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Love being looked at

Avatar Username: bobbyboy777
Date: 02-May-2008 07:45:58
Mood: happy

My husband recently admitted to me that he had put my naked pictures (most very explicit) on a website. I was so pissed off, how dare he! I made him show me the website with the intention of making him remove my photos. However, when I started looking and reading the comments I have to admit I got really turned on. I am now really hooked and spend more hours on this great website than hubby. I love leaving comments, I found it much more erotic and exciting than usual porn, I normally not interested in porn. I am pretty sure (not as much as I used to be) that I would never become involved in a threesome but love the idea of men and women looking at my body, really enjoy leaving dirty comments as well. Woulkd love to hear if other women feel like I do Xx      

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for 1 hour, he was my slave!!

Avatar Username: ionized1
Date: 28-Apr-2008 20:23:32
Mood: horny

I did get a catalog for valentines day as I hoped I would. So far I've made several selections, a couple were romantic and a couple were just hot. I can't wait to share them with you. Usually I start off with a romantic selection.......my hub usually makes a nice presentation out of the whole catalog, placing it with his other gifts on my pillow with candles etc. With such a mood, I guess I like to start off with something warm and cozy. Not this time. Oh, his presentation was the usual "melt my heart"....Godiva truffles, good champagne, a rose, sexy nightgown and the catalog in it's familiar white envelope. It was very nice and sexy, but I was very hot thinking about my presents all day so I needed something more than warm and fuzzy to quench my appetite.
After reading his lovely message on the cover, I put on my new sexy nightgown from Victoria's Secret and looked through the selections while he got our glasses for the champagne, popped the bottle and then rubbed my back. I didn't really look too long as I knew exactly what i wanted. I glanced at the photos, looking for ours, ( in my catalog they're on pgs 3, 8, 18, and 19 but they may not be used in your catalog even though we gave them permission to), then said to my husband, "Thank you very much for everything honey, here's what I'd like to select tonight." I pointed to my selection and leaned in for a big kiss before he could really see what I chose. I kissed him and got up off the bed to prepare. I glanced back and saw him looking at the catalog. "Which one?" he said looking at the two pages I left open. " Page 7, the bottom one", I said and then watched him glanced down and read the selection. I waited a few seconds for him to read, " Enjoy true unquestioned power and be as kinky or as seductive as you want!Demand me to be your toy, ready to obey your orders for your sexual pleasure. Use me and my dick as you like for 1 hour of activity!" and then I said,"Please get up and put your sexy, black boxers on, and only the boxers." I love those boxers. They're made with 10% spandex, not enough to cling, but they lay nicely in every contour and they're silky to the touch.
"Now, I've never made this selection before, but I would think the rules would be the same as when I am the one giving myself to you, right?" I asked my husband? he agreed. "so, lets get those boxers shall we?"I said. I stood in our bedroom, in my see thru nightie and watched as he removed his pants and shirt. As usual, no boxers. He went to his drawers and got the requested boxers and stepped into them. He started towards the bed when I said, "where are you going?" He immediately stopped realizing I had not told him to do anything but put on the boxers. A smile spread across his face, "sorry." he said with a chuckle looking at me waiting for his direction. I slowly walked over to him, loving every minute of being on this side of the fence. I stood real close to him and looked down at his cock, which was now swelling. I placed my hand on it and rubbed it thru the silky fabric. "Um", I said "Feels good, but I don't want you hard right now. wait here until you calm down, I'll be right back". I stepped in the bathroom knowing this tease would pay off later when he finally cums, but right now I had something else in mind. I closed the door and freshened up a bit, washed my face etc, just giving him a few minutes.
