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office slut

Avatar Username: cali_rachel
Date: 23-Dec-2015 18:51:39
Mood: horny

So I was chatting on this site last night and I was talking to one of my friends and he was asking me about being the office slut. I've slept with a few guys I work with. Then he read my sister's blog about how she got caught at work on this site and had to give her coworker a blowjob to keep him quiet. He was saying how hot it would be if I got caught. I was working with one other guy and my friend said I should email him and tell him I'm horny. I did and got a response of what would you like to do then? I told him I'd love to suck him off. We had a break 10 minutes later and we went out to his truck. I got his pants unzipped and went down on him right away. He got super hard while I was sucking him. He reached in my shirt and started playing with my tits and pulling my nipples. He pulled my up and pulled my top off and sucked on my tits while I jacked him off. Then he shoved my head back on his dick and held my head down while he fucked my mouth. I was rubbing his balls and he let me bob my head. I could feel his balls tighten so i reached lower and started fingering his ass. He came hard! I thought it was going to shoot the back of my head off! I guess he hadn't came in a while because it was a huge load of cum. I swallowed it all down and he kissed me for a bit then we went inside and went back to work. Hope you all enjoyed!


Love, Rachel

I'm the dark haired one in my gallery

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BBW adventure part 3

Avatar Username: phil1120
Date: 18-Dec-2015 20:36:02
Mood: happy

I said no to dinner, told her I had go to the bathroom, instead I went in her bedroom and laid on her bed, told her to come here I wanted to give her something, she comes in the bedroom and I tell her get naked, she looked suprised, told her I wasn't eating or leaving until we fucked. Into bed she climbs and I immediately climb on top and tell her when I'm done you won't be able to walk normal at work in the morning. The softness of her tits was to good to be true. I gave her a massage and then asked her if she was relaxed, she said yes. After sucking her tits I worked my way down to her blonde bush and began to lick. After 20 minutes or so she begged me to fuck her pussy, no problem I did. After 3 hours I had filled all three of her holes with my cum, 2 in the mouth, 1 in the pussy and 1 in the ass.

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BBW adventure part 2

Avatar Username: phil1120
Date: 18-Dec-2015 20:13:16
Mood: happy

So the by the luck of the Irish, the Browns won. I told Wendy to let me know when she wanted to payoff her bet, a couple of days go by and she texts me and says come over Saturday, that her son would be gone for the week camping with his dad. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes, the biggest natural tits I have ever seen. Very pretty face, just a big girl. The big day arrives and I get to her house, she opens the door and lets me in and says mighty casual dress attire. I was wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt, she offers me a beer and we sit on the couch, next thing I know she has my pants off and says I guess the shoes were right. Wendy then preceeds to take my cock in her mouth and start sucking, me playing I said what are you doing, her reply paying off my debt. After 15 minutes of sucking my cock I couldn't hold it in, I started cumming in her mouth and tried to pull away, she grabbed my ass and held me until she swallowed every drop. She smiled and wipe a little off of her chin and asked me to stay for dinner.


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BBW adventure

Avatar Username: phil1120
Date: 18-Dec-2015 11:11:41
Mood: happy

First off, I am sorry I took so long to write this, but I wanted my friend to be ok with it. She is, as long as I don't show pics or video clips of are fun, she says she just isn't ready to do that yet. So this adventure is from a while ago. My friend Wendy worked with me and we always flirted and talked inappropriately to each other at work. She used to make fun of me for having the biggest feet she ever saw, she told me I had clown feet. I wear a size 9, so to me hardly clown feet, but I always told her too bad we were married, otherwise I wish I could have her for 3 hours, she laughed and said she didn't know anyone who could last that long, let alone me. Fast forward a couple of years, we are both divoriced and both love football, she is a Steelers fan and I, of course I am a Browns fan. So one Sunday before kickoff we made a bet, I told her if Browns win she would have to blow me, and if they lost I would do anything she asked. She said its a bet, so of course in typical Browns fashion they fell behind and she started telling me what she was going to make me do, I told her wait till the clock reached 00:00. Part 2 coming up

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Potential for our first time.

