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Women and Condoms (or Bareback)

Avatar Username: bro4xxxfun
Date: 03-Sep-2015 07:01:40
Mood: horny

Just wondering about some things, would like a woman's point of view. Maybe a couple's point of view. You can send me the answers privately.

(1) Your Age (or age range)
(2) Your marital status
(3) Are you straight or bi?
(4) Are you sexually active?
(5) Condoms or skin?
(6) Are you on any birth control?
(7) Have you ever used condoms for oral sex?
(8) Where do you like a guy to cum when you're having sex?
(9) Anything else you would like me to know?

Thanks for your answers. More to cum...

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In Belgrade, Serbia

Avatar Username: AceAtl
Date: 02-Sep-2015 22:38:06
Mood: lonely

I'm in Serbia for a couple of weeks. Any women or couples interested in showing a tourist around?

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Wisdom of the Ancients

Avatar Username: The Tourist
Date: 31-Aug-2015 14:28:03
Mood: full of life

Happiness lies in conquering one's enemies,

in driving them in front of one's self,

in taking their property,

in savoring their despair,

in outraging their wives and daughters before their eyes.

Genghis Kahn

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my shy asian wife for gangbang, dvp and dp

Avatar Username: jp0317
Date: 30-Aug-2015 14:45:37
Mood: horny

choose which of her holes will you use and tell us how you will fuck and degrade her. feel free to pound her other holes with whatever come to your mind (dildo, vibe, hammer, broom, mop, bat etc. note that she will be reading so give us ideas for our next gangbang session. your comments are appreciated. btw we are from abilene tx so feel free to contact us if interested

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biggest and most cock wifes had in one nite

Avatar Username: oh yes
Date: 15-Aug-2015 15:23:55
Mood: horny

hey guy's whats the biggest your wifes ever had..........my wifes is a bit over 8 inches i know cause she made me measure him...whats the most in one nite..............my wife blew 3 outta 4 guy's at porn store in taylor michigan on her 30th b-day,,,i took her there had her open peep booths say i'm tammy its my birthday can i blow your candle,,,,3 outta 4 blew in her belly...the 4th blew all over waiting his turn...was fun but only lasted maybe 30 minutes,,,i then took my cum filled wife to dinner told her that she smelled like cock fed her then pounded her once we got home................for over 22yrs i've seen and let her play at will...........

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the hunt

Avatar Username: SullivanJoanne_
Date: 11-Aug-2015 19:39:50
Mood: horny

The Hunt

Six years ago after I was married my husband we were trying to have a baby, but no matter how much we fucked I wasn’t getting pregnant so after a year we went to a doctor and found out my husband just wasn’t making enough live sperm to get me pregnant. He could but the odds were against it. We talked about it for a long time and he wanted to keep trying. If it happened or didn’t happen he was ok with it, but I really wanted to have a baby. 


I was talking to one of my friends about it and told her I really wanted a baby and at that point I didn’t care who gave it to me. She got a funny look on her face and said if I really didn’t care she knew a place where I could get pregnant and I wouldn’t know who the father was. I was curious so I told her to tell me all about it.  It turns out that she was a member of a hunt club that owned quite a bit of property up in the mountains and the club held hunts every weekend.  They were called hunts, but they were really sex hunts.  Everyone would go up to the property, strip, and run through the woods.  The guys would find the girls and fuck them like animals then move on.


I was a little shocked because I didn’t think my friend was into that sort of thing to begin with and I had never heard about a club like that. She told me one of her friends had told her about it when she was in high school and she had joined when she turned 18. She had gone to hunts several times a year since then. As I sat there listening to her talk about it I was getting more than a little wet thinking about what it would be like. Then she offered to have me come as her guest and participate in the next hunt.


I probably had a goofy look on my face as I sat there looking at her not knowing what to say because she started laughing and told me to just let her know if I was ever interested as she didn’t need an answer right then.


I thought hard about it for quite a while and eventually decided I wanted to try it so I called her and we set a date to go up the following weekend. I told my husband that she and I were going to have a girls weekend out and that he should get together with his old friends and have a good time. I packed a small overnight bag that night and did nothing, but think about what would happen almost every second till the day we left for the mountains.


My girlfriend picked me up and as we were driving there she explained the hunt rules to me which were: no clothing allowed other than shoes, no talking between the hunters and the prey, once caught the prey does whatever the hunters want, when the hunters are done with the prey they will release them so other hunters can catch and use them, hunters are not allowed to hurt or abuse the prey, prey cant clean themselves off till the hunt ends, no one can stay in the meeting/supply clearing.


