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Meeting Joanne

Avatar Username: DomSykes
Date: 25-May-2016 00:03:48
Mood: horny

Not been on this site for too long and had the usual aspirations of trying to hook up with couple that were actually genuine. So met Joanne today with her husband at coffee shop in Watford. She was definitely worth the trip. Nervous, but smarter than I expected. No problems with looks and those amazing boobs. They both seem quite normal other than they want me to join them. Even got to feel what was on offer while he got coffee. Fuck I am horny. Arranged to meet again Friday for a drink... can not wait. 

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Avatar Username: emmabare
Date: 22-May-2016 14:44:58
Mood: full of life


This is the first ever time

WE HAD BEEN OUT ON THE TOWN and this was a summers evening Emma and I had been drinking quite a lot, and through to the early hours in the clubs and bars we decide about 3:30 am to make our way to the taxi rank to get us home, we spent ages waiting and one thing led to another playing, kissing and fingering, we had a few admiring glances and one guy came right up to us and gestured he would like to help out he looked a way to drunk and a little creepy but fair play on his part no meant no and he respectfully went on his way.


She said lets go over to the bus stop. It’s still very warm or was that the booze?  Emma was wearing an army mini dress that pops open real easy.  

I partially open the top and un-pop from the bottom to about her middle then I am taking off with her thong and probing around.

She’s kissing ne hard and with every hard push of her crutch she struggles with me man handling my trousers access and she begins to extract my cock. Once out and after a few forceful twist I am pushing her mouth over my helmet. Emma begins sucking and slurping it well, to its nice and hard.  She is doing this as the odd car goes by I pretend to be stroking her head as if she is resting across my lap. Any way she decides she will sit on top of me and is riding like she would ride a horse I am trying m best to carry on pumping it in and out of her,

I pull at her dress and the last poppers give way and the front opens up exposing her large naked breasts and crumpled tummy.  The dress just seems to fall away with her ferocity she's naked in the bus stop; she’s bouncing up and down sliding on my now very excited cock.

This was all going well   then some lads turn the corner it’s too late to do anything were caught out right nothing we could do  to hide  but Emma seemed lost in the moment as the lads just stood around looking at us well her. They start to cheer and she’s getting loads of encouragement. A couple of lads start to become very vocal.         

These two lads start getting their cocks out, her back to them she’s unaware and  Emma continued to fuck me then all the lads moved in closer, One tried to engage us in conversation she stops looks around looks at me says fuck we are in for it now. Emma quickly reached out because one guy got close enough for her to touch I was thinking she was going to push him away and thinking that she would I prepared to move by grabbing her dress ready!I could not be more wrong, she grab it and leaning over just slipped her lips over his helmet and down his shaft to the roars of his mates.


I was gutted at the time but powerless to stop it. I could see his appendage going right to his balls and her making all sorts of erotic noises there she is bobbing up and down on his cock and, I'm starting to go soft myself.  Emma looks at me letting go with her mouth but holding his cock very firmly and tugging at it. She looked at me and said don't stop keep going. She then continued to suck him hard and fast; he came in seconds, down her throat and over her mouth.  I thought that was it.


Emma stood up releasing my dick and allowing the guys to see her unprotected pussy it was like men grabbing at free money for the taking. Fingers probed her but some just stood back and I was gob smacked, a black mixed race lad pulls her away from us and over to one side saying suck mine. Emma obliges, she licks his knob preparing to suck it No she would do it again surely she won’t?  Then it happens my heart sank as she agrees to a request and with that she’s turned round on to the seat; bending her over kicks her lags apart and roughly pushed his cock right up her pussy

Holly fuck she says he bangs away for all he worth, She is moaning and cussing, “fuck fuck fuck she has done this normally just before she cums. It’s not long and saying you’re having it slut; He’s letting his load go into her, then standing away allowing his cum to drop from her pussy says thanks and off they walk turning to say "what a fucking slut, she would have any one."

Turning to me she said sorry! I had to do something! I was frightened but excited and thought they might hurt us if I didn't do anything!!!!!   

I couldn't tell if she meant it. She dresses and inspects her pussy and disgracefully declares he really did give me a large load to carry as she mops her lips with her thong and depositing it them in a nearby bin.

