my wet hole hubby moved back and with a push he was inside me the man I said no too was groping me tits with a very hard cock in me fucking me as my hubby looked on , at this point Lorraine undid hubbys trousers and released his cock I watched as she started blowing him it was so hot to watch as I had Lees thick cock deep in me he lent forward kissed me and told me to help his wife I should have both in me I deserve it . Tbc I lent sideways on sofa so I could suck with Lorraine and Lee took full advantage to throw one leg over his shoulder and rammed himself deep in me , it felt amazing along with hubby twisting and pulling my nipples I was cumming all the time lee moved me to doggy so he could grab my tits and hair as hubby was saying how wild I can be at this point lee noticed how big hubby was and told Lorraine to ride him and drain his balls and my hubbys reply was unload in Tina and see her squirt she loves it , at which point he started pounding me faster and deeper until he said fuck Tina I'm filing you up and cum deep in me squashing my tits with his big hands , I buckled and convulsed creaming all over the place and hubby told Lorraine he was cumming and stuffed her full too.

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Avatar Username: blackhat1
Date: 29-Dec-2016 03:10:46
Mood: horny

I know I'm not the first to say it, but the reason we post pics, vids, forum threads is because we want you to comment. It's kind of fucked up when something you posted has 350 views and only 3 comments. So come on people make a comment, good, bad, or other. Hell tell the women that you want to treat them like a whore, or whatever, and if you can't comment because your not a member, sign up, it's free.  Matt & lil Slut Wife

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Pam and Her Thesis Advisor

Avatar Username: joverde
Date: 26-Dec-2016 06:14:24
Mood: horny


I was posting some photos to the internet the other day when I found one on my computer of Pam wearing a blue string-bikini. She once told me that the photo was taken by one of her ex-lovers on the beach at Ocean City, MD. From things she has told me, things I have heard from others and some of his letters to her, I have surmised that she had a torrid affair with this guy right after her second divorce.


When Pam and I first met, her sister Katrina told me that Pam was really hurt by a relationship with an egomaniacal jerk, who dominated her life and abused her emotionally.  When I asked Katrina for more details, she said, “Pam will have to tell you about it.”


We were in the bedroom when I asked Pam about it a few days later. Her eyes teared-up and she said, ”I love you and I wish I had met you a long time ago. I have done some really stupid things. I wish I had saved myself for you.”


She started to sob and I put my arms around her and she nestled into me hugging me back. “Will it help to talk about it?” I asked and we sat on the bed.


“I am so ashamed that I let myself be used by him but I was so vulnerable at the time and he was so strong and I just let him take over my life. My ex husband, Dave was an alcoholic and at the end I was making all the decisions and doing everything to try to save our marriage. He couldn’t keep a job and refused to take any position that he thought was beneath him. He knew what he wanted to do and even though there were only a handful of those jobs and he wasn’t that good, he wouldn’t settle for something more marketable. I had long since realized that my Fine Arts degree wasn’t going to pay the bills and had taken secretarial work here in DC wherever I could find it. I decided to go back to grad school and get a Masters.  It was there that I met Jack. He was my thesis advisor and after a couple of meetings about my studies I opened up to him about my personal life I told him that I was getting a divorce and needed to change careers so that I could support myself.  He was very sympathetic and offered some advice on how to handle the situation at home.


“On the evening that Dave moved out, I had a class and was clearly in a funk.  Afterwards, I passed Jack in the hall and he asked why I seemed so sad. I told him that Dave had moved out and he offered to take me out for a drink. We walked to a local bar and started to talk. The band started up and it got noisy and we could hardly hear each other. After a couple of drinks he suggested that we go somewhere quieter. He drove to his townhouse and he poured us drinks. We sat on his sofa and talked for a while. I remember what happened next so vividly that it’s as though it just happened.  When I stood up to leave, I was a little tipsy and said, ‘I feel so naughty coming to your place. You are my advisor. What will people think if they find out?’


 “He put his hands on my waist and gave me an innocent peck on the lips and looking into my eyes he replied, ‘I don’t care what people think. You are my student and you are going through a difficult situation. I am only trying to help you.’


“I melted into him and pulled him closer burying my head in his chest and began to cry. He held me close and started to soothe me by running his hands over my shoulders and back and lightly caressing my neck. I looked up at his eyes and offered him my lips, he bent down and accepted them, and we kissed very passionately for a few minutes. I couldn’t understand it but my sorrow and grief over my marriage ending had turned to lust. Jack was aroused too. He was 6 ft 3 in, almost a foot taller than me and I could feel his erection starting at my belly button and poking into my ribs. My god!  He felt so big. Our lips separated and he nuzzled my neck and ears. We had lost control of our bodies. His fingers undid and removed my blouse and his head moved down to suck my left nipple through my bra. It felt wonderful and as his tongue wet the fabric the feeling intensified. I remember shuddering. I actually had an orgasm. While he was doing that my fingers had loosened his belt and undid his pants and my hand slid down his boxers and I pulled his dick out, rubbing over the head of his dick and up and down his shaft.  A couple of minutes after my “nipplegasm”, I felt him stiffen, moan and his semen spurted on my hands and blouse. Then he did something totally unexpected.  He took my hand and licked all his cum off my fingers and immediately bent down and kissed me deeply depositing his cum in my mouth. I looked up him with a puzzled expression not knowing what he wanted me to do with the load in my mouth. ‘Do you like the taste?’ he asked in a sarcastic tone.


 I shook my head no. I still didn’t know what to do.


“‘Swallow it!’ he ordered almost angrily and despite my revulsion at the idea, I complied.


“All of this happened while we were standing up. I couldn’t believe how fast he had started to dominate me. I don’t know why I’m telling you all of this. You must think I am a real slut.” she said and started sobbing again.”


I was more than a little shocked but I comforted her by saying, “I love you for what you are now. We have all done things we regret. I’d like to hear more.”


“Not now,” she said, “I get too upset when I think about those times.”


What I didn’t tell her was that while she was relating her tale I was sporting a raging hard-on hearing it. She must have known though because we immediately started to kiss passionately and had intense sex. I almost think that she enjoyed telling me as much as I enjoyed hearing about her past escapades. We would have several more of these conversations and they always ended up with us pleasuring one another.


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Couple, 46y.o.

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