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Amateur Stripper

Avatar Username: radbrad1967
Date: 16-Dec-2017 23:32:52
Mood: in love

I was out at a strip bar where amateur stripping was encouraged. In the back of the club there was a table for professional guy stripping and the rest of the tables in the club were for professional lady strippers. Amateur strips would start out on the dance floor and then the manager would move them to a stage if the situation required it. While I was there checking out the local talent, I noticed a hot curvy MILF dancing on the floor. I continued to watch her dance while I sipped on my rum and Coke. It wasn’t long before she had peeled the top of her dress down and her big tits where out and jiggling nicely to her dancing! When the song ended she put her tits back in tugging her dress up, and working her arms back through the shoulder straps. I watched as she walked of the dance floor, her ample ass swinging sweetly as she strutted in high heels towards her friends at a table near the male strip table. I counted her friends and a flagged down a waitress and had a round of “sex on the beach” shots sent to the group of ladies. The ladies where watching the male dancer when the shots arrived, I watched as the waitress pointed towards me and the ladies raised their glasses in salute and I returned the gesture. About this time, I lost track of the ladies as a stripper with a banging hot body and a rubber latex dress strutted out onto the main stage and she really caught my attention.


I went down to the main stage and sat down, giving the stripper some dollars as she danced. Her tits were awesome, her nipples erect and poking points in the tight rubber dress. She squatted down in front of me to pick up a dollar and her bald slit was clearly visible as I looked up her skirt. Her muffin looked very tasty! She stretched the top of her rubber dress popping her big tits out with their big areolas and erect nipples that where a good ¾” long. I stuffed a second dollar between her tits as she squeezed them together with her arms. As she stood up to move to another customer I got a second great look up her dress at her perfect pussy and sweet ass crack. It was at this point that I noticed a pair of hands on my shoulders, turning slightly around I saw it was the amateur lady from earlier. Bending over she shouted in my ear (to talk over the music) that she and ladies wanted to thank me for the drinks, and could I come to their table? I nodded yes and followed her to their table at the rear of the club. It was quieter at the rear of the club and we could talk, I soon learned her name was Nancy and she was just divorced and her friends had brought her here to celebrate. Her friends were pretty busy with the stripper – so we had time to talk for a bit and I found out she was really horny and looking for a quickie. Always happy to oblige a lady – I suggested we slip out the back door and go to my car.


As soon as we were out the back door of the strip club, she turned around, squatted down and unbuckled my belt ripping open my button fly jeans and fishing my half hard cock out of my underwear. She started sucking on my cock right there in the alley, my cock growing and growing until it was hard and throbbing. Her slurping sounds filled the alley as she swirled her tongue around the purple head of my cock and then bobbed her head like a woodpecker taking my long girthy shaft deep into her mouth repeatedly. I was really enjoying the blow job, but didn’t want to blow my load in her mouth – I wanted her pussy! I pushed her away and she immediately stood up, hiking her dress up and bending back over leaning against the wall. “Stuff that big cock in me!” she said reaching back pulling her ass cheeks apart. Grabbing my shaft in my fist I aimed it towards her inviting rear end. I felt the wetness of her snatch instantly on my cock head and slid into her tight velvet vise smoothly, slowly I eased my big cock into her as she let out a moan and wiggled her shapely ass. Her hands were back on the wall and she pushed herself against me, her pussy swallowing my monster easily. I began slamming into her and the slapping of our two bodies banging together filled the alley bouncing off the walls. She came quickly her cunt tightening hard around my cock, then pulsing as she screamed out “FUCK ME!”. With the torture her contracting fuck hole was giving my cock I got another deep thrust in before I came, filling her pussy full of my white goo. About that time the back door of the club open and a worker came out with a couple of bags of trash to throw in the dumpster. She quickly stood up and her dress feel back down while she stood between me and the worker as I tucked my cock back in and buttoned my fly and buckled my belt.


We headed back into the club through the open door and went directly to the dance floor, where we danced sexily for a good while. We went back to table her friends were at and kissed and I slid my hand between her legs, her thighs where sticky due to my cum running out of her pussy while we were dancing and it had coated her thighs. She opened her legs wide so I could finger her goo leaking snatch while we kissed.



