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Big dick day 2

Avatar Username: ThedogofGeorgia
Date: 17-Nov-2017 19:37:45
Mood: in love

I followed Cheryls advice and slept a couple of hours. I was awakened being dragged by the ankles to the edge of the bed. In one thrust Devon buried all 16 inches in my asshole. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head up as he drove his dick into my asshole as deep as he could drive it. He handed me a dildo like the one Cheryl had used on me a few hours earlier. He pulled part way out and ordered me to shove it as deep as it could go When I tried he pulled me to my feet and punched me in the gut before back handing me onto the bed. I felt blood begin drip off of my chin. I gasp for my breath as I rammed the dildo deeper than I thought it could go. I felt his cock slam back into my asshole where he began to fuck me without mercy as he called me whore and slut while he ordered me to shove that dildo in deeper. I was terrified about what might happen next. He pulled out and ordered me to fuck my ass with my dildo. He made a phone call and ordered one of the new girls be brought to him. A very young girl was brought in. They conversed in english about me dildoing myself. Devon told her that she needed to take the other dildo and help me to put both of them up my butt. When they did not fit quickly enough he rammed his cock into her pussy taking her virginity. His blood covered cock was pushed into my face where I was ordered to clean his cock. I was then told to lick her pussy clean of her virgin blood. I was told to strap on one of the dildo's and to take her anal virginity showing no mercy. I did as I was told deafened to crying and just fucked her hoping he would cum. He shot an enormous load of his cum all over her face. One of his servants took her from the room. My head was covered with a pillow case as the room filled up with men. I have no idea how many there were, I just began to feel multiple cocks. DP me and even triple penetrate me for what seemed like hours. Then after filling me and covering me in cum they left me where I was in massive pain before my lesbian friends from the night before treated my body once again. Soon I closed my eyes and went to sleep. Day 3 would have its own challenges...Rhonda

