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Fantasy part 1

Avatar Username: Redisbest04
Date: 13-Jun-2016 19:02:36
Mood: in love

Make sure and grab my red bag, I yelled to my husband while putting the last of the suitcases in the car. Mentally checking off the list of things to bring I couldn't help but smile thinking of the little black dress I packed just for you. Ready to go? He playfully said while smaking my ass? Ready! I said with a giggle. 

The closer we got to the beach front hotel the more nervous I became. Quickly checking my phone I see a new message from you! Reading about your intentions for the weekend made me blush and squirm in my seat. I glanced to see if he noticed how turned on I was but he was focusing on the road singing along with the radio. I typed a quick message back. 

Hey Sexy!, I can't wait for tomorrow!! I have everything planned. He thinks I have a spa appointment at 9 a.m. and he has a fishing trip planned, we have at least 6 hours to spend together! I NEED to feel your hands and lips on me ASAP. 

After sending the message I couldn't stop thinking about you, your hands on my body, your heavy hanging cock in my mouth, feeling you part my lips open as you slowly fill my pussy with your thickness. I noticed my breath became short and fast and my nipples were visablly hard through my shirt. Looking around to see if anyone was watching, I slid my hands in my pants and my panties. I am wet and hot, my pussy ready to explode from the thought of you. I start to moan softly. My husband looking over from the drivers seat, What's got into you? He asked. Nothing , I said shyly. He is used to my never ending need for sex so he just smiles and plays along. 

He pulls my bra down and starts tugging and rolling my nipple around his fingers while he drives. I am moaning loudly now. While I rub my clit. I take my panties off and start fingering my hot wet pussy. He unbuckles his seat belt and pulls his pants down. Come get you some he said with a smile. Looking to see how hard he was for me I couldn't resist. Sliding over close to him I put my head in his lap. Taking him in my mouth while he drives. Dont wreck, I said playfully with a grin. Licking and sucking his hard cock while rubbing my clit makes me cum fast and hard!  Please, I beg! Pull over! I need you inside of me. 

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Posting some new pics.

Avatar Username: chuckz73
Date: 12-Jun-2016 15:29:22
Mood: horny

I have posted some new pics.  Anyone in the memphis tn area want to meet?

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Sharing for the first time

Avatar Username: bigserg304
Date: 04-Jun-2016 01:21:10
Mood: horny

I was just thinking about the first time I shared my wife with a buddy from work. We had been partying all night and he dozed off on the couch so we started getting it on on the sofa next to him. When I started to undress her she stopped me and whispered "you really wanna do this in front of him" I said yes of course. So we got into it, it was such a turn on I wanted him to sit up and watch, really join in. So I told her how bad I wanted to see her please another man and would she with him. She said only if you want me to, yeah right he's a good looking guy and I'm sure it was on her mind. I sat down next to him as she sucking my dick nudged him awake. When he saw her naked on her knees blowing me his face lit up I ask him do you wanna fuck her he nodded yes that's when she went straight to the pants unbuckled them and put his hard cock in her mouth I watched for a bit then got behind and started fucking her , then I turned her around pointing her ass n pussy his way. He slid right in as she begged to go slow cause how big his dick was.after about half an hour of tag teaming her he said he was going to cum I told him to cum on her ass he did seeing that made me cum in her mouth . We ended spending the night their so did it again and before we left in the morning I told her she could go tell him bye by herself the lil slut didn't hesitate. I patiently waited for about 40 min dying to see the action but it turned me on knowing she's fucking someone in the next room. Damn can't wait to do it again.

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Trying to stuff her mouth with black cock

Avatar Username: mandmtoronto
Date: 03-Jun-2016 19:12:28
Mood: don't know

I have been at it for a while.  First I tried to get my wife to suck me off in front of my friends.  No go.  Then I asked if she could walk around naked with my friends at the house.  Again no go.  

Hmm.  So I said what about getting nude pictures outside?  She was into that.  Actually, not only did she get naked outside, she blew me many times nude where we could have been caught.  I think that excited her.

I have shown her pictures and videos of black men with white women but she doesn't want to watch that very long.  I wonder if it is because she doesn't want me to see how excited she gets over black cock.  

So I asked if I could post a few (facelewss) nude pics of her on a site where I can ask for black men to look at them.  If she reads good comment maybe she will get more into this.

We'll see.  In the meantime, I still want to see the naked bitch sucking a big black cock on her knees.

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Avatar Username: jaxmale64469
Date: 29-May-2016 11:53:48
Mood: disappointed

does anyone know why they left?  are they posting on another site?

