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Public ses anyone?

Avatar Username: karen marie
Date: 02-Mar-2015 18:47:31
Mood: full of life

My husband and I were at a small town restaurant in Arizona on a Sunday afternoon. The type that is right on the old-style Main St. We had stopped for lunch and we had an unusually sexy conversation while we were waiting for our lunch.

When we left we went back to our truc, which was parked right in front of the diner. My husband didn't start the engine but started on me instead. He ran the palm of his hand gently over my nipples. Well, they are so sensitive that they immediately jumped out at him. He then proceeded to undo my jeans. He unzipped them and put his hand inside my underwear and started to slowly stroke my clit. It was broad daylight and people were on the sidewalks nearby and he just kept stroking me oh-so-casually with his right hand. From the sidewalk it didn't appear to be anything happening, as the truck sits up a bit, but I was incredibly turn on watching the people as he kept fingering me. I was starting to move my bum and felt my breath getting shallower and shallower. I knew I was going to cum in broad daylight with people all around me. My husband was smiling and watching me try to keep from drawing attention to us, which just made it all the more intense. I had one of those nearly blacking out orgasms!

We sat for a few minutes until I was breathing somewhat normally. We left and got back on the Interstate. My husband took the first secluded exit he could find, pulled over into a pull off and came around to my side of the truck, opened the door and literally ripped my jeans off. He took me right there--my bum in the seat and my legs up on the door posts. He must've cum in two minutes and I had another mind bending climax. When we finally got our act together we could see that we were totally visible from the highway. I often wondered what people driving must've thought was happening. We are also lucky we didn't get arrested!

Hope you liked our story
Karen Marie

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kik group

Avatar Username: ok.for.fun
Date: 02-Mar-2015 02:03:07
Mood: in love

Just started a group on kik. Come join and share at curvywives

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If you look, at least comment!!!

Avatar Username: doherdome
Date: 26-Feb-2015 04:30:23
Mood: disappointed

If you're looking at our pictures- especially those of you who only gawk and can't be bothered to share anybody our own - at least have the decency to comment on them.

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New and Eager

Avatar Username: elijahandjane
Date: 25-Feb-2015 23:15:30
Mood: happy

We are very new to this site but very eager, Jane loves to have people lookind at her naughty photos. Would love for people to leave there horny comments. Added some more photos, Im sure you will like them.

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tribute for me

Avatar Username: southerngirrl101
Date: 24-Feb-2015 22:33:41
Mood: horny

hay peeps. I am realllly wanting tributes.. Just the IDE makes me wett... I wanna see all these different guys cum dripping off my photos... If u have enough cum cum on every one in my albums please post them and put southerngirrl101 in the tittle... Maybe 100 different guys? Maybe not idk I hope so.... Cantwait...

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Take the poll

Avatar Username: doherdome
Date: 22-Feb-2015 10:24:39
Mood: horny

Getting wife back into it - take the poll to help encourage her http://www.domywife.com/forum/general-discussion/15881-have-you-seen-her-naked.html

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New Vids and Pics

Avatar Username: jennad152
Date: 21-Feb-2015 03:10:42
Mood: horny
Music: Erotic

New Vids and Pics

Avatar Username: jennad152
February 20th 2015
Music.....Wild and Erotic

My sex crazy slut Jenna wants to read your comments while she gets off...the filthier and more degrading the better...she cant get enough.  Tributes welcome.  We also want to hear from other sluts....Damian

Delete squizzyt Send PM
Feb 20, 2015 at 02:49 AM

Fuck you turn me on Jenna, So hot and sexy, what a great slut you are. Fucking instant hard cock.  Love those tits.  I am looking, I am looking, don't rush me, so fucking sexy.  Oh yeah, would love to ride you Jenna.  Go girl, go sorry I don't like your photos, I FUCKING LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!  Love how slutty your body is and boy could I have some fun with it. Just looking at your slutty whorish pics my cock gets hard and leaks precum everywhere.  Those tits of your drive me wild. I would love to get down on my back with you sitting on my face and grinding your cunt into my mouth while you sucked on my cock and squeezed my balls.  They we would have a second guy start to fuck you while I am licking your clit.

