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Bike ride

Avatar Username: Coatsbill
Date: 27-Aug-2014 17:08:51
Mood: in love

Wife was still hot tonight. We went to bed early and soon we were naked and doing each other 69. She will cum when I eat her but usally we fuck and thats how she cums, but last night I was eating her and without any warning all of a sudden she clamped down on to my head with her legs and started having the most intence orgasm she has had in a long time. She was gasping and it just kept going on and on. I was sucking on her clit and just kept rolling in around in my mouth lapping up her juices. Wow that was fun. I didn't get the chance to go to Kathys afterword and let her taste the wife again but will soon.

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who wants a cum tribute for his wife?

Avatar Username: horny couple
Date: 26-Aug-2014 23:15:34
Mood: horny

I would like to cum on your slutty wifes's pic's and share with you.

Just let me know!

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Two in one night

Avatar Username: Coatsbill
Date: 26-Aug-2014 05:34:41
Mood: in love

I was gone for a week riding my bike and when I got home my wife was so hot she couldn't wait to get me in bed. We took a shower together and it's a wonder she didn't get fucked right there. We kissed with the hot water running down over us and our hands were all over each other. I finger fucked her a little but I could tell she wouldn't last long and I wanted her to beg for it tonight. We fell into bed and she straddled me and took my cock into her mouth and started working on it at the same time she lowered cunt onto my mouth and I opened my mouth and took her whole cunt in. She was sopping wet and i drank as much as I could. She said not this way I want you cumming deep inside me and rolled around and lowered herself down onto my hard cock. We were both more than ready and soon I was shooting a hugh load up deep into her cunt. Her juices were flowing and she was cumming at the same time. After a really hot fuck we fell to sleep. Some where around 11 pm our neighbour lady Kathy called and wanted to know if we wanted to come over for a drink. My wife said she was to tired and I could go over if I wanted. I thought Kathy's new b/f was going to be there. When I rang the door bell Kathy was there all alone and took me in. I've been fucking Kathy for years off and on and It's been awhile sence the last time I did her. We had a drink and soon she was coming on to me. We kissed and soon we were in her bed room and she undressed with me watching. I pulled off my shorts and we stood naked facing each other. She went down and started sucking my cock and really working out on it. I just stood there and let her take it all in. It didn't take long and I reached the point of no return. I grabed the back of her head and shoved my cock into her throut and let fly with a load. She took it all and cleaned my with her mouth. Licking off all my cum. When she was done she raised up and kissed me. She said your wife really tastes good I'm glade you fucked her before you came over here and left her juices on your cock. She said she would really love to lick my wife clean after I had fucked her and suck my cum out of her cunt. I told her I didn't think that would ever happen but I'll try and bring my cock over wet more often for her.  

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Told wife I post photos and she loved it!

Avatar Username: ProfessorHot13
Date: 23-Aug-2014 15:15:12
Mood: other

please comment so I can show her!

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Avatar Username: jas071213
Date: 23-Aug-2014 10:05:42
Mood: in love

We have a tablet and 2 smart phones. Im not happy with the quality of resolution we are producing. Bare with me and in due time ill have a good video camera. Please message us with any request or suggestions as far as what you would like us to capture and post. Please comment the material weve posted. Hopefully here after too long, we will upgrade to vip.

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The un wanted encounter at work.

