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Avatar Username: MrNips
Date: 27-Oct-2014 21:15:32
Mood: disappointed

profile deleted due to lack of interest

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my cam show

Avatar Username: jeff100
Date: 26-Oct-2014 08:09:23
Mood: in love

hi all,anyone catch my cam show on friday,ann xxx

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Groping in public

Avatar Username: sallyforced
Date: 25-Oct-2014 10:00:59
Mood: other

My fav with the wife has always been on the dance floor until we started going to concerts. We have a place in our area, where even the police can not carry guns inside. So instead of them leaving their guns behind they stay away from the place. The concert is outside and is always crowded, there is no place to sit down, standing room only. It really gets crowded in there within an hour prior to the start of the concert. People continue to fill up the place. We're basically in the middle of the crowd and they continue to push in. People continually walk through the crowd actually create a good chance to get some major groping done. My wife gets slightly angry at first with all the hands continually rubbing her ass and breast while they pass by us. But soon relaxes you might say and pays it no mind just blaming it on the crowd.

I'm standing on her right side, so I push and glide my way so that I am standing behind her. Its almost like "nuts to buttes" since the place is so crowded. Of course we have a small cooler with us and its packed with our premixed drinks since the place did not sell the strong stuff. You just pay a fee to take your drinks in with you. They sold beer only. Standing behind her now the band does their warm up routine and the crowd is yelling and raising their hands to clap and such. The drummer slowly beats on his drums while the lead person immediately starts the show. People are going wild. And I'm pushed into my wife, holding onto her hips

Grabbing onto her hips, I push my hard cock into the small of her back right above her ass (well she is 4’11” and I’m 6’). She felt the pressure for sure and knew it was my cock. She didn’t fight it though. I did ask for a drink and as she bent over she was offering her ass, well of course I got some good ass rubbing done until she stood up again. Sally was wearing a short sleeveless summer dress. And one sexy half or quarter cup bra which unsnaps in front. The top of her dress is made of a material that stretches so easily but it’s still not very tight since she is always pulling it back up. With me standing inches from her ass I take the plunge and start rubbing her ass right along her ass crack. And then I reach down between her ass cheeks trying to get at her pussy. I was able to get one of my fingers pushing between her legs trying to get to that sweet pussy of hers. She does push my hand away several times but I’m not giving up and would just start it again every time. I haven’t paid any attention to who was around me. Taking a quick turn I notice we have guys all around us and they have been watching what I was doing to my wife. That gave me more courage and a much larger harder cock. I stood there playing with her ass, reaching below her ass cheeks, cupping them and slowly rubbing up and down her ass.

Sally stopped reaching behind her to stop me, I guess that she knew it was pointless. With me in my old raggedy cut off blue jean shorts my cock was just busting to get out. So I let him out. I slowly lowered mr huge hard cock and rubbed it against her ass crack and my other hand slowly lifts her sun dress up further exposing her panty covered ass. Oh how I wished I could have recorded it all. You can’t tell me that she didn’t notice or feel that as I was able to get one finger under her panties and between her legs. She was standing with her legs tightly held together preventing any other penetration. I slowly packed the back of her sundress into her panty waistband with enough of her dress that you could easily see her panty covered ass and what I was doing to her. And then here comes her hand again trying to make me stop it. I released my cock and caught her hand, holding her a moment like this I moved it to mr huge hard cock. I had a bit of precum on its head and made sure she felt it. All she did was open her hand and slowly rub my cock.

At that same time I felt her legs shift and open when she shifted her stance. Perfect! I slid my whole hand between her legs then. She grabbed and held onto my cock then. I could feel her squeezing it. I slowly started moving my pelvis forward and backward while at the same time slowly fingering her pussy, I call it the reach around technique, lol. It must have worked as she shifted again giving me an easier access to her pussy. I rub her slowly and then insert one finger into her pussy. Slowly in and out it went. I had gotten that sweet pussy of hers wet. And she relaxed even more stretching her legs further apart. I stopped moving my pelvis in and out while my fingers worked on that pussy of hers. I noticed those around us were watching with intentsity. Sally slowly stroked my cock while I moved even closer to her. The two men around me also moved forward. Sally held my cock down as it pressed again her ass cheeks. It appeared that I had locked her hand around my cock and locked her arm behind her at the same time. She couldn’t move her left hand. She never used or moved her right hand which I couldn’t understand. Even though I was this close to her, people knew what was going on, which really excited me.

