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Do u like milf?

Avatar Username: shyladie1976
Date: 16-Feb-2024 23:33:21
Mood: in love

Nice Milf Posing in Lingerie

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Father in law

Avatar Username: BlondeRabbit
Date: 13-Feb-2024 19:34:19
Mood: horny

My hubby's father was an attractive gent always dressed very smart in expensive attire andwhen he came to visit he would always give me a hug and say how sexy I looked and at times feel my ass and grin... I did not not mind as I say he was an attractive guy with a wicked sense of humour....
One day me and hubby had a huge argument, so bad I told him to leave and threw some of his clothes out of the bedroom window along with a few other possesions of his LOL.... he picked them up and left...
The following evening the front door opened (never used to lock it until late at night a very quiet village we lived in) and in walked his father (Colin) he said how are you I spoke to Andy (my hubby) and he said he had been kicked out of the house, I said well he deserved it, Colin just laughed and gave me a hug as usual and then said have you had dinner yet ? I said no he said ah good neither have I shall we go out for a meal I am paying ? I said no it is ok I have food in here he said oh to hell with that lets just go out for a meal ! I said well yeah if you insist, I need to freshen up my make up first though, he said ok well since your are doing that could you change into your very short white min dress for me ? I laughed and said you serious he said yes, oh ok if that's what you want... 10mins or so later I came back downstairs into the kitchen and he said wow you look very sexy I said thank you, Colin said though where are the white fishnet stockings ? I said I have them they are in the drawer, he said well go and put them on and wear your pink high heels I seen you wearing a few months ago ! I did not question for some reason I just went back to my bedroom and did what he asked... When I returned he was stood outside smoking and had hellped himself to a glass of wine, I said are we ready to go now ? he said hell yes give me a moment to finish this, so I went back inside the kitchen to get my house keys and my handbag, Colin walked back in placed the glass in the sink turned and ran his hand up the inside of my thigh very quickly and felt my pussy ! I stepped back a bit and asked what are you doing ? he said at your age you should know by now and laughed, he placed his arms around me and moved his hand under my dress again and pulled down my thong panties he said you won't be needing to wear these Michelle not tonight !!! I did not protest...
Off we went to a very nice resturant in the city and had a lovely meal along with some drinks, he said well maybe it is time I drive you back home do you have anymore of that wine ? I said yes Colin said great so we can have a drink at your house then ? I said yes of course.... during the drive back my stocking tops where clearly visible and Colin after a short while started to run his hand up and down my leg, I thought what the hell and slid slightly forward in the seat so my dress would ride up and he could see my pussy ! he looked and said now that looks very tasty Michelle I just smilled...
Once at home I poured two glasses of wine Colin sat at the table and said have aseat and relax a bit so I did, we talked about general things for a while and he asked about his son etc... we finished two bottles of that wine and Colin said I am way over the limit for driving can I just crash here tonight ? I said of course you can... then Colin said can I crash with you ? I laughed and said so you want to fuck your son's wife ? Colin said damn right I do I wanted to fuck you from the first time we met ! I said oh dear such a long time to have an errection he laughed and said yeah way too fucking long ! I said well what if I say no ? he said I will respect that... I said well it is no I will get you some blankets and you sleep on the couch he said that is fine...
He went into the living room to sleep and I went upsatirs to bed after around 30 mins or so just laid on the top of my bed I took off my mini dress and bra, left only my white stockings and heels on then went downstairs into the living room Colin was fast asleep and snoring lol I pulled the blankets back and was pleased to find that he was only wearing his underpants, I started to rub his cock and put it in my mouth and gently licked and sucked it a bit, he sort of stirred and grunted a bit, his flacid dick was getting hard, I climbed on top of him still pulling his cock and kissed him on the lips he woke up all of a sudden eyes wide open and said oh it's you Michelle what are doing I thought you did not want this ? I said I changed my mind Daddy, he said Daddy ??? I said well you are my father in law still yes ? he said oh fuck yes so you want Daddy to fuck you hard girl ? I said yes please Daddy, he said you are so fucking sexy stand up and let me have a good look at those big tits and your sexy legs girl ! so I did and he was pulling his now very hard cock it was a good couple of inches bigger than his son's, I said daddy let's go to my bed, he said yes.... once up there he licked my pussy for what seemed like ages and made me cum twice ! we had amazing sex.
Afterwards we talked for a short while whislt I was still rubbing his cock and kissing him deeply inbetween conversation, he said to me girl can you do something else for me ? I said yes Daddy what ? he said I am going to go down and have a smoke,can you wear for me what my son likes to see you dressed in he must have a fav outfit ? I grinned and said yes he does Daddy you go for a smoke and I will get dressed for you..