Her friends were ready to leave now, and she took a pen from her friend’s purse and wrote her phone number on the palm of my hand that was slightly wet with our juices. With a final kiss, we said goodbye. I watched as she walked through the bar on her high heels her ass wiggling and her thighs sticking together. She waved at me just before she went through the front door and I returned the wave. I went to the table where the stripper with the big tits and rubber dress was dancing and slipped a couple more dollars between her awesome tits before leaving the bar myself.

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Avatar Username: sergio129
Date: 15-Dec-2017 22:56:35
Mood: in love

Added new videos

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Avatar Username: mr & mrs
Date: 13-Dec-2017 21:54:28
Mood: disappointed

Well I've taken the mrs dogging three times now and every time she got naked played with her self until she's squirting everywhere....... but the problem is nobody has turned up 🙁 I'm gutted as she's telling me now it's no point in doing it and more ......... what can I do ???? But on a plus side she has said she will start caming on here again if theirs any interest ???

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Mature ladies with hot pics on skype

Avatar Username: zack83
Date: 12-Dec-2017 19:56:22
Mood: horny

Today Im very horny.

I would like to meet genunine lady with hot pics that share on skype for my jerk off. 
I wuold like to cum. 
No couple, no man only ladies

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Hello dmw

Avatar Username: dickinher2157
Date: 10-Dec-2017 23:39:59
Mood: horny

I would love to see you sexy men give some of my pics a nice tribute would love to see wat pics u like the most tribute for me please

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San Antonio Sugar

Avatar Username: radbrad1967
Date: 03-Dec-2017 05:21:16
Mood: in love

I was in San Antonio for a week long job, so I went to the grocery store to buy some food to stock my hotel suite. I always like to cruise down the frozen foods section to see if any ladies are braless and have raised nipples from the freezers. Sure enough there was a little cutie pie digging in the frozen pizza case, when she stood up, her nipples on her big tits looked like they could cut glass! She was skinny with big tits and dark brown skin and black hair with a short afro. My cock immediately began to harden as I checked out her awesome body. She noticed my stare and the bulge in my pants, and smiled at me. I followed her as she shopped pretending to decide of this or that while I watched her tiny body, beautiful tits and sweet ass that shook sweetly with every step she took. I had to detour to load some Pepsi in my cart, and lost track of her. So I checked out and wheeled my cart out to my rental car. I loaded my groceries in my car and was leaving the parking lot when I noticed the little cutie from earlier standing in front of an old beater with the hood up. I pulled up and asked “Can I Help You?” to which she replied “Stupid battery is dead!” She had a set of jumper cables, so I helped her jump start her car. She thanked me and said her name was Moneek, I handed her my business card that had my cell phone number on it and told her to give me a ring if she needed anything else this week while I was in town. I was back in my hotel room for maybe 15 minutes, looking at some internet porn, when my phone rang and it was her. We talked for a bit about this and that, pretty soon we had sat a date for dinner the next evening.


I arrived back at the hotel the next evening after work and saw Moneek’s beat up car parked in the parking lot, she was waiting for me in the lobby. She was looking just as hot as when I had met her at the grocery store; her big tits were caged this time in a pushup bra making her cleavage pop. She was dressed in a short skirt (Not too short) and a nice white button up top.  I invited her up to my room so I could put my tools and computer away. It only took a second for me to drop my stuff off and we left to go eat. I opened the door to my rental car for her to get in and walked around to the driver’s seat, once in, I asked her where she wanted to eat, with me being a visitor to town – It would be great if she could suggest a restaurant. Moneek said there was one she had wanted to try and would I mind if we tried it tonight? I agreed and she guided me to it as I drove. It was a fairly upscale restaurant, and I valet parked the car. The valet good a good eyeball full of Moneek’s ample cleavage as he opened the door for her to get out. Once seated at the restaurant, I ordered a bottle of wine and we talked small talk. I told her what I did for a living and that I traveled a lot, and she told me about her life in San Antonio.  Soon enough dinner was over and I asked what she wanted to do next. She replied “I don’t know” looking coyly at me. So I said “I have an idea!” we got the car from the valet and I drove to a auto parts store I remembered seeing on the way to the restaurant and I bought her a new battery. We went back to the hotel and I put the new battery in for her, and gave her the receipt so she could return the old one for the core charge. After I had her car fixed, she said “Let’s go up to your room”


As soon as the door closed she jumped me, kissing me hard, thrusting her tongue in my mouth and twirling it around my tongue. Pushing me down onto the bed she undid my pants and pulled my stiffening cock from my briefs, rubbing it with her hand and then licking and kissing the purple head. She worked on my cock while I watched her, I had never had a blow job like this! There was slobber all over my cock, covering my pubes and she was slurping as she sucked it and rubbed it with her hands! She would grab it by the base and force the head into her cheek as she tongued the underside! It was truly an amazing cock sucking experience! It wasn’t too long before I blew my load, and she sucked it down and continued to lick and suck my cock until my balls were drained.


