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Mitchell Update #4

Avatar Username: kevinTX
Date: 20-Sep-2016 03:21:02
Mood: don't know

Well tonight Mitchell had sex with another man for the first time in our marriage while she was at work. No pics or vids for me. So far I am disappointed. Things are not going to how we agreed. She is on her way home now so this will be short. They have made plans to fuck again on Friday morning while I am out of town. NOT how I wanted all this to go down. Oh well she has promised me pics and vids this time. If I don't get them I will be very disappointed. We agreed that this roller coaster ride was for both. So far it's just all her.

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Black Girls

Avatar Username: sexync1
Date: 19-Sep-2016 19:45:56
Mood: horny

Thank you to...my friends...

But most white guys don't tune in...d ick is dick...coochie is coochie? 

White guys stare, never speak....at least in NC.


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Mitchell Update #3

Avatar Username: kevinTX
Date: 18-Sep-2016 01:14:34
Mood: full of life

Mitchell is back! Back to the swinging life. She took a new job and met a man there that reignited those passions for her. We've been fucking like rabbits for days now. She hasn't slept with the new guy just yet. She was feeling me out to make sure I was good with it. I was shocked at first. This wasn't how I thought it would go. I pictured she would pick up a guy at a party and we would go back to a motel. I never expected a coworker. I was a little hurt and jealous at first. But she insists she must have him. She reminded me it's just sex for her and that it will only strengthen our relationship.

So we have some ground rules in place. I get to watch and if that can't be agreed upon than I get pictures or no deal. No one at our house that I don't know and approve of. Another is that Mitchell will be more open to "suggestion" when we travel out of town. Honesty and up front with it all. Lastly she will find and keep special something just for us.

That said I hope that one day soon, perhaps tonight that she is taken to a nearby motel close to her work for a good fucking and then come straight home to me and share the pics, story and more sex.

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Avatar Username: bramman
Date: 15-Sep-2016 10:18:56
Mood: horny

Well, some of you wanted 'extra' details of our pussies,so who are we to deprive you of the that pleasure,so please do enjoy us as you see us. Perhaps if you try hard enough with your comments we might even add some more. Now ,look enjoy and savor our openess fully.


Anna and Patricia. x

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Avatar Username: lickclitt
Date: 13-Sep-2016 15:51:25
Mood: in love

Couple days ago after taking ten days off from fucking Deedee announced she was horny and needed to get laid. Of course I wanted to say let's ask the next hot young guy who walks by to cum upstairs n have his way with you while I watch but decided it had been too long for me and I needed to get laid. So after she showered she found me, with her Pocketrocket in her hand, lying in my back , my flaccid cock looking as if it needed arousing. She climbed on me and rubbed a shot if lube on her pussy and twisted her rocket to the on position. She started buzzing her clit and grinding her ass on my hips. My cock sliding between her lubed legs and freshly washed ass crack. It didn't take me long to get erect and after Deedee took another shot of lube and bathed my cocks head with it slowly pushed it between her pussys lips and started riding me while buzzing her clitty with her favourite vibe. She rode for several minutes pushing my cock all the way in and rocking back and forth so I could feel the tip of my cock rubbing against the roughness of her cervix. I was telling her how much she must be enjoying it as she was gutterally commenting on how she was loving the way she was being fucked...even tho she was doing the fucking....and how hot it was having my cock filling her as she tickled her clitty with her toy of joy. After a couple minutes she said she was cummjng and stared at me as she rocked herself to her inner gspot espot orgasm. She asked if I'd cum yet and I told her I was waiting for her second clitty orgasm. She started up again this time focused more on her toy and just left my cock buried in her barely moving Deedee bent down so that I could suckle her nipples but said " that's too much and I don't want to cum that fast" so I was denied that pleasure but found the lube so that I could finger her bung as she rode me. Of course as soon as my fingers found their way to her asshole and began playing with its slippery folds she began cumming and grunted that I was such an asshole for making her cum so hard and so fast. The excitement of it all made me climax deep inside Deedee as she was pounding the head of my cock on the entrance to her womb. As my cock finished pumping its load Deedee said she want finished and just needed to cum again. My cock stayed hard long enough to start her on her way to her third orgasm but just couldn't keep up with her wanton desire. As it slipped from her leaking pussy I slide my thumb in to replace it while sliding the tip of my index finger in her ass and began fucking the first inch of each artifice as Deedee has a phobia of anything going any deeper up her bung. She was lost in pleasure and was moaning how hot it was and how much she wanted to cum but wasn't sure if she could as it was starting to hurt. I figured it was time to give her the" pleasure pinch " and started pinching and releasing the skin membrane betwixt her arsehole and pussy all the while tugging and continuing to fuck both her holes. Deedee started screaming. Oh my god. Oh my god oh my god. I'm cumming and shuddered her face contorted as if she was receiving electric shock therapy before she collapsed and started crying how much it hurt to cum like that and that she hadn't had such a powerful orgasm in months. She actually thanked me for making her cum three times I was thinking of setting a camera up to catch all this but didn't. Next time we don't fuck for more than ten days I am going to balls it and record the events. Anyone interested in watching a MILF ride cock while buzzing herself to multiple orgasms ???