tonyb1943 Send PM
Feb 18, 2015 at 03:58 PM

God I love watching you fuck yourself and hearin g you come, your nipples get so hard. And you must be so wet. You make the best vids. And I love your tits.Love watching you desperate to cum. Your vids are my favorites. Look how hard those nipples are Love your sexy videos and those hanging tits.  They are perfect. Would love to see them hanging in front of me as you suck my cock and I squeeze your nipples.
I would love to lick your clit and have you cum u til you beg to have my cock in you. I love to feel my cum squirting in you ad I pump hRd.

justsex48 Send PM
Feb 02, 2015 at 10:37 AM

jenna you such a sexy woman my cock would love to ride you.  Love your nipples very sexy

PrettyRicky Send PM
Jan 29, 2015 at 01:56 PM

She can eat my cum any day.... SAY WHEN!!!

merlin3 Send PM
Jan 26, 2015 at 02:26 PM

hmm love a secretary with such smooth well curved thigsh! would train her too!



Yours is the hottest page ....omg loved watching you vibrate your pussy baby..

Delete Tootsiepop Send PM
Jan 24, 2015 at 03:56 AM

damn way to fuck,she talks so sexy!! Like a good nasty talker makes us hot and very horny,makes ya do thing you may not do otherwise sexy swinging tits!! love the way she dildos her cunt!!  GOT SO HRNY WHAT A FRIEND YOU WOULD MAKE!! great PICS AND WOW WE THINK YOUR SO SEXY AND KINKY!!! :-D ;-)

Delete brw689 Send PM
Dec 23, 2014 at 08:25 PM

you can have my cock and cum also gorgeous xxx

ladiesgigolo84 Send PM
Oct 12, 2014 at 07:25 PM

great amazing pictures..-..right the kind of sexy woman that i like

latin_Irishrose Send PM
Oct 05, 2014 at 04:37 PM

Very Hot ...love ur sexy outfits !!!

PHX Guy Send PM
Sep 26, 2014 at 06:09 PM
Luv all your slutty outfits....you certainly know how to get a man really aroused

Delete peter69r Send PM
Sep 29, 2014 at 03:56 PM
Oh yes jenna, you look so hot and wild there.  Your tits and nipples are fantastic, I'd love for you to give me a ring. xxxox Peter

Delete yeoman69 Send PM
Sep 25, 2014 at 07:45 PM

Would love to see those nipples clamped.....Would love to snap my leash onto her collar.....

Dress up like a street whore for Master bitch...tight skirt so short it exposes your slave cunt....no panties...big tits half exposed....i take you to the mall with another slut collared and leashed....make you masturbate each other and eat her cunt in public while men watch and jerk off on you both.  Then make you kneel in Macdonalds and suck me off till i cover you bitch whores in cum.  Walk you through the mall dripping cum from your slut holes....sex crazed MILF cunts in heat for cocks.

Are you a filthy degraded submissive whore with no limits....insane for bondage and humiliation....serving Masters cock and his sluts cunt....used in public...tits bound...dildo in your sexcrazed cunt...masturbated to slut orgasms...  TELL MASTER WHAT YOU NEED BITCH!!

nutjob4u Send PM
Aug 22, 2014 at 12:08 PM
I would luv to share my cock with her HOT  I want to feed her I want to blow my load on your tounge.  I would luv to drop a load on her face . I want to feed her my loads.

