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tribute for me

Avatar Username: southerngirrl101
Date: 24-Feb-2015 22:33:41
Mood: horny

hay peeps. I am realllly wanting tributes.. Just the IDE makes me wett... I wanna see all these different guys cum dripping off my photos... If u have enough cum cum on every one in my albums please post them and put southerngirrl101 in the tittle... Maybe 100 different guys? Maybe not idk I hope so.... Cantwait...

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New Vids and Pics

Avatar Username: jennad152
Date: 21-Feb-2015 03:10:42
Mood: horny
Music: Erotic

New Vids and Pics

Avatar Username: jennad152
February 20th 2015
Music.....Wild and Erotic

My sex crazy slut Jenna wants to read your comments while she gets off...the filthier and more degrading the better...she cant get enough.  Tributes welcome.  We also want to hear from other sluts....Damian


What the fuck is your xecret? Everytime when I'm on DoMyWife and I see a picture of you, no matter how tiny, I get instantly horny. My dick is hard in no-time and I jerk off while watching your vids or pics. It's unbelievable, but even Pat gets horny when she sees your vids or ptcs. She sees you and not long after she is masturbating or she comes to me and pulls my cock out of my pants, sucks me like a real slut and what a surprise; I cum much too quick and she just wants my speem.
You're a sort of natural talent, having the appearance of a filthy slut and that makes men and woman horny as hell.

When there ever will be one opportunity in my life of getting physically in touch with you .... please promise me that I get to fuck you as a real filthy slut as hard and as many times I want and can. And that you will suck my cock like you've never sucked before? I'll give you more sperm than you can swallowand I just want to fuck and lick that wet, big cunt of yours. I would love it if there would be some other guys who fuck you while I take a short break. It must be so hot to see you getting fucked by several guys and to see how you enjoy all that big ciocks.  Pat has asked me to write you that she now and then dreams of you. When she wakes up, her pussy is so wet and the first thing she does is grabbing her huge dildo and shove that monster inside. Yeah, Jenna even at the other side of the ocean people get fucking horny of you.  I'm gonna wank now because writng this stuff, realizing that it's for you .... shit, it makes me so crazy and I love it ....

Loving your horny and slutty looks.  BIG X on that always wet cunt !

vfrboy4u Send PM
Sep 09, 2015 at 08:24 AM
love to fill your hot teasing pink "fuckholes" deep and hard and fill them with a big warm load of white jizz till the sticky CUM drips out, down those hot sexy legs !! .... i would cumdrench your pink holes good sexy horny wifey !! let me know on my profile page if you wanne be my lil nasty cumcraving slut and i will give you plenty of my fresh creamy nutsmilk !!!! many wet kisses on your nice pink holes , juicy tits and hot yummy nips !!!!

UncutPiano9 Send PM
Aug 26, 2015 at 12:46 PM

Collared and on your knees begging for cum, just like you should be.

Delete Control
2015-04-22 08:10:14

You truly are the best cum drinking slut of a piss whore on here

bbw69luver Send PM
Apr 18, 2015 at 05:26 PM

Lets play plug all three holes. You work a dildo in your ass, and Ill work the other in your pussy, while you swallow my cock. After 5 minutes, we switch holes. Five more minutes, switch again. Repeat as needed until swollen and gushing. First one to get the other to pass out after orgasmic overload wins!

Delete tmason_22 Send PM
Apr 13, 2015 at 05:26 PM

I would definitely ram my hard cock up your ass and fill you up.

Delete moondggy1958
2015-03-29 15:00:24

I soooo Love to Rent her for a few weeks, Ill send her back full of my sperm!!!  Jenna ever in orlando id love to feed you my sperm...loveeeee your tits sexy...Id feed you my cock all day hun

Delete steelman941 Send PM
Mar 23, 2015 at 10:51 PM

A hot cock teasing slut whore wife.  Sub slut ready for the use abuse...Bitch hole needs to be tied and whipped as well A true cum slut and fuck hole .Suck my cock while your tied up whore  Like to gag her on my cock.  Like to tie and clamp and inseminate this slut for fun and my pleasure.  Like to force feed my cock down this slut blondes throat...............FUCK MEAT.  And everybody line up to fuck her hole next showing whata slut /whore she is and cock pleaser.  Let me give her more coke so I can enjoy fucking her,breeding her, and useing tihs blonde cunt meat hole.  Now you slut hole spread those legs wide show me your insides and post it on here so I can enjoy your cock addicted slut hole.  I am getting addicted to that slut pussy.