I wore a black minidress witha zipper that go's all the way from top to bottom up the front of it, black stockings, black knee lengh boots with crimson bra and lace panties.... I went down to the kitchen he had finished his smoke and he said omg wow so fucking sexy I unzipped the front of my dress slightly so he could see my panties and he said girl my son does have good taste in choice of clothes and women if nothing else I laughed.... Colin then said girl can I fuck you in the ass wearing that ? I said yes daddy of course you can I love to be fucked in the ass Daddy especially witha big cock like yours Daddy, I did not even have to touch his cock or kiss him his cock was rock hard !!!! He bent me over the table and roughly fucked me in my tight ass, I was saying to him yes Daddy please harder thank you Daddy cum insdie me Daddy I am your girl.
The next morning I woke up and he was gone, I found a note on the kitchen table basically saying thank you for an awesome night, i have work to do so had to leave early sorry for that, I hope we can do this again ? Love Daddy.. P.S. this is my cell phone number....... LOL I felt slightly used but not concerend about it becasue I did enjoy myself, I sent him a mesage and said Yes Daddy I understand, thank you for fucking me me so good xxx.... he replied with So we can do this again even if my son comes back to you ? I said Yes Daddy I am your slut now I will not have sex with my husband only with you Daddy so please come and visit me again xxx
A few days later my hubby showed up at the house and appologised, we made peace with eachother and he moved back in... later on that evening we where talking and he said yeah I spoke to my father and said I advised that I should appologise as I was in the wrong.... I said ah well ay least one of you has some common sense LOL hubby said nothing and had another drink... I went to the toilet and messaged Daddy and said he is back home.... Daddy said good, this makes it even better me knowing you are going to be sucking and fucking Daddy's big cock whilst your husband is at home hahaha, you are MY slut now nobody elses unless I say so ! you already dress like a slut and act like one so I expect you to never wear any panties again so I can have easy access to your shaved pussy at any time....
I responded with Yes Daddy I am your slut so whatever you wish...
It was quite a few hours later and Daddy sent me a message saying he is going to come and visit ! he said he wanted to fuck his slut so badly again LOL.... His orders where simple he said only wear tan hold up stockings and the brown boots you have nothing else !!!! I said well hubby is in the house ! Daddy said yes even better just go and put your makeup on and get wear what I said then go downstairs, make sure the front door is unlocked and also make sure my son see's you !
I siad yes Daddy.... oh hell I thought this is going to be awkward ! anyway off I went, and after I walked into the living room and beside my hubby's computer room / office where he was and he seen me and said fucking hell you look very sexy Michelle ! I said thank you and as that was said my hubby seen his fathers jeep pull up outside !!! he said oh shit quick go and put a dress on.... I walked along the corridoor and in walked Daddy through the front door ! he smilled and said hello slut very loudly ! and with that he reached out and stroked my pussy along with inserting two fingers inside me I let out a slight gasp, my hubby came through and said ah hello father sorry about Michelle not having a dress on she was just asking me if the boots suited the tan stockings before she got dressed.... Daddy said that is ok the slut looks perfect to me !!! my face went bright red and my hubby said come on father don't say that she is my wife for fuck sake, he said ah yes and patted me on the ass then said go and get me a glass of wine ! my hubby said well wait untill she puts a dress on ? Daddy said no need I have seen everything anyway.... I got him a glass of wine and said Colin your wine is on the table he shouted and said who ? I said sorry Daddy your wine is on the table... he said that's better he and hubby cam einto the kitchen, hubby looked a bit confused of course and daddy said well are you having a glass ? hubby said no Daddy said well best you go back to do your work or whatever it is you do on that computer then ! hubby said yes I have to actually and he said to me Michelle go and put a dress on !
Daddy sat down and pulled his big cock out of his pants and said come here slut suck it now ! I did as he asked after a few mins he ordered me to sit on his hard cock and he fucked me very hard it did not take long for him to cum inside me this time and I went to get a tissue to wipe the cum up that was running down my leg !... Daddy said NO do not do that go through to my son's computer room so he can see the cum running down your leg and ask him what dress does he think you should wear tonight ? ..... Oh heck ! I hesitated and daddy ordered me to do it again so I did... I walked into the computer room and said Andy which dress do you think I should wear ? he looked at me and said I think the tan coloured one that will match your boots Michelle and then he noticed the cum running down my leg his eyes widened and then looked at me again but said nothing he just knew I had been fucked !!!
I went back to the kitchen and Daddy was laughing he said very well done slut ! no go put that dress on... I went off upstairs put the dress on, came back down and Daddy said wipe the cum off your leg with your hand and lick it up, so that is what I did he said you are such a dirty fucking slut Michelle I said yes Daddy I am...
After that I went though to to see hubby and said ok me and Daddy are going out for a few drinks you are busy so we shall see you later ? hubby said Daddy ? I said well yes he's my father in law so yes my Daddy also yes ? he said well yes yeah.... daddy was listening and when we got into his jeep (Range Rover it was) he laughed and said that was a good comeback I can imagine the look on my son's face hahaha.