When we got to the mountains she drove down what seemed like an old logging road and through a gate leading a small parking area where we stopped and got out. All that was there were a couple other cars, an old wooden fence and a small bench surrounded by a lot of trees. She shut the car off and asked me if I was ready. I gave a really quick look around the lot and nodded yes. She smiled and told me not to worry it would be fun and then got out of the car. I got out and we went to the trunk of the car and when she opened it she started to take off her clothes so I did the same thing. Before long we were standing behind the car with only our shoes on.


She smiled and closed the trunk and told me to follow her into the woods as she headed down a small path. Just after we got out of sight of the car I heard the sound of car tires crunching the gravel in the parking lot behind us. We kept going for quite a while until we entered a small clearing next to a pond. Almost immediately a large hand grabbed my hair from behind and pushed me down to my knees.


My friend looked back and smiled as she ran off. Within seconds a large muscular naked man was in front of me pushing his cock into my face and then he shoved it into my mouth. So I sucked on his cock till it was quite hard and he pulled me up by my hair and moved behind me. He bent me over as he pushed his cock onto my extremely wet pussy lips. He pushed it into me hard making it slide in. He pulled back out, pushed it into me again and started fucking me hard. I came almost at once and within a few minutes I felt him finish as his cum squirted deep inside of me. He held me in place for a minute before he pulled out and ran off down the trail my friend went down.


I stood there for a second as cum dribbled out of my pussy and down my legs before starting across the clearing for the trail my friend used. I only got to the edge before another man appeared and grabbed me. This man pushed me down to my knees and grabbed his cock and started slapping me in the face with it before sliding it across my lips. I opened my mouth and he slid the tip of his cock in before grabbing my hair with both hands and pushing his cock into me as he pulled my head making me gag. He pulled back and pushed it into me again as he started fucking my mouth within minutes he came shooting his cum down the back of my throat. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and rubbed it on my face leaving a trail of cum as he smiled down at me. He let me go and ran into the woods.  I jumped up and ran down the trail my friend had used within seconds I felt another hand grab me. I swung around and It was my friend who was pulling me off the trail. We went a little ways off of it and she stopped and whispered to me “having fun?” To which I nodded yes and I pointed at her and mouthed “are you?” She smiled and pointed down to her legs which were already glistening with cum and nodded yes.  I giggled and she turned and we headed back up to the trail.


For the rest of the day we ran through the woods getting caught and fucked by a bunch of different men. I only saw one other girl besides my friend, but I was fucked over 10 times that day and I think she was fucked at least that many times herself. We stopped by the meeting/supply area (a place for food and blankets) that night and ate some food and grabbed some blankets and headed back out into the woods where we pulled together some leaves and put our blankets down to sleep. It was very dark out as there wasn't a moon up that night. 


I fell asleep almost as soon as I put my head down and woke up in the middle of the night shivering so I decided to move next to my friend and got up and grabbed my blanket and started fumbling around to find her.  Instead I ran into some guy who grabbed me and bent me over. His cock was already hard as he pushed it into my crotch. He missed my pussy so I reached down and guided it into me. He just kept pumping it into me till he was all the way in and then started fucking me hard. I braced myself against a tree as he fucked me. As he came he shot his cum into me then I felt a hand slide up my leg which totally freaked me out. 


It was my girlfriend's hand we were having sex right next to her and didn’t know it. I just stood there as he ran off dribbling cum onto my girlfriend. I found my blanket and put it over my girlfriend and I and cuddled up next to her as we drifted off to sleep. I woke again later that night as I felt someone’s hand rubbing my pussy and spread my legs letting them play with it before realizing it was my friend's hand. I laid there letting her finger me as I smelled the strong odor of sex we both had on us. I leaned forward guessing where her mouth was and kissed her. She stopped rubbing my pussy for a second and found my lips kissing me as I slid my hands over her body softly caressing it as I did. She started rubbing me again and I quickly found her pussy and slid my fingers between her lips slowly caressing her clit as my fingers moved back and forth. I was so horny I wanted to lick her pussy.


I slid down kissing her body until I got to her pussy sliding my tongue across her lips before I found her clit. Her pussy was wet and smelled of old sex as I flicked her clit with my tongue. I slid down sliding my tongue into her pussy and was immediately rewarded with a globs of old cum which I eagerly sucked out of her. I know it sounds gross, but I at the time I loved it. Before long I could feel her body quivering and hear her moan lightly as she came. I moved back up and kissed her with my juice covered lips before she pushed me back and moved down to my swollen pussy and she licked me until I came.


