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Old 11-12-2017, 03:25 PM
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Default Excited not angry

A few years ago My wife went out for a friends 40th birthday party, for some reason I didn't go but as they were mainly her work mates then I didn't mind.
Now it's important to realise that she doesn't drink much and is quite reserved so it was no surprise when she said she'd be driving.
It was a warm summer and as she was deciding what to wear when one of the girls came over to help her choose. I was surprised when she eventually came down in a skirt and a waistcoat (same one in our pics) as she is rather generously endowed in the breast dept and doesn't usually wear anything to show them off in public.
Off they went and I got a few texts saying that they were having a good night and she would be playing taxi at the end. I decided to wait up but it got later and later. Eventually at about 2am I heard the car pull up, I'd not called as I didn't want to check up and knew she was in a group and safe. She came in all smiles and started telling me how it had gone - all very standard.
i was just checking FB when I saw that 3 of the girls she'd been out with had checked in at midnight saying they were home and thanking her for the lift - confused I asked how come it had taken so long from dropping them in the next village to get home.
She said she'd dropped one of their brothers off as well and it was further, but didn't seem very convincing. At this point I noticed she wasn't quite so relaxed and looked flushed. Suddenly she said she couldn't lie and that she had dropped him off but had sat talking in the car for ages. At first I was angry and said somethings like "oh yeah just chatting I bet, was he chatting to you or your tits as they're virtually out? " she looked genuinely sorry and said that he was a really nice guy and had paid her attention all night and made her feel good but he hadn't tried anything on so she felt safe. She then admitted that she did fancy him and when he had gone to kiss her goodnight it was more than a peck on the cheek.

Now I was really annoyed but also I did feel turned on - she did look sexy in the outfit and I kept thinking about her pushed against him and wondering if he'd felt the same.
So you just kissed? I asked - a pause and then she said "not just that but I'm sorry, can we just leave it?"
"No we bloody well can't leave it! I want to know what the fuck happened, what you thought you were doing" I also said a few things that weren't nice and accused her of being a slut - I know it hurt her and she said " ok you wanna know everything then I'll tell you".

The kiss had started it, then his hands - just holding her at first - brushed against her tits , she didn't recoil when he apologised and instead undid her buttons to show him everything on offer. She told me how horny she felt as he caressed her and sucked her nipples - her pussy was wet before his fingers even reached it. And there she was with her skirt round her waist , legs spread for his fingers to explore and him sucking her big boobs.

Now I was going from angry to horny as well as she told me in great detail and had a glint in her eye.

She went on to reveal how she had felt his cock getting hard through his jeans and then he'd stripped them off. Not a huge cock she said but big enough ! She described how she sucked it and how naughty she felt - I could tell she was enjoying telling me and she could tell I had started to enjoy it too.

"So did he fuck you then?" I asked
She nodded "in the car at first but it was awkward so we drove to the woods nearby" she described how she had driven with everything on show as he fingered her wet pussy and stroked himself and how horny it was.

He had then fucked her over the bonnet - this she really enjoyed relaying to me ! And then from behind which made her cum. Finally she described how she had ridden him - telling him how his cock felt and telling him to suck and bite her tits (she really gets off on that). She said how liberated she felt and that it had been years since she'd felt so turned on.

When he was ready to cum she'd just carried on riding him and described feeling his cock twitch inside her as he thrust as deep as possible filling her.
They rearranged their clothes and that was it - she dropped him off and came home.

Now I have always been a jealous guy but that night I was so turned on that my anger quickly turned to excitement and I've not felt jealous since. Obviously we fucked again right their in the kitchen and she made a point of reminding me all the way through of what she'd just done and how he had felt. It was the best sex we ever had!

Since then it I've encouraged her to repeat it but as far as I know she hasn't and the guy moved away not long after. We often talk about it and it always gets us in the mood, if it were up to me she'd be fucking every guy that wanted to but she's not as free with her charms as I would be lol.

There has been a couple of other guys over the years but that first time was definitely the one that stands out.
I got her to tell my friend the story when we were away together once - that was another good night!!

Hoped you enjoyed reading this , it is all true and marked a turning point in our relationship.
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Old 11-12-2017, 03:47 PM
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Just went and looked at your pics Nec and they are fantastic
I would love to feel, lick, suck and bite your wife's big sexy titties while sliding my hard cock deep in her.
I sure don't blame you for getting all excited while she was telling you about her friend's brother fucking her and especially shooting off in her bareback. I bet her pussy felt great when you fucked her after he had just shot a load in her
I'd love to hear the other stories you have about her.
Please keep posting, thanks
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Old 11-12-2017, 04:31 PM
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Lucky guys your beautiful wife is a really sexy lady . Fabulous would love to hear about the other guys too if you would like to share.
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Old 11-13-2017, 02:25 AM
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I've worked in bars and I can tell you some stories about "girls night out".
5 married women go out for drinks and at least one of them is getting laid by someone other than her husband.
I've been married to Nina for 20+ years and she's been out for her fair share of partying with the girls from the office.
I'm surprised if she doesn't get up to something.
She always tells me about it though.
I've had a few guys night out of my own so who am I to complain.
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