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Seperated but stuck with him

Avatar Username: lifes2short
Date: 07-Feb-2024 21:35:32
Mood: angry

Hi Everyone. 

I wanted to share a personal story that has been ongoing since before christmas. i split with a man who i'd been in a relationship for five years the day after a night out that ended with accusations which was embarassing leading to a full blown argument. wasn't the first time there had been others when we had been out, i'd had enough of the insecurity of his and immaturity he showed me over the last year had grown to all time low. the constant monitoring when i'd go out alone till the time i returned felt like i had been on trial for something. before christmas we got invited to a party at a friend of mines house the night was great good music atmosphere we all was having a good night with laughs. later on heading towards 11pm roundabout my friends older son had asked me for a dance politely i said why not and danced till the song had finished then returned to my drink sat down next to my then ex, i knew there was something wrong he didn't speak went all quiet with a face like thunder just staring onwards. my friend had noticed also that his demeanor had changed when he got up and went for another drink alone she quizzed me what was wrong with him i replied i honestly dont know he hasn't spoken to me since i came from having the dance, she replied, looks to me as if he'd rather be somewhere else or wants to go, i replied probably go, when he got back soon as my friend left us alone and i spoke to him again asking him if he'd go get me a drink, he looked at me replied why dont you ask that cunt of a friends son who had his hands all over your arse, i replied, whats wrong with you your determined to ruin the night at any cost, he replied don't take me for a eff fool i seen you and him laughing together whispered in your ear hands all over your arse i watched you both. i replied, whatevers in your head your way off it was a dance nothing more its a party people dance have a good time, he replied, soon as i've drank this we're going, i replied, i'm not i'm enjoying it, he replied, your coming home with me when i go not staying here on your own with him, i replied, him? theres no him, you've put 1+1 together come up with 6 it was a just a dance ffs grow up. i got up went for another drink and stayed chatting to my friend were he was eyeballing me all of the time. i told my friend what he was suggesting and she replied, omgg how paranoid can you get, i replied, yep he's becoming pathetic. he drank more and my friends son came outside to our group having a laugh and he came out saying we're going get your bag, everyone looked at me way he carried on so i replied no i'm staying i've booked the taxi for 1am, got right up his nose that did and he did not let it go. he later went up to my friends son and told him to keep his hands off me or go near me again, he told my ex he had to much to drink and to go home that he was causing embarrasment for everyone. my friend said she didnt want him there again after embarassing me and the blowout with her son. the following day i knew that was the final straw the scene he caused and the paranoia. i told him we was finished he apologised i said no enough is enough i want out. he accused me of sleeping around and mentioned my friends son again referred to me as basically a tart with no heart. i moved myself clothes everything out of the main bedroom into the other room and asked him to leave find somewhere to go, he declined no he was going nowhere' our home is a shared tenancy not up untill june' he won't leave and i cannot afford to leave, so i rang our landlord and spoke of the predicament i'm in and told me only thing he can do is when up for renewal is only let it to me so then he'd have to leave. i had to get someone to put a lock on my bedroom door as a safeguard while he was out at work. days later i came in and he said there was no need for that putting a lock on, so he'd been in the bedroom when i been out at some point otherwise how would he have known i had a lock on the inside. left me a note saying he loved me can we try again on the kitchen table one day. followed me to my sisters in a mack and a trulby disquised checking to see where i was going or meeting, how pathetic, how low can a man stoop its a long time till june i'm determined to see it through and finally get the pathetic man out of my life. has anyone else been through the same sort of paranoid delusion with a man?

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Stealing my friends random pick up

Avatar Username: BlondeRabbit
Date: 07-Feb-2024 15:20:26
Mood: horny

To cut a long story short my best friend June had split up with her husband and rented a house for her and the three kids just around the corner from me.... When she was with her hubby their house was a regular party house at a weekend and we used to alternate between her house and mine.

June had only had sex with two guys in her life and one being her husband so once she was seperated from him she was like a bitch in heat LOL (very pretty lady natural blond hair and a shapely figure) we used to go out as per usual at a weekend mostly around the local bars but at times into the city.... of course the guys always used to target us two blondes wearing very shot mini skirts boots and stockings hehehe June's mission was to just get any man to take back home and fuck her she wanted it more and more, as for me luckly I could be much more selective so to say...

One night we were out locally and June got talking to a quite hansome guy in his mid 30's I guess, I was talking to a few other guys that did not interest me in the least... at closing time June said to the guy do you want to come back to my house for a drink and stay over if you want ? he said yes I would like that, June literally grabbed me by the arm and said we are going back to my house now ! I said erm ok yes...

Once at Junes house she put some music on and poured a few glasses of wine the three of us where sat in the kitchen just talking about general stuff... June said where is your hubby ? I said he's at home playing online games far as I know why ? well message him and tell him to come round and bring some more wine LOL, so I did (June was just as much his friend as she was mine) Hubby showed up 15mins later with more wine and June introduced him to the new random guy she had picked up at the bar hehehe, we all got along great and June said oh its a bit cold in here lets go to the living room and sit there with the fire on we all agreed...

Hubby sat down on the rug next to the fire, June sat on her sofa with the random guy I sat down next to hubby but had to raise my skirt so it would not split which exposed my panties within full view of the random guy his eyes lit up ! and then then he diverted his attention to listen to what June was talking about... we chatted again for a while and June got up and brought another bottle of wine in and filled our glasses, I said thank you I need to use the toilet though June laughed and said you are not going to be sick are you ? (as a joke) I said hell no I just need to pee that is all LOL

I went upstairs to the toilet I did not need a pee at all I had a thought to to tease the random guy so I took off my panties went back downstairs and into the kitchen and placed them into my bag then went back to the living room and sat down again on the floor next to hubby the random guy sort of glanced and then refocused since he had just seen my shaved pussy I made sure he could see all of it his eyes where fixed for a few moments lol...

Hubby decided he wanted to go outside for a smoke and June said yes give me one please so off they went... I rasied my leg higher and said to the guy do you want me hun or do you want June ? he said I want you, I said stand up quickly and show me your dick then hun he did and it was already erect !!! I said oh wow you really do want me hehehe I told him to move forward and I gave him a very quick blow job and told him to sit back down, he said so how are we goign to fuck ? I said just wait...

Hubby and June came back in and sat down June put her arm around random guy and was trying to get close but he was not really interested, after a while I said well hubby go and get teh botle of Vodka from home and we will make up a few cocktails and june turn the music up ! hubby agreed and off he went the three of of us went into the kitchen and sat down, hubby came back and made us all some strange mixture (could not call it a cocktail but tasted ok) after a few shots of that hubby and June got up dancing hehehe left me sat beside the random guy he placed his hand on my thigh under the table I said to him do not drink too much of that stuff just keep my hubby and June topped up with it ok ? he grinned and said yes understood....

After about an hour us all up and down dancing there was just hubby and June dancing still and very drunk... the random guy got up and said I need to pee so off he went to the toilet... I waited a few mins and went upstairs knocked on the toilet door and said are you ok in there ? he said yes come in, I entered and he is stood there naked with a very large errection and said I was waiting for you ! he came closer to me and placed my hand on his hard dick and started to French kiss me, his body was so muscular as I was pulling his hard dick I was stroking his chest and his back and his cheeks, he said you like this ? I said yes I do very much hun, he said ok babe unzip your dress for me, so I did and let it fall to the floor he stepped back a bit and said yes babe I like also, he undid my bra leaving me almost naked apart from my hold up stockings and boots.... He placed two fingers inside my very wet pussy and kept on kissing me I was pulling his very hard dick all the time...