Delete squizzyt Send PM
Feb 20, 2015 at 02:49 AM

Fuck you turn me on Jenna, So hot and sexy, what a great slut you are. Fucking instant hard cock.  I would party with you any time. Those tits are just ripe for sucking hard on. Yummy. Love those tits.  I am looking, I am looking, don't rush me, so fucking sexy.  Oh yeah, would love to ride you Jenna.  Go girl, go sorry I don't like your photos, I FUCKING LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!  Love how slutty your body is and boy could I have some fun with it. Just looking at your slutty whorish pics my cock gets hard and leaks precum everywhere.  Those tits of your drive me wild. I would love to get down on my back with you sitting on my face and grinding your cunt into my mouth while you sucked on my cock and squeezed my balls.  They we would have a second guy start to fuck you while I am licking your clit.

tonyb1943 Send PM
Feb 18, 2015 at 03:58 PM

God I love watching you fuck yourself and hearin g you come, your nipples get so hard. And you must be so wet. You make the best vids. And I love your tits.Love watching you desperate to cum. Your vids are my favorites. Look how hard those nipples are Love your sexy videos and those hanging tits.  They are perfect. Would love to see them hanging in front of me as you suck my cock and I squeeze your nipples.
I would love to lick your clit and have you cum u til you beg to have my cock in you. I love to feel my cum squirting in you ad I pump hRd.

I love to see you craving cock as you masterbate. I like to see you naked not dressed. I would like to fuck you in the ass while your hubby  is in your pussy. . Or I could jrk off while you are fucking a girlfriend with a strap on. And then I would fuck you both . Now I will wTch you some more ..


justsex48 Send PM
Feb 02, 2015 at 10:37 AM

jenna you such a sexy woman my cock would love to ride you.  Love your nipples very sexy

PrettyRicky Send PM
Jan 29, 2015 at 01:56 PM

She can eat my cum any day.... SAY WHEN!!!

merlin3 Send PM
Jan 26, 2015 at 02:26 PM

hmm love a secretary with such smooth well curved thigsh! would train her too!



Yours is the hottest page ....omg loved watching you vibrate your pussy baby..

Delete Tootsiepop Send PM
Jan 24, 2015 at 03:56 AM

damn way to fuck,she talks so sexy!! Like a good nasty talker makes us hot and very horny,makes ya do thing you may not do otherwise sexy swinging tits!! love the way she dildos her cunt!!  GOT SO HRNY WHAT A FRIEND YOU WOULD MAKE!! great PICS AND WOW WE THINK YOUR SO SEXY AND KINKY!!! :-D ;-)

Delete brw689 Send PM
Dec 23, 2014 at 08:25 PM

you can have my cock and cum also gorgeous xxx

ladiesgigolo84 Send PM
Oct 12, 2014 at 07:25 PM

great amazing pictures..-..right the kind of sexy woman that i like

latin_Irishrose Send PM
Oct 05, 2014 at 04:37 PM

Very Hot ...love ur sexy outfits !!!

PHX Guy Send PM
Sep 26, 2014 at 06:09 PM
Luv all your slutty outfits....you certainly know how to get a man really aroused

Delete peter69r Send PM
Sep 29, 2014 at 03:56 PM
Oh yes jenna, you look so hot and wild there.  Your tits and nipples are fantastic, I'd love for you to give me a ring. xxxox Peter

Delete yeoman69 Send PM
Sep 25, 2014 at 07:45 PM

Would love to see those nipples clamped.....Would love to snap my leash onto her collar.....

Dress up like a street whore for Master bitch...tight skirt so short it exposes your slave cunt....no panties...big tits half exposed....i take you to the mall with another slut collared and leashed....make you masturbate each other and eat her cunt in public while men watch and jerk off on you both.  Then make you kneel in Macdonalds and suck me off till i cover you bitch whores in cum.  Walk you through the mall dripping cum from your slut holes....sex crazed MILF cunts in heat for cocks.

