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Wish my wife would

Avatar Username: Lumpycustard
Date: 08-Nov-2018 19:19:01
Mood: disappointed

So where do I start? 

I wish my my would fuck about! 

Past girlfriends have and I loved it. Whether it be swapping or her just fucking one night stands or friends. 


But my wife just ain't interested! She's been given a full "Hall Pass" when she's out but she just won't use it. 


She's on  girls night out in a few weeks so maybe she'll get interested in someone enough to get paid? 


I hope so.

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Two things I want

Avatar Username: Lil G
Date: 31-Oct-2018 11:26:34
Mood: horny

Two things I seriously want. Two fantasies I want fulfilled, at my older age. I may be an older slut, but I still seem to look good enough to get offers everyday, and I want more than blowing guys off in parking lots. I want to be pleased. So first, I want a good gandbang. I’m going to need at least about 10 guys for this. Copy my pictures, and see how many guys would like to fuck me. I want to be fucked a lot, hard, and repeatedly used as long as anyone wants me, fucked hard or blown. I want to be passed around like a whore to whoever wants me, in my pussy, ass, or mouth. Then, my second request. This one may me harder to coordinate, but I want it so bad. I saw a video on here, where a long line of guys got primed by another girl, and then came on this other girl’s face. I want that. I want a line of guys, I don’t even care how many, to cum in my mouth and my face, and my tits, until I’m dripping cum everywhere...I want to be glazed with cum...then you can escort me out in public with the cum dripping off my face, and offer me to anyone else who wants to deposit more....I want to be filled and creamed with your cum.. So, that’s my my two wishes. Can anyone make this happen? I’ll be very good to you...

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My Love for Big Cock

Avatar Username: dixienormus_husband
Date: 26-Oct-2018 02:26:46
Mood: full of life

Since I can remember, I have had a huge hanging dick just implanted in my brain. I'm at work I'm thinking about huge dicks, washing the dishes big dicks, brushing my teeth monster cock. At any given moment the only person who knows I am always thinking about a big-O schlonger is my husband who I recently came out to as a size queen. To my amazement, he was beyond ecstatic! With that safety and permission of my husband I actually get to go on a hunt for Big John. I admitted to him how since I was a very young, I have always loved the way a large penis looked. It beautiful, it is magical, it feels as close to a religion as I can get. I remember when I had my son 2 years ago the doctor said oh wow you are strong and have room for the baby. Is it weird I took that as a compliment? I was proud of my strong large vagina that could naturally give birth and please just about any dick size. I can accommodate freaks and an average size all the same. See I have been working out my Kegels since I was 9 years old, it felt good also I overheard my mom talking to her friends about men hating "loose" vagina ( she isn't the brightest star out there). So after my husband and I started playing with stupid big dildos and still more than please my 7"x5 man. I was so grateful I was young and dumb and took what my mom said to heart because I have one strong large vagina and even stronger craving for huge cock.

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Ambitious Asian Executive (Chapter 5)

Avatar Username: lovelyasianwife
Date: 23-Oct-2018 07:45:50
Mood: horny

Chapter 5


Vanessa was at this point, enraged over how she had been made to submit to Aaron, a lowly sales executive. She had it in her mind that she was going to do whatever she could to get him out of the company and more importantly out of her life completely. The disadvantage she faced was that she had no leverage seeing as he had possession of videos and images of the most demeaning and low point of her life. However her intelligent mind and resourcefulness helped craft a strategy whereby she would intercept all of his clients by leveraging on her excellent relationships and ensure that Aaron would never make a single sale for the company again. A month passed with her making certain that he would be worked to the bone; 24 hours a day, seven days a week and have nothing to show for it. His numbers would make his stay untenable but she still wanted to go further. She still had not figured out how to get back at Lars for placing her in this situation in the first place but she could use him to get rid of Aaron as a start.


Conversely, Vanessa in her new role was performing brilliantly and her status as VP was solidified. In just a few weeks she had already out performed any of her predecessors and had tripled sales owing to her dynamism and hard work. One evening, she was slated to have a con-call together with Lars where they would do a check-in with her most hated clients Daniel and Eric. Thankfully, she received an email stating that the call had been postponed and she was free for the evening. The beautiful girl during her free time owed much of her amazing body shape and fit tone to utilizing the company gym after hours. It was usually empty and she would always have the facility to herself where she would work out and distress. It was one of her few moments of solace and solitude that she loved. She changed quickly into a black tank top and sweat pants and proceeded to the gym. She quickly got in to her routine, doing a series of stretches and started with the rowing machine. 20 minutes into her workout, she was feeling good, building up a healthy sweat. Unknown to her, a security camera attached to the corner of the ceiling panned to focus on the lovely girl, with her boss a few floors below seated behind his desktop, enjoying the view while typing messages to his clients in LA.