Avatar Username: JanielvsBBC
Date: 22-Aug-2014 09:19:16
Mood: horny

We got this new guy at work and I just couldn't stand him. I found him utterly repulsive and very abrasive. His name was Eric and he thought all women wanted him. When all us girls would be talking and he came around we would stop talking. He would try and get in our conversations but we wouldn't let him. I had an encounter with him and I told him that I didn't like him and found him to be an asshole. He just laughed at me and blew a kiss at me. I turned and walked away from him. Time went by and things were no better he was just such a jerk. Then one day it was our time for the company picnic. I went to the picnic and I wore my tennis outfit as I played each year against others in the company it was lots of fun. Eric was there and he was being a real jerk as usual. After the picnic I had to go back to the office to pickup some papers to work on at home later. I was getting the papers and I had to go to the bathroom. Now in this part of the office there was two bathrooms one that was a also used for a handicap bathroom as it was bigger and all open which I liked. When in use you just lock the door. Well I opened the door and there using it was Eric. I was really startled and just stood there for a moment starring. Oh my Eric was quite endowed. I told him sorry and left. I waited for him to come out so I could use the bathroom next. He came out and smiled at me and asked if I saw anything I liked. I told him in his dreams. I went in to use the bathroom. When I came out he was still there. He told me that I was a real bitch. I told him that he was a real jack ass. He accused me of being stuck up and I told him I found him repulsive. He then told me that he knew I had the hots for him and I laughed at him. I pointed out all the things I disliked about him like how he dressed so stupid and his dorky glasses. I went back to the room where we had all our copiers and paper. He followed me and I got really mad at him. He told me that he knew I wanted his cock. I told him he was ugly and would never want him.

This really made him mad and he backed me up to the back of the room where there was a table. He said he was going to teach me some manners and was grabbing his crotch and shaking it. I was repulsed by him but I found myself being kind of attracked to him it was oh so strange. He shook his crotch at me again and I told him he wouldn't have the guts to pull it out. He said that he would only pull it out if I would blow him. I laughed at him and told him he didn't have the balls to pull it out. He then un did the stupid overalls he was wearing and dropped them to the floor. He was wearing no underwear. His cock bounced up and down. I reached out and touched it as it bounced. He then told me I had to suck his cock. I laughed at him and told him I wasn't going to suck his cock or anything else. I went to leave and he grabbed my arm. I told him to let go of me and he spun me around and I found myself face down on the table. He was pretending to fuck me going through the motions. I told him that he didn't dare. Then I felt my panties sliding down and my ass was bear as the tennis skirt was so short it shows lots of leg and ass. He was directly behind me and I asked him what he was waiting for. He told me that he knew I wanted it. I told him that I really didn't but was strangely feeling like I did. He let me up and I turned around and I grabbed his cock. I slide down in front of him and began licking his boner. I licked and then sucked his cock.


I couldn't believe I was doing it as I really didn't like him at all. I just kept sucking his huge cock all eight and half inches of it. I got up and sat on the table and layed back. He put my legs on his shoulder and I waited. I felt his cock slide inside me and he started pumping. Oh God! He felt so good. I grabbed the table top as he was fucking me oh so good. I was so enjoying it I didn't want it to stop. He gave it to me so good. Telling me he knew I wanted it all along. I just said yes and fuck me and let me have your huge cock. He started pumping faster I knew he was about to cum and I was too. He pulled out and started shooting cum and I yelled no stay in dam it but it was too late. He did put it back in and finished me of so I had an orgasm. I was so mad he pulled out that I smacked him. I had cum all over the outside of my pussy and tummy. I got up and pulled my panties up and left. He told all the men at work how he fucked me in the copy room. I wasn't the only woman at work he fucked but it was just a one time thing and I felt so repulsed at doing him later. It was very strange as I didn't like him at all but I let him fuck me and I sucked his cock this really made me sick so I blocked it out totally. I wonder if any other women have had encounters like this also where you didn't want to but strangely did feeling like you did want to and then felt sick afterwards. Even today I don't like thinking about him or what we did. Very weird altogether.