He said where can we fuck babe ? I said downstairs in the living room he said no way what if your hubby or June comes in ? I so what LOL so we went down into the living room I gave him a very sloppy blow job he loved it he kept calling me dirty bitch and pushing my head down deeper, I sat on top of him and his big dick slid right inside my wet pussy he fucked me sensless I was panting and almost screeing with pleasure I could not help myself he was trying to keep his hand over my mouth LOL he turned me over and we had sex doggy style and he asked me if I like a dick in my ass I siad oh yes I do hun he pulled out rubbed my pussy and massarged my cum into my ass and then roughly forced his dick inside my anus ! I let out a slight screem and he was pumping me hard... A few moments later my hubby came into the living room and seen me getting fucked the random dude tried to pull out of me but I held onto him and said it is ok stay inside hun ! Hubby said oh ok you are alright then I was just checking I will go back and dance with June and keep her out of your way !

The random guy laughed and after a while shot his load into my very sore ass ! he laid on the floor and I sucked his big dick dry and clean milking his balls, he said you are such a fucking slut I said thank you LOL

We both went to the toilet together and got dressed then went back down and into the kitchen, June said wher have you two been I said just talking in the living room (she was very drunk) hubby said well I think it is time we head off home now, I said good bye to the random dude (he did place his hand up my skirt again for on last sneeky feel lol) and bye to June and off we went...

Once back at home hubby said did you enjoy that ? I said yes it was awesome hun did you like what you seen when he was fucking me in the ass when you walked in ? hubby said hell yes I did look and he unzipped his jeans and showed me all the cum in his underpants ! LOL I he said I cum in my pants as soon as I seen you getting fucked !

The next day I sent June a message saying have you recovered from the drink ? she said only just, what about the random guy then ? she said he called a taxi after you left and fucked off !!! I said oh dear sorry to hear that maybe you two were not compatible afterall she said obviously not but there is always next weekend LOL

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My Hubby a story about his past

Avatar Username: BlondeRabbit
Date: 07-Feb-2024 03:36:13
Mood: other

Hubby was married before and very young at the time his wife was an Escort he thought he had fallen in love with but eventually realised it was an infatuation hubby was the biker type (not hippy) and had long wavey brown hair.... this is part of what he told me:

He came in from work one evening and found a note from his wife saying that she was leaving him due to age difference etc etc (he was only 18yrd she was 30yrd) of course he was gutted by this. After a couple of days he took a look around the flat and checked the drawers she had left a lot of clothes and only took what she could carry he assumed.

Now hubby admitted to me not long after we met that he had a bit of a fetish for wearing womens clothes.
He decided to go and get a few drinks from the shop and sat down played some records all alone... after a while he got to thinking about the clothes she had left behind, so he decided to take another look through the drawers and found a pair of white tights, a very short black mini dress, pink panties and her black high heeled boots ! he said he thought about it for a while and then said to himself "oh what the hell" and then proceeded to put the tights on and then the panties over the top, mini dress then boots which where a very tight fit since she was a 7 and he is a 9 ! but he said he managed and could walk in them without too much trouble... he found some basic makeup she had left on the bedside table and applied it... feeling quite pleased with himself he sat back down and had another drink and walked around the flat a bit looking in the mirror.

He had another drink and thought lets go for a walk outside ! so off he went walked up the street onto the main road for a way and turned down a side street to walk around the block as we call it, when a Taxi driver slowed down and asked do you want a ride ? he said no the driver said look I know you are male and your in a bad part of town late at night dressed like that ! you know how people are around here let me give you a ride home... hubby agreed and got inside the taxi, the driver lots of questions and to cut it short he said he likes to dress this way at times, the driver asked so are you wearing your wifes panties ? he said yes and pulled the dress up show them the driver looked and reached out a hand to touch but stopped himself... once outside hubbys flat the driver is still talking and asked if he could come inside for a coffee ? hubby at first said no but eventually the driver convinced him (driver was around 40ish yrd) so hubby (/he) made a coffee and they sat on the sofa together talking, the driver placed his hand on hubbys thigh and slowly started to rub up and down the driver said is this ok ? hubby said well yes I surpose so, the driver then asked can I see those panties again ? hubby said yeah ok so he pulled up the dress slightly and the driver moved his hand to feel hubbys dick, at this point hubby said he was protesting slightly and the driver said it is ok just tell me to stop and I will.... hubby said I did not answer him and just let him do it...

The driver asked hubby to stand up so he could have a better look so hubby did and the driver said oh I see your dick is starting to get a bit hard and with that he chuckled slightly, hubby said yes it is and so is yours ! with that being said the driver stood up cupped hubbys balls and dick then kissed him on the lips hubby said he pulled back slightly but gave in after the driver had placed his around him so he could not move anyway he was much stronger.... the driver unzipped his pants and placed hubbys hand inside and told him to stroke his dick ! hubby did as told... the driver liked this and removed hubby's hand then pulled his dick out it must have been about 7ins long hubby said... the driver ordered hubby to suck it, hubby said I felt like I had no choice in the matter... after a short while the drive said take me to the bedroom so off they went.... the driver stripped off all of his clothes laid down on the bed and said come sit on top of me pull my hard dick and kiss me deeply bitch ! again hubby did as ordered, the driver pulled down hubbys panties and tights spat on his dick a few times and ordered hubby to bend over the bed.... the driver forcefully rammed his hard dick into hubbys ass !!! hubby said it hurt at first but after a while it was ok and felt quite nice... the driver came inside of hubbys ass and the driver said your a drity bitch ! I am going back to work now but make sure you are here in the morning as I will have a parcel for you ! hubby said ok I will and with that the driver left.