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How Did I End Up In A Cuckold Marriage Pt2

Avatar Username: HotwifeJess
Date: 08-Sep-2016 10:50:24
Mood: horny
Music: 90's House

So, that's the situation I found myself in. My husband had opened my eyes to group sex, gangbangs, bi sex, dogging, swinging etc and then decided that he'd had enough.

Now don't get me wrong, I do love my husband which is the only reason that I stay with him but there was no way I could give up being such a slut just because he'd had enough. He thought that after I'd fucked the guy from work and realised he wasn't happy about it that I'd give up wanting to fuck other guys. No way. So he basically cucked himself.

It took me a few weeks to get my head around where I was at and then when the dust had settled I found myself craving cock again. I had a girls night out with my friends planned and I wanted my hubbys approval for anything that might occur, so I casually asked him if he'd be ok with me going home with a guy as long as I told him all about it.

He pulled his face and said, not this again, I thought you'd got it out of your system. So I told him that I was sorry and I wouldn't mention it again.

My girly night arrived and out I went with my friends. The more I drank and danced and flirted, the hornier I got and the madder I got at my hubby.

The night wore on and my friends drifted off home to their husbands and boyfriends until there was just me and Gemma left. Gemma was one of my best friends and in a long term relationship with a guy. She never cheated on him but was an outrageous flirt. We'd been dancing with 2 guys for an hour or so, rubbing against them, feeling their cocks and the guys groping our tits and arses.

One of the guys, Jeff asked if we'd like to go back to his place but Gemma had already called a taxi. She asked if I was going with her but I needed cock so I said I'd see her next week. She called me a dirty bitch, told me to have fun and left.

I left the club with Jeff and his friend Lee. In the back of the taxi, Jeff had his hand up my skirt fingering my pussy as I wanked his hard cock, which was a nice size but very similar to my hubby. Lee was chuckling and calling us dirty fuckers. He called me a slag for not having any knickers on.

Once we arrived at Jeff's place we all went inside and Jeff fixed us a drink. After a couple of drinks and more flirting, Jeff took my top and bra off and started playing with my tits and fingering my pussy. As he was doing this, Lee got his cock out and pushed it towards my face. I sucked it greedily into my mouth and couldn't believe the size of him. It was only a bit longer than Jeff's but fat as hell. I struggled to accomodate him as he fucked my mouth.

The 3 of us fucked for the next few hours with both guys fucking my mouth, pussy and arsehole none stop. I arrived home at 4am looking slightly worse for wear. My first instinct was to tell Paul what had happened but when I thought about keeping it to myself I got a serious tingling and throbbing in my clit. So instead I climbed into bed next to my husband. He was asleep but woke to give me a kiss and say did you have a good night?

