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great ass photos

Avatar Username: 143 ass
Date: 19-Apr-2014 20:19:21
Mood: in love

Hello all, 

We posted some new photos of wifes fantastic figure and delicious ass. We are wondering how many of you have rubbed one out? to wifes pix or vids. We have taken the time to post pix and vids for all to enjoy, so if you visit our gallery and enjoy the pixs or vids, please take the time to leave a comment or two on the ones you enjoy.  Those of you with no pix or info in your profile, that visit to jack off, please have the common courtesy to at least leave a rating or comment if you can.  To all dmw members that contribute to the site, you rock and thanks.

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Avatar Username: Mywifeforu
Date: 16-Apr-2014 14:09:35
Mood: horny

Hi! We are looking for people who would be interested in swapping pics with us on mail:-) Pm us:-)

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Energizer Bunny

Avatar Username: cpl4fun01
Date: 14-Apr-2014 12:56:58
Mood: horny

Yesterday was the day...I had my first sexual experience with Vince.  It was everything I expected and more.  He came over and we got straight to business.  My husband was in the next room entertaining himself while Vince and I got down and dirty.  I told him I wanted things to not drag out and get right down to the point of out time together and he did just that.

I was still dressed from our date night and when we got to the  bedroom he immediately began undressing me.  I sat on the bed naked while he got himself undressed.  My jaw almost physically dropped when I saw the size of nether regions.  I had seen pictures but it seemed much larger in the moment and in person.  I guess it was a good thing that I went out and bought the magnum condoms he told me that he regularly used.

After we were both undressed he strapped up and bent me over the bed to take me in my favorite position. Slowly sliding into me was a shock. He was stretching out my vagina and the mix of pain and pleasure was amazing.  He began to fuck me and I had never been with a man of his size. We stayed in this position for awhile, and he used a butt plug on me as well.  He recorded some of this for my husband to see later on.

We switched positions to missionary and then to a scissor position but most of our time was spent with me bent over.  He was like the Energizer bunny...he just kept going and going...I thought it was never going end.  I was enjoying it but the pain was starting to get to me.

An hour later he finally finished and my legs were so shaky I could barely walk. He hopped in the shower for a quick rinse and out the door he went.  It was weird to ship him out the door like he was just a piece of meat.  Which was fine because my husband was ready and waiting for his turn.

After sleeping the night away like a baby, I woke up to a body full of pain.  I felt like I had rode a horse for hours and was walking funny. Looking in the mirror I had bruises on my boobs and butt...what a night!!!! A whole body work out and I barely lifted a hand...that's my kind of exercise!!! Good bye gym...hello BBC sex!!! I think a break is in order before this happens again, but I am excited that it will be happening again.  That's all for now

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Another overdue session !

Avatar Username: 1452spunky
Date: 14-Apr-2014 11:21:37
Mood: horny

Well, after a couple of months, I finally got with my cuckolds wife again...

God, she is the most insatiable woman I have ever met ! She brought some toys and so did I !

I brought the Wevibe and she brought her dildos. I also told her I wanted to try fisting her...all this talk gets her very wound up !

We had lots of foreplay and fun with the toys. I had her spread eagle on the bed and was really working her over with her soft dildo and I had my waterproof camera in hand...its so hard filimg and focusing at the same time !

The video of her squirting all over me and the camera is a bit out of focus ( cause I was too close), but you can see how much and how hard she squirts !!

I don't want to wait that long again !!


Look at my vids and new pics and I love any comments

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Friday Night MFMF and More!

Avatar Username: office_glen
Date: 12-Apr-2014 19:33:42
Mood: in love


Hi DMW friends!

So another weekend is upon us! It had been awhile since we got out to play so while Michelle was at work Friday, I started looking for potential partners we could hook up with, keeping an eye on females and couples in particular.

We have a few bi-guys that we keep contact info for as a last resort, sure thing hook up, just in case nothing else works out. I had two of them on the back burner waiting to hear back from us last night.

While we continued looking through Craigslist I made an offhand remark to them each by email about how it would be great if they knew a bi-woman who could join us. Turns out they both did! Very exciting prospect! Sadly, one woman was out of town this weekend but the other was home!

When Michelle got home from work I told her what I had planned and she was totally into it. We turned our attention to trying to meet with our regular friend and his bi-female friend. After exchanging some pics, she agreed to meet with us but unfortunately not last night. We set something up for Sunday (tomorrow) with the two of them. It’s gonna be great!

I turned my attention back to Craigslist. For people who check it regularly like I do, you’ll know what I mean when I say you start to recognize listings. Same people, saying the same thing. When you start getting replies, you can tell pic collectors and bullshitters.

Suddenly a listing came up that was brand new. It was even in our area! I’d never seen it before but it was a couple, around our age and both bi, looking for another bi couple. It was their first time listing and they were as new as us at the couple scene. I replied with our stats, a bit of our history and sent a G Rated picture of us.

