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Anal pounding

Avatar Username: xxxxheels
Date: 28-Nov-2023 19:24:56
Mood: in love

Comments on my photos have been grat, one guy wants to ruin my ass with the help of a bunch of mates, great idea.


To destroy my asshole will be a big job, it will take hours of pounding and pulverizing to ruin it even a little. It always snaps back to its original tight ring size after and man or thing has been rammed up there.


This relentless pounding could last hours and will need to progress without mercy. You will need multiple guys with cocks ranging from 6 to 8 and then 10 inches long so you can oversee my ass being slowly destroyed by each cock as they get larger and larger, then I predict you will then use two cocks, the 6 and the 8 first, with two guys working me over hard and fast.


I will need to be restrained to prevent me getting shunted all around the room. One of your guys suggest “why don't we just dynabolt the cunt to this kitchen island”. Very good plan as its granite and will present me perfectly for the onslaught. You get a handyman to come around and dynabolt 6 shackles to the bench. He requires me to get onto the countertop and pose so he can measure up. Of course I oblige and strip for him so that it is as real as possible. I am prone bone, ass in the air, tits mashed against the marble top and arms outstretched, the poor guy climbed over me and fumbled around marking where to drill the holes. I suggested he try out the position and encouraged him to sodomise me to be sure I am raised high enough in my anal area to allow for the deepest penetration possible. He consented to bugger me in the interests of good workmanship!

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DC Couple becomes HotDCcouple

Avatar Username: DC_Couple
Date: 22-Nov-2023 18:05:32
Mood: horny

Hi friends. Since Tum blr went down, we looked for a place to post more pictures. You can also find a lot of our pictures on ImageFap dot com. Just search for HotDCcouple to find us. Hope to see you there.

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Neighbors at it

Avatar Username: xxxxheels
Date: 18-Nov-2023 20:08:31
Mood: in love

Again the neighbors have me, Robs wife as part of our weekly pass-around. We live in a cul-de-sac and once in a while, now more like weekly, the boys arrange for one of us wives to be shared amongst the others, husbands too, though less frequent and just because one or two are bi I think.

The normal plan of attack is for one wife to go to one house and have a nights fun but for some reason whenever its my turn they all congregate for agangbang - its boys night out and I am the entertainment!

5-6 of them gather at the house across from ours and it all happens there. Its like several one night stands compressed into one nights pounding from 4-5-6 guys. Husband Rob sends me off all dressed up in minute mini skirt and highest heels he could find on the net, leering at me and I can tell he would love to come and watch but thats not allowed so he waves me away to be used like a whore, and I can tell he wants me done really good.

I cross the street and three of the guys are waiting at the front door and I make to go in but they stop me by the door, fully exposed to the street and Rob who is waving ahd cheering them on. 

Suddenly I feel their hands all over me, ripping my blouse off and sliding their hands up my thighs, all the while making sure Rob has the best view.

The bend me double and the first guy plunges his rock hard pole right up my ass and holds it all open for all to see whats really happening down there, and its amazing!!!

Momentum begins to pick up and its all on, spit roasted in mid-air, held by two guys whilst the others take turns unloading into me, one after another after another. They fucked me and fucked me and FUCKED ME.

At this stage there are people walking on the sidealk wondering what all the groaning is about and some stop to watch me being used up like I'm nothing at all, just glorious times.


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Avatar Username: Louboutinlassx
Date: 09-Nov-2023 21:31:54
Mood: horny
Music: private dancer

My friend called asking for a favour at the weekend. One of their friends had split from his wife recently and put their house up for sale. She wanted to try and cheer him up so invited me to join them for dinner. Well who was I to say no! A fantastic opportunity to dress up and spend some time with her husband, maybe a little playfully - I was all in!

We met at a local restaurant, I dressed in a low cut top, short skirt, stockings and boots  - sexy but not too slutty. It was all very casual and their mate Greg was easy to chat to. I took every opportunity to brush against my friends husband, flash a little cleavage and hold his eye maybe a little too long. I longed to kiss him again.

At the end of the evening, I was invited back to the house for drinks, Greg was staying there while he sorted himself out.

As the night went on, my friend got tired and headed to bed - much to my disappointment her husband went with her and I was so jealous imagining them in bed together. 

Greg poured me a large wine and I sat next to him on the sofa. He was a handsome guy and fit and was clearly looking to move on from his marriage.  We chatted for ages and he was flirty which is always fun and I flirted a little back. All of a sudden, I felt his hand slide up my thigh and I froze. Instinctively I looked at the door and there was my friends husband watching. I felt awful, but he smiled encouragingly at me and gave me a wink. 

