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Girl Talk

Avatar Username: Sarah*Swings
Date: 17-Oct-2019 18:49:34
Mood: in love
Music: Steely Dan "Hey nineteen" sets a nice mood anytime

So falling in line with my photo albumn, "Girl talk" ... I thought I'd go into some detail on the time that us girls spend alone together on Sundays. My GF & I are "football widows" ... our BF hosts friends down in the rec room, and Laura and I entertain ourselves in bed, while the guys watch the games. For Laura and I, Sunday, with or without football to distract our BF, is our day to spend having sex together, and it's been our tradition for 5 yrs. now. Some friends our BF invites bring their GF's or wives with them, and the girls have a choice. Football or sex. A friend who's never been with more than 1 girl at a time seemed intrigued, tho maybe unsure, that a 3some or 4some was something she'd be comfortable with. So rather than blow up her inbox ... I decided I'd just blog it. Anyone's welcome to participate ... pretty much however you want. Comment or tell something about your own experience.

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Avatar Username: jennad152
Date: 07-Oct-2019 19:00:28
Mood: high
Music: erotic

A few nights later, after a weekend of intense bondage submission and incessant masturbation, the sex-crazed Jenna, while frantically rubbing her inflamed clitoris, announced to the surprised but delighted Damian that she had invited some men over for the evening.  An hour later, dressed in an obscenely tight white micro-mini skirt, so short that it revealed her thong-pantied cunt and bottom, and wearing a clinging blue silk blouse cut low to reveal her voluptuous breasts down to her hard pink nipples, cinched in by a wide black belt, Jenna descended the stairs in black stockings and 5" spike heels, her eyes heavily made-up and wearing long gold-hooped drop earrings, and elbow length black leather gloves.  Eyeing the enormous bulge in her Masters tight pants, the cock-crazed whore sat back moaning with lust on the family room couch, her thighs spread obscenely and holding a buzzing vibrator between her glistening cunt lips as her sex juices poured down her silken white thighs.


Some time later, as the slut already half-drunk on wine and sake writhed in orgasmic lust, the bell rang and she teetered to the front door to admit three young Latinos wearing tight jeans and black leather jackets.  Jenna handed one the chain leash attached to her studded slave collar and forcing her to her knees the men led her crawling , her tight skirt high on her ass, begging for their cocks, into the room to display the slut to her waiting Master.  Damian then ordered his sex-crazed slut to stand in the center of the room, her leather-gloved hands cuffed behind her head, and commanded the men to take turns masturbating her dripping cunt and fondling and sucking her enormous exposed breasts.  Damian stroked his huge erect cock as he watched his whore, moaning and slutted out of her mind, writhe and wet in submission as each man in turn brought her to orgasm with their fingers as she begged obscenely for their cocks and cum.    


With her wrists still cuffed in leather restraints, and her cunt juices running freely down her black-stockinged thighs, the men then led the moaning slut outside to their car in full view of the neighbours, and drove to a notorious strip-club in the seamiest part of town.  Damian and her three new masters then led the slave-whore inside on her leash, teetering on her spike heels, her thong-split bottom swaying lewdly in her tight micro-skirt, past tables of drunken men who fondled and spanked her half-naked ass, causing the slut to frantically rub her clit with her cuffed hands, licking her full pouting pink lips in depraved anticipation of what was to come. 


Leading his bitch to a booth, Damian ordered her to kneel before the men and suck one off while masturbating the other two swollen cocks with her now-uncuffed hands.  Her half-naked ass exposed to the room, the voluptuous blonde slave-whore submissively complied while her Master held her chain, watching his sluts frantically sucking mouth and pumping fingers rapidly bring the groaning men to completion, feeding jets of thick cum onto her greedily extended tongue and cupped leather gloved hands.  Damian then commanded her to lick the cum from her gloves and spread it on her face, tits, and bottom so that she glistened with their cock-juices, showing the whole room her degradation. her aroused cunt under the table, begged for permission to expose herself on stage, as fantasies of men masturbating for her and using her in public filled her sex-crazed mind.  After talking to his friend the owner, Damian lead his collared slut on her leash up onto the stage, and gave her favorite ZZ Topp dance music to the MC to play.  Soon the slut-whore was writhing obscenely to the pounding music, pumping a thick dildo up her liquid cunt, shaking her big tits and pouting down at the men in the audience who were openly jerking off at the spectacle of the sex-crazed bitch