Since I’m a sharing person, I grabbed the person to my left, and moved his arm up and around to the front of Sally. I placed his hand right on her left breast and let go of him. He replaced his left hand with his right hand and turned a bit towards me, I guess to be more comfortable. I could feel Sally trying to get her left hand free. It was then that I hit her with my second finger inside of her. She tensed up and stopped struggling to get her hand free. This guy on my left, well since I could see over Sally’s shoulders, he was giving her left breast some good rubbing. I watched as his hand pulled the top of her sundress down some as his hand went inside of her dress. He was really giving both of her breasts a good rubbing. Sally finally moved her right hand and tried to remove his hand from her. The guy on my right must not have wanted to be left out. He moved in and used his hand to play with her tits now. Sally was able to free her left hand then and she placed it over his trying to make him stop. She had both of her hands busy trying to stop them. I had to make her stop it. I slowly started massaging that sweet wet pussy of hers. My hand and fingers were moving fast rubbing that sweet cunt and you could feel Sally actually getting ready to cum. Her body was shaking and she stopped resisting their hands playing with her breast. She was actually getting off.

I let her cum btw. I could tell she was used up. I removed my hand from between her legs and fixed myself up. Bending down a bit I pressed my cock between her legs and gave her a good rubbing. I felt Sally’s hands reach between her legs trying to get my cock into her pussy. It was a no go but I did love it. Still looking over Sally’s shoulders I notice one of the guy hands between her legs trying to finger her. I felt his fingers on my cock as he continued trying to get into that cunt of hers. Ok, I’m thinking why not. Pulling my cock out from between her legs I felt one of his fingers get buried inside of her. I held mr huge rock hard cock against her getting more precum on her and just let things happen to her. I did however continue play with her lovely ass. The one on my right didn’t stop playing with her breast. He had her top actually down and he had unsnapped her bra so her breasts were free. I have to tell you that seeing her 42d’s like this was so hot. Her nipples were large and hard as he slowly rubbed them. Sally’s hands were over the hand playing with her pussy, like she was holding his hand there so he couldn’t get away. And in no time at all Sally was cuming a second time. And the guy fingering her felt it. Once that was over, Sally removed his hand and the hand playing with her breasts. She fixed up the top of her sundress not bothering to refasten her bra. That was the end to my first and her first fondling in public. And it would not be the last. Us men just looked at each other with big grins on our faces. Sally once again bends over to get another drink and all three of us men grabbed that nice ass of hers. Sally just shakes her ass while she drinks away. You know I did mix those extra strong on purpose. Well hell since she is so prim and proper I had to do something to loosen her up. I do have to mention that I used her sundress to clean her pussy juices from my hand. While she continued finishing her drink I bent down and started sucking on her neck. She loves that btw. I heard her whisper into my ear, “Thanks Babe”.

We left within 15 minutes of our little fun before the crowds started leaving. But it was too late. Walking in front of her, leading the way we slowly made it through the crowd. She tells me while getting into our car that she had never felt so many hands on her before. She loved it. As usual once inside the car and Sally is out of it sleeping like a Baby. I just reach over and pull her sundress down and expose her on the ride home. That was the end of a fun night. And a first. Once home and into bed I did give Sally a good fucking though. And planned the next event in my head as I fell asleep. In the morning when we woke up nothing was mentioned about last night.

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A gift to the hubby

Avatar Username: ThedogofGeorgia
Date: 24-Oct-2014 22:31:37
Mood: horny

     Over the last few weeks I have used my dildos to stretch my asshole to new widths. I have looked at many of your pics and vids as I masterbated like never before all in preparation for Paul's birthday. I took him and I out to dinner and then to a motel room where for about three hours I fucked him every way I could. Then there was a knock on the door and I answered it. It was Jerome and Steven and their friend whom we often have sexual adventures with and whom I knew Paul would welcome for a romp. The girl was one of Jerome's cousins. She was young just as I had asked but they assured me she was over 18 and clean. I knew Paul would enjoy her as he watched the show I was ready to give him.