I came out and he was still standing there as told but now his cock was relaxed, ( I don't know how he has such control but, usually, except for those times when i just won't cooperate, he can really go for awhile). I walked up to him and, before he had a chance to react, I dropped to my knees, pulled down his boxers and stuffed his soft cock completely in my mouth. He's nicely sized even when relaxed, so it was an enjoyable mouth full. I grabbed his balls with my left hand and felt them churning as his cock sprung to life forcing it's way down my throat. He's a bit more than 8" which is plenty for me, sometimes too much. I held him as long as I could before I slapped his ass hard enough to make his cock pulse, then backed off slowly all the way to the tip. He was rock hard, throbbing, as his dick stood at attention. I stood up and grabbed his rod, placing it between my legs against my pussy lips which had become quite slippery after having his cock in my mouth like that. I glided up and down on his shaft, feeling it rub my clit and lips. "Don't you dare cum", I said to him. I pulled him very close and let out a wave of cum right onto his cock. I slid and squeezed my legs together, squeezing his cock against my pussy, feeling the warm cum slide down my legs. I slowly pulled away as I whispered in his ear, "pull your boxers up".
I walked over to the place where we keep our fun things while he pulled up his boxers as told and waited or me. I took what I need and sauntered back towards him looking at his stiff cock outlined in his sexy boxers. "Hold you hands out, close together", I said. I placed our handcuffs on his hands and tied a silk "rope" around the center of the cuffs. I pulled the rope, leading him near the bathroom door. "Stand close to the door, facing me". When had obeyed, I took the rope and put it over the top of the door so his hand were up in the air. II closed the door, leaving it open just enough to tie the loose end of the rope to the door knob, then pulled the door closed, His hand lowered a little bit but was still over his head, a nice, submissive position. "Now", I said, this cock is mine. Take a step away from the door", As he did, his hands raised a bit, but now I has able to reach around and slap his ass. SLAP. His cock jumped. I rubbed his chest and whispered to him, I'm going to suck your cock, but you better not cum no matter what."
I grabbed a pillow from our bed, leaning over sufficiently to show him a nice rear view of my now soaked and spread pussy, begging to be fucked. I placed the pillow on the floor in front of him and knelt sown. I rubbed his stiff cock thru his boxers, grabbing it and stroking it, looking at the sexy material cling to his balls ans cock when i grabbed him. I placed my mouth around his outlined shaft, feeling the boxers and his cock, caressing his balls thru the material. I released my grip and pulled down his boxers. I grabbed his dick and licked the head, then slowly pulled his cock down so it was pointing right at my mouth ans slowly took him from tip to root while holding his balls. SLAP, another nice slap on his ass pulsed his cock again. I could feel his balls churning and I worried I might have pushed him over the edge. I looked up and saw him with his head back, face tight, straining to control hims self, then he started to breath really heavy but I could feel his cock relax just a bit. I pulled back off of his cock until just his massive head was in my mouth. I grabbed the shaft with my free hand and started to slowly stroke him while keeping his head in my mouth. I could feel him tense up again, getting very stiff and hard in my hand. I pulled him out of my mouth and still holding his cock, went to suck his balls. "Please let me cum", he begged, breathing very hard. I could tell he wanted to but was still under control so I said, "No, I'm not ready for you to cum". I held his cock with one hand and started to lick his churning balls. I knew there was going to be a big load with all of this play. I could feel his cock really pulsing in my hand while I placed his balls in my mouth. After a bit of sucking I had to give him a moment. I let his balls free of my tongue and mouth, let go of his throbbing cock and stood.
"Don't move", I said, then opened the bathroom door and untied the silk rope from the knob, but leaving his hands cuffed. He lost his balance a bit when I opened the door so when I finished releasing the rope from the door knob I slapped his ass. "that's for moving". He laughed and said, "Sorry". SLAP! "I didn't ask you to apologies" I said with a laugh, just wanting to slap his ass again...LOL .