Vanessa seated herself on to the multi-purpose weight machine, back straight and began performing a series of lateral chest pulls, drawing the weights inside where her hands would meet in the middle. She was so engrossed in her session that she did not realize Lars had entered the gym, locking the door behind him and approached her with his laptop in his palm. She heard his footsteps and was surprised to see him, however she merely turned her gaze upon him while continuing her pulls. He smiled at her and began commending her on her performance to date.


Lars: I am really impressed by what you have managed to do so far. I know we have not been spending much time together but I have been meaning to tell you that despite your circumstances, you really have been the best person for the job. I was wondering if there was anything I could do to reward you?


Vanessa: Look Lars, lets just cut all the shit ok? I just want to do my job and be left alone. Do you know that there is a piece of garbage by the name of Aaron in my team that found whatever you and your people recorded and photographed of me and is using it to blackmail me? I think that you all are damn lucky I have not done anything to you and those fucking Americans and Japanese. I want something done about that sales executive and I want it done now!


She knew that she was still at a disadvantage when it came to her boss but at least she could clear up one problem at a time if Lars decided to at the very least fire Aaron and make sure he never got a job again if he ever went public with his collection of ‘Vanessa porn’.


Lars: You do make a good point. Personally I would hate it if a subordinate ever thought they could dictate things to me. You know what? I am going to make that little fucker suffer for thinking he could mess around with my VP. But as always I feel that you are talking to me in a manner that is unbecoming of an employee right now. So before I deal with him, I think you might have to do something for me now.


Vanessa suddenly realized that it had become increasingly hot within the gym and that was because the air conditioning had been switched off. She in her effort to at least seem in control had been continuing her exercise while talking to him and was now perspiring heavily.


Vanessa: I wish I could say I was surprised but nothing that comes out from you really does surprise me anymore. So what else can you make me do that you have not already done? Doesn’t it get boring for you? Don’t you have any fucking conscience at all?


Lars: Well, I actually just came in to tell you that the con-call is back on right now and that Daniel and Eric are waiting for us to dial in. But since you have decided to continue speaking to me out of turn, I think I may ask for something a bit more. I do feel bad though, disturbing you in the middle of a workout so you should continue exercising while we have our call. After all I respect that your beauty is something that is hard earned but my dear I am sorry that the air conditioning has suddenly ‘decided’ not to work. You must be getting really hot huh? I think that little top and those sweat pants should be removed so you don’t overheat on the job my dear.


Vanessa: You are so damn predictable. How the hell am I supposed to workout and talk at the same time? How do I know that you will deal with Aaron?


Lars: Well you are just going to have to trust me and earn my continued good favor now aren’t you?


Scowling heavily at him, Vanessa got off the machine and removed her soaking wet black top and pants, leaving her in just her black sports bra and black tiny thong. The sight of her beautiful body, gleaming with sweat, sent shivers down his spine as he drank in the sight of her getting back on the machine and slowly pulled her weights once more. Lars while she was undressing had setup his laptop directly facing her and dialed in to a video call with LA.


Lars: Evening gentlemen! My apologies for the delay but we simply felt we had to catch you guys today itself. As you can see in the background, our VP who has done a great job so far is so committed to the task that she has agreed to multi-task so that we can have this call and still get her own thing done. After all, in our company we believe in work-life balance. She will be able to give you guys an update so feel free to ignore what she’s doing and listen to what she has to say.


Daniel: Hi guys! Thank you so much for going ahead with this. Really can’t appreciate it any more. Vanessa, we are really sorry for interrupting your work out but just take your time and update us as best as you can. It is a pleasure just to see you anyhow. Please go ahead.


Gasping and grunting while working her arms, she gamely launched into an update about their system updates and how it would benefit her clients. Her arms were growing tired, something that was not lost on Lars.


Lars: Hold on guys. Before our girl goes on, think she’s done with her lateral muscle workout. Fortunately I used to be fitness instructor in another life, so I feel she needs to do some cardio to workout those legs and give those nice arms a break.


Turning the laptop to face the treadmill, he allowed Vanessa to get on before setting it to a moderate speed as she began jogging while continuing her talk in an impressive fashion, clearly demonstrating her to be in great shape stamina wise. As minutes wore on though, clearly she was beginning to struggle to talk and run at the same time. The heat of the room was beginning to take its toll on her as well with her sports bra clearly becoming heavier with the weight of her increasing perspiration.


