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My first time with Karl

Avatar Username: Katie54
Date: 04-Jan-2009 14:10:15
Mood: happy

By now you all know what a hot slut I am and how I love to fuck other guys. This is about my 39th. birthday fuck.

My hubby took me to a bar that we went to alot and knew everyone there for drinks that night. Everyone there was in a partying mood that night and we were all having a good time so when the bar closed one of the guys invited us to his housr to continue the party and we went. There were about 15 people there and all having a good time and getting a little drunk. One of the guys there was Karl He was just 21 and very shy and had only been living there for about 4 months. Karl was a little different and being so shy hadn't had any luck with girls around there and got teased about that a lot. He was tall and had long dark hair down to his shoulders and was really quite good looking. Everone was outside and Karl and i went inside to pick out some more music and once alone I ask him where my birthday kiss was. As he bent over to kiss me I threw my arms around his neck and pressed my body against his and gave him a very hot and sexy kiss. "Wow! that wasn't expected".  I just leaned into him again and kissed him, sucking on his tongue and grinding my pussy against his cock. I could feel him getting hard and knew he liked it. I backed off and said: "Now I've had my birthday kiss, when do I get my birthday fuck"?

"What are you saying Katie? Are you just drunk"?

"I'm feeling good, but I know what I'm saying and I want you to fuck me". I took Karl's hand and shoved into my pants. "See how wet I am for you? I want you to give me my birthday fuck"!

"How can we do this"? I told him we would be going home in a little while and to wait about 30 min. for hubby to go to sleep and to come my house. "Are you sure"?

"Yes! I'm very sure, just be there". He siad he would be and we went back to the party. I told hubby I had a date and we nedded to leave. We said our good-by's and headed home. On the way I told him about Karl and that he was comming over to fuck me in about 30 min. He thought that was so hot that I was going to be getting Karl's young cock and told me to have fun.

When I got home I put my sexy babydoll nighty and waited for Karl. About 30 min. on the dot I heard him knock at the door and went to greet him. I greeted him with a kiss and pulled him into my house and led him to the sofa. He told me he didn't have a car and had gotten his friend to drop him off. I said I didn't care as long as he was here. We were soon making out like a couple of teenagers. As Karl played with my tits I undid his pants and shoved my into them and around his hard cock. I pulled his cock out and loved seeing it in my hand. He had a very nice cock, about 7" and thick and very hard. I stood up in front of Karl and removed my babydolls and stood there completely naked for him.

"Damm Katie! You are so sexy. I can't believe that I'm this lucky". I got on my knees and stroked his cock and lowered my head into his lap and licked and sucked his young cock while he watched me. "Oh God! That is so good! I'm going to cum"! I sucked harder and he soon shot his cum down my throat. I loved feeling him cumming in my  mouth and squeezed his balls as he emptied them in my mouth. I cleaned his cock then stood up and led him to my bed.

"I want you to fuck me"! Karl laid on top of me and I guided his half hard cock to my pussy and felt him slide into me, but he didn't fuck me, he made sweet tender love to me. He kissed me and told me how sexy i was and how much I turned him on and I could feel his cock getting bigger and bigger inside me unti he was rock hard again.

"Oh God! I love your cock! You feel so big and good deep inside me". Karl started slowly making love to me, bring me to orgasm then slowing down and then picking up speed again until I had another orgasm. He did this several times, letting me slowly build to my climax and then doing it again until I was sobbing with the pleasure he was giving me.

"God! This is the best birthday present I've ever had. I love your big cock and how you feel in me. I want you to fuck me and cum in me". He rammed his cock deep into me and held it there as he shot his cum into me. "Oh yes, yes! Cum in me! I love it! I love feeling you cumming inside me"! I held Karl tight as he finished filling my cunt with his seed. I got us drinks as we rested and Karl told me he had never been with a married woman before or one as good as me.

"Karl, I love your cock and how it makes me feel and want to give you all the married pussy you can handle".

"Oh God Katie! I love being inside you and want to be there all the time"!

"And I love having you inside me and feeling you cumming in me. I want to be your lover and take care of you".  Karl fucked me one more time and again unloaded his cum in me. By this time it was almost getting light out so he got dressed to leave, but couldn't get ahold of his ride. He was going to walk home but it was about 8 miles from our place and told him that I would get him a ride. I went into the next bedroom where I knew hubby had been watching all the action and ask him if he would give Karl a ride home. He said he would be out in a min. When I went backout I told Karl hubby was going to take him home and I thought he was going to freek out. I explained that hubby knew I had invited him here to fuck me and it was all cool.

"He knows I came over here to fuck you"?

"Yes and he is fine with it. You can come over anytime you want and he is ok with it". Hubby came out and said he was ready to go. I gave Karl a big kiss right in front of hubby and thanked him for making my birthday so special and they left. Hubby told me later that Karl was very nervous and he told him that he was welcome anytime at our place and as long as he didn't tell everyone he could have me all he wanted. "Didn't you enjoy fucking my wife"?