Next she said “You just lay there, baby! I’ll take care of you” She began to undress me pulling my shoes off, then my pants, followed by my briefs and finally my shirt. Next, Moneek began to undress, her shirt came off showing her tight little belly (She had great abs) and her pretty pink bra that was doing all it could to contain her big tits by pushing them together creating amazing cleavage! Next she undid her bra letting her massive mammaries free. They were glorious, big brown and beautiful with areolas the size of small pancakes and big long hard nipples. My flaccid cock was beginning to twitch and grow again. Her skirt came off next, reveling her pink G-string panties. Moneek twirled around showing me her beautiful brown ass, with the pink G-String flossing her ass crack. By now my cock was about half hard and growing harder by the second. She began to peel her panties off and I could see them stick slightly to her pussy as her bald pussy was revealed it was soaking wet! Her panties dropped to the floor and I said “get up here and sit on my face” Moneek complied sliding up my body, her big tits tickling my cock, then my stomach and chest, she kissed me deeply as her tits rested on my chest and she humped my leg slightly. Then I licked one of her tits as I felt her wet pussy slide along my now ridged cock. Soon enough she was squatting on my face and I licked her brown lipped slit. She groaned as I licked her holding onto the headboard. I got my hands under her ass and pulled her pussy open reveling her pink insides and her button popped out ready to be licked! I teased her clit with my tongue and her whole body shook. I stuck my tongue deep in her pussy letting my nose tickle her clit and she came collapsing onto my face. I struggled for a moment then was able to pick her up and push her down and onto my big cock. My big cock slid into her wet pussy like they were made for each other, I rolled her over onto her back and slid in and out for a couple of strokes while I kissed her this time sticking my tongue in her mouth and twirling it around hers.


Next I pulled out and stood up next the bed, grabbing her ankles and pulling her towards me. Her hands were cupping her massive tits as I pulled her toward me, she slid them down her beautiful brown body, across her tight belly and pulled her pussy lips open wide show me her pink insides. With her ankles by my ears and my big throbbing cock lying across her pink wide open pussy, I pulled my hips back and watched as her red nailed fingers guided the purple tip of my big cock into her wet fuck hole. Holding her legs I began to slide in and out of her tight juicy pussy. I noticed her tits jiggled nicely on the in thrusts, so I began to slam a bit harder on the in strokes to make them bounce even more. She began to moan loudly as I picked up the pace. The slapping sound of my balls hitting her ass as her tits shook, and her moaning was driving me crazy! I began to bang her tight twat harder And faster and her moaning got louder and louder! The neighbors in the rooms next to us must be getting an earful. I was stuck in a rhythm of sliding my cock into her, hearing my balls slap her ass, watching her tits bounce, and listening to her moan loudly as I stroked back out of her tight juicy cunt. I could finally feel my balls start to tighten and then Moneek came hard clamping my cock hard deep in her pussy. I stopped my stroking, enjoying the feeling her pussy muscles as they contracted around my big cock. As she came down I began to stroke in and out of her again, and she came again pretty quickly. This time I pulled out and walked up to her face where she grabbed my cock, licked the head and jacked me off. watching her work on my cock with her red finger-nailed hands and the pink tongue while her tits heaved made my balls clench and begin to spew their load. Her finger found the pulsating spot on the base of my cock and played with it as my cum spewed on her tits. What a sight to see her big brown tits covered in white goo! She licked the tip of my cock and pulled me down so she could rub my cum into her tits with my cock head. This was one amazing lady!


She spent the night with me that night, and we fucked 3 more times that night. Every time I woke up, I would feel her body heat and remember fucking her sweet pussy and my cock would get hard, and I would start feeling her gorgeous body and big tits, next thing you know my cock would be in her hot pussy again!