Eric: I think our VP needs to take a bit of a breather guys? From talking I mean! She clearly can go a few more miles but we can wait ourselves for her to gather her speech back. No problem at all. Lars, from where we are sitting I think her bra is really getting too burdensome for the poor thing. Maybe she would be more comfortable with it off?


Lars laughed and stared at Vanessa giving her a nod. She knew that all this was an eventuality rather than a probability. With a few cursed words muttered in between her gasps for air, she reached under her bra and pulled it off, revealing her wonderful big breasts, of which bounced up and down enticingly as she ran. She was now just in her black thong, trying in vain to slow down her running as the speed was causing her breasts to bounce uncontrollably beneath her chin. The men of course were loving every moment of this and Daniel requested Lars to move the laptop behind her for a while to capture the view of her taut, fit ass cheeks working out as she ran. Nothing like a woman in just a thong and sneakers going for a run, he commented out loud. Lars himself was getting really hot and bothered and proceeded to remove his shirt and trousers, leaving himself in just his boxers as he admired his subordinate running almost completely naked in front of him. She was a magnificent specimen, he thought. Finally he stopped the treadmill, allowing her to dismount and gather her breath. She gasped wildly with her hands on her knees, her wet body drenched in sweat looking better than ever before. As she finally stood up straight, addressing the video camera, she exclaimed that she had nothing else to update and the session was over. She winced and grimaced as Lars suddenly embraced her from behind, reveling in the smoothness of her body and even sweating profusely, he swore out loud that she still smelled like heaven. She cringed as she felt his hands grasp the waistband of her thong, pulling it down to her ankles. Her mind went blank as his hands ran up her front, over her stomach, grabbing and squeezing her amazing breasts, before reaching down to her hairy crotch that she had neglected to wax for the past two weeks.


Daniel: “Oh I agree we are almost done but what about the Q & A session? Surely we get to ask a few things, seeing as we haven’t been in contact for quite a while? I think Vanessa needs to do some Kiegel exercises as well. I mean that’s one part I think a girl like her needs to focus on seeing as we might be in town in a few weeks time.”


Vanessa groaned as Lars led her to the machine in question. Fully naked bar her sneakers, she was seated as her legs were placed with two pads in between them with the exercise objective calling for her to squeeze her thighs and knees together and release. It was the most obscene position she could possibly find herself in as the laptop was placed right in front of her capturing the full view of her bare pussy spread out every time she released the squeeze of her thighs. She was too exhausted to resist and was just waiting for this ordeal to end. She would never return to this gym again, she decided as she opened and closed her legs, feeling her thighs burn as she worked them rigorously. At the same time, she was made to answer the stupidest, most inconsequential questions. Her humiliation knew no end at this point. As a small bit of mercy, Lars produced her water bottle, allowing her to drink her fill, before instructing her to lie down on a short bench press workout bench to rest. She was so tired she had almost completely forgotten about her audience watching as she lay down, her sweat dripping down from the bench to the floor, her ample chest heaving up and down as she sucked in air. Her hands reached up to her face, covering her eyes, wiping the moisture from there but also somewhat as a means to hide her shame.


Lars suddenly grabbed her left wrist and quickly wrapped in with a flex band, before doing the same with her right. Too spent to put up much of a fight, she weakly strained to retract her wrists as they were quickly bound to the barbell rack poles, her arms spread above her head so that her arms were immobilized. Once more she was left in a horribly compromised state with her legs spread over the bench. She nearly screamed out loud as Lars grabbed and fondled her breasts, she looked up as he saw him removing his boxers, allowing his fully erect cock free as he gazed hungrily at her naked, restrained body. Daniel and Eric watched online, fully immersed in the scene as Lars sat on the bench, facing himself at her bare crotch, his arms reaching under her thighs to spread them wide as he positioned his cock at her pussy lips. Vanessa shook her head violently; imploring him to stop which only resulted in him reaching to the floor for her thong. With his left hand, he pinched her nose, stopping any effort from her to seal her lips as he stuffed her sweat-drenched thong into her mouth, gagging her. Her eyes grew wide as she felt him enter her pussy with his big cock, slamming in and out of her wet sex, the room echoing with the slaps of his waist against her spread crotch. Never in her life had she been fucked in such a fashion, her arms desperately straining against the bands, trying in vain to get free as her boss drove in and out of her powerfully, enjoying every thrust of his hips. Her legs flailed weakly, held up against his shoulders, as his hands placed on her torso, groped and squeezed maniacally on her wonderful breasts and nipples. The muffled groans escaping her thong filled mouth only served to fuel his desire for her as he provided Daniel and Eric with the evening’s erotic entertainment.