(Ok for clarification Hubby is = Paul the driver is = Tom)

Mid afternoon Paul was still sleeping but got woken up by a knock on the door, by the time he got to the door nobody was there except for this parcel... Paul took it inside, opened it up and inside was black eyeliner, red lipstick, some blusher, a pair of flat black shoes, white fishnet stockings, black and white checkered mini skirt, very tight white blouse and a pair of lacey pink high cut panties along with a note saying "I will be here at 8pm tonight if you are ok with this then wear the clothes I left you, shave your legs and your pubic hair off and leave the bedroom curtains open I will take that as being a yes, Love Tom"...

Paul said he was very unsure about all of this and needed a drink lol so went and got credit at the corner shop for a bottle of Vodka... drank quite a few shots whislt thinking and tried on the clothes then decided to go shave his legs and pubic hair off, had a bath applied the make up went to the bedroom and got dressed in the new clothes... opened the bedroom curtains wide, sat back down 1 hour to go, had a few more shots and then a "knock" on the door !! Paul said he was very nervous at first but aswered the door, Tom was stood there looked Paul up and down and said wow you look very sexy bitch and handed him a jar of vassoline then said put that on the bedside table for later...

Paul said are you not coming inside ? Tom said no not yet you are coming with me ! Paul said where ? Tom said I know a very quiet bar we can have a couple of drinks together... Paul said he almost froze with fear about going to a bar dressed like this !!! but Tom was not taking no for an answer, they got in the car and off to the bar Tom knew, Paul said it was ok nobody actually took much notice of me being male and Tom did not care either way, it was an enjoyable evening... once they got back to Paul's flat Paul poured Tom a shot of Vodka and they had some more small talk and Tom was saying see I knew you would enjoy yourself and would fit in, Paul admitted that he did have a good time and it felt so sexy and risky to be out dressed as a girl....

Tom asked so do you want to do this again ? Paul said yes I do it was fun but I needed to have a few drinks first, Tom laughed and said of course.... with that Tom pulled out his big dick and Paul said without question I automatically went down and started to suck it, Tom was rubbing Paul's leg and ass, Tom told him to stop sucking as he was almost going to cum so they kissed instead whislt Tom was pulling Paul's dick (about 6ins)... Paul said let's go to bed Tom, he agreed once in bed Tom was naked again but insited on Paul keeping all of the clothes on and ordered Paul to get the vassoline and lube his ass and also Tom's dick.... Paul said they fucked for hours off and on until they both fell asleep...

Paul said he woke up first in the morning with Tom snuggled up alongside him and he felt disgusted with himself now being sober lol... Pual went to the toilet came back and Tom is awake and starting to get dressed, Tom said right dirty little bitch put some lipstick on (so Paul did) and suck my dick before I go to work ! Paul said he was really ramming it down his throat and in a short time he came loads into Paul's mouth ! Paul said he felt like vomiting but Tom nipped his nose and closed his jaw so Paul had to swallow the cum !!!! Tom was very impressed.

That is not the end of it there is much more to tell, such as Tom having Paul meet him half way across town dressed all in skin tight lycra !...... that is another story though please comment if you want to hear more :-)


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Our road

Avatar Username: mtlcpl771
Date: 03-Feb-2024 18:41:13
Mood: in love

Hi Everyone, 

It’s been a long road getting my wife to where she is. She comes from an extremely conservative family where even long skirts were a rare thing and the idea of wearing something tight was almost forbidden. To this day she’ll be open and playful one day then it’s like she crosses an invisible line and a switch goes off and her conservative upbringing takes over.

Getting her to open up verbally took a while. It started as we were dating and renting some hourly motel on Saturday nights. The room TVs always have some form of porn or another. At first she figured it was a guy thing but she’d watch and ask why I liked it. Her reaction sometimes, for me as a guy, at first as she would watch it like a movie, wanting to hear the actual story. (Porn has a story?) I explained that aside from the obvious lust part, what I enjoyed the most was imagining whatever girl was in a scene I’d replace it in my mind with her.

With that she eventually played along and slowly started to get into the fantasy of it on her own. Starting with simple things like “Is that something you’d like me to do with you?” and eventually building up with 3-some scenes or other scenes where I would tell her that was hot and can you picture yourself in the middle and so on.

When she started getting more into that fantasy role play I eventually bought her her first small vibrator and built up from there. I always made sure every birthday and Christmas included at least 1 item from a sex shop.

The major jump in her was finding other open minded women she could chat with. That took it up quite a bit as she saw that some of her inner thoughts (or demons depending on perspective) were not bad and could be explored.

The first time we bought a digital camera for an upcoming vacation I just whipped it out one day as she was changing and said say cheese and she played along. (That’s the first series that I posted) and she really got into it. I almost had heart failure trying to keep her going and resisting jumping her. I eventually failed and dropped the camera and jumped her but getting the shots I did was amazing. We tried to make some video, but they came out nice and were thrown away. (Yes I regret not saving them and trying again)

We kept up with the porn every so often (It was important to not keep throwing that at her as she would shut down more often. It’s more important to keep it at a simmer then keep it pumped up I found) and I introduced her to some erotica sites. She really got into those and it opened up her imagination to so many more possibilities which she would recount during sex always asking what I thought or if I’d like her to do xyz.

From there I started showing her the amateur sites where people posted pics. At first it was to spice things up and get her to see how many people enjoyed it. It took a while for her to first say it was ok to share some pics providing her face was hidden and didn’t share any personal details.