Are you a filthy degraded submissive whore with no limits....insane for bondage and humiliation....serving Masters cock and his sluts cunt....used in public...tits bound...dildo in your sexcrazed cunt...masturbated to slut orgasms...  TELL MASTER WHAT YOU NEED BITCH!!

nutjob4u Send PM
Aug 22, 2014 at 12:08 PM
I would luv to share my cock with her HOT  I want to feed her I want to blow my load on your tounge.  I would luv to drop a load on her face . I want to feed her my loads.

Hungmanslut Send PM
Aug 20, 2014 at 06:54 PM

Mmmmmmn nice tits... Luv to pound a few bare loads in her

Delete subrubystick Send PM
Aug 19, 2014 at 06:51 AM

Fuck l'm cumming off just looking at her. Cock out really hard she want to pole dance

gregsforyouik Send PM
Jul 21, 2014 at 08:46 PM

MMMmm love to fuck her ass she is very hot. I love to hear her talk dirty.makes my cock throb


i fucking love your wife,,, she so rocks my cock,,,sexyas hell mmmmmm

Love to feel your lips around my hard cock

Delete posseplayer Send PM
Jul 19, 2014 at 01:23 AM

I would love to be your boy toy sweetheart

lopper Send PM
Jul 18, 2014 at 01:23 PM

Beautiful dick hungry slut ! Make me cum you dirty slut playing with cumholes !

steelman941 Send PM
Jul 14, 2014 at 08:42 PM

LOVE to BREED this fuck slut

nutjob4u Send PM
Jun 26, 2014 at 11:41 AM

wild thang, let me give you my load   I would enjoy fucking that slut.  Hot sexy mature pussy! luv it  
sexy tits, how about I drop a load on them  
luv to bend you over and slid my cock in

Delete maltran Send PM
Jun 25, 2014 at 07:47 AM

ooooooh wanna fuck you babe


Friday 04th 2014f April 2014 12:13:24

Jenna hey you look damn hot.  I would love to find us in a room full of black men who first demand that we perform a show for them.  Eat each other and then fuck with strapons. From there they join in and dp each of us before taking charge and fucking each of us hard and forceful.  Filling our holes with dark man meat and driviing their cocks into us so deep that they bring tears. finally filling us with load after load of cum for us to suck out of each other and swap back and forth before they throw us to the floor and fuck us some more until we are so worn out and used that we can do nothing but lie there and let them have their way. Sound good.

Jenna you fucking slut you asked for it and I am just enough slut to give it to you. I have a weekend planned you will never forget.   You and I arrive at a mountain getaway by ourselves but you know what is about to happen. To prepare I eat your pussy allowing my tongue to roam and slide into your ass.  You wiggle as cum begins to flow from your cunt. My middle finger slides into your asshole as I begin the process of stretching your anus that will continue all night. A knock at the door and I ask you to get it.  As you do I slip into some leather to begin my role of dominating you.
You open the door and a large group of black men come through and push you into a waiting chair and begin to tie you up.  They do no forplay shoving cocks into your mouth until they are hard and large. The first guy with no mercy shoves his foot long cock into your ass making you scream out as the initial pain forcasts a night that will put you in your place as the fucking slut you are. I come in and shove your mouth into my pussy and order you to lick me until I come while two cocks are now pumping your crotch as the man on top slides his tongue into my mouth. We fuck you with no reqard for you but only lust for our own pleasure.  After an hour or so of this action there is another knock on the door. It opens to reveal you two daughters and your hubby tied up by another group of black thugs.
They have been kidnapped and brought here to have you watch them and have your husband watch it all happen to the women he loves.  In an instant your screaming daughters are thrown on the bed and black cocks are in every hole as tears flow from their eyes.  You try to tell them that it is OK but I drown out your abilities by shoving my pussy harder and harder into your face. Each of your daughters have been cummed in several times as black men get off on the fuck fest happeniing. Your daughters are pulled over and their pussies pushed into your face so that you can suck out of them the cum they are  filled with.
I go over and take your husbands pants off to find him hard as a rock watching his ladies being used like pieces of fucking meat . I suck his cock before straddling him and fucking him. He begs me to stop but I can tell he just wants more of me as he watches you and his daughters being raped by the room full of niggers. I turn around and shove his throbbing cock into my ass. One of your daughters is brought to me and I eat her pussy while black cocks take turns on her ass. Each one as they finish blows their load onto my face. ZI notice that the same is happening to you as you eat out your own daughter as she gets ass fucked by a black cock ant the same time you are filled with black dick.  As they drain their cocks the men one by one leave and you tell your daughters of how the evening was planned by me.  They become obediant to my commands as I order each of them to eat us as your hubby wiggles watching.  Then they take turns fucking their Dad as you watch and eat my pussy. He blows his load in your youngest daughter and your oldest daughter sucks his juice out of her and shares it with you. It has been a long and emotional night and we slowly say good bye an head for home until we meet again.

