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Avatar Username: Coatsbill
Date: 25-Jul-2017 15:17:31
Mood: in love

I'll never figure out women. We had friends over last night for dinner and drinks. After they left about 10pm  the wife said let's go to bed. Being tired and full of beer that sounded good. Little did I know the wife wasn't thinking sleep. As soon as I slid into bed she started jumping my bones.She was so hot to fuck I didn't have to work on her at all. Her hands were all over me. I thought she was going to  make me cum in her hand she was working me  so hard. She pulled my underwater off and took me in her mouth and at the same time she lowered her cunt on to my mouth. She was really wet and tasted wonderful. We ate each other for awhile then rolled over and had a really hot fuck. I have no idea what turned her on so hot. Maybe she was looking at the friends husband all the time at dinner and got worked up.....who knows. I just know I got a wonderful fuck from her last night.

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Can't delete my forum posts.

Avatar Username: Ivanka3840
Date: 24-Jul-2017 18:43:53
Mood: other

Dunno why. But I'm uploading like before. Sorry about the interruption. T chincal difficulties. Thanks

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I may have met my match...what now?

Avatar Username: i_see_stars
Date: 21-Jul-2017 19:53:25
Mood: in love

Me: I am 42 (male), I spent most of my 30's exploring my sexuality and seeing where it took me. Healthy or not, I wanted to challenge, to know where my desires would take me and then sort it out when I reached my wall...or something like that. The reason I am on this site is a pretty big tell-tale for what got me off - both sides of the coin.

I have been a 'third' for three different couples. Aside from those experiences, I've slept with 5 women who were cheating - I was a shameless (also cheating) lech for a good many years. This was all while I was in a 5 1/2 year LTR with a woman whom I shared my unanticipated yet increasingly aching desire & curiousity in being a voyuer and/or participant in mfms with her - aside from one drunken make-out kiss with a stranger on a corner, she never did anything else. In so many ways, that was the worst relationship of my life. The sexual tensions were merely a part of its utter dysfunction, yet we both stayed with it for so long, I am confounded with that fact to this day.

All the same, the sexual dynamics were a factor and when it ended, I realized a lot of my fringe, sexual pursuits were the results of wanting to 'equalize' other parts of the diseased relationship.

However, once free of that discontent, after the horrendous break-up, and then eventually letting go of that anger, I found a lot of my fringe sexual desires faded away. My next LTR lasted nearly 3 years and there was no cheating, no tense discussions about mfm's or anything of the sort - I wasn't craving it and returned to a fairly vanilla sexual lifestyle. I believe she was also reasonably content; rather, it was the complications with her kids, ideas of co-parenting and accountibility which brought us to a place that it ended.

Flash forward to now (about 8 months after the aforementioned 3 yr LTR ended): a very attractive, sexy woman I had met through my roommate told me that she was very drawn to me. The hitch: she was married. I know, I know but she expressed to both of us that she had never been happy in her marraige and was planning to leave and move out as soon as she could.

She moved out about 10 days after she told me how she felt and our relationship got started - fast. I'd considered her a very attractive but MARRIED woman and so, in my new ('more vanilla') life considered her exactly that: married = unavailible. I explained all my apprehensions about her starting something too soon but she wasn't hearing it, she was/is really into me! (yaaaay). She is a very talented, sharp, witty, sexy and pretty woman. She is a trained dancer and practiced & performed ballet & modern dance before getting knocked up by her hubby 9 years ago. Her discontent in her marraige eventually led her to start dancing again. It was some new friends in her dance circles which started a small but 'empowering' Burlesque troupe and I surmised that she found it liberating and, perhaps, was HER equalizer in her dysfunctional marraige - she joined about 8 months ago, apparently.

As I got to know her, even before things started between us, I considered it an extension of her art so I didn't apply ideas or make assumptions about it reflecting a higher sexual potency or adventureous spirit with her. In fact, it made me slightly uneasy....just a little, but I found that I tempered it and given my perspective on it being an extension of her ballet/dance circles, I have easily brushed any internal hesitation aside w/ regards to suddenly being her BF.

Well, in the last month, she has demonstrated a VERY strong sexual appetite, she is quite comfortable instigating sexting, sending pics and now has urged us to start exploring public sex - she insisted we go have car sex last night!...after a quick skinny dip...oh, and thought we should drive home naked as she gave ma a HJ. Today, she mentioned something about filming her next burlesque dance solo before it is performed on stage; something new her troupe is requireing...huh? My gut instinct? - I think she is leading up to me filming her ... I really think she is using it to gently stage a situation where we begin taping our sex. 

