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Old man next door

Avatar Username: BlondeRabbit
Date: 21-Mar-2010 18:36:05
Mood: horny

About a year ago the old guy that lives next door was cutting some wood using the wall outside as a work bench, He had a loose pair of shorts on and whilst he was bent over cutting the wood the tip of his cock was hanging below the leg of his shorts ! I stood behind the door and watched for a few moments and wondered what I could do to get my hands on that big cock... I thought it would be easy as everytime I go out he comes outside and pretends to be putting something in the car and stares at me lol... I always found this to be a bit creepy, until I just seen what a huge cock he has !

At the time I had a pair of leggins on and thought well what is it I wear that makes him stare at me most ? My brown boots short brown miniskirt see through blouse and tan stockings, thats it, so I ran upstairs to quickly get changed... About 10 mins later I was ready and stood behind the door plucking up the courage to go and talk to him, I thought oh well lets just get on with it... So I went outside and he looked up at me and said hello I said Hi would you like me to hold that for you he smiled and said yes please that would be very helpfull I could not help but notice his big cock rapidly getting hard ! I thought damn I have had this effect on this old guy for yaers and never knew just how big he was... He is ugly and a bit smelly but for some reason that made it more exciting....

I turned round and bent over to hold the wood making sure that my skirt rised up enough to show my stocking tops and the crotch of my thong, there was a pause before he started cutting the wood and I asked if everything was ok and was I holding the wood properly ? He stuttered and said but could I move a bit further down towards him to stop it from moving more... So I did and he started cutting the wood but I could just feel his eyes fixed on my stocking tops and crotch, I was getting very wet... whilst cutting the second bit of wood his saw was between my legs and on the up stroke the back of his hand kept touching my crotch this was making me very horny neither of us said anything, until I thought well what can I do to make him go further ?

I jokingly said to him when do we get a tea break? He said oh yes sorry of course, I said ok then I will go inside and put the kettle on, So I went inside and did just that but I also took my very wet thong panties off and placed them on the chair at the table, thinking he has to get the hint now lol... I went back to the door a said your tea is ready would you like to come inside to drink it ? He said yes that would be nice, so  in he came and pulled the chair out to sit down I turned to get the milk out of the fridge... he said nothing about the panties and sat down to drink his tea, we were making some small talk and he asked if it would be ok for him to use the toilet,  I said of course when he got up and went upstairs I noticed that my panties had gone ! I thought I know what he is doing he has gone to the toilet to smell my panties and pull his big cock...

I thought damn what can I do.... so I went upstairs after him and knocked on the toilet door and said was everything ok ? he said oh yes I will be out in a moment, I said ok could you help me with something in my bedroom when your finished then ? He said yes of course love... I went into the bedroom and took my skirt and top off, just stood there wearing my boots and stockings, he came into the bedroom and his jaw dropped lol .... His big hard cock was poking out the leg of his shorts so I went over to him and started rubbing the end of it with my fingers and said do you like that ? he said yes love I do may I touch you? I said yes with a cock this big you can touch me anywhere you want... He didnt need to be told twice he thrust 3 fingers straight inside my wet pussy and was groping my ass with his other hand, I pulled his shorts down and freed his big cock It must have been  at least 10 inches ! I was pulling it and he said use your right hand I asked why he said so that he could see my wedding ring on his cock the dirty old sod lol... he went on to say he had been dreaming of this for a long time and loved to sit and watch me walking down the road at a weekend when I was on my way out to the bar whilst stroking his cock and wondering if I was going to  bring another guy back or not... I said your worse than my hubby lol !

By this time he was roughly fingering my pussy and pushed me onto the bed and hovered over the top of me and ordered me to open my mouth and suck his cock, he was forcing it down my throat and I was gaging and a bit frightend but very horny at the same time... his cock tasted of pee and pre cum and was a bit smelly but I sucked it hard gently rubbing my front teeth on the tip of it he was loving it and calling me a dirty slut he then got into a 69 position as started licking my pussy I was still sucking his big cock and he told me to lick his asshole I said no thats disgusting ! he shouted and said lick my asshole you slut or I will tell eveyone you fucked me ! I had no choice and did it was horible but he was enjoying it, eventually he got board of that and ordered me to sit on top of him and beg for his big cock !

I sat on him whilst pulling his cock and whispered in his ear, I love your big hard cock and would you please put it inside my married pussy and fuck me hard like the slut I am ! With that he lifted my ass up and thrust his cock deep inside me I let out a loud moan and he pummped away at my pussy and I was thrusting up and down on his shaft.... It was wonderfull and I came about 4 times, Eventually he said he was going to cum and wanted to cum inside my mouth, so he rolled me over and stuck his cock back into my mouth and started to cum loads and loads... I was about to spit it out when he said no you have to swollow it all bitch remember or I will tell everyone !

After that he got up and pulled his shorts back on and said that he wanted to fuck me whenever he wanted and especially when I am ready to go out I had to make an excusse to call round before hand and service his cock.... I had no optiion other than to agree... and with that he left.. I was very sore and went straight in the shower...

My hubby came in from work and said hey that old guy next door said Hi and had a cheeky grin on his face I never seen him even smile before ... I just said thats strange maybe he won some money or somthing ? Hubby said maybe...

That same night the old guy knocked at the door and hubby answerd it I nearly died lol... he came in and asked if he could borrow some tomato sauce since he had ran out and didnt want his meal to get cold, hubby said sure no problem and went to get it... I was stood in the passageway with the old guy and he put his hand up my skirt and rubbed my sore pussy and said when hubby go's to bed make sure he fucks your stretched cunt and then when he is asleep put your stockings on and those sexy high heels you have with the silver heel and walk round to my house like that with nothing else on, the door will be open and climb into my bed and wait for me !..... I said but but... I cant the old guy said you fucking better had slut !

