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my wife wants to kno

Avatar Username: dickinher2157
Date: 11-Jun-2017 23:45:38
Mood: full of life

Hello dmw my wife has finally asked me to ask you guys wats ur favorite feature on her and if u had her alone or let you join me fucking her how would u want to fuck her and wat would you want her to do to you please comment and let us know I'm curious to see how other guys would want to fuck my wife

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My slutwife journey!

Avatar Username: num1scamp
Date: 11-Jun-2017 15:35:00
Mood: horny

        I did my first bachelor party about six months after I'd started dancing. I knew the other girls did them sometimes, but this was the first times I'd been asked. Another dancer, Kat, approached me and asked me if I'd like to do one with her and another girl. I was a little apprehensive at first but Kat said we could bring a body guard with us, and it wasn't expected that we'd have sex with anyone. So the money was good and I said sure. I got my husband to be our bodyguard,which he was more than capable of doing. Kat did tell me the guys would tip us more the rowdier we got and the more we let them accidently touch us.


       One the appointed night we were pickled up at the club parking lot by a huge limousine, party bus. It was Kat, myself and my husband. The other girl handn't shown up, it was 7:30. We got on the bus and it was really neat. Subdued lighting throughout, sound system going, a bar, stripper pole and 12 guys who had already obviously been partying. The windows were tinted so dark, you could see out, but no one could see in the bus. The guys offered us some drinks and the party got underway. The bus waited about 15 minutes for the other girl to show, but it wound up being just me and Kat. Kat took her coat off, and she was already dressed to go, she had on a see thru top tied under her huge breasts, and a micro g-string. She had on leather boots with 6" stiletto heels, she was a very pretty hot girl with long blonde hair. (Kat's boyfriend was the president of a famous motorcycle gang). She walked right to the stripper pole and began dancing.  I took my coat off and asked who the groom was. The guys started pointing him out and chanted his name. Chuck, Chuck, Chuck. I took my drink and I went and sat on his lap. Guys were already throwing money at Kat and they begand throwing it at me, as I first let Chuck take off my skirt and then my blouse. ( We had signals worked out with my husband if we felt we needed help. Only about 15 minutes had gone by as we were driving down a major road and I saw that Kat was already dancing totally nude on the pole. Chuck had been kissing me and had attempted to feel my breasts more than once. His cock was rock hard, I could feel it poking my ass as I sat on him. So I leaned in and told him he could remove my top for me. The guys cheered as he freed my tits. I then got up and straddled his legs, I pulled his head to me and I fed him my tits. The guys loved it. It was strange, we were surrounded by traffic, I could see the people in their cars as Kat was nude, and Chuck was sucking on my nipple. Guys started shouting, free Chuck, free Chuck, money was flying and I started to slowly take Chucks pants off of him. I hadn't let him touch me yet, other than play with my tits. I was down to my G-string and high heels. Soon Chuck was stripped down to just his briefs, with his cock peeking out the top of them. I kneeled between his legs and teased him just kissing the head of his cock, and occasionally licking it.  I finally ripped his briefs down and freed his cock. Pre-cum was already glistnening the head of it. I took his cock in my hand and stroked it. Your last night as a free man Chuck, I said to him. ( I had been turned on by all of this, I'd already decided I was going to fuck him). I deliberately and slowly bent over and licked the pre-cum from his cock to more cheers. He had a nice cock, not huge, thick about 6 1/2 inchs. I ripped my G-string off and put his cock right at the entrance of my pussy. Well Chuck I said, what do you want? He pulled me right down on his cock in one thrust. I was so wet it was no problem, he went right in easily. I fucked him very slowly as he sucked and played with my tits, I knew he was ready to explode. I turned my head and Kat had a large cock in her mouth and she was being fucked from behind as well, as we were driving thru downtown Detroit.  Chuck came really hard, screaming out as he did. I got off him as his cock got soft and kissed him. I got a drink and walked to where Kat was, I could see she was cumming. The guy behind her pulled and and shot cum all over her lovely ass. The guy she'd been sucking took his place, and started fucking her hard. She looked up at me and smiled, she pulled me to her and she started eating my cunt. She was really good, she had me cumming in no time. The best man approached me and brought me a drink and a smoke. I sat with him and llet him play with me as I relaxed a little. I finished my smoke and I took his cock in my hand and began stroking it. He had a big cock 8", he got really hard. I told him to fuck me, hard. He did. He soon had me cumming again. He wound up finishing in my mouth as someone else entered my pussy. A few minutes later I was air tight, one in my mouth, one in my pussy and one in my ass. I absolutely loved it!

         12 guys two girls and 4 hours later they dropped us back at the club. Kat kissed me goodbye, and I got in the car with my husband. I'd made more in one night then I normally made in a week. My husband looked at me and laughed and said, well you had a good time. I laughed and said I sure did, now take me home and fuck me!  He did, like only he nows how!