A few minutes later they replied back. They were very interested. We talked by email for a bit then exchanged cell numbers. The woman called and we knew we had a real couple! It’s like striking gold when you actually manage a successful hookup through Craigslist! They even agreed to host.

I don’t drink and Michelle hardly ever but we agreed to meet at a local pub near their home. We were first to arrive. We went in and I talked Michelle into having a couple drinks to help her loosen up; the girl on girl thing is still pretty new to her and I thought she might be a bit more relaxed if she did. They arrived shortly after us and were exactly as advertised. Mid-30s, attractive enough and looked like they did in the photos we saw.

They sat down and we all introduced ourselves. He was pretty relaxed but she was clearly nervous. She ordered a double paralyzer, made quick work of it and ordered another. I was drinking water, Michelle had a couple White Russians and the guy had a paralyzer as well.

The girls engaged in conversation and us guys did as well. We both kept half an eye on the girls, anxious to see if they hit it off. They really did! In fact, we all had a lot in common and an hour later we left together, piled in our van and drove to their place.

When we got inside, the nervousness started to show for both girls, especially the other one. Michelle is a bit more experienced with the swinging thing due to all our previous MMF playtime. We all sat down on the bed, the girls facing each other and they engaged in small talk. It was cute and awkward watching them both try to figure out how to get started. The guy and I were chatting at the head of the bed about taking pictures and video when suddenly Michelle was in mid sentence and his girlfriend just reached out, grabbed Michelle and kissed her deeply.

The room went dead silent. I went instantly hard. What a fucking sight it was to watch my wife with another woman, passionately kissing and feeling each other’s bodies.

She eventually stripped Michelle down and tongued and licked her all over. She went down on Michelle, burying her fingers and tongue in Michelle’s shaved, soaking pussy. They were both so into it, it was fantastic! I sucked and stroked Michelle’s tits and kissed her while I watched this woman go down on my wife. The guy went and got behind his girl and rubbed her pussy with his cock getting her ready.

In the end, neither of two guys got into it with the each other or the girls really. Michelle sucked my cock for a bit while the girlfriend went down on her and he got head from his girl while Michelle went down on her. We kind of unspokenly agreed while it was happening that we wanted to watch the hot scene unfolding in front of us.

The girl went down on Michelle for a good 20-30 minutes. I warned the guy that if his girlfriend made Michelle cum it was gonna be a hot, wet mess everywhere when she squirted. Right on cue, as I sat back on the bed, Michelle let out a moan. I said, “I know that moan. Is she gonna make you cum baby?” Michelle said, ‘Oh ya.”

Explosion! She squirted a geyser all over her face, her tits, the bed - it was great! I always get a kick out of the people’s faces who have never seen a woman squirt live before. Most people get so turned on they get ravenous and try and make her do it more and more.

They eventually switched places and Michelle went down on the other girl for awhile. It was more of the same. So fucking hot watching my wife’s tongue dart around that wet slit. In the hole, around the clit. God it was great! Eventually after 20-30 minutes she came as well. Not with the spectacular fireworks that Michelle did but she came.

The girls were spent and I asked if they wanted to continue. They were a bit nervous still and declined. I was a bit bummed out because I wanted to get off but I told them we understood them being nervous.

All in all it was a pretty good time, not quite way we had planned but after we got home, they texted me and we all agreed we wanted to meet again. I think they really wanted to continue but weren’t really sure how to say it. In hindsight, I should have taken control of the situation and directed traffic while we were there but I didn’t. I won’t make that mistake again. As we’ve said, the couples swinging is still new to us and we always want to make sure we are respecting boundaries. We all set out what it was we wanted for next time and they are eager to same room, full swap. Oral, penetration, the works. They’re coming over this Monday and it’s gonna be fucking incredible.

When they texted me I was actually filming Michelle sucking my cock helping me get off since I didn’t earlier. I was still so horny from the show I just witnessed. As we texted and Michelle and I talked, the planning for Monday and the prospect of watching her get eaten and fucked while I was doing the same to another woman beside her got us both crazy with lust.

Totally out of character for her, with some coaxing, she started talking dirty which I fucking love when she does! She was talking to the camera to all of you viewers at DMW about … well I won’t spoil what happened next but you guys are gonna want to watch the videos.

I filmed and photographed the entire encounter between Michelle and the other woman, as well as our fuck session after we got home. I’ll get the stuff uploaded after the weekend.

Sunday night we have the plans with the other regular bi guy and his bi woman friend, then we meet this couple again on Monday. I’ll be sure to get lots of pics and video of these two encounters as well.

What a great fucking weekend this is turning out to be!

I love my wife, I’m a lucky guy.