My hubby came back and handed him the sauce he said thanks and said you have a very attractive wife, hubby said well thanks.. and let him out... Hubby said to me what was all that about ? I said I have no idea lol... hubby joked and said he probably wants to fuck you I said no way hes an old man.... Hubby just laughed...

So when bedtime came I climbed into bed and started to rub my hubbys soft cock, it felt really small in comparison to the old guys... and when he fucked me I could hardly feel it and he kissed me and went to sleep...

I got out of bed 15 mins later and quietly got some tan stockings and my stilletos and crept into the bathroom to put them on... It was freezing when I went out of the house and hoped nobody would see me ! I opened to door and my nipples were hard and sticking out with the cold, I went upstairs and got into bed like the old man had told me to, after about 20 mins I fell asleep and was suddenly woken up after I felt the old man licking my pussy ! .... But I was shocked to find that he had my hands and legs tied up to the bed posts ! His cock looked huge and he quickly thrust it into me and asked me if I had fucked my hubby first ? I said yes I did, the old guy said to me I bet his cock is not as big as mine... I said no its very small compared to this monster you have, he said thats good and thrust me harder for a little while... Then climbed off me and started to take some pictures ! I said what  you doing the old man said I want photos as proof that your in my bed and love my big old cock ! To show eveyone if you dont keep my cock happy you slut...

He roughly fucked me for over an hour, and I am surprised my hubby did not hear the headboard bannging off the wall ! he untied me and slapped my ass and told me to go back home to my small cocked hubby.... He said tomorrow I want you to wear your leather miniskirt and black stockings with your knee lengh boots and dont bother to wear any panties......

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The old man continued....

Avatar Username: BlondeRabbit
Date: 24-Mar-2010 15:20:19
Mood: horny

The following day as soon as my hubby went to work the old guy was knocking at the door !

I got up and went donstairs to let him, he said why are you still in your night gown ? I said damn give me a chance my hubby has only just gone to work, he replied ok I will let you off this time now go and get ready and make sure you wear what I want you to !

So I went off upsatirs and started to put my make-up on, a short while later the old man was shouting up the stairs "are you ready yet?" I said hell no, with that he came into the bedroom and said well I will get your clothes out ready for you, he went into my drawers and found some tan stockings, then into my wardrobe and found the boots he liked, then whilst looking for my leather skirt he found an even shoter one and pulled it out and said this much better ! I said no that barely covers my stocking tops ! he said thats even better, I said oh well guess it does not matter since we are not going anywhere... He said oh yes we are !

I pulled my stockings on and zipped up my short leather miniskirt and put my boots, whilst he was rubbing his big cock through his trousers the whole time watching me... He said thats a good slut and your right I can see your stocking tops... he said ok then now go to the bus stop and wait for me to get my car and pick you up.... So off I went down the street constantly tugging on the hem of my skirt in an effort to cover my stocking tops lol

Shortly after I reached the bus stop he pulled up in his car and motioned me to get in... I got in and my skirt rode right up exposing my pussy, I went to pull it down and he grabbed my wrist and said leave it, I want all the truck drivers to see you ! ... I thought well it is useless complaining... I asked so where are we going ? He said we are off to the next town to visit my friend that is in hospital recovering after an opperation... I said oh my god ! there will be loads of people about, he said don't worry he is in a private room... Well at least that is something... On the way every damn truck we passed he slowed down along side for a while and I just knew the drivers where looking in at me, that was confirmed by the number of air horns that were being blowen as we passed, how embarrising...

We eventually arrived at the hospital and thankfully there was not many people in the reception area and went straight through to his friends room after getting some strange looks from the receptionist lol... His friend asked so who is this then ? The old man said "well most people bring fruit to the hospital as a get well present, I brought my neighbour insted !" His eyes lit up and started looking me up and down and said hmm thats a nice present, come and sit on the bed beside me dear... He was making small talk whilst sat up rubbing the inside of my leg getting closer to my bare pussy with each stroke ! He went on to say that he was 72 and had not had sex for 8 years after his wife had died and he hoped it would get hard ! ... My neighbour said that wont be a problem she gives a very good blow job and besides I have brought you a viagra pill just to make sure ! now swallow this and we shall go to the canteen for a cup of tea whilst we are waiting for it to get into your system... He smiled and said I will look forward to your return then and put his hand under the sheet and patted his groin...

We went off to the canteen and on the way the old man insisted on putting his arm around me so he could secretly grope my ass a couple of times, I could feel myself blushing... we arrived at the canteen and sat down, the old man ordered 2 cups of tea for us and when the waiter brought them over the old man asked the waiter "excuse me, but I need your oppinion" the waiter said of course Sir, the old man went on to say "well my wife here thinks this skirt is too short to wear with stockings, what do you think?" and with that he said stand up love and show the young man... I nearly chocked on my tea lol I hesitated and he said go on ! ... So I stood up and the waiter looked with a grin on his face and said "It is very short but looks good to me!" the old man said to me "see I told you it was fine, damn I dropped my tea spoon could you pick it up for me love" I turned and bent over to pick the spoon up and the waiter got a birds eye view of the bare flesh above my stocking tops and probably my pussy also ! ... The waiter asked is there anything else I can get you Sir ? The old man replied "no I think I have all I need" the waiter said "yes it does look that way Sir" and laughed... I said to the old man that was so embarrising, he said well your my slut and you do what I say, got that ? I said yes... After that the waiter keep on looking over at me and smiling, the old man spotted this and said uncross your legs and open them just enough for him to see your pussy, So I did so quite slowly, the waiters eyes were fixed on my legs and pussy for the few seconds I had them open... The old man said thats good I am going to the toilet and make sure you give him your mobile number before I get back ! ... I said but.. Oh ok then... He got up and went off to the toilet.. whilst he was gone the waiter took no time in coming over to clear away the tea cups lol... I said to him can I borrow your pen and notepad? he said of course and put them on the table, I wrote down my mobile number and put a kiss on the bottom and handed it back to him, he looked, smiled and said I will certainly be getting in touch with you!