 Emma kept saying about the smell of spunk and how he tasted different from me, it was intense even I could smell this on her and I wondered if in reality she hadn’t secretly enjoyed herself. I also wondered if she had compared my cock certainly they both looked bigger than mine. She came quickly enough which also indicated her being turned on by what had happened. She has always loved the big and black dilldo at home; I have found her using lots. I guessing my own words are playing out true. When we used the toys I would be saying you like it big and black seems to have rang true.

I should say that she does like a drink and this has loosened her provocative tendencies. Even before this, she had been groped on the odd occasion in front of me, and when we’ve been out for an evening guys proudly announces what they will do to her. I've never said anything to suggest my dislike but I do like her getting this kind of attention   'too late to stop it now' not that I won’t too! We have planned a visit to Sw----- to visit a seedy club in the new Town.




The taxi ride home will be a member from here and we will be filming.


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Black Wife For Use

Avatar Username: Proudhusband21
Date: 19-May-2016 22:53:59
Mood: in love

Looking for men preferably white to use my wife!

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finger fucked and dribbling cum

Avatar Username: jusamlie
Date: 18-May-2016 16:43:00
Mood: in love



I have started to like some porn as a precursor to having sex. Not violent or gang bang stuff but something with a storey that you can believe is real. The sort of thing that we like to do, that is my hubby and I is flashing, exhibitionism in off the wall locations, that sort of thing. As you will know from our previous exploits this has been developing over the years to where it has reached the point where we have begun to stay at swingers resorts or go to swingers beaches to watch and be watched. We are not swingers but love the hedonistic life style.

We have a wardrobe of sexy cloths that we both like to be in and be seen in that is until we take them off and start to make love to one another.

Recently we were in Spain and had been working and on our return to the apartment both had a shower before going out to dinner. Sitting on the settee I cuddled my husband whose hand immediately slipped under my robe and held my pussy. I do not know why but said shall we watch some porn. He agreed and we connected the TV to the internet via a lap top to find “amateur swingers.”

We were soon watching some French amateurs in a swingers club not playing as a group but each couple with their partner but still on the same bed and next to one another.

We had just returned from Lanzarote where a similar situation had happen to ourselves. See previous blog.

It was so surreal being a very similar scenario that we were soon talking about our experience and how much we had enjoyed it.

They were sucking and fucking each other just as we had been so that the other couple could watch while they were doing the same to their partner. That is exactly what we were doing only days earlier, we were the exhibitionist. Performing for others while they watched us.

This got me so horney that I wanted my cunt sucked hard then and there. I told him I need my pussy licked. This my hubby did without hesitation. He says he likes sucking my clit as it stands up like a little cock. He got between my legs and sucked on my clit first gently and then harder. One couple I was watching on the porn film were playing with each other’s arses. I pushed his hand towards my arse indicating that was what I wanted him to do to me. As he eased a finger up my arse I squirmed at first but I love this but it must be the right moment and not all the time. He bit on my clit as he sucked it and I could feel his thumb going deeper into my now wet arsehole. He was finger fucking my hole a little faster now it was very wet and lubricated as I was watching porn where one couple were doing exactly the same.

I opened my legs putting one up on the top of the couch so that I was wide open and easy to be penetrated. I wanted him to put a finger in my cunt at the same time. Before I could say anything, anyway he knows exactly how to press my buttons, I felt him probing gently at my opening. He gently pushed a little further each time I rode his thumb up my arse. It was me working his index finger further and further up my cunt as his thumb was fucking my arse to the point I could feel it gently pushing on my G spot on each thrust.

His thumb up my arse and his index finger up my cunt and sucking my clit at the same. As I began to climax he bit gently on my clit bringing me off.

Wave after wave came over me. I begged him to stop several times but he just slowed for a moment or two letting me down gently, leaving thumb and finger in place before starting to suck me off and finger fuck my holes again. I could feel both sides of the wall of my cunt being massaged at the same time. One from inside my cunt and the other from the other side from up my arse.

He made me cum over and over again until I was crying with pleasure. As he slowed and gently removed his fingers I lay back exhausted. He took some pictures of me spent with my legs wide open and my cunt and arse holes so wide open and full of my cum that when I looked at the pictures later I could not believe they were of me. They were properly fucked examples of multiple climaxes that I had enjoyed every moment off.