Hungmanslut Send PM
Aug 20, 2014 at 06:54 PM

Mmmmmmn nice tits... Luv to pound a few bare loads in her

Delete subrubystick Send PM
Aug 19, 2014 at 06:51 AM

Fuck l'm cumming off just looking at her. Cock out really hard she want to pole dance

gregsforyouik Send PM
Jul 21, 2014 at 08:46 PM

MMMmm love to fuck her ass she is very hot. I love to hear her talk dirty.makes my cock throb


i fucking love your wife,,, she so rocks my cock,,,sexyas hell mmmmmm

Love to feel your lips around my hard cock

Delete posseplayer Send PM
Jul 19, 2014 at 01:23 AM

I would love to be your boy toy sweetheart

lopper Send PM
Jul 18, 2014 at 01:23 PM

Beautiful dick hungry slut ! Make me cum you dirty slut playing with cumholes !

steelman941 Send PM
Jul 14, 2014 at 08:42 PM

LOVE to BREED this fuck slut

nutjob4u Send PM
Jun 26, 2014 at 11:41 AM

wild thang, let me give you my load   I would enjoy fucking that slut.  Hot sexy mature pussy! luv it  
sexy tits, how about I drop a load on them  
luv to bend you over and slid my cock in

Delete maltran Send PM
Jun 25, 2014 at 07:47 AM

ooooooh wanna fuck you babe


Friday 04th 2014f April 2014 12:13:24

Jenna hey you look damn hot.  I would love to find us in a room full of black men who first demand that we perform a show for them.  Eat each other and then fuck with strapons. From there they join in and dp each of us before taking charge and fucking each of us hard and forceful.  Filling our holes with dark man meat and driviing their cocks into us so deep that they bring tears. finally filling us with load after load of cum for us to suck out of each other and swap back and forth before they throw us to the floor and fuck us some more until we are so worn out and used that we can do nothing but lie there and let them have their way. Sound good.

Jenna you fucking slut you asked for it and I am just enough slut to give it to you. I have a weekend planned you will never forget.   You and I arrive at a mountain getaway by ourselves but you know what is about to happen. To prepare I eat your pussy allowing my tongue to roam and slide into your ass.  You wiggle as cum begins to flow from your cunt. My middle finger slides into your asshole as I begin the process of stretching your anus that will continue all night. A knock at the door and I ask you to get it.  As you do I slip into some leather to begin my role of dominating you.
You open the door and a large group of black men come through and push you into a waiting chair and begin to tie you up.  They do no forplay shoving cocks into your mouth until they are hard and large. The first guy with no mercy shoves his foot long cock into your ass making you scream out as the initial pain forcasts a night that will put you in your place as the fucking slut you are. I come in and shove your mouth into my pussy and order you to lick me until I come while two cocks are now pumping your crotch as the man on top slides his tongue into my mouth. We fuck you with no reqard for you but only lust for our own pleasure.  After an hour or so of this action there is another knock on the door. It opens to reveal you two daughters and your hubby tied up by another group of black thugs.
They have been kidnapped and brought here to have you watch them and have your husband watch it all happen to the women he loves.  In an instant your screaming daughters are thrown on the bed and black cocks are in every hole as tears flow from their eyes.  You try to tell them that it is OK but I drown out your abilities by shoving my pussy harder and harder into your face. Each of your daughters have been cummed in several times as black men get off on the fuck fest happeniing. Your daughters are pulled over and their pussies pushed into your face so that you can suck out of them the cum they are  filled with.
I go over and take your husbands pants off to find him hard as a rock watching his ladies being used like pieces of fucking meat . I suck his cock before straddling him and fucking him. He begs me to stop but I can tell he just wants more of me as he watches you and his daughters being raped by the room full of niggers. I turn around and shove his throbbing cock into my ass. One of your daughters is brought to me and I eat her pussy while black cocks take turns on her ass. Each one as they finish blows their load onto my face. ZI notice that the same is happening to you as you eat out your own daughter as she gets ass fucked by a black cock ant the same time you are filled with black dick.  As they drain their cocks the men one by one leave and you tell your daughters of how the evening was planned by me.  They become obediant to my commands as I order each of them to eat us as your hubby wiggles watching.  Then they take turns fucking their Dad as you watch and eat my pussy. He blows his load in your youngest daughter and your oldest daughter sucks his juice out of her and shares it with you. It has been a long and emotional night and we slowly say good bye an head for home until we meet again.