We kissed for a while and cuddled before falling asleep in each other’s arms. We woke the next morning just as it was turning light out. We picked up our blankets and headed back to the meeting/supply area to get some food and put back our blankets. We quickly ate and headed back out to the woods, but I had to go pee so we ducked behind some trees off the trail and started to relieve ourselves when a couple guys grabbed us both in the middle of it and shoved their cocks in our faces.  You would think they would wait till we were done but they didn’t. I opened my mouth and was sucking my guy's cock while I watched my friend suck the others guys cock and within minutes we were both getting fucked standing next to each other. Once they came we traded guys and were sucking cock trying to get them hard again so they could fuck us. The rest of the day we stayed together getting fucked over and over at least another 10 times before a siren sounded signaling the end of the hunt.


We hiked back out to the car pulling the grass and leaves out of our hair as we went and stood in the parking lot getting dressed as other women came out to their cars and did the same. We headed for home covered with cum and the smell of sex on our bodies. We stopped at her house so I could wash off before going home. I ended up staying another night reliving the fun we had together the night before. The kind of visit I ended up having with her almost weekly from that night on.

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teasing wife (just a sexy story )

Avatar Username: SullivanJoanne_
Date: 11-Aug-2015 19:18:25
Mood: horny

My Teasing Wife I guess it all started shortly after Ev and I married and moved to Arizona. We were fresh out of High School and finally away from our folks. But over the next year or so, I noticed that because of the climate, Ev started dressing to suit the warm weather. I also noticed how other men looked at her because of it. I'm talking short shorts, tiny tops, even men's tank tops with the large arm-holes, as well as a number of skimpy outfits. Let me tell you a little about Ev, she is a petite woman who stands about 5'-2" on a good day, and barely a hundred pounds. She is also a brunette with an attitude and is a 32 A-Cup with large puffy nipples. Early on she noticed the way other guys looked at her and smiled back at them as if to thank them for lust for her. "You like the way other guy's look at you, don't you?" I asked. "Sure I do. Don't you?" She said. "Well..." I thought for a moment. "It does make me feel funny inside when I know strangers are trying to see your titties down the front of your top and everything." I said. "Relax," Ev said, "I'm only teasing them a little. It's you who I get to fuck every night, right?" "Yeah, I guess you're right." I answered. Eventually I began liking the way she teased the other men when we went out. Although It happened mostly in shopping malls and department stores. One of the earliest experiences we had was at an amusement park walking around enjoying the rides when we experienced a rain shower. Ev and I got a little soaked while running for cover. It was while we were under a nearby canopy waiting for the rain to stop that I noticed a few of the men nearby watching Ev's blouse. She hadn't noticed it herself till I looked down and saw that the rain had made her top completely transparent. When she did notice, she did nothing to hide herself. And even made conversation with some of these guy's while we were there. I gotta tell you, these guy's wives didn't seem too happy about their men talking to a woman who's nipples were so visible. Yep, everyone got to see her braless nipples that night. On the way home she told me how horny it made her and we had some great sex that night. Now I was really hooked when it came to Ev showing herself off to strangers. Another time I was up late playing video games with the Andy, a single man who lived next door. Andy was around twenty-four and was already used to seeing Ev dressed skimpy, but had never seen her tits or pussy in the flesh. I guess it was around 11pm or so when Ev came walking through the living room on her way to the kitchen for something to drink when we noticed how sexy she looked. She wore a baggy tank-top that not only showed all but her nipples from the arm openings, but also barely covered her light-pink see-thru panties. Andy and I had been sitting on the floor in front of the couch watching TV and could see everything from this vantage point. We kept watching her as she disappeared into the kitchen. Her butt crack was as plainly visible as was her pubic hair. I immediately got hard and couldn't wait for Andy to go home as we waited for her return so we could watch her come through again. And when she did, Andy and I stared at her pussy and ass for as long as we could. "Oh my God!! That was nice!!" Andy said. "Sure was." I said. Then I had an idea. I went to our bedroom to see Ev. She was grinning big time and told me that she thought about taking the panties off in the kitchen before walking back through. I told her she should still do it just to see what Andy does. Lucky for me Ev is pretty adventurous. About ten minutes later she came back through the living room on her way to the kitchen still wearing the same baggy tank-top, which this time through did show Andy and I a great side view of her tit and nipple as well as her see-thru panties. Then as I had hoped, returned without the panties on. "I'm afraid I spilled something on them, so I had to leave them in the laundry." She exclaimed. Andy and I just stared up at her pretty little muff as she stood there right in front of us. Then she surprised us both by sitting on the couch we were already leaning against. This really made it hard to concentrate on our games. Then I asked Andy... "You ever touch a woman's pussy before?" "Not since college." He replied. "But I'd sure like to." I think this surprised even Ev when I suggested that Andy might get lucky enough to feel her up. But she was game. While still sitting on the floor, Andy and I scooted around to face Ev who was already lying down leaning against the pillows reading a magazine with her legs spread a little when I whispered Andy to just gently rub his fingertips through her pubes and see what happens from there. As he did, I watched Ev's face grow excited as Andy tickled her mound. After a minute of this she opened her legs a little more, exposing her lips and allowing Andy more pussy to explore. It seemed instinctive that he would send a finger between her pussy lips, causing Ev to succumb even more to the lust that was driving her into an eventual orgasm. Slowly and gently, Andy rubbed her clit, causing Ev to begin moving her hips in motion with Andy's finger. "Go ahead and slip your cock in." I whispered while she continued pretending to read. As Andy lowered his pants, Ev repositioned herself to receive Andys cock. She even