Soon the club owner announced the start of the evenings amateur strip/dance contest.  Jenna, breathing rapidly as she fingered lewdly dancing for them.  Kneeling at the front of the stage, she sucked on her cupped breasts while men fingered her cunt and licked her clit as she jerked her hips wildly to the music.  A second collared slave-slut, similarly dressed, was now led onto the stage by her owner and displayed to the cheering audience.  Lupe, a beautiful young black-haired Chicano joined Jenna on the stage and the two slave-whores bumped and grinded side by side, licking their pouting pink lips and fingering their cunts as they danced.  Spreading wide their glistening cunt-lips, the two degraded bitches crouched at the front of the stage, masturbating each other, their tits pressed tight together, moaning in their cock-lust.


Damian and Chico, Lupes master, again climbed onto the stage and led their slutted whores on their hands and knees, tight-skirted asses swaying lewdly, to a large frame in the center of the stage.  The sluts were then bent forward over the frame, their voluptuous breasts clamped, their wrists again cuffed, and their legs spread wide with ankles fastened, so that their dripping pink cunts were wide open for the audience to see and use.  Damian and Chico inserted vibrating dildos deep into their slaves cunts and commenced to whip the moaning whores writhing bottoms, while two young sluts from the audience sucked frantically on their jerking cocks.  As Jenna and Lupe begged for cocks and cum their Masters rammed their hugely swollen dicks into their assholes and, while the young sluts licked their heavy full balls, pulled their bitches heads savagely back by their hair and proceeded to use their whores for the depraved pleasure, groaning with lust as they spurted their warm cum deep inside their writhing cock-slaves.


As Damian and Chico watched, a succession of men followed them onto the stage, filling the bondage whores mouths, cunts, and asses with their huge cocks, and covering them in torrents of thick white cum which dripped from their abused holes and squirming glistening bodies.  Before leaving the stage, the cock-crazed whores were again soundly whipped by their Masters as they pleaded for still more cum, masturbating beside each other on the floor in their frenzy.  Their begging fell on deaf ears however and they were led from the club on their leashes, still rubbing their swollen clits, and moaning for more cocks and cum.  Damian had decided to take them to his house for the night, and to continue their training together on the following day.           

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Cruise Ship Shenanigans part two

Avatar Username: OldDragonLord
Date: 05-Oct-2019 21:42:38
Mood: other
Music: Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon

So, I sit halfway up on my elbows as Amy begins tracing my bulge with two fingers. "I don't see any of those wolves you were so afraid of... (looking down at my swim trunks and the tent that Amy is busy measuring) So I guess I'll let Sue take off my trunks!"

Danielle and Lori are arm in arm and giggling hysterically. And Amy can't quite seem to understand what I just said, but she has a handful of cock through my trunks and is looking at me with "what did you just say?" on her face.

Fortunately Sue does "get it" and swiftly pulls my trunks down, which forces Amy to let go of my now very erect member. Which kinda "bounces" as it gets free. Danielle and Lori stop giggling and get the same odd look on their faces. Sue looks at me as she scoots my trunks past me feet with a shy smile. Amy is having a stare down with my cock as she bites her lower lip.

I would learn later, that the girls had done this before. Always picking on the new guy about a month in, bartender, DJ, Entertainer, didn't matter. But they especially loved Americans because they were so skittish about public nudity. Usually they'd play around in front of the guy. Danielle and Lori would make out in front of their victim... and usually the poor guy was so intmidated by Amy and the rest of the girls that they often ran off and avoided them for weeks! But now they were in uncharted waters and didn't know how they wanted to proceed.

Amy still had a hand on my thigh, Sue is holding my trunks in both hands covering her pussy and Danielle and Lori just stand there stunned. So I said, " Amy, continue what you started. Sue, come up here and you two! (pointing at D&L) I think you know what to do with each other!"

That broke the silence and the trance. Sue moved first, knee walking up closer and leaning down to kiss me. As Sue and I embraced I caught D&L turning toward each other and sharing a very passionate kiss. Finally Amy shook off her stupor and wrapped her hand around my cock.