        Two weeks later I sat in the club with the best man next to me. Men are truly funny. he was trying to convince me to go out with him. Telling me how'd he take care of me, how I wouldn't need to do this anymore.  A little lust and logic leaves them. I llet him finish an then looked him in the eye. I take it you realize I really enjoyed myself that night? Yes, I know he said. So, I said, you had sex with me and watched me have sex with you're friends. You saw me fully enjoy myself being a real slut for you and them, and now you're telling me how you want to date me, have me be your girlfriend. You're just in temporary love with a memory I told him. You'd be embarassed being with me in front of your friends, when you weren't around you'd be wondering who I was fucking. Look, I said,we had a lot of fun, but it's not going to happen again. I'm married, to a man who loves me and accepts me for who I am. I don't have to work, I work because I don't want anyone taking care of me. I also enjoy it. One night your going to be with a woman who really turns you on and all of a sudden I'll just be a pleasant memory. Hopefully she'll love you too. Lust is such a temporary thing.





To be continued..........


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Sore and Sorry

Avatar Username: pokerman
Date: 08-Jun-2017 10:10:39
Mood: in love
Music: Faces

Two weeks has passed since me and Kit have been out. I can't face going back to our usual haunt and needed time to heal - How do you go to your doctor and ask him to look at a bleeding vagina? He started to ask the obvious question, but then thankfully stopped himself, apologised and stiched me up. Two stitches - worse than when I gave birth, all thanks to an inconsiderate arsehole. Now I wonder how I can go back to that lifestyle. I've watched porn, with women taking enormous cocks, and they just seem to slip in, right up to the balls, no problem at all!_ Although I have never considered myself tiny, or tight, I could never do that, even with my ex husband, who was average, to say the least._ So I now need to get back in the saddle, fuck Kit silly for a few weeks and look for something adventurous, but safe and gentle.......gentle seems good right now! _ Kit has been helping the healing process by treating me to oral sex in just about every place in the house. He is as horny as hell, but realises that now is not the time for full on intercourse. Yesterday, I was making a late, lazy breakfast for us both, when he came up behind me, slid his hands under my pyjama top, cupped my boobs and started massaging my nipples. He knows how this turns me on, I have incredibly sensitive nipples and Kit has suggested I get some piercings......Maybe one day I will. Anyway, I began to get wet, and he sank to his knees, lifted my top and kissed my backside. It felt lovely, so I pushed back against his face as his tongue slid in between my cheeks and penetrated my arse. I hate smelly sex, so felt guilty about my unwashed backside, despite the horny feeling absorbing me, and suggested I shower first. Kit picked me up, threw me over his shoulder and marched me to the shower. There we were, soaking wet, me still in my PJ top, Kit with his boxers on, barely containing a massive hard-on. Passion took over as he slowly massaged me with shower gel. It felt so good to have firm hands massaging every part of my body, starting with my breasts and nipples - hard and erect, they felt as if they would explode and I grabbed his cock with desire as he moved down to my groin, avoiding my cleft, but sensuously sliding his fingers down my thighs, back up to my backside, sliding a finger into my arse momentarily. We kissed, gently, but deep, our tongues exploring each other. It felt different and more sensual, with water cascading down, changing the taste of our bodies. Kit was holding me tight now, crushing my breasts against him, and this felt beautiful, with his cock hard against my stomach. I ground against it, and could feel him respond by finally putting his hand where I wanted it, against my clit, gently pushing my magic button. I took his cock and held the head against my clit, wanting him inside me, to feel the heat of a mans cock inside me, that gorgeous feeling of lips being gently parted and the sensation of slowly being filled and warmed by a mans meat. _ Kit resisted, and gently......oh so gently, moved his cock against my clit, sliding gently up and down my labia, only pushing the clit, never entering me, but always moving, gliding, nudging, nuzzling me with the wet head of his cock. I felt I would burst with desire as this went on and on - a building orgasm but with the denial of penetration, seeming to extend and heighten the feeling making me want him inside me, but not wanting to stop the feeling, building in intensity to a crescendo. By now, we were both almost on our knees but Kit continued until finally, we both came together, me screaming and writhing, my nails dug deep into his back, Kit ejaculating into my pussy lips and then collapsing onto the shower floor with a moan, finishing by kissing my feet and sucking my toes, before we both ended up in a wet, soapy heap on the bathroom floor, laughing, kissing and holding each other. I think this will do for a while - passion, sex and intense orgasms with my soul mate............until the fascination for big cock overwhelms me again.

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Pam and her Thesis Advisor - Part 5

Avatar Username: joverde
Date: 06-Jun-2017 14:03:53
Mood: horny


“Even though I broke it off three months ago, he is still calling me. He has those porn tapes of me and is threatening to show you if I don’t continue to see him.”


