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Old 06-14-2009, 07:15 PM
Elisha's Avatar
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Default Gangfuck

Last June my husband and I went on a Western Caribbean cruise to Grand Cayman, Jamica, and Cozumel. Everytime we go on our vacations we try to do something exciting and generally I leave that to my husband but as many of you have read my experiences, I provide some suggestions that I may not get to try otherwise. I always wanted to be fucked by everybody in sight and then be literally covered in cum.

On this cruise we first went to Jamica and we spent the day at Couples Sans Souci. This resort has a nude beach area and this day got my juices runnng down my thighs. I was with my husband and we did the conversative thing up to about the third drink. Then my coments like he is surely hung and I wonder what he's like came out of my mouth. My husband has always said you might as well us it and enjoy it. We played with the other couples but this wasn't the place because security was watching and open sex was not allowed. The next day we visited Grand Cayman and the day at seven mile beach was fun especially being free from wearing my top and enjoying the good looking men and some ladies I might add. When we go to Cozumel we had planned on renting a car and driving to Playa Planacar at the end of the island. We had been there before and what you get is a beautiful beach, blue water, great food and drinks. We wondered down the beach and even though I was topless this is not a big factor here. About a mile from the beach umbrellas my husband went back for more drinks and the camera . He was gone guite a while and coming in my direction was three guys walking down the beach. We stopped and talked and their wives were enjoying the beach at another resort area while they killed time. I noticed they kept looking at my breast but that just makes me feel better and want to show off more. They wanted to take some pictures I'm sure to showoff back home but who cared and I went along for the thrill. Soon some of the guy were holding my breast and acting like they were going to pull my thong off. Pictures were snapping and then one of them did pull my thong down and they commented on my shaved tush. Little did they or I know we were playing right into my thrill hopes. Soon pictures were snapping with fingers in my pussy and I was starting to get hot. I don't like laying on sand naked because sand in my pussy is a big mistake but one of them laid me down and pulled his swimsuit down. He then started to fuck me and I guess was a little excited and he came almost instantly in my pussy. The next was bigger in all respect and I cam twice before he cam on my belly. He reamed me out good and I loved it. As I laid on the beach I could see my husband walking back down the beach . I wondered what he was thinking and if I was hurt. The last guy saw him too and I said that was my husband and they got scared but I said hey I'm on vacation and I enjoy myself any way I want. The third guy then gave the camera to his buddy and then I had to suck him to get it up and then when he did he cam on my face. About that time my husband walked up and told him we were just having a little fun before these guys had to get back to their wives and children. My husband sat down on the beach and started on his margarita. I took a sip of mine and then said who's next. Two of the guys fucked me good this time and the third just took pictures. I expect their vacation pictures will be a long lasting memory for years to come. I know I loved the thrill.

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Old 06-15-2009, 12:22 PM
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Default loved your story...

Great time you must of haved and your husband must of loved it!
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Old 06-23-2009, 08:40 PM
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Lovely vacation and sounds like enjoyed by all... wish i could have been one of the lucky husbands and hope will be able to watch my wife soon with several men too!!! Would love hearing about your other vacations and chat...
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Old 07-20-2009, 04:47 PM
vreyit's Avatar
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Default Great vacation

Sounds like a great time was had by all. What a lucky girl.
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Old 08-08-2009, 07:54 PM
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Default My slut wife

I met my wife in a bar in Germany she was a very active lady with the male population quite good-looking. I fell in love with this woman almost instantly I did not mind her giving her body to any man that wanted her.

After a month or two of growing together and her still being picked up by other men we get married I did not tell any of my Army buddies about this woman until after we were married and had a large party set up for her.

I gave them the address of the party not telling them what the occasion was and who the woman was going to be I just wanted the men every man possible to fuck her on that day. most of the men that attended the party knew her from the bar but they were quite surprised that she was my wife. I was never so horny in my life watching all those men fucking the hell out of her in our bed.

When I was transferred back to the USA got going real good. We were married 51 years 48 of those years she was given her body to anybody that wanted it mostly black men. she passed away in February of 08, I am presently looking for another female to filll that position I own my own home which could be the lucky ladies property if things worked out well. 339-502-2689 if any of you lovely ladies are interestedif If you are married and have no problem with that have your husband we can always work something out.
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