Oh my god what is he suggesting!

Greg pulled me in and I looked over - my crush had a huge bulge in his jeans, he was enjoying this! The next thing I knew Greg kissed me and pulled my legs off the sofa. He slipped my dress up over my hips. " I could see you had stockings on, I have been thinking about them all night"

The next thing I knew, he was between my legs licking me and my head was thrown back but looking at my real love. He was rubbing his bulge through his jeans and blew me a kiss.

Fuck me I begged! Throwing my legs over Gregs shoulders. He undid his jeans and his thick cock burst free. I was so wet from him fucking me with his tongue that he pushed right in up to the hilt - fuck! 

I felt like I was cheating, but I looked over and my voyeur had his hand down his jeans and was clearly wanking. 

As Greg and I fucked I over moaned hard but kept eye contact with the guy I really wanted to be with. I was pounded so hard, we were both sweating and he came deep inside met then kissed me hard. We fell into a slump together. 

Im going to grab a quick shower he said, want to join me? I said that I would wait for him and watched as he walked past where my friends husband had just been. What the hell!

I lay back on the sofa and to my excitement I was joined by my guy. He wrapped his hand round my neck - you know how sexy that was to watch you get fucked? He kissed me so deeply.

We have a problem though honey, his cum is about to run onto your sofa!

With that, he got on his knees and licked the trickling cum from my ass back to my clitoris and rubbed it in with his tongue.

Fuck me I begged! I had wanted him all night and I was as horny as hell. He undid his jeans, looked me in the eye and pushed into me - god I loved his cock in me, he was the most incredible lover and this very naughty side of him made me love him even more. I came on him as he gave me my second load of cum that night. We kissed and when I tasted Gregs cum I came again.

As quick as he came in, he jumped up and we made ourselves presentable. All to soon, Greg came back from his shower, we all chatted like nothing had happened and I ordered a cab.

Definitely a night to remember.




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Such a whore - Not my wife but MILF none the less

Avatar Username: Trixie The Pinup
Date: 06-Oct-2023 12:48:33
Mood: full of life
Music: "Mr Skin" by Spirit

Trixie made her first moves on me back when I was still married. My marriage had become sexless and I am sure now that she knew it. She attended public classes that I taught and was very smooth about it. The infatuation grew slowly over time, and just like in books and movies we one day kissed in the parking lot after one-too-many-drinks while out with a group of mutual friends... my wife and I had very little overlap in firends by that time.

These days, Trixie is addicted to my mojo and literally can't get enough! You will see and hear her say so in our videos! She says things like "All damn day" and "I can't get enough" and "I crave your cock"... things she says directly into the camera!

When we shot our first images she was a little shy - but after seeing the results she leaned into this hobby with me and SHE is the one who suggest video. She said she wanted to see my cock sliding in and out of her!

I am a photographer as a side gig and had begun photographing her in our candid moments, just for me to have. She lets me admire her beuaty and she surrenders completely to me.  She has told me over and over that she likes it when I tell her what to do - she loves being instructed... and consequently rewarded for her good behavior. Her favorite reward? Dick in her mouth. 


The videos are the proof!

I moved recently and no longer live in the same neck of the woods as she does but we still meet 2 - 4 tmes per month for sex picnics and content creation.

Please leave a comment or reach out directly if you'd like to hear more or would to make suggestions or requests for us to perform on camera!

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Wife and coworker in Las Vegas