“Have you seen him?”


“No! But he is insisting that I see him for old-time’s sake on Thursday, two days before our wedding. He says he will give me the tapes then. I have agreed to go to his place but I’m afraid of what will happen. I don’t think he will really give me the tapes. I don’t know what to do.”


She stopped talking and I thought for a few minutes. I broke what must have been a ten minute silence. “What else is on those tapes? Is there anything else on them that you need to tell me about?”


She thought about it and answered, “There is some really raunchy stuff that I did with him over the time we were together and I am not sure what he taped. I have told you a lot of it and I am ashamed of it all, but I can’t say that I didn’t do it. I am sorry to have hurt you.”


The moment of decision was at hand. I had to decide if I wanted to go through with the wedding to a woman I was intensely in love with or to call it off and go on looking for a soul mate. She had told me several times before that she had wished she had saved herself. I was hurt by the details of sexual activity she had revealed, but I had to admit to myself that I had my sexual peccadilloes too. I decided that I would marry her for love and accept her past as past and hope that our mutual love would prevail. That decision being made. We were left with the problem of Jack and the tapes. I had an idea on how to solve that.


Thursday would be a day to remember. I asked Pam, “Can I go with you to Jack’s when you go on Thursday?”


She posed a couple of questions, “Would you lose your temper and make a scene?”


“I don’t think so. I have a plan but I can’t tell you what it is. You will have to trust me but in effect I will make him an offer he can’t refuse.” I responded.


She said, “I would like it if we went together.”


Thursday came and I picked up Pam from her office and we started to Jack’s house. I asked her, “Did Jack call today?”


She responded, “Yes he did he wanted to know if we were still on for tonight and if I wanted to go to dinner at our favorite restaurant. I told him that I wasn’t free for dinner and that I was just coming to pick up the tapes.”


“How did he take that?”


“He seemed disappointed. By the way what’s in the manila envelope in the backseat?” She asked.


“You’ll see in a few minutes when we get to Jack’s. It’s the offer he can’t refuse.” I responded.


When we arrived at Jack’s, Pam and I walked up to the door and rang the bell. When he opened the door Jack’s jaw dropped and he stammered, “Hello, Pam! I thought you would be coming alone.”


I greeted Jack, “Hi! I’m Joe Pam’s fiancé and I understand you have something for me to look at.”


Jack was utterly flustered. He was unprepared for my words and said, “Please come in!” and regaining his composure continued, “Ur ur ur .. can I get you both a drink? Come up to the living room!”


“Pam says you have quite a recreation room. Why don’t we have our drinks in there?” I answered.


Jack was flustered again but agreed and we went down to the scene of the crime so to speak. After about ten minutes of chit-chat, I said, ”We all know why we’re here, Jack. Do you have the tapes ready for Pam? Before you give them to her I want to verify that they are not blank tapes.”


Jack said, “I have to get them.” and went to a drawer in the dungeon table and handed me six VHS tapes.


I asked him to put the tapes in the VCR and turn on the monitor. When the first tape began Pam grabbed my hand and squeezed it. Her eyes filled with tears and she began to whimper.


The tape began with Pam and Jack seated on a sofa having a drink and talking. Pam seemed to be very tipsy and was being a little flirtatious and slurring her words. She said something to the effect that she needed to get back to her empty house and they got up from the sofa. Pam took a couple of steps and started to stumble. Jack caught her by the arm and steadied her. She giggled, “‘I feel so naughty coming to your place. You are my advisor. What would people think if they found out we were here alone together?”


 Jack put his hands on her waist and gave her reassuring light kiss on the lips and replied, “You are going through a difficult situation. I am only trying to help you.”


Pam put her arms around him and pulled him closer. Her head pressed into his chest and she began to cry.


I watched the screen as Jack pulled her in even closer and started to soothe her by running his hands over her shoulders and back and lightly caressing her neck. She looked up and he bent down and they kissed very passionately for a few minutes. When their lips separated his head went down to nuzzle her neck and ears. They had lost control of their bodies. The camera angle was bad so I could not see exactly what they were doing but her blouse was soon on the floor and his head had moved down to suck on her bra covered left nipple. Pam moaned as his tongue wet the bra fabric. She shuddered. I think that she actually had an orgasm. While she was cumming he seemed to move around to give the hidden camera a better angle of Pam’s loosening his belt, undoing his pants, and sliding her hand down his boxers. From the new camera angle, I could see clearly when she pulled his dick out, rubbing over the head of his dick and up and down his shaft.  After a couple of minutes after I watched him stiffen, moan and spurt his cum on her hands and blouse.


