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pregnant Angela gets more and more horny as hell

Avatar Username: hans&angela
Date: 30-Apr-2017 15:37:43
Mood: horny

My wife Angela (33) is Zeven months pregnant now and she is more horny than ever...:)

This means she becomes also more accesible to experiment and try out new ideas that makes her wet...

Now I try to convince her to make some nice nude pictures outside, in the garden...the idea to be viewed by our neighbour makes us hot...we have to choose a good moment to take our hot fotoshoot in our garden ...excitiing....now I have to do some convincing work to do ,,with Angela...she nearly agrees...to be continued..



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Avatar Username: num1scamp
Date: 30-Apr-2017 05:48:11
Mood: in love

      My husband got me into the habit of keeping a journal a few years ago. it started when he had me take a trip to Mexico when he couldn't go due to an emergency. He insisted I go alone since it was prepaid. His only instruction to me was to have a good time and to get fucked at least once a day. I did as he said, and had a wonderful time. When I got home I gave him a journal I'd made of my daily activities. He enjoyed it so much I've kept one ever since. It is now 10 volumes, soon to be 11. I must admit that I've masturbated many times after reading some of the passages from it and reliving those memories in my mind. I'm sure if anyone else ever sees it they'll think it fantasy, but I lived every delicious minute of those times. I wish I had done it much sooner.  I usually read an old passge after I've added a new one. My journey as a slutwife surprises even me at times. Someday I'm going to go thru it and attempt to figure out how many different men have known me. I am curious about that, many times I read of something I had forgotten. Just today I read a passage about a man I had met on a business trip. I spent 4 lovely nights fucking him every way imaginable. I was 10 years younger then and he was in his 60's at the time. A very distinguished gentleman, with a lovely cock. He even fucked me on the balcony of our hotel in Phoenix late one night. He had me bent over the railing of the balcony and was fucking my ass, as a couple watched us from the parking lot. they must have liked it, for they wound up fucking on their car as we watched them. Maybe I'll share it with some friends someday.



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Meeting in Vegas!

Avatar Username: radbrad1967
Date: 29-Apr-2017 08:39:43
Mood: in love

I am dreaming about seeing you in the hallway of a Vegas hotel, dressed in a sexy short dress. you are getting some ice from the ice machine in a hallway nook. your tits are bra-less, I can tell because your dark nipples are hard and clearly visible through the tight sundress!

"Do you need help getting some ice?" I ask as a bulge grows in my pants.

"Oh, yes!" you reply bending over as you place the ice container in the machine, your dress rides up showing your gorgeous ass and your wet pussy peeks out from under your ass cheeks!

My cock is rock hard now, and I come up behind you, to help you push the ice button. As the machine grinds dispensing ice, you grind your hot ass against my throbbing cock. Now that your ice bucket is full, you turn around and kneel down in front of me unbuttoning my pants, letting my cock loose - and immediately taking it into your mouth. Your expert cock sucking skills have me on the edge of orgasm very quickly, but I want your pussy! pulling you up, I spin you back around and my cock finds your hot wet slit as you bend over. I bang you with hard strokes as you clutch the ice machine, grunting with each slam of my big cock into your tight wet pussy! the thought of getting caught fucking in the hotel hallway has both of us turned on, and you cum hard squeezing my cock in your sweet velvet vise of a snatch! The intense pressure of your orgasm causes my balls to unload spurt after spurt in to your tight pussy!

We hear someone in the hallway and you quickly tug down your sundress while I tuck my spent cock back in my pants - letting my shirt hang down to disguise the fact that my pants are still undone.

"Is this gentleman helping you get the ice?" your husband asks.

"Oh, Yes" I reply "The machine wasn't working, but I got it operating now"

Your flushed face and still hard nipples are perhaps giving us away. "I'll follow your to the room" you tell your husband.

As he leaves, I hand you a key card to my room and whisper "Room 1726, come see me as soon as you can"

You follow your husband down the hall, while I watch your beautiful ass wiggle as you walk. As you pause to go into your room you wink at me, and lick your lips. I can't wait until later!

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real people

Avatar Username: wild-e
Date: 27-Apr-2017 07:16:42
Mood: other

hi there I would just like to say that I love talking to all the sexy lady on here, and yes I know that you all call your self some thing different but being from the old school I don't like to talk that way. I have only made it with my wife of 21 years, but would like to think that I have learned a lot and have a lot to offer. being that she just is too tired or not in the mood a lot these days. I like to take my time with a lady and make her cum first then I think about the man can get what he needs, last if you need to cum more then once before me then that what I do. when it time for me to cum for that sexy lady she can have it any way she likes, any lady that can suck as well as other thing is all ways going to have a man that can last a long time. now that you know what I like to do, and that I have only been with one woman for 21 years, and know that I am looking for friends to talk with and more if we all hit it off please don't be afraid to message me who knows the pool will be open this summer and it so nice at night see you all later. lol wild-e

ask me to tell you all how I met her and the boat

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My good neighbor.

