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im back

Avatar Username: my cane
Date: 26-Feb-2017 00:38:51
Mood: in love

i had a account a couple years ago and there was a couple i was friends with and thay have left.im asking if anyone has pics of dirtycouple14 thay was great.now im back so time to post and get some friends......any pic would be greatly appreciated

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Pam and her Thesis Advisor Part 3

Avatar Username: joverde
Date: 25-Feb-2017 04:14:22
Mood: horny


“I was like a giddy teenager as I was driving home and couldn’t wait to see him again. The next day seemed to drag at work. There were several colleagues who noticed how distracted I was but they all thought it was because of the break-up with Dave. The only one I told about the weekend was Beth and I knew I could trust her because she told me she was giving blow jobs to Mark, our married co-worker in the parking garage at lunch and that they had snuck off to a motel on Saturday.  I went to the study group at 6:30 and we broke up early at about 8:00. So I thought I would go over to Jack’s early and surprise him.


“I drove over to his place being careful to leave in the direction that I do to go home and arrived at Jack’s at 8:20. I thought that I had better park down the street to avoid my car being seen at his place and walked the two blocks to his townhouse. I gently knocked on the door. After a few minutes Jack came to the door dressed in a bathrobe. ‘You’re early.’ He said, ‘Come in! There’s someone here you should meet. Now is as good a time as any.’


“My heart sank. ‘What do you mean? I thought we would be alone.’ I responded with a puzzled look.


“Before I could say or do anything else jack took my hand and led me down to his rec-room on the lower level. On the way there I remembered that during the entire weekend we had not gone down there. As we went down the stairs a female voice called anxiously, ‘Jack, who was at the door?’


“‘It’s Pam she is here early,’ he called back.


“I was totally shocked by what I saw when we reached the landing at the bottom and entered the room. It looked like a medieval dungeon complete with stone walls, whips, chains, leather restraints, various tables and bed.  At the far end of the room, a tall blonde woman was hanging there handcuffed in a leather swing. A closer look revealed that she had clothes pins on her nipples and a large purple dildo in her pussy. Next to her on a wooden bench was a small whip. Jack looked the ‘deer in the headlights’ look on my face, kissed me, looked at the woman and said, ‘Connie, this is Pam. She is going to be your Mistress.’ Then he looked at me and said, ‘Pam this is Connie our sex slave,’


“I didn’t know what to do.  Part of me wanted to run away as fast as I could. Another part of me was also thrilled that Jack had said our sex slave. To me that word meant that we were a couple. Before I could do anything, Jack took me back out of the room out of Connie’s sight and whispered, ‘This is a game Connie likes to play. Tonight she wants to be a B&D sub. Play along and we’ll all have some fun. I promise no one will get hurt. Put these on!’  He handed me a leather bra and panties set, opened the bathroom door for me and went back into the dungeon.


“I was hesitant but I took off my clothes anyway and put on the outfit. I looked in the mirror and a little shiver went up my spine. I looked like a dominatrix. Now all I had to do was act like one. I walked back into the rec-room and Connie was pleading with Jack. ‘Please master take off the clothes pins they are hurting me!’


“Jack said, ‘You’ll have to ask Mistress Pam to take them off. I have to go upstairs and make a phone call.’


“Connie looked at me with contempt as I approached from across the room and spit at me. ‘She is not my Mistress. She’s your little whore.’


“I was starting to feel sorry for her and reached over to remove the clothes pins when Jack grabbed my hand and said, ‘You need to show her that you are her Mistress. Take off the clothes pins and put these big black paper clips on her nipples!’


“Connie yelped, ‘Not the paper clips! They hurt too much. Please don’t! I will do whatever you want but not the paper clips.’


“Jack looked at me and said with a mean tone, ‘Don’t be a wimp. Put both clips on at the same time. That should show her who is the Mistress and who is the whore.’


“I didn’t want to but I followed his command and forced myself to remove the clothes pins and then opened both clips and clamped them on both nipples. I expected Connie to scream in pain. Instead she shuddered, looked me in the eyes and ecstatically moaned, ‘Thank you Mistress Pam! Please kiss me!’