 I watched as the scene which Pam had described a few months before played out on the screen. I knew what was coming next. Jack took Pam’s hand and licked all his cum off her fingers and immediately bent down and kissed her, depositing his cum in her mouth. The look on her face was a cross between disgust and lust. She looked confused and froze for a moment not knowing what he wanted her to do with the cum in her mouth. “Do you like the taste of cum? Bet it isn’t the first load to hit your tongue.” he asked in a nasty tone.


She seemed ashamed when he said that, and her shoulders slumped and her head bowed down. That posture exaggerated the difference in their height. Jack’s 6 foot 3 inches dwarfed her 5 foot 4 inch and he used this to his advantage.  He looked down at her bowed head and placed the tips of his fingers under her chin to slowly raise her head until she was looking up into his eyes and commanded, “Open your mouth! I want to see!”


As Pam complied and opened her mouth, Jack gently turned her face toward the hidden camera and it was clear that she still had the “snowball” in her mouth.  It was a curious mixture of foamy saliva and gooey milky white semen; as though one of them had thoroughly swished it around in his or her mouth savoring it much like one would taste a fine wine. Anyone watching that tape would be sure that it wasn’t Pam that savored it.


Jack was not pleased when he saw that it was still in her mouth. “There is no place to spit it out so you better swallow it!’ he ordered almost angrily.


Pam grimaced as she complied with his command and swallowed hard coughing a little as the thick goo went down. There were tears in her eyes and Jack looked down and gently apologized. “Pam I am so sorry. I just got carried away with myself. I have always been the dominant in my relationships but I don’t think you were ready for that, were you?”


Pam shook her head now and bowed it again. It was unintentional, I think, but it seemed to me that she was tacitly assuming a submissive posture toward him. Again Jack placed his fingertips under her chin and tilted her face up and gave her a very loving kiss. “Please let me make it up to you!” he said.


 Pam responded passionately and as they kissed, I could see her left hand go down between them into his boxers and I watched as her fingers pulled out and encircled Jack’s flaccid cock. His fingers were busy unfastening her back-hook bra and sliding the straps off her shoulders. They then his right hand gently grazed her left nipple, the one visible to the camera. I could see it harden immediately and she let out a soft moan. He took her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and pinched it. Pam yelped, “Ouch! That hurts! Please don’t pinch my nipples like that!”


I instantly recognized that Jack had crossed one of Pam’s cardinal rules: Don’t directly touch my nipples or clit! I expected that the mood was broken and that the scene would end.


 I was mistaken.


 Jack immediately pulled his hand away from her nipple and apologized, “I am sorry. I thought you like your nipples played with.”


My eyes were riveted to the TV and I was hardy aware of Pam sitting next to me on the right, until she grabbed my hand that was moving toward my (by now) raging hard-on. She whispered to me, “Don’t touch yourself! The bastard is taping us right now.”


I took my eyes off the TV and scanned the partially darkened room and sure enough, I saw at least two red LED lights blinking, one in the far left corner of the dungeon and one near the ceiling directly above the TV. I thought to myself, “I had better cool down or my plan will never work and he will end up blackmailing both of us.”


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Set back

Avatar Username: kristi
Date: 06-Jun-2017 01:36:51
Mood: drunk
Music: I wanna have some fun

been off for a while

got involved in drugs and been to rehab several times

lost my business my beach house mercedes all gone.

