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Wives on cam

Avatar Username: F-Train
Date: 30-Mar-2015 01:09:19
Mood: don't know

Wives on cam.  Why don't more wives cam on here?  And that's not just a selfish request - I personally enjoy camming.  It's hot to have others watching me and commenting.  


So what is holding you ladies back?

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A sudden change of schedule

Avatar Username: boobman69
Date: 27-Mar-2015 18:36:00
Mood: full of life

This afternoon was great. There wasn't much going on at work so I booked an impromptu afternoon off. I went to the gym for a good workout and then had a lovely long shower. I dressed in just shorts and a tee shirt as the day was warm, jumped in the car for the short trip home and contemplated what I might do with the rest of the afternoon and evening. I am pretty new to this town so I don't know many people, so the favourite option was to read for an hour or two in the sun by the window, then go out grab a takeaway and some beers and watch a film. Lovely. A good start to the weekend.

There was space in the tiny car park at the building where I live - that's rare! The building is Victorian with a slightly gothic style. It was once a large house but has long since been divided into apartments. I sub let a room from a young woman called Tina. There is a shared living/dining area, a large bathroom and Tina's bedroom on the second floor. My tiny room is reached by a narrow steep staircase off the living room. I also have an even more tiny toilet and shower room just outside my door. My window looks out across the park, the river, the railway and a golf course to the wooded hills beyond. I count myself very lucky to have it. I have been there about six weeks now.


I climb the stairs contemplating the peace I will have. Two whole hours before Tina gets back and spends the next two hours getting ready for her Friday night out. I am constantly asked for fashion advice, which she wisely ignores. When she is gone the normally tidy place is like a tip. Tina's saturday activity is tidying away all her clothes.


Slipping the key in the lock, push the door open with my knee and burst into the living room, letting the door slam behind me. My jaw must have nearly touched the floor and my eyes popped out on springs, because there in front of me was Tina. Sitting in an armchair with her legs up over the arms, dressing gown open and fingering her pussy. I only got about two seconds to look before she hastily pulled her gown round her and put her legs down. Two seconds was long enough to take in the salient details. A lovely firm pair of breasts, flat stomach lovely legs and a gorgeous smooth shaven pussy. Of course I have seen her many times clothed and thought she had a great body. I never entertained any serious notions that I would see any more as she is after all about twenty years my junior. I look after my body well but, twenty years is twenty years. I'm old enough to be her dad.


"Sorry." I said, a bit breathlessly. Then these words came out of my mouth un bidden. "You just carry on and I'll slip into the kitchen and make a cup of tea." I dashed into the kitchen in rather a flustered fashion regretting what I had just said. You can't un-say something, and the phrase "when in a hole stop digging came to mind" so I left it at that. The kettle was not long off the boil so I was dunking the tea bag within seconds. I dare not look out. What an idiot. I thought I would probably be spending the weekend looking for somewhere else to live.


I heard movement behind me and looked around. Here we go! Tina was standing in the doorway hugging her gown tightly around her. Her nipples standing out through the fabric. I felt my cock stir in my shorts. "Don't you dare" I thought.

"Perhaps you would like to watch me finish while you drink that tea." said Tina. Was she setting a trap for me to see how much of a pervert I was? "I would like you to watch. Very much. Please say yes, don't be shy." Well how could I refuse an invitation like that? Just to help me decide (as if I needed help!) Tina

let her gown fall open and shrugged it from her shoulders so it fell and puddled at her feet. Wow, she looked amazing. My earlier brief glimpse was confirmed and reinforced. Her skin was lightly tanned, pretty much even all over, so perhaps it is her natural colour. Her breasts are quite large with fantasticly erect and hard nipples. The smooth flat expanse of her stomach gave way to a beautifully shaved pussy. Shapely legs and lovely slim feet. I was deeply in lust.

"Okay." I managed to croak and took a slurp of tea that was too hot. Tina turned and walked into the living room. She collapsed onto the couch and I took a seat opposite her. My cock was straining to get free of my shorts, this felt very exciting. I hoped he wouldn't embarress me by making a wet patch on my shorts.


Tina started caressing her tits almost immediately, I was transfixed. She rubbed round and round letting her fingers run over her erect nipples. She squeezed her tits together, lifting them and letting them drop and bounce invitingly. Her fingers played with her nipples once more twiddling them between thumb and forefinger. I felt I had to compliment and give some feedback as encouragement for the show she was giving - just in case she got shy and had second thoughts.

"You have gorgeous tits. I am getting really hard from seeing you play with them. Can you reach to lick them?" Tina looked at me strangely and said.