     I wasted no time getting to Jerome and Steven's cocks since I planned to enjoy giving my gift. As I sucked them hard I saw that Paul was buried in Misties cunt and lapping up her sex. Before long Jerome had shoved his massive member deep into my pussy which was well fucked and full of Paul's cum but it made no difference to Jerome who filled up my love canal with his man meat. I had forgotton how big he was and it made me wonder if I could do what I had planned. Next Steven took his turn driving his cock into my pussy while Herome fed me his asshole while he sucked on my nipples. I looked over and saw Paul slamming his hard cock over and over again into Misties throat. All the while he kept looking at what I was having done to me. I climbed on Jerome's member as I sucked my pussy off of Steven. Then I felt the two men move to take what I had promised them. Steven pushed his hard cock at my asshole and in a minute he was in me and quickly driving his cock deep into me and getting into synch with Jerome. They drove their cocks balls deep into me in rythem. I poured cum as I got excited to be taken by these two hot men. Paul was pounding Mistie hard as hell. Her legs rose and fell with each of his thrusts and I wanted her too.

     I fucked my two lovers for nearly and hour as I watched Paul drive his cock balls deep up Mistie's asshole. I whispered to Jerome and Steven that it was time for Paul's ultimate gift. I turned my ass to Paul so he had a front row seat. I sat on Jerome and took his cock balls deep and rode him up my ass. Then I felt Steven move behind me and push his swollen head at my asshole as well. I heard Paul begin to merciless slam himself into Mistie and I knew he liked what he saw. Steven had to work at me for a few minutes but he was quickly inside my ass as well. I have been double ass fucked by white cocks that were not all that hard to take. With Steven and Jerome I was glad that I had a whole lot to drink. Their cocks split me open and at first they hurt. I wanted them though and I rode their cocks deep inside me. I was split wide open and I desired their cum. Experts that they were, however, they stopped short of filling me with cum. They moved me to be able to see Paul pummle Mistie as they got into position to double penetrate my pussy. I could not believe how good it felt to feel these two cocks drive in and out of my soaking pussy. I could not help it as I watched my husband fuck a mere girl I came hard. My lovers drove their cocks into me even harder as I came and in a moment I felt them both blow huge loads of cum into my pussy. I climbed up on the bed and was suprised to feel Paul bring Mistie to the bed. She quickly went to work sucking the cum from my pussy and I came again soaking her face with my cum. She pushed up onto me and I kissed her full on the mouth and licked my cum from her face. I felt Paul begin to alternate from her asshole to mine. I wanted to taste her so bad. Then he pulled out of her ass and fed me his cock. As I tasted her I felt his cock explode and I drank in the cum that I get so often. I wished him a happy birthday and he smiled at me. He told me that he wanted Mistie to spend the night with me if I did not mind. I was so excited when she said she would love to. Jerome and Steven left and the three of us cuddled up for a night of enjoying our new found lover. I have a feeling that Mistie and I will become great lovers...Rhonda


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taking my step daughter

Avatar Username: sallyforced
Date: 24-Oct-2014 10:30:42
Mood: happy

We’ve been supporting our now 32/33 year old daughter, my step daughter, over the years and it seems like every time she was out on her own she was always stumbling and needed monetary assistance. She preferred “govt handouts” than actually maintaining a job, and she had plenty of good paying jobs. But she never lasted more than three months in any job. It’s still that way. I can’t work today, I’m on my period she would say.

A few years ago she was in a bad relationship and she came to live with us. She would sleep all day and party all night while she was with us. We finally laid the law down to her, “you will be home at night and stop spending nights out where ever it is”. She would roll in on a Saturday morning around 2 a.m. totally drunk and how she never got stopped for a dwi/dui is beyond me.

One early Saturday morning I got up early, just couldn’t sleep. So there I was at 1 a.m. in our kitchen just minding my time, when I hear our garage door opening. In walks my drunken step daughter. Momma’s little golden child. Damn, was my response when I saw her. She was hot. She was wearing a nice blouse that really accentuated her lovely large breast, 38’s btw. She is built like her mom, big ass tits for her height of 5’5”, and slim. She looked like she was poured into those tight ass jeans. And her face was painted perfectly with her make up on, she reminded me of a real prostitute. But she sure looked hot.