hope this time recovery works

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Stumbling Up The Next Step

Avatar Username: pokerman
Date: 01-Jun-2017 23:17:18
Mood: in love
Music: Joni

I feel totally deflated after our last sexual,adventure. Kit and I went looking for a repeat of our last experience.......at least I was, and Kit was hoping for something more inclusive. _ I have read a lot of blogs and stories on this site, some I believe, some I don't. Some leave me feeling hornier than I ever thought possible, while others leave me cold. Such is life, and our own real life version of these experiences seems to have the same effect on me. Going back to the same pub, on the same night, I expected, and desperately wanted, to see Danny standing at the bar with a massive hard-on, just for me. _ No such luck! Instead, I had to listen to a sordid tale of debauchery, starring yours truly! _ At this point, I wondered if I was cut out for this lifestyle. A lifetime of being the timid demure housewife, shocked at anything outside of my husbands idea of the sexual norm, has left scars that open occasionally and this was one of those times. I felt ashamed. Thankfully, the stories changed, the pub gradually emptied and we were left talking to Tom and Lesley. Despite my inward embarrasment at Tom unknowingly describing my clitoris and insatiable pussy to the entire pub, I quite liked him. Tom seemed taken with me, and Kit and Lesley were also getting close, so we accepted Lesley's invite to stay for the night. By the time we arrived, I desperately hoped that Tom would leave, so that we could all sleep it off, but too much wine had been taken and I found myself getting turned on by Tom and his muscular frame. I couldn't take my eyes off him and began to wonder if his cock was as big as his biceps. I naturally had a quick feel of both and was mildly impressed! Things then took a turn for the worse when Tom got angry at Kit for feeling up Lesley. Hating violence, I wanted to leave, but Lesley calmed things down, told Tom off and lightened the mood. _ Kit and Tom decided beer was the antidote to violence, which left Lesley consoling me. She was so comforting, understanding and feminine, that I fell into her arms and we kissed. _ This was not my first girl on girl experience. My best friend at school and I used to wonder what it would be like to kiss a boy, so we practised our technique on each other. One thing led to another and we ended up fingering ourselves. Pretending our fingers were boys cocks, we would take the male role in turn, and 'fuck' the other. I was so ashamed by this, that I never had an orgasm, but my less inhibited friend made my fingers wet on every occasion, coming frantically, despite the imposed silence due to her parents being the other side of a thin wall! _ So when Lesley started kissing down my body, it seemed natural, and it felt good. She had a lovely gentle way about her and I felt good as she pulled down my panties, then gently kissed and sucked at my clitoris. Lesley's tongue worked like magic and I soon lost control, thrusting my hips to meet her tongue as I came in a gentle, cascading orgasm. At this point, everything happened in a rush. In my post orgasmic state, I saw a cock in front of me, the same cock that I had gently assessed in the kitchen earlier - Tom's cock. I was fascinated by it, because it was so different from the few that I had experience of. This cock was massively thick, two hands just encircled it, but not particularly long, and with a huge head, angry and red. I don't like giving head, but I just had to taste it, lick it and take it in my mouth. _ At this point, I was aware of Kit mounting Lesley from behind, his face a picture of delight as he fondled her breasts. This made me feel better about the situation and I relaxed into it, taking Tom with both hands and stroking him whilst watching in wonder as his shaft thickened further and started oozing pre-cum. I was wet, so wet that I could feel it dripping down my leg. Taking Tom by the cock, I turned him toward me and moved into a position where he could penetrate me. He seemed reluctant at first, so I held the swollen head of his cock against my soaking pussy lips, gently pushing my hips up, massaging his engorged head against my clit, gently helping him to enter me. Slowly, I pushed him in an inch or so, but it was beginning to get uncomfortable, so I eased off to allow my pussy to relax. At this, Tom's breathing shortened, his head went down and he forced his cock into me. The pain was immense and I stifled a scream as he continued to pump frantically at me, despite my obvious discomfort. _ I wanted gentle, gradual thrusts to slowly enlarge and fill my pussy, as Dan had done. This was neither gentle nor gradual, but thankfully brief, as Tom suddenly grunted and gave one last thrust, his load emptying inside of me. Looking down as he withdrew, I noticed the mix of cum and blood oozing from my ragged, sore pussy. _ We both lay there exhausted, me from the pain, Tom from his exertions, and he soon drifted off to sleep. My attentions were now on Kit and Lesley, who were gently fucking, in what seemed like a dreamlike state, with Lesley riding him, changing pace with Kit's reactions, slowing when he seemed about to come, gradually quickening her pace when his orgasm faded. I felt desperate, and wanted to be in Kit or Lesley's place. They looked so peaceful, and in a state of nirvana as they endlessly, slowly and gently rode each other, their bodies at one, their orgasm never ending. _ I would have fucked either of them, they looked so beautiful. _ A lesson learned -.another cock sampled, but the owners attitude is an important part of the sexual equation. I now need a few weeks off to heal - physically and spiritually. Then I will search again for more big cocks, but only ones attached to gentle minds..........or I might try women for a change. Women like Lesley.

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My slutwife journey!

Avatar Username: num1scamp
Date: 31-May-2017 12:22:33
Mood: in love

       Once we had become married,I decided to go back to college and get a 2nd degree. I needed a job that would allow flexibility with my work schedule. So I began considering different options, and thought I might try topless dancing. My husband wasn't overly thrilled about the idea, (before he met me he been part owner of one), but I was determined I still wanted to work and he agreed to help me. He warned me of all the pitfalls about it. First of all he told me, don't think you can hide what you are doing from friends and relatives, it will come out. You will be seen by someone sooner or later. I considered that, and thought that I would be ok with it, it wasn't like it was illegal. He also warned me about all the offers I'd get from men, he was right about everything he told me. After giving it a lot of thought I thought I wanted to try to see if I could do it. I asked him what I should do and he told me he'd take me to a club that had amateur contests and let me try. He gave me thorough instructions about what was legal and what wasn't. I practiced for about a week and then the big night came.