paul eyre244 Send PM
Apr 08, 2014 at 01:24 PM

I love this fucking woman she is my dream bird


Friday 04th 2014f April 2014 05:24:38

Mmmm I would love to violate you while your master watches. I wanna slide my cock deep in your throat , I wanna slam that pussy then stuff my cock in that sexy ass

leisuretime68 Send PM
Apr 03, 2014 at 08:19 AM

Would love to satisfy your need. I like the way you handle that cock and would love to see you handle mine. Take it in your hands, rub it on your tits and start sucking. I'll reward you with such a heavy load it will spill from your mouth.  My heavy load would be hitting your face, tits and open mouth. Your body is incredible, on your knees and take my swollen cock in your mouth, I'm gonna fuck you like a slut and spray you with my cum.
Every1 has gone from work and I looking at your pics while getting a blowjob from my workmate. She was looking at your sexy body with me and is now warming my cock up to fuck her on my desk. Her mouth is stretched around the swollen head, licking and sucking it as I look at your fantastic tits and I'll be thinking of your pussy when I shoot my cum inside hers. I'd love to feel my thick cock deep in your soaking wet pussy and to see you gaping after I fuck you. Jenna, your body is amazing and your pics out of this world. My cock is rock hard, I don't usually masturbate to cumming looking at pics, preferring to save my cum for the mature slut wives I meet, but I couldn't help myself with you.


Sunday 02nd 2014f March 2014 06:43:03

Hi darling I am your biggest fan I can't get enough of you.  I plead you to do a piss vid for me please.  Absolutely an amazing pic& vids Would love to fuck and eat your lush pussy Thankyou for the best wank material and keep up the good work, I'm sure you will
Love Atomix

OhYesDoIt Send PM
Mar 11, 2014 at 04:29 PM
You have the loveliest boobs I have ever seen, and a passion to match



2014-01-14 20:02:20

Wish I could shoot my hot sticky young cumm deep inside of her lovely pussy! XD Sooooo freaking Hot....Damn I could masturbate to your gallery All Day! Mmm....Im sooo horny for Jenna now....damn...my Young Cock Is Hard...and throbbing…. after watching your Hot video Gallery...I wanna Explode my Hot Young Cum all over my thighs, and belly...




2013-12-13 15:33:56

WOW! biker approved!

2013-08-29 21:57:17

You are such a hot slutty cock whore........and we love it!

2013-07-30 14:00:22

your vids get us so off we cant stop watching ty

Delete mywhore
2013-05-28 09:17:31

Smokin hot I love your pics

Delete rickndiana3099
2013-02-12 14:29:41

you make my pussy so wet every time i stop bye rick just loves your place

2013-02-11 23:48:12

Excellent....5 ***** sexy woman make me spurt like a Fountain

2013-02-08 00:26:24

your the ultimate fuck slut!!! i will masturbate to u every day . thanks for letting us watch u

2012-12-08 20:38:36

5 ***** perfect. WHAT A WOMAN!

2012-11-13 16:30:34

you are one hot slut id love to collar you tie you out side to a tree and fuck you like a bitch in heat!!!!!!!!!!! :-P

Delete 123longhorn
2012-11-03 16:14:18
absolutely awesome pics and vids, a 5 star all the way....cant wait to see more of this...

2012-11-01 15:01:49

Damn you are a sexy lady :-)


DoesItMatter?end PM
Jan 11, 2013 at 01:44 AM

What an incredibly hot slut you are! Drop to your knees and suck me Jenna. Just made for eating pussy. Sit on my face you whore, and let me taste your cunt. The look on your face is soooo sexy. Id love to look down and see you looking up at me like that. You’re a hell of a woman.  A woman as sexy as you would have been the center of attention for men and women. You’re very hot. Why dont you get under my desk and earn your keep, Slave? I have a nice big bonus to give you, you sexy little slut. Hell yes, Id love to fuck you! What an incredible picture, and you are so hot. What a sexy face! Should I cum on your tits, on your face or in your mouth? you make me so horny that Im gonna cum on all three.