“I looked at her and then Jack and he said, ‘I think she needs a kiss. Kiss her while I take off the clamps and unlock her handcuffs.’


“I had never really kissed another woman before and I didn’t know what to expect. I walked around the swing and bent down to give her a quick kiss. When I my lips met hers, they felt soft and warm. Jack had removed one of her handcuffs and she put her arm around my neck and held me tightly as her lips opened and her tongue sought mine. Instinctively my lips opened and our tongues met and what I intended to be a quick peck on the lips turned into a long passionate embrace. Connie knew how to kiss and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Jack had freed her other hand while we were kissing. She held my face tenderly in both hands as we kissed.  Jack had walked up behind me and slid his hands under the leather bra and caressed them. I was really hot. He had taken off his robe and I could feel his hard dick poking at my ass between my legs. Connie took my left hand and moved it to the dildo in her pussy. I really had no experience as to what to do but I began to move it in and out slowly. Her hip movement and the increased intensity of our kissing let me know I was doing it right.


“While this was happening, Jack had moved his hands from my breasts and placed them on my hips and was humping me from behind. He broke this off briefly and slid the leather panties over my hips and down my legs and then unfastened the leather bra. He quickly moved his dick between my legs and was rubbing it on my moist pussy lips. After a few seconds of this he pushed into me and rammed it all the way in and started to fuck me. After a few minutes Connie broke off our kiss, arched her back, moaned and closed her legs tightly signaling that she had cum as a result of my dildo action. Connie got out of the swing and went to the bathroom. I stood up expecting Jack to pull out but he didn’t. His long dick remained inside me. The sensation was incredible. When his dick moved in, it directly hit my G-spot and I came almost immediately. Without pulling out Jack slowly walked me over to the bed and we kind of fell onto it. I was on my belly and Jack was astride my ass with his dick still inside me working its magic on my G-spot. I came again and again. I was an orgasm machine. Except for my pussy, I lost all sense of what was going on.


“I don’t know how long it was but I sensed Connie standing over us. She was dressed in a nurse’s uniform and was kissing Jack even as he was still fucking me. She looked at me and said sweetly, ‘I have to get to work at the ER by ten. Wish I could stay for more fun, Mistress Pam. ’She bent down and gave me a lingering kiss just as I was cumming for the umpteenth time. ‘We’ll have to do this again soon.’ She gave Jack another kiss and left.


“Jack still had not cum. I found out later that he had fucked Connie just before I got there and his second cumming always seemed to take something special to get him off. That night I found out what that special something was. After Connie left he pulled out of me and got out of bed to go to the bathroom. I laid there in my reverie almost asleep. When he returned he had four silk scarves in his hand. Before I fully realized what he was doing, he had used them to tie my hands and feet to the bed posts. I was on my stomach helpless to stop him from doing anything. I was totally his. I looked over my shoulder and pleaded with him, ‘Jack, I afraid. Please don’t hurt me.’


“Jack laughed, ‘Do you think I would hurt you? I love you! I’m only going to expand your pleasure horizons a little. In order to do that you need to be restrained. I need you to relax and trust me. If you really want me to stop I will, but I need to get off and this never fails to do the trick.’


“I craned my neck to look back at what he was doing and told him, ‘I have never felt this vulnerable in my life, but I love you and trust you.’


He then slowly began to gently run his hands over my neck and shoulders, down my back, over my ass cheeks and down my thighs and calves to my feet and toes. On the return trip he used his hands and lips kissing as he went. Finally he made a round-trip down and back using his hands and lips and adding a lot of tongue. I relaxed totally and yielded myself to him. Next he used jasmine scented massage oil and gave me a massage, first my neck and shoulders then all the way down to my feet. He then proceeded to pay particular attention to my ass oiling the cheeks well. He moved over me and nuzzled my ear whispering, ’I want to fuck your ass.’


“I had never had anal sex before but I was so into him that I murmured, ‘I’ve never done that before. Please be gentle.’


“‘I will,’ he assured me.


“He took some oil and applied it liberally to my rosebud and slowly inserted the tip of his index finger. I tensed up. ‘You need to relax or it will not be good for either of us. You need to be my dirty girl. Do you want to be my dirty girl?’ he said playfully.