Avatar Username: hungalec1
Date: 01-Dec-2015 13:55:02
Mood: happy

My wife is well aware of my fantasy of sharing her. We discuss it extensively during sex, but due to our jobs we have never considered it as a real possibility.  Recently we have been discussing a vacation in the next couple of years to the Bahamas.  She has decided if the fantasy is ever going to happen this would be the time. Would love to get some feedback on any thoughts about this or even tips and places to visit on our trip. Also tips on finding pontential suitors would be welcome.

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this is my pic,zztrasher took my pic and using as their own

Avatar Username: sweetpillowtalk
Date: 13-Nov-2015 17:51:03
Mood: angry

Last additions - ZZTrasher


by ZZTrasher Photos Videos

comments: 5views: 15Nov 12, 2015

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Losing My Virginity

Avatar Username: UncutPiano9
Date: 10-Nov-2015 16:24:46
Mood: horny


I was 16 and stupidly shy around girls, becoming tongue-tied and clumsy whenever I was around any female I thought attractive. Other than that, I was, I think, pretty normal.  One thing that was a constant source of embarrassment to me, was that my penis would practically leap out of my pants around pretty girls, especially if they flirted with me or if their bodies were obviously on display in any way.  Even more problematic for me was that my cock, when hard, almost immediately begins to drip large amounts of pre-cum which could make for some truly sticky situations.  Needless to say, I spent a lot of time trying to stay covered up and deal with my typical teenage horniness.

I lived in Florida, and it was hot the day I went to see my friend. We were supposed to be working on a science project (I was, and still am, proud of my nerdiness). When I got there, his mom answered the door. She told me he was still at work, but that he’d be home soon and invited me in. 

I couldn’t help but notice her body. She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts, the typical Floridian uniform. She was incredibly shapely with a gorgeously rounded ass and small perky tits.  I tried (not quite successfully) not to stare at her tits and focused on her face. Her green eyes seemed to twinkle, and I was, like many teen age boys, hot for my friend’s mom.

After leading me into the living room (her hips moved enchantingly), she asked me if I would like something to drink and offered me some lemonade which I gratefully accepted.  She returned with the lemonade, and we chatted about this and that. It was difficult not to ogle her tits even though it was obvious that she was not wearing a bra.  Her perky nipples were hardening in the over-air conditioned room.  Having ridden there on a bicycle, I was wearing shorts too, and soon my cock was hard as a rock.  I folded my hands demurely over my lap, trying to cover the bulge, and we kept chatting though I noticed that I was stuttering quite a bit.

I finished my lemonade and she asked me if I would like some more. I eagerly agreed, hoping that her leaving for the kitchen would help me calm my now aching organ.  Unfortunately (?) she called me into the kitchen. She needed to reach a bag of sugar in the pantry and was too short to get it.

Having had a slight break away from her, I was fine reaching for the sugar until she stood next to me. She smelled wonderful, and her shapely body seemed to radiate heat.  My cock went straight to attention. I quickly handed her the bag of sugar and dropped my hands to cover my throbbing bulge. She went about making the lemonade, apparently not noticing, but this gave me a wonderful view of her perfect ass. At this point, my cock started dripping so much that it stained my shorts and started to drip down my thigh.

I was about to tell her that I needed to go to the bathroom when she turned around with the glass of lemonade.  Maybe my facial expression gave away the fact that something was wrong because her smile disappeared. Stammering slightly, I tried to think of something to say.  She seemed confused by my obvious distress until her eyes scanned my body and focused on my crotch. I was mortified as my cock was practically popping out of my shorts, noticeably bobbing up and down in full tumescence.

In vain, I began to stutter an apology. She smiled, put the glasses down, and came closer. She gently took my face in her hands and kissed me. I almost came right then. She broke the kiss and said, “It’s ok. I’m really flattered.”  Holding my hand, she asked if I’d ever been with a girl. I confessed my lack of experience, other than some all too infrequent kissing and petting. She then quietly asked if I had a girlfriend who would take care of my cock for me. I told her that the last girlfriend I had was grossed out by how much pre-cum got on her hand when she touched it; sucking it was out of the question, and she left me with blue balls.  She broke up with me the next morning. Shaking her head, my friend’s mom said, “Hmmm. She doesn’t know what she’s missing.” As she did, she began stroking me through my shorts, causing my swollen member to gush streams of pre-cum like never before.