Ian and Michelle

UPDATE (04/13/2014): Sadly, the bi-girl we were going to meet tonight (Sunday) with our regular bi friend has backed out. She emailed us and said she's "chickening out" - her words. Oh well. We're not gonna bother going to meet the single bi-guy since she's not showing up.

The couple in this story has still been texting and talking to us by phone though. They also left us a super hot voicemail yesterday while I was on the ice refereeing a hockey game. We're very fortunate to have found them. We're going to have alot of fun. :)

UPDATE (04/15/2014): Good news and bad news here about our planned Monday meeting with the couple from this story. The good news is that it went off without a hitch. They came to our house and we started off with our normal partners. After about 5 or 10 minutes of heavy petting, kissing and some oral to get us all in the mood we switched girls. It was incredibly hot and we had a great time!

Here's the bad news. We were so into it I didn't want to stop and grab my phone or camera to take photos or video. Next time I promise! :) I'll write a blog about it so you guys can at least get a hint of how it went.

We don't have anything further planned yet with them but they want to stay in touch and meet again so we'll see what happens. This coming up weekend is Easter so it's probably not gonna happen right away since we have family commitments. Maybe the following week!

In the meantime, we still have the bi-guy regular working on loosening up his bi-female friend. We'll let you know how that develops.

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Any North Dakota ladies in the place?

Avatar Username: Jamaal4now
Date: 12-Apr-2014 03:21:09
Mood: horny

Will be visiting Williston and seeking ladies or couples to act as playmates. We can  have fun in the evening or night. Let's hear from you.

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1st video

Avatar Username: kangaray
Date: 11-Apr-2014 07:06:20
Mood: horny

Just posted my first video... check it out n let me know what u think...

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her honest reply

Avatar Username: tombombadill
Date: 11-Apr-2014 04:29:17
Mood: in love

You've left me alone, leaving me horny and wet. Early morning, just as I wake up, you know that's when I'm the most aroused, wanting attention. 
To add to my frustration, you tell me to think about Bob (as if I'm not already) and our first meeting. How I'd like it to happen, not worrying about what you want, just what I want.
What I want is to know, to be certain that he wants me. He makes me so horny, wanton...I want to fuck him so much I'm having trouble sleeping!
Baby, I want to go to Perth by myself, I want Bob to know that I'm his, not to share with anyone...I want him to touch me and lick me and fuck me knowing he can do what he wants, without sharing me with you. You know I'll come back to you baby with my swollen lips and nipples and cunt. I'll come back to you, to tell you what he did to me, what I did to him. I'll let you touch me, feel my body, imagining him touching me where you're touching me, what he said, how he made me frantic with desire. I'll come back to you because I love you. But I need him...
In my fantasy I meet him somewhere bland, featureless...he has come to get me. I'm wearing my favourite dress that I know he likes, I like feeling it against my skin, thinking about him lifting the hem, running his delicious fingers up my thighs, pushing them into my pussy... He is in a suit, that turns me on so much, the layers of fabric, buttons, the power of a man in a good suit...he is so much more in control of me than he realises.
He takes me back to his apartment, I'm so turned on thinking about all of the times he messaged me from his place, the photos that I look at while I'm masturbating. I can hardly breathe thinking about the first time he touches me. I want to be in his world for a moment, smell him on his sheets, lean against his walls, where he's pushed me, telling me he's going to fuck me, kneel in front of his exposed cock, looking at him in the flesh, standing in the same place he took the photo that makes me hungry for him. I want to wake up next to him in his bed, feeling his cock, licking his body, waiting for him to roll on top of me, pressing his body onto mine, sliding his cock into my swollen cunt, whispering good mornings and descriptions of what he's done to me, what he wants to do to me. I want that to go on and on...I want him to be as insatiable as I am, having time to do things to him that I've been thinking about, time for him to do what he's been wanting to do to me. 
We only finish when we're both exhausted, our bodies needing a break. He takes me back to our meeting point, where I leave him to come back to you, knowing you'll be frustrated and distracted by anticipation, needing relief from wondering what we've been doing. I'll come back to you, driven by the desire to tell you what he did to me, the anticipation of it happening again, waiting for his message. I'll come back to you knowing you'll be jealous and needing to bury yourself in my cunt, that you'll please me because I've given myself to Bob. I'll come back to you because I love you, because you love me.

Sent from my iPhone

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New video!!

Avatar Username: sexguru69
Date: 08-Apr-2014 19:21:29
Mood: horny

Hey ladies just waiting for the video to be approved but make sure you have a look ;)!!


I promise it wont disappoint! 



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Wife is horny...

Avatar Username: Mywifeforu
Date: 08-Apr-2014 08:09:59
Mood: horny

My wife is horny as hell now! Sitting in the chair in a tinye satin thong! She would love some dirty comments in inbox Thanks:-)

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Great amateur contribution my friends

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