“I giggled and answered, ‘I want to be your dirty girl.’ This little game put me at ease and soon first one the two then three of his fingers were sliding into my ass. After a few minutes he mounted me and put his dick in my ass and said, ‘Now you are my dirty girl. How does it feel?’


“To be frank it was a little uncomfortable but I felt that I was totally his and had nothing else to give. I didn’t answer his question but he sensed that the ass fucking was not doing anything for me and he pulled out and reached down for something. Soon I felt Connie’s dildo entering my pussy followed by Jack re-entering my ass. The pressure of his dick caused the dildo to rub against my G-spot and I was soon enjoying his cock in my ass almost as much as he was. I looked back at him hungrily and growled, ’I am your dirty girl now!’ Within a few minutes we both came.


“His hard on softened and I sort of squeezed him out of my ass. He lay there on top of me for a minute, then reached up and freed my arms, rolled off of me and freed my legs. I rolled over on my back and stretched my arms out to him inviting him to kiss me. He responded by kissing me deeply and moving his hand down to my dildo filled pussy. He worked the dildo in and out for a few minutes but sensed that I was not really enjoying it. He slowly pulled it out and showed me how shiny it was with Connie’s and my pussy juices. He leered at me, ‘Dirty girl you need to use your tongue to clean this off.’ With that he placed the purple thing to my lips and put my hands around it.


“I don’t know what possessed me. I hate the smell and taste of my pussy juices but I just gave him an evil look and started to suck the dildo and slobber my tongue around it. When it was all cleaned up, I pulled it out of my mouth with a pop. He gave me an evil grin, said, ‘You are a very dirty girl aren’t you?’ and put his semi-erect cock in my mouth and sneered, ‘Clean this up now and show me that you are really a very, very dirty girl.’


“I was so caught up in the dirty girl game that I sucked his cock and almost convinced myself that I liked the disgusting taste of my ass on him. As I sucked, he got hard again and came in my mouth in less than a minute. This time I held his semen in my mouth and when he kissed me I snowballed him and said with an evil smirk, ‘Your dirty girl, Mistress Pam orders you to swallow.’


“He looked shocked at the turn of events and opened his mouth to show me the cum and then swallowed hard. He opened his mouth to speak, ‘I really like your style. I’m in love!’


“Those words thrilled me and made me want to please him more.  We lay on the bed holding each other and fell asleep hugging and cuddling. We slept until the next morning. I woke up first when I heard a beeping coming from across the room. I got out of the bed and went over to where the sound seemed to be coming from and found a camcorder on a tripod. I started to examine the camera when Jack came up behind me, put his arms around me and said, ‘How is my dirty little movie star this morning?’”


I was sitting next to my fiancé and was dumfounded by what she had just told me. In one night she had done more slutty things than I could have imagined her doing in her whole life. I stared at her for a moment and said, “He must have drugged you to get you to do all that.”


“No! I could say that I was drugged or drunk but I needed someone strong at the time and I was so in love with him that I let it all happen that night. There were other times when we got just as wild. I wish I had met you first, Joe. I feel so cheap and I don’t deserve your love.”


“Don’t talk that way. I am deeply in love with you or I would have walked out of here an hour ago when you told me about the herpes. By the way did you get it that night?”


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More about me

Avatar Username: 19stevieboy77
Date: 21-Feb-2017 13:55:44
Mood: full of life
Music: Currently listening to Slipknot.... Not everyone's taste

Firstly, I want to thank all who've added me. I'm honestly surprised how welcoming youve all been. I'm new to this scene, kinda learning as I go!!


I have thought about what the topic for this blog should be.Do I write about my fantasies and fetishes? Do I go into more detail about myself? Those are all for another time, in this blog I want to talk about my first threesome. 


My friends, a married couple who from this point on will be referred to as A and K, had always fantasied about a threesome. K (the woman) loved the thought, the idea of servicing two hard cocks. Her husband (A, obviously) was happy for her to fulfill her dream. I knew all about their ideas, it was often discussed but never acted on. Until this particular Sunday evening!!