What is more as we lay in one another’s arms which is usual for us after making love I honestly told him that I had never climaxed so much for so long ever before. That’s not bad for a couple who have been together for over twenty years me thinks and all down to a bit of porn and our antics as exhibitionists. I have the pictures some of which which are posted on our site.

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camels toe

Avatar Username: jusamlie
Date: 18-May-2016 15:51:23
Mood: in love

Camels toe

I did not realise how easy it is to get men of all ages excited just looking at my crouch while I have to all intents and purposes not done anything that would be considered outrageous in public. By this I refer to the title Camels Toe. This is when very thin almost shear leggings or bikini bottoms are so tight they show every detail of your pussy but still remaining what passes for decently dressed.

This is especially the case in the evenings when a very short shirt over leggings, and I mean short can be worn as part of everyday wear and when you sit down your pussy is on show. Another favourite of mine is to wear a shirt or top that comes just below my belly button with leggings and that leaves nothing to the imagination.

I have found a company that sells tan through swim wear. This is very cleaver material that has lots of tiny holes that allow you to tan but still remain decent on the beach or round the pool. I pull the bottoms up so tight that my pussy separates and the seam of the flimsy garment goes between my pussy lips.  Standing at the bar round the pool soon has a gaggle of blokes trying to not be caught starring at my crouch but they cannot resist it.

This gets both me and my husband off and the more they stare the more I push out my hips for them to see. I get aroused and I have what my hubby calls my little prick. That is my clitoris is quiet big when I am randy and shows through the thin material. You should see some of their faces when they realise exactly what they are starring at. It is quite funny when they start to get a hard on and try to disguise it in their shorts or swimming trunks.

This gets us off even more so on my man’s encouragement I will go under the shower near the pool to pretend to cool off but it turns my bikini almost see through as the material is not meant to be used for swimming in. I make out I am unaware of this and return to the bar and stand talking to my husband with our drinks but making sure the little crowed of voyeurs or sometimes just one bloke has a full view. My little prick now rock hard as are my nipples and clearly visible and don’t I know it.

We fuck ourselves stupid after a session like this and keep reminding one another of who we saw with the biggest hard on or who stared the most and at what it was they were looking at, my cunt of course which they would all have loved to stick there cocks in.

This is much gentler than our antics in the swinger’s resorts but this is for every day fun and a great turn on.

In the evenings I will go out with leggings on and do much the same but without getting wet of course. The men are a little braver for some reason and will often join us in conversation. This gives me the opportunity to lean across the bar for some pea nuts or something and push my pussy against a bloke’s knee as he sits on a stool in front of us. My hubby knows exactly what I am doing and will brush my tits or camels toe with his hand at every opportunity. If the opportunity arises I will accidently touch their cocks as if I had dropped something or stumbled as I turn round.

Our most fun though is if I wear a short skirt and we sit at the bar and I take off my leggings and sit there with nothing on with my legs crossed. I flash my hubby all the time and he will slide his hand up to touch my clit every now and again. As we get more and more turned on I will uncross my legs so as anybody who is looking can see the top of my pussy. They are not quite sure if I have flesh coloured knickers on because I am fully shaves. But as soon as I have the opportunity when I see some bloke looking at my crouch I open my legs as to change position on the bar stool and leave nothing to his imagination.

We really have fun with this as now he will be watching my every move just in case I do it again. Of course I do and the more he sees of my cunt the more it turns us on. By the time we have both had a few drinks and providing the opportunity is right I sit there with my legs open all the time.

I do this when there is only one bloke watching as it is easier to flash and direct my pussy his way . We often get into conversation with them as my hubby will make them feel at ease and start talking to them. I can then really put on a show then. I will put my feet up on the rail in the bar stool so my knees are higher than my pussy and give them a full deep view flash because by now I am so horney, wet and my hole is wide open. You should see the reaction we get. Chocking on their beer is the most common to wow that is fantastic and I do not believe what I am seeing. We love it and by now my hubby will be standing behind me with his cock hard and pushing into my back and his hands just under my arms on the edges of my tits supporting me as I lean back a little more to show off not just my wide open wet dribbling cunt but also my by now aroused arse hole as I like that fucked every now and again and I know that my hubby will be doing just that to me when we get back to our room.