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more fun, naught neighbor fantasy

Avatar Username: stebon55
Date: 22-Aug-2014 00:06:25
Mood: horny

There is a woman who lives across the street from me. She is in her 60s, in pretty good shape and lives alone. She is very friendly and has a beautiful smile. I help out where I can, shovel the drive way when needed etc. Last night I had a dream that I went over there with a valentine flower and card for her. She answered in a silky robe and was a bit embarrassed at first. I offered a valentines hug which she happily accepted. She felt small in my arms, I was afraid to pick her up in my usual bear hug smile. The robe felt so smooth and soft under my hands, and she had a soft warmth that felt right. I asked her for a valentines kiss, and kissed her softly on both cheeks. She smiled and thanked me, and invited me in for some tea.
I followed her up the stairs, admiring the curves of her hips and her bum hidden under the robe. She walked on her tiptoes to add a little extra swing from side to side as we went up the stairs. We went to the kitchen and she invited me to sit down. She filled the kettle, and told me she was going upstairs to her bedroom to dress, and she would be 2 minutes. She pointed to the cupboard with the mugs, and the teabags on the shelf above them, turned the stove on and turned down the hallway to head upstairs.
I watched her go, and I noticed the mirror on the wall at the bottom of the stairs. I think she caught me looking at her reflection because halfway up the stairs she had untied her robe, removing it and exposing her bareback and pantie-clad bottom on her way to the bedroom.
A few minutes passed, and I patiently waited downstairs. 
I had to pee, so I went down the hall to look for the bathroom, apparently it was upstairs. I started up the stairs, and could hear the chatter of the radio.
I flicked the light on and sat down to pee (I hate the noise and spray of standing up to pee at someone elses house). I finished and watched my hands, and I realised that around the corner was the door that led to her bedroom. I peeked and saw it wasn't closed all the way. I pulled out my cell phone in hopes of snapping a picture I could jerk off to later. To my surprise, she was laying on her bed, on her knees, face in the pillow and ass way up in the air. She was rubbing herself and had a thick green silicon dildo she was working in and out, hard. I had set something off in her, because she didn't notice me standing there watching there. I didn't need any more invitation than that. I set my phone to video and set in on the dresser to record what we would do together, undid my belt and shed all my clothes in two quick motions. 
She must have known I was there, because she didn't seem surprised when she felt my tongue against her asshole, licking the circle of her anus while my hands rubbed her ass cheeks. That pushed her over the edge because she put the dildo in as far as it would go and moaned loud and hard as she climaxed, her fingers furiously rubbing her clit. She came hard and after about 20 seconds, she relaxed, pulled the wet dildo out, and rolled over on her back. Her nipples were rock hard and she had a look on her face that was just pleading for me to climb on top of her.
I climbed onto the bed and kneeled between her legs. I took the dildo and started to lick and suck her juices off of it. I rested my free hand on the inside of her thigh and slowly rubbed it, from knee to her pussy back. I was rock hard by then, so I slipped inside her and enjoyed the warm wetness of her pussy. it felt fantastic. My hands explored her soft belly, her soft tits and rock hard nipples as I slid my cock all the way out, and then back in again. I bent down to kiss her, my tongue exploring the soft wetness of her lips and tongue. In and out, we started to fuck. We went at it hard and fast, soft and slow, interrupted by the whistle of the kettle. She went downstairs to turn the kettle off. She came back upstairs, climbed onto the bed and took me into her mouth. She licked and sucked me like she hadn't had a dick in her hands or mouth in years (which was probably the case). Then the cat jumped on the bed and woke me out of it. Cock-blocked by a pussy. Wouldn't you know it.

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Some fantasy writing...the library