Eric: That’s great use of the workout bench Lars! Pump that hole!


Vanessa yelped in pain as Lars pinched her pink nipples, pulling them upwards as far as they would go. In truth the feeling of his cock fucking her pussy was good but not a fact that she would ever admit to her boss. She herself was resigned to her own fate in the moment and her hips began yet again to move in motion with his, accepting his cock inside her.  To him, she looked like a full-fledged porn actress, helplessly bound and laid out in front of him for his pleasure. With a loud grunt, he suddenly withdrew from her and stood over her face, masturbating furiously, her eyes widening in anticipation of what was about to happen. He released a huge load all over her face, covering her eyes, nose with the vast amount shot into her mouth adding cum to the already saliva-soaked wet thong.


Standing over her with all the audacity of a conquering hero, Lars turned away to reach for his clothes only to turn back around at the sound of Vanessa desperately moaning through her thong gag in an effort to communicate. Curious as to what she had to say he reached in her mouth to remove the piece of cloth. To his amusement he watched for a few moments as she choked and even better; forced to swallow his cum in order to clear her mouth until she finally was able to speak.


Vanessa: Lars, please tell me after this you will take care of Aaron right?


Lars: He’s as good as gone and will never bother you again baby. But you, you know you are always going to belong to us don’t you? A slut like you I mean you cannot deny that you are starting to enjoy this!


Vanessa (thinking for awhile): I…I..know. I understand that I will probably never be able to stop you but please just keep this to yourself, Daniel and Eric. Please? I have been through enough. I will be yours. But please admit one thing to me now? I need to hear you say that you planned all this and that I had no choice but to submit to you. I wanted the job but you did blackmail me into it didn’t you? Did you always plan it from the beginning when I asked for it? I never thought that you would do this to me. Now I am your slave. I know that. But I was never going to agree to do any of this willingly but I couldn’t stop you with your power and position, I couldn’t say no. You have such a hold on me now that I have no ability to ever say no to you. Can you just admit that to me?


Lars: I guess there’s no point denying it. You are incredibly beautiful Vanessa. I always thought of ways that I could make you mine and break you so that you would never be able to say no to me. I knew that no matter how badly you wanted the job, money and power, you would only go so far before you would refuse what we wanted. Now you know that no matter what, we own you! Don’t worry though. As long as you are compliant, all your pictures and videos will be safe. Now all you have to do is sit and wait for Daniel and Eric to arrive and you have to show them an even better time than before ok? Good slut.


With that he got dressed, picked up the laptop and released the flex bands from the pole, allowing her arms freedom at last. He stroked her hair for a few moments before leaving the room, Vanessa’s eyes trailing after him before looking upwards towards the ceiling at the security camera she had noticed while he had fucked her on the bench. She got up slowly before gathering her things and toweling herself down. She got dressed with her mind working fervently, knowing what she would have to do. She exited the gym and walked straight towards the security room, hoping that she would come across one of the female security guards usually posted in the later part of the evening.







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Still at it

Avatar Username: MaryAndSean
Date: 22-Oct-2018 21:45:54
Mood: in love
Music: boom chicka wow wow

Hi gang, 

We stopped in on 10/22/18. We cammed for 45 minutes or so. Fucking, sucking, dildoes and fisting. We are not around so much because life is keeping us busy. Mary has done 3 ways with two guys now. All else is good. Hope you all are too. C U Soon!

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Swinging in TN

Avatar Username: cjrebel21
Date: 21-Oct-2018 21:48:40
Mood: other

Tennessee swingers if you are interested I started a group on Kik.  If you are interested try SMTswingfun.  On kik

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Avatar Username: num1scamp
Date: 21-Oct-2018 04:29:22
Mood: in love