Amy slowly strokes my cock as Sue and I kiss and I fondle Sue's tits. I can hear D&L giggling and moaning as they have moved to the towel next to me. I feel her hair against my thighs first, then Amy's hot breath on the head of my cock before she wraps her lips tightly around it. Still stroking my shaft slowly as her tongue does laps around the head. At the same time I work my hand between Sue's legs and find a very wet spot between them.

Amy's pleasurable mouth lifts off me, and then her knee nudges one hip as she swings a leg over, her hand never leaving my cock, she guides it into her soaked pussy and sinks down on it oh so slowly, all the way to the base before holding there and grinding. I nudge Sue up and motion for her to sit on my face, facing Amy. The last thing I see as she swings her leg over my head is D&L in a 69 and apparently having a grand time!

Amy and Sue both grind away while kissing and fondling each other. Amy cums first with Sue very close behind. After they cum they switch positions. I get another glimpse of D&L scissoring rather loudly! After Amy and Sue come again, I am very close myself. Rather reluctantly I lift Amy off my face and tell her and Sue to get on their knees with their faces close together. Which they both accomplish very quickly. As I stand above them and start to stoke my cock, I get a look at D&L who each have a hand in the other's cunt. That and looking down at a gorgeous Blonde and Redhead, with their head back and tongues out is enough to send me over the edge. Amy got the first spurt, from the middle of her forehead right down her nose. Sue took the second square in her open mouth. I alternated back and forth. They got most of my cum in their mouths, but what they didn't they licked off each others faces.

The three of us turned and watched as Danielle and Lori shuddered and shook as they both shared powerful orgasms. After which we had one final group hug, got redressed, gathered our belongings and headed back to the ship.

I had a lot of fun with these girls over the next year. Yes Danielle and Lori were Lesbians, but I learned that sometimes, even Lesbians like some cock under the right circumstances. And Amy was a Prima Donna, always wanting to be in charge, except when she didn't! But Sue was sweet and putty in my hands.


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Cruise Ship Shenanigans

Avatar Username: OldDragonLord
Date: 03-Oct-2019 22:51:42
Mood: full of life
Music: Supertramp - Crime of the Century

Since there seems to be an interest in my Cruise Ship experience, I'll start with a very early little adventure...

I had been aboard the Costa Riviera about a month when the chorus girls decided I would probably be around for a while and therefore worth welcoming into the crew. There were four of them and as you might imagine they were four perfect specimens of womanhood. Two Blondes, a Brunette and a Redhead, all with big tits and tight butts that were very much on display even for a "family oriented" cruise line. All four girls were from the British Isles and of course were so much fun to listen to as well as look at!

After the big stage show (one of my duties was assiting with lighting) Amy... the Redhead, about 5'11" and was the mold for the original brick shithouse... 36DD, 23, 36 as she loved to tell just about anyone! Sidles up to me and says, "the other girls and I are going to the beach when we get to St. Thomas in the morning. We need a male escort to keep the wolves at bay, you interested?"

I said, "Sure!"

So the next morning we disembark and the five of us head down to the beach. I in my t-shirt, swim trunks and flip flops, and each of the girls wearing shoulder to knee coverups. We hail a taxi for the 20 minute ride to the beach. And it's just your typical banter and joking around the whole ride over. Sue, the taller Blonde at about 5'10 or so, was flirting with the driver, who was having difficulty focusing on the road instead of her 38D's. Danielle and Lori ( short blonde and brunette) were laughing and joking between themsleves about something (I would shortly learn what!). For those that must know, Daniel was a 36C and Lori 34C and both stood about 5'3".

After paying the driver and asking him to return at 2pm to pick us up, we walked across a tiny footpath that led to a very secluded beach. We selected our spots, I thought it odd that the girls were all grouped together sort of across from me, but paid no mind as I set out my towel.

As I looked up, all four girls were standing in a line, just like they would for a show. they reached down all together, grabbed the bottom hem of their coverups and as one pulled them over their heads and off.

And now i"m staring at four beautiful, smiling and totally naked women. Their smiles faded when I said, "I didn't know St. Thomas had a nude beach... cool!" and proceeded to lie down on my towel to catch some rays. Which were soon blocked by four naked women all wanting to know why I wasn't shocked. Wasn't I an American? Aren't all Americans prudes, hung up on nakedness in public?

I laughed, "Just the ones that never worked in a titty bar!" But Amy was a bit more observant... She knelt beside me, ran her hand up my thigh and over the growing bulge in my swimsuit and said, then why don't you take these off then?