"Do you know, I have never tried, but I will if you like." She cupped one orb in her hand and lifted it upwards, bending her head forward and stretching a very long tongue out. Her quivering tongue toched her pert nipple and circled it slowly. She glanced up at me and said.

"Apparently yes. It feels really good. I don't know why I never thought of trying that before." Using the other hand she lifted her other tit and squeezed them together once more, licking first one and then the other, more and more vigourously intil they were both wet and slippery. I longed to go over an join in but restrained myself.


"God that makes me sooo horny!" said Tina "It has really got my juices flowing. My pussy is soaking."


"You and me both." I replied "My cock feels like it will burst."


"Mmmm lets have a look then. I am also intrigued as to what you are like under that shirt." How could I refuse an invitation like that? So I pulled my shirt over my head, glad of the time I have spent exercising over the years. Glad that at the age of forty five I was still confident to do that in front of a twenty five year old woman. Removing my shorts took a little more care so that I did not do myself an injury. There I stood ready for action in front of a lovely young woman. I couldn't believe my luck.


"Very nice." said Tina " Can I watch you play a little?"


Obligingly I started to stroke my cock and played with my balls. Slowly I worked my foreskin back to reveal the throbbing purple end of my cock. As I did so a tiny trickle of pre-cum appeared at the slit and ran over the swollen flesh. Using my fingers I worked it in, making the end of my shaft smooth and slippery.


Tina started to rub her fingers down over her pussy spreading her lovely juices around and opening her lips so I could see her erect clit glistening red in the moist inviting folds. She was starting her fingers just below her naval and letting them slip down over her clit to disappear deeper inside. I so wanted to feel that for myself so I moved closer.


"Tell you what." she said "this is so different and so sexy - for me at any rate - let's keep it that way, for now. No touching allowed. Do you agree?"


Well I couldn't disagree really could I? Otherwise it might all be over. Anyway however it progressed from here was an unexpected bonus in life. Go with the flow and take pleasure from the moment.


"Yes of course." I replied "It feels very exciting like this." It did too, there was no need to make that up.


"You can get as close as you like as long as we don't touch. That's the rule."

Tina stood up and faced me. I moved as close as I could so the end of my cock was less than an inch from those moist inviting folds. Mmm need to be carefull here I thought. Does cumming on her constitute touching I wonder? I bent at the knees and moved my lips just a fraction away from her nipples and carefully licked my lips. Tina shuddered and swayed a little causing me to move away rapidly. She was turned on by this so much.

An idea came to mind and I blew gently on her beautiful nipple.


"Awww that's cheating!" she moaned "Do it some more!" I was happy to oblige her in that way and continued to roam from one tit to the other blowing madly until she could stand the torment no more and moved away laughing.

"Right you tease!" Tina said "Lay down on that couch and we will see how you like it."


I did as I was bid and watched her open her mouth wide and lower it towards my hot hard cock. I looked on in amazement as my bell end disappeared into her mouth without her touching me. She exhaled slowly and the effect was electrifying! How she did it I do not know. It was like one of those party games where you have to move a wire loop along a bendy wire without touching it. My cock bobbed about a bit but somehow she kept clear.

Well two can play at that game. I got her to sit on the chair with her legs over the arms like she was when I first came in. Then I lowered my head between her legs and blew gently across her clit. Within moments Tina was more breathless than I. Her body trembled and convulsed, making her tits wiggle so invitingly.

"Wow." I said your tits wiggling like that is driving me mad. It is just so sexy."


"Okay, then watch this!" Tina leaped up and switched on her MP3 player in its docking station. She was soon dancing and bouncing around the room. While I stood by and caressed my cock - almost without realising - in time to the music.

All at once Tina stopped and knelt on the mat, leaning backwards in such an alluring way. How I stopped myself kneeling in front of her and thrusting my close to cumming cock deep into those moist folds I will never know.


"Oh god! I have just got to cum!" said Tina in a breathless husky voice. and she proceeded to work her fingers up and down her hot pussy, moaning softly as she did so. I stood in front of her, hips thrust forward and worked my hand up and down my cock while pressing on the vein near the root of my shaft to make it swell some more.


Tina moaned and her hips began to move back and forth as she worked her fingers deeper and faster.

I could feel a stirring in my balls and a surging sensation up my shaft and I knew I was about to explode.


"I'm gonna Cum!" I managed to say.

"Please cum on my tits, please please." she replied with a strtrangled voice. So it was okay then!