The next morning, I watched her shower through the thin shower curtain while I shaved. My cock was hard as a rock when she pulled the curtain aside. She told me to sit on the counter and she proceeded to give me another fantastic blow job until I spurted for the 5th time since meeting her. By the time I was showered she was dressed and she waited for me to get dressed so we could eat a quick breakfast in the hotel dining room. I opened her car door for her and she got in, rolling down the window. I bent in and kissed her long and hard. She said “I’ll call you” as she started her car. I went back up to my room and grabbed my stuff and went to work. When I pulled back into the hotel that evening, there was her car, but Moneek was nowhere to be found. She was in my room, having swiped my extra key card that morning.


Moneek had made herself at home, the room smelled of perfume. She had laid out an array of sex toys and bottles of oils and whatnot on the desk. She was wearing a super short mini skirt with thigh high leopard print boots. Her breasts were barley being contained in a tight fitting tube top, and her nipples were about to poke through the thin material. My cock gave a little jump as soon as I saw her! She said “I am going to take care of you all week” Looking at her beauty and smoking hot body, I really didn’t have a problem with that! I said “Let’s go get some dinner, I am hungry for chicken” She said “There is a Popeye’s around the corner, let me change” “I like you like that!” I replied and she shrugged and said “let’s go then” As we walked through the hotel lobby, she had all the business guys heads turning. I opened her car door and kissed her before letting her get in. She rubbed my stiff cock through my pants, and I told her “I like showing you off, letting all those poor guys know I got a beautiful lady!” She giggled and slid into the car. We drove a couple blocks to the Popeye’s and we got out and I watched the guys jaws drop in the restaurant as we ordered our chicken. She whispered in my ear before we sat down in the booth “I am not wearing panties” I kissed her before she slid into the booth. The guy across the restaurant got a great view of Moneek’s bald pussy as she slid into the booth. I slid in too and my hand slid up her leg and along her sweet slit, Looking at the guy across the aisle I licked her pussy juice off my finger. Our order was up so I went to get it, came back and we devoured our meal, fueling up fo another long night of fucking!


I pulled up to the rear of the hotel, and proceeded to lean over and kiss Moneek, we made out for a bit in the car. I got my fingers deep in her wet snatch and the rental car seat got a little wet. Her tube top was down on her belly giving me easy access to lick her stiff nipples. Pretty soon Moneek said “Let’s go up to the room” we got out of the car and in the rear door of the hotel, as we climbed the stairs, I rubbed Moneek’s ass and got behind her, Pulling her to a stop on the stairs. I got down on my knees behind her and licked her ass crack. She bent over and her pussy popped into view, wet from the finger fuck in the car and I parted her brown lips with my tongue. I licked her until her knees trembled and then helped her up to the room.


I laid her down on the bed, and selected a small pink vibrator from the stuff she had laid out on the desk. I began to work on her beautiful brown pussy licking it and teasing it with the vibrator, she was so wet I was in heaven and I just lick and lapped at her pussy! It wasn’t long before my attentions brought her to orgasm, her legs clamping tight around my head. I got my head out from the vise but continued to push the toy inside her slippery slash. She came three times before crying out for me to stop. I turned off the vibrator and sat on the bed next to her with my big hard cock pointing at the ceiling. She calmed down after a bit, and noticed my cock standing at attention. “What are you going to do with that?” she asked. I said “I am going to fuck your amazing tits with this!” I got up and got some scented oil from the desk as she pulled her tube top off. I rubbed the oil into her beautiful brown tits with their stiff nipples and huge areolas. She looked so sexy with her brown tits glistening with the oil! I straddled her stomach and my huge cock nestled nicely into her cleavage. She pushed up of the sides of her tits covering my cock with titty flesh. I bucked my hips forward and was able to see the purple tip of my cock emerge from the mounds of tit. I started fucking her tits with a good rhythm but Moneek was struggling to hold her tits together. Her hands were slipping in the oil. Her beauty and sexiness had me ready to cum and my balls unloaded on one last upstroke spurting my cream on her neck, I rolled up on my knees and a second spurt shot towards her open mouth some getting on her nose. Then she had my cock in one hand and pulled it into her waiting mouth to suck me clean. I got off of her as she scooped the cum off her neck and nose and licked it off her fingers. We snuggled and spooned and fell asleep. I woke up again late that night and woke Moneek up for another middle of the night fucking, leaving a load deep in her pussy.