So... Who wants to hear, "The rest of the Story?"

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A wander down memory lane

Avatar Username: OldDragonLord
Date: 02-Oct-2019 00:47:16
Mood: full of life
Music: Jethro Tull - Aqualung

Well, since everyone seems to sharing old memories here. Let me add one and see how that goes over.

A little background, From 1977 through 1989 I was a Disc Jockey. I started out in radio and quickly figured out there was better money... and more pussy in club work. I worked every kind of venue you can imagine from dinner clubs to cruise ships. And I have LOTS of stories to tell. This is one of the tamer ones!

It was 1985, was working an Orlando Licquor Lounge Disco. Big crowds most every night of the week but for some reason this particular night was slow. By 12:30 there were maybe 30 people in the club (on a normal night it was closer to 600) but they were all active and I kept the dance floor hopping pretty good. But as it always does... time for a slow song so the couples could get better acquainted. I started Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart. To my surprise only one couple stayed out. They were cute together, he was in blue jeans and a button down shirt (hey we were a classy place!) and she was wearing a pink and white striped shirt/dress that was the fashion of the day. It's also pretty clear that both of them are not great dancers, and if they ever were the amount of alcohol coursing through thier veins had reduced them to barely swaying back and forth... BUT our boy was still functioning well enough to try and get her, shall we call it... motivated to go home with him... so he works his leg between hers, gets his hands on her hips and gets her to start grinding up and back on his thigh.

And yeah, everyone is watching. She's kinda sorta fighting but not fighting him at first, but by the mid point of the song she is grinding from his knee to as far up his thigh as she can get. the shirt/dress has ridden up and all can see she's wearing pantyhose... and nothing else.

Now this song is just shy of 7 minutes long if you play the album version... which of course I was. by the time it's at the 6 minute mark, she has completely abandoned herself to the experience, head back, eyes closed and riding this guys leg like it's the best dick she's ever had. This poor fella has obviously gotten himself in for way more than he bargained and is hanging on for dear life!

Just as the song reaches it's crescendo, so does our young lady. Huge push down to his knee, then hard grind all the way to his crotch and... she freezes, starts to shake from head to toe and then goes completely limp. If her fella hadn't hung on she'd have collapsed to the floor.

Ever the gentleman he half carries half drags the lass off the floor and to their seats at the bar as the song ends, to a round of applause from the bar patrons and staff. Including me who ended by saying over the mic, "I hope everyone enjoyed that as much as she did!"

Every time I hear that song, I think of that performance. And I hope now so will you!

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aka Sally

Avatar Username: sexhound46217
Date: 01-Oct-2019 18:05:22
Mood: full of life

Sally stopped by last night to visit . She and her husband had been on vacation for the last two weeks. She exclaimed it was fun getting to see and visit with a couple of her daughters. And see some new places she’s never been before. She talked about how she dressed in some sexy night gowns at night trying to interest her husband. She laughed about parading around their motel room like a big cat on the prowl. She said all her husband would say was after this many years and you still are trying to look younger !!! She was in hopes that maybe they could engage in some kind of sex. I believe she has now completely given up of ever having sex with her husband.

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Another Dancing Memory

Avatar Username: num1scamp
Date: 29-Sep-2019 15:05:45
Mood: happy

       One of the craziest things that happened to me in a club, was with my friend Karen. Karen and I had worked together at a club and become friends. We had worked some bachelor parties together too, where we had put on some girl-girl shows. Karen left the club we worked at together and went to another one where she'd heard she could make more. Some of these clubs allowed a lot more to go on than others. I'd heard of the one Karen was going to, and from what I'd heard it was really a wild place. Karen was engaged to get married and she and her boyfriend were saving up to get a new house. She was always inviting me to have a threesome with them because he liked me, but that hadn't happened. I was to be Karen's maid of honor at her wedding.