"Get down on your knees", I commanded him. He obediently knelt down before me. "Lick my pussy until I cum." I said. My husband leaned in and started to lightly lick my lips and tickle my clit with his tongue. "No, like this", I said and I grabbed his head with both hands and pushed his face hard on my pussy, rubbing it back and forth on my clit and all over my soaked pussy lips. I stopped, pulled his head away from me and said, "Stick out your tongue and leave it out". I grabbed his head once again and pushed it into my pussy, his tongue going deep inside me, his lips completely surrounding my pussy lips. I arched my back and grinded my hips, really working his tongue deep in me. As his tongue was buried deep in my pussy, I clamped down and squeezed, his tongue wriggling as I let go with a huge orgasm. I squeezed his tongue and rubbed his face on my pussy while his tongue stayed clamped inside me as I came again. I could feel the cum on his face and chin as I rubbed it back and forth on my pussy, his head bent back a bit to my arched hips to really penetrate deep. I slowly pulled his face away, feeling his tongue slowly make it's way out. "Um, that was good. Did you like it as well?" "Oh yea", my hub said. "Good, go lay down on the bed." I ordered.
He walked over to the bed and layed down. "No", I said, "Lay across the bed on your back. He positioned himself so he was laying as told. I walked over to our toy box and pulled out two more silk "ropes" and one other item. I pulled on the rope still attached to his cuffed hands and tied it to the handles on the side of out mattress. I walked around to the other side of the bad and spread his legs. I took the two ropes and tied each leg to the handle on that side of the bed. I walked back to the side where his head was and leaned over to kiss him. I planted a big kiss on him, tasting his tongue made me cum again right on the spot. I ended our kiss and climbed up on the bed, straddling his head.Now suck on my pussy" I said as I started to squat down over his mouth, feeling my last orgasm slowly drip out. As I sat down, I felt his lips surround my pussy once again. I squeezed as hard as I could feeling the cum push out of me and feeling my husband swallow just made me cum again as I grinded slowly on his mouth. "stick you tongue out" I gasped, still cumming. I felt his stiff tongue slowly enter my clenching pussy, causing me to shudder and him to swallow again. I reached out and grabbed his hard cock and marveled at how large and thick he was I roughly played with his rod, squeezing it, lightly slapping his balls then I bent over and took as much of that big piece of meat as I could into my mouth, grinding down on his mouth again as I came ion his mouth again. His balls were churning and his breathing had become very rapid as he tried to push my mouth deeper onto his cock. I could taste a bit of pre-cum so I quickly released his cock form my mouth and ordered him, 'Don't cum, I'm not done yet". I still had 15 minutes of my hour left and one more thing I wanted to do. His cock was standing straight up, straining to keep it's load in, pulsing wildly. As I sat with his face nestled into my pussy, I looked in amazement at the size and muscular build of his smooth, shaved cock and balls. It took all I had to resist the urge to hop on him and ride him home right there, ordering him to release himself into me. I came at the thought, but pulled myself together and slowly lifted myself off of his mouth, letting the fluid drip out of my pussy, down my lips and leg or into his mouth.
I moved to his side and seeing he had gained control of his cock and need to cum, I reached down and grabbed his rod again. I leaned over and place my left nipple, which was aching for attention, against his cummy face and gently rubbed it. "do you want to suck on my nipple?" I asked. "Yes", he panted. "too bad", I giggled, but I am going to fuck the shit out of you and let you cum soon." , I said as I squeezed his cock hard. He thrust his hips up and begged, 'Please". "OK, but first....". I reached for one of my favorite toys....the cock ring with clit and anus flickers and some lube. I do not like anal sex, but this flicker is OK. He couldn't see what I had really, as he was panting and really out of it with passion. I held his cock straight up with my hand and with my other hand flipped open a bottle of personal lube. A dripped a small amount on his cock head and closed the bottle. He was very sensitive, as you can imagine, so I gently rubbed the lube onto his cock head and i little bit down his shaft. His thrust wildly, but being tied down, he had no where