I remember moaning as she continued to stroke me. Soon, she tugged my shorts off and began to slowly run her hands over my now exposed cock. She made me feel great, complimenting me on the amount of pre-cum flowing from my tip, even encouraging me to show her how excited I was to have her touch me. She then did what I had been dreaming about for ages. She got on her knees and wrapped her warm soft lips around my organ.  I can still feel her tongue sliding up the shaft to the tip and her warm breath on my balls just before she lovingly took each one in her mouth.

Like any 16 year old virgin boy, I came thunderously in her mouth. I have to admit that I was terribly embarrassed by the intensity of my orgasm and complete loss of control, but it also felt soooo good. I pumped a very large load of semen into her beautiful mouth, and she enthusiastically drank it all down.

I nearly fainted from the feeling of mortification that I had just cum in my friend’s mother’s mouth, but she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me deeply. I still remember the taste of my cum on her lips and tongue. She guided my hands to her breasts and whispered to me how she wanted to be touched.  I was a very good student, if her moans were any indication, and I was soon hard and dripping again, which, of course, pleased her greatly.

She took me to her bedroom and let me undress her. I remember kissing every part of her body as I uncovered it. She kept telling me what an amazing cock I had. This put me somewhat at ease as I was afraid that she might be grossed out by the fact that it was still dripping like a leaky faucet the entire time.

She showed me how to touch her pussy, and I loved watching how she became more and more excited.  Her short red bush surrounded a thoroughly engorged clitoris, and her moans excited me. I was sure she was about to have an orgasm when she suddenly pushed my hand away, and asked me to lay on my back. I did so, and she slowly straddled me. Not knowing what to do, I lay there and let her impale herself on my stiff organ. She went slowly, using the head like a live vibe on her clit until my cock was totally coated in her juices.  I still remember her face when she finally slid my cock into her pussy and began to lower herself onto it.  I could feel her pussy milking my cock, and she kept telling me how hard and amazing it felt. Then she began to fuck me nice and slow, looking into my eyes the entire time.  It didn’t take her long to cum, and when she did, she bucked like crazy. I held her tightly onto my cock the entire time, and she was practically screaming.

After she calmed down, she started bouncing up and down on me again. As she neared her next orgasm she lowered her torso so that I could suck her tits, which I did with great enthusiasm. She also guided my fingers into her tight backside. I remember cautiously pushing my finger into her anus with her encouragement. Just as my first knuckle slipped into her ass, her body went into a spasm, and she came thunderously for a second time.

Exhausted, she rose off of my cock and lay next to me. Her hand slipped onto my penis and she said, “Wow. Still hard.”  She asked me what I wanted her to do. I asked her to suck me (it was the first thing that popped into my fuck-addled brain). She then proceeded to give me a languorous blow job, caressing my balls with her soft hands and using her lips and tongue to bring me to a thunderous orgasm.  The second load blown into her willing mouth leaked out a bit, and I remember watching in fascination as she demurely dabbed it away with her finger and licked it off.

We showered together, taking turns soaping each other up, and soon my cock returned to attention from her caresses. At this point, the phone rang. It was my friend calling home from work to tell his mom that he was going to stay and work an extra shift so would she please tell me. We laughed at that, and returned to the bed where I managed to make her cum at least 3 more times before she let me fuck her tits and cum all over them.

This was the beginning of a relationship that would last for several months, and she would teach me great many things, though the dynamics of our relationship would change with time.

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Open for suggestions

Avatar Username: jasonmarsh
Date: 29-Oct-2015 21:16:44
Mood: horny

Wanting a threesome or more leave your ideas and if interested

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New blog..anything you wanted to know

Avatar Username: Lil G
Date: 29-Oct-2015 11:25:49
Mood: horny
Music: Whatever you like

I've had a lot if questions from guys on here for awhile about my past, (as well as my present). Questions about my sexual history, what I've done, when I started, what I like, what I do now...and I'm in the mood to tell you. So ask away. Some of it isn't very pretty, some of it has been pretty good..but either way, I'll tell you. You may enjoy it, some of you. Some others might just lead to something else...

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my hot sexy slut wife

Avatar Username: hot_couple989
Date: 27-Oct-2015 14:56:37
Mood: in love

Here r sme pucs of my sexy hot wife... enjoy and dnt forget to comment

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