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Meeting Joanne

Avatar Username: DomSykes
Date: 25-May-2016 00:03:48
Mood: horny

Not been on this site for too long and had the usual aspirations of trying to hook up with couple that were actually genuine. So met Joanne today with her husband at coffee shop in Watford. She was definitely worth the trip. Nervous, but smarter than I expected. No problems with looks and those amazing boobs. They both seem quite normal other than they want me to join them. Even got to feel what was on offer while he got coffee. Fuck I am horny. Arranged to meet again Friday for a drink... can not wait. 

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Avatar Username: emmabare
Date: 22-May-2016 14:44:58
Mood: full of life


This is the first ever time

WE HAD BEEN OUT ON THE TOWN and this was a summers evening Emma and I had been drinking quite a lot, and through to the early hours in the clubs and bars we decide about 3:30 am to make our way to the taxi rank to get us home, we spent ages waiting and one thing led to another playing, kissing and fingering, we had a few admiring glances and one guy came right up to us and gestured he would like to help out he looked a way to drunk and a little creepy but fair play on his part no meant no and he respectfully went on his way.


She said lets go over to the bus stop. It’s still very warm or was that the booze?  Emma was wearing an army mini dress that pops open real easy.  

I partially open the top and un-pop from the bottom to about her middle then I am taking off with her thong and probing around.

She’s kissing ne hard and with every hard push of her crutch she struggles with me man handling my trousers access and she begins to extract my cock. Once out and after a few forceful twist I am pushing her mouth over my helmet. Emma begins sucking and slurping it well, to its nice and hard.  She is doing this as the odd car goes by I pretend to be stroking her head as if she is resting across my lap. Any way she decides she will sit on top of me and is riding like she would ride a horse I am trying m best to carry on pumping it in and out of her,

I pull at her dress and the last poppers give way and the front opens up exposing her large naked breasts and crumpled tummy.  The dress just seems to fall away with her ferocity she's naked in the bus stop; she’s bouncing up and down sliding on my now very excited cock.

This was all going well   then some lads turn the corner it’s too late to do anything were caught out right nothing we could do  to hide  but Emma seemed lost in the moment as the lads just stood around looking at us well her. They start to cheer and she’s getting loads of encouragement. A couple of lads start to become very vocal.         

These two lads start getting their cocks out, her back to them she’s unaware and  Emma continued to fuck me then all the lads moved in closer, One tried to engage us in conversation she stops looks around looks at me says fuck we are in for it now. Emma quickly reached out because one guy got close enough for her to touch I was thinking she was going to push him away and thinking that she would I prepared to move by grabbing her dress ready!I could not be more wrong, she grab it and leaning over just slipped her lips over his helmet and down his shaft to the roars of his mates.


I was gutted at the time but powerless to stop it. I could see his appendage going right to his balls and her making all sorts of erotic noises there she is bobbing up and down on his cock and, I'm starting to go soft myself.  Emma looks at me letting go with her mouth but holding his cock very firmly and tugging at it. She looked at me and said don't stop keep going. She then continued to suck him hard and fast; he came in seconds, down her throat and over her mouth.  I thought that was it.


Emma stood up releasing my dick and allowing the guys to see her unprotected pussy it was like men grabbing at free money for the taking. Fingers probed her but some just stood back and I was gob smacked, a black mixed race lad pulls her away from us and over to one side saying suck mine. Emma obliges, she licks his knob preparing to suck it No she would do it again surely she won’t?  Then it happens my heart sank as she agrees to a request and with that she’s turned round on to the seat; bending her over kicks her lags apart and roughly pushed his cock right up her pussy

Holly fuck she says he bangs away for all he worth, She is moaning and cussing, “fuck fuck fuck she has done this normally just before she cums. It’s not long and saying you’re having it slut; He’s letting his load go into her, then standing away allowing his cum to drop from her pussy says thanks and off they walk turning to say "what a fucking slut, she would have any one."

Turning to me she said sorry! I had to do something! I was frightened but excited and thought they might hurt us if I didn't do anything!!!!!   

I couldn't tell if she meant it. She dresses and inspects her pussy and disgracefully declares he really did give me a large load to carry as she mops her lips with her thong and depositing it them in a nearby bin.

 Emma kept saying about the smell of spunk and how he tasted different from me, it was intense even I could smell this on her and I wondered if in reality she hadn’t secretly enjoyed herself. I also wondered if she had compared my cock certainly they both looked bigger than mine. She came quickly enough which also indicated her being turned on by what had happened. She has always loved the big and black dilldo at home; I have found her using lots. I guessing my own words are playing out true. When we used the toys I would be saying you like it big and black seems to have rang true.