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Shared wife

Avatar Username: sexhound46217
Date: 16-Nov-2017 15:16:19
Mood: full of life

Tonight started out like any normal evening. We had invited one of our friends over to enjoy a MFM with wife. He arrived on time and wife greeted him at the door wearing a see through top and a rap around dress with hose and heels. She gave him a passionate kiss as he fondled her ass before leading him into the living room. I had already started fixing drinks when they came in. We sat around talking for a little while before my wife started making moves on our guest. It wasn't long before she had his pants off him and giving him a blow job. As normal for him it didn't take long before he was cumming in her mouth. She finished sucking him dry and licked her lips after swallowing and told him now it's your turn to satisfy me. She quickly got up from kneeling in front of him and unrapped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She stood in front of him almost completely nude and slid her fingers between her pussy lips and then said see how wet I am. He quickly got down on the floor and right between her legs He started lapping up her pussy juices and licking her clit . She was biting her lower lip and moaning and I could see she was starting to quiver. I knew it wasn't long before she was going to cum all over his face. She let out a really deep moan and cum splashed all over his face . He leaned back for a second to catch his breath and you could see the inside of her thighs glistening with cum running down both legs. She said I've got to sit down after that. She sat back on the couch and spread her legs open and laughed saying I'm really wet now. He said I can take care of that as he proceeded to lick up and down both legs making his way to her waiting pussy. As he proceeded to devour her pussy again he and the wife were so indulged in each other they never heard me answer the door. As two other friends that we party with and I walked into the living room. It was like they never noticed us at all they were so engrossed in each other. As we were standing watching them she started arching her back and moaning more and more. All of a sudden she was squirting all over his face again and her hips were bucking up and down as she was screaming oh god I'm cumming again. She had flooded his mouth and she was still squirting cum al over him. She was shaking all over and breathing so hard and deep. Finally she calmed down and relaxed and opened her eyes to see the other guys standing there with big bulges in their pants. She was very surprised seeing them standing there when one of them said next. She started smiling and said more the merrier as one waisted no time burying his face in her pussy. She told the other guy to undress and get over here too. He stepped up on the couch with his cock bouncing around as she took ahold of it and began to give him a blow job. She had his balls in her hand as her head bobbed up and down the shaft of his cock. The one giving her pussy another work over slid his fingers in her and began sucking her clit. She began to have another massive orgasm and flood him with cum too. And at the same time she kept sucking till he filled her mouth with cum. She swallowed his load and looked at me and said your next. I just smiled at her and said I'll take my turn later. By then she had the last guy she had just finished sucking was devouring her pussy. After he had brought her to another great orgasm she said you guy are soooo bad your great. We got out the mat and put it in the middle of the floor with a fuzzy blanket on top. She had previously brought out a wide variety of her sex toys to use that evening. As she got up to move to the mat she grabbed a vibrating butt plug. She added some lube and slid it in her butt. And I'll tell you this plug is about eight inches long and at the biggest diameter two and a half inches with the smallest diameter about an inch. So no matter what its not going to slide out by accident. She turned on the remote and wigged a little and said that feels good. By that time the first guest was on the mat next to her ready to play with her tits . As he started to suck her nipples he ran his hand down to her pussy and exclaimed your hole pussy is vibrating. She just laughed and said I think you guys will enjoy it. He fingered her for a few more minutes before getting into position to slide in her pussy. He had put her on her side and straddled one leg with the other leg over his shoulder. He had a very impressive cock on him that he nicknamed beer can . It may not have been quite as big as a beer can but close and about nine inches long. He guided his cock to her pussy lips and rubbed it back and forth and in a thrusting motion he slid into her pussy. She exclaimed OMG that feels so goood !!!!! He started pumping in and out going deeper each time till his balls were straining not to slide in too. She started to moan and begging fuck me harded with that big dick. He picked up his pace and was slamming his cock in her at a record pace . Her tits were bouncing back and forth from his pounding you could hear them slapping on her chest. Then all of a sudden she let out a deep guttle sound and started to shake all over as he kept slamming his cock in her till he stopped and buried his cock deep and arched his back . He was pumping her full of cum. She was still almost convulsing as she kept cumming. As he pulled out her pussy was still gapping open the next guy assuming the same position slid his cock right into her and began pounding. She was breathing very heavy and said you are going to make me cum again fucker. He had one hand at her pussy with his thumb rubbing her clit and the other hand was squeezing her tit. She started to have another orgasm one right after another as he kept up the pace pounding her quivering body. She knew he had great stamina and tonight was no different. He fucked her for about fifteen minutes before he finally unloaded his load in her. As he pulled out his cock she raised her leg up to release his neck you could see cum running out of her pussy. She layed over on her back still breathing very heavily when the third guy moved in between her legs. She said oh god give me a few minutes to catch my breath. He ignored her and started fingering her pussy first with a couple of fingers then he slid in all four fingers till he had his hand in her up to his thumb. She began to quiver again and was having another orgasm. After that one had subsided she looked at him and said either fuck me or fist fuck me you mother fucker . At that point he pulled his hand out a little and tucked his thumb in and slid his hole hand in her pussy. Yes he has smaller hands than most men but it didn't take much pressure for his hand to disappear inside her . All of a sudden she said now fist fuck me good mother fucker. I know he had made a fist inside her pussy because he was shoving his arm half up his forearm. As he pumped his fist in her he made kind of a twisting motion. She was arching her back with every stroke and cumming the hole time. His arm was covered with her cum and the previous two others cum. He hammered her pussy for quite a while till she took ahold of his arm and said your going to have to give me a break or I'm going to pass out. He laughed and said ok but I'm not done with you yet. As she layed there with her legs spread wide open you could see her butt plug was still vibrating and her pussy was glistening and gaping open. Her breathing had gotten back to normal and she had relaxed he started to ease back in her pussy with his fingers. She lifted her legs and grabbed both ankles so he had easy access. He took the clue and began to fist fuck her again for a few minutes till he pulled out his hand still in a fist and it made a popping sound . Then he bent down and began licking her wide open hole and sucking on her clit. She crossed her legs around his neck and squeezed his head with her thighs as she began bucking violently cumming again and again and again. Her toes were curled up so tight and her face was going pale . She finally just went almost limp and was totally spent. As the two of them layed on the floor every one was talking and commenting about her butt plug and how much it intensified the experience. She said it caused her to have much intense orgasms than normal. She finally got her strength back and started to get up saying I've got to go pee and get a shower. After she left the room we changed the blanket because it was soaked with mostly her cum. Then the guys started high fiving each other and saying how much they enjoyed her. After about a half hour my wife returned with a fluffy bright pink robe rapped around her. She looked around the room at the guys and said I think you guys tried to wear out my pussy all in one night. She picked out the last guy and took him by the hand led him to the mat and told him to lay down of which he obeyed. She straddled his lap still in her robe and began passionately kissing him as she was rubbing back and forth on his cock. Then she raised her hips and slid his cock in her pussy. She began slowly riding his cock and leaned back as she intensified her hip action. She began pinching his nipples as she was grinding her pussy on his cock . It wasn't long before she shed her robe and displayed her totally nude body. He had both tits in his hands tweaking her nipples. Both the other guys had boners again and moved to either side of her with their cocks swinging next to her face. She started to suck one then the other then back again. She would stop for a few minutes from grinding on the one guy to keep him from cumming . She kept just bringing them to the point of no return and stop till she had them swollen. Finally she let the guy in her pussy unload in her and sucked each of the guys to competition. I know it was a very hot evening watching the wife enjoy herself so much.