paul eyre244 Send PM
Apr 08, 2014 at 01:24 PM

I love this fucking woman she is my dream bird


Friday 04th 2014f April 2014 05:24:38

Mmmm I would love to violate you while your master watches. I wanna slide my cock deep in your throat , I wanna slam that pussy then stuff my cock in that sexy ass

leisuretime68 Send PM
Apr 03, 2014 at 08:19 AM

Would love to satisfy your need. I like the way you handle that cock and would love to see you handle mine. Take it in your hands, rub it on your tits and start sucking. I'll reward you with such a heavy load it will spill from your mouth.  My heavy load would be hitting your face, tits and open mouth. Your body is incredible, on your knees and take my swollen cock in your mouth, I'm gonna fuck you like a slut and spray you with my cum.
Every1 has gone from work and I looking at your pics while getting a blowjob from my workmate. She was looking at your sexy body with me and is now warming my cock up to fuck her on my desk. Her mouth is stretched around the swollen head, licking and sucking it as I look at your fantastic tits and I'll be thinking of your pussy when I shoot my cum inside hers. I'd love to feel my thick cock deep in your soaking wet pussy and to see you gaping after I fuck you. Jenna, your body is amazing and your pics out of this world. My cock is rock hard, I don't usually masturbate to cumming looking at pics, preferring to save my cum for the mature slut wives I meet, but I couldn't help myself with you.


Sunday 02nd 2014f March 2014 06:43:03

Hi darling I am your biggest fan I can't get enough of you.  I plead you to do a piss vid for me please.  Absolutely an amazing pic& vids Would love to fuck and eat your lush pussy Thankyou for the best wank material and keep up the good work, I'm sure you will
Love Atomix

OhYesDoIt Send PM
Mar 11, 2014 at 04:29 PM
You have the loveliest boobs I have ever seen, and a passion to match



2014-01-14 20:02:20

Wish I could shoot my hot sticky young cumm deep inside of her lovely pussy! XD Sooooo freaking Hot....Damn I could masturbate to your gallery All Day! Mmm....Im sooo horny for Jenna now....damn...my Young Cock Is Hard...and throbbing…. after watching your Hot video Gallery...I wanna Explode my Hot Young Cum all over my thighs, and belly...




2013-12-13 15:33:56

WOW! biker approved!

2013-08-29 21:57:17

You are such a hot slutty cock whore........and we love it!

2013-07-30 14:00:22

your vids get us so off we cant stop watching ty

Delete mywhore
2013-05-28 09:17:31

Smokin hot I love your pics

Delete rickndiana3099
2013-02-12 14:29:41

you make my pussy so wet every time i stop bye rick just loves your place

2013-02-11 23:48:12

Excellent....5 ***** sexy woman make me spurt like a Fountain

2013-02-08 00:26:24

your the ultimate fuck slut!!! i will masturbate to u every day . thanks for letting us watch u

2012-12-08 20:38:36

5 ***** perfect. WHAT A WOMAN!

2012-11-13 16:30:34

you are one hot slut id love to collar you tie you out side to a tree and fuck you like a bitch in heat!!!!!!!!!!! :-P

Delete 123longhorn
2012-11-03 16:14:18
absolutely awesome pics and vids, a 5 star all the way....cant wait to see more of this...