K went to take a shower, all innocent. Innocence only lasts so long. As she was taking her shower, her husband and I went to their bedroom and stripped off, waiting for her, both hard, she was going to have the surprise she'd been wanting. She eventually entered the bedroom, a towel wrapped around her moist body, barely covering her. She giggled and dropped the towel, revealing all. She pushed us both onto the bed and took a cock in each of her willing, eager hands. I'll be honest, I was stunned at how eager she was!! Her husband guided her head towards my cock and she sucked it, taking all that she could. After tasting my cock, she took her husbands, deep throated him as I pulled on her hard nipples. I watched her licking and kissing his shaft as I stroked my own. It didn't take us long to get her on all fours, taking a hard cock in two of her three holes. I'm guessing by the sounds she made, I think she liked how we were using her. A was pounding her, grunting with each thrust. My cock was twitching, I wanted to blow on her face. Her husband couldn't last any longer and left his load inside her, filling her. Hearing the pleaure as he cum inside her pushed me to the edge, I couldn't hold back. I shot my jizz on her boobs, rubbing the tip of my cock in my cum then putting it in her mouth. 


It became common knowledge within our social circle, I wasn't surprised when Sunday became popular at their house!!

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Hello everyone, a little introduction

Avatar Username: Dalaistin
Date: 19-Feb-2017 18:16:13
Mood: full of life

Hello everyone, just thought I'd say a couple short things... I want to thank everyone who comments on my wife's account BustyRed.  I am turned on by it, and I'm pretty sure she enjoys it much more!  Also we were fantasycouple74 years ago if any of you remember us.  This time we have separate accounts because I want her to feel uninhibited exploring her fantasies and friends.  So by all means, don't hold back ;)


It's refreshing to be back on here looking at all the sexy and beautiful women.  How I'd love to fuck you all!

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From Monster jam to monster cock

Avatar Username: John/Amy
Date: 14-Feb-2017 22:49:56
Mood: in love

Saturday February 11, 2017 Amy had been driving me nut's about going to monster jam so I got tickits, at about 5:15 pm I was calling for Amy to come on. Now I wasn't ready for what Amy had on, she had on her tight black dress with no brawl and panties, she had her black garter belt and black fishnet stockings with the red 3 inch heels. After we finally got to Lucas oil Stadium event had already started, walking around through the stadium we stopped at these tables to watch the action. I got a couple beers for us and we stood there at the table as the Monster trucks went through their routine, I excuse myself from the table and headed to the bathroom Amy was standing there looking lovely as ever. Upon my return I found a tall younger black man talking to Amy, as I approached and stood on the opposite side of Amy she introduced her new friends as Robert. After we finish shaking hands we all return to watching the event, after a few minutes I need excused herself and headed to the restaurant. Robert took that time to tell me how beautiful Amy was, I told him thanks. “ so tell me John do you and Amy get a little freaky.” He ask So I told him that me and Amy like to have a little fun and that he just might be the fun she would like to have tonight, I could tell he was studying me and thinking about what his next question would be. “ so is Amy into black cock.” He asked. “ oh yes Amy likes to suck and fucks some black cock.” I replied back to him. “ if Amy is in the monster tracks I've got a monster cock that would like to get into her.” Was his reply back. After Amy returned I suggested the three of us get out of there and find a motel room. As we reached our SUV Amy and Robert climbed in the backseat I got in the driver seat and adjusted the mirror, Amy and Robert had already engaged in a lip lock I also knew that Robert had found out that Amy wasn't wearing any panties and from her moaning I could tell he had two fingers buried in her wet pussy. By the time we got tonight tell Robert I already had a handful of Amy's hair and she was going to town sucking on his cock, after renting a saint and pulling around to it Amy and Robert got themselves together. Inside the rain it did not take long for Amy to leave her dress and was standing there in front of us in just her garter belt stockings and high-heeled's, Amy lay down on the bed as Robert got undressed and that was the first time I had actually seen his cock and he wasn't kidding it was a monster at 15 inches long and very thick. I watched as Robert climbed between Amy's legs and as I watched him rub the head of that monster up and down her slit, Amy was moaning and begging for him to fuck her. I watched as Robert grab Amy around by the throat and as he looked into her eyes he said. “ That's it beg for this cock bitch.” Amy was begging for whether to stick his cock inside her, “ I don't believe you want this cock bitch, tell-year-old man to get over here and put my cock in side you.” My wife looked at me and begged me to take his cock and put it inside her. What else could I do I took a hold of his cock and wrapped it up and down her slit and then I guided it right inside her. I could tell Robert got off on humiliate me as he fucked my wife he looked over at me, “ so John you like watching your wife get treated like a slut because that's all she is to me.” All I could do was say yes. For the next 30 minutes he fucked her as if she was a slut he picked up on the street, every few minutes he would look at her and say you like this don't you bitch. Amy would cry out yes she loved his big cock inside her, Amy was having an orgasm after orgasm him as he continue to fuck her. Finally I watched him thrust his cock into her one last time and as Amy cried out and arched her back I knew he was coming inside her and she was coming with him, as they kissed and made out on the bed for a few minutes Roberts finally got up and looked at me stroking my dick. Robert got his wallet out and handed me some money and tell me to go to the liquor store and get us some beers, and as you walk to the bathroom he turned and looked at me and said get a case because the night was young and he planned on wearing my bitch out all night. And that's just what he did, I watched as Amy sucked him off multiple times and I watched him fuck her in her pussy and her ass all night. Amy has already decided that she is going to be seeing more of Robert and his monster cock with or without me.