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Some Q&A's

Avatar Username: sexkitty619
Date: 16-Nov-2017 02:00:26
Mood: other

Most commonly asked questions:

How big are your breasts? 38B

Are you single? Yes

Are you bi? Probably more on the bi-curious side.

Are you horny? Probably

Have you ever met anyone from online before? Yes

Have you ever had sex with anyone you met online before? Yes

Are you looking to meet anyone from this site? Maybe

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A huge dick day 1

Avatar Username: ThedogofGeorgia
Date: 13-Nov-2017 20:05:21
Mood: horny

I have always spread my legs, used my tongue and offered my ass to any man Paul asked me to fuck. I know that when money was needed he sold my services. I did not mind because he always gave me anything I ever really wanted. Not long ago he pushed even my limits with the man he sold me to. Paul introduced us and I boarded the private jet. When we were airborn I played a video where Paul told me that this man had provided for our needs with the deal that I was his sexually for a week 24 hours a day. I have to say that the whole prospect originally excited me a whole lot. The guy was pretty hot! Black, tall, muscular, well dressed and pretty self confident. As we flew I began to kiss him and in no time his hands were exploring my body. Not long after we started he had stripped me naked and his fingers were in both my ass and pussy. I was so hot and he still had his pants on. As I came with the pleasure of his fingers. I closed my eyes and when I opened them his pants were off and his hard cock was in my face. Several times I have fucked 14 inch cocks, I have taken really thick cocks, but this cock was like nothing I had ever seen. It had to be atleast 16 inches long and as big around as my forearm. As he saw the look on my face he told me to suck him while he explained his expectations. He told me that I was not there eat or relax or even sleep. I was there to perform every fantasy he has ever had. He began to face fuck me and as his big cock pushed at the back of my throat. He grabbed the back of my head and began to ram his enormous cock part way down my throat. I put a finger up his asshole and did my best to stimulate his cock while I tried not to gag or throw up. After a few minutes of taking me hard he shoved his cock in as far as it would go. I could not help but to gag and puke all over his cock. He continued to fuck me down the throat until I felt him shoot a huge load of cum directly dowm my throat. I began to heave as he drove his cock balls deep into my mouth and throat. He took his time before pulling his cock out of my mouth savouring the sight of his latest conquest. He went to the restroom and cleaned my puke off himself before bringing me a towel and telling me to clean up. He told me that the next seven days would be all about him doing things like that a bunch of times each day. I tried to gather my composure as the jet took me to god knowes where to be forced to do god knows what.