2012-11-01 15:01:49

Damn you are a sexy lady :-)


DoesItMatter?end PM
Jan 11, 2013 at 01:44 AM

What an incredibly hot slut you are! Drop to your knees and suck me Jenna. Just made for eating pussy. Sit on my face you whore, and let me taste your cunt. The look on your face is soooo sexy. Id love to look down and see you looking up at me like that. You’re a hell of a woman.  A woman as sexy as you would have been the center of attention for men and women. You’re very hot. Why dont you get under my desk and earn your keep, Slave? I have a nice big bonus to give you, you sexy little slut. Hell yes, Id love to fuck you! What an incredible picture, and you are so hot. What a sexy face! Should I cum on your tits, on your face or in your mouth? you make me so horny that Im gonna cum on all three.


Delete dfoulup Send PM
Oct 18, 2013 at 07:18 PM
She'd be getting plenty of cock if I was around! And plenty of play with those great tits and I'm sure there is something else that needs attention.  I'd love to take that top off you and fill your mouth with cock. Later I'd find a hot steamy place for my cock between your wide spread legs...you sure wouldn't have to beg me very long for my cum. Probably 10 or 15 seconds! She's giving me a temp and I'm thinking my pulse is elevated too. Come take care of me baby! You are one sexy bitch!


Breedervtx Send PM
Oct 03, 2013 at 04:14 PM
She needs to be tied up spread eagle and fucked with all the toys she has until she begs to be released then gang bang her with all your buddies !!!! She should be gang raped. So fuckable, love to take turns with you.  Would love to feel your lips around my fat cock!  I would like to use your whore mouth to unload my balls into.


Oct 25,2013 at 03:21 PM

I am absolutely in love with your videos. My cock gets so hard it actually hurts me.   While watching the mother daughter video the first time I could not get my dick out fast enough.  I get so hot and horny watching you suck cocks and take cum shots that I find myself wanting to be there and being so turned on .  Please keep the videos cumming. I have jerked off to your pictures and videos almost daily and on occasion twice a day. You guys are the hottest thing on this site, or any site for that matter. Boy if you ever need or want someone to tease or to watch I'm your man, other than hearing me jerk off you would never know I'm there... keep those videos cumming.

gourmet6966 Send PM

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This is very new to me!

Avatar Username: PinkTotoro
Date: 18-Feb-2015 10:56:14
Mood: happy

I've never done something like this before, so this is all very new to me. I just uploaded my first photos to my account...I hope someone will view them! I'm excited to see what happens. I can already tell that I'm going to add a lot more pictures and possible some videos.

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pussy stretching

Avatar Username: windspear
Date: 17-Feb-2015 01:43:50
Mood: horny
Music: fist fuck by NIN

Anyone else into pussy stretching? 

I've made progress with my slut this month, especially in terms of acceptance. Any comments from experience welcomed.

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Bull Needed

Avatar Username: blackcumwhore
Date: 14-Feb-2015 12:12:57
Mood: horny
Music: Barry White

Are there any bulls around? I need a change of pace, some new meat to mix things up.... Atlanta would be good! Any takers?

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Looking for more

Avatar Username: blackcumwhore
Date: 13-Feb-2015 04:52:32
Mood: horny
Music: Angels and Airwaves

Hey guys, I would love for you to share your ideas with me on how to get more BBCs to eye up my pussy...my hubby and I just love to show it off and we really appreciate all the wonderful comments..who has ideas, please don't be bashful, thanks!! :))