to go. His balls churns as I placed the ring on the top of his cock. I really had to stretch it to fit but he thrust upwards with his hips, helping me to get the ring on. I pushed the ring down to the base of his cock and turned on the two flickers. "Does that feel good?", I asked. "It'll feel better when you fuck me", he said, cock pulsing with excitement. I gently slapped his cock, not hard but still a slap. "that's not what i asked". He thrashed a bit, cock rock hard. I playfully spanked his balls as I asked again, "does that cock ring and vibration feel good on your nice big cock?" I grabbed his cock firmly and stroked it slowly up and down spreading the lube around, watching his balls churn. "yes, yes it feel good, please fuck me" I could see he was almost at the end of his rope, so to speak. I leaned over and kissed him, again tasting his tongue, as I straddled him. I reached down, my tongue buried deep in his mouth, took his vibrating pock and slowly brought myself down on him until he was engulfed, flickers licking right where they should. I immediately cam squeezing his cock and grinding into those flickers. "Don't cum yet", I said. "Please.", he begged. "No, not yet. I have to fuck the shit out of you." i gasped as I slowly rose, gripping his cock the whole way up, stopping with just half of his head inside of my pussy. I watched his face contort as he struggled to control himself. I reached down and grabbed his cock with my hand and stroked it, still with only the tip of his head penetrating me. His head thrashed wildly and I knew i could torture him any more. I took his cock in my, down to the root and ground on those flickers. I came very hard. I could feel my cum all over my thighs and his. His wet balls slapping me every time I came down on his hard, vibrating cock as he thrust it towards me. "stop trusting ans I will make you cum." I gasped. "Please make me cum" he begged. I paused in mid stroke, waiting for him to lay still. It took a bit but he rested his hips, his cock head just inside of me, cock vibrating from the ring. "good" I said as I sat down," now I'll make you cum, but don't move. I want to use your cock to make you cum." "Please", he gasped. he was enjoying this as much as I was. I slowly lowered myself onto his cock and the ring. a ground myself into him. It didn't take me long before I felt a wave of cum rush over me. I pushed my pussy hard against him, feeling my clit and ass be tickled by the flickers. "Now you can cum when you like" I gasped, "and I'll cum again too". With that, I rode his cock as quick and as hard as I could, from tip to root, slamming down on him, cumming on almost every stroke with him remaining as still as he could. I was squeezing his cock so tight, I could feel the cum squirting from me. I leaned back to grab his balls as I rode up and down on him, pulling his churning balls with me with every cum filled stroke of my pussy. I came again, it squirting out in front of me onto his stomach ass I shuddered on his cock when he finally came, releasing a huge load into my clenched pussy. Every stroke I took, I could feel all that pent up cum blast out of his engorged cock into me as he lay motionless except for his head flailing from side to side which each plunge of my pussy and his gasping and panting, which of course made me cum even harder. I milked his cock for two or three minutes, grinding and riding while he remained hard even after all of that fluid poured into me and onto us. our stomachs were covered in slippery love juice, the bed drenched, my pussy, pulsing with pleasure and relief of feeling him cum. I fell onto him and rested for a minute or two, feeling his cock rest inside of me, warmed by our cum.
My legs were trembling as I lifted myself off of his 3/4 hard cock, releasing a torrent of cum onto his balls, which made me grab his cock hard and cum again, (It's great to be a women). I untied his hands and legs, took off his cuffs, him and went to get a couple of towels from our bathroom. cum was dripping down my legs all over the floor. My husband's face and torso was covered in glistening cum. We cleaned ourselves off as best we could but decided a shower was a must. LOL
So that was my very first selection from the No Judgment Personal Gift Catalog my husband gave to me for Valentines Day. Many people email asking where to get one so I put the link here for you. wildbaycompanies.com/SecretPage.htm. It cuts down on the emails. I hope you understand. I'd love to hear your comments about this experience and some true experiences of your own.