Funny, I think she is being slightly calculated, not knowing my past, she is easing me in and the bread crumbs certainly seem to be pointing to a bit of an exhibitionist...

After a few years of not being super adventurous, I am a little surprised to be on this side of it but not put off. We'll see...

I am looking for a partner, a love of my life, ultimately. Sexual chemistry is ONE part of that. I have been back to this site as well as some tumblr pages to help 'stoke the sexual fire' for myself in order to keep up with her a bit ... to get in that mindset. ...again, the irony is a bit hilarious.

I know this wasn't super juicy but I have been deliberating on all of this and needed some venue to get it off my chest in some cathartic way. As most know who have tried, it actually costs money to delete your account here so it had been dormant forever. I've been back again, reading blogs, forums - some of those get me going. Wish me luck!

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i am back (into nasty dirty comments) business !!!

Avatar Username: vfrboy4u
Date: 14-Jul-2017 20:36:13
Mood: horny

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married women advice

Avatar Username: bradturnpikes
Date: 12-Jul-2017 07:12:16
Mood: full of life
Music: cherry pie warrent

I need some advice from married ladies recently!! i finnaly convinced my wife to fuck another guy it did not go as well as planned not sure if she will do it again should have shoped around more anyway diferent scenario i play lead guitar in a band i played a show where two of the ladies played guitar i had messaged her on messanger related to a set up stage situation with amps we started texting each other at first like good show your band sounded good that type of thing we found out we had alot in common we both like very heavy metal i know a woman of 51 like thrash metal or any woman for that matter thats rare.we have been texting every day since  may 23 now being a cuckold husband i was not really looking for a situation but not sure if this is just a freindship thing ?she showed up at a metal show my buddy was playing she is very shy and i think very christian at one time.we are going for coffee thursday our plan is to start a original band with her son on drums and my son on bass so we would be jamming at there house we will defenatly be playing shows together i have chatted with her about things in one week than i ever have with my wife in a year??I am very atracted to her i think she may be my soul mate and that sucks i dont want to fool around with another guys wife{would be nice if he was cuck as well}she does not talk about him much so i have been out of the action for so long not sure whats happeneing  please!!! please!!! ladies i really need your advice

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MysteryWife's Sexual Encounters

Avatar Username: mysterywife
Date: 07-Jul-2017 22:58:15
Mood: full of life

I figured I would start the log.  Nothing happened today, Friday is my "catch up on housework" day.  Expect to read steamy things from me next week, though.  :)

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why cant we get guys to answer

Avatar Username: andystr
Date: 07-Jul-2017 05:11:59
Mood: disappointed
Music: cant get no satifaction

do all the tings , guys want ,,pics e mail and and no guys show up   whats wrong here

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chrissy's fans

Avatar Username: arrowheadwaterjj
Date: 01-Jul-2017 17:18:28
Mood: horny

where has everyone been? i want to share so much more ;)

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My slutwife journey!

Avatar Username: num1scamp
Date: 01-Jul-2017 16:59:29
Mood: in love

         My journey has led me to where I am this morning. I'm sitting by a pool in Las Vegas, nude, sipping Mimosas. My husband, (my Master), has leant me to a friend of his for a week. I shall call him Vick on here. I've known him for about 4 years now. He is one of the few people in the same business as my husband I have had sex with. Our first encounter was accidental and at the time I didn't know my husband and he knew one another.

         I arrived at McCarran airport Thursday night. I had worn a dress made of silk scarves and no underwear, with high heels, I knew Vick would like it. He'd bought it for me on my last trip here. Within a 1/2 hour of my arrival we were riding thru Las Vegas in his Audi 8 and I had Vick's cock down my throat. I was trying hard to make him cum for me, but he pulled me off before we reached his home. Once inside, he stripped my dress off an fucked me right on the staircase leading upstairs. He said welcome to Las Vegas as he sprayed his cum on my tits. I must admit it was a good start. Vick has a nicely thick 7" cock and I've enjoyed it many times. I'm here to be his date for a big swingers party next week. I've been instructed to be his total slut during that time and I'm looking forward to it.

