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The Plumber

Avatar Username: Lil G
Date: 16-Oct-2015 11:53:12
Mood: happy

I called a plumber the other day, and he made an appointment for yesterday, Thursday. They said they'd be over sometime between 12 and 4. Around 1 the guy called and said he'd be here in an hour, so I took a shower, but he got here early, so I only had a robe on. They sent a young guy, Tony. I showed him the problem, leaky faucets in the tub. He was very nice, and replaced the washers. When I bent over to try them, my robe slid away, and he put his hand up my thigh, and slid it up to my ass, and that was it. I stood up with him behind me, as his hands opened my robe, and slid up to my tits, as I started to grind my ass into his crotch. I turned around, and he started kissing me, his tongue down my throat. I did what any self-respecting slut would. I unbuckled his pants, went straight down to my knees, and started sucking his dick. It was so good...big..he grabbed my head and fucked my mouth as I sucked furiously, right there on the bathroom floor, till he came in my mouth like he hadn't came in a month...spurting over and over, as I swallowed and swallowed..oh my God, it was so good! Oh, I needed that! He just smiled, and left me there, on my knees. He went on into the other bathroom to fix the leaky hot water handle in the walk in shower. While he was in there, I gathered myself, and put on a little sundress, and tried to get serious. But as he came back out of the other bathroom on the way out, he just looked at me and said "no". He smiled, and pushed me into the guest bedroom, bent me over the bed, yanked up the dress, ripped off my panties, and fucked me nice and hard, till he came again. Then just walked out. It was wonderful. Makes me so wet just thinking about it now. This is what I'm here for...

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Avatar Username: sharon696966
Date: 16-Oct-2015 01:07:15
Mood: horny

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Avatar Username: Peter696969
Date: 10-Oct-2015 21:52:35
Mood: lonely

Horny and lonely

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Annoying people.

Avatar Username: bignips
Date: 23-Sep-2015 14:32:20
Mood: disappointed

Getting very annoyed with people who send you a message or make a comment on my gallery, but then never respond to my replies.


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Truck stop fun.

Avatar Username: TXLassy
Date: 06-Sep-2015 15:35:20
Mood: horny

We were on our way home from a concert inCorpus Christidriving along I-37 late at night, I was super horny and was stroking my husbands cock as he started to remove my dress. I was naked sucking on his cock and fingering myself when I noticed my husband was driving along side a simi truck and the driver was watching me suck my husbands cock and finger myself. Instant orgasm.


My husband took the next exit off I-37 and onto HWY 59 and pull into the Flying J truck stop and drove around back with the truck following us. We parked in the back where is was dark and the trucker got out walked up to my side of the van as I spread for him so he had a great view of my pussy as I started sucking my husbands cock again. I heard my husband and the trucker talking but could not understand them. I had a orgasm when the trucker started playing with me and slid a finger in my soaking wet pussy. After my orgasm I noticed the trucker had been stroking his cock and shot on the side of my van.

We drove home and my husband fucked me like crazy.


The next day I was driving home after my yoga class and passed the truck stop where we had played and my pussy got very wet. I could not stop thinking about it and when I got to the next off ramp I pulled right into the truck stop on HWY 72 and drove around back and parked next to some of the trucks. My heart was pounding what was I doing here at 11:00 am and daylight I was alone in my van. My pussy was throbbing my yoga outfit was soaked and I slipped it off my shoulders exposing my breasts. I rolled the windows down feeling the warm air on my tits I was rolling my nipples between my fingers watching my mirrors looking to see if anyone was around. I got braver my pussy was throbbin and pulled the spandex down to my ankles exposing my wet pussy.


I checked the mirrors and kicked off the spandex spreading my legs as I played with my tits and pussy and it did not take me long before I had a huge orgasm. As I climaxed I kept checking my mirrors. My hand was covered in my juices and as I was about to reach for a towel I see a young man walk up the truck parked by my van. He opened his door and started to climb in the truck. I reached forward to try and roll up my window when I noticed he was climbing down and was walking towards my van acting like he was checking his tires.


I was naked and could not reach my clothes, he was now right beside my van and was checking me out when he seen I was naked he walked right up to the door. I was frozen my pussy throbbin as he looked at me, he then asked me if the door was unlocked and I turned around and looked at the side door of my van then turned and looked at him. He smiled and walked around opening the side door and climbed in closing the door.


That young man had a fantastic cock and he made me swallow his first load and fucked me 3 times cumming in me two times.


I got home and showered just before my husband got home.



I have been back to the truck stop 10 times now.

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Ashley Madison Hack Fallout

Avatar Username: bro4xxxfun
Date: 05-Sep-2015 21:02:43
Mood: other

So by now the Ashley Madison website hack is well known. I know some people hate cheaters and could care less what happens to current and former members. Others are worried about how it will affect people related to anyone outed. Whatever happens, people were cheating before Ashley Madison, and I think people will continue to do so. Personally I wonder what will stop a hacker from attacking another site such as this one, for whatever reason.

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Avatar Username: cplsa
Date: 05-Sep-2015 10:58:45
Mood: horny

The first time I realized that she is an exhibitionist was when I tied her up and, as an aside, mentioned that I was planning on fucking her so hard, the neighbours would come to look.

Her cunt flooded and a tiny bit leaked from between her plump lips.

I elaborated, telling her that I would tie her up and invite the old guy from across the street to see her dripping cunt, spreading the lips open for him to see better. 

She moaned and I could see her muscles contract at the thought.

Then, while licking her clitty to hardness, I told her that I would tell everyone who would listen that her cunt was open for licking.

She clawed te sheets and begged me to be allowed to cum. I said 'NO'.

Then I picked up my phone, told her I was phoning a friend, Mac,  to fuck her ass while I would do her cunny.

And she came in a flood of wetness. 


Still spasming, I scooped her wetness out of her and explained how she would in future be feeding on her own cum, while people cum on her, wiping their cocks with hair.


Soon afterwards she was spent, cum dripping from her hole, floating in a sea of bliss, and in a small voice asked me how I knew at she had been dreaming of.

'Your own body whispers your desires to me, girl' I answered.



How I love learning about her secret desires...

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i tied and blindfolded my cute asian wife naked and left the apartment door open

Avatar Username: jp0317
Date: 03-Sep-2015 21:57:03
Mood: in love

i returned after 4 hours and found her mouth smeared with cum, her tits red with slapping and pinching, a 20 dollar bill inserted in her ass and a our toilet plunger handle left rammed on her cum filled pussy. some one had wrote "thanks for the fuck slut" on her belly. and "just used" on her. she said that she was so turned on by being gangraped by men she cant even see. she cummed so many times and she says she want it again. can you give us more ideas for our next session she likes to see comments as it makes her hornier

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Women and Condoms (or Bareback)

Avatar Username: bro4xxxfun
Date: 03-Sep-2015 07:01:40
Mood: horny

Just wondering about some things, would like a woman's point of view. Maybe a couple's point of view. You can send me the answers privately.

(1) Your Age (or age range)
(2) Your marital status
(3) Are you straight or bi?
(4) Are you sexually active?
(5) Condoms or skin?
(6) Are you on any birth control?
(7) Have you ever used condoms for oral sex?
(8) Where do you like a guy to cum when you're having sex?
(9) Anything else you would like me to know?

Thanks for your answers. More to cum...

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In Belgrade, Serbia

Avatar Username: AceAtl
Date: 02-Sep-2015 22:38:06
Mood: lonely

I'm in Serbia for a couple of weeks. Any women or couples interested in showing a tourist around?

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