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Disappointing to see

Avatar Username: Domcpl
Date: 23-Apr-2008 17:57:36
Mood: disappointed

Well just thought we would put this out there for more feed back.There seems to be alot of profiles with out pics on them which brings me to the point that those people that are making the profiles up are not who they say they are or they have something to hide from there partners or they arn't serious about anything.As we all know putting pics,video's ect on any site will probably end up on someother site or all over the net but if you have nothing hide and you love people looking at you and your partner then who care's where your pics ect end up and if you didn't want it to happen we wouldn't post anything .As it makes no sense to make profile up with no pic and try and find someone as you dont know who you are talking to ect.But as i say i'm just expressing my opinion.

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New to the Swingers Club

Avatar Username: trey1986
Date: 22-Apr-2008 06:23:42
Mood: full of life
Music: Raise whats left of the flag for me

Me and my wife are new to this life as the title says. As a matter of a fact we've only had one other man sleep with her. And we were cool with that. we had him over 5 or 6 times and we enjoyed it. He would come over and fuck her for a few hours while I watched and filmed and occasionally took over as he rested. But he wasn't really reliable. It became to much of a strain to coordinate with him to come over and screw her and it took the fun out of it. I mean its supposed to be fun and spontanious right? Not something that seems like a job. Now we are looking for a new partner to fuck her and hopefully this website will help us find one. My wife is very sexy as you can see if you've checked out our picture (and soon videos)and has only be with a total of 3 guys. she will only have sex without condoms.don't worry she clean and can not get pregnant so its ok to cum inside of her (as long as your clean also) she's never been with a black guy before and we have been discussing the issue. We are from North carolina (fayetteville) and really want another guy for her to fuck. So if any guy out there is intrested in a good fuck with no commitment and no condoms send us a message. Even if your from another state who knows mabey we will head through there on a trip some day.

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love my WIFE ? cum on OUR pictures ...?....Vous bander sur ma femme ...faites nous des photos de vous bien durs sur nos images ...

Avatar Username: oliettam
Date: 20-Apr-2008 02:47:23
Mood: in love

Hey guys ....love my wife ? want a fuck her ? tell me how ???....Wath your gon a do with Tamara in your bed ....tell me , show me on video and pictures ...

Tamara is so exited to see you guy's playing with your hard penis on picture and video ....

Les gars .....vous bander sur ma douce ? vous voulez la fourrez ? dites moi comment .... Que feriez vous a Tamara ,comment la baiseriez vous ?

Faites nous des videos et des photos de vous en vous masturbant sur nos photos ...si vous voulez des photos nous vous en enverrons .....

Tamara est tellement exitée de savoir et de vous voir vous masturber sur son corp ....




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Nowt but kindness does the trick

Avatar Username: tommystucker
Date: 17-Apr-2008 00:22:53
Mood: full of life

Why do I post movies of us fucking? I'll tell you ...

I just love women. Especially mature, well developed women. Not girls. Not bean poles. Not lasses who can't get close enough to let you really fuck 'em long into the night. You know the women who need to be tied up, gang banged, buggered and so on. My what a load sad bastards they are. Think about it ...

Now, imagine you're a bloke that says something like, "Look love I've got to treat you like a piece of meat the dog wouldn't eat before I can get me rocks off. Then I'll bugger you and you can eat my cum after I've finished. You don't mind do you?" Fuck me if you can't see how pathetic you'd be then you have to be a one sad person. The same if you a lass. Not a bit of kindness or appreciation, just a load of perverted bullshit just to feel "satisfied".

Now, now! Don't give me "It's what I want to do, It's my body and my free choice." Fuck me, you'd use the same argument to screw some poor under-age kid or you're mother. Sorry to piss on your half baked excuses. If you can't give your lass a good loving fuck then have a wank in the privacy of you own bedroom.

No amount of argument about freedom of choice and self-control in a democratic society excuses animal activity. If you act like a pig then ...

Wake up and smell the real nature of a good fuck!

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Fingered in a crowded bar

Avatar Username: ionized1
Date: 14-Apr-2008 19:17:29
Mood: lonely

 It's several months old, but it still gets us hot! Please tell us how you like it! Enjoy!