Delete dfoulup Send PM
Oct 18, 2013 at 07:18 PM
She'd be getting plenty of cock if I was around! And plenty of play with those great tits and I'm sure there is something else that needs attention.  I'd love to take that top off you and fill your mouth with cock. Later I'd find a hot steamy place for my cock between your wide spread legs...you sure wouldn't have to beg me very long for my cum. Probably 10 or 15 seconds! She's giving me a temp and I'm thinking my pulse is elevated too. Come take care of me baby! You are one sexy bitch!


Breedervtx Send PM
Oct 03, 2013 at 04:14 PM
She needs to be tied up spread eagle and fucked with all the toys she has until she begs to be released then gang bang her with all your buddies !!!! She should be gang raped. So fuckable, love to take turns with you.  Would love to feel your lips around my fat cock!  I would like to use your whore mouth to unload my balls into.


Oct 25,2013 at 03:21 PM

I am absolutely in love with your videos. My cock gets so hard it actually hurts me.   While watching the mother daughter video the first time I could not get my dick out fast enough.  I get so hot and horny watching you suck cocks and take cum shots that I find myself wanting to be there and being so turned on .  Please keep the videos cumming. I have jerked off to your pictures and videos almost daily and on occasion twice a day. You guys are the hottest thing on this site, or any site for that matter. Boy if you ever need or want someone to tease or to watch I'm your man, other than hearing me jerk off you would never know I'm there... keep those videos cumming.

gourmet6966 Send PM
Jan 20, 2014 at 02:53 PM

Fucking your cum filled and cum leaking pussy and pumping more cum into you would be like a fuck dream cum true...a nice cum fuck fest gangbang party. You getting all the cock and tongue attention and tons cum pumped into you and all over you. Several cocks at once filling you up. A nice suck and fuck fest and you are full of cum everywhere. I want to be one of the guys that fuck and fill your hot fuck and suck holes, The more cocks and cum in you the better! I want to fuck you and fill you with my cum soooooooo bad!!!!!!!!! I want to cum party and play with you and friends and pump my cum into your cum oozing pussy again and again! My tongue and cock love sexy cock hungry cum sluts and you are the best!  I want to fuck your cum leaking holes again and again!!!!! My cock is a big Jenna fan!!!!!


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This is very new to me!

Avatar Username: PinkTotoro
Date: 18-Feb-2015 10:56:14
Mood: happy

I've never done something like this before, so this is all very new to me. I just uploaded my first photos to my account...I hope someone will view them! I'm excited to see what happens. I can already tell that I'm going to add a lot more pictures and possible some videos.

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Fun times with my wife while stationed in Italy

Avatar Username: sallyforced
Date: 17-Feb-2015 13:48:34
Mood: horny

Right after our duty in Hawaii (I had retired there from the Navy), Sally got orders to Italy, we were dual military btw. We packed up and moved there. Had a nice little place and did some heavy partying there with friends. One special event happened that I will never forget. Sally had just made Chief in the Navy and after her initiation process which is so much tamer now, they had a formal dinner planned. Everyone dresses up in their choker whites. (goggle it)

At home Sally looked extremely sexy. Her cheap ass thin white blouse was way to small for her or maybe it was just her tits were too big for the shirt. Her tits were bulging to get out of that blouse and from the sides you definitely saw her bra and her tits were like bulging out of the top of her bra. Seeing her like this was marvelous. And the silly girl was wearing a fancy bra with all those designs on it. You could so easily see the design as well as the flesh of her breast. Made me horny just looking. And then she puts on her white jacket covering herself up, DAMN IT. I wanted her to flaunt those tits. She was also wearing one long ass heavy white skirt. The skirt went to far past her knees for me and zipped up behind her. The material was also very thick and a slip was not needed underneath. She was also wearing some sexy white panty hose sans panties. I love it when she wears panty hose since she never wears panties under them. Sally turned her back towards me and asks me to zip her up. Wrong move girl. I acted like I zipped it up. Her zipper went from her waistline and down past her ass cheeks. But the real bummer was she had a button holding her skirt up and her skirt didn't really open up, but that was ok for now. You'd need some great force to unbutton that one single button. To top it all off are her black high heels. SEXY looking actually. (I was fortunate enough to find one picture of her which will be posted in my profile).