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cuckild couples

Avatar Username: cuckoldhubby52
Date: 11-Feb-2017 13:14:25
Mood: horny

We are a couple that loves the cuckold lufe style.we wana her from others cuckilds couples and bulls. What yall like and if yall would wanna play sometume pics are on profile we have no limits

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Just A Quick Intro

Avatar Username: 19stevieboy77
Date: 04-Feb-2017 18:15:53
Mood: full of life

I've been thinking about how best to introduce myself toall on this site, how to describe my reasons for trying this out, and it's been difficult to find the right words.  I guess I'll just let it flow naturally (Giggety!!)


I'm a 39 year old, from England. I have always been open to experiencing all that life has to offer but until recently was in a serious relationshiip with a womann who wasn't quite as willing to try the kinkier side of things. Don't get me wrong, she had a naughty side, but preferred to keep it very private. We experimented occasionally, taking ideas from the varied porn we watched together and discussed fantasies. However we never really acted on them. I guess I'm here, on this site, to explore some of my personal fantasies, things that live deep in the kinky portion of my sexual brain!


As I've stated in my bio, I'm open to try most things, I don't have many limits or taboos. I think you have to try something to decide if it's "for you" or not. I always think 'If I'm turned on enough, I'll try anything' but I'm yet to put that theory into practise! 


Anyway, I'm going to be more active on here. I hope to post regular blogs. And when I gain a little more confidence, there will be photos and videos too. I'm kinda camera shy but I'm sure I can overcome that in time. 


I will close by saying I'm looking forward to getting to know you, and excited to see where it all leads.


Stay sexy!

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My Brothers hot wife

Avatar Username: ubSIXib9
Date: 01-Feb-2017 20:10:16
Mood: high

 I would have to say I am living in most guys fantasy. My brother and sister in law are like no others. Amazing and fun!  We have fun late nights.  My brother  sometimes call me so I can hear them fuck and they also  share pictures and videos  of his hot wife with me and Oh my god its amazing! To see how sexy  my sister in law is and how good she is at everything! I've watched her suck my brother and omg the way she sucks him off and  her technique..omg  the look she has she loves sucking his cock!  maybe one day I can watch it live in person or even better get to experience her. Lol 


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My Shy Reluctant wife. Part Six

Avatar Username: cuckjuice
Date: 30-Jan-2017 14:22:02
Mood: in love

My wife did not see me enter the room being far gone as his tongue poked at her puckered ass her arms stretched out flat on the duvet above her head, hands palm down rubbing in gentle back and forth movements lost in pleasure, dreamy and sensual.

As he lapped and probed she sighed and wriggled licking her lips, a sheen of sweat making her honey brown skin shiny. 

He moved up and over her covering her until he had his cock resting in the crevice of her ass, his body pressed to her back his hard prick poking at her buttocks. I move closer to kneel by their side, he looked me in the eye and raised his eyebrows in a unspoken question....in response i gave a wank on my hard on.