The old man came back from the toilet and we left... He said well? I said yes I gave him it, the old man was very pleased... I said so what is it you want me to do when he calls? he said dont speak to him send him a saucey text back insted and flirt with him and make sure you save the texts so you can show me then I will decide what I want you to do with him... We went back to his friends room and he said I thought you 2 were never going to come back and this pill would have been a waste ! The old man laughed and said well this slut has been teasing the waiter lol they both laughed and his friend pulled back the sheet to expose a now very hard cock, not quite as big but still about 8ins and said well dear would you like to make a start on teasing this ? I just smiled and sat down on the bed and ran my finger nail up and down his old cock and started to rub his wrikley balls with my other, his eyes rolled back and said dear I cant tell you how good that feels... I gripped his cock and started to pull it and with that he sat forward and said put your tounge in my mouth, so I lent forward and did as he asked his breath was horrible but the situation was making me now very wet ! ... I moved away and started to slowly lick his balls and run my tougue up and down his shaft before taking him inside my mouth and looking him in the eyes... within about 2 mins he was cumming very hard and moaning, I swollowed all of his hot cum and rubbed the pink lipstick off his shaft and said "did you like that?" he said that was incredible! Now unzip your skirt and climb onto my cock this viagra stuff is good its still rock hard !

I stood up and unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor the old man was sat in the chair stroking his cock through his trousers still eyes fixed on my ass lol ... I went to climb on top of his friend and guide his old cock into my wet pussy when he said NO ! I want to stick it in your tight ass ! and with that he spat on his hand and started to rub it into my hole... I said hold on that is only for my hubby ! the old man said how many times do I have to remind you? ... I sighed and said alright then and pulled my ass cheeks apart to take his cock.. It hurt at first but after a while I got used to it and it was actully quite nice, that was the biggest thing I had ever had up my ass ! This lasted for about 20 mins and the dirty old man was cumming again but this time deep inside my ass it was a lovely feeling and I could not stop playing with my wet pussy the whole time !

The old man said well its time for us to go, so I eased myself off his friends cock and kissed him he said come back and visit me anytime my dear... I smiled and said I might... I put my skirt back on and adjusted my lipstick and hair in the mirrow and said goodbye... Whilst I was walking back down the corridoor I could feel his cum pouring down my leg I said I need the toilet to clean up, the old man said no you wont I want people to see it running down your leg and know what a slut you are for fucking old men lol...

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The Plan

Avatar Username: BlondeRabbit
Date: 31-May-2010 23:26:29
Mood: horny

That morning I woke to find my hubby asleep on top of the duvet on the bed, he must have woken up from downstairs and just crashed out on the bed lol... I got up and still had my hold up stockings on and heels ! ... I thought shit what if he noticed ?... I took them off and put on a pair of black leggins and a blouse and then went downstairs to make a cup of tea to wake me up lol

I was sitting and pondering over how the hell I was going to get my hubby to suck that dirty old mans cock ? I know that hubby sometimes likes me to put a finger up his ass when were having sex but thats not in the same legue as this.... A couple more hours past with me doing some household chores and I decided to make hubby a cup of tea and take it up to him and see if he was going to get out of bed sometime soon today... The response I got was kind of groggy to say the least lol.. so I left him with the tea and went back downstairs... Not long after I heard him taking a shower and he came downstairs and into the kitchen and said, sorry I fell asleep at the table, I said hey no problem you know I cant lift you so had to leave you there lol ... He said yeah, I woke up at about 5am freezing cold and lay on the bed... I said yes I noticed... He said, Oh sorry.. did you miss me ? .... I said no I was fast asleep hun... He said, Yeah thought you were, where did the guy nextdoor go to anyway ? ... I said well he went home of course, why ? ... Hubby laughed and said the way he was acting i thought he was going to have his wicked way with you lol ... I said well since you were of no use maybe he did and I laughed also ... my hubby just said Oh yeah right lol

I remembered that there was a sex shop in town, and asked hubby are you fit to drive? he said well yes now i am probably why ? ... I said well I would like to have a look around some shops this afternoon if you don't mind ? ... He said oh not another boring shooping trip... I said no I want to have a look around that sex shop and find something to spruce up our sex life ! ... he said ah right that kind of shopping trip, alright then dear I will get my shoes on....

At the sex shop there was loads of tacky outfits and strange things that did not really fit in with my plans... Until I seen this new range of gel like dildo's ! they were very big and felt pretty real, not too hard but plausable... I said to hubby would you like to suck one of those for me before I pleasure myself with it ? ... Hubby said hell no what you on ? ... I said nothing just I think it would turn me on and since your cock is not much use, well... he said well ok babe if thats what you want... I picked a large white one and then found a blindfold that I added to the basket... Hubby said who's that for ? ... I said you of course silly !

That same night, I put my short silk night gown on and washed th enew dildo and climbed into bed... Hubby started to rub my thigh and I said hold on you forgot to put your blindfold on ! ... he said oh damn ok then.... I got the new dildo and started to rub it on his small cock and kiss him he was getting very aroused to my surprise... After a while I introduced the dildo to his mouth and he started to suck it whilst I was rubbing his small cock... Once i thought he was getting a bit sick of this I took it out his mouth and put it into my wet pussy... he said cant I do that ? I said no its for you to suck and for me to use silly, but you can touch it whilst I slide it in and out if you pull your own little cock for me ! ... I lay on my back and thrust this huge dildo in and out whilst hubby pulled his little cock and felt the the dildo sliding in and out with his free hand... After about 10mins he was cumming ! and tried to wipe the cum onto my new dildo ! I told him to behave or he would not get to suck it again ! ... He agreed but shorly after fell asleep ! ... I thought oh well at least that is a start, and whilst he was asleep I placed the dildo in his mouth and he started to suck it again ! I had to stop myself from laughing !

Next day hubby got up for work as usual, I got out of bed an hour or so later as I had the day off and thought I better go and get some groceries in, I quickly got ready, putting some basic make up on and tight jeans, knee lengh boots and a baggy t-shirt... Low and behold soon as I walked out the door there is the dirty old man pretending to fix his damn car ! ... He shouted Hi slut ! ... I said keep your voice down for god sake... he just laughted and said well what is you plan ? ... I said ok come inside for 5 mins and I will show you ! ... I showed him the new dildo and the blindfolds and the old man sneered and said he will never fall for that ? ... I said he will and he has ! The old man said let me compare that, so I handed him it, he dropped his pants and sized his big cock up and said well this thing is about an inch shorter but feels the same, here you try ! ... I said I have felt them both plenty of times now go and fix your car and I will let you know when ... The dirty old man put his hand up my baggy t-shirt and said you sure you don't have time for some of this ? whilst grasping his big cock ! ... I said NO now let me get on and I will be in touch !

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My Hubby a story about his past

Avatar Username: BlondeRabbit
Date: 07-Feb-2024 03:36:13
Mood: other

Hubby was married before and very young at the time his wife was an Escort he thought he had fallen in love with but eventually realised it was an infatuation hubby was the biker type (not hippy) and had long wavey brown hair.... this is part of what he told me:

He came in from work one evening and found a note from his wife saying that she was leaving him due to age difference etc etc (he was only 18yrd she was 30yrd) of course he was gutted by this. After a couple of days he took a look around the flat and checked the drawers she had left a lot of clothes and only took what she could carry he assumed.

Now hubby admitted to me not long after we met that he had a bit of a fetish for wearing womens clothes.
He decided to go and get a few drinks from the shop and sat down played some records all alone... after a while he got to thinking about the clothes she had left behind, so he decided to take another look through the drawers and found a pair of white tights, a very short black mini dress, pink panties and her black high heeled boots ! he said he thought about it for a while and then said to himself "oh what the hell" and then proceeded to put the tights on and then the panties over the top, mini dress then boots which where a very tight fit since she was a 7 and he is a 9 ! but he said he managed and could walk in them without too much trouble... he found some basic makeup she had left on the bedside table and applied it... feeling quite pleased with himself he sat back down and had another drink and walked around the flat a bit looking in the mirror.

He had another drink and thought lets go for a walk outside ! so off he went walked up the street onto the main road for a way and turned down a side street to walk around the block as we call it, when a Taxi driver slowed down and asked do you want a ride ? he said no the driver said look I know you are male and your in a bad part of town late at night dressed like that ! you know how people are around here let me give you a ride home... hubby agreed and got inside the taxi, the driver lots of questions and to cut it short he said he likes to dress this way at times, the driver asked so are you wearing your wifes panties ? he said yes and pulled the dress up show them the driver looked and reached out a hand to touch but stopped himself... once outside hubbys flat the driver is still talking and asked if he could come inside for a coffee ? hubby at first said no but eventually the driver convinced him (driver was around 40ish yrd) so hubby (/he) made a coffee and they sat on the sofa together talking, the driver placed his hand on hubbys thigh and slowly started to rub up and down the driver said is this ok ? hubby said well yes I surpose so, the driver then asked can I see those panties again ? hubby said yeah ok so he pulled up the dress slightly and the driver moved his hand to feel hubbys dick, at this point hubby said he was protesting slightly and the driver said it is ok just tell me to stop and I will.... hubby said I did not answer him and just let him do it...

The driver asked hubby to stand up so he could have a better look so hubby did and the driver said oh I see your dick is starting to get a bit hard and with that he chuckled slightly, hubby said yes it is and so is yours ! with that being said the driver stood up cupped hubbys balls and dick then kissed him on the lips hubby said he pulled back slightly but gave in after the driver had placed his around him so he could not move anyway he was much stronger.... the driver unzipped his pants and placed hubbys hand inside and told him to stroke his dick ! hubby did as told... the driver liked this and removed hubby's hand then pulled his dick out it must have been about 7ins long hubby said... the driver ordered hubby to suck it, hubby said I felt like I had no choice in the matter... after a short while the drive said take me to the bedroom so off they went.... the driver stripped off all of his clothes laid down on the bed and said come sit on top of me pull my hard dick and kiss me deeply bitch ! again hubby did as ordered, the driver pulled down hubbys panties and tights spat on his dick a few times and ordered hubby to bend over the bed.... the driver forcefully rammed his hard dick into hubbys ass !!! hubby said it hurt at first but after a while it was ok and felt quite nice... the driver came inside of hubbys ass and the driver said your a drity bitch ! I am going back to work now but make sure you are here in the morning as I will have a parcel for you ! hubby said ok I will and with that the driver left.

(Ok for clarification Hubby is = Paul the driver is = Tom)

Mid afternoon Paul was still sleeping but got woken up by a knock on the door, by the time he got to the door nobody was there except for this parcel... Paul took it inside, opened it up and inside was black eyeliner, red lipstick, some blusher, a pair of flat black shoes, white fishnet stockings, black and white checkered mini skirt, very tight white blouse and a pair of lacey pink high cut panties along with a note saying "I will be here at 8pm tonight if you are ok with this then wear the clothes I left you, shave your legs and your pubic hair off and leave the bedroom curtains open I will take that as being a yes, Love Tom"...

Paul said he was very unsure about all of this and needed a drink lol so went and got credit at the corner shop for a bottle of Vodka... drank quite a few shots whislt thinking and tried on the clothes then decided to go shave his legs and pubic hair off, had a bath applied the make up went to the bedroom and got dressed in the new clothes... opened the bedroom curtains wide, sat back down 1 hour to go, had a few more shots and then a "knock" on the door !! Paul said he was very nervous at first but aswered the door, Tom was stood there looked Paul up and down and said wow you look very sexy bitch and handed him a jar of vassoline then said put that on the bedside table for later...

Paul said are you not coming inside ? Tom said no not yet you are coming with me ! Paul said where ? Tom said I know a very quiet bar we can have a couple of drinks together... Paul said he almost froze with fear about going to a bar dressed like this !!! but Tom was not taking no for an answer, they got in the car and off to the bar Tom knew, Paul said it was ok nobody actually took much notice of me being male and Tom did not care either way, it was an enjoyable evening... once they got back to Paul's flat Paul poured Tom a shot of Vodka and they had some more small talk and Tom was saying see I knew you would enjoy yourself and would fit in, Paul admitted that he did have a good time and it felt so sexy and risky to be out dressed as a girl....

Tom asked so do you want to do this again ? Paul said yes I do it was fun but I needed to have a few drinks first, Tom laughed and said of course.... with that Tom pulled out his big dick and Paul said without question I automatically went down and started to suck it, Tom was rubbing Paul's leg and ass, Tom told him to stop sucking as he was almost going to cum so they kissed instead whislt Tom was pulling Paul's dick (about 6ins)... Paul said let's go to bed Tom, he agreed once in bed Tom was naked again but insited on Paul keeping all of the clothes on and ordered Paul to get the vassoline and lube his ass and also Tom's dick.... Paul said they fucked for hours off and on until they both fell asleep...

Paul said he woke up first in the morning with Tom snuggled up alongside him and he felt disgusted with himself now being sober lol... Pual went to the toilet came back and Tom is awake and starting to get dressed, Tom said right dirty little bitch put some lipstick on (so Paul did) and suck my dick before I go to work ! Paul said he was really ramming it down his throat and in a short time he came loads into Paul's mouth ! Paul said he felt like vomiting but Tom nipped his nose and closed his jaw so Paul had to swallow the cum !!!! Tom was very impressed.

That is not the end of it there is much more to tell, such as Tom having Paul meet him half way across town dressed all in skin tight lycra !...... that is another story though please comment if you want to hear more :-)


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Last part of the Old Man story I never got finish until now

Avatar Username: BlondeRabbit
Date: 29-Jan-2024 14:48:46
Mood: happy

I never got round to finishing this story so I will try and remember the details it has been so long now since it happened to bear with me please.
The old man was insistant on having hubby suck his cock before he fucked me and I thought long and hard about this I had already taken the first step but nowhere near close enough to get him to do what the old man wanted !
I came up with an idea ! some of the local teenagers would go into the woods and collect what we call magick mushrooms they are basically LSD far as I know.... I asked a few of them to collect me a few and just said it was for my own use becasue I had never tried them before they laughed but went out and brought me some back anyway in return I gave them a bottle of hubbys whiskey lol they where very happy with that.... one of the cheeky buggers slapped my ass though and said he would rather have me lol his friends ushered him out of the house thankfully.
I went next door and told the old man I have a plan he said ah yes well done slut, I said when I go out tonight and come back I will knock on your door once anddear there is no whiskey I only have wine (hubby hates white winethen you come round to my house ok ? he said no not ok ! he said when you go out tonight I am going out also so I will see you around the bars with your friends and you tell me when you are going home and I will follow ! but you need to wear your high brown boots, brown mini skirt, white blouse and tan sockings with your tiny white G string panties and you make sure I get to see up your skirt when you are out slut !!! I had to agree so said ok then.
Whilst out it was uneventfull but me and the girls had a laugh and old man was there of course lurking about so to keep him happy I went to the bar and stood beside him (the bar was very crowded) I lifted the back of my mini skirt up to show him my G string and he felt my pussy whislt I was ordering drinks I pulled my skirt back down and turned and he said that's very good slut see how hard you have made me ? his big dick was very errect and clearly visible in his pants, he said that is for you and your hubby later !
A couple of hours passed and it was closing time so I went to the toilet and said to the old man on the way past I am walking home now with my friends but will seperate from them at the lane as they live in the opposite direction from that point on, he said ok I will leave now and wait just past the lane for you... once there here he is he gave me a bit of a fright as he appeared out of nowhere and started laughing grabbed me by the waist and forced my hand inside his pants and said stroke this slut ! I said wait he said it needs to be hard and stay hard so I did stroke it for him and gave him a very short blow job, we walked up the road together and he had his hand up my skirt and two fingers inside my pussy the whole way to keep him hard so he said !
Once home I called to hubby and said we have a visitor hun, he came through into the kitchen and said hello to the old man and they sat down, I said oh we have no whiskey left and I only have wine (hubby hates white wine) I said well you have drank enough beers already I think so I will make you some green tea instead ! he looked and said yeah ok then why not (the green tea was the mushrooms lol) the old man had a glass of wine and we where chatting hubby liked the new "green tea" lol so had another cup of it...
After about 40 mins or so hubby is acting a bit strange talking nonsense and then sat staring at the kitchen doors lol would not respond to any conversation just totaly focused on the doors the old man laughed and said to me ok slut stand up take your blouse and bra off right here ! I said hell no he said yes you will if he really is under the infuence he wont even notice ! so I did and yes hubby took no notice at all the old man said ok I am going to the bedroom you bring him upstairs soon as you can...
It took me quite a while to get hubby to respond but eventually yes and I said yo need to go to bed hun and I escorted him to the bedroom he did not even notice the old man in the bed ! I took his shirt and pants off and laid him on the bed the old man was playing with his own dick and said to me take your skirt off slut and stroke his dick to see if it is goign to work... eventually yes he started to get hard the old man then said good now guide my hand towards his dick so he thinks it could be yours still... that worked and the old man was gently pulling my hubbys now hard dick ! the old man said kiss me so he gets the scent of your lipstick so I did the old man then started to suck hubbys dick !!!! hubby seemed like he was enjoying it and I heard him mumble "ah Michelle that is so good" hehehehe... the old man had me take a turn at sucking hubbys dick then went back to it, he asked me to play with his dick whislt he was giving hubby a blow job... it did not take very long hubby came into the old mans mouth and he swollowed it all !!! I was quite shocked actually but the old man said now kiss me slut, he gave me the hardest fucking he had ever given me after that and made me suck hubbys flacid dick whislt he was fucking me from behind, eventually he came on my face and told me to leave it there not to wash it off so hubby would see it dried up on my face in the morning and think it was his lol
In the morning hubby said he had the most weird dream but never expanded upon that LOL he looked at my face and said oh maybe part of it was real then ! and looked at me still wearing my G string, tan stockings and boots then said wow that is the first time in ages we have had sex hun I just smiled and gave him a kiss.
Didn't see the old man for a couple of days after that night then he must have waited for hubby to go to work and came round knocking on the door so I told what happened that morning and he said yeah I knew it ! I have a gift for you slut it was a silver butt plug 'gulp" he insisted that I pull down my lycra leggings and he would inset it and said I had to wear this at all times apart from when nature calls so to speak... I reluctantly agreed to his demand he then said ok you have 10 mins to put on some make up and stockings with your highest heels slut I will be up shortly ! Off I went and yes of course right on 10mins he was in the bedroom I was already laid there on the bed waiting he said yes now you really are a dirty slut Michelle and dropped his pants climbed onto the bed and stated to lick my pussy, I really did enjoy his very big dick though so it was not all bad lol

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Stealing my friends random pick up

Avatar Username: BlondeRabbit
Date: 07-Feb-2024 15:20:26
Mood: horny

To cut a long story short my best friend June had split up with her husband and rented a house for her and the three kids just around the corner from me.... When she was with her hubby their house was a regular party house at a weekend and we used to alternate between her house and mine.

June had only had sex with two guys in her life and one being her husband so once she was seperated from him she was like a bitch in heat LOL (very pretty lady natural blond hair and a shapely figure) we used to go out as per usual at a weekend mostly around the local bars but at times into the city.... of course the guys always used to target us two blondes wearing very shot mini skirts boots and stockings hehehe June's mission was to just get any man to take back home and fuck her she wanted it more and more, as for me luckly I could be much more selective so to say...

One night we were out locally and June got talking to a quite hansome guy in his mid 30's I guess, I was talking to a few other guys that did not interest me in the least... at closing time June said to the guy do you want to come back to my house for a drink and stay over if you want ? he said yes I would like that, June literally grabbed me by the arm and said we are going back to my house now ! I said erm ok yes...

Once at Junes house she put some music on and poured a few glasses of wine the three of us where sat in the kitchen just talking about general stuff... June said where is your hubby ? I said he's at home playing online games far as I know why ? well message him and tell him to come round and bring some more wine LOL, so I did (June was just as much his friend as she was mine) Hubby showed up 15mins later with more wine and June introduced him to the new random guy she had picked up at the bar hehehe, we all got along great and June said oh its a bit cold in here lets go to the living room and sit there with the fire on we all agreed...

Hubby sat down on the rug next to the fire, June sat on her sofa with the random guy I sat down next to hubby but had to raise my skirt so it would not split which exposed my panties within full view of the random guy his eyes lit up ! and then then he diverted his attention to listen to what June was talking about... we chatted again for a while and June got up and brought another bottle of wine in and filled our glasses, I said thank you I need to use the toilet though June laughed and said you are not going to be sick are you ? (as a joke) I said hell no I just need to pee that is all LOL

I went upstairs to the toilet I did not need a pee at all I had a thought to to tease the random guy so I took off my panties went back downstairs and into the kitchen and placed them into my bag then went back to the living room and sat down again on the floor next to hubby the random guy sort of glanced and then refocused since he had just seen my shaved pussy I made sure he could see all of it his eyes where fixed for a few moments lol...

Hubby decided he wanted to go outside for a smoke and June said yes give me one please so off they went... I rasied my leg higher and said to the guy do you want me hun or do you want June ? he said I want you, I said stand up quickly and show me your dick then hun he did and it was already erect !!! I said oh wow you really do want me hehehe I told him to move forward and I gave him a very quick blow job and told him to sit back down, he said so how are we goign to fuck ? I said just wait...

Hubby and June came back in and sat down June put her arm around random guy and was trying to get close but he was not really interested, after a while I said well hubby go and get teh botle of Vodka from home and we will make up a few cocktails and june turn the music up ! hubby agreed and off he went the three of of us went into the kitchen and sat down, hubby came back and made us all some strange mixture (could not call it a cocktail but tasted ok) after a few shots of that hubby and June got up dancing hehehe left me sat beside the random guy he placed his hand on my thigh under the table I said to him do not drink too much of that stuff just keep my hubby and June topped up with it ok ? he grinned and said yes understood....

After about an hour us all up and down dancing there was just hubby and June dancing still and very drunk... the random guy got up and said I need to pee so off he went to the toilet... I waited a few mins and went upstairs knocked on the toilet door and said are you ok in there ? he said yes come in, I entered and he is stood there naked with a very large errection and said I was waiting for you ! he came closer to me and placed my hand on his hard dick and started to French kiss me, his body was so muscular as I was pulling his hard dick I was stroking his chest and his back and his cheeks, he said you like this ? I said yes I do very much hun, he said ok babe unzip your dress for me, so I did and let it fall to the floor he stepped back a bit and said yes babe I like also, he undid my bra leaving me almost naked apart from my hold up stockings and boots.... He placed two fingers inside my very wet pussy and kept on kissing me I was pulling his very hard dick all the time...

He said where can we fuck babe ? I said downstairs in the living room he said no way what if your hubby or June comes in ? I so what LOL so we went down into the living room I gave him a very sloppy blow job he loved it he kept calling me dirty bitch and pushing my head down deeper, I sat on top of him and his big dick slid right inside my wet pussy he fucked me sensless I was panting and almost screeing with pleasure I could not help myself he was trying to keep his hand over my mouth LOL he turned me over and we had sex doggy style and he asked me if I like a dick in my ass I siad oh yes I do hun he pulled out rubbed my pussy and massarged my cum into my ass and then roughly forced his dick inside my anus ! I let out a slight screem and he was pumping me hard... A few moments later my hubby came into the living room and seen me getting fucked the random dude tried to pull out of me but I held onto him and said it is ok stay inside hun ! Hubby said oh ok you are alright then I was just checking I will go back and dance with June and keep her out of your way !

The random guy laughed and after a while shot his load into my very sore ass ! he laid on the floor and I sucked his big dick dry and clean milking his balls, he said you are such a fucking slut I said thank you LOL

We both went to the toilet together and got dressed then went back down and into the kitchen, June said wher have you two been I said just talking in the living room (she was very drunk) hubby said well I think it is time we head off home now, I said good bye to the random dude (he did place his hand up my skirt again for on last sneeky feel lol) and bye to June and off we went...

Once back at home hubby said did you enjoy that ? I said yes it was awesome hun did you like what you seen when he was fucking me in the ass when you walked in ? hubby said hell yes I did look and he unzipped his jeans and showed me all the cum in his underpants ! LOL I he said I cum in my pants as soon as I seen you getting fucked !

The next day I sent June a message saying have you recovered from the drink ? she said only just, what about the random guy then ? she said he called a taxi after you left and fucked off !!! I said oh dear sorry to hear that maybe you two were not compatible afterall she said obviously not but there is always next weekend LOL

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Father in law

Avatar Username: BlondeRabbit
Date: 13-Feb-2024 19:34:19
Mood: horny

My hubby's father was an attractive gent always dressed very smart in expensive attire andwhen he came to visit he would always give me a hug and say how sexy I looked and at times feel my ass and grin... I did not not mind as I say he was an attractive guy with a wicked sense of humour....
One day me and hubby had a huge argument, so bad I told him to leave and threw some of his clothes out of the bedroom window along with a few other possesions of his LOL.... he picked them up and left...
The following evening the front door opened (never used to lock it until late at night a very quiet village we lived in) and in walked his father (Colin) he said how are you I spoke to Andy (my hubby) and he said he had been kicked out of the house, I said well he deserved it, Colin just laughed and gave me a hug as usual and then said have you had dinner yet ? I said no he said ah good neither have I shall we go out for a meal I am paying ? I said no it is ok I have food in here he said oh to hell with that lets just go out for a meal ! I said well yeah if you insist, I need to freshen up my make up first though, he said ok well since your are doing that could you change into your very short white min dress for me ? I laughed and said you serious he said yes, oh ok if that's what you want... 10mins or so later I came back downstairs into the kitchen and he said wow you look very sexy I said thank you, Colin said though where are the white fishnet stockings ? I said I have them they are in the drawer, he said well go and put them on and wear your pink high heels I seen you wearing a few months ago ! I did not question for some reason I just went back to my bedroom and did what he asked... When I returned he was stood outside smoking and had hellped himself to a glass of wine, I said are we ready to go now ? he said hell yes give me a moment to finish this, so I went back inside the kitchen to get my house keys and my handbag, Colin walked back in placed the glass in the sink turned and ran his hand up the inside of my thigh very quickly and felt my pussy ! I stepped back a bit and asked what are you doing ? he said at your age you should know by now and laughed, he placed his arms around me and moved his hand under my dress again and pulled down my thong panties he said you won't be needing to wear these Michelle not tonight !!! I did not protest...
Off we went to a very nice resturant in the city and had a lovely meal along with some drinks, he said well maybe it is time I drive you back home do you have anymore of that wine ? I said yes Colin said great so we can have a drink at your house then ? I said yes of course.... during the drive back my stocking tops where clearly visible and Colin after a short while started to run his hand up and down my leg, I thought what the hell and slid slightly forward in the seat so my dress would ride up and he could see my pussy ! he looked and said now that looks very tasty Michelle I just smilled...
Once at home I poured two glasses of wine Colin sat at the table and said have aseat and relax a bit so I did, we talked about general things for a while and he asked about his son etc... we finished two bottles of that wine and Colin said I am way over the limit for driving can I just crash here tonight ? I said of course you can... then Colin said can I crash with you ? I laughed and said so you want to fuck your son's wife ? Colin said damn right I do I wanted to fuck you from the first time we met ! I said oh dear such a long time to have an errection he laughed and said yeah way too fucking long ! I said well what if I say no ? he said I will respect that... I said well it is no I will get you some blankets and you sleep on the couch he said that is fine...
He went into the living room to sleep and I went upsatirs to bed after around 30 mins or so just laid on the top of my bed I took off my mini dress and bra, left only my white stockings and heels on then went downstairs into the living room Colin was fast asleep and snoring lol I pulled the blankets back and was pleased to find that he was only wearing his underpants, I started to rub his cock and put it in my mouth and gently licked and sucked it a bit, he sort of stirred and grunted a bit, his flacid dick was getting hard, I climbed on top of him still pulling his cock and kissed him on the lips he woke up all of a sudden eyes wide open and said oh it's you Michelle what are doing I thought you did not want this ? I said I changed my mind Daddy, he said Daddy ??? I said well you are my father in law still yes ? he said oh fuck yes so you want Daddy to fuck you hard girl ? I said yes please Daddy, he said you are so fucking sexy stand up and let me have a good look at those big tits and your sexy legs girl ! so I did and he was pulling his now very hard cock it was a good couple of inches bigger than his son's, I said daddy let's go to my bed, he said yes.... once up there he licked my pussy for what seemed like ages and made me cum twice ! we had amazing sex.
Afterwards we talked for a short while whislt I was still rubbing his cock and kissing him deeply inbetween conversation, he said to me girl can you do something else for me ? I said yes Daddy what ? he said I am going to go down and have a smoke,can you wear for me what my son likes to see you dressed in he must have a fav outfit ? I grinned and said yes he does Daddy you go for a smoke and I will get dressed for you..
I wore a black minidress witha zipper that go's all the way from top to bottom up the front of it, black stockings, black knee lengh boots with crimson bra and lace panties.... I went down to the kitchen he had finished his smoke and he said omg wow so fucking sexy I unzipped the front of my dress slightly so he could see my panties and he said girl my son does have good taste in choice of clothes and women if nothing else I laughed.... Colin then said girl can I fuck you in the ass wearing that ? I said yes daddy of course you can I love to be fucked in the ass Daddy especially witha big cock like yours Daddy, I did not even have to touch his cock or kiss him his cock was rock hard !!!! He bent me over the table and roughly fucked me in my tight ass, I was saying to him yes Daddy please harder thank you Daddy cum insdie me Daddy I am your girl.
The next morning I woke up and he was gone, I found a note on the kitchen table basically saying thank you for an awesome night, i have work to do so had to leave early sorry for that, I hope we can do this again ? Love Daddy.. P.S. this is my cell phone number....... LOL I felt slightly used but not concerend about it becasue I did enjoy myself, I sent him a mesage and said Yes Daddy I understand, thank you for fucking me me so good xxx.... he replied with So we can do this again even if my son comes back to you ? I said Yes Daddy I am your slut now I will not have sex with my husband only with you Daddy so please come and visit me again xxx
A few days later my hubby showed up at the house and appologised, we made peace with eachother and he moved back in... later on that evening we where talking and he said yeah I spoke to my father and said I advised that I should appologise as I was in the wrong.... I said ah well ay least one of you has some common sense LOL hubby said nothing and had another drink... I went to the toilet and messaged Daddy and said he is back home.... Daddy said good, this makes it even better me knowing you are going to be sucking and fucking Daddy's big cock whilst your husband is at home hahaha, you are MY slut now nobody elses unless I say so ! you already dress like a slut and act like one so I expect you to never wear any panties again so I can have easy access to your shaved pussy at any time....
I responded with Yes Daddy I am your slut so whatever you wish...
It was quite a few hours later and Daddy sent me a message saying he is going to come and visit ! he said he wanted to fuck his slut so badly again LOL.... His orders where simple he said only wear tan hold up stockings and the brown boots you have nothing else !!!! I said well hubby is in the house ! Daddy said yes even better just go and put your makeup on and get wear what I said then go downstairs, make sure the front door is unlocked and also make sure my son see's you !
I siad yes Daddy.... oh hell I thought this is going to be awkward ! anyway off I went, and after I walked into the living room and beside my hubby's computer room / office where he was and he seen me and said fucking hell you look very sexy Michelle ! I said thank you and as that was said my hubby seen his fathers jeep pull up outside !!! he said oh shit quick go and put a dress on.... I walked along the corridoor and in walked Daddy through the front door ! he smilled and said hello slut very loudly ! and with that he reached out and stroked my pussy along with inserting two fingers inside me I let out a slight gasp, my hubby came through and said ah hello father sorry about Michelle not having a dress on she was just asking me if the boots suited the tan stockings before she got dressed.... Daddy said that is ok the slut looks perfect to me !!! my face went bright red and my hubby said come on father don't say that she is my wife for fuck sake, he said ah yes and patted me on the ass then said go and get me a glass of wine ! my hubby said well wait untill she puts a dress on ? Daddy said no need I have seen everything anyway.... I got him a glass of wine and said Colin your wine is on the table he shouted and said who ? I said sorry Daddy your wine is on the table... he said that's better he and hubby cam einto the kitchen, hubby looked a bit confused of course and daddy said well are you having a glass ? hubby said no Daddy said well best you go back to do your work or whatever it is you do on that computer then ! hubby said yes I have to actually and he said to me Michelle go and put a dress on !
Daddy sat down and pulled his big cock out of his pants and said come here slut suck it now ! I did as he asked after a few mins he ordered me to sit on his hard cock and he fucked me very hard it did not take long for him to cum inside me this time and I went to get a tissue to wipe the cum up that was running down my leg !... Daddy said NO do not do that go through to my son's computer room so he can see the cum running down your leg and ask him what dress does he think you should wear tonight ? ..... Oh heck ! I hesitated and daddy ordered me to do it again so I did... I walked into the computer room and said Andy which dress do you think I should wear ? he looked at me and said I think the tan coloured one that will match your boots Michelle and then he noticed the cum running down my leg his eyes widened and then looked at me again but said nothing he just knew I had been fucked !!!
I went back to the kitchen and Daddy was laughing he said very well done slut ! no go put that dress on... I went off upstairs put the dress on, came back down and Daddy said wipe the cum off your leg with your hand and lick it up, so that is what I did he said you are such a dirty fucking slut Michelle I said yes Daddy I am...
After that I went though to to see hubby and said ok me and Daddy are going out for a few drinks you are busy so we shall see you later ? hubby said Daddy ? I said well yes he's my father in law so yes my Daddy also yes ? he said well yes yeah.... daddy was listening and when we got into his jeep (Range Rover it was) he laughed and said that was a good comeback I can imagine the look on my son's face hahaha.

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First time sucking a cock. I liked it
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