The next morning I again watched her shower, I loved looking at her sexy body!  This time I sat her on the bathroom counter and banged her pussy with her long legs wrapped around my waist until I had her cooing and my balls dumped another load deep in her tight pussy. I told her, I wanted her to go to work with my load inside her! She got dressed while I showered and then waited while I got dressed and then we went to breakfast together again. After breakfast we said goodbye for the day and we both went to work.


That evening work hadn’t gone as expected and I had to stay a couple of hours late. I called Moneek and told her that I was going to be late and just to order some dinner from room service. When I got back to the hotel room and Moneek was asleep with the TV on.  I undressed and slipped in to bed next to her and turned off the TV. I sleep well that night not even waking for a late night fuck. Then next morning I was awoken by Moneek sucking my cock. It was swollen and hard, and my bladder was full. I love fucking first thing in the morning with a full bladder, because it takes forever for me to cum. She slobbered away on my cock her drool covering my pubic hair. I said “Ride me reverse cow girl, so I can look at your beautiful ass!” I told her. She complied twisting around and straddling me. Holding my spit covered cock in one hand she opened her brown pussy lips with her other hand and then sank down onto my rigid shaft. She rode me slowly at first and then faster as she came with a quick squeeze and small moan. Nothing like the massive orgasms I had been giving her, but she seemed pleased and slid forward and my cock popped out of her tight pussy.  “I want to pound you doggie style” I told her and she complied getting on her knees and elbows. Her beautiful round ass was jutting into the air and her slick pussy protruding, Pink showing between her brown lips – glistening from just having ridden my big cock! Her little starfish asshole winked at me from above her sweet pussy. I was behind her in an instant, licking her beautiful gash and ass hole, before stuffing my cock in her. I pounded her hot wet box for fifteen minutes, before looking for some lube as friction was building. I squeezed some lube onto my cock head and beat off for a stroke or tow to cover my shaft, then I wiped my hand on her pussy and ass crack lubing her up good too. I got back behind her and continued my assault on her cunt, at this point I needed to cum even if my full bladder was going to make it difficult. I was pounding her pussy furiously now, and poor Moneek was just lying there with her ass high in the air grunting as I thrust into her over and over.  I slid my thumb in her ass while I continued to pound her and she looked at me with big eyes. “Fuck my ass, baby!” she said as I popped my cock out of her tight pussy. I slowly nuzzled the purple tip up to her little brown starfish, She reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart. I pushed and the tip of my cock slowly opened her shit hole and began to sink in. She groaned and I stopped pushing, after a bit, I began pushing in again, soon I was all the way in. Slowly I pulled back out, and in again. Her ass was so tight! I began to pick up speed and the combination of her tight shitter and her whimpers as I slid in and out, was making my balls hurt! Another few minutes of ass fucking Moneek and my balls were burning, ready to explode – I slammed in to her ass hole one more time balls deep and my cum gushed out filling her shitter full of my white goo.



We rested for a while, and then I pissed, while she got ready to take a shower. This time I climbed in the shower with her, and help soap up her beautiful big tits and sore ass. I kissed her deeply and told her I was sorry for treating her like a piece of meat. She replied “I loved it!” We got dressed and ate breakfast in the hotel again, and both went to work.

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Small Cock Marriage experiences

Avatar Username: victorsev
Date: 24-Nov-2017 19:44:51
Mood: horny
Music: instrumental


My wife knew big time (if you will excuse the analogy) what she was letting herself into when she married me. My wife and I are a white couple. I had a small white cock then and still have a small (4 inches erect with a 4 inch circumference) white cock now. During our young married sex years she took delight in telling me during sex that all the other cocks she had fucked were bigger than mine. Not much of a brainer that statement! She claims to have had sex with five other cocks before me (all white). Knowing the sexual appetite and body to go with the appetite my wife has, I have always felt that five is rather an understatement.

 My wife is a competitive swimmer and has the long legs and slim trim body to go with it. Her largest assets are her magnificent 38C cup breasts that are firm and muscular supported. She refuses to wear a bra at all. No she doesn’t have blonde hair but long brunette hair that hangs to her nipples. I suppose decent sized tits on a woman are the equivalent of a decent size cock on a male.

 Like any young couple we had regular sex. It quickly turned to oral sex with me sucking her to orgasm while she sucked and savoured my “Little White marshmallow” of a cock. She said my small cock was no good for fucking but just the right size for sucking. She said it reminded her of a baby’s pacifier. She would tease me walking around the house naked, pushing her big tits together and asking me if I would like to tit fuck her, knowing darn well that I did not have the cock length to get between those might mammarys.  