       A week before the wedding my husband and I went to where she was working, we were going to take her out for dinner, a little celebration before her wedding. It was a Saturday. Karen was very petite, very pretty small breasts and she was extremely attractive. Karen used to walk and strut around the stage a lot slowly as opposed to dancing. She had her own style and guys loved her. We got some drinks, Karen asked me to dance with her. My husband encouraged me, so I said sure. Af the first song was over, Karen kissed me. It was a long deep kiss, and I hugged her tight as she did. She began undressing me, as she did she began kissing and touching my body. The guys began to cheer loudly as Karen sucked on my nipples and felt my ass. A red light began flashing and Karen pulled her G-string off. She was totally nude. I said what are you doing? (That's illegal here)! She said don't worry that light means he's locked the doors. Karen dropped to her knees and pulled my G-string off of me, as she did so she licked my pussy. The guys went wild. I was getting very wet and turned on. We'd done this before at private parties, but not in a club with a hundred and thirty drunk guys. Soon we were rolling around the stage in a 69 postion, My tongue and hands making good use of Karen's body. Money was flying all over the stage. I came twice on that stage, I know she came too. We got up and shey cheered guys begged us to dance for them, we got off the stage totally nude and started to dance for a table full of men. Money was raining on us, the men were getting carried away and were feeling us as we danced. We were both so turned on we were welcoming their touches. Soon we were being passed around the bar, our pussies being felt, our tits being felt and sucked on. I looked over and Karen was sitting on a guys cock. A cock was right in front of my face and I started sucking on it. I had a cock in each hand one in my pussy and one in my mouth, I was cumming hard. Before it got totaaly out of hand the bouncer put a stop to it, and the DJ announced a new dancer. We went to the dressing and laughed at each other both of us was splattered with cum. We showered and got dressed. The DJ had picked up all of the money for us and handed us a shopping bag full of crumpled bills.  We tipped him and left the club. 

       My husband asked Karen if that happened there a lot. She said no, that was the wildest she'd ever seen it get in there. Karen spent the night with us and we had a lovely threesome together. The next week she got married. After the reception I spent the night with Karen and her husband, it was great.




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Need a man in South Caroilina to enjoy my gorgeous wife with me

Avatar Username: MeAndAsh
Date: 28-Sep-2019 14:02:30
Mood: horny

     Wassup guys, so it's getting to the point where I need to stop fantasizing about my wife getting off with another man and make it happen. 

     So the short story is I'm going to get her into some sexy new lingerie,  clean shaven and tied to the motel bed blindfolded. I will tease her and get her super horny when I open the door and let in the lucky man. She wont know this will be happening until 2 cocks are filling her up. She would absolutely love it. Omg so would I!

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How do get a piece of this,....

Avatar Username: ironhorse67752
Date: 27-Sep-2019 13:07:14
Mood: other

Date: Last year;.,... 

Kussel, Germany


Darla, my wife and I got together with some friends. I used to work with Richard.   They have invited us to go with them to the beach in Spain and live with them in this "very small camper" pulled along with their car.   That's twice we declined and it was only due to thinking about living arrangements, privacy,..  and a loss of freedom to be yourself, especially since we'd be living so damm close in that trailor,...  What if I farted in my sleep?

They would hear me snoring,....  LOL   Richard has always flirted with my wife and I with his wife Martha of course.  Never thought too much about it except it was a fatuation I was not used to,..  the hugging and kissing the side of my face,..  even in front of her husband.   Martha is smaller then my wife and I have to admit,..  fits very nice to my frame and she's kinda hot in a MILF sorta way.

Not even in my wildest dreams would my wife ever even consider going with another man for any reason except her doctor.   Up to now, and beyond, I will always have this belief because I know her,  She would never ever agree to a switch and would think me crazy for even thinking about it,...  so the answer is NOOOOO!

But even though we continue to meet over the years for dinner engagements and such, with Richard and Marths, I'm willing to bet that they swing.  Richard likes my wife alot,  easy to see but,..  he ain't gonna get nowhere,...  despite all his flirtings,...   With Martha, it's quite the other story.  She flirts openly and even stares and me with her impish twist of a faded smile, and breaks the eye contact,....  I'm not stupid,.....  I can read the language enough in the eye contact regardless of how brief,..  This gets me on edge,...  because I am drawn to reture my eyes to hers again,..  and again that brief smile.   

So,...  it's not just my imagination playing tricks on me,...   A PARTY at her house one snowy weekend,...  The snow had come and we were in the process of sitting and chatting over finger foods, Wine,  and some nice music,..  But all good things must end,...  It was time to go but the village was covered in snow.  No snow plow in sight.   WHAT TO DO?   Martha invited us to stay the night,..  go home tomorrow,  we gratefully accepted.  So we came back to the living room for more drinks,..  and a feeling of 'No Rush Now',..  lets have fun,..

