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Avatar Username: num1scamp
Date: 06-Jul-2016 13:38:36
Mood: happy

        My husband, my master is working out of town. But i just got a text from Master Johnny inviting me to have dinner with him and his brother tonight, and he requested I wear his favorite Maroon dress. The dress he likes comes to my mid-thigh, but has a slit up the side that goes to my hip. It also is very low cut and barely covers my breasts. Johnny has a lovely 9"cock and his brother is a little bigger than him, I've served both of them together before. So I'm looking forward to a very good dinner with lots of lovely black cock for dessert! Like my husband he prefers no underwear,(it isn't possible with that dress anyway), so I'm sure by the time dinner is over I'll be ready to be stuffed with there beautiful big black cocks. A very creamy dessert for sure.


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Love watching my wife get fucked

Avatar Username: cuckoldhubby52
Date: 05-Jul-2016 21:38:45
Mood: horny

I love to watch other men fuck my wife especially underneath her while she gets fucked doggy style! Love to see her stretched around a thick cock and love to see them go deep as I am not long or thick. Love to watch a big set of ball press against her just inches above my face and love for guys to tell me how good she feels and for her to tell me how good a real cock feels. I love to see them cum deep inside of her as well and for them to tell me they are and her to tell me how good there cum feels and love when they pull out how she straddle my face and tells me to lick and suck her clean and they guys humiliate me if you WANa help us out pm me

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This place blows

Avatar Username: 143 ass
Date: 02-Jul-2016 23:44:06
Mood: disappointed
Music: Death march

D.M.W. has become a huge disappointment. 

A select few leave comments or post pics, it's a jack off site for most users and the majority of them are lurkers.  Why would any one pay for membership?  Thank you to the select few that contribute to the site and or leave comments, the rest of you should show some respect to those that give you something to jack off too. Stupid lurkers

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Avatar Username: Coatsbill
Date: 23-Jun-2016 22:10:18
Mood: in love

Kathy called and wanted to know if I wanted to come over to her house and watch the NBA finals. We watched the game then just set around sipping wine and chatting. Soon she was snuggled up to me and I knew I was going to fuck her. We were laying on the floor kissing and undressing each other. More drinks and we were naked. The lights were off and only the TV was putting out any light. I started kissing her body and working down to her cunt. She knew I was going to eat her and wanted it as bad as I did. I rolled on to her in 69 position and she took me into her mouth. Her legs were already spread and I was chewing on her clit. I hooked my elbows behind her legs and pulled her legs up and open. She couldn't have been more exposed. I could see down into her cunt. It was wet oozing her juices. I opened my mouth wide and took her entire cunt into my mouth with my tongue running up and down the full length of it. Everytime I got to the bottom of her cunt my tongue would go in as far as it could. I just started ravaging her cunt like that. Eating from top to bottom all the time sucking and rubbing her clit. She didn't last long. I never slowed down. When she started cumming I just kept eating her the same way. Cunt juice everywhere. At the same time I passed the point of no return. I crushed my face down into her cunt and  shot a big load of my cum into her mouth. She was working me like a washing machine sucking the last drop out. God we do each other good.

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Hen weekend 1

Avatar Username: Safetyman62
Date: 20-Jun-2016 19:05:23
Mood: horny

Well a lot of you asked so here it is, After a lot of persuasion , and a great deal of sex, Mr Safety let me go on a girls only hen weekend, on the proviso that I behaved myself. Both he and I know that I can't, after a few drinks, I'm the horniest ,dirtiest, slut there is and this weekend was going to be no different. After Mr safety had said goodbye in the usual way, a quick BJ for him and fuck, his cum filling my panties, I met the girls at the station bar, they were all ready a few drinks ahead of me, I had a bit of catching up to do, so doubles it was, chugging them back until our train arrived. The journey to London was a couple of hours a noisy, and booze filled event, flirting with anything in trousers, men and women alike. We arrived at our hotel and checked in, I went to my room, unpacked and got into the shower to wash the sweaty journey and Mr Safety's cum from my body. There was a quiet knock on the door, I stepped from the shower and wrapped a towel around me, opened the door to find the hen ( Claire ) at the door in tears. She explained that she and Nigel ( her fiancé )had, had a row on the phone, I invited her in and closed the door. I comforted her and put my arms around her as I did my towel slipped open to reveal my big wet tits, body and pussy, I apologised and went to refasten it, she said there was no problem as she had seen me like this before, which was true she had seen mine and I had seen hers at the women only gym we both attended, I looked at her body which was of a similar build to mine and felt my body stirring at the memory of her naked body at the gym. I put my hand on her breast and kissed her lips fully expecting her to pull away, she didn't, in fact quite the opposite she responded by slipping her tongue into my mouth and probed it around for mine, her fingers searching for my moistening pussy. I slowly undressed her, kissing and touching her as I did, she pushed me back onto the bed our naked bodies entwined, hers slightly on top of mine, kissing and touching and probing our pussies getting wetter and our passion rising. I reached into the bedside cabinet draw and pulled out my vibrator, and slowly inserted it into her pussy, she moaned and groaned, I licked her clit as I did my other hand pulling on her hard nipples, she screamed that she was cumming so I pulled the vibrator out just as she squirted a great big cum load of her pussy juice right into my open mouth, I swallowed and lapped at her pussy tasting her sweet pussy juice, I let her recover then she said that now it was my turn. But that's another story J💋

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Red REALLY Is Best!