She walks in stumbling and leans against the table I am sitting at and tried to make an intelligent conversation, but all she did was slur her words as I tried getting a much better view of her tits. Now myself, I’m definitely a tit man. Love those nice natural large breast. She had to know that I was staring at her cleavage but that didn’t stop her. I think she was just horny.

She finally stops her yakking and off to bed she goes as I stare at that fine ass of hers. What the hell was the matter with me? After all that’s my step daughter. Well yeah, but I’m supporting her. Evil and dark events take over my mind. Especially of what I would do to her given the chance and opportunity. I believe women can see that lust and read our nasty thoughts at times.

I sat at the table and started rubbing my huge hard on through my night shorts. Well enough of this I’m thinking, it’s time to give my cock a workout. I get up and start to walk to our bedroom, thinking to myself I’ll cum loads into the wife this morning. She’s a sound sleeper and wont wake up right away and I could be deep inside of her by then. Oh and she always responds to my early morning fuck sessions with her. I always flip her over and take her while she lays on her belly. She never wakes up on the flip over lol. Or I’ll take her while she lays on her side. I’m thinking to myself, which position will it be when I stop right in front of my step daughters room.

Her bedroom door was wide open along with her bedroom lights. My mouth just drops open wide. I was staring at her nudeness. She was on her belly, legs spread wide open. She didn’t even make it in the bed all the way, her legs were hanging over the side of the bed. Perfect for pummeling. All I saw was one nice hairy cunt begging for cock. I look down our hallway and see that our bedroom door is closed. Good. I step into Stephanie’s bed room and slowly close her door. It’s too late now my cock is telling me. He’s seen her pussy and wants some of it, all of it in fact.

I walk up the her bed stroking my cock slowly. Standing between her wide open legs, I’m thinking of leaving my load on her ass and just walking away. But then mr cock convinces me otherwise. I spit into my hand and slowly reach down and rub her hairy cunt. I slowly insert one finger into her pussy and leave it shoved in her. Then I start fingering her, in and out my finger goes. She moves her ass up and down to my fingering her, moaning softly. She loves it even if she was so far out of it, nothing would wake her up or was she just faking it. Either way, I loved it and got much harder. I’d like to say I also grew larger but we all know that’s bs, even though it did feel that way. There was no way I could grow any larger, wish I could have though.

Well mr cock tells me that I’ve gone this far, take the next step. I pull my finger out of her now wet pussy and lick her juices off. She taste delicious, just like her mom. I lean over her sexy ass, holding onto my huge cock and slowly enter her. She was still to dry. One inch in and I pull out. I keep repeating it with each new thrust as I slide into her further. Pull out and do it again. I’m now buried up to the hilt inside of her pussy. Mr cock tells me you’ve gotten this far finish it off, go for it. It’s too late now. I grab those sexy hips of hers and slowly start fucking her. She is one tight bitch. In and out I go into her pussy as she slowly meets my thrusting into her.

Slowly at first and then picking up speed. To fast in fact as the headboard was hitting the wall. Man, if I wasn’t careful I would wake the house up. I took a chance and pulled out of her. I grabbed one of the pillows off the floor and placed it behind the headboard. Test it and it works just fine. No more banging wall sound. Back between her legs and she has not moved at all. I slide right into her fine pussy with no problem. Grabbing her hips, I’m going downtown on her now. All I could hear was my balls slamming against her. Now that’s a lovely sound btw. My mind is racing with what I am doing to her. Well, I was supporting her, it’s time for some payback, I tell myself. Here she was passed out and she had her mouth open breathing fast and softly moaning. I can feel myself ready to explode into her. I wouldn’t be getting her pregnant since I was fixed many years ago. And like just on cue I start cuming inside of her wet cunt. I didn’t think I had that much cum before, I couldn’t stop shooting off inside of her. Every thrust was another load into her. One final thrust and load and I stopped with my cock buried deep inside of her. I wanted to leave it inside of her and wait until it went soft as she continued moving her hips and ass up and down , like she was wanting more and more.