Avatar Username: Hornyredhead03
Date: 05-Oct-2023 12:55:36
Mood: horny

The wife and a coworker named Dan went to Las Vegas. They left Monday and come back late today. They my were supposedly on a business trip. She called me after work yesterday and said her and Dan needed to unwind. I ask how work was and she said they were burnt out. That they just finished working and we’re going to take showers and have a night out on the town. My reply to her was sounds like the two of you need it. She said yes we both do and I could hear him saying something in the background. I said we’ll have fun and I’ll ttyl. She said love ya and hung up. It was about 11pm here where I’m at and I got a text from Susan. It was short that said hey. I said well did you and Dan have fun. What I could make out of her text they did. She had a lot of misspelled words so I ask her if she was alright. Her reply again was yes. She basically said they went to eat and went bar hopping at a few different places. I knew then she was drunk. I ask if they were back at the room. Most of her answers were yes or no. They had gotten back and she was in the bathroom and put her pj’s on. A pair of booty shorts that her ass cheeks was hanging out of and a little spaghetti strap top. I ask her where Dan was and she said in the other room. I told her wish I was there so I could pull the bottom of her shorts to the side and slide my dick in her wet pussy. Then bent her over and play with her tits as I fucked her. I told her I know it is wet cause we have been together way to long. She send me a smiley face and said yes it is. She said Dan yelled in there and ask her if she was okay. She told him yes and said she better go. I told her to call me and let me hear what was going on so she did. She was peeing on the toilet and he walked in on her. He said I was just checking on you. She told him she texted me and talked a few minutes. Dan ask her what I said. She told him I ask where they went and she told me. She told Dan that I knew she was drunk cause of all the words she misspelled. She told Dan that I told her if I was there I would bend her over the bathroom counter and fuck her. Dan said okay didn’t need to know that. The wife was washing her hands and he told her that she had a nice ass hanging out of her booty shorts. She said sounds like my hubby isn’t the only one horny. He laughed and the next thing I heard was the wife say hey you better watch it. Apparently his hand was rubbing my wife’s crotch and he said well since your hubby isn’t here then maybe I need to take care of your needs. The wife said you think so and he said yes. Heard them kissing and apparently his fingers went up my wife’s pussy. I head her breathing really heavy and then a few minutes later I heard her moan. I heard him ramming his cock in and out of my wife ax his balls were slapping her ass. Every now and then I would hear her say oh fuck. He ask her if that felt good and her reply was yes fuck me. They fucked for awhile and then he ask where she wanted him to cum. It was silent for a minute then she told him to cum inside her. After she told him that he must have picked up the pace as you could hear there bodies slapping against each other. Then a few minutes later he told her it’s cumming and you should have heard the two of them moaning and grunting. My dick was so hard hearing them I had to go masturbate after that. I can’t wait till she comes home tonight and hear about the rest of the trip.

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Sexually Liberated Upstanding Talent

Avatar Username: num1scamp
Date: 02-Oct-2023 16:14:26
Mood: full of life

    I'd like to say that how I live my life would certainly not be exceptable for most people. What works for my husband and I certainly wouldn't for most everyone, nor should it. I don't want to mislead anyone into thinking our lifestyle wouldn't create numerous problems for most couples, it only works for us because of total trust. I love doing things that excite me. That make me feel alive. I'm the type that will try most anything at least once. I love men. I love getting attention from them, I love feeling that I'm desired and wanted. If it's sexual it'll probably really turn me on. The more sex I have, the more I actually crave. My husband likes me being perpetually horny. I give my all to whomever I'm with at the moment. I love to give and receive pleasure, in my mind, it's foolish not too.

     I like showing my body off, yes I love the attention it gets. I know that I sometimes upset other ladies, by showing a bit too much skin. However I do not go after other women's husbands. I respect other people's boundaries. At times I've had women in clubs call me a slut, because of my dress. I also understand that underneath that animous is a certain amount of jealousy at the attention I get. I rarely wear underwear at all, my husband prefers that I don't. He's proud that other men desire me. I appreciate that men desire me! We love each other unconditionally. I just want to live my life to the fullest extent that I can!


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Neighborly love

Avatar Username: xxxxheels
Date: 26-Sep-2023 19:01:37
Mood: in love

Well not love perhaps, but serious lusting and pounding, yes...

One of our neighbors has taken to jerking off at the window while watching my wife do outdoors stuff, like gardening, sunbathing and lawns. We knew him and his wife pretty well till she passed away through illness and that was about when Gary found a new release for his sexual tension, beating off over my wife. 

His dead wife was very flurty and they wanted to hook up with us on more than one occassion but my wife is not into woman, well not her anyway, so nothing really happened aside from me sharing the odd slutty photo of my wife with them to liven up their sex lives.

Only natural I guess that Gary got into my wife even more since his wife died.

It started pretty innocently, with Gary stroking while leering at Di through his window as she gardened - her bending over and stretching seemed to elicit the greatest response. Di was unaware as she could not see what I could from inside, but once she knew it was all on.

She took over mowing the yard, in a one piece bathing suit and sometimes in heels! Gary was over the moon, and often over the edge looking at Di strutting around like a slut. Yoga also became fun, I hate yoga but watching the effect on Gary when Di did her moves, especially when she lay back and spread her long legs directly in front of Garys window was spectacular, I though he would cum through the glass he was that agitated.

Well this developed into a regular affair with Di turning up outside a predetermined times and usually in miniscule skirts and towering high heels

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Slave joana

Avatar Username: sluttysheila
Date: 25-Sep-2023 11:18:07
Mood: in love

msg me if u want to see my slave joana abuse or expose her

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My wife

Avatar Username: jinksy
Date: 21-Sep-2023 21:37:59
Mood: horny

My sexy curvy blonde attractive wife longing for gang bang and double penetrated by black guys

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