Avatar Username: goodtimes2
Date: 18-Jun-2016 10:23:43
Mood: full of life

This is for Redisbest04's Husband:

I would love to watch her make out with you for a while then crawl sexily over to where i am sitting, unzip my pants and start sucking on my getting me nice and hard and wet with precum, whilst making eye contact with you. Then i would have her sit astride me making out and caress that beautiful butt and succulent breasts, fingering that sweet pussy of hers then lay her back 69 so she could suck me some more and i could lick and finger that sweet little honey pot pussy of hers while you sit on the other side of the room and watch. Then after a while i would lead her over to make out with you where you sit as i enter her from behind and listen to her whisper to you how naughty she is and "do you like watching me get fucked like a naughty slutwife?" as i keep fucking her sweet pussy from behind spanking that delicious firm ass. Then after she has cum i would lay her down and fuck her some more slowly passionately kissing her missionary before having her kneel before me so i could cum all over that pretty face and in her delicious little mouth. Finally i would have her go across the room and have her kiss you with my cum still in her mouth like a good slut 'HOTwife" as she tells you how much fun she had and how she likes that and will do it for you again and again no problem!


I hope you  both enjoy it! 

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Any one from east central Illinois

Avatar Username: Sirron83
Date: 17-Jun-2016 20:43:53
Mood: horny

Just wondering if there any fellow do my wifers looking for a guy with a nice dick. I am right on interstate 70 at the illinois indiana state line

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Fantasy Part 2!

Avatar Username: Redisbest04
Date: 17-Jun-2016 01:02:32
Mood: in love

Exhausted but happy we Finally made it to the hotel. We were behind schedule because of our little detour but it was worth it! After we checked in I noticed I had another message from you! Knowing that you are in the same hotel, waiting for your little ginger slut was more than I could bare! Realizing that we missed our dinner reservations I knew I had the perfect excuse. 

Baby, why don't I rub and grab us some food, I know you must be exhausted from driving the whole trip, I eagerly suggested. Sure Babe, whatever you want! I'm going to jump in the shower, he said. 

I quickly sent you a text, be there in five! ;-) Meet me at the door naked! Don't touch me until I drop to my knees to take you in my mouth! I've dreamed of this moment from the first time I saw your thick hard dick. P.S I'm wet already! Xoxo


Quickly fixing myself up in the bathroom, wishing I could shower and dress up for you without looking suspicious but knowing that I can't take the risk I sigh and tell myself I will just have to be good enough the way I am well maybe I will ditch the panties first.  Grabbing the car keys and kissing the hubs on the cheek I make my way into the hallway, gently closing the room door behind me. 

Getting in the elevator I notice in the mirror that my nipples are hard and showing through my white t-shirt. That explains the look the cleaning lady gave me I thought while trying not to blush. Just a few more minutes! After all this time, I am shaking with nervous excitement by the time I get to your door. Room 304, I double check the text to see if it was the right one. Deep breath! This is it, I quietly knock and my heart skipped a beat waiting for you to answer. 


Come in Sexy, I'm waiting for you... God I love that voice. Smiling nervously and blushing despite my best efforts not too I walk through the door. Seeing you standing their , nude and hard, made me want to touch you right away! 

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love to share hot wife pics AMAZIN firm pointy titties whatsapp

Avatar Username: plssuckmywifestits
Date: 14-Jun-2016 00:23:18
Mood: horny

pls can share my wifes incredible pics most yummy titties

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Fantasy part 1

Avatar Username: Redisbest04
Date: 13-Jun-2016 19:02:36
Mood: in love

Make sure and grab my red bag, I yelled to my husband while putting the last of the suitcases in the car. Mentally checking off the list of things to bring I couldn't help but smile thinking of the little black dress I packed just for you. Ready to go? He playfully said while smaking my ass? Ready! I said with a giggle. 

The closer we got to the beach front hotel the more nervous I became. Quickly checking my phone I see a new message from you! Reading about your intentions for the weekend made me blush and squirm in my seat. I glanced to see if he noticed how turned on I was but he was focusing on the road singing along with the radio. I typed a quick message back. 

Hey Sexy!, I can't wait for tomorrow!! I have everything planned. He thinks I have a spa appointment at 9 a.m. and he has a fishing trip planned, we have at least 6 hours to spend together! I NEED to feel your hands and lips on me ASAP. 

After sending the message I couldn't stop thinking about you, your hands on my body, your heavy hanging cock in my mouth, feeling you part my lips open as you slowly fill my pussy with your thickness. I noticed my breath became short and fast and my nipples were visablly hard through my shirt. Looking around to see if anyone was watching, I slid my hands in my pants and my panties. I am wet and hot, my pussy ready to explode from the thought of you. I start to moan softly. My husband looking over from the drivers seat, What's got into you? He asked. Nothing , I said shyly. He is used to my never ending need for sex so he just smiles and plays along. 

He pulls my bra down and starts tugging and rolling my nipple around his fingers while he drives. I am moaning loudly now. While I rub my clit. I take my panties off and start fingering my hot wet pussy. He unbuckles his seat belt and pulls his pants down. Come get you some he said with a smile. Looking to see how hard he was for me I couldn't resist. Sliding over close to him I put my head in his lap. Taking him in my mouth while he drives. Dont wreck, I said playfully with a grin. Licking and sucking his hard cock while rubbing my clit makes me cum fast and hard!  Please, I beg! Pull over! I need you inside of me. 

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a Woman, 69y.o.

setting a date up for my boss who is in my area of new york
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