I should say that she does like a drink and this has loosened her provocative tendencies. Even before this, she had been groped on the odd occasion in front of me, and when we’ve been out for an evening guys proudly announces what they will do to her. I've never said anything to suggest my dislike but I do like her getting this kind of attention   'too late to stop it now' not that I won’t too! We have planned a visit to Sw----- to visit a seedy club in the new Town.




The taxi ride home will be a member from here and we will be filming.




I begin this today and I may add sections from time to time which run out of sync date wise. This only to give you the reader a fuller picture of this wonderful life..... Guilty     


Well I arrive home and take my time to open the front door looking up and down the street I realise it’s really quite late in the early morning, sounds a contradiction but it was early but nearly seven thirty to be returning home for bed? Bending down I slip off my heels and walk through to the kitchen trying to negotiate my pets attention and without raising the alarm that I was home.                                                                                                                         

Sure enough every click rattle and placement echoed through the ground floor. I thought steady girl the whole house will be up soon. Placing my hand on the cold tap I open it allowing the water run cold; taking a glass filling it, I walk through to the lounge and slide on t the settee. I am thinking what do I say about not being in bed? Or do I confess to just getting in?  I close my eyes and think, my thought start to deafen me, so many intense moments and feeling rerunning in my mind. Then it hits me my physical appearance what do I look like? Fuck I sprang from the sofa to look at my reflection oh no! I look crap makeup smeared, mouth blush, eyes like dinner plates, skin tingling and I smell, phew!  That is strong, really strong.       

Running my finger through my hair I attempt to straighten out the knots and give it some volume or normality to my appearance. Turning I run my hand down my dress and flatten out its length. I notice in various places it cold, but wet. Pulling this up I sniff the wetness and confirm the odours as seamen.                           

Again fuck sprang to mind or the fact I have been well and truly given a serious seeing to. What and how much do I tell him he will want to know and no hiding this I stank, my clothes and I look like we are worn out.                                                            

These thought have me scared I don’t want to admit to much but Ill not have much choice looking the way I do, walking back to the kitchen I slip out of my dress and conceal it in the washing machine under previously placed Items. I slowly make my way upstairs and into the bath room and begin to remove what’s left on my body bra knickers hold ups I notice a large rip where the gusset meets the front panel of the thong. I remember two fingers forcing their way in to the material and pulling hard to try and remove them but quality is quality! They held together but only just. But this I remember hurting me where the thong goes up my arse.  Don’t seem to matter any way it didn’t prevent the inevitable fucking to flow. 

I turn on the shower and don not wait to step in just in case! The cold water makes me shiver but slowly turns to warm wash as it run over my head, neck and boobs and washing away the night spectacular fluid deposited which was adorning my tanned body.                                                                                                                                      

Gritty balls a of seamen depart my skin, I flush my crutch and soap up WOW I thought that I was sore!!!.. rinsing away the soap to reveal what’s causing the discomfort. I tap myself dry and stepping out examine my pussy. OMG what have I done! It looks twice its size; swollen, red raw and very sensitive. Opening the folds covering my clit my labia are enormous so much if I just touch it frazzles my senses. Sore but so sensitive I want to keep brushing over them to smooth away the slightly uncomfortable sting of pleasure. I part my lips and feel the slipperiness of all the sex and feel again the inner walls of my vagina. These are swollen and sensitive rough to the touch with a rippled texture. As I feel my way in I discover I have taken quite a beating with the vigorous activity encountered.                      Now I was home I was feeling its brutal but pleasurable effect. My slimy finger glisten with the mixed fluids my love juice and there thick wads of cum, slightly pink from what I now realise are tears inside me. Taking hold a mirror, I look and she look so enormous my smooth naked skin puffy and glowing around its gapping aperture and darkness where cocks had been beating at me for hours.                                                                                                                                                   

I am an avid squirt slut and ninety percent of the day/life I am juicy so largely wet all day. My husband says I was made for breading; well ready for breading at a moment’s notice.

                                                                                                                   When I am being fucked I flow coating me, whoever and whatever is in close contact. Thick cream, a black guy once called it his lioness juice.  That’s a contrast to see a black knife cutting in creamy white flesh. I think; from what I been describing you would assume the nights event lead me into a sexually exploitable situation, where I was ridden hard and inseminated repeatedly. I cannot say any different it was just how this became to be such a debouched outing with a friend.

Now how I would explain this to my husband!!!!  