I will keep posting my story day by day as it played out...Rhonda


I have always prided myself on my ability to take dick inside my body. I have been fucked on numerous occasions by cocks 14 inches or so in lrngth as well as a few dicks as big around as my forearm. Never have seen or taken a cock well over 15 inches (he claimed it was 16 inches)and bigger around than my forearm. Hey I figured I could take anything for a night. We landed non a tropical island where we went inside a virtual mansion. I started to attempt some conversation when he motioned for the others to leave. He grabbed me by the hair and pullled me into the bedroom where he threw me onto the bed. He told me that Paul owed him a great deal of money, more than my sexual favors could easily repay. The deal that he struck was for him to have unrestricted access to all of my sexual pleasures with one limit, he could not kill me. He said his name was Devon and that I would beg for death before he and his friends were done taking me as they chose. I started to explain that only I could strike such a deal. He back handed me hard enogh to send me across the room bringing my nose to pour my blood onto my face. He grabbed another hand full of hair abd threw me face down on the bed. I felt a harsh blow to the nack of my. My panties were ripped from my body and Devon's hands clasp my throat and I felt his massive cock push deep in to my pussy desperatly in need of lubricant. He explained that things could be as easy or hard as I chose to make them. He grunted as he shoved his cock into me balls deep as I began to gasp fot breath as his cock plunged into me over and over again. I felt him explode inside me. I thought that was it for the time being. His cock stayed hard as I felt it enter my asshole.as his hands once again began to choke me. He drove his cock into me and kept it there until I began to lose conciousness as he got off from feeling me struggle for life as he pushed his cock deep as my legs began to kick as I fought to stay alive. As I felt him explode inside me he loosed his hold on my throat. I gasped in a breath and felt life begin to return. Devon was lifeless with hihuge cock still in my ass. He remained in my ass as both of us recouped. I awoke to the feeling of his cock growing harder as hi fingers explored the insides of my pussy. Before long he as on top of me driving his stiff cock deep into my ass. After shooting me full of more of his cum he pulled out and told me that he would send up a few ladies to get my body ready to give Devon some more pleasure. His personal sluts taugh me all about sexual healing as they used their togues to give me multiple orgasms like I had never known before.

My pussy is too wet to go on. I will tell you more about my night of lesbian love after I calm down and my pussy stops tingling...Rhonda


I dosed off and was awakened by a beautiful woman whose ethnicity I was unsure. Sgave me a handful of salve and told me to work some into my pussy as deep as I could. My cunt was swollen and sore to the touch. After about a half an hour she returned with 5 or six other women as equally gorgeous. She asked me to insert a finger and let her know how it felt and how deep. To my amazement my pussy lips no longer hurt but instead my touch felt incrdibly good. She introduced herself as Cheryl and motioned to the other ladies who said they were Sue, Carol, Jodie, Deb, Connie and Lisa. Each began to disrobe and tend to my sore body. They applies other cremes and salves to the bruises and cuts that covered my body, the burned lots of incense while Cheryl and Sue lathered up my pussy with more salve pushing all the way into my cunt. My body was then covered in an incredibly scented oil. One by one they took turns climbing on top of me rubbing in the oil with their amazing bodies. Cheryl and Sue then covered a special dildo with several lubricating gels, they pushed it as deep as they could. I asked Sue what the hell this stuff was I was being covered with. I was told it was a combination of Asian sexual remedies, remedies I would get once a day after recieving very rough sex. Sue then shot something into her pussy telling me to swish the juice aroun my mouth before swallowing it and then eating her pussy to say thanks. My tongue eagerly gave her the best oral sex I could. I thought I would never enjoy sex again, now I wanted these women like I never remember wanting a woma ever before. I ate each girls pussy and enjoyed pushing the tip of my tongue into each of there assholes. Each put on a strap on dildo lubed it with magic lube before taking turns fucking me. Finally I choseDeb and Lisa to DP me while I ate each of the others pussies. After Cheryl gave me a shot glass of something that made me begin to orgasm deep inside. The rest left and Cheryl strapped on a dildo obviously made ihto the likeness of Devons dick. As she slammed the cock into both my pussy and asshole. I could not believe how horny I was and that encouraged her to fuck me harder and deeper. She pulled out, kissed me, handed me three viles she told me to take in order to make the sex more bearable. She warned me not to spend my night masterbating, the sex will happen way too soon. She said she would send me up some food to eat before catching a few hours of sleep.

(I will pick up with day 2)

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For my massive cock Jamaican friend Paul and how I want him to take Deedee