They often want to touch or come back with us but we explain that we are exhibitionist and they understand. But watching their cocks grow inside their trousers is a real buzz and the thought of them wanking off later over looking at my wet cunt gives us both the greatest buzz you could imagine.

I have posted a picture of my camels toe.



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Public sex

Avatar Username: jusamlie
Date: 13-May-2016 17:26:45
Mood: in love
Music: Happy

We have been to Lanzarote for a quick three day break. We stayed at our normal hedonistic hotel and were strait into the swing of things within half an hour of arriving. That is to say we were sunbathing nude round the pool with a beer and felt immediately at home. If you have read some of my previous tales you will know that we are not swingers but voyeurs and exhibitionist and this little hotel complex is just the ideal place for such fun.

My hubby is always the gent and does whatever he can to please me and I get as much pleasure from pleasing him to. There were not many people there this time of year, maybe ten/twelve couples but enough to give it some atmosphere.

It was within an hour of settling by the pool that I noticed that my man had a gentle lob on. When I looked around I could see why. A rather good looking blond woman was reading her book with her legs open enough to see her pussy at which he was no doubt staring at from behind his wrap around glasses.

I could not resist getting of my sun lounger and going over to his and sitting on the end I asked him what was making him so horney. He just nodded in the direction of the open pussy and smiled.

I started to play with his cock which responded immediately by get gorgeously hard and began throbbing the more I pulled on it. He lay back on the lounger breathing deeply as he enjoyed my increasing attention.

I was beginning to get wet myself as this is not something I normally do so soon and need a day or two to get into the swing of things. Usually I wait for him to play with me. But for some reason I have lost my inhibitions as the more often we go to such places and what the hell we only live once.

I pick up the after sun lotion and liberally rubbed it into his cock paying special attention to his balls squeezing them as I did so making him whelp little noises of pleasure. I don’t know about anybody else’s husband but mine loves his balls squeezed almost to the point where I can make him cum at my will.

He was close so I stopped only for him to say please don’t. But with that I straddled him across the sun bed then with my hand eased his cock into me and began to gentle ride him. This was to his astonishment as we were in full view of two other couples in broad day light and not after drinking in the play room of the club at night as we would normally have waited for, needing the alcohol to give us some Dutch courage.

In seconds I could feel him pumping spunk up into me that seemed to go on for a longer time than usual while he laid there with a stupid grin on his face. As I eased off of him I held my pussy open above his cock so he could see the spunk that he had pumped into me only a few moments ago dribble from my cunt and drip onto his belly. I then eased back down onto his belly and rubbed my cum and his spunk  from my wet cunt over him before getting up kissing him on the lips and returning to my own sun lounger without saying a word. I made sure than by bending forward to kiss him that my bum was up in the air so that from behind my pussy was wide open for all to see.

We laid there saying nothing for at least 20 minutes or so when one of the couples walked towards the restaurant entrance next to where we were laying. As the bloke got to me he stooped down and said to me that was fantastic and the most loving thing he had ever seen. I thanked him and they went in for lunch.

This was half past one in the afternoon and we had only arrived at 12 o-clock. We looked at one another giggled had a shower and went into lunch ourselves.

What a start to a three day break.

Later that evening followed a similar paten to other times we have been at this resort. Cocktails before dinner in our local, dinner then to the little club for some dirty dancing and to make love in the play room at the rear. We were in bed fairly early as we had been up and travelling. We were very tired.

I wear very sexy cloths when we are away. They are either silk or very shear and leave little to the imagination. But I had bought a lace black dress that I wanted to surprise my hubby with. So the following evening I told him I was not ready and I would meet him at our favourite cocktail bar in town.

The dress is see through and I wore a black lace cup bra with tiny black lace knickers underneath and a knee length coat onto to walk down town. When he saw me as I opened my coat his jaw hit the floor. There was an immediate reaction to his crotch as his cock began to swell. He loves other men to look at me and I like showing of to them to. This little ensemble was ideal. After a couple of drinks my coat stayed open as we stood at the bar and it was sheer delight to look at the faces of the men as they passed by and looked. Several made frequent visits to the toilet so that they could have second and third ogles to both our delight. One joined us in conversation about the weather without any embarrassment at looking at me all the time which made us giggle with pleasure.