"Oh yes, she is so sexy and hot and I loved it. You don't mind that i fucked her"?

"Karl, she loves to fuck and really enjoyed fucking you and I want her to enjoy herself and I want you to fuck her and be her lover". He said Karl said he would love nothing better that to me my lover and would always treat me good and he did. For the next year until he moved back to his home we were lovers and spent many hours together making love.  I miss you Karl!

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The construction crew

Avatar Username: Katie54
Date: 01-Sep-2009 15:17:23
Mood: horny

  Several years ago the small town we lived in hired a crew to redo all the streets in town. A couple of the younger guys were really giving me the eye every chance they got and they were both cute and I was enjoing the attention. I finally got thee chance to talk to one of them with nobody else arround. After some flirting back and forth I invited him to my home that night. He ask about my hubby and I told him that was no problem, that hubby knew I fucked around and was ok with it. He thought that was cool and said he would be over after dark.

I decided to really dress like a slut for him and wore a very short skirt with no panties and white see-through blouse tied in a knot at my belly and no bra. When Jim arrived his eyes almost popped out when he seen me. I led him to the sofa and got us both drinks, then sat down next to him. I could tell he was a little nervous so made small talk as I let my skirt ride up really high. After a few min. he relaxed a little and I leaned over and kissed him. As we kissed he undid my blouse and let it fall open revealing my tits. As his hand went to my tits I undid his pants and shoved my hand into them and around his very hard cock. His hand soon slid down and I felt it sliding under my skirt and up to my pussy. I think he was a bit shocked to find no panties, but he slid his finger right into me. As we made out I got his pants opened up and pulled down exposing his hard cock and I leaned over and took it in my mouth. He watched and moaned as I sucked his cock. After a few min. I stood up and took his hand and led him to my bedroom. "I want fucked!" We shed the rest of our clothes and fell into bed with him kissing me. I reached down and guided his cock to my waiting and very wet pussy. As the head entered me he shoved hard and buried his cock inside me. "Oh God yes! You fell so good! I love it!"

"Do you like that strange cock, Katie?"

"Yes! I love it. Fuck me now!" With just a few long strokes I screamed as I had my first orgasm. He kept driving his cock into me, his big balls slapping my ass on each stroke. He  kept telling me how hot my cunt was and how good it felt as he fucked me.

"I'm going to cum deep in your married cunt. I'm going to flood it with my seed."

"Yes! Cum in me. Give me your hot seed deep in my womb!" As he started to unload in me I held on tight and came all over his cock as he flooded my pussy with his seed. We rested for awhile and had a drink then he started in again. This time he fucked me doggie and had me screaming and begging for him to cum in me before he shot his cum in me again. As he pulled out I turned around and took hhis cock in my mouth, tasting his cum and mine on his cock. I licked and sucked his cock and balls as he watched me and soon he was getting hard again. I kept sucking his cock as I held his balls in my hand and soon he was moaning and fucking my mouth. As he shot his cum down my throat I swallowed every drop and licked him clean.

"Damm Katie you are a hot slut!" I'm going to fuck the hell out of you while I'm hear."

"Good! I want fucked!"

"You know Ray wants to fuck you too. Can you handle the both of us?"

"I would love to fuck both of you. Tell Ray to come over tomorrow night and I'll fuck him."  For the next month I was fucking them every night. Some nights they would both come over and I'd fuck them both. It was so hot taking them both to bed and having them taking turns fucking me and filling me with their cum. Some days I was so sore I could hardly walk, but was always ready that night for more. The last night they were here I went to their Motorhome that they shared with two other guys and spent several hours with the two of them fucking me, knowing their roommates could here everything and feel the Motorhome rocking as I got fucked long and hard. Their roommates were both a quite a little older, but like the good slut I am I sucked them both off before I left. Thank you guys for a very hot month.

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My cousin

Avatar Username: Katie54
Date: 26-Nov-2008 10:09:02
Mood: horny

Lloyd and I were close as kids growing up and did a little kissing and touching but it never went any farther than that. I hadn't seen Lloyd for about 10 years when he came home to see his Mother for a couple of weeks. My Hubby and I invited him to go bar hoping with us and he said he would love to. After a few drinks I started thinking about how hot it would be to fuck him. He not only looked really good but the idea of fucking my first cousin really turned me on. The third bar we went to I slid into the booth next to Lloyd and rested my hand on his leg. He didn't do or say anything so I assumed he liked it and started rubbing his leg letting my hand slide up a little each time until my hand reached his crotch. I could feel his cock getting hard and lightly squeezed it, all the time acting like nothing was going on. I soon felt his hand on my bare leg and spread my legs just a little letting him know it was ok. As we all chatted I felt his hand slowly sliding up my leg, under my skirt until he was rubbing my pussy through my panties, getting me vey wet. I didn't know if anyone could see what we were doing or not and didn't really care it felt so good. About that time hubby went to the bathroom and as soon as he was out of sight I turned to Lloyd and kissed him with lots of tongue and felt him push my panties to the side and slip his finger into me. I sighed into his mouth as he fingered me right there in the bar. When hubby came back we broke the kiss and I was pretty sure he had seen us kissing. As we finished our drinks I said it was about time to head home. Lloyd said he needed to go to the bathroom first. When he was gone I told Hubby I wanted to fuck Lloyd and he thought that was hot and said we would see what we could do.

