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Having Fun

Avatar Username: lovinsex
Date: 29-May-2008 01:24:59
Mood: full of life

You know there is alot to life and alot to learn from life, some may know what they want out of life some may not know what they want out of life, but it is nice to know that you can take it easy and just take life one day at a time and hot have to worry about a thing! Its really nice to know what people really want out of life and just how much fun they can have during that period and time of life!

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Avatar Username: monjue
Date: 28-May-2008 11:55:25
Mood: don't know

Why do the viewers not comment the pictures or vote for the actors?

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Avatar Username: trophyus
Date: 28-May-2008 05:59:32
Mood: in love

Welcome to our videos blog and thanks for looking at our sexy pics!!! Below are links to all of our videos to make it easier to find them.  We hope all you sexy people out there love them and use them to cum over and over again!  We really get off thinking about all of you watching us enjoy each other  If you like any of our pics or videos please leave us a comment!  If you are a horny hot couple and want to share your fantasies with us feel free to send us a message    If you get a chance vote for us in Best Ass, Hottest Panties, and Hottests Tits!!! We always enjoy dedications and reward those that do them *evil grin*  Thanks for visiting and enjoy!!!

Kisses, L&R


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looking for fun

Avatar Username: dworx1
Date: 27-May-2008 21:06:24
Mood: horny

hey every one. my boyfriend and i have recently joined and are looking forword to meeting couples, women and men. Im 19 and my boyfriend is 25. we live in scotland and love to meet new people and want share emails and photos so cum and look at our profile and leave some comments bye x x

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Avatar Username: RampantRach
Date: 27-May-2008 13:57:05
Mood: horny
Music: Razorlight

Hello...my first blog post, My name is Rachel and I like to show off :) I've been looking for somewhere to post my pics for a while and so I though I'd try here, hope you're all nice to a newbie :) let me know what you think of my pictures please...ladies especially :)


Rach xx

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back to school

Avatar Username: ipodcouple
Date: 27-May-2008 08:30:18
Mood: in love
Music: love shack B52

back to school so the pixs and videos may slow down for a bit. and we hope to still be swinging so if you are a couple in Seattle let us know if you would like to meet. oh, Sarah is going back to school. let us know if you have a request and please be respectful.

Sarah and David 

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Rock On In Peterborough Ont

Avatar Username: bruindog
Date: 26-May-2008 03:20:43
Mood: horny
Music: Rock On

Hey kids hope you are well and having fun.

Love the pics and videos here at the site,but would love to meet female or open minded couple as friends to hang out and play pool,see live band andshare a few laughs at this crazy world.

Easy for me to travel an hour or more or can entertain here in Peterborough or haliburton cottage.


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Avatar Username: tvixxxy
Date: 25-May-2008 06:13:03
Mood: in love

We put some new pics... leave some comments or send message how do u like them!!!

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slut wife

Avatar Username: jimhasitall2
Date: 24-May-2008 03:18:36
Mood: in love

my wife will suck any bodys cock

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My new toy

Avatar Username: ionized1
Date: 20-May-2008 12:40:24
Mood: horny


 Here is my wife's post from our yahoo group. Enjoy!!


Here's the story about how I got my new toy. A few months ago I was looking thru the NO Judgment Personal Gift Catalog My husband gave me for Valentines day. I only had a few "Honey Dollars" left to spend and thought I'd try something new. After a few minutes I showed my husband the selection I was to make. Here is what I chose for 5 Honey Dollars:
"The thrill of being naughty with a twist - go out to see, (or purchase for use as intended) adult entertainment, (or items) with me."
I told him I would like a new toy. So, we caught a buzz and headed out to the Love Shack in Toms River. When we entered, My husband assumed I would want a new vibe or something similar and went over to the section that had them. Well, I had something else in mind when I stopped and called him over to see. I pulled the cock ring with 2 vibrating dolphin of the hook and showed it too him. His mouth opened in surprise, I guess he never thought I'd choose something for him to wear. He surprise instantly turned to horniness as I could see his cock swell. He asked, "Are you sure that's what you want?" I grabbed his half swollen cock and said, "oh yeah, I'm Sure." Feeling him pulse as I squeezed. I went to the counter and paid for the cock ring, him standing sort of next to and behind me, pushing his now fully hard cock against me ass. The lady took the cock ring out, tested the batteries and handed it to us saying, "here you go, enjoy." "We will, thanks." I said and we left the building. On the way home I rubbed my husbands cock which was completely ready to go. We got home and went to our bedroom. we undressed and I saw his cock was standing straight up with the anticipation. I took out our lube and applied a bit to his cock and stroked it a bit. I reached for the ring and slid it over the head, then took his head into my mouth as I slid the ring down to his base.
I thought he was going to explode so I stopped and asked him to go get us a drink. He left, cock and ring, to fulfill my request and I scrambled for our camera. As he entered the room I saw he had deflated. We were still pretty buzzed form before so he was not very aware of what I was doing. As he poured our drinks, I took the camera from behind my back and snapped the picture you see then put the camera down and started to suck on him again. He got very hard, very fast. I grabbed his balls and turned on the two dolphin. Then I said, "ok, fuck the shit out of me now." Well, did he ever, His big cock inside me and those vibrating dolphin on my clit and ass every time he went deep drove me wild. The sheets were SOAKED after 20 minutes when he finally exploded, causing a bigger puddle with every stroke of his cock in my pussy. The cock ring kept him hard along with the excitement of having the new toy and we fucked for another 15 minutes ubtil he came again! I was exhausted and soaked when he collapsed. I reached over, messaged his balls and turned the dolphin off, my gift complete. He never expected me to choose that gift, which is one of the things I love about that catalog. Always room to shake things up a bit. Now, the cock ring is one of my favorite toys, and his.
We'd love to hear what you think about our experience, if you like cock rings, similar experiences with the no judgment personal gift catalog, what you favorite toy is, etc.

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Long & interesting

Esposa frondosa bail... Esposa frondosa bail...
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Fin de semana motelero... rico culo, tetas y más
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duration 08:25

Ricas nalgas caseras ---
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Buena para coger montada y empinada con ese riquísimo culote peludo

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