I pulled out and looked at my still huge cock full of our juices. I drip some cum on her legs btw. Standing up I see my cum leaving her lovely cunt. Shit was my thought. She’d surely see the spot when she wakes up later in the day. But I didn’t care. I was thinking about next weekend. I clean my cock off with her panties and toss them into the laundry basket with her other clothes. Fuck it, the deed was done. She wore those silky nylon panties back then which I always helped myself to, wrapping them around my shaft and leaving a load in them. I would either toss them back into her laundry basket or place them back into her dresser. But off to bed I go still hard. Laying next to her mother, I slowly pull down her fugly cotton panties and without pause but fighting for it trying to get her legs open, I slide into her slowly fucking her mother, my wife, after taking her daughter. What a morning this was. I never did shoot a load into Sally but it was great knowing I was sharing her daughters cum inside of her.

I slept a few more hours getting up before anyone else and after getting dressed I walk down the hallway again. Stopping at Stephanie’s door to check on her, she was wrapped up in the sheets and blankets still out of it, with a nice smile on her face. She didn’t wake up until much later in the afternoon. Nothing was said about our fucking. I always wanted to ask her if she knew. Before she went back to Dallas in another month I got more than my share of her when she was passed out on those lovely drunken Saturday early mornings. Plus the added benefit of a few pics but where they are now I have no idea.

I do want to add that things did get almost out of hand around her mother. After that first time, she became a clinger before she headed back to Dallas. She showered me with a lot of hugging and sitting on my lap, bouncing like a baby. I could be in our shower with glass doors and she would walk right in when her mother was not around or at home. She would stand there in front of our mirror with a towel covering her body while she brushed her long hair. Never saying a word. I’d step out and just dry myself off in front of her. Occasionally her towel would purposely fall off, exposing those juicy tits and her soft lovely ass to me. I’d joyfully slap her ass cheeks just to hear her teasingly yelp.

It was the same way when she was in the shower in the other bathroom. I could walk in and just say anything to her. Stand up next to her while she combed her long hair and pull out my cock and just piss away. But to fuck her, I had to do it her way. She’s back with us again and has been for about a year now. I haven’t had the opportunity to help myself to her since her children are always around now and sleep in the same room with her. But I’ll always have the memories. Things are cool now between us. And I do get to view her lovely breast but not like old times. Well I guess she was just paying me back for all the support I gave her. Why do women stop? Damn it.

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My shy wife is back

Avatar Username: doherdome
Date: 24-Oct-2014 05:48:46
Mood: horny

Got her to repost these. If she's getting favorable response, I might be able to talk her into putting the naked pics back up. Hope you enjoy looking at her!

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My hairy cunt exposed at work

