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Such a whore - Not my wife but MILF none the less

Avatar Username: Trixie The Pinup
Date: 06-Oct-2023 12:48:33
Mood: full of life
Music: "Mr Skin" by Spirit

Trixie made her first moves on me back when I was still married. My marriage had become sexless and I am sure now that she knew it. She attended public classes that I taught and was very smooth about it. The infatuation grew slowly over time, and just like in books and movies we one day kissed in the parking lot after one-too-many-drinks while out with a group of mutual friends... my wife and I had very little overlap in firends by that time.

These days, Trixie is addicted to my mojo and literally can't get enough! You will see and hear her say so in our videos! She says things like "All damn day" and "I can't get enough" and "I crave your cock"... things she says directly into the camera!

When we shot our first images she was a little shy - but after seeing the results she leaned into this hobby with me and SHE is the one who suggest video. She said she wanted to see my cock sliding in and out of her!

I am a photographer as a side gig and had begun photographing her in our candid moments, just for me to have. She lets me admire her beuaty and she surrenders completely to me.  She has told me over and over that she likes it when I tell her what to do - she loves being instructed... and consequently rewarded for her good behavior. Her favorite reward? Dick in her mouth. 


The videos are the proof!

I moved recently and no longer live in the same neck of the woods as she does but we still meet 2 - 4 tmes per month for sex picnics and content creation.

Please leave a comment or reach out directly if you'd like to hear more or would to make suggestions or requests for us to perform on camera!

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This site has some nice people but it really sucks...

Avatar Username: Trixie The Pinup
Date: 01-May-2023 03:06:18
Mood: disappointed

Why does it take days and days for a photo to show up? It isn't consistent - sometimes it's hours...sometimes it's never?

Admin doesn't reply to inquiries...who pays for this site and what possible benefit do you derive from PAYING here?

I see the last post that the admins put up, years ago, about awarding random premium memberships...it seems they do not support the top contributors. I think we are going to pull out of here. I mean, we aren't really getting ANY reward here, there are like 7 people who do all the uploading and commenting...and this site is sooooo slow to approve - also there are categories on the main photos page that you can't choose when you upload, so how do you ever get your photos into those (correct) categories?

This feel so 2002!

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English is an actual language

Avatar Username: Trixie The Pinup
Date: 12-May-2023 08:09:09
Mood: in love

I have to be honest - it is a big turn off for me and all of my models, not just Trixie, to read some of the horrible and disgusting verbiage on this site. If you can't form a coherent sentence we are out. I also have to tell you that most of you americans ( I am an Amrercian) MOST of you American men out there are so illiterate that it embarassess me. Is there ANY effort remaining in the workd ?!?

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How long does it take for photos to get approved?

Avatar Username: Trixie The Pinup
Date: 12-May-2023 08:20:41
Mood: in love

How long? I am looking at over one week for some of my photos still not ab=vailable to view?

I have met a very few nice people here...but mostly this site is dead and very rarely do I see something interesting, and very seldom does a person conac me...ehat is the value of this useless site> Where are the admins> This is a scam website where sombody wants to make passive income from othere peoples' work.

Booo! Bad website admin! You sucj and you are cheating anyone wo pays money to this site - they are idiots who deserve to lose thier money for this shitty site which doesn't supprt the users who give it any value at all!

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Trixie's breasts sunlit in the forest!

Avatar Username: Trixie The Pinup
Date: 13-May-2023 00:10:20
Mood: in love

My Trixie does whatever I ask of her. She loves the camera, and she is even getting into videos more and more!

Trixie in the sunlight

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