        It was a Thursday night, and I was really nervous. I was a slut but I'd never been naked in front of 120 raucous men before, I'd never exposed myself in public like this before. After we got in the club and had had a drink, he spoke to the manager about me entering the contest. I was to be the third girl up. I wanted some more liqid courage and my husband said no, you have to be able to do this sober he said, or it won't work for you. So my heart was pounding when they called my name, the stage name they gave me was Foxx, I was to hear that name a lot more in the coming years. Up I went, and I began dancing as my husband had taught me. It was really nerve racking, but the men seemed to like me and as my clothes came off the cheering became louder. As I slowly removed my top for the first time and exposed my breasts to the crowd two things happened to me. My pussy was wet, and I felt a sense of power as I paraded across that stage. Men were cheering and throwing money on the stage, as each second passed I felt my confidence grow. When I was down to my impossibly small g-string I was really into it.

         I won the contest and they let me give some lap dances that night too. I got off on feeling all those hard cocks against my ass as I danced for them. I also learned to feel totally natural being nearly nude and walking around and talking with people like it was the most natural thing to do. I mad some good money that night and my career as a dancer was launched. They offered me a job. They were also willing to accomadate my class schedule, for me it was a win, win situation. I was getting paid to do something I really loved which was turn men on! 

         Soon I had a group of regular customers. They would come to see me on a regular basis, and always tip me well. I became friendly with some of these men. Some I would let touch me more intimately than others, some I would discreetly stroke their cocks for them. some had even made me orgasm on occasion as I'd dance for them. One used to come to the club wearing shorts, that he had removed a pocket from. He'd slide his hand in his pocket and play with himself as I danced for him. One day at lunch we were sitting in a very dark corner of the club and I got bold, as I was talking to him I slid my hand in his pocket and I took his cock in my hand. I wish I could describe the smile on his face as he felt me stroke his cock for the first time. I smiled back, I was sitting with him with my top off, breasts exposed, and feeling his lovely cock grow in my hand. It turned me on, I had decided to do it on the spur of the moment. He came pretty quickly. I made a show of withdrawing my hand and licking my fingers for him. It was then my turn to dance.

       I wound up having sex with a handful of my customers. I also was seen by my calculus professor and a classmate, in those first few months. My calculus professor wound up coming on to me one day at the University. I did suck his cock in his office, and yes it did improve my grade. One night a few months after my classmate saw me, I ran into him in a club, he played keyboards in a band. I really liked the lead singer in that band, he was a black guy, good looking. I wound up in the parking lot with the singer that night, and I sucked him and fucked him. He had a magnificient cock. I eventually wound up fucking the whole band, but that's a story in itself.

      The next customer I had sex with was a guy named Ken. He always made me laugh had a great sense of humor. My husband was in the club one night when Ken was there and I pointed Ken out to him, I told my husband I'd like to fuck him. He told me to go for it, so I did. I danced for Ken and when I sat down. I told him I'd like to fuck him, as I grabbed his cock under the table. I told him a I wanted him and my husband at the same time. He got a room at the motel across the street and we spent 3 hours their after I got off. He'd bought us champagne, and I kissed him deeply. Then I stripped and sucked his cock, and drank champagne, as my husband fucked my ass. Both were delicious. 

To be continued........