Avatar Username: lickclitt
Date: 13-Nov-2017 17:25:39
Mood: horny

Paul my BBC friend, You know I want to watch her throat your cock while you’re licking her pussy and I’m licking her asshole,she’s on top of you sucking her ass in the air legs spread for your tounge in her dripping hole and me tounge fucking her bung as both of you cum. She keeps sucking to make sure you’re hard as she moves to straddle her pussy over your cock then slowly pushes its entirety...all ten fat inches...deep inside her feeling the girth and length filling her as I’m watching and encouraging her to fuck you raw and make herself climax. Deedee has the head of your cock at the entrance of her womb , she has a trigger point there that makes her orgasm and cream in waves. She’s on it and moaning and groaning in bliss as you are trying not to fill her with your seed. She leans down to let you suckle her nipples while her ass opens for my tounge to once again tounge her asshole and the pleasure bestowed by all three , your cocks head on her espot, sucking n nibbling her nipple while twisting the other and my tounge up her bung makes Deedee scream that she’s cumming again as you unload into her waiting womb. I’m rock hard and as she dismounts you I grab her hips and drive my meat into her gapping hole as her face falls upon your cock, glistening with her cream mixed with your cum as she begins licking you clean and you harden to her tounges deft lapping. Soon you’re hard again and Deedee is working on pulling another load from you as my cock is trying to feel the walls of her used pussy. I finally decide there’s no use trying to get the feeling I need to orgasm from her gapped vagina and pull out to hump her ass crack Just then I hear your groaning as Deedees tounging and sucking have worked their magic and as you’re cumming in her mouth I’m spurting my spunk on her ass crack When finished Deedee looks at me and tells me to clean her lays back with her legs spread, your cum mixed with mine painting her swollen pussy and wanton ass. I start licking, tasting the acrid juices of the sex we just enjoyed and pushing my tounge inside her discovering what your cock has done to her and left in her as she start to moan. I look up and see you’re licking her tits and twisting her nipples again. Deedee starts mumbling that there’s no way she can cum again, that she’s hurting down there and you’re being to rough with her and her nipples. We both ignore her complaining and i tounge her clitty while filling her pussy and asshole with my fingers fucking both holes while rhythmically lapping her clit. You’ve both nipples pulled more than an inch out and twisting them as she is crying in pain mixed with pleasure as her asshole starts pulsating and she climaxes again Deedee pushes my face from her crotch and pulls you towards her kissing your face as tears flow from her eyes telling you she hasn’t ever cum like that while stroking you, hoping that you’ll rise again to sate her insatiable desires. You tell her it might be a few minutes as I look on knowing I’ve been replaced as her lover and relegated to cuck status....smiling.

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Avatar Username: johnwilliamson36
Date: 10-Nov-2017 03:43:18
Mood: in love

Very interested!

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Avatar Username: jennad152
Date: 30-Oct-2017 23:13:59
Mood: horny
Music: loud and wild




i love mens cocks and i love mens cum.  i loved the pic of the man jerking off in a glass.  i am a cumslut and i want that glassfull of cum poured in my mouth.  i am a cumdrinking slut and i want to lick that cum filled glass clean and scoop out the last drop of cum with my finger and bend over and spread my ass for my master and shove my cum dripping finger up my tight asshole.  i want to be used by my masters friends.  i will suck their cocks and lick their assholes for my master.  i will tongue fuck their assholes and jerk them off as my master watches.  i am my masters whore and i will take all of his friends cocks and cum.  after they are done with me i will beg them to piss all over me as my master watches.  they will piss in my mouth and i will spit their piss on my wet cunt and fuck myself for my master with hot piss dripping out of my mouth and onto my tits.  i will shove a dildo up my cunt and one up my asshole while my master has his cock sucked and his asshole licked by my slut sisters.  i am my masters whore cum drinking piss slut and i love to please my MASTER.


i love mens cocks and i love mens cum.  i put on my heaviest make-up, thick bright red lipstick, green eye shadow, heavy black eye liner and put my hair in pony tails and slip on my 5'' black heels.  master puts my collar and chain around my neck and walks me into a room full of men.  i am a total sexslave cum slut dressed like a whore for my master.  the men are all naked in a line with their hard cocks out.  master tell them to turn around and orders me to lick each of their assholes.  i spread their asses and lick each asshole.  i tongue fuck their assholes one by one and jerk off their cocks while my tongue is deep in their assholes.  when i have fucked the last asshole with my tongue master orders me to masturbate for them.  i bend over for them and spread my asshole wide for them.  master squirts lube on my ass and then shoves a big black dildo up my asshole.  master makes me fuck my ass for the men.  they are all jerking off watching me fuck my ass.  i get on my knees and turn around while i ride the black dildo in my ass.  i grab two cocks and another is forced into my mouth.  i gag on the big cock and jerk off the other two.  master takes the big dildo out of my asshole and another man shoves his hard cock deep inside me.  my red lipstick is covering the cock in my mouth.  master makes me squat and another man lies under me and i sit on his hard cock and it slams up my wet cunt.  now i am sucking one cock jerking off two more and getting fucked with a cock in my asshole and one in my cunt.  master gives a big glass to the man fucking my cunt and tells me to spit cum into it.  the cock i am sucking is ready to cum.  i suck it hard and jerk it off untill it cums in my mouth.  i spit the cum into the glass.  then i jerk off the other cocks one by one untill the glass is full of cum.  the man takes his cock out of my asshole and i lick it clean and shove it deep in my mouth and suck the cum from his balls.  i jerk off the cock that just fucked my asshole while i suck it.  it cums in my mouthand i let the cum drip from my mouth into the glass.