Avatar Username: num1scamp
Date: 26-Apr-2017 13:41:45
Mood: happy

       When I got home from work yesterday I was very horny.  My husband was out and I didn't know when he'd be back. But my neighbor William was out working in his yard, so I put on a low cut blouse, and some very tiny shorts and went out to do some work in our backyard. I knew William would like what he was seeing. After a few minutes I went back in the house. I knew he'd be over here soon. I stripped my clothes off and got a glass of wine, I was sitting at my kitchen table when he knocked at the back door. I could see him from my window. Come on in William, I yelled. I was drinking my wine and fingering my pussy when he came in the kitchen. William came right to me and kneeled down, he started licking my pussy very well, it was already extremely wet. I held his head to me. I need some cock William, what took you so long? He laughed. I got up and took him to the bedroom. He quickly shed his clothes and I took his lovely black cock in my mouth and sucked him. I love the feeling of a man's cock swelling in my mouth. I sucked him and played with his balls until he was moaning. William lay down on my bed, and I mounted his thick cock. He was sucking and playing with my tits as I slowly fucked his cock. When I was right at the verge of cumming I rolled over and told him to fuck me hard. Give me that nigger dick William, fuck me hard. Willilam began pounding me with his big cock, I came 3 times hard before William did. He pulled out and shot his cum all over my tits. I made a show of scooping up his cum and eating it for him. William is a minister, I've often thought of going to his church to watch him preach. I wonder if it would upset him or make him hard. It wasn't long and William was ready again. He was fucking me for the second time when my husband came home. My husband walked to the bed, he looked at me and said, "Good slut". He fed me his cock as William fucked me and filled me with his cum. What a lovely afternoon.  



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Wanna talk?

Avatar Username: Sex pests
Date: 23-Apr-2017 01:08:57
Mood: in love

Who's awake

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unexpected visit

Avatar Username: animal_in_nm
Date: 19-Apr-2017 15:55:10
Mood: in love

Here while back I had a couple from Japan stop at my shop. They wanted to see my house, now I have a geodesic-dome home something you don't see too often. Well while I was showing them a round she keep showing me her tits. I looked at her husband and he just grind. So the next time she let her tit out I pinched the nipple.She dam near came right there, I pulled it over to suck it, all the time watching the husband. He got hard so I had him undress her while I sucked her tit. After he got her naked I fuck her for about two hours cumming in her pussy 3 times( thank god for the blue pill) he cleaned her out after each fucking. When they left they said theyed be back by. Well today they did.. but not alone. They brought their friends with them. I did not know what was up but it did not take long to find out. We were sitting talking and she said something in her husbands ear, right after that he started to undress her, once she was naked the other lady told her husband to do the same. Now I have two naked Japanese couples in my living room, and their wifes are naked wanting me to fuck them. Now tell me how can I refuse an offer like that. Dam I'm tired I'll fin. latter

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Mary's First Adventure

Avatar Username: MaryAndSean
Date: 10-Apr-2017 04:04:46
Mood: full of life
Music: boom chicka wow wow

So Mary got brave and suggested we visit the Paris Cinema, an XXX theater. Upon entry we were the only couple. Seeing Mary was the only female, every eye was on us (her) as we walked in.

After watching the movie for a few minutes, Mary pulled out my cock and started stroking it. That was all it took and soon every other guy in the place had his dick out and was stroking it.

Comically, like moths to the flame, the men moved in closer and closer to watch Mary stroke my cock while they stroked their own cocks. Eventually we were surrounded on all sides by men jerking off. At some point Mary started to blow me and then it was game on. Guys started to touch her; her hair, her back. At some point some guy even started helping her stroke my cock! Everyone was actually very polite and asked permission if they could touch her. One guy got brave and rubbed her crotch a bit and got her kind of warmed up.

Anyway, things sort of eneded with her having a small cum from the guy rubbing her crotch. Mary wound up stroking a cock in each hand for a few seconds. I even helped her stroke the nice cock of the more attractive, friendly guy standing in the row behind us.

Anyway after we left and were in the parking lot, the guy who had been rubbing Mary's crotch walks up to our truck and started small talking Mary. Long story short, he convinced her to crawl into the back of the truck with him. I sat in front and jerked off, while Mary looked right into my eyes while she jerked this strangers cock.

After a while, I crawled into the back seat and fingered her, while she jerked him. I made her cum at the same time she made him cum. He thanked us and left. We never knew his name.

Mary went from only holding 2 cocks in her whole life to hold three strangers cocks in a night and makng one of them cum.

She is looking forward to going back. she said she LOVED feeling hands of all the strange men on her body. We r both still horny now as of this writing. Mary was fsirly adament that I write to you about our adventure. More to cum, I hope.

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My story of a third

Avatar Username: saskcple
Date: 07-Apr-2017 04:56:20
Mood: horny

So tonight my wife and her submissive boy are 600 km away, sleeping in the same bed most likely they had a good sexy session of sex before hand. I am sure that he showered her, that she lay on the bed and he orally got her off several times, that he then got to push his cock into her shaved pussy and they fucked. That she came several times with his bareback cock (he isn't always allowed to cum in her so I can't say if he came in her) and now they are sleeping together. I will masturbate thinking about them fucking and the sounds they would have made. Last weekend he came to our house for a visit (he lives several hours away). She teased him all weekend, they kissed and made out in front of me. One of the nights he was here we all fucked and it was GOOOOD ! A first for him, he touch me with his tongue. Her fantasy was to be fucked from behind with her submissive boy toy laying under her....using his tongue on her clit....and if there was some other interaction...good boy. There was ! He laid down, she straddled him and started to suck me. She is so fucking gorgeous ! I mounted her and we fucked. Boy toy stayed under and at be damned if I couldn't feel him too. My balls were ticked, her clit was certainly pleasured and I couldn't last too long. I asked permission to cum....wondering if this would be the point boy toy bailed out but he stayed under her......holy fuck did I cum ! I know he got a taste of my seed, how could he not, he kept licking....she kept cumming.....my god that was a hot session. We peaked with a new high after experiencing that. All 3 really enjoyed their positions. Funny thing is.....5 years ago I would have been a nervous wreck tonight. Now....I am not concerned at all.

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The new mrs is a nymph

Avatar Username: jasonmarsh
Date: 06-Apr-2017 16:03:14
Mood: full of life

Hi as you seek have a new mrs who's up for fun, any ideas or people who want to join in get in touch, inbox us.

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