Avatar Username: stebon55
Date: 22-Aug-2014 00:04:48
Mood: other

I have a fantasy of meeting someone at the library. You look cute wearing glasses and a scarf, a skirt and your boots. Its probably cold and rainy outside, because it always is over here, so its a good day to be inside looking for a book.
When I first see you through the gaps in the shelves, you pique my interest more than the book titles I'm reading over. Curious, I go around the corner into the same row you are looking at, so I can get a better view. A little plump but very pleasantly curvy, you are far more interesting than the volumes stacked around the room. You catch me looking at you and smile. We exchange hellos and go back to pretending to look at book titles. We move towards each other, then past each other and down to the next row. We meet up in the middle again. You ask for my help in reaching a book on the top shelf. I get right next to you so I can see which one you are pointing at, and so I can be right next to you. I tell you that you smell very nice, because you do. Its your shampoo and your body wash. I hand you the book you ask for "here you go". I glance at the title. Its a collection of erotic short stories. My grin is huge, and you blush but aren't deterred and smile confidently. "thanks". You turn to find a few more books. I head to another row and look at some book titles, debating with myself whether I should try to make some kind of a move.
There you are again as you turn a corner into my row. We smile and exchange hellos again. 
"Find anything you like?" you ask. 
I reply with a big smile "absolutely, and it seems like its going to be a pretty good trip to the library for me today"
"me too" you smile. 
I kneel down to look at some classic fiction on the bottom shelf. You pull over a chair and stand on it to look through some of the top shelf books again. I scoot closer and am treated to a view up your skirt. Its one of my favourite fantasies come to life, I look around to see that no one is watching me admiring the black thong and shape of your legs under the skirt. 
I stand up. "Would you like a hand?"
"No, I'm good" and you start to lean over. You lean too far and your breasts are just inches from my face. "whoah" and you fall off the chair, wrapping your arms around my neck to avoid falling and my fave is happily buried in your breasts. I help you down, and with a huge smile " Thanks for that, but are you alrighht?"
"I'm fine, but if you see my dignity anywhere,would you let me know?"
I promise I will, and tell you to "please be careful. I'm going to the comfy chairs in the corner to read, but I'll be happy to help you so long as you promise not to break your neck".
I head over to the corner and start to read a bit, though I find myself looking up every 2nd line to look for you. I finally get a half a page or so when you ask if you can join me.
"By all means, I've chased 3 seniors away in hopes you would show up".
A giggle "That is the sweetest thing, you really are my knight in shinging armor today. What book did you get?" you ask as you sit down across for me.
I hold up the cover for you to read.
"Seriously? Moby Dick?"
" Ha ha, yep, Its a classic. Its long, some times hard to red, but if you work at it long enough, you will find the ending to be quite satisfying, with a rather explosive climax" I reply with a big dumb smile.
"Hmmm. What happens?"
"Oh I can't tell you that. Thats like cheating"
"Oh come on. I'm not going to read it. It sounds kinda boring. just tell me"
Sorry, I can't do that" is my reply
"I'll make it worth your while" with a very coy and promising look. That really got my attention.
"Do share, won't you?" I ask.
"In a bit, would you watch my stuff for a sec?" you ask as you slikde a bookmark into the book you were looking at, and then put down on the chair beside your coat.
"Of course"
You thank me and turn to head to the bathroom. Curious, I open the book to where you put the bookmark in. Its the erotic shortstories collection, and its a story about a woman who likes to entertain the neighbours with sexy strip teases and blatant exhibitionism. I think this is far more interesting, and throw my copy of moby dick onto the chair and start to read your book instead.
You get back from the bathroom to find a copy of the Melville classic sitting on your chair where you left your erotic short stories. "Am I supposed to sit on this, or read it?" with a big smile.
"I really love a good double entendre. Do whatever you like with it, but just seeing you hold it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling".
"Ha, are you sure that its a fuzzy feeling you have, I see you reading my book".
"you are right, and its most intriguing, I just want to devour it. I promise I'll give it back".
"fine" you feign being annoyed as you sit down across me and start to leaf through the pages of Moby Dick.
"Thanks" I smile. I see your purse on the floor as I turn the page and see what looks like a balled up hankerchief, but its too small. Its your panties. You took off your panties in the bathroom. I can't help but run my eyes up your boots and knees to your crossed legs. How the hell am I supposed to concentrate now?
"Would you like to trade now?" I ask.
"Gawd yes, this is TERRIBLE". Chapters devoted to the uses of whale fat, 30 pages on skinning a whale. All these books, and This is what you choose?"
"To be honest, I just grabbed it, I was watching you more than the books".
"Well I'm certainly more interesting than that book! