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Old 06-28-2024, 11:00 AM
urwatu82's Avatar
Junior Member
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Default Hi there

So I added some stories of how I exposed my wife's nude pics to my closest friends. Of course they don't complain... some even ended up on a weekly email I would send out. One of the guys I added to the weekly email string had his own porn email circulating and I gave him permission to share her pics as well as long as anyone that knew her would not tell her! So many guys I knew very well were enjoying my wife's pics and it was a great rush!

I had to stop taking pics because one day the wife was watching Dr Phil and he had a guy on that was sharing his wife's pics so she ASSUMED I was doing the same... who me, NEVER.. Ha Ha.

Anyhow, I also discovered I Love CFNM.
I started flashing when I thought I could get away with it and ramped it up to being nude 6 ft from my very pretty sister_in-law!
She lived on the same street as us and her mother and we had dinner together sometimes. My wife had called to tell me she'd send her sister down when she got off work to get something. I quickly hatched a plan. I went upstairs and got the laundry basket as if to wash clothes. I waited until I saw her come up the street making sure I was pumped but not erect.
I heard her come in so I came downstairs nude with the basket held up to my chest. This left everything below my belly on full display. When I turned the corner and she saw me she covered her eyes but even at that distance (20 ft or so) I could see her peeking between her fingers. I walked to within 6 ft and placed the basket aside. She now had full unobstructed view. I said 'no need to cover your eyes, you're a nurse (in a nursing home) and see nude men all the time. She pointed at my semi hard and said 'NOT LIKE THAT!' I tried my best to make small talk last. She was openly looking me up and down and I wanted it to go on forever! She finally said I need to go (after only about 5 mins).

She told my wife and mother-in-law at dinner. My m-i-l said 'he never met me like that'... I wish I had the chance (and later found she was having an affair with a guy about my age).
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Old 07-01-2024, 11:30 PM
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Saw you uploaded a bunch of pictures of your super hot wife! So hot and sexy!
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