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Taking The Next Step

Avatar Username: pokerman
Date: 31-May-2017 10:15:13
Mood: horny
Music: Elbow

Elaine has changed since her experience with Danny. She is a totally different woman in bed, more demanding, more open, more involved. There is also a noticeable change in her personality, making her more confident, sexually aware and confident. She is a new woman and I love her more deeply than before. Initially, I came away from that experience shamed and humiliated, thinking that we, or at least I, would never go through that again. So we talked about the experience, our lives, and where this would take us. My first thought was to end the relationship, but when I mentioned this, Elaine's shocked response made me realise that it was not her being unfaithful (that probably shows the mindset that we were both previously in), but was about both of us enjoying something that neither of us had experienced before - sexual enjoyment without the emotional strings. If we could put those ideas of faithfulness and chastity behind us, we could build a wonderful relationship and enjoy some of the hedonistic joys that we missed in our early years. So Elaine wrote her response to my account, to show me what she could not tell me. I read that and realised that her experience was so different to mine, and that she enjoyed something that took her to a different level. She now has a desire to seek out experiences, not another partner. We are a couple and she always wants that, she just wants the freedom to experience other men and, importantly, she wants me to share that and to experience other women. The golden rule is to share the experiences. No single, one night stands, no sex without each other present. Which is how we found ourselves back in the same pub, on a sultry May night, chatting to people who were now firm friends. The conversation amongst the dozen or so people in the bar, who seemed to be regulars, was the usual mix of the mundane, turning to comical and eventually to riské, as the drink took effect. The one person missing was Danny, but as the conversation dived into the gutter, it became apparent that he had been bragging about the experience, although nobody seemed to know who the lady in question was. To me, it was obvious, as Elaine's face had turned from slightly flushed, to crimson, as one of the guys, Tom, regailed us with the tale - clearly told, re-told and exaggerated with every telling. This is how folk tales originate, I thought. We would have a song written about us next! Tom is a ruddy faced young guy, who worked on local farms as a labourer. He had massive shoulders, huge arms, and fists like pistons. His girlfriend was......not in the first flush of youth, and not particularly attractive. Short, slightly dumpy, but with a sparkling personality and a voluptuous cleavage, showing to great effect in her loose linen blouse. I was taken by her not wearing a bra, and by the tiny beads of perspiration as we sweltered in the ancient surroundings. We got on like old friends and chatted away so intently that I suddenly realised that there were only four of us left in the pub, Elaine and Tom at one end of the bar and me and Lesley sat in a corner. The landlord had called last orders ages before and was now impatiently closing the pub, clearly ready for bed. I sensed that we were going somewhere with these relationships, so suggested that we moved on somewhere. As the average English village is not endowed with 24 hour bars, we had two choices - Tom's parents house, or Lesley's place. Lesley kept a tidy home, albeit tiny, and we found ourselves standing in the kitchen trying to get the cork out of a bottle of cheap red wine. Tom used his farmhand strength to wrench the reluctant cork from the bottle and we each slurped the disgusting brew. At this point, I watched Elaine's face. Her eyes were always on Tom, as were her hands whenever she had a chance, helping him hold the bottle, handing him the glasses, and eventually getting a sly feel of his crutch when she thought nobody was looking. Tom didn't flinch, and just gave her a knowing wink. Lesley was now slumped on her sofa, unbuttoning her incredibly tight jeans, with a relieved look on her face. "I always look forward to getting these off after a night out" she told me, with the sexiest grin. I slumped beside her, looked in her direction and suddenly found her incredibly desirable. We stared at each other for what seemed like an age, before she put her lips to mine in the softest, sexiest kiss I had ever known. Her hand slipped into my groin, then slid up under my shorts and massaged my obvious erection. Lesley's breasts were slipping out of her blouse, as she started to straddle me, our mouths still locked in a sensual embrace, tongues gently exploring. My mind now had a very different view of this woman to the one it had earlier. She was a goddess, a beauty, with the sexiest body on earth. I had to fuck this gorgeous creature and nothing could stop me. That was until Tom wrenched me from the sofa, threw me to the ground and stood over me like an angry animal. The two girls screamed at him to stop, and he looked up, surprised at their interference. "What the fuck!!!" Screamed Lesley, standing, with her blouse torn as my hand had ben wrenched from beneath it. 'Those beautiful tits',was all I could think, as she stood between us, pushing Tom away, making him look like a scolded child suddenly. Elaine was crying, Lesley was fuming, Tom was cowering and I was staring at a pair of soft white breasts, flailing around while their owner castigated her now tiny boyfriend. Lesley was fantastic, calming the situation and eventually turning the whole thing into a big joke. Tom apologised and we discussed what was happening. Lesley had clearly been here before and was very mature about the whole situation, explaining to Tom that she wanted me, he wanted Elaine, we all wanted each other, so let's get on with it. "More wine?", I ventured. "I'd rather have a beer" Tom grunted, and we went off to the kitchen to find some, leaving Lesley comforting Elaine. Tom apologised and We talked a little about what great girls we had. I reminded him about the tale he told in the pub and asked if he had any idea who Danny was talking about. "I think I do now, it was Elaine wasn't it.". With this light bulb moment, his attitude changed and he started to ask how he could experience her......."ask her dopey!" Was the obvious response. "In fact, it was pretty obvious that she doesn't need to be asked, judging by the way she was groping you earlier". Tom grinned sheepishly and we wandered back into the tiny living room. The sight before us shocked me. Lesley was now naked, and Elaine had her skirt up, with her knickers around her ankles. Lesley had her face buried in Elaine's pussy, her tits swinging as she ground her face into her. Elaine, eyes closed, mouth wide open, silently shaking to orgasm, was oblivious of our presence. Tom and I looked, shocked at our girlfriends getting off without us, totally engrossed in each others bodies. Tom unzipped himself and started round behind Lesley. I beckoned to him and pointed at Elaine, her eyes now wide open and staring at Tom's dick which, like it's owner, was thick and muscular. He took the hint and fed his manhood to Elaine, whose eyes rolled as she licked and sucked Tom's cut head. Lesley's tits were all that I could think of, so I covered her from behind, cupping those large. soft mounds in my hands, kneading her nipples, which stiffened at my touch. She stood slightly, still kissing and nuzzling her newly found shaved friends pussy and offered a hand beneath her. Struggling out of my shorts, my dick fed straight to the prize, and with Lesleys assistance slipped gently into her wet welcoming hole. Everything about this woman was soft I thought and as she eased her grip on Elaine, we fell into each others arms, coupling easily. Our mouths and tongues entwined, our bodies melted into one and my cock glided once again into a warm, soft, heavenly place. Lesley wriggled us around until she was on top, knowing that I desired her prized assets, which were now hanging like melons, inches from my face. Sucking her nipples, I felt her hips push into mine and felt her pussy tighten. She had a knack of gripping her pussy muscles, which changed the once soft tunnel into a virgins slit, tightening more as I kissed and rolled her nipples in my mouth. We fucked like this for ages, with Lesley having total control of the situation, gradually softening her grip of me when she felt me nearing orgasm, holding me on the edge for what seemed like hours, only letting me come when she was ready, and then finishing us both at the same moment, frantically driving us both toward massive orgasms, then slowing to ensure that the moment lasted, as she drained my cock of every last drop of juice and stiffness by an agonisingly tightening her grip as my cock shrunk inside her. This was, without doubt, the best fuck of my life!! As we lay smiling in each others arms, we were suddenly aware of Tom & Elaine's presence, dozing together on the sofa, having presumably had their own wonderful orgasms, Elaine having left a massive wet patch of her cum on the edge of the sofa, her knickers and skirt also covered with strings of slowly drying love juices. Over to you Elaine.