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Being bad

Avatar Username: clubba999
Date: 11-Feb-2015 13:39:00
Mood: horny

Ok I've had to finally tell all. Hubby and me had a row over usual things and he went off to work. My daughters footy coach called round later that evening with some papers , we had been chatting and flerting before as he was having women troubles. We sat on the sofa until quite late all the time I noticed him eyeing me up and being suggestive , I popped to the loo and on return ,he then said maybe he better go and stood up , it was then I noticed he had a hard on and was trying to cover up. I said maybe he needs to go sort it out before he goes home in a joking manner To which he pulled me close said it was my fault and I should sort it for him. I didn't know what to say as I stood with his hard cock pushing against me, I looked into his eyes and before I knew it I was kissing him passionatly , his hand were all over me rubbing my tits and arse , so I put my hands down His joggers to find him rock hard and leaking pre cum. I knew I needed to play so I dropped to my knees and released his hard cock about 7 inch and throbbing quite thick too. I started licking and teasing it and soon was sucking for all I was worth while he fucked my mouth he removed my top and bra groping and teasing my tits my nipples hard and pussy getting wetter all the time. He withdrew his cock from my mouth and slapped it on my cheek saying he wanted to fuck my tits so I sat him down and started fucking my tits while I teased his cock tip with my tongue. I started to rub my pussy and was told to get undressed. We stood up and quickly disrobed he grabbed me and I felt his hard cock slip in between my legs and against my pussy lips. Just then he gasped and I felt his cock begin to twitch and buck. No not yet he said but too late he was spunking all over my wet pussy and thighs. He apologised and said he had never had a blow job like that and my pussy felt so hot he couldn't hold back. He asked if I wanted him to stay a while and could carry on as he wanted to fuck me hard and make me cum for him. I knew hubby was at work all night and we wouldn't be disturbed everything told me how wrong it was but we hubby and I had talked about this quite often and I had been teased my daughters coach and flerting for ages. I cleaned up and we snuggled on the sofa under a quilt , Gareth started teasing my clit and gently fingering me while I stroked his cock, he disappeared under the quilt and I felt his hot breath on my pussy lips followed by his hot wet tongue he licked and tongue fucked me all the time my pussy getting wetter, I could feel myself starting to cum and bucked creaming onto his tongue. He crawled up my body kissing all the way until he was staring into my eyes then I felt his rock hard cock at my pussy he kissed me pushing forward I felt my lips open as his hard cook sank into me I felt my breath ease from me as he sank balls deep inside my wet pussy . He started fucking me with long deep stokes, saying how I deserved this for all the teasing I had been doing . I was totally at his control, I could feel my juices flowing from my pussy and his hard cock was throbbing inside me while he squeezed my tits pinching my nipples. I told him we should stop and move to the bedroom but he pulled out spun me over and sank into me again doggy style pulling my hair and telling me to admit I wanted his cock all along, and I had been a total cock tease. Gareth please my daughter will be home soon I said let's move . With that he gripped my hips sank balls deep and exclaimed he was cumming I tried to pull away but he kept pumping into me until he was finished. He pulled out of me and I felt his cum running down my lips , I said you wasn't ment to do that I've never let a guy cum in me all the time I have been married except my hubby. And was told well now im allowed to do it too as I begged for it. We cleaned up and dressed and I made us coffee , which we was drinking as my daughter came home a bit later she said her hellos and went off to bed and I thensaw Gareth out at the door he groped my arse and told me if I wanted more fun call him and next time he will fuck my arse too . So now hubby knows and i get such a hard fuck from him for being his naughty wife and next time he knows first Hope for more soon xxx bustyg28