NO,...  Richard,...  poor guy was wasting his time,....   all that flirting was going to waste.  Martha on the other hand became more talkative and we drew close in conversation with just us two.  My wife Darla and Richard were laughing over some funny between them,... so,...  I mentioned that the couch and a blanket was a nice offer.   She is GERMAN, and I don't speak but about 30% at best.  She speaks no English,...  She says something to me in German and apparently expects me to follow she,  I ask my wife to translate.  Darla says she wants you to help her put the spare bedroom in order so that later when we wanted to go to bed,....   OK,..  so I understand now and follow her.  

I love these Old type German houses,  they are sturdy and strongly built.  Many timbers are used in the construction of Martha's house and in my socked feet following her,..  no sound of movement.  Smooth as silk on the polished wood floor, then we started up stairs.  No picture this,..  This is a wooden staircase,..  but the stairs go up at a slightly higher angle half way up.   What started as me following her up the stairs quickly became,..  My Face Right In Her Ass.  She stopped to open the door at the head of the staircase and Crash,..  My face in her ass.  LOL   But she didn't move,...  She just stoor there,....

In those first few seconds before reality is realized as a real happening,..  and the daze fades from your face,...  you swallow the lump in your throat and I shot a question look into her eyes,..  Whats going on?  There it is again,..  that impish little smile,..  that of a brat that got away with whatever she did wrong, except this time,...  shes not looking away.  She is smiling like,..  Got You,...

In nothing at all, more like an inspiration,..  I didn't even have time to react, she squats down on the step she is on, bends down and plants a kiss on my startled face,...  ME:  "Wow, is this real",  and then,..  SHOCK,..  she raises back up having grabbed the material of her skirt and bunched it,..  she stood back up,  all of her Beautiful Naked Ass in all it's splender, and her pussy was right in my face as she held up her dress.  I quickly looked back down the stairs thinking that any moment,..  her husband was gonna catch us red handed, my heart pounding like a nervous hare.  She held her finger to her lips and guided my face towards her close cropped pussy.  Cupping the back of my head she arched towards me,..  fitting her pussy very nicely right against my mouth.  She was clean, and her musk, the virtural taste of just her, was exotic,.. I tasted her slowly, letting my tongue split her lips and tasted her wetness, I swallowed,.  it was her,...  

I could hear the laughter of Richard over some joke he told my wife,...  but with her pussy becoming juicier by the  minute, I stopped and pushed her gently to go on up the stairs,.....  We went to the guest bedroom which was already set up,..  The Little Liar,... and she sat on the edge of the bed as I entered,..  she laid herself back.  Looking at her impish face,..  I knew she wanted me to finish with her pussy.  She didn't have to ask,.. Just looking, I could see her lips had parted because the recent eating and her excitement. I dropped to my knees and my face was buried in her sweet tasting pussy.  Cupping my head,  she used my lapping tongue, my nose, my mouth as her private sex tools by shifting my head around.  She was fucking my face,..  not in the sense as a man does, the  'Old In And Out',  No, she was face fucking me but directing my lips, tongue, and even my nose as a riding stump.   

Not Kidding,....  You ever been nose fucked?  Thinking this was the greatest face fuck I have ever received entered a new phase,..  she started to get serious with the rubbing of my face,..  breathing hard,...  I decided to chance fingering her asshole,  mostly since her pussy was totally Mouth occupied,..   I didn't just plunge my finger up her ass.  I slipped the finger into the lines between mouth and pussy to scoop up some saliva.  I transported that saliva to her asshole and just rubbed and tickled her puckered tightness.  I started to match her movements with some finger action, more saliva, more probing,....

The moment my finger broke through the barrier of "inner Asshole",  my crazy pussy trashing imp went suddenly still,.  I felt her asshole tighten around my finger and her hand guiding mine to probe her asshole deeper.  I oblighed,. no problem,.. I stroked her "REALLY WAS TIGHT" asshole slowly.  Going all the way in,..  holding the finger deep, then sliding almost all the way out.  Her woman juices were flowing,...  her wetness was,  lets just say juicy,..  but the trashing returned,..  she was again fucking my face.  Her hands returned to my heads and as her hips gyrated, she was fucking my face. 