My wife and I went out sat. to celebrate her birthday. She had a few dollars left to use with her no judgment personal gift catalog, so this was her chance. We decided to go out to dinner, then to a club, where she would have a gift fulfilled for her. I wore my dockers, no boxers, and a black shirt. She wore a blue knee length skirt, no panties, with a white top, no bra. Her skirt had two layers to it, a solid layer with a light shear lacy layer on top. We went to dinner, pilot house in brick. During dinner, my wife was getting warmed up. She removed her sandals and placed her foot on my crotch. As the male waiter came up to take our drink and food order, she started to rub my cock with her foot. She calmly asked what the specials were while her toes gripped my shaft. She leaned over the menu twice while ordering, giving the waiter a nice view down her blouse. He looked, but briefly...he was a bit uncomfortable. By the time I ordered my dinner, her nipples were rock hard and poking at her shirt, her breast partially visible through the white material. She rubbed the length of my dick with her foot all during dinner, switching feet when one leg would get tired. Servers came and went all while my dick got a great rubbing. After paying the bill, she made sure my dick was good and hard before we stood up to leave, positioned with her feet to stretch down the leg of my pants....her turnaround for what was to come I guess. As we made our way out of the restaurant, my wife leading the way, No one noticed my huge hardon...until we got to the front door. As we walked down the entry steps, a young couple was walking up. I saw the women look right at my stiff cock, then, after a couple of seconds, right into my eyes as we neared. She instantly turned beat red, then, as she passed us, whispered something in her partners ear. My wife and I continued to our car and drove off to the club. We arrived about 9:30, way before the crowd and started drinking. We strolled around the near empty bar, me rubbing and grabbing my wifes pantiless ass. The crowd started to come in about 10:30 so we copped a couple of seats at the
bar. As we drank. I rubbed my wifes leg just above her knee, pushing her skirt up slightly. We drank and chatted looking at the crowd. She dropped her hand into my crotch, but I removed it, that was not part of her catalog selection. We sat at the corner of the bar, the dance floor to our right. A young couple had sat behind me just around the bend, followed by a women and two guys. Behind my wife were two guys who had now taken an interest in my hand which was now rubbing my wifes pantiless ass through her skirt. we drank and drank and as the night went on we had turned more facing each other at the bar. There was a couple making out across the bar from us, the couple behind me, now pretty drunk left, and was replaced by a blue pinned striped male on the prowl but having no luck, and the guys behind my wife, chatting and watching me rub my wifes leg and ass. My wife and I were now facing each other on the bar stools. I started to rub further up her leg about mid thigh. Her skirt was pushed up exposing her thigh with just the shear mush like outer layer pulled down. This layer was see through, but made a great picture! I would look around casually as we talked and I rubbed, keeping an eye on things. I saw Mr pin strip had caught sight of my rubbing my wifes thigh, but he looked away quickly. He was standing at the corner, looking at the bottle in his hand and the bar top, and the napkin. All very interesting things to look at instead of the dance floor and all the people around right? I leaned over and asked my wife what he was doing. She said he was looking at us without trying to be noticed. She asked about the guys behind her, who had moved very close to us. I said the were talking and looking. The bar was packed now. The dance floor was jammed, girls dancing on the bar tops. People were all around us. I rubbed up my wifes leg almost to the very top. I could feel her hot pussy so close. Her skirt rode up with my hand exposing her leg all the way up, covered only with the lacy, meshy layer which I pulled down, very sexy. The guy behind me got a great view of my wifes freshly shaven pussy. She leaned over to me and said there are a lot of people around. She was right. We could not extend our arms without bumping into someone. I rubbed my wife leg all the way up just short of her pussy. Up and down the inside of the leg from knee to top visible to anyone who looked. Sometimes I would stop rubbing her ass and rub both sides of her leg, really getting into it. We watched the crowd while I did this, being very sexy about the whole thing, music blaring, girls dancing on the bar right next to us. Most of the crowd did not notice us. A table of girls off to the side were watching. They would look, then glance away, flinging their hair or casually glance over while shaking the hips. One girl looked right at us and smiled a big smile and winked. I looked over my wifes shoulder and saw the two guys, drunk, not talking, just watching me rub my wifes leg and ass. I turned to look at pin strip shirt and caught him sluggishly trying to look away. He also was intently staring, enjoying the show. I decided this was the time to fulfill my wife gift selection. I placed one of my legs between her knees. With my left hand, I reached around to feel her pantiless ass through her skirt. I gripped it and messaged it. Her nipples got rock hard because she new it was comming. I continued to rub up and down the inside of her leg, then leaned over and asked her, "are we being watched?". Before she could reply, I pulled her ass towards me and with my rubbing hand, plunged two fingers deep into her hot, soaking wet pussy. She gasped as she replied "I think so" as she grasped my fingers so hard with her pussy that my knuckles cracked. So there we were, surrounded by people, some watching, sitting or standing 6-12 inches from us, some off to our right with a great view, with my fingers up her pussy. I gave her two or three long thrusts in and out of her pussy, her pussy grabbing as hard as it could, her face turning beet red, gasping, her tits bouncing a bit, nipples rock
hard, music blaring, girls dancing, people looking, and that's when it happened. Her gift was fulfilled when I felt a huge flood of cum splash into my hand. Her pussy twitched several times releasing several waves of pussy juice, wetting my shirt cuff, a puddle in my palm. I leaned over to her and said, "you just came surrounded by a room full of people in a public place". With that she came again, gasping out loud, soaking my hand. I gave her a passionate kiss as I removed my fingers from her pussy, feeling her hot cum run down my fingers to the floor. She pulled down her skirt and we looked around smiling. Mr pin stripe was beet red and sporting a huge hardon. He took his beer and left when we looked his way. The guys behind her were laughing and talking quietly to each other in a huddled formation. The table of girls were just staring, not saying anything! Two had huge smiles, one had her hand in her lap, and one looked totally stupified. My dick was very hard and stayed that way while we finished our drinks. Once done, we got up to leave. My wife led the way. As she walked, I saw a huge wet spot on the pack of her skirt. Just thinking of that wet pussy and pantiless ass walking ahead of me kept me rock hard as we left. We pushed through the crowd towards the door. A young girl, maybe 25 "brushed" my wifes ass with the palm of her hand as she went by then did the same to my hardon. When we got outside, I asked my wife how she liked her gift. She said she was nervous but after a while was ok. She said the only thing she needed now was for me to fuck the shit out of her, which I did as soon as we got home.The No Judgment Personal Gift Catalog has really led to some unexpectedly wild times with my wife. If you want to check it out, here is the link. www.wildbaycomapnies.com/SecretPage.htm