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Being whored out

Avatar Username: Uk wife
Date: 09-Feb-2015 17:46:44
Mood: horny

This a true story of my first experience of being whored out. I sat at my desk in my office at work ( I recently got a promotion to operations manager) I was feeling so horny, yesterday my husband took my naked pictures in to his work ( he works at our local hospital) and put them up in the men's changing rooms and public toilets with advert reading " whore to use please contact on number below if you want to use her!" My naked pictures were up for any one at my hubbies work to see, the pictures he took had me completely naked, they were close ups of my bum, my tits and my hairy cunt. So I sat there at my desk and tried to concentrate on my work but it was no good, I could feel my pussy getting wet, I could help but get turned on knowing some one might be wanking to my pictures! But sadly no time to dream work took over. Three o'clock came and a text came through on my phone, it read " hi I saw your pictures and you make my cock hard, can you meet me for some fun?" Who was this? But instantly I felt arousal, my first contact with a stranger who wanted to fuck me, it was all so exciting, do I text back "okay I can meet you after work, but where?" Two minutes went by and my phone buzzed again " meet me at your husbands work, men's changing rooms first floor!" I was so horny, I replied "okay see you soon" I instantly called my hubby and told him what I was going to do and promised to take a selfie to show him, so five o'clock came I hurried down to the car and drove over to my husbands work, I made my way up to the first floor and along the long corridor to the men's changing room, I was so excited but nervous as well, who was this person? I text him that was there, nervously I waited and then my phone went again, " here's the code to get in, now go inside, I did as instructed. I went in and turned the light on, there sitting in a chair was a really large white guy, he was fat, (obese, at least 25 stone I would say) " hello Laura, my names Paul, let's not waste time, your a whore now strip for me !" I looked at this disgusting looking man, he sat there staring at me, oogling me,but I did as he told me, I took my blouse off to reveal my cream bra and unzipped my skirt to reveal my matching knickers, I reached around and unclipped my bra and let my tits flop free as they sagged and wobbled onto my flabby stomach " nice saggy tits whore" Paul drooled " now your knickers" I rolled my knickers down to reveal my hairy cunt to him, as I rolled them down I noticed the gusset of my knickers was really dirty, my pussy juice and cunt cheese had stained my knickers, " show me your dirty panties slut" Paul had seen my shame, I picked them up as my fat belly rolled around me and my tits hung from me, I passed them to him as Paul brought them to his nose and smelt my stinky knickers. "Mmmmm so sweaty and stale" Paul gloated I stood naked in front this stranger letting him smell my dirty knickers, " now whore I want you on your hands and knees and crawl over to me" Paul ordered, I did as I was told and got down on the floor and started crawling over to him, my belly fat jiggled and hung from me as my saggy tits flopped and swung from me, I was now looking up at this obese man leering at my naked body " now unzip my flies and pull my pants down" I followed his command and unzipped him and pulled his big pants down, his cock was small may be five inches but thick with a large bell end, all swollen and purple! "Now suck my cock slut!" I leaned forward and opened my mouth to take his throbbing cock in my mouth, he smelt and tasted foul, like he had not washed his cock in days! I slurped and licked his cock, up and down my head went up and down taking all his cock in my mouth tasting his cheesy precum spurting over my lips as he groaned and moaned. Paul's cock was throbbing as I wrapped my long tongue all over his disgusting tasting cock, his precum was all over my lips as I heard him say he was going to cum, he held my head down on his cock as he erupted inside my mouth, his cum hitting the back of my throat, squirt after squirt his cum poured into my mouth as I slurped and licked his cock " swollow it all whore!" I did as ordered and took every drop down my throat and started licking his cock clean, I reached between my legs and run my fingers along my pussy lips and felt I was soaking wet, I was so turned on by sucking this obese fat strangers cock, while being naked in the men's changing room, it had made me so horny, I slipped three fingers into my soaking cunt and finger myself while still on my one hand and knees, I gasped and moaned, I knew it would not take long before I cum as Paul watched my exhibition, I sat back against the lockers and spread my legs wide open so Paul could see all of my hairy cunt as I finger fucked myself, my cunt was starting to gape as my three fingers pounded in and out of me, my cunt was squelching and frothing my pussy juice as my fat belly rolled up into rolls and wobbled and my saggy tits jiggled and flopped to the rhyhm of my hand, still tasting Paul's cum in my mouth I arched my back and cried out as my orgasm ripped through me, I squirted my cum all over my hand and over the floor, my pussy throbbing and sensitive as I panted and gasped, I opened my eyes to see Paul standing in front of face wanking this now hard cock inches from my face, then he groaned and shot his cum all over my face, I opened my mouth but most was all over my chin, nose, in my hair and was dripping onto my saggy tits as I leaned there naked like a true whore letting this horribly fat man use me and cum on me like a slut, Paul wiped his cock on my face and sqeezed the last of his cum onto my waiting tongue, he then said " good whore I will use you again!" He pulled his pants and trousers up and left the changing rooms leaving me there naked, and my face and tits covered in his cum, I reached for my phone from my bag and took a selfie of my face and tits with Paul's cum smeared on me and text my husband and said your wife is officially a whore!

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Great Saturday night!

Avatar Username: XXXCTcuncple69
Date: 01-Feb-2015 14:40:22
Mood: happy

Thanks to my wonderful husband for the amzzing night last night! He got me a nice married guy! :) we will be uploading videos later :) I hope you all enjoy them! It's been waaaay to long!

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Avatar Username: tom696966
Date: 29-Jan-2015 03:02:42
Mood: horny

http://www.domywife.com/my-profile/photos-display/pos_-1535331/uid_953058/ Gina has one of the deepest pussies i know i fisted her almost to my elbow mmmm and the screaming she did ive never seen a woman squirt so much.

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