 It was about this point that she stopped wearing any underwear at all not just round the house but when we went out as well. At first I was embarrassed but eventually it was a turn on for my little white cock to know that my wife was totally naked under her cotton dress as we walked through the mall.

 Now you are probably asking “Did she have other sexual partners after we were married as she was so unsatisfied by my small cock?” I am aware of one sexual partner that I will tell you about but I’m sure that with her body and sexual appetite there must have been more behind my back. She had regular sex with her work boss who was a few years younger than her. When I discovered what was going on (always working late) she told me that once the shop had closed they would go into the storeroom to “check stock” where they would drink wine strip naked and have prolonged sex.  At first, I thought I would be jealous and angry, but as she gave me a detailed account of what had happened I found that I was enjoying what I was hearing and becoming most aroused. She was still a little under the influence of the wine and post-coitial exuberance when I removed her clothes and took her naked to the bedroom where we had THE most amazing sex despite sloppy seconds. I asked her why she had sex with her boss and she simply replied “He has a much bigger and more satisfying cock than yours” I rest my case.

 Like any other young couple we made love on a regular basis. This routine became Saturday night and we seemed to get into a boring, declining sexual lifestyle. To liven up the bedroom fun we started watching soft porn videos. You know the Emmanuel type. Although fun at first my wife asked if we couldn’t get anything a bit more explicit. So we moved up to hardcore porn watching. It was all very vanilla really, white man fucking white woman, although it did give my wife the opportunity to see big cock on screen. 

We soon out grew this genre and I bought home a threesome video. Two well endowed men fucking a blonde. Well my wife was fascinated at the fact of the woman on her knees while one fucked her from the back, doggie style, as she sucked on a cock up front. She said that this must be the ultimate pleasure any woman could expect having two cocks available for her entertainment. 

We would normally get a video every weekend but she started stopping at the video shop on the way home from work and she would initiate the porn (and sex during and afterwards). We were watching at least three to four times a week.

She still had to put up with my small 4 inch cock which she said was ideal for sucking but not for fucking. She would lie on the lounge floor sucking my cock watching yet another on screen blonde being spit roasted by two well hung white men. At first she would finger herself as she sucked my cock, then certain vegetable sex aids were bought to the lounge. Whatever in season I suppose. While sucking my small white cock, watching the porn she would manage to get a carrot or leek up her hungry cunt and masturbate herself to climax keeping pace with the goings on on the screen.  I have seen her use a large thick semi ripe banana with skin on, then peel it and push the banana in until she cums. She then triumphantly pulls it out of her cunt and makes me eat the banana.

With the aid of copious amounts of baby oil we had “threesomes” with hothouse cucumbers getting longer, thicker and deeper. I noticed that her orgasms were so much bigger with bigger cucumbers. Then one porn night as I was setting up the VCR my wife came into the lounge in her naked state and was holding the wooden black pepper grinder which she had slipped a condom over. It looked huge in comparison to my erect 4 inch cock.

“You couldn’t possibly ...”I stammered. That was a challenge in itself for her. We got the video rolling the oil flowing and my pleasure was getting my small cock sucked as I watched my wife slowly insert this huge wooden pepper grinder into her receptive cunt. Yes she did manage to get it in and pushed it to the hilt as she sucked my cock and watched yet another MMF spit roasting on the screen.

We had worked out a solution and got to know those sexual years as the “Insertion times.”





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Mrs wants bukkake

Avatar Username: jasonmarsh
Date: 17-Nov-2017 23:04:53
Mood: in love

Hi all looking for people who fancy doing bukkake on my mrs, if interested please inbox us for details for this Sunday