As we got close to home Hubby invited Lloyd in for a night cap and drove straight to our house. I sat next to Lloyd as hubby got our drinks. In a few min. Hubby said he had to work in the morning and was going to bed and for us to catch up on old times. Our bedroom had a walk-through closet between our bedroom and the spare bedroom and I knew he was going to hide in there to watch me fuck Lloyd. As soon as he left I turned to Lloyd and kissed him and we were making out like a couple of teenagers. I soon had his pants undone and slid my hand into them and around his hard cock.

"Do you like what you found"?

"Yes! Very much".

"Then show me". I got on my knees in front of Lloyd and pulled his pants and shorts down, letting his nice fat cock free. Then as he watched me I licked and kissed his cock before sucking it into my mouth. I loved hearing him moan as I sucked his cock into my mouth. I loved knowing my cousin was watching my head bobbing up and down as I sucked his cock. After a few min. I stood up and took Lloyd be the hand and led him to our spare beroom. We almost ripped each others clothes off and were soon both totally naked. Lloyd pushed me onto the bed, spread my legs and buried his face in my pussy. i loved feeling his tongue probbing my pussy and sliding into it. It didn't take very long of him eating me until I came all over his face. He loved it as I soaked his face with my juices and he licked and suck and swallowed all he could. I pulled his face up to mine. "Fuck me Lloyd! I want your cock inside me". When I felt his cock touch my opening it was like an electiric shock and I let out a loud moan. He then eased forward and slid his cock into me. My cousin now had his cock buried inside me and I loved it.

"Oh God! You feel so good inside me. Fuck your cousin and give me your cum". Lloyd pounde my hot pussy and made me cum several times before I felt him tense up and start shooting his cum into me. As I felt his cum flooding my pussy I had the most intense orgasm I had ever had. After he was done cumming in me I held him close, keeping his cock in me as I kissed him and told him how good it was and how much I loved it.

"Did you like having your cousin fuck you and cum in you"?

"Oh yes, very much. I loved feeling you cumming in me and want lots more". After a short rest Lloyd fucked me again. This time he fucked me in several different positions ending in doggie style, which is my favorite. I have no idea how many times he made me cum but it was a lot. By the time he shot his cum into me again I was sobbing and begging him to cum in me. He slammed his cock into me deep and held it there as he unloaded his cum in me. We were both thirsty and went to get us drinks. Hubby met me in the livingroom and said that was quite a show. I told him to stay tuned for more. He kissed me and said to go for it.

As we had our drink and a smoke Lloyd said he had dreamed about fucking me for years and it was even better than he had dreamed it would be. I was palying with his cock and felt it starting to rise again.

"I love your cock and am going to show you. I want you to watch me suck you off and swallow your cum". As he laid back on the bed I went down on him, licking and kissing his cock and balls and even sliding my tongue up to his ass and rimming him. I wanted him to know what a total slut I was. I went back to his cock and sucked it and he soon had my head in his hands and was fucking my mouth, telling me he loved my mouth and was going to cum in it. Soon he held my head tight and emptied his cum down my throat. I swallowed all of it and sucked his cock dry.

"God Damm! That was so good! I want to fuck you lots more".

"I was hoping you would say that. I m here everyday if you want". Lloyd came over everyday for the next two weeks and fucked me. We did everything in that two weeks. I even had him fuck my ass, which is something I'm not really into but i wanted his cock in my ass and his cum. I'm sure our neighbours wondered why he was over here everyday while hubby was at work but I really didn't care. I loved sucking and fucking Lloyd and it was the hottest two weeks of my life. I now knew why incest was so taboo. It was because it felt so damm good and was so hot!

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My first time going black

Avatar Username: Katie54
Date: 01-Dec-2008 01:16:42
Mood: happy

I had been cuckolding hubby for several years when he said he would like to see me with a blackman. I admit that I was curious and had thought about it many times, but was also very nervous about it. We talked it over and I told him to place an ad and we would see what happened. I couldn't believe the response we got and after writing and exchanging pics. with several we decided to meet one that was a truck driver and went through our area about every week. We set up a meeting just to see if everyone was ok with it and looking for the same things out of meeting. When I first saw Gene I knew he was going to be by first. He was very polite and good looking. He said he would go slow and make my first time good for me and would go by any rules we had. He also was ok with hubby watching and taking pictures. We made a date for the following week.

Hubby and I talked it over and decided that there would be no rules, anything we wanted to do was ok. I was very excited and nervous all week just thinking about fucking a blackman.

When the night arrived hubby was to pick up Gene and bring him to our house. I told him to explain to Gene that we agreed on no rules. Hubby told me later that he told him to enjoy me and that the more I enjoyed it the more he would like it too.

When they got to our house Gene sat by me on the sofa and hubby got drinks for all of us.I had no idea what to expect and was very nervous but after chatting for awhile and having the drink was feeling a little better. Gene took me into his arms and kissed me. Feeling his tongue probbing my mouth was really turning me on and I responded to his kiss. I thought "wow" by first time kissing a blackman and I was loving it. Gene started feeling me up and soon had his hand in my panties rubbing my already wet pussy. I let out a moan as he slid his finger into me. That black finger felt so good inside me. I was rubbing his cock through his pants and felt it growing hard. I undid his pants and shoved my hand into them and around his big cock and pulled it out so I could see it. My god it was big, 9inches and very thick. I wasn't sure I would be able to take all of it, but wanted to try. I slid to my knees and pulled Gene's pants down and off, took his cock in my hand and started licking and kissing it while hubby and Gene both watched me. I knew hubby had to be loving that, seeing me on my knees in front of a blackman giving him head. I opened my mouth and took his cock in. I loved it! I loved how he tasted and felt in my mouth and knew it was turning him on watching my head bobbing up and down in his lap. I stood up and took Gene by the hand. "I want you to fuck me now"! I led him to our bedroom with hubby behind us. We ripped our clothes off and fell into bed together. I was completely naked with a blackman and knew I would soon have his cock inside me. He held me in his arms pressing his body aganist mine as he kissed me. He started working his way down, kissing my tits and sucking on them before going on down. I could feel his breath on my pussy and knew he was going to taste me. I loved feeling tongue as he licked my pussy and then feeling him slid it into me. Looking down and seeing his black face buried between by legs and feeling his tongue inside me was more than i could take and I had an orgasm and shot my juices all over his face. He licked and swallow all he could then slid up between by legs and I took his cock in hand and guided it to my pussy. I felt a jolt like never before when his cock touched my pussy and the head slid into me. He slowly started working his cock into me and after a few min. he was butied all the way inside me. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him, tasting my juices on his lips as he laid still letting me get used to his size. God! He was so big. Nobody had ever been that deep in me before and I was loving how he felt. I had my first black cock inside me and loved it. Gene started slowly fucking me, letting me enjoy feeling his big cock working my pussy. I was now on fire and telling him how good he felt and how much I loved it."Fuck me Gene! Fuck my married white pussy"! As he picked up speed I started cumming over and over on his cock. "Yes! Oh God, I love it! I love your big black cock"! As he pounded me making me cum more times thanI could I could feel his big balls slapping my ass and knew I was getting something special.

"I'm getting close. Where do you want my cum"?

Without even thinking I replied: "Cum in me! I want your cum inside me". He gave one big thrust deep inside me and held it there as I felt him cumming in me. Spurt after spurt of his hot cum filling my pussy and I again came with him. He just kept cumming in me, flooding my pussy with his seed and I loved it. Nobody had ever cum that much inside me before and I could feel his cum leaking out and running down my ass. I had just been fucked by black and taken my first load of black seed in my fertile pussy and loved it. As Gene pulled out I could feel lots of his cum leak out and run down my ass. He pulled my legs apart and showed my hubby how I looked.

"Doesn't your wife's cunt look good full of black seed? Now get down there and clean it so I can fuck it some more". We both watched as Hubby buried his face in my cum soaked pussy, licking and sucking Gene's cum from me. As he sucked that cum from my pussy I licked and sucked gene's cock, tasting my cum and his together. By the time hubby was done sucking and swallowing Gene's cum from my pussy Gene was getting hard again.

"You want me to fuck you again? Do you want more of this black cock"?

"Yes! I want your black cock in my  married white cunt! I want you to fuck me and fill me with cum again"! This time Gene fucked me in every position we could think of and finished by fucking me doggie, which is my favorite and made me cum many times as he slammed his cock so deep inside me. When he was almost done cumming in me he pulled out and shot the rest of his cum all over my back. "Yes! I love your cum and want it all over me". I was his total cumslut and he knew it too. Gene spent the rest of the night with me and fucked me two more times before he left. I knew I was going to have lots more black cocks now and for the next two years Gene fucked me about every week. He turned me into the black cock slut that I am. THANK YOU GENE!

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Blackcock Slut!

Avatar Username: Katie54
Date: 06-Dec-2008 15:12:16
Mood: horny

For several months I fucked Gene every week when he was in town and he really turned me into a black cock slut. I loved sucking his cock and fucking him and had to wonder if all blacks were this good. I had hubby place another ad looking for a black stud to fuck me and we picked out a guy who was in the Army and stationed not far from us. We set up a meeting to see if we all wanted to meet. As soon as I met kel I knew i wanted him to fuck me and we made a date for that weekend.

When he arrived at our house he sat by me on the sofa and within a few min. I was in his arms kissing him. The two days we had to wait had made both of us so hot for the other and we went at each other like there was no tommorow and i was soon naked on the sofa with Kel fingering me as i stroked his big cock. He was about the same size as Gene only thicker. I couldn't wait to feel his cock in me. I led Kel to our bedroom and pulled him into bed with me. I pressed my naked body against his as we made out. "I want you! I want to feel you inside me now"! kel parted my legs and I watched as he rubbed his cock on my pussy using my juices to lube his big cock. He was so thick that he had to work to get his cock in me. i finally felt the head pop into me. God! He was big! he kept working his cock into me inch by inch, stretching my pussy like it had never been stretched before and after a few min. he was buried in me. Damm! I had never felt so full before and I loved it. "Fuck me Kel! Give me your big black cock! I love it"! He fucked me for awhile and I ha my first orgasm  with Kel before he pulled out and brought his cock to my mouth, held my head and shoved his cock into my mouth and let loose his hot cum down my throat. I sucked and swallowed every drop of his sweet cum as He and hubby both watched me. When he pulled out of my mouth he just shoved it back into my cunt and kept fucking me. He never even went soft. he had me ride his cock and fucked me doggie and I was in love. It seemed like I was having one big orgasm as he fucked me. He must have fucked me for 30 min before he slammed into me and started filling me with his cum.

"Yes! Cum in me! Fill me with your black cum"! Kel flooded my pussy with his cum until I could feel it leaking out and running down my ass. "Oh God! I love it! I love your big cock"! As we rested and laid in each others arms. I told Kel how that was the best I had ever had and ask him to spend the night with me. We fucked three more times before we fell asleep in each others arms. When I woke up it was getting light out and I went down on Kel sucking his cock hard again. I loved knowing the light was shsinning in and he could see me sucking his cock. He just laid there and watched his big black cock going in and out of my mouth, seeing my white lips around his big shaft. After awhile I rolled over on top of Kel and lowered myself onto his hard cock and as he watched I rode his cock.

"I love riding your big cock. I want it a lot and need it".

"Damm Katie! You are so hot and sexy and I will give you black cock all you want and anytime you want". I was cumming all over his cock and my juices running down his shaft and onto his big balls. He grabbed my ass and slammed his big cock deep into me and again unloaded his cum into me.

"Yes! Cum in me! I love feeling you cummming in my married pussy. I am your cumslut and want lots of your cum". We showered togehter and made a date for the next week. If anything my second black cock was even better than the first and I knew I was forever a blackcock slut now.

The picture is the first time he shot his cum down my throat.

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Hotwife Katie

Avatar Username: Katie54
Date: 23-Nov-2008 20:22:54
Mood: horny

Hi, all. I am a hotwife married to the same wonderful guy for over 30 years and have cuckold him for most of that time. I have fucked over 100 different guys, some many times. I have fucked three of my first cousins and one uncle and around twenty black guys. I have been fucked in my bed, their bed, motel rooms, city park, cars, trucks and even in a public restroom. I have fucked guys 30 years older than me and guys 25 years younger and have loved all of them. I always go bareback and take their cum and also love to suck guys off and swallow their cum. If any of you are interested I will share some of my experiences here.  Katie

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My first threesome

Avatar Username: Katie54
Date: 29-Nov-2008 08:48:39
Mood: happy

I had been fucking Kent for a couple of months when hubby invited him to go with us to a near-by town for some shopping and bar hopping. As we had all gone out together several times I didn't think anything of it. After our shopping we hit a couple of bars. By the time we got to the second bar I was feeling pretty good and having fun as we played pool and had some more drinks. I was wearing a rather short skirt and knew that when I leaned over the table to shoot i was giving everyone a good show and i liked knowing that Kent and hubby were both enjoying it. By the time the bar closed and we headed home we were all feeling pretty good. I sat in the middle between hubby and Kent. Before we were even out of town Kent had pulled me into his arms and was kissing me. I was a little surprised when he did this but also enjoyed it. We made out while hubby was driving and Kent soon had his finger inside me. I know hubby could hear me moan as he slid his finger into me. I wanted to fuck Kent and was wondering how I was going to make this happen. Maybe I could just ask huby to drop me off with Kent and come home later. When we got to town hubby just drove to our house and without anyone saying anything we all went inside. I sat on the sofa with Kent as huby got us drinks. He sat on the other side of me when he came back. We chatted for awhile and then Kent took me into his arms and kissed me. As he kissed me he slid his hand under my skirt and into my panties and slipped his finger into me. As he kissed me and fingered me hubby undone my blouse and licked and sucked on my tits. God, it felt so good! Hubby started kissing my neck and Kent removed his hand from my panties and started playing with my tits. I had undone his pants and was stroking his hard cock. Hubby got on the floor and reached up and pulled my skirt and panties off. My God! My hubby was undressing me for someone else to fuck and I loved it! I leaned over into Kent's lap and pulled his cock out and started sucking on it. While I sucked Kent hubby went down on me and tongue fucked me. I was on fire now and need fucked. I stood up and told the both of them to join me in bed. They followed me into our bedroom and we all got naked and fell onto the bed. Hubby held me and kissed me as Kent went down on me. I moaned into hubby's mouth as I had my first orgasm and shot my juices all over Kent's face. Hubby pulled my legs back over my head.

"Fuck her Kent! She wants your cock now"! Hubby held my legs and watched as Kent slid his cock into me then laid beside me as Kent fucked me.

"Fuck her good and fill her cunt with your cum". Hearing my hubby telling someone else to cum inside me really turned me on.

"Yes! Fuck me! Give me your cum. Fill my cunt with your seed"! Kent slammed his cock deep into me and held it there as he shot his cum into me making me have one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. As Kent pulled out I could feel his cum running down my ass and watched as hubby buried his face in my pussy and licked and sucked Kent's cum from me. I licked and sucked Kent's cock clean as hubby clean my pussy and then fucked me and added his cum to Kent's. As we all rested I laid between them and was soon stroking both cocks. I got down between them and sucked both cocks as they watched me. Hubby then told me to get on and ride Kent. I slid down onto Kent's cock and he pulled me tight and wrapped his arms around me. I felt hubby getting between Kent's legs and then felt his cock trying to enter my pussy too. I laid still in Kent's arms as hubby tried to work his cock in. I soon felt him slide into me and with a little more work he was buried inside me with Kent. It hurt a little at first as I had never been so full before. The hurt soon turned to pleasure and I loved having both of them inside me together. They worked out a rythem and were both fucking me. I loved feeling both cocks fucking me and was cumming all over their cocks and sobbing with the pleasure they were giving me. Hubby was the first to cum in me and before he was done Kent also shot his cum in me. I had to be in heaven! Two guys had just fucked me and shot their cum in me at the same time. At that moment I loved both of them and told them so. Kent ended up staying until it was getting light out and they both fucked me again. When Kent was close he pulled out and I sucked him off, swallowing his cum as hubby watched. We all agreed it had been a very hot night and one we would repeat again soon. I had loved it so much that I knew I was meant to be a slut and I was going to enjoy it.


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I fuck my neighbour

Avatar Username: Katie54
Date: 07-Dec-2008 20:54:25
Mood: horny

Several years ago we lived in a Mobil home and the tralier next to us was rented out to three guys going to the local univeristy. One of them was really friendy and always went out of his way to visit with me when I was outside. One hot day I was ourside doing some yard work, wearing a pair of short shorts and a halter top whe he came outside to visiit with me. "You look like you could use a cold drink".

"That really sounds good about now".

"Come on in where it's cool and I will fix you a glass of ice tea". I followed him into his tralier and sat on the sofa as he fixed me a drink. As I enjoyed the cold drink we chatted and he told me how good I looked in my short shorts. The next thing I knew he had pulled me into his arms and was kissing meAs I was quite a few years older than him I never dreamed he might be interested in me, but I liked it and slid my arm around his neck as our tongues explored each others mouths. Eric moved his hand to my halter top and untied it and pulled it open exposing my tits. As he played with my tits I dropped my hand onto his lap and rubbed his hard young cock through his pants.

"God Katie you are so sexy and I have wanted to do this since I first saw you but was afraid you wouldn't be interested".

'If you take me to your bed I'll show you how interested I am". He pulled me up and led me to his bedroom and we both undressed and he took me into his arms, pulling my naked body against his and kissed me. Eric laid me on his bed, spread my legs wide and went down on me, exploring my wet pussy with his hot tongue. God it was so hot watching my young neighbour with his face buried between my legs and I soon came all over his face. He just moaned and kept licking and sucking and swallowing all my juices he could. "Fuck me Eric! I want to feel you inside me"!  As he got between my legs I guided his young cock to my pussy and felt the head slide into me. As I removed my hand he shoved forward and buried his cock all the way inside me.

"Oh God! I love it! You feel so good in me and I want you to fuck my married pussy". Eric pounded into me, his balls slapping my ass as he drove his cock deep into me. He soon rammed it hard into me and held it there as he shot his cum into me flooding my pussy with his young seed.

"You are so Hot and even better than I dreamed you would be Katie. I love being inside you".

"I love having you inside me. Your cock feels so good buried in me". it wasn't long before he was ready to go again only this time he lasted much longer and fucked me in many different positions making me cum over and over on his young cock, begging him to cum in me again. pretty soon he pulled out and shoved his cock into my mouth.

"Suck it and swallow my cum"! he watched as I sucked it and soon felt him cumming in my mouth. I swallowed every drop and sucked him dry. We rested and had a drink and both agreed we had do this again many more times. I had not only gotten new cock but it was my young neighbour and I wanted lots more. As I got up to get dressed saying I needed to get home he kept telling me how hot and sexy I was. As I bent over to get my clothes off the floor he came up behind me and rubbed his cock all over my pussy and ass.  I felt his cock getting hard again and thought, damm he's going to fuck me again. He bent me over his bed and I felt him pushing forward shoving his cock into my ass. It hurt as he slid into me but was also very exciting. When he was all the way in my ass he held it there letting me get used to it and it wasn't long until I  was pushing back onto his cock. "Fuck my ass! Pound it hard". He was soon slamming his cock into my ass as he squezzed and pinched my tits. "Yes! Fuck me! I'm your total slut now"! It didn't take long and he shot his load of cum deep in my ass. I loved knowing I was now his three hole slut and had just taken his cum in all three. As I was getting dressed he ask when he could see me again.

"When do you want to"?

He smiled as he said; "Tomorrow".

"Ok. I will be here tomorrow afternoon and any other time you want me". As I was cleaning up after getting home I thought how hot this was going to be. My young neighbour was going to get all the fucking he wanted and so was I. For the next two years he was here we fucked at least three times a week and I loved it and knew when he moved I was really going to miss his young cock.

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Uncle Bob

Avatar Username: Katie54
Date: 02-Dec-2008 06:38:31
Mood: full of life

Uncle Bob was only about ten years older than me and when I was younger was always teasing me about how lucky my boyfriends were to have such a hottie for their grilfriend. Uncle Bob had moved across the country and I hadn't seen him in over 15 years until his wife left him and he decided to move back home. About a month after he was back he called me one night just to talk. He sounded really down and I was alone since Hubby was out of town on business so I invited him over.

We had several drinks as I listened to all his troubles with his soon to be ex. I was wearing a skirt that showed off my legs and several times I caught him looking so I let my skirt slide up a little higher than usual as I sat down by him of the sofa. He remarked on what a sexy lady I turned into and the next thing I knew I was in his arms kissing him. I hadn't planned this but it felt so good and sexy having my Uncle kissing me and feeling his tongue probing my mouth. I felt his hand slide under my blouse and begin exploring my tits.

"My God Katie you are so hot! I want so bad to fuck you"! As he watched I pulled my blouse over my head and tossed it across the room and was naked from the wait up.

"I want you to fuck me Uncle Bob. I want to feel you inside me"! He got on the floor in front of me and with both hands reached under my skirt and took ahold of my panties. I raised up as he pulled them off and then buried his face in my pussy. My Uncle was kissing and licking my pussy. I took his head in my hands and really shoved my pussy in his face and felt his tongue slide into me. I was moaning as he tongue fucked me and soon came all over his face and tongue. He loved that and licked and swallowed all my juice he could. I pulled  his head up and could see my juices all over his face. "I want you to fuck me now"! I led Uncle Bob into my bedroom and stepped out of my skirt so I was completely naked, laid on the bed and watched as he undressed. When he pulled his pants off I slid out of bed onto my knees and took his cock into my mouth.I never in my wildest dreams ver thought I would be sucking my Uncle's cock but I was and loved it. He soon pulled me up and pushed me back onto the bed, pushed my legs over my head and slid his cock into me. God it felt good  feeling him buried inside me. He made me cum several times as he pounded into me before he pumped his load of cum into me. We laid in each others arms like two long lost lovers as we rested. I couldn't believe that I had just fucked my Uncle and took his cum and loved it. Uncle Bob after resting awhile fucked me again, this time in many different positions before again shooting his cum in me. I knew I was a total slut now. I had just fucked my Uncle and wanted more. He spent the next three nights with my while hubby was out of town and used me like nobody ever had before. I loved fucking my Uncle and told him to call me anytime. He said as soon as he got rested up he would call. For the next 6 months until he and his wife got back together we fucked 2-3 times every week. I hope he has as fond memories of our time fucking as I do. I loved fucking my Uncle Bob!

The picture is one he took of me just before fucking me.

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Young Lover

Avatar Username: Katie54
Date: 02-Dec-2008 14:15:13
Mood: in love

Matt had just moved back here with his folks after his dad retired from the Army. Since he had lived all over the world he didn't quite fit in here in our small town, but I thought he looked hot. The only real problem I could see was that he was still in High School and I was in my 30's and didn't think he would be interested in someone so much older than he was.

I took our young son to the city park to play one morning and Matt was there. As my son played I sat at a picnic table watching and pretty soon Matt came over to say Hi. I told him to sit down talk awhile and he did. We talked about some of the places he had been and how much different it was here. He told me he was having trouble making any friends here. I said maybe I coud be his friend and he said I would be the first one here. "How would you like a friend with benifits"?

"What do you mean by benifits"?

"I mean if you are interested I'd like to fuck you".

"Wow! I have heard stories that you fuck around on your hubby but never dreamed you would be interested in me. What about your hubby"?

"Hubby knows and approved of me fucking other guys as long as they are cool about it".

"That is so hot and you are so hot and sexy and I would love to be with you". I told him to meet me in the alley behind my house just after dark that night and he could have me. He said he would be there and i said I would see him then and headed home with my son. When I got home I told my hubby about meeting Matt and asking him over to fuck me. He thought that was so hot that I was going to fuck a High School boy and said he wantd to hide in the closet and watch him fuck me. As dark was approching I got ready to meet Matt. I wore a real short pair of shorts and a halter top that you could almost see through, a real "fuck me outfit".

Just after dark I went out to the alley and waited for Matt. After about 30 min. I was starting to think he wasn't going to show up and was about ready to go back inside when I seen him coming down the alley. I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a big kiss as I pressed my body against his. "I wasn't sure you would show up".

"I am quite nervous about this, but you are so hot and I do want you". I took his hand and led him into our house and straight to my bedroom. Once there I again went into his arms and kissed him, but this time I slid my hand down to his crotch and rubbed his cock throuh his jeans as I kissed him. He grabbed my top and pulled it off and started sucking my tits. As we were right in front of the closet door i knew hubby was getting a good show. After sucking my tits for awhile Matt undid my shorts and pulled them and my panties down and I stepped out of them and was completely naked for him. I dropped to my knees and undid his jeans and pulled them and his shorts down and he stepped out of them for me. I really liked what I saw, he was about 7-8" and very thick with a huge set of balls. I took his cock in my hand and as he watched I started licking and kissing it and rubbing it all over my face and then opened my mouth and took his young cock into it and sucked him while he watched me and removed his shirt. Now we were both completely naked and I pulled Matt onto the bed with me. As I kissed him I ground my pussy on his cock feeling how big and hard he was. Matt pushed me ponto my back and spread my legs and went down on me. I had a High School boy eating my pussy and sliding his tongue into me and I loved it and soon came all over his face and he took all my juices on his face then got between my legs and I guided his young cock to my pussy. As soon as his cock touched my pussy he pushed forward and slid into me. "Oh God! That feels so good. Fuck me Matt! I want your cock so much". He started fucking in and out of my so willing pussy, his big balls slapping my ass everytime he rammed it into me. i came at least twice before he slammed his cock deep inside me and held it there as he unloaded his cum in me. i loved feeling his young cock cumming in me and  came again with him. We were both really moaning as we orgasmed together and I knew huby had to be loving it. I had just fucked a High School boy and took his cum.

We rested awhile and had a drink then I went down on Matt and sucke dhis cock hard again and he again fucked me and filled me with his cum. "God! I love feeling you cumming inside me".

"I love to cum inside you Katie. I hope you want me to come back again".

"Oh yes! I want to fuck you alot. I want to be your lover and slut and take all your cum". We laid in each others arms like young lovers as we rested and it felt so good to be in his arms naked. After awhile I felt his cock coming to life again. "I want to show you how serious I am about being your slut. i want you to watch me suck you off and swallow your cum". Matt laid there and watched myhead bobbing up and down as I sucked his young cock and played with his big balls. Pretty soon he had my head in his hands and was fucking my mouth and telling me how good I looked sucking his cock. With a groan he shot his cum in my mouth and it was so much that someof it leaked past my lips and down his cock onto his balls. I swallowed all I could then licked the rest of his cum off his cock and balls as he watched me.

"My god! You are so hot. I've never had anyone swallow my cum before and you liked it".

"I loved it! I like knowing I am full of your cum and want lots more". Before he left we had made a date for the next week. As soon as he was gone hubby came out and told me how hot it had been watching Matt fucking me and he went down on me and sucked Matt's cum from my pussy as I told him how much I had loved it and how good Matt's cock felt in me. He was soon buried in me, fucking that pussy that Matt had just fucked and filled with young cum. Hubby added his cum to Matt's as he told me he liked the idea of me being Matt's slut and fucking him alot. I went to sleep knowing I was going to fuck Matt many more times and also knowing that being so young he would have to brag about it at school and the possibilty of me getting other young cocks was very real and Ilooked forward to it.

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