I moved forward just as the first pulse of hot cum shot from my cock an splattered on her wildly bouncing tits. The second spurt was right on target too and Tina cried out as she came as well and spurted some of her juices onto my legs.

Again my cock pulsed and again. I never knew I had so much cum to give. Eagerly Tina used her new found skill to lick her tits clear of cum. As one last time I felt my balls tighten and a final dribble of spunk trickled down over my hand.


Afterwards Tina bathed and I showered. I lay naked on my bed in the warm early evening sun drifting off to sleep luxuriating in what we had done. I knew Tina would be getting ready to go out. I wondered what I would do for the rest of the evening. I must have dozed and dreamt about our activities because I awoke with a start and realised I had another hard on. I became aware of Tina's presence in the room. She was naked too.


"I have decided not to go out tonight" she said "you are too much of a tease I have decided."


"Oh really?" I replied "so what are you going to do about that? Ask me to leave?"

Tina laughed.

"No. First I want to ride that." she said pointing at my erect member. "Then I want you to fuck me doggy style while squeezing my boobs and pinching my nipples. Then if you are not worn out by that I want you to blow on my clit and lick me out til I scream for mercy."

"sounds good to me" I said. I hoped I could rise to her challenge.

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Is anyone real here.

Avatar Username: Johnp90s
Date: 11-Mar-2015 23:09:57
Mood: bored

Is anyone real in this lame ass website.

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Help Me

Avatar Username: lovelysunitapatel
Date: 11-Mar-2015 08:42:31
Mood: angry
Music: i m not able to open domywife from pc

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Have I stepped on someonce toes?

Avatar Username: mrboots
Date: 10-Mar-2015 14:59:55
Mood: in love

I gather I stepped on someonce toes and pissed them off?

I just discovered that I can't respond to messages in the forum,

The reason for that being,every time I try a window pops up telling me to register or  sign in and when I do it won't accept it.


I told you moderators before,feel free to remobe and delte me any time>

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New Orleans 3/12 - 3/15

Avatar Username: melo12
Date: 10-Mar-2015 02:46:32
Mood: full of life

i will be in New Orleans for the weekend, lets link up

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posted new material

Avatar Username: Smitty1012
Date: 09-Mar-2015 03:33:54
Mood: in love

We recently added some new pictures. We would love to hear some feedback, it encourages us to post more often. We love to hear what you think and what you would do. Stop by and give us a shout!! ;)

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Fake people

Avatar Username: Johnp90s
Date: 07-Mar-2015 19:44:42
Mood: disappointed

so many fake people in this world it's sad really

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Is the writing on the wall??

Avatar Username: mrboots
Date: 07-Mar-2015 14:48:15
Mood: in love

I can't help but notice that s;owly bur surely things apear to be going downhill at DMW.

For the past two days, no entries in the blogs or forum and I for one have not seen any sort of notification,saying DMW is having difficultys of ant kind.

Or is this a subtle way of letting is know,It won't be long now?


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Public sex anyone?

Avatar Username: karen marie
Date: 02-Mar-2015 18:47:31
Mood: full of life

My husband and I were at a small town restaurant in Arizona on a Sunday afternoon. The type that is right on the old-style Main St. We had stopped for lunch and we had an unusually sexy conversation while we were waiting for our lunch.

When we left we went back to our truc, which was parked right in front of the diner. My husband didn't start the engine but started on me instead. He ran the palm of his hand gently over my nipples. Well, they are so sensitive that they immediately jumped out at him. He then proceeded to undo my jeans. He unzipped them and put his hand inside my underwear and started to slowly stroke my clit. It was broad daylight and people were on the sidewalks nearby and he just kept stroking me oh-so-casually with his right hand. From the sidewalk it didn't appear to be anything happening, as the truck sits up a bit, but I was incredibly turn on watching the people as he kept fingering me. I was starting to move my bum and felt my breath getting shallower and shallower. I knew I was going to cum in broad daylight with people all around me. My husband was smiling and watching me try to keep from drawing attention to us, which just made it all the more intense. I had one of those nearly blacking out orgasms!

We sat for a few minutes until I was breathing somewhat normally. We left and got back on the Interstate. My husband took the first secluded exit he could find, pulled over into a pull off and came around to my side of the truck, opened the door and literally ripped my jeans off. He took me right there--my bum in the seat and my legs up on the door posts. He must've cum in two minutes and I had another mind bending climax. When we finally got our act together we could see that we were totally visible from the highway. I often wondered what people driving must've thought was happening. We are also lucky we didn't get arrested!

Hope you liked our story
Karen Marie

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