Master makes me lie on the floor.  he pours the glass of cum into my mouth.  i let it fill my mouth and then it overflows and runs down my face.  i am fucking my cunt with a dildo as the hot sweet cum runs down my face.  i scoop out the cum from the glass and rub it on my clit.  i fuck my cunt with cum dripping fingers and the dildo.  i scoop more cum from the glass and finger fuck my asshole with slippery cum.  the men are all watching me lie on the floor fucking myself wildly and covered in cum.  they all form a circle around me and hold their cocks in their hands watching me go cum crazy and fucking nuts.  they begin to piss on me.  they piss on my cum covered tits and face.  i open my mouth and let it fill with their hot piss.  i spit the piss on my cunt and rub my clit.  more piss in my mouth and i spread my cunt wide and spit a mouthful of hot piss into my cunt as i fuck it with a dildo.  they wash my cum covered face with their piss and i fuck the dildo like a cum crazed slut.  i love mens cock and i love mens cum and i love mens piss.  i am a cum slut piss drinking WHORE CUNT who will do anything for my MASTER.

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Jennas Sex Slave Degradation

Avatar Username: jennad152
Date: 30-Oct-2017 22:52:44
Mood: high
Music: Sensual and slow



It had been three weeks since the beautiful Jenna's Master Damian had left on a business trip.  At first she had attempted to satisfy her sexual cravings with frequent masturbation, pumping her glistening dildo frantically in and out of her insatiable cunt, while holding a buzzing vibrator on her swollen clit.  She imagined his thick hard cock ramming deep and hard into her wildly sucking mouth as she knelt submissively at his feet, staring up at his face, her fingers pumping the erect shaft while her hand cupped his heavy sperm-laden balls until he jetted streams of warm sweet cum down her eager throat.  At other times her orgasmic fantasies brought to her sex-crazed mind images of her Master holding her on his knee before a roomful of masturbating men, his fingers rapidly fingering his sluts clitoris, her black-stockinged thighs spread wide exposing her dripping cunt, her obscenely short skirt pulled waist high.  In her lust-filled mind the depraved cock-whore imagined her Master allowing them in turn to empty their heavy balls, shooting streams of creamy cum onto her inflamed clit and into her avidly sucking mouth, while his own huge cock filled the sluts liquid cunt with a copious load of the precious cum she so desperately craved.


During the first week of her Masters absence the lascivious big-titted blonde slut, brought to the verge of sexual insanity by her incessant masturbation, would dress in obscenely tight skirts so short that they exposed her thong-pantied cunt and ass-cheeks and several inches of gartered white thigh above her black stocking tops.  Her voluptuous breasts and hard nipples totally exposed in the skimpiest see-thro blouses, she teetered around the local Mall on 4" spiked heels, bending over to reveal her full round ass and staring shamelessly at the huge bulges she aroused in mens pants.  Inflamed by the mental images of huge swollen cocks, the lust-crazed Jenna would retreat to the womens toilets where she masturbated herself frenziedly and her moans and pleas for "mens cocks and cum" were clearly audible as she brought her liquid cunt to quaking piss orgasms.


By the end of the second week Jenna could contain her craving for cocks and sexual submission no longer.  During that week she exposed herself ever more brazenly in the Mall, the supermarket, and in low-life bars in the seamier parts of town where she shamelessly serviced several men.  Sucking their cocks in dark alleys and the backseats of cars, although providing her with the cum she so desperately craved, did not however satisfy her deepest submissive desires to be exhibited and degraded before large groups of men.  Accordingly to that end she invited several of the best-endowed of the men she served to party with her at her house at the weekend while her Master was away.


Damians business trip had been successful, and he decided to surprise Jenna by returning a week early.  Driving up he was surprised to see no lights on, and to find the front door locked.  He decided to walk around the back of the house, where he could see the light shining on the lawn, and heard the sound of loud music and several mens voices.  Peering through a crack in the blinds, he was amazed by what he saw.


