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Old 07-01-2024, 05:45 PM
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Default Fun in a Public hot tub

Hello all.
this just happened a few weekends ago...
Wife and I travelled down to the NC beaches for what was intended to be an extended weekend mini-vacation. Professional networking happened, we arrived Friday afternoon and I found myself shang-hai'd into helping some of my wife's medical colleagues with setting up a low income health clinic. This activity was finally completed Saturday evening: by then, I'm completely shot. The bad back, knees and hip are all screaming for pain killers. So much for a restful, romantic weekend.

But Sunday morning, while I'm still woozy from my meds, the wife drags me down to the hotel's Excellent sauna and hot tub. Doesn't take long for the aches to dissapate. I started to get handsy with my wife, but she shooed me away with protestations of "open public area" and "its broad daylight". Anyhow, I'm nigh comatose in the hot tub when a Extremely Beautiful young lady in a green bikini steps in to share it with us. I cannot emphasize enough: this chick was STACKED. Great ass and tits, long legs, awesome tanned complexion and a sweet smile. My cock twitched at the sight of her. Wife and Alyssa (Ali) quickly struck up a conversation. I just sat back and enjoyed the show of my MILF interacting with this post-grad hottie.

A few minutes later, Wife's phone rings: its her friends and they need something they left with her or whatever... she's gonna run get it and meet them out front of the hotel. My cock twitches again as the wife leaves. Few moments after Wife leaves, Ali scoots across the hot tub to my side. My cock stirs at the sight and I drag myself out of my drug and heat induced topor, trying to make conversation.

Ali shushes me with a finger to my lips. "You look like a grown man who has been worked to his last bit of strength." Well, yeah. She continues; "I also noticed that your wife wears a 'hotwife' anklet ... are y'all in the lifestyle?' I explain that while, yes, we are; we are also very discreet about our adult fun. "Then she won't mind then if I..."
At that, I felt her fingers trace across my chest, down and encircle the fabric around my cock. I think ... I think I groaned. She kissed my cheek, and said, "I'll take that as a yes."

It took her but a moment to free my rapidly hardening cock and stroke it to diamonds. Then she slid across and onto my lap while staying at shoulder level of the hot tub. At this, I wasted no time in filling my hands with her glorious tits. Some french kissing, then she said, "we've got to be quick - dont want someone to find us." Then she turned around, slid her bikini bottoms aside, and popped my cock right into her OH SO PERFECT Cunt. At this point, we were in a modified reverse cowgirl & I was kneading her tits and nipples with abandon. We were trying to keep it quiet, altho there was no one else in the pool & hot tub area. She GROUND on my cock and I felt myself getting harder with almost every stroke. I pounded that pussy with everything, keeping in mind my wife's imminent return. After nearly 10 minutes, I felt my orgasm start to boil, and I warned Ali of it & reminded her of the lack of a condom.

She stopped for a breath, turned her head and told me: "I'm clean, and since you're swingers, y'all are too... as for the other, if it catches me, it catches. I love the riskiness of this... and I'm about to cum, so don't stop now!" Hearing that, my body launched into Overdrive. A moment later, and Ali was orgasming wildly in my hands. Two, three strokes after her, I started to cum... Oh. My. God. Just WOW. I jammed my cock to its maximum depth in her perfect body and UNLOADED. The orgasm engulfed me, from the crown of my head to the tips of my toes. It all coalesced, then exploded out of my cock. When she felt my first pulse, Ali locked her legs with me and sealed her hips to mine and orgasmed even harder and more.

I don't know how long we were locked together in orgasm ... after a few moments, she clenched up on me and slowly disengaged. I was looking, but only a few drops of cum fell into the hot tub. Ali turned, gave me another smoldering kiss, then stepped out of the tub and walked away. She had barely left the pool area when my wife came bustling in. She remarked how I must've spent way too long in the hot tub: I was looking absolutely relaxed and drained. so we decided to head back to our room for the shower.

I never keep secrets from my wife, so in the elevator to our floor, I told her I had fucked Ali. I could tell that story of my hyper-tryst had excited my wife, so I suggested that our fun could start after a shower. Although, I did dip my cock in her soaking wet cunt for a few strokes once we got back to the room. Showering after great sex is just phenomenal.
More sex after a great shower is also phenomenal.

I can honestly say that the tryst with a total stranger in a public hotel hot tub is a first for me, and it was one of the best orgasms of my life.
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