Back at the hotel I left my coat off for dinner and most of the other women and some men were dressed in a similar fashion. As soon a dinner finished we went to the club where I removed my knickers so that not only were my nipples on full display through the lace dress so was my pussy.

This gave us great pleasure and it was not long before we were on one of the play beds with my dress up to my arm pits and his cock up my cunt fucking for all to see.

The third day passed in a similar fashion that is until the evening. I had a tiny skirt on open blouse on that evening and whilst we had fucked so anybody could watch we had not had anybody close only from a distance up until now. We wanted it to be a bit more daring so we waited until there was at least one other couple in the play room and then went in there ourselves and got onto the bed next to them. He took my blouse off and stripped naked himself. Then instead of us fucking we laid top to tail so that he could lick out my cunt and clip whilst I sucked his cock. This was fantastic as we could see on another in the overhead mirrors and not only that we could see the other couple in the wall mirrors as well. We could also feel her up against us as she was being fucked from behind. This was a fabulous turn on and we sucked and played with one another for over an hour. Our neighbours had cum so I turned on my back while he fingered me and another couple sat on the sofa opposite and we watched wanking one another off. We then fucked one another to a climax me first with him not a minute or two later. Laying there with our cum on show his cock still half hard and my cunt open and on show still dribbling cum was the most fantastic feeling you can imagine.

We slept very well and returned home to Spain the next day.

We are already booked for another trip later this year and I for one can not wait.



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I am a penile slave

Avatar Username: seaswim2001
Date: 08-May-2016 12:00:50
Mood: in love

Please insert your penis in a pussy deeply.
The mouth has the penis of another person in its mouth.
The hand strokes the penis of another person.
You ejaculate it to a pussy and ejaculate it in a mouth and please ejaculate it in a face.
I become the woman who is covered with sperms.
Please use me of the penile slave for many human nature processing.








I like gang bang

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Please see me !!

Avatar Username: seaswim2001
Date: 07-May-2016 11:23:55
Mood: in love

Please see me !!




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Comfortable with friends

Avatar Username: sexhound46217
Date: 01-May-2016 05:16:36
Mood: in love

I posted in the  forum how many women are comfortable with long time male friends.  I've been lucky to have many friends  (male ) that I have sex with  regularly.  Some have had sex with me almost as much as my husband.  Some are married and and have gotten married sence we first met but still keep stopping by. I've ask some of the married guys why they keep our relationship going and most say sex with their wives is so vanilla. I know some of them and they would never have sex with another man other than their husbands. A few of the guys that have gotten married sence we've met have found wives into the swing or sharing lifestyle. As some you that have read my blog we've been swinging for 35 yrs. So as you can figure I've seen just every size cock and yes sucked every one of them. I've got friends that just want to perform oral sex on me as often as possible. I've had a couple of friends that enjoy to watch me masturbate to multiple orgasms as they play with them selves. I enjoy group sex MMMMF and when possible I always invite guy that is bi sexual to be the clean up guy . He is sooo amazing licking my swollen pussy and enjoys cleaning up the cum left by the guys.  One of the guys enjoys it when I use a toy on his ass as I suck his cock. I generally start out in something sexy when I entertain friends but soon I'm as naked as everbody else. We were having a 4 some at a motel on the second floor and yes all the lights were on when my husband noticed the curtains were open some and 3 young men watching.  He went to the door and told them to come on in. All 3 were in their 20's and cute and had huge bulges in their pants.  I was on my knees giving head to one guy as another finished fucking me doggie . When I heard my husband ask the young men if they had ever seen anything like this before and all said no not in person.  Then he told them if you ask nice she might let you join in and before you know it they were naked. Those young men had really nice cocks on them and really enjoyed all 3 of my holes many times and I enjoyed their youthful cocks too. I  added them to my friends and have included them often. I've been watched by other wives as I suck or fuck their husbands. 

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Please see me !!

Avatar Username: seaswim2001
Date: 28-Apr-2016 12:47:11
Mood: happy

Please see me !!

I want many people to watch my nude.







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