It took a while before she’d start asking about the comments, she’s even chatted with a few people on occasion and was totally surprised about the idea of tributes.

Getting her to move forward from fantasy to reality has been a steep hill and we haven’t been able to break through.

She’s isn’t embarrassed anymore about going to a sex shop, but these are regular shops, we don’t have any glory holes places near us. And she can play along with open minded friends and small teasing/flirting along the way. I’ve convinced her a few times when shopping at a mall to leave the curtain of the changing room slightly open “by mistake”. She’s played along a few times with her top opened or skirt hiked up on a drive as we passed some trucks. Simple things at first.

I’ve tried to get her to a nude beach, but there’s always something that comes up before we do and I have to restart from the beginning. Many cold feet related changes of heart.

We’ve gone to a dogging spot and had some good car sex, but sadly it was an off night and we were alone. (In her mid it was, been there, done that) We’ve been to a swinger club, but it was all younger couples more interested in getting drunk than playing so for her it kinda set a tone she didn’t enjoy. We’ve even gone to some fetish clubs. She enjoyed getting dressed up and enjoyed herself at first but got turned off by some of the more extreme Dom/Sub couples.

She still thinks that maybe one day… But for her it would have to be a spontaneous thing, as planning gives her too much time for her mind to back out. For her the easiest intro would be to meet another couple while on vacation and just go with the flow. We've come close, as she can get very flirty with just a few drinks, but by the time we would leave the club and get to the hotel the mood for her was over. Too much time to think :(

Her fantasies though have evolved and become very descriptive and daring. Between some stories she’s come across and some forum discussions, she’s thrown out some what if’s in the middle of sex that have surprised me and you can tell which turn her on more by how verbal and wet she gets.

Using toys during sex is now normal for her. Anal is no longer taboo and DP with different toys is also part of our playtime together, although she still prefers it more often just us and dirt pillow talk.

Most of her fantasies, when including others, include anonymous others. I’ve tried to introduce her to the idea of including friends or coworkers just to get the fantasy more detailed but she has a hard time with that except things like the guy from the store who she caught sneaking a peak into her dressing room, a random football mom at our sons game where she’ll ask if I thought she does xyz, and has gotten very descriptive over our neighbour’s wife she says she wonders what she’d be like.

Although some of her main fantasies are tame compared to what some people do, coming from her it’s a large step. There’s very little now she’s embarrassed to share or discuss in her fantasies. MMF, MMFF, bi-curious, are her most common fantasies. Huge cocks fascinate her, but she’s very petite (5’1” / 110lbs) and says she doubts she’d enjoy anyone too big or even tempted to try. Water sports, scat, hard S&M will turn her off for a week. While there have been a few scenarios that do turn her one quite a bit that were surprising. She has come across some female or couple profiles that she has said she wishes she could have met when she was younger as their stories are hot or says she wishes she could be as open and adventurous as them.

So that's us, hope you enjoyed hearing our small adventure and road so far.


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Last part of the Old Man story I never got finish until now