I had never been so turned on in all my life. I said yea it was ok, kissed him and he fell back asleep. I lay there with my husbands arm around me and two strangers cum seeping out of my well fucked and stretched pussy and arse and Paul had no idea.

That was the first fuck I had ever kept from Paul and I felt a new lease of life. Did I feel guilty? Not one bit, I fucking loved it and it was a scenario that I repeated many times over the next few years. Until Paul eventually foung out what I'd been up to

To be cont......

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How Did I End Up In A Cuckold Marriage? Pt1.

Avatar Username: HotwifeJess
Date: 07-Sep-2016 18:24:15
Mood: other
Music: 90's House

How did I end up in a cuckold marriage? I met my husband when I was 18 and he was 52. We worked together and flirted with each other a lot, which in turn led to us fucking one night after a works night out.I was a bit of a slut even back then so I didn't mind the age gap. The sex was amazing and that's all I cared about.

Paul (my hubby) couldn't believe his luck that he'd talked an 18 year old girl in to bed and was quite taken aback as to how much of a slut I was compared to girls when he was my age. He took full advantage of this by fucking my arsehole, mouth and pussy every chance he got, and even inviting other girls, guys and couples to join us.

By the time I'd reached 28 and Paul 62, we were married and although we still had a great sex life Paul had lost interest in having other people join in with us but I still craved all the cock and pussy that he'd got me addicted to when we first met.

It was kind of frustrating and eventually I raised the subject of inviting a guy from work who was hot as hell around to our house for some fun. Paul said I could if I liked but he'd rather not.

This took me quite by surprise as we used to have a very open relationship. As well as swinging as a couple, we also fucked other people on our own, Our only rule was that we would tell each other the full details of any sexual encounters which usually led to us having great sex.

With this in mind, I reminded Paul how it used to be. He asked me if I really needed to fuck the guy at work to which I replied, well I don't need to but I really want to. He said that if i really felt like I had to then I could as long as I tell him everything as soon as possible afterwards.

I was glad he'd agreed but felt annoyed that he wasn't happy about it, especially since he was to blame for me being such a slut in the first place.

Well, I fucked the guy at work one lunchtime in his car and it was good. That night I contemplated not telling Paul but true to our arrangement I did. Instead of getting turned on and fucking me like he used to, he got into a bit of a sulk.

This pissed me off no end so I made myself a promise. I was going to fuck anybody I felt like fucking and I wasn't going to tell him a thing about it.

This was just the start of how we found ourselves in a cuckold marriage. I'd love to chat with likeminded couples about their experiences too.



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Shared for 2nd time

Avatar Username: BustyJoanne
Date: 05-Sep-2016 14:01:16
Mood: horny

Brian got in touch around New Year saying him was very interesting in sharing Joanne. We had chatted together a few times before introducing him to Joanne via Skype. They seemed to get on ok and she seemed to enjoy the sexual banter and was genuinely flattered by his compliments. However, she was not so keen on meeting up properly mainly because this was just some guy that had got in touch over a forum post. Neither of us knew him at all. So this was a challenge for me. The idea that she would fuck a complete stranger had to be overcome. I had kept up the pressure on her since last weekend. I assured her that I would keep her safe and that it would be exciting and sexy. I also kept telling her that it would make me really happy to meet up with this guy. I suggested we have him over to meet him and then see how it goes... no pressure and all that. She eventually agreed and so Brian joined us on Feb 7th 2015 at around 1pm.

Joanne was bouncing around the house before he arrived her nerves were getting the better of her. When he arrived she calmed down and to break the ice I suggested that we just get started.