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Big dick day 2

Avatar Username: ThedogofGeorgia
Date: 17-Nov-2017 19:37:45
Mood: in love

I followed Cheryls advice and slept a couple of hours. I was awakened being dragged by the ankles to the edge of the bed. In one thrust Devon buried all 16 inches in my asshole. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head up as he drove his dick into my asshole as deep as he could drive it. He handed me a dildo like the one Cheryl had used on me a few hours earlier. He pulled part way out and ordered me to shove it as deep as it could go When I tried he pulled me to my feet and punched me in the gut before back handing me onto the bed. I felt blood begin drip off of my chin. I gasp for my breath as I rammed the dildo deeper than I thought it could go. I felt his cock slam back into my asshole where he began to fuck me without mercy as he called me whore and slut while he ordered me to shove that dildo in deeper. I was terrified about what might happen next. He pulled out and ordered me to fuck my ass with my dildo. He made a phone call and ordered one of the new girls be brought to him. A very young girl was brought in. They conversed in english about me dildoing myself. Devon told her that she needed to take the other dildo and help me to put both of them up my butt. When they did not fit quickly enough he rammed his cock into her pussy taking her virginity. His blood covered cock was pushed into my face where I was ordered to clean his cock. I was then told to lick her pussy clean of her virgin blood. I was told to strap on one of the dildo's and to take her anal virginity showing no mercy. I did as I was told deafened to crying and just fucked her hoping he would cum. He shot an enormous load of his cum all over her face. One of his servants took her from the room. My head was covered with a pillow case as the room filled up with men. I have no idea how many there were, I just began to feel multiple cocks. DP me and even triple penetrate me for what seemed like hours. Then after filling me and covering me in cum they left me where I was in massive pain before my lesbian friends from the night before treated my body once again. Soon I closed my eyes and went to sleep. Day 3 would have its own challenges...Rhonda