helped guide it in. then I watched as the two of them fuck each other silly. And this being Andy's first fuck in a few years didn't surprise me that he shot his load into Ev's cunt within a minute or so. But being the horny young stud he was, he still kept his erection and continued fucking several minutes more till he shot another load deep inside her pussy. And yet he still didn't soften up, so Andy continued fucking Ev much longer this time. By this time Ev was ready to climax, and boy did she ever! Andy did his best to hang on as Ev squirmed in just about every direction. Andy soon came a third time in Ev's hot pussy. The energy they had built up left them both just as exhausted. And soon afterward, Andy left to go home. I swear, I have never seen so much cum drool out of Ev's cunt as I did that night. I told Ev that was the sexiest thing I have ever seen before ramming my own cock into her fuck hole. Another time I was out in the carport doing a little maintenance on the car when Andy came over to help. He told me his cousin Mark was coming out for the weekend from California and wondered if Ev and I would mind helping entertain him. My horny little mind went buzzing with ideas. "Sure, when's he gonna be here?" I asked. Just then a car pulled into Andy's drive way. "This is him now." Andy answered. Andy waved mark over to my place and we hit it off right away. I excused myself and went into the house to get a few beers when I noticed Ev come out of the den wearing a pretty interesting little top. "Whoa, hon. You trying to get me horny already?" I asked. She laughed a little. "You bet I am!" She answered. "I made this from an old nightie I don't wear anymore, but I thought the see-thru top by itself would look pretty nice with short cut-offs." She told me. The top she wore was see-thru with small holes in the shape of flowers and had a deep neckline that allowed anyone around her a great view of her titties when she bent down in just the slightest. "We have company outside if you'd be interested in bringing out some beers." I told her. "I can't wait." She told me as I smiled and headed out to Andy and Mark. A few minutes later Ev emerged from the house with a beer for each of us. We made our introductions and began enjoying our beers. Ev gets pretty "fun" after just a few sips of beer, so I knew we were in for an interesting morning. I also couldn't help but notice the way Andy and Mark were encouraging her to be more provocative. She stood between Andy and mark just teasing the hell out of them. She kept leaning on her elbows against the fender for several minutes at a time while we all talked trashy stuff. Leaning on the fender the way she did allowed her top to fall completely open so we each got an eyeful of titty and nipple. We couldn't seem to keep our eyes off of her. Then Mark asked... "Hey Ev, what other sexy tops to you have?" He asked. I was a little shocked at how someone we just met could be so blunt, but I figured it must have been the beer that caused it. "I got a bunch of sexy stuff!" She answered. "Want to see more?" She teased. "Oh man, would I!" Mark said. I grinned and invited the guys in to another beer while Ev found another outfit to model for us. Leaving the spark plugs for another time. Mark, Andy and I settled on the couch with beers in hand and waited to see what Ev was going to come down the hallway wearing. A few minutes later we weren't disappointed. She entered the livingroom wearing a short crop-top that barely covered the bottom of her tits. She kept her short denims on that barely covered her pubes. She spun around grinning real big knowing the attention she was getting. While she had her back turned to us she bent over to the floor causing her little top to fall up to her chin exposing her titties. It also gave us a pretty good view of her ass and pussy because she spread her legs at the same time. Mark nearly jumped up when she did this he was so excited. Ev saw Marks reaction and the way he rubbed his dick through his jeans a little which encouraged her to lift her top flashing us her titties. She held her top up for more than a minute allowing all of us to take it all in. Her next outfit was a loose fitting tank-top with large arm holes that did nothing to hide her titties. She slowly walked back and forth in front of us holding her top open so we couldn't help but admire her tits. Then as she started to leave the room she removed her shorts revealing her bare ass as she disappeared down the hallway, leaving us hungry for more. Her next outfit was again very sexy. It was one of my favorites. It was one of her clubbing dresses. She has a few outfits that are made to tease in nightclubs. Very short with a plunging neckline. Ev pranced before the three of us bending our way to show us how easy it is to see down the front, then turning around to bend over as though she were playing pool to show us how easy it is to see her see-thru panties. Then she pulled her dress off over her head allowing us to see her panty-clad ass as she left the room. Her last outfit was a white matching see-thru short top and see-thru panty set. I could hear Mark and Andy groan with excitement as Ev entered the room. Both mark and Andy began squeezing their cocks through their jeans. She then turned on the stereo and asked who wanted to dance with her. Both Andy and Mark raised their hands. We had a good quick laugh then Ev grabbed Mark and started dancing. Andy and I were watching in envy as Mark squeezed her nearly bare ass slipping his fingers under the elastic and down the crack of her ass and to her cunt while checking out her titties and puffy nipples up close. Ev has the kind of pussy you can see and feel pretty easily from behind, so mark had no problem getting to it while he danced close to her. I've seen it happen a number of time when we went out clubbing and she danced with someone she teased. He kept whispering something in her ear and she would laugh a lot. They also kissed. Depending on how good a kisser Mark was usually meant he might get lucky. Apparently he was a good kisser because Ev kept kissing back. Just as I thought, Ev soon led Mark by the hand to the bedroom, only looking back to wave "bye" to Andy and me. "This might be awhile." I said to Andy with a laugh. "Crap!" Andy said. "I wanted to fuck Ev." I laughed when he said that. "You'll get your chance." I said. "I hope so." He almost seemed to sulk. About twenty minutes later they came back out looking very satisfied. Mark sat back on the sofa and Ev smiled at Andy and motioned for him to follow her which he eagerly did. While Andy was fucking Ev, Mark and I had another beer and made good conversation. I also told him about some of our sexual adventures. This excited him enough to ask Ev if he could fuck her again before they went home. She agreed and we all decided to go out that evening to watch Ev tease some more while on the dance floor and playing pool.