 I started doing donuts just inside her asshole,...  I had read somewhere that the anus was loaded with sences that add alot of sensual pleasure.  I played right there at the anal entry and macher her thrustings,..  even her ass was juicy,....  I took her clit and her pussy lips into my mouth and started sucking like the blowjob I wish I had.  Her trashing stopped and I felt her starting to tremble under my facial onslaut.  Her climax started with a tremble and she grabbed the bedspread.  I thought she was holding on,,  but no,...  she placed it in her mouth and came in my mouth,...  I could tastes her creamy, tangy tasting essence of her,...  her part,...  her climax,...  and I tasted it and tongued her clit until she was desperately trying to push me away.  Grabbing her arms I held them down as her climax subside and her whimpering,..... I sucked the last of the wetness,... and stopped,  she sighed long,...  

I stopped,...  it was over.  I had fully eaten my friend's wife's pussy.   But then it was back to all business.  She got up,..  smoothed her dress down,..  pointd me to the bathroom and went back downstairs.   I gargled some water and washed my face with toilet paper and the handsoap,...  gargled some water,...  went back downstairs myself.  She was in the kitchen making a small finger food disk and asked if I wanted tea or coffee,..  another drink,...?  The only thing that reamained was her impish little smile,....


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Memorable Fucks!

Avatar Username: num1scamp
Date: 26-Sep-2019 18:26:56
Mood: happy

        A girlfriend and I were recently discussing some of the best sex we'd ever had. I admitted to her that one memorable fuck happened to me when I worked as a dancer while I was getting my degree.

        One of my regular customers always came in around lunchtime, and if it was open always sat at a table in the back of the club. It was a dark spot and he seemed to prefer it, although it was far from the main stage. He always got lap dances an tipped well. I gotten to know him over time and liked him. He was a funny guy and good looking too. He was divorced and came in very often. I gave him really good dances and when I took his tips, I'd pull my g-string out so he could see my pussy. Not supposed to do that of course, but all the girls did for guys that tipped really well. I liked dancing for him he also had a really big cock. Several times I'd actually had an orgasm while giving him a lap dance. Rubbing myself against his hard cock.

         I was sitting at the bar with my husband one day having lunch when I saw him come in the club. I excused myself and went to see him. I sat down with him and talked a bit then asked him if he'd like a dance. Sure he said. I started dancing for him and immediately removed my top, he really loved my tits. I knew my husband was probably watching me so I decided I'd give him an even better dance then I usually did. I knew I could get away with a lot in this corner.  I pulled my nipples hard, then I actually put one to his lips.  He licked it, and I let him suck on  it for a bit. I was sitting on his lap and I could fell he was really hard. I was rubbing my cunt against him. I pulled away and danced a little then I straddled him agin anf had him play with my other tit. I could feel myself getting wet. I reached down and felt his cock thru his trousers. It was really nice. I then got up and turned around and faced the bar. My husband was watching me. I sat on his cock again, but I could tell it felt different. I reached back with one hand and I felt his bare cock. I had it in my hand. I don't know what possessed me but I took his cock and pulled my g-sring aside, and I sat down on it. I had him fully in my pussy when the song ended. I was supposed to get up but I didn't, I stayed right on him. When the next song started I danced in his lap, slowly fucking him, facing my husband as I did so. Half way thru the song I started to cum. As he felt my pussy spasm on his cock he shot his cum into me. I sat still for a few moments, then I got myself together as I recovered and moved off of his softening cock. When the song ended I put my top back on and I bent over and kissed his forehead and thanked him. He gave me a great tip. 

       I made my way back to my husband. You gave him a long dance he said. I whispered to him, I let him fuck me. What, he said? I told him what I did while he was watching me, and told him how hard he made me cum. My husband was a little shocked but not mad. He thought it was funny I got so carried away. He gave me a business card and wrote our number on the back of it. He told me to give it to him. Why, I asked? Because I want to watch him fuck you, he said.  I did. Later that week we had him to our house and they both fucked me all night. It was the first of several threesomes we had. 

       Fucking him in the club, with a 100 people in there and my husband watching, I had one of the best orgasms I'd experienced up to that point in time. I should have tipped him. So for you guys who go to titty bars and wonder if the dancers ever fuck their customers, the truthful answer is yes. I never repeated what I did that day, but there were some men I wound up having sex with.



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