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My slutwife journey!

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The first time my husband saw me take a really big cock we'd been dating almost two years. We went to an adult theater called the Mel. It was really a nice place, very clean, with seating for couples, and also a smaller intimate theater, as well as video booths. Unfortunately it's no longer there. It was our second time there and I'd dressed for the occasion, I had on a silk painted blouse, and a short mini skirt with heels. In the light you could see my breasts thru the blouse. We started the night out by sitting in the couples section. I was pretty horny, and I'd unbuttoned my blouse, while he fingered me. Then I gave the guys a good show while I sucked his cock and he played with my pussy until we both came. Afterward we went to the back of the theater and had a smoke, (that was still alowed then). Then I asked him to look at the video booths. We were lookng at the movies advertised on them, and I was getting off at the guys staring at me there,  it was well lit and they could see my tits well. One of the booth doors opened and a young black guy just stared at me. He opened the door wider and I could see he had a massive cock in his hands. I smiled at him, then I looked at my husband and said, can I? He shook his head yes. So we got into the video booth with him. This was witnessed by about 5 men who'd been following us around.  

       Once in the booth I took his cock in my hand and he kissed me. I stripped off my blouse and skirt, he sat down and I mounted him in a reverse cowgirl position. He really fucked me well, I sucked my future husbands cock as he did. I asked my husband if we could take him home with us, because he was fucking me so well. I came really hard, followed by my husband, the kid, (he was about 18 or 19), hadn't cum yet. No telling how many times he already had before he fucked me. So I got on my knees and began sucking that beautiful cock. I tried my best but couldn't get him to cum. The booths were open at the bottom, about 10" from the floor, and someone from a neighboring booth had his fingers in my cunt as I was sucking him. Finally I begged him to cum on my tits, an I held them for him to cum on. He stroked himself hard and in a couple of minutes shot cum all over my tits.  I made a show of scooping up his cum and swallowing it for him. We exchanged phone numbers, I really wanted to spend some more time with this kid. When we exited the booth there was a crowd of men there, we'd made a little noise.

       That night was the first time my husband saw me with a black man, and take a huge cock pretty easily. It's one of those memories neither of us has ever forgotten.

To be continued.......


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My slutwife journey!

Avatar Username: num1scamp
Date: 28-May-2017 15:54:35
Mood: in love

       I still love the thrill of holding a heavy cock in my hand. The anticipation I feel of how it will taste, and how it will feel in me. When I made that movie, I had two lovely cocks to play with all day. Unfortunately the stopping and starting of setting up different shots makes it hard to totally enjoy yourself, but not impossible. I had two beautiful cocks that day, one black, one white, and I got to have both of them use all of my holes. When we got back to our hotel, I fucked my husband until he couldn't move I'd been so turned on by the whole experience.

       Once I got used to walking around nude in front of 10 people, I felt better. Once I held the first cock in my hand, I forgot about them watching for the most part, and really got into my work. They both had cocks over 8" and I was for the most part really enjoying myself. I did get pissed a couple of times when I'd been on the verge of orgasm, and they stopped the shot to move us. When it came time for he first anal scene, they filled my ass with lube. I was glad they did when he put his cock head in me, and then thrust practically his whole cock in me on his 2nd thrust. I came the first time that day as the white guy fucked my ass, and I sucked the black guys cock. The crew actually applauded, after the scene was over. I was enjoying it a lot, and it made me feel so slutty. If I hadn't had two kids at home, I think I could have had a career in porn. They offered me a lot more work, but there was no way I could do it and have any semblance of a normal life. But I'm glad I had the experience!


To be continued................


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