        I'm waiting for my husband to get home so he can fuck me. I went to a bar where swingers hang out tonight and was a bit naughty. I plan to tell him exactly what I did while he fucks me. I wore a clingy low cut black slinky short dress. My nipples show well thru it. I wore no underwear so I could tease a bit. There are usually more single guys than ladies at these things and tonight was no exception. I saw about 6 guys that looked interesting when I entered the club. I sat at the bar and before I could order, a guy offered to buy me a drink. I said sure, and we introduced ourselves. He asked me to dance and I said sure, since I really like too. The 2nd dance was slow, and I molded myself to his body. He was well built, maybe 40, a black guy. He was nice, he started kissing my neck, and I felt his ass. He got the hint, and returned the favor. We sat back down after the dance, and I sipped my drink as I turned and faced him and spread my legs a bit. He took the hint and was soon fingering me as we sat there talking. They had a photo booth there and he asked me if I'd take some pics with, sure I said. We got into the bootth and closed the curtain. The first 2 pics we kissed, then I let my breasts free from my dress, and we got a couple of him kissing my tits, sucking my nipples. He wanted more and we kept it up. By the third set of pics I was sucking his cock. I made him cum on the fifth set, we got a good pick of him cumming on my face. I went and cleaned up and met him back at the bar. We divided the pics up, my husband will love them. A friend of his had joined us by then. He introduced me, and I had a dance with him. He'd seen the pics and wasn't shy with me, my pussy was really wet by this time. He suggested we go have a smoke, sure I said. So the three of us went to his van. We smoked a cigarette,  and I took turns kissing them, they had my dress off as we finished smoking. I was sandwiched between them. One white, one black, both had nice cocks. My black friend told his buddy what a good cocksucker I was and of course I had to prove it. I took him in my mouth slowly, and licked and kissed all of his beautiful cock, as his friend played with my pussy. The black guy wanted to fuck me, he was really hard, so I got a condom out of my purse and put it on him with my mouth. He laid down and I mounted him, I called his friend over and sucked his cock, and as I was fucked. I came quickly, all the teasing had gotten to me. I came once more as he started filling my mouth with cum, my black lover came soon after. I rested a bit with another smoke, and then we started again, this time the white guy fucked me from behind while I was on my knees, and I sucked his buddy. We switched up several times, they had me cumming and sweating hard. After they were spent, we returned to the bar and got another drink.

       I ran into an old friend I hadn't seen in about 6 years as we were drinking. I introduced him to my new friends, then he took me to the dance floor. We caught up with what we'd both been doing. i asked him where his wife was, and he said she was out with a friend. I told him my husband was working, we'd missed seeing them. He's a Dom and she's a sub. He knew the bar owner, and after the dance he asked him if we coul use his office a minute. Once in the office, he told me to strip and took his cock out. I knew what he wanted and dropped to me knnes like a good sub, and began making love to his cock. After a few minutes he picked me up nd put me over his lap and started to spank me. Slowly, and eaingly, hard then soft, as he fingered me. He had two fingers in me as he spanked, and I was dripping. He asked me if I'd been fucked yet, and I told him I had. I told him both the guys at the bar had fucked me already. He called me a slut, and said he was glad I hadn't changed. He then put me over the desk and started fucking me hard. He continued spanking me as he did. The owner came in and watched for a few minutes as Joe fucked me. The he took his cock out out and offered it to me. I sucked it in my mouth immediately, he was a little hard to take, he has a really thick cock. This was the first time I'd had sex with him. Joe made me cum several times as he fucked me, and talked to me, he knows just what to say. The bar owner came in about ten minutes, he was a heavy cummer, but I swallowed it all.

         Afterwards I drove home, slowly fingering myself, and thinking about my husband fucking me. I think he's going to like what I did a lot, and fuck me well. I'm in bed, with toys around me, lube, and a very hot well used pussy waiting for him.


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Wife showing off

Avatar Username: Heelslut
Date: 18-Oct-2018 09:49:03
Mood: happy

My wife loves men looking at her, she loves turning men on and is vey good at it. Se uses her legs and heels to draw mens attention and then lies back on the bar at our local to reveal her ass and cunt for all the patrons to look at and sometimes touch, its really hot seeing her writhing on the bar with men gathered around feeling her body as she looks up and smiles at me. A few guys often carry her out back for a few hours of ravaging, she cums back looking very very used and very very hot!

The first time another man stood before her, his cock standing out pointing at her face, and her eyes on fire with anticipation, was amazing. He touched her skin and began to run his hands up her leg. She opended her legs wider to give him compete access to her fuckholes, and she looked up at him and smiled. He then knew he was into the hottest slut ever and he slipped a fnger under her paties and ran it across her clit, she rolled her eyes and he knew it was all over, there was nothing she would not let him do to her, anything at all!

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casal bosslino

Avatar Username: casalbosslino
Date: 13-Oct-2018 12:08:52
Mood: in love

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So horny after birth !!!

Avatar Username: hornyDeanfyou
Date: 09-Oct-2018 13:47:31
Mood: horny
Music: rock

I need to fuck all time !!! Right now ... MY PUSSY IS SO WET ... !!!

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