        Last night Vick had some of his friends over to play pool and I was his hostess. I'm not allowed to wear any clothes at his home except shoes or sandals. So I greeted each of them at the door nude in 6" black stiletto heels. The guys were very nice and very polite to me, only one of them touched me at all at the front door. He's a football player and he leaned down and kissed me, with tongue, after I'd introduced myself. He patted my ass after we had broken the kiss and I lead him to the game room. Vick had all kinds of appetizers out and I got drinks for all of them. My pussy was wet anticipating some play after I'd been kissed. Lovely looking black man about 6'7" I was hoping he'd fuck me. As they played Vick explained to the guys that I belonged to a friend of his and that I was available to them if they desired. Once he'd made that clear the guys got very friendly with me. Vick lost the first game, and I think to prove his point he had me kneel in front of him as he watched the 2nd game, I knew what he wanted and I took his cock out and made love to it. It was a lovely moment for me, I love to feel a man's cock harden in my mouth, and I felt so slutty being on display doing it. As I sucked him I could feel someone inserting his fingers in my cunt. She's soaking wet he said. I then felt his cock rubbing my clit and after teasing me a minute, he pushed the head of his cock in me. It was a nice cock too, thick, he fucked me slowly as I sucked Vick. I came first, then Vick exploded in my mouth. Lovely salty cum. I then got to see who I was fucking and as he turned me around and laid me on the couch. Hes' a white guy from South Africa, in for the party too, he then started fucking me really hard. He literally took my breath away, I came twice more before he did.

           I wound up later in the hot tub with all of them, cock everywhere. I had been fucked by all of them already, and slut that I am I was ready for more. We drank, played and smoked cigars while relaxing in the tub. I had the chance to sit on all of their cocks again while in the tub, but only one them came again in me there, it was Vick. They left a little after midnight, except the football player. Vick was done in and I took the football player to my bedroom. I'd sucked him once and fucked him once, but I wanted more of him. I sucked his beautiful cock to full size once again, about 9 1/2", and then I mounted him as he lay on his back. I was treating myself fucking him slowly as he kissed me and alternately sucked my tits. He's a very dark man, our skin contrast was erotic, That's it bitch, he said, fuck my black cock. Oh I did fuck it, then I begged him to fuck my white ass. He picked me up and turned me over, He took his cum covered cock and thrust it in my ass, I screamed and came at the same time. FUCK ME, I screamed. He made me cum over and over. He was in my bed his morning when I awoke. I woke him up by sucking his cock, and started my day by swallowing his delicious cum.

         He's gone, Vick is still sleeping, I've showered and am relaxing with my Mimosa enjoying the sun. My tan lines are already almost totally gone. My nipples are darkening. It's very hot here. I don't know what Vick has planned for tonight but I'm sure whatever it is it'll be fun. I'm still oozing cum, I'll have to clean myself out before I attempt to go anywhere today. Wish me luck, I'll try to report on what happens if I can.

To be continued........




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Julia's Erotic Massage

Avatar Username: Bostonmark
Date: 29-Jun-2017 07:59:01
Mood: in love

I set this up for my wife Julia several years ago. I had to twist her arm the first time - but once she got through the first one, she jumps at the chance now. Trust me, it can work for anybody. We did it up in Quebec City, plenty of good looking young hunks up there willing to do as they're told and AND give her a great massage too.

Before we did it, I talked to the guy directly and told him exactly what I wanted. He said he always suggested most wives do better if their husbands watch in secret - leave and then quietly come back and watch through a partially open door or around a corner. Most important was to assure her that this was for her pleasure - and anything that happens, even a little erotic or riske behavior, is fine with you.

My excuse was that I was going for a run for about half an hour - she was nervous but I think looking forward to it. My plan was: massage starts with towel and panties on, once the panties were off, gentle fingers on her pussy while kissing her breasts (no kissing), then tongue her pussy until she comes, then he strips for her, if she 's interested then let her touch his cock, then if she wants intercourse from front or behind (gentle at first but then let her direct how hard and fast) - no kissing, nothing near her mouth, and no anal.

When I came in she was on the table, towel was gone, and he already had her panties off and was french kissing her (she changed her own rule and had asked him to do that !!) while massaging her pussy. Easy to tell when she came - her legs clamp down like a bear trap. It was quiet with the only sound being her moaning while they kept kissing. He quickly undressed as she watched - fondling his erection for several minutes. He quickly rolled her over on her stomach, threw a leg over the table, and with a quick single motion penetrated her and started rocking back and forth. She was silent, but her head was down with her hair rocking back and forth, so I knew she was OK. He made that last for 20 minutes and she never said a peep - I loved watching every second of that. When done he rolled her onto her back, slid her panties back on, placed the towel back over her head, and said he would wash up and for her to relax. She greeted me with a huge smile. I bent down to kiss her and whispered that I had watched the whole thing and I loved every minute of it. Her eyes opened wide, she turned bright red, but that was one good long kiss.

Definitely very arousing and a must do for anyone who is serious about satisfying their lover.

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