Brian got on our bed, I was ready with camera and Jo removed her clothes and jumped into the bed between his legs. She did look nervous at this point and could even guess the voices in her head where saying "what the fuck are you doing???". It was a bit awkward to start with, but with her relaxed and busy we were all started to have a good time

As I watched and took pictures I realised the gravitas of the moment. This is my wife engaging in a sex act in our bedroom with a guy that she barely knew and had only chatted to a few times online. The possibilities were clearly boundless with this girl.

He was only with us for about an hour and a half, but it was a momentous moment and Joanne sucked him as keenly as she sucks me. I was amazed to see her sucking his balls, something she had only done to me a few times. She never moved when he jerked and shot his load into her mouth. She swallowed as gracefully as her gagging would allow and carried on sucking to make sure he was clean and dry. She did this without asking and I think she got a bit carried away and clean forgot she was sucking off a complete stranger.

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Fuck my Brazilian Wife's golden pussy

Avatar Username: Jcat2
Date: 04-Sep-2016 23:11:03
Mood: happy
Music: all genres

I am new to wife sharing.  Looking for a guy or woman that will share her man when I'm out of town often and she gets horny and needs safe big dicks.  We have place in Newport Oregon and Indianapolis Indiana.

She is always in Oregon and I go back and forth for work.

Please let me know best way to keep her safe and satisfied when needed.


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Joannes first time being shared

Avatar Username: BustyJoanne
Date: 30-Aug-2016 09:54:32
Mood: horny

October was an amazing experience for us both. Joanne was full of guilt in the cold light of day and it took some persuasion on my part to try and get her to understand that I loved watching her with Baga and that she had nothing to be sorry about.

The really bad news was that Joanne was boxing this experience up as a 'summer holiday' fling. Not real life and nothing connected to home and family. That was my next challenge and it took me until January to change her mind.

Joanne had met Paul on a couple of occasions before. He and I were buddies from when we worked together nearly 15 years ago. We had shared some great times and some great women in those days and we are still good friends, if at a distance. The good thing about Paul is that he is not connected to me in anyway these days i.e. friends, work, family. Also I have confided in Paul about my plans and hopes for Joanne. Of course he wanted some of that action for himself and so the plan was that Paul would be the first guy I shared Joanne with... I just needed to persuade Joanne.

It took a couple of months of me reasoning and conditioning Joanne to take part. I kept reminding her how much she enjoyed being with Baga in Turkey and that this time she was not going to be with any old stranger so she would be safe. She seemed to be solely worried about something breaking us up, but I assured her that was never going to happen. At the end of the day this is at my request and so she had my blessing. Finally, she agreed with the conditions that we used safe words and that if it got strange then we would stop. 

On Saturday January 17th 2015 Paul joined us around 2pm and we both enjoyed Joanne for the rest of the day and evening. 

Joanne was really nervous meeting him and was fretting in the car on the way to pick Paul up at Watford station. I decided to break the ice by heading off to the pub first to settle our nerves. Paul was clearly a lucky man as he put some money in the fruit machine and won about £50 in coins. This was helpful as it relaxed us all and we were raring to go by the time we all got back to our place.

It was a little awkward to start with, but I told Joanne to take the lead and she was amazing. We all went into our bedroom and I got my camera ready. She encouraged Paul onto the bed after helped him out of his pants and trousers. We both watched amazed and she took off her own trousers and settled on the bed between his legs and without an invitation started to suck eagerly on his know raging cock. She posed happily for me as she sucked deep on another man’s cock. Later she told me that she found it so horny to perform for us both and loved the shocked and lustful looks in our eyes.

She swapped positions by straddling Paul and then casually slipped her awesome boobs out of her vest top and bra. I don't know how Paul managed not to cum there and then, but instead lay there stroking and massaging her boobs as she bounced rhythmically on his cock.

Paul was with us for the evening and we both fucked Joanne in numerous positions. Paul shot his load a number of times before we all were exhausted and finished for the night.


The night had been a success and Joanne had accepted being shared with no complaints and seemed to genuinely enjoy being used and abused by another guy. My plan was coming together.

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