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Comfortable with friends

Avatar Username: sexhound46217
Date: 01-May-2016 05:16:36
Mood: in love

I posted in the  forum how many women are comfortable with long time male friends.  I've been lucky to have many friends  (male ) that I have sex with  regularly.  Some have had sex with me almost as much as my husband.  Some are married and and have gotten married sence we first met but still keep stopping by. I've ask some of the married guys why they keep our relationship going and most say sex with their wives is so vanilla. I know some of them and they would never have sex with another man other than their husbands. A few of the guys that have gotten married sence we've met have found wives into the swing or sharing lifestyle. As some you that have read my blog we've been swinging for 35 yrs. So as you can figure I've seen just every size cock and yes sucked every one of them. I've got friends that just want to perform oral sex on me as often as possible. I've had a couple of friends that enjoy to watch me masturbate to multiple orgasms as they play with them selves. I enjoy group sex MMMMF and when possible I always invite guy that is bi sexual to be the clean up guy . He is sooo amazing licking my swollen pussy and enjoys cleaning up the cum left by the guys.  One of the guys enjoys it when I use a toy on his ass as I suck his cock. I generally start out in something sexy when I entertain friends but soon I'm as naked as everbody else. We were having a 4 some at a motel on the second floor and yes all the lights were on when my husband noticed the curtains were open some and 3 young men watching.  He went to the door and told them to come on in. All 3 were in their 20's and cute and had huge bulges in their pants.  I was on my knees giving head to one guy as another finished fucking me doggie . When I heard my husband ask the young men if they had ever seen anything like this before and all said no not in person.  Then he told them if you ask nice she might let you join in and before you know it they were naked. Those young men had really nice cocks on them and really enjoyed all 3 of my holes many times and I enjoyed their youthful cocks too. I  added them to my friends and have included them often. I've been watched by other wives as I suck or fuck their husbands. 

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new fuck machine

Avatar Username: sexhound46217
Date: 26-Apr-2016 19:33:09
Mood: in love

  I thought I would share last Saturday nights event.  Hubby finally finished the fuck machine he  was building for my enjoyment. It has two dildos that operate independently and will run at different speeds and strokes. He finished it Friday night and I got to take a trial run and after a little adjustments I was in heaven. We hung up our sex swing and adjusted the height for the most enjoyment and the fun was on. After about an hour I was totally impressed and my pussy and ass were well abused. Saturday morning I started making calls to four of the cpls we swing with and a few of our close fuck buddy's.  They all met at our house for a cook out and drinks. After dinner and a lot of drinks we made our way to the family room where the swing was still up . All the husbands knew that meant sex was going to happen and so did the wives.  It wasn't until hubby rolled out his fuck machine with some wicked dildos attached and everyone took a long look at it. Of course I knew what to expect and put on a fresh condom on each dildo and some lube. I took the first turn in the swing with my legs up and wide as hubby guided it to my waiting holes. As he slowly started the machine and it was gently stroking my pussy and ass he increased the stroke and speed till it was like two ten inch cocks at the same time. After about fifteen minutes all the wives were asking to be next and commenting how wet they were just watching.  As for all the men they stood around wide eyed and each had a hardon.  The first wife to trade places with me eagerly got into the swing and put her feet up into the sturperts everybody could see her pussy glistening she was so excited. She had the controls and kept increasing the speed till you could hear the balls slapping her skin with each stroke.  She has always been a loud moaner but she was almost screaming in delight.  She was arching her back and said I want a dick to suck now and about six guys crowded around her head. Over the course of the night all of us wives took turns get mechanically fucked and sucking cock in the swing. Needless to say the pussy eating and human to human fucking that went on as we watched who ever was in the swing and center of attention. Most spent the night and continued to participate in group sex all through the night. The next morning all the other wives said their butts were sore but wanted to enjoy the machine again soon.  

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Back to the club

Avatar Username: Coatsbill
Date: 19-Apr-2016 19:31:37
Mood: in love

Kathy and I went to the swap club the other night. The first time in a long time that we have been there. They had a new twist. They had a big black bull there that must of been 3 inches thick and 8 or 9 inches long. The ladys got to strip him of his cloths and then rub him down with oil. While he was being rubbed down he got rock hard and as you can guess every lady rubbed oil on his cock. The ladys put there names in "The Jar" and one name was pulled out. The name that was picked belonged to a older lady (maybe 50-55). She didn't wast any time. She stripped off her clothes and got on the bed with bull. I couldn't beleave she was able to take it all in but she did after only a little fucking. When he came he must of shot a quart of cum into her. It was oozing out and dripping every place. She just kept her legs wrapped up around him and kept fucking.....got what a site. Needless to say Kathy did we good that night. We didn't swap while there but went back to our hotel and fucked. She was a whore that night and I was in the mood to ravage her. We both were a little sore that nect morning. 

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