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Shared wife

Avatar Username: sexhound46217
Date: 16-Nov-2017 15:16:19
Mood: full of life

Tonight started out like any normal evening. We had invited one of our friends over to enjoy a MFM with wife. He arrived on time and wife greeted him at the door wearing a see through top and a rap around dress with hose and heels. She gave him a passionate kiss as he fondled her ass before leading him into the living room. I had already started fixing drinks when they came in. We sat around talking for a little while before my wife started making moves on our guest. It wasn't long before she had his pants off him and giving him a blow job. As normal for him it didn't take long before he was cumming in her mouth. She finished sucking him dry and licked her lips after swallowing and told him now it's your turn to satisfy me. She quickly got up from kneeling in front of him and unrapped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She stood in front of him almost completely nude and slid her fingers between her pussy lips and then said see how wet I am. He quickly got down on the floor and right between her legs He started lapping up her pussy juices and licking her clit . She was biting her lower lip and moaning and I could see she was starting to quiver. I knew it wasn't long before she was going to cum all over his face. She let out a really deep moan and cum splashed all over his face . He leaned back for a second to catch his breath and you could see the inside of her thighs glistening with cum running down both legs. She said I've got to sit down after that. She sat back on the couch and spread her legs open and laughed saying I'm really wet now. He said I can take care of that as he proceeded to lick up and down both legs making his way to her waiting pussy. As he proceeded to devour her pussy again he and the wife were so indulged in each other they never heard me answer the door. As two other friends that we party with and I walked into the living room. It was like they never noticed us at all they were so engrossed in each other. As we were standing watching them she started arching her back and moaning more and more. All of a sudden she was squirting all over his face again and her hips were bucking up and down as she was screaming oh god I'm cumming again. She had flooded his mouth and she was still squirting cum al over him. She was shaking all over and breathing so hard and deep. Finally she calmed down and relaxed and opened her eyes to see the other guys standing there with big bulges in their pants. She was very surprised seeing them standing there when one of them said next. She started smiling and said more the merrier as one waisted no time burying his face in her pussy. She told the other guy to undress and get over here too. He stepped up on the couch with his cock bouncing around as she took ahold of it and began to give him a blow job. She had his balls in her hand as her head bobbed up and down the shaft of his cock. The one giving her pussy another work over slid his fingers in her and began sucking her clit. She began to have another massive orgasm and flood him with cum too. And at the same time she kept sucking till he filled her mouth with cum. She swallowed his load and looked at me and said your next. I just smiled at her and said I'll take my turn later. By then she had the last guy she had just finished sucking was devouring her pussy. After he had brought her to another great orgasm she said you guy are soooo bad your great. We got out the mat and put it in the middle of the floor with a fuzzy blanket on top. She had previously brought out a wide variety of her sex toys to use that evening. As she got up to move to the mat she grabbed a vibrating butt plug. She added some lube and slid it in her butt. And I'll tell you this plug is about eight inches long and at the biggest diameter two and a half inches with the smallest diameter about an inch. So no matter what its not going to slide out by accident. She turned on the remote and wigged a little and said that feels good. By that time the first guest was on the mat next to her ready to play with her tits . As he started to suck her nipples he ran his hand down to her pussy and exclaimed your hole pussy is vibrating. She just laughed and said I think you guys will enjoy it. He fingered her for a few more minutes before getting into position to slide in her pussy. He had put her on her side and straddled one leg with the other leg over his shoulder. He had a very impressive cock on him that he nicknamed beer can . It may not have been quite as big as a beer can but close and about nine inches long. He guided his cock to her pussy lips and rubbed it back and forth and in a thrusting motion he slid into her pussy. She exclaimed OMG that feels so goood !!!!! He started pumping in and out going deeper each time till his balls were straining not to slide in too. She started to moan and begging fuck me harded with that big dick. He picked up his pace and was slamming his cock in her at a record pace . Her tits were bouncing back and forth from his pounding you could hear them slapping on her chest. Then all of a sudden she let out a deep guttle sound and started to shake all over as he kept slamming his cock in her till he stopped and buried his cock deep and arched his back . He was pumping her full of cum. She was still almost convulsing as she kept cumming. As he pulled out her pussy was still gapping open the next guy assuming the same position slid his cock right into her and began pounding. She was breathing very heavy and said you are going to make me cum again fucker. He had one hand at her pussy with his thumb rubbing her clit and the other hand was squeezing her tit. She started to have another orgasm one right after another as he kept up the pace pounding her quivering body. She knew he had great stamina and tonight was no different. He fucked her for about fifteen minutes before he finally unloaded his load in her. As he pulled out his cock she raised her leg up to release his neck you could see cum running out of her pussy. She layed over on her back still breathing very heavily when the third guy moved in between her legs. She said oh god give me a few minutes to catch my breath. He ignored her and started fingering her pussy first with a couple of fingers then he slid in all four fingers till he had his hand in her up to his thumb. She began to quiver again and was having another orgasm. After that one had subsided she looked at him and said either fuck me or fist fuck me you mother fucker . At that point he pulled his hand out a little and tucked his thumb in and slid his hole hand in her pussy. Yes he has smaller hands than most men but it didn't take much pressure for his hand to disappear inside her . All of a sudden she said now fist fuck me good mother fucker. I know he had made a fist inside her pussy because he was shoving his arm half up his forearm. As he pumped his fist in her he made kind of a twisting motion. She was arching her back with every stroke and cumming the hole time. His arm was covered with her cum and the previous two others cum. He hammered her pussy for quite a while till she took ahold of his arm and said your going to have to give me a break or I'm going to pass out. He laughed and said ok but I'm not done with you yet. As she layed there with her legs spread wide open you could see her butt plug was still vibrating and her pussy was glistening and gaping open. Her breathing had gotten back to normal and she had relaxed he started to ease back in her pussy with his fingers. She lifted her legs and grabbed both ankles so he had easy access. He took the clue and began to fist fuck her again for a few minutes till he pulled out his hand still in a fist and it made a popping sound . Then he bent down and began licking her wide open hole and sucking on her clit. She crossed her legs around his neck and squeezed his head with her thighs as she began bucking violently cumming again and again and again. Her toes were curled up so tight and her face was going pale . She finally just went almost limp and was totally spent. As the two of them layed on the floor every one was talking and commenting about her butt plug and how much it intensified the experience. She said it caused her to have much intense orgasms than normal. She finally got her strength back and started to get up saying I've got to go pee and get a shower. After she left the room we changed the blanket because it was soaked with mostly her cum. Then the guys started high fiving each other and saying how much they enjoyed her. After about a half hour my wife returned with a fluffy bright pink robe rapped around her. She looked around the room at the guys and said I think you guys tried to wear out my pussy all in one night. She picked out the last guy and took him by the hand led him to the mat and told him to lay down of which he obeyed. She straddled his lap still in her robe and began passionately kissing him as she was rubbing back and forth on his cock. Then she raised her hips and slid his cock in her pussy. She began slowly riding his cock and leaned back as she intensified her hip action. She began pinching his nipples as she was grinding her pussy on his cock . It wasn't long before she shed her robe and displayed her totally nude body. He had both tits in his hands tweaking her nipples. Both the other guys had boners again and moved to either side of her with their cocks swinging next to her face. She started to suck one then the other then back again. She would stop for a few minutes from grinding on the one guy to keep him from cumming . She kept just bringing them to the point of no return and stop till she had them swollen. Finally she let the guy in her pussy unload in her and sucked each of the guys to competition. I know it was a very hot evening watching the wife enjoy herself so much.

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