In the car now, a white 1998 Pontiac Grand Am. That car is still around to this day, what a great motor it has. Never broke down on us btw. We get to the area where the dinner will be held and walk down this long winding rocky trail passing through three security check points. Down at the party Sally walks off to be with her female friends. ME? I'm finding the bar. I just walk up to the bar and order drinks. The Italian bar tender tells me that I didn't want a margarita for Sally. He gave me this 20 ounce bottle of red wine. I tasted it and it seemed ok. He tells me that it will pack the punch just like a margarita and a lot faster. So I got six bottles and left him a nice tip. He tells me to come back often and not to stand in the long line waiting to be served. Just hold up the number of fingers of the drinks that I wanted and he would put them on the counter for me. Great. Score.

I walk back to Sally and her group of female friends handing them all a bottle of this potent red wine. Surprise they all love it as they anxiously swallow it down. Back to the bar again, three fingers were held up. I leave him another nice tip while letting him take the money for the drinks out of the tip. He still received a nice tip though. I hand one drink to Sally and carry the other two for her later as we make our way to the long tables where we will be eating. Sally went through that bottle before we got to our table. So I just had to hand her another one. Sally sits down and I'm checking out her unzipped skirt. Its not opened wide enough to see anything and you really had to stare to see it was unzipped. OH well. :(

The party starts with a lot of talking and speeches then our dinner comes along with pitchers of more wine and lots of it. Sally was laughing at a lot of stupid things and really getting plastered. And the night is so young. Dinner is over and there are a few more speeches by the higher ups. And then they leave. Funny how it is that they always have those so called butte snorklers hanging around him and they also leave. GOOD! And now the band begins. You guessed it. First song up was disco which Sally loves and up she was on the dance floor shaking her nice sexy booty. Her female friends join her and its like a circle jerk with these fems. They know how to exactly push Sally's buttons. And she first removes her jacket and wham its action time with her breast. Bouncing up and down and sideways. I place her jacket on her chair and rejoin her. The next song is something slow, so now its my time to move on her. I take off her stupid looking short black neck tie and stuff it into my pants pocket. Next as I am holding her close to me and grinding my cock into her, my hand goes up to her blouse and I slowly start unbuttoning her blouse, two buttons at first. You could just see her mounds poking out the top of her bra. But that wasn't enough for me. I unbutton one more button and that did the trick. Right to the middle of her bra, she was now exposed. And her friends were egging her on. Sally just took it all in stride as she drinks even more wine. She doesn't bother buttoning herself up at all or even try to hide. As she continued to dance with her friends and basically anyone. Her friends continue to egg her on and she is eating it up lol. Another trip to the bar. When I return I see we have another male chief who has joined the circle of women.

I just let things take their turn for whatever happens. Sally pulls me back into the dancing group and she tells me about this guy. You've heard the same old stories we say to get into someone panties. My wife doesn't like sex and I haven't had any in such a long time. One of those pity fuck stories. It wasn't going to work on Sally though. She called him a creep just the same and just let him hang around. He's really smitten on Sally and those huge tits of hers. He's like slobering for them as he moves in to get a closer look. She does fall for it after all and has one slow dance with him. I'm watching him hold onto her nice sexy slim hips and he's pulling her into him. Sailors, gotta love them for those classic moves. He spins her around and grinds into her ass. And then that long line of dancing starts where you walk around the place. He's not letting go of her hips for one moment. Still it doesn't bother me as I pass Sally another bottle. lol. Something to say about Chiefs, its like the Vegas saying, what ever happens stays in Vegas. Which is just fine with me. Sally has pulled her white blouse which was tucked into her skirt out. Her tits are just a bouncing every which way. And I'm quite surprised they have stayed inside of her blouse.