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Why play in the sewer? It's just not cricket ...

Avatar Username: tommystucker
Date: 14-Apr-2008 07:33:30
Mood: full of life

I noticed that there was a picture of some poor woman's arse hole, which was coned to buggery, and I thought, "what's up with these people?"

Now, don't give me all that hogwash about adults and free choice, sauces for goose and gander, or being "different", it's just not part of the game. I mean there's a lass with a fine set of tits. a lovely bouncy figure and a well juiced beaver. Why would you want to bugger her? Shit is shit no matter what spin you want to put on it. It stinks and it's full of nastiest which cause folk to spew their guts up for hours on end.

Oh, so you've got a fetish for shit and that's your explanation for playing in the sewer. Right! Now that really makes sense - not! Oh, so sorry you're, "gay" and it's a bloke you're fucking in the arse; pardon me for being critical. I've got several male friends who are "gay", very nice people and good company but, sadly, they are seldom "gay" for long and usually quite sad and miserable for most of the time.

It's seems buggery has it's inevitable down side - infections, which are far worse than the "normal" sexually transmitted diseases. I've been to enough "gay" funerals over the years to testify that playing in the shit pipe seems to be a bad idea. Better to have a wank or suck-off so far as I can see. Which brings me to my original thought.

If she's got a fine cunt why, oh why, fuck her in the arse? It's just not cricket!

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Opening up

Avatar Username: redsealcouple
Date: 13-Apr-2008 17:53:14
Mood: horny

6 months ago we opened up our sex lives ,and its a damn good thing Jan has involved me in her 3sums because shes leaving me in her dust.She is really evolving into a machine.Our last 3sum ended with 2 spent men and Jan needing more.But you wont here me complaining

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Nice and comfortable

Avatar Username: tommystucker
Date: 13-Apr-2008 00:46:13
Mood: full of life

It's grand to a have a big lass to play with!

Some folk are obsessed with all kinds of kinky stuff, but me, I'm just a simple Yorkshire lad who appreciates a good solid fuck. Now I know that there's them that like to go dogging on Stanage and the like, but it don't seem to comfortable to me. I mean, just think there's all them midges and stuff biting at yer bits when yer trying to really get the best out of a nice, juicy pussy, a plump belly and big, bouncy tits. No, sorry folks, I prefer a niece warm bed with a good sold foot-board so I can give her what she likes most. What's that? Why, a good old fashioned, long lasting, deep penetrating, well timed shag! It's more, well lets be honest, personally satisfying ...


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Long & interesting

just fun: pussy rub just fun
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duration 06:11
from scottandchris69
Couple, 55y.o.

pussy rub
Sophie sucking me ti... Sophie sucking me ti...
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duration 08:58
from doofusdanni
Couple, 34y.o.

Down the hatch!
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duration 06:29
from starrsman
a Man

unloadin' my ejaculate in my wife susie's slut mouth

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