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Old 05-24-2024, 09:12 PM
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Default The first time at the theater

Several months ago I convinced Liz, my wife, to go with me to an adult theater. They sell videos and toys and also I read that they also had a theater room. She agreed, but said she needed to have an awfully good buzz before we went, so We dressed, had a few drinks, and then she ate a couple of “edibles”. She was feeling very good, and looking good in a sleeveless sundress that cam down about mid thigh. She wasn’t wearing a bra and it showed.

We arrived around 10:00 and looked around a bit before making our way to the theater where we sat in the 4th or 5th row. We had our pick of seats because we were the only ones there. As the video played I could tell she was getting interested when she started holding onto my arm and rubbing my thigh. I started fondling her tits, eventually unbuttoning a few of them so that I could slide the straps down completely baring both boobs.

We were caught up making out and fondling each other and didn’t notice as 2 men entered the room. 1 sat in front of us but was turned in his seat watching. We realized they were there when the other sat on the other side of Liz in the very next seat. Liz whispered that we had company but didn’t make a move to cover up or leave. I continued to fondle her and kiss her and noticed a 3rd man had come in sitting right behind her.

I had moved my hand between her legs rubbing her pussy. She still had both tits bared and I had managed to slide her dress up so that her g string panties were exposed. I played with her pussy causing the panties to slide inside her, her pussy now clearly exposed. It didn’t take long before the man sitting beside her started playing with her tit. I waited to see if she’d stop him, but she just looked at me and mouthed “Oh my god!” He fondled her for a minute then placed her hand on his cock outside his pants before leaning down and sucking on her nipple.

Liz had her eyes closed now, moaning as I played with her clit, and the guy behind her reached over and began playing with her other breast. For the next several minutes, she was groped by all 3 of us while a 4th watched from his seat. I finally caused her to cum, she shook all over as she did, then she just sat there for a few minutes before telling me she was ready to leave. We stood up as she buttoned her dress, then she told the men goodbye and we left.

Our 2nd trip wasn’t for over 3 months, but we did go back.
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Old 05-25-2024, 06:34 AM
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Very hot story! Can't wait for part two!
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Old 05-25-2024, 10:54 AM
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Nicely told.
I like these kind of stories much better than the "My normally sexually conservative wife becomes subject of a gang bang in an adult theater...and loved it" type of stories.

I would have "liked" it but as usual, the like button isn't working.
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Old 05-25-2024, 10:27 PM
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My husband and I used to have many adventures at x-rated theaters, but they have all closed in our area. I suppose due to so much available porn. In our 2nd week of dating we went to one where I exposed myself and sucked him off in full view of a group of men. He also saw me suck and fuck a large BBC that night. I sucked my future husband off while our new black friend fucked me. But no theater un here for years now. However not too long ago I was visiting Vegas and a male friend of ours took me to a great adult store that had everything. Toys, clothes, and a small theater we visited and played in. But what really turned me on was they had glory holes. I had to try them and loved being so slutty and sucking so much cock. We made a 2nd trip back before I returned home. I told my husband I want to go there with him. I did make a long post about this before if anyone wants to look it up.

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Old 07-06-2024, 11:01 PM
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Unhappy long ago

A slightly older guy who I worked with in the '70s took me along for moral support one day to visit the US Video store on Lake Street in Minneapolis. While he knew about such places, I was the one who was bold-fearless-shameless enough to brazenly go in there and browse their huge video selection. Half the store was dedicated to x-rated movies. Half of those movies were really good, but fearless me was cash strapped, while my bashful coworker was too embarrassed to buy anything that trip.
About a month later, we took our wives to a nearby x-rated movie theater where we watched two hot movies along with a few other male customers. He and I had plans to make a return visit with my wife in hopes of something developing between her and a few of the other movie goers, during/after the show. Adding to our hopes, there was/is a large concentration of colored housing in the area, resulting in a really large number of young black men, late teens to forty, which would have had more than a few willing and eager to fuck a 35 y.o. white woman in her sexual prime.
Unfortunately, our plans were derailed by developments: job changes, his retirement and moving to Florida, the city of Minneapolis decided to clean up the porn industry on Lake Street. On top of all this, time has caught up with us and we have aged out of the market.
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fondled by strangers, public nudity, public sex

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