The beautiful slut, already half drunk, her blonde hair piled high and heavily made-up, wearing only a waist-cincher, garter belt, black stockings, and 4" heeled white slingback sandals, was seated between two men on the couch, her hands frantically masturbating their enormous cocks, while another man knelt between her widespread thighs rapidly lapping up and down her glistening pink slit while ramming two fingers deep into her squirming cunt.  Another man holding a short silver chain attached to a studded black leather slave collar around his whores neck, was slamming his thick cock between her avidly sucking lips.  Several other men sitting round the room were watching a video of Jenna engaged in group-sex with a number of men in a bar, her mouth, cunt, and furiously wriggling ass filled with cocks, and her voluptuous squirming body already drenched in cum which ran from all her holes.


Several of the men looked familiar, and he recognised the supermarket manager, a mechanic from the nearby garage, and two muscular teenage boys from his health club.  As Damian watched, the man licking his slut’s dripping cunt inserted his swollen cock deep inside her and began to bang her vigorously, his heavy balls slapping against her visibly swollen clit.  At the same time the wanton slut frantically masturbated the two young boys cocks until they spurted jets of thick cum onto her hands, breasts, and parted thighs, while the fourth man groaned and released a torrent of cum into her greedy mouth.  Watching his whores lust distorted face and glazed blue eyes, Damian knew she was on the verge of wetting in submission.  As the first man shot his load deep into her squirming cunt Jenna screamed, begging for more cum and cocks to use her writhing body, as her frantic fingers brought her to completion.  Shrieking .."Show me...give me cum....more cum!!!"..the wildly masturbating slut twisted her head from side to side, looking for more cum for her greedy mouth.


Jenna’s degradation was far from finished however.  One of the men pulled the clit-rubbing sex-slave to her feet by the leash and, putting on some wild music, ordered her to dance for the group's entertainment.  With the video of her cum-drinking orgy in the bar playing in the background, the sexually-insane slut began to dance obscenely for the cock-jerking men, pumping her hips in a lewd simulation of fucking and jerking imaginary cocks into her pouting mouth with one hand as she plunged a flesh-colored dildo into her liquid cunt with the other.  Her glazed eyes fixed on the mens thick jerking cocks as she danced, she reached down to pump each one rapidly in turn.


 The sight of the gorgeous big-breasted cock-slave crouching to pump her lust-crazed cunt with the dildo, while begging for the mens cocks and cum, was too much for the now equally sex-crazed men who, screaming.."Fuck the CUNT...Use the WHORE!!!"...grabbed her by the hair, slapped her face with their heavy swollen cocks, calling her "piss-whore" and "cum-slut", while delivering fresh streams of cum onto her already dripping body.  This final act of degradation was too much for the cock-crazed sex-slave who fell to the carpet and wet in submission at their feet, as the men stood over her spraying cum onto her writhing body.  Filling their glasses with cum, the sadistic men made the moaning cum-slut kneel and drain each glass, which she did avidly, spreading the white liquid on her beautiful face and huge breasts as she continued to masturbate herself with slick fingers while one of the men held her slave chain.


This final act of degradation of his sexually-insane slut, staring up at her "masters" as she drank their cum and took their cocks in all her holes in total submission, was too much for the watching Damian who realised that his training had turned Jenna into a wanton sex-slave who could no longer control her lusts and desires.  Furiously jerking his own huge throbbing cock, he spurted enormous jets of cum onto the windowpane before leaning back exhausted against the wall.  When his gaze again returned to the room the men had left, leaving only his cum-drenched slut on all fours on the carpet, her glistening ass raised high, a vibrator plunging in and out of her ass-hole, while her mouth alternately sucked on a dildo and licked cum from the floor, as she spanked her writhing bottom in masochistic submission.  Unable to watch his totally slutted whores depravity any longer, Damian left the house returning the following day pretending that he had only just returned from his trip.  In the following weeks he was to see Jenna descend further into complete sexual submission and erotomania.

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very nice

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a very very hot pussy that needs a vey very large thick cock

hankers and Lavon

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Well we're finally home and we've so many pictures and clips to post.Yes, of course we'll do our best to excite all you and get you more than hot under the collar. So keep looking in and we'll post only the best of us both showing of our bodies,and of yes, there'll be some hot images too !!!


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