The band states this is the last song and everyone gets on the floor then. Pity fuck I call him gets pushed away from Sally as she and I take the last dance together. She is sloppy drunk. As the song ends everyone heads to the restrooms prior to the walk up the hill. Pity fuck is following us and standing next to me as Sally goes into the female restroom. Ok, so I'm thinking let this guy have some pussy from my wife since he hanged around so long. Sally walks out and once again turns her back to me and asks once again to zip her up. Surprise she is still unzipped anyway. I grab her waistband and fight that stupid one button holding her skirt up. In my haste trying to unbutton it, the button actually flies off, sort of like in slow motion as both of us, pity fuck and me, watch it fly away. Great. Works for me. Sally lets out a sigh of relief. "I don't know what you just did but I feel better already" she said as we start our walk up the hill to our car. I can see with each step that she takes her skirt starts slipping down off of her hips. You can now see the top of her white panty hose.

Sally's female friends are yelling at Sally to strut it. Once again her button is pushed by them. She's yelling back at them. "show me your stuff" which they do. Lifting up their blouses and showing their breast and bras. Sally does the same, except when she did somehow magically her blouse is unbuttoned and she doesn't even notice and does not care. Pity fuck well he's just all eyes and I don't blame him. More whoops from Sally's female friends. Sally continues her drunk walk which she has taken many times. Her blouse is opening and closing with each step. We reach the first security check point with Sally all so visible. And among their bulging eyes we walk right through. Opps, Sally's skirt slips down another few inches exposing some nice hips. I've got this raging hard on and I know pity fuck also has one. If he can just keep up with us, as he slowly looses pace with us and falls behind. Pity fuck catches up and I hand him Sally's jacket for him to carry. And then it happens! Sally's skirt actually falls all the way down to her ankles and she is tripping on it, trying to kick off her shoes at the same time. Oh man, I thinking about the cleaning bill.

Sally just stops, kicks off her heels and steps out of her skirt. There she is now standing in only her white opened thin blouse and her white panty hose. Lovely. Pity fuck rushed over and picks up her skirt, shakes the dirt off and continues to follow us. Once again we hear from Sally's female Chief friends. "You rock girl. Go for it. Show your stuff". Sally is so drunk and this walk is not helping her at all. Its sort of feeding her drunk. Now at the second security check point and Sally takes time to talk with them, joking and all else as they check her out. I'm figuring that you only make Chief once in your life if ever so might as well really get wild. She bends over and step into her heels. Wrong move on her part, she almost fell over but was quickly caught by security. Yeah! once we get past this check point Sally leans against me as I help her walk the rest of the way to our car. Still with one more security check point left to go through.

Well me? Its time to step it up and really make pity man happy. I slowly remove Sally's thin cheap white blouse off of her as she walks in this fancy bra of hers. I swear there was more breast out of her bra at this point than inside. Only thing missing was her big nipples. That was an easy fix as I reached in front of her and unsnapped her bra. Boing and bounce they went. Totally exposed and wild to view. I toss her blouse and bra to pity man to also carry as he stumbles along behind us. At the third security check point there is no security, they already left! Another five minutes and we were at our car. The only one in the dirt lot. I open the door for Sally and just let her fall down into the front passenger seat. She is totally out of it. Passed out naked except for her white panty hose, lol. I grab the clothes from pity man and toss them into our trunk.

I'm ready to tell pity man to get into the back seat of our car since I don't see another way for him to get home. And it is rather late in the morning. As I turn around to take a piss I hear pity man puking his guts out. Mind you now he is also in choker whites and he's ruining them with all of his puke. And damn it stank. You aint getting into our car like this. Know anyone I can call to give you a ride home? No its ok I live a few blocks from here. I can make it home no problem. I go to the front passenger seat and check on Sally. She is out stone cold. I reach in and pull the lever so she is laying all the way down. And using the seat lever I pull her seat all the way back. Sally remains in deep slumber land and nothing is waking her up. Purposely I tweak her lovely breast making her nipples large and so hard. I'm thinking this will never work. I start removing her white panty hose which was a struggle in itself taking them off her ass and pulling them down. I finally settle for just ripping them open and tearing them off of her.