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Avatar Username: tom696966
Date: 10-Aug-2015 11:22:31
Mood: in love

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wife fucks me behind husbands back

Avatar Username: MrThickD
Date: 09-Aug-2015 15:09:44
Mood: in love

IM in Colorado and looking to set up a gangbang for this slut wife. Three or is the goal.

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Avatar Username: Coatsbill
Date: 02-Aug-2015 14:21:20
Mood: in love

Last night was so good I have to tell about it. Wife and I went out and had dinner and a bottle of wine.
When we got home it was late and off to bed we went. It had been awhile sence I have done her and I could tell she was ready. She fell into my arms and we kissed a long hot kiss. She said I want to be ravaged. I pulled her pajamas and under ware off. Naked she attacked me. Her hands were all over me. I pulled off my under ware and rolled onto her. I kissed my way down and soon was running my tongue up and down the length of her cunt. She spread her legs wide and just let me have my way. Out of all the women I have ate over the years my wife has the best tasting cunt. It always has been good. Last night she was so hot it was wonderful. I nibbled on her clit and reached into her as far as I could with my tongue and pulled out as much juice as I could. She didn't last long. With my tongue in deep her leg clamped down onto my head and she had a roaring orgasm. I just kept eating her while she came. I had juice all over my face and it was dripping off my ears. When she was done she turned around and kissed me again and cleaned up my face. She said I want to ride you roll over. I rolled onto my back and she straddled me. She went clear to the bottom the first strok. She was like a wild woman fucking me hard and deep. Just as I started to cum she started haveing another orgasm. We both really had a big wild hard cum. She fell onto me with my cock still inside and we just lay and enjoyed each other. I don't know what I did right yesterday but she sure fucked me for it. My wife, god, I love her.

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