My wife eyes closed lost in the moment, eyelids shiny I remember raised her hips just a small motion pressing back in a subtle invitation to his probing dick. Oblidging me he raised his trunk enabling me to see his hard shaft rubbing back and forth in the cleft of her ass glistening with her spread pussy juices.

She opened her eyes and saw me knelt close by her side,gave a loud sigh before moving to wriggle away from him and off the pillow. Jumping up she once vanished upstairs leaving our new friend cock jutting and glistening bobbing in thin air.

We waited and drank some more booze until the cd finished playing and decided to go to bed too so we traipsed upstairs both naked and well oiled with booze and sex.

It was chilly upstairs and our new friend said goodnight heading towards his bedroom but I invited him to say goodnight to my wife.

She was in bed under the covers but eyes wide open and as he leaned over her to give her a peck goodnight her arms snaked out from under the covers around his neck and hugged him. A lingering long kiss that ended with her saying that we sure took our time.

In a flash he was in bed beside her under the duvet and she threw the bed cover back on the other side of her for me to climb in too.

She shared her lips first with one and then the other, her tongue hungry swapping spittle with both of us as our three naked bodies pressed,rubbed and hands caressed,probed and shared her nakedness. She gripped both our pricks squeezing, wanking and smearing pre cum and her juices ran pooling at the crack of her buttocks. He rolled over on top of her as she threw one leg over and across me to enable him in between her thighs.

I felt her cunt, his cock rubbing the back of my hand.... my senses reeling with both arousal and booze I took his dick in my hand, it was so strange to feel anothe rmans cock.

So smooth the skin velvet yet the steely hardness underneath, i guided it to the swollen pussy and in a fit of lust rubbed him up and down her slit making her groan and push her cunt up in a attempt to get him inside her...as i as still moving him against her suddenly he grunted and pushed against my hand to partly slide inside her warmth trapping my hand between their stomachs..i flattened my hand making a ring of my fingers enabling him to slide further in, his slick rod slippery through my encircling fingers.

He gave a few thrusts giving me so many sensations I nearly had a orgasm...it was entirey a act that had never even entered my thoughts, to hold another cock but it was a thrill and my wife thought so too. She told me it gave her a shock but such a turn on even amidst all that was going on.

I pulled away to hold her in my arms as they fucked, so slow at first but soon he was ramming in hard, the bed bouncing as he moved with my wife groaning and grunting, urging him on with ''fuck me, oh come on. ohh lovely and come on cum inside me.'' He went fast and hard but it was only a few minutes befote he rammed in hard, stayed motionless and shuddering emptied himself inside her as her arms and legs wrapped around his nakedness holding him tight as she gasped that she was cumming too.

it seemed for ever that he led on top of her with her hugging him as his dick stayed soaking inside her, kissing deeply and whispering until I felt pissed off and left out, I threw the covers off to get out of bed when her hand reached out to pull me towards them and taking the hint he rolled off her.

''Come on, come on what are you doing.?'' she still panting spoke in a husky voice and pulled me to her, my deflating dick soon grew hard as she kissed me with lips that had just been kissed and licked by another man, her swollen wet sex oozing his cum coating the tip of my cock, trembling I pushed into her before properly hard







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A bit of an update

Avatar Username: John/Amy
Date: 24-Jan-2017 15:30:00
Mood: in love

Just wanted to say sorry we haven't updates or posted any new pictures, me and Amy have been pretty busy here lately and Amy's new boyfriend dozen't want any pictures of him on the Internet because he is married. He says he doesn't want his wife to know he likes sticking his dick into white pussy.

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Lin gets fucked Dogg... Lin gets fucked Dogg...
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duration 05:01
from johnandlingf
Couple, 46y.o.

Lin gets fucked doggie style and gets cums shot onto her tits
Chrissie's multi-rac... Chrissie's multi-rac...
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duration 05:20
from angel1_al
a Man, 51y.o.

Variety is, of course, the spice of life :)
wife cumming out sho... wife cumming out sho...
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duration 05:58
from raynewtoy
a Man, 61y.o.

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