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Old 03-02-2008, 06:06 PM
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Default My wife fucked me in PUBLIC!

Here my posting from a group I have on a pay site. This happened during the late summer a couple of years ago. It's about fucking my wife in public and it.s a true experience. I hope you enjoy!!

My wife and I went out last night for dinner and some drinks at the Pilot House in Brick. After a few, we got a little horny as usual. She had recently gotten a no judgment personal gift catalog and said she intended to make a selection tonight so I was on guard for anything to happen. During desert, we were sitting close to each other on a table for two on the porch when my wife put her hand under the table and started feeling my cock while casually finishing the last of her frozen mudslide. As the waitress brought over our check, a nice looking young girl with nice sized tits, I expected my wife to stop her groping but she didn't. When the waitress asked if there was anything else, my wife smiled and gripped my swollen cock rather hard and reply she was fine. The waitress smiled, then look down and noticed my wife's hand was under the table. She looked a bit confused then all at once blushed, smiled and after a momentary pause asked me if there was anything else, as if I hadn't heard her the first time. I think she was just stalling because I could see her nipples getting hard right before our eyes. I laughed a bit, looked at the waitresses' beautiful brown eyes and said, "some coffee and cream please". The waitress nervously giggled and went away. My wife grabbed my dick hard again and giggled. She started rubbing my cock when a different waitress arrived with my coffee staring at the underside of the table while our first waitress took our bill to process it, blushing bright red. The new waitress could not see exactly what was going on since the table cloth covered most of my wife's arm and my lap, but she also was quite aroused judgeing by her nipples and bright red ring around her neck area. I finished my coffee, my wife and I chatted while she messaged my large cock. My wife had on a skirt with a light pink silk shirt with out a bra so her nipples were rock hard and protruding quite a bit. It was a nipple fiesta all around! the blushing waitress brought our credit card receipt to sign, which I did while getting grabbed still quite hard. she left, but her and the second waitress kept meandering around our table looking at us...well not us but the underside of the table. After a few minutes, my coffee done, we left the restaurant, me with a huge boner clearly outlined and my wife with hard nipples and, I am sure, soaked panties. Most tables looked at us as we passed, women smiling at me and men trying not to look as if they were staring jealously at my wife. When we got to the parking lot, my wife slipped off her panties before getting into the car and suggested we get in the back so she could make her selection..... making love in a public place. No sooner had I sat down, my wife undid my pants, pulled them down and slipped her sopping wet pussy onto my 8" cock as deep as it would go. She sat there for a minute, looking around nervously, then I felt her cum real hard, heating and soaking my cock, still deep in her. Then the motion started. While grinding back and forth, a car pulled up two spaces from us. I mentioned to my wife the couple was getting out and would be passing by, which made here cum really hard again! She moved back and forth even harder while trying to be discreet. The couple looked as they passed, not wanting to be to obvious I guess. they slowed down quite a bit as their mouths went slack . They didn't stop but rubber necked it until they were out of site. My wife came one last time really big as I unloaded into her, wetting my thighs and balls. It was really big for both of us. We wiped the sweat from our brow and juices from our bodies with her panties and gather ourselves before going home. I am sure we gave the waitresses and the couple in the lot good conversation for the evening. This is the most daring she has gotten with her catalog so far. It gave us both an intense high and an erotic feeling the whole evening , especially me, anticipating but not knowing what her selcetion was going to be. I'll pass the site along .
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