Avatar Username: Uk wife
Date: 23-Oct-2014 12:02:47
Mood: horny

Monday morning break was here and Ashley, Angela and me sat in our staff room chatting and having a drink of tea, Ashley is 26yrs old with a slim pear shape figure, dark blonde hair, Angela is 44yrs old with shoulder length brown hair and average build, some love handles shall we say! We were sat around our coffee table and our conversation got on to how we trim our lady garden, giggling as we did, being at work and having this conversation with one of my fellow managers in Angela and one of my team members was a little uncomfortable but Ashley was keen to share " i get waxed regularly" she said to which I asked "does it hurt as much as I imagine?" "Yes but after the first fee times it gets easier" she said, Angela said "I have never seen what a bald fanny looks like!" " I can show you if you want" said Ashley now knowing we were the only three meant to be on break at this time we thought it was going to be a risk but should have been safe! Ashley stood up and smiled as she unzipped her skirt and let fall to the floor leaving her in her little pink panties, Angela blushed and I looked on fascinated, Ashley then pulled her panties down to her knees and exposed her completely bald pussy to us in the middle of our staff room, her bum and pussy completely on show! Ashley smiled at looked right at Angela and me as we states at her bald exposed pussy with her skirt on the floor and her pink panties rolled to her knees "what do you think?" She said, "looks really smooth" I said, Ashley parted her legs further exposing more of her perfectly bald pussy, "would you like to feel?" She said, blushing I nodded and stood up and walk to her, I reached down to her bare bald pussy and stoked her "very smooth and soft " I said. Smiling Ashley pulled her panties up and put her skirt back on and sat down again. "How about you Angela?" Angela went bright red and flush but slowly stood up, nervously she unzipped her trousers and let them fall to the floor, Angela was wearing big greying black knickers and we could see some of her pubes poking out the sides " so you don't trim then?" Said Ashley! Angela pulled her big knickers down to her ankles and parted her legs so we both had a clear view of her bushy pussy, totally untrimmed her pussy hair was very thick and dark brown, "I want to feel how thick your pubes are" said Ashley and she stood up again and walked to Angela and reached down and run her fingers through her pubes, Angela blushed bright red and her bare bum wobbled, Ashley grabbed a hand full of Angela's pubes and said " I like how natural you are" Ashley let go and sat down again as Angela pulled her knickers up and pulled her trousers up and say down again. " your turn Laura said Angela!" I stood up and made sure I was facing them both and I unzipped my black pleated skirt and let fall to the floor, I was left in my white lacy knickers which you could see my pubes through, I slipped my fingers into the waist band of my knickers and rolled them down to the floor and stepped out of them, I part my legs wide apart and let Ashley and Angela get a good look at my hairy cunt, feeling really horny and knowing I was getting wet I spotted an arm chair and walked naked below my waist, feeling my bum wobble as I walked I sat in the chair and lifted my legs over each arm, completely exposing my wet hairy cunt to them both as they both just stared at me! I could feel the angle my legs were at that my pussy lips parted and they could see I was getting very wet, I leaned back in the arm chair and pushed my bum and cunt forward so they could see better and I reached down and pulled my cunt open exposing my wet pink pussy meat to Ashley and Angela, I pulled my hairy pussy as wide open as I could and I knew they could see my hairy bum hole too! Just then Alison and Karen to of Angela's team members walked in, ( they are both very religious) I was facing them both as the chair I was in was facing the door! I was totally exposed to both of them, my wet hairy cunt and bum on full view to them all and they could clearly see inside my married wet pussy, " you disgusting whore, how dare you" Karen said, I quickly took my legs down and sat forward as Ashley and Angela left, " we will report you to Sue( my manager)" I quickly grabbed my knickers from the floor and put them and my skirt back on and hurried out of the room past Karen and Alison as they scowled at me! What will Sue say when she finds out!!

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Avatar Username: mixers
Date: 22-Oct-2014 22:13:35
Mood: in love

Was wondering if there were any people here from Connecicut?

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Her girlfriend(also married) set her up with a guy she fucks tonight!

Avatar Username: voyeurhubby
Date: 22-Oct-2014 05:02:22
Mood: in love

This is unique. My wife usually fucks men from her career or that she meets somewhere. Her girlfriend and her went out to a club tonight and ran into a guy that the gf fucks. She has told my wife what a discreet gentleman he is and that she likes the way his cum tastes! (is that cool!?)  My wife was intriqued and the g/f set them up! She texted me, "problably want to bring a guy home, K?" She knows It's ALWAYS K! lol So I said, tell him my plane lands at 1am and he has to leave bef0re 2am so we arent' up all night, OK?  "OK babe, I will text you b-fore we get too close and you can hide." At 11pm I get text, "On way, he is getting wine, and his cum Does taste good! tee-hee. I swallowed some and its all over my blouse."  "Find a way to toss me that blouse when you get home honey!"  "OK, I will, nasty man!"  :)   I am hiding in the guest room with my tablet now, listening to them talk and laugh and FUCK!!!

She likes to get a man a nut before he fucks her cause then they fuck longer! When she undressed she told him she was tossing her blouse in the laundry room and tossed it to me in the guest room while he was undressing in our room. Nice to smell her perfume and his cum while they fuck. MMM MMM!!! Now Im surfing Hotwife and Wifesharing and of course DMW while listening to the sounds of my wife having sex with a new man! I LOVE THIS STUFF and I love My Hot Little Latina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   When he is done and leaves it's my turn to play in the messy pussy! I like so smell it, and eat it and Fuck it and reapeat!!!!!!!!!!!  DMW SIR DO HER GOOD!!! 

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need fun.

Avatar Username: jamiepeters
Date: 21-Oct-2014 23:40:10
Mood: in love

Can anyone make fake pics of me with cocks and men id love to see what you can do, plus were looking for a man in london to join us for a threesome or one on one but hubby can watch x

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