To finish it all off I spread her legs wide open exposing that sweet pussy of hers. For added fun sort of like bragging I hang her bra from the antenna and her panty hose to the side mirror. And into the drivers seat I go. I purposely leave the interior light on wanting anyone who was on the streets or a passing car to be able to see her. I prop her seat up a bit so she isn't completely laying down and hang her white uniform jacket on the back of her seat. Now I'm ready to go home with her. Traveling through the city I purposely drive up to other cars, match their speed just so they can see Sally in all of her splendor. And then it hits me. That Navy bar by her ship is still open for a few more hours, let's go there instead since we are always going there in the first place.

Lucky for me but unlucky for Sally, there was parking right in front of the place. In fact they even had a nice lit area for her viewing while I went inside. Outside of the car and on her side which is facing the bar, I open her door and lower her window. Closing the door I stare at Sally and those lovely tits and pussy. This is just going to be great I tell myself. People can leave the bar and there was no way that they would not see Sally passed out and nude. As I enter the bar I meet up with my buddy, Ross. He's there drinking and making time with some of the women. I really don't care what he is doing actually. But it was good seeing someone I knew inside. Btw, I was actually fucking his wife behind his back. Every time they went to sea we would get together at either our home or theirs and once the kids were asleep it was fun time for both of us and she was just like Sally, short with nice tits. And she knew how to suck cock. He never knew though. Anyway as I'm shooting the shit with him telling him about the night, bragging basically about Sally and her predicament I'm watching the front door. He thought I was bull shitting him. I saw two young sailors walk out the door and tell him, come on let's check her out. Outside we see these two young sailors standing at the car door giving Sally the eye over. And slapping each other about what they are seeing.

Ross looses it. I mean he goes nuts over her lovely breast and he also grabs them and squeezes her. He's boasting about how he wants to fuck her tits while the two young sailors stand there all bugged eyed. I tell the two sailors if they need a ride to their ship. Yes they do. Well get in the back and I'll give you a ride. Ross wishes them luck and goes back inside the bar to be with his fems. I simply get in and turn our car around going to their ship about two miles away. I'm seeing them staring at Sally, so I make her tits bounce a few times and tell them, "so what are you waiting for? Get up front here and help yourself. She wont mind." "man I know this woman. didn't she just make chief?" "Yes she did, so give her your own initiation". The two guys clamored over her chair. One got down between her legs while the other mounted her chest. It was quite the comical sight. I had to pull over to watch them. One was eating and fingering her pussy while the other was fucking her tits. The one fucking her tits has his bare ass in the persons face eating her. It wasn't long before he stopped eating her and mounted her, fucking her as his face was in his buds ass. Guess you had to be there. Within ten minutes we were at their ship (USS LaSalle) and as I pulled alongside you could see them coming in unisom together. The best part was that the quarterdeck watch was able to see them fucking her. The one fucking her tits was down her throat and shooting his wad down her. You could actually hear and see her swallowing his cum. Now that was hot.

Just as they finished with her, they rested a few minutes bragging about the great sex with her and just exit our car walking up to the ship's brow and congratulating themselves. Within ten minutes we were home. I had to drag and carry Sally out of the car and into our home. I just dropped her on our bed and went to get our camera since I wanted pics of her like this. Walking back into our bedroom I place the camera down in the front room and stare at her. I got so frigging horny I forgot all about the camera and went to town fucking her myself. I was tired and spent and finally collapsed next to her. In the morning I was up early and in the kitchen fixing coffee when I heard Sally stirring. She went right into the bathroom and was talking to the porcelean gods. Next thing I know she is in the kitchen carrying the camera and checking it out. Good thing I didn't get any pics or she would have found them. Nothing was there though. Sally doesn't say a thing just turns and goes back to bed. I've gotten another boner and fighting Sally for sex, I just flip her onto her belly and take what I want from her. She hates fucking in that position. To me its the power over her thing. But I did poiund her long and hard amongst her whimpering. Later prior to our transfer from Italy, Sally asked me what she did that night since she was receiving some vibes from other sailors which just didn't feel right. I didn't tell her a word about that night. But I will never forgot it as well as a few others also.



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I've made progress with my slut this month, especially in terms of acceptance. Any comments from experience welcomed.

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