Avatar Username: BlondeRabbit
Date: 29-Jan-2024 14:48:46
Mood: happy

I never got round to finishing this story so I will try and remember the details it has been so long now since it happened to bear with me please.
The old man was insistant on having hubby suck his cock before he fucked me and I thought long and hard about this I had already taken the first step but nowhere near close enough to get him to do what the old man wanted !
I came up with an idea ! some of the local teenagers would go into the woods and collect what we call magick mushrooms they are basically LSD far as I know.... I asked a few of them to collect me a few and just said it was for my own use becasue I had never tried them before they laughed but went out and brought me some back anyway in return I gave them a bottle of hubbys whiskey lol they where very happy with that.... one of the cheeky buggers slapped my ass though and said he would rather have me lol his friends ushered him out of the house thankfully.
I went next door and told the old man I have a plan he said ah yes well done slut, I said when I go out tonight and come back I will knock on your door once anddear there is no whiskey I only have wine (hubby hates white winethen you come round to my house ok ? he said no not ok ! he said when you go out tonight I am going out also so I will see you around the bars with your friends and you tell me when you are going home and I will follow ! but you need to wear your high brown boots, brown mini skirt, white blouse and tan sockings with your tiny white G string panties and you make sure I get to see up your skirt when you are out slut !!! I had to agree so said ok then.
Whilst out it was uneventfull but me and the girls had a laugh and old man was there of course lurking about so to keep him happy I went to the bar and stood beside him (the bar was very crowded) I lifted the back of my mini skirt up to show him my G string and he felt my pussy whislt I was ordering drinks I pulled my skirt back down and turned and he said that's very good slut see how hard you have made me ? his big dick was very errect and clearly visible in his pants, he said that is for you and your hubby later !
A couple of hours passed and it was closing time so I went to the toilet and said to the old man on the way past I am walking home now with my friends but will seperate from them at the lane as they live in the opposite direction from that point on, he said ok I will leave now and wait just past the lane for you... once there here he is he gave me a bit of a fright as he appeared out of nowhere and started laughing grabbed me by the waist and forced my hand inside his pants and said stroke this slut ! I said wait he said it needs to be hard and stay hard so I did stroke it for him and gave him a very short blow job, we walked up the road together and he had his hand up my skirt and two fingers inside my pussy the whole way to keep him hard so he said !
Once home I called to hubby and said we have a visitor hun, he came through into the kitchen and said hello to the old man and they sat down, I said oh we have no whiskey left and I only have wine (hubby hates white wine) I said well you have drank enough beers already I think so I will make you some green tea instead ! he looked and said yeah ok then why not (the green tea was the mushrooms lol) the old man had a glass of wine and we where chatting hubby liked the new "green tea" lol so had another cup of it...
After about 40 mins or so hubby is acting a bit strange talking nonsense and then sat staring at the kitchen doors lol would not respond to any conversation just totaly focused on the doors the old man laughed and said to me ok slut stand up take your blouse and bra off right here ! I said hell no he said yes you will if he really is under the infuence he wont even notice ! so I did and yes hubby took no notice at all the old man said ok I am going to the bedroom you bring him upstairs soon as you can...
It took me quite a while to get hubby to respond but eventually yes and I said yo need to go to bed hun and I escorted him to the bedroom he did not even notice the old man in the bed ! I took his shirt and pants off and laid him on the bed the old man was playing with his own dick and said to me take your skirt off slut and stroke his dick to see if it is goign to work... eventually yes he started to get hard the old man then said good now guide my hand towards his dick so he thinks it could be yours still... that worked and the old man was gently pulling my hubbys now hard dick ! the old man said kiss me so he gets the scent of your lipstick so I did the old man then started to suck hubbys dick !!!! hubby seemed like he was enjoying it and I heard him mumble "ah Michelle that is so good" hehehehe... the old man had me take a turn at sucking hubbys dick then went back to it, he asked me to play with his dick whislt he was giving hubby a blow job... it did not take very long hubby came into the old mans mouth and he swollowed it all !!! I was quite shocked actually but the old man said now kiss me slut, he gave me the hardest fucking he had ever given me after that and made me suck hubbys flacid dick whislt he was fucking me from behind, eventually he came on my face and told me to leave it there not to wash it off so hubby would see it dried up on my face in the morning and think it was his lol
In the morning hubby said he had the most weird dream but never expanded upon that LOL he looked at my face and said oh maybe part of it was real then ! and looked at me still wearing my G string, tan stockings and boots then said wow that is the first time in ages we have had sex hun I just smiled and gave him a kiss.
Didn't see the old man for a couple of days after that night then he must have waited for hubby to go to work and came round knocking on the door so I told what happened that morning and he said yeah I knew it ! I have a gift for you slut it was a silver butt plug 'gulp" he insisted that I pull down my lycra leggings and he would inset it and said I had to wear this at all times apart from when nature calls so to speak... I reluctantly agreed to his demand he then said ok you have 10 mins to put on some make up and stockings with your highest heels slut I will be up shortly ! Off I went and yes of course right on 10mins he was in the bedroom I was already laid there on the bed waiting he said yes now you really are a dirty slut Michelle and dropped his pants climbed onto the bed and stated to lick my pussy, I really did enjoy his very big dick though so it was not all bad lol

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1st. Married woman

Avatar Username: Coatsbill
Date: 17-Jan-2024 20:53:31
Mood: in love

  Of course the first married woman is my wife. Again comment if you are reading this Blog. 


  It's been so cold here in Eugene the last week and all the power is out. Luckly I have a shop with a wood stove and my RV is stored inside the shop. We moved into the shop. No lights, no tv, but the place was warm with the stove. 


 Two nights ago we were setting around the stove having a happy hour. Nothing else to do. The wife was drinking wine and I had mixed myself a couple of drinks. One drink led to another and soon the evening was slipping away and the wife was opening her second bottle of wine. Standing next to the stove we chatted and I thought god she looks good. I pulled her to me and kissed her. She said woow whats that about. I told her how good she was looking to me right then. Then she kissed me and that's all it took.

 I slid my hand under her blouse and unsnapped her bra then cupped her tits while we kissed. Then off the blouse and bra came. They fell to the floor. I told her again how good she looked. I said lets get naked and finish our drinks. Ok she said and peeled off her cloths. It was kind of a turn on naked next to the stove with my naked wife. We kissed and I cupped her pussy in my hand and I kneaded it while we drank. Her legs were spread just enough. It wasn't long till I was finger fucking her and she was stroking me.

 The drink was gone and she was done with the wine. She said put another piece of fire wood in the stove and let's go to bed. The RV was warm and into bed we went. It was so warm in the RV from it's heater and the wood stove out in the shop we just lay on top of the sheets. We grabbed for each other and she got finger fucked some more. Only this time her clit got worked on. I circle 8'ed the clit and she was hot. She said wait a minute I have to go to the bathroom, to many drinks. When she came back I was laying on my back with my cock sticking up tall. She was climbing in when I told her to lower her pussy down onto my mouth and see what happens. She moved up in bed till her knees were on the pillows and she was facing the head board. She lowed her cunt down onto my mouth and held onto the head board as she got ravaged. My tongue went into her as deep as I could get it and pulled out all of her juices that I could get. I sucked her clit into my mouth and started working it hard. She was breathing hard but I didn't want her to cum yet. 

 I told her to lay back on the bed and she did. I mounted her 69 style and she took my cock into her mouth. That's all it took and I started to really ravage her. My tongue went in deep and then the clit got sucked hard. She was working me and I knew I wasn't going to last if she kept that up. It's been awhile since I have ate her Kathy style. (named after my girlfriend Kathy that I ate this was the first time). I have ate the wife this way but only a couple of times. I hooked my elbows behiend her knees and pulled the legs up and open. She is completly exposed this way. With her open like that I can see clear down into her cunt. I take her whole cunt into my mouth and suck in and start working it. Tongue deep in then out and the clit is sucked in and worked. Back and forth like this a few times and that's all it takes. I've ate Kathy like this a few times and she never lasts long. Like Kathy the wife didn't have a chance. The wife has the best tasting cunt juice of all the women that I eat. When the juices started flowing out of her and I couldn't lap it up fast enough I knew she was starting to cum. I just worked her all the harder. Tongue in deep and clit worked hard. She started bucking up to me and started moaning as she was cumming. I got her missionary style later after she had settled down a little. After the way I had ate her I must of completly filled cunt with my cum. Nice camp out in the shop.

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Camping ( Summer 2022 )

Avatar Username: Mistyblu420
Date: 15-Jan-2024 00:42:25
Mood: horny

I went camping last weekend with a couple of friends. Late Saturday night i felt really horny, so i sat out by the fire alone rubbing my pussy. Legs spread wide in my camping chair. While i was rubbing my clit I heard a twig snap and caught a glimpse of something in the woods. I stopped for a minute but was so excited i just couldn't stop. I let out a soft moan and as i did a man stepped out of the woods, obviously had been watching me. I was embarrassed at first until i saw the bulge in his shorts, it was standing at full attention and looked fairly big. I sat back in my chair giving him a good look at my pussy again, i smiled slyly and spread my pussy for him. He took his cock out and even in the dark and a few feet away i could tell it was thick and pretty long too. He slowly walked over, and i could see he was throbbing. He asked if he could lick my pussy and i nodded yes and spread my legs even farther for him. He dropped to his knees and buried his face in my wet hole without hesitation.He began thrusting his tongue in and out of my tight hole. I moaned as he licked me as deep as he could, then to my delight he pulled his tongue from my pussy and focused on my rock hard clit. Licking it slow and deliberate. I began to shudder as he sucked it into his mouth. I could feel an orgasm mounting as he sucked my clit and furiously jacked off while he did it. I don't know what came over me , but i told him he could fuck me if he wanted.He stood up and his cock was in my face , i gave it a few deep sucks, but i wanted to feel it in my pussy. I turned around and let him take me doggie style on my chair. It was a shock to feel him push inside me so quick and hard. He grabbed a handful of my hair and began pounding me. I was moaning a little louder with each thrust. I could feel him growing inside me ready to burst.I pushed back on his engorged cock as i felt the explosion of cum inside me, he shuddered as he filled me with hot cum, i felt 7 hot thick streams shoot against my inner walls and exploded. i came all over his cock and my pussy was dripping wet from being so full. Without a word he slapped my ass playfully and pulled his shorts up.walking back into the woods. I sat there a few moments in bliss, then realized i let a complete stranger fuck me raw. I cleaned myself up and went to bed. Later the next day I happened to see him, a couple campsites down. His wife seemed nice HAHAHA ! I love camping, I guess i also love married dick !

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Third Married Woman

Avatar Username: Coatsbill
Date: 10-Jan-2024 17:17:28
Mood: in love

  Here's another story from my life that probably no one again will comment on. Oh well, like i've said it kind of turns me on remembering and telling.


  The third married lady that I was able to fuck was a co-workers wife. We had done alot of things togerther as familys. We would take the kids and go camping, water sking, or just over at each others houses. Of course I was always mentaly undressing Anita the friends wife. She would ware two piece swimming suites and with a good figure she looked really fuckable. The first time I saw her naked was just by chance. They have a swimming pool at there house and they had a few friends and couples over one afternoon for swimming. 


  We had been drinking beer all day and really having a good time. Anita was in her two piece and looking good. I had went in to the house to rest for a moment and while setting in a chair in the living room Anita came into the house and went to the bathroom. The bathroom was down the hall and I could see it from where I was setting. The door opened and, Anita didn't know I was there, she came out and was completly naked and headed for the bedroom to get dressed. She saw me setting there looking at her and turned and gave me a full frontal view. I looked at her and said wait a minute. I got up and walked to her. She just stoot there. I pulled her back into the bathroom and locked the door. I pulled her to me and kissed her while cupping her bare ass. She kissed back and we explored each other. She slid her hand inside my swimming suite and played with my hard cock as I was kneading her cunt in my hand. 


  She pushed me away and said not like this. We can wait for a better time. I went back out by the pool and of course I was oogling her the rest of the day. A few days went by and I had a chance to call her while her husband was at work. We talked and I told her lets get together tonight. The wife will be gone and she could come over to our house for a did in the hot tub. She said I'll be there as soon as it gets dark.


  I got the tub warmed up and waited. Here she came as soon as it was dark. I met her at the door and we kissed as soon as she was inside the house. She had her swim suite in her hand and I told her she wouldn't need that. I gave her a beer just to loosen her up a little and out to the hot tub we went. I had on running shorts and t-shirt and just stood in front of her and peeled everything off. I was already hard and stood up and let her look. Next she started undressing. She still had on some shorts and blouse when she arrived. I watched a she removed the blouse, shorts, and unsnapped her bra and let it fall to the deck. Really nice tits. Next she slid down her under panties and now both of us were naked. We got into the poor and could just barely keep our hands off of each other. We kissed and played and finished our beer. With the beer gone I pulled her to my lap facing me. I was slid down a little and when I set down on my lap my cock hit in just the right spot and I slid into her cunt. She said ummm and pushed herself down as far as she could onto me. We didn't speak just slowly fucked. She was good and it wasn't long till I was close. She started milking me with her cunt and I let fly deep inside her. With me cumming she didn't hold back. She went wild and fucked me hard till she started cumming. When we were done we still just set like that with my cock inside her. It wasn't long and I was recharged and hard again. This time I stood in the deep part of the tub and pulled her to me and fucked her in a standing misssionary style fuck.


  I fucked Anita all summer long. We would meet in a motel or I woul sneek into her bedroom and fuck her at her house. She was good at 69. She would tilt her head back and I could fuck her mouth while eating her. She liked that. She never did swollow but that's ok. She was good. 


 I havn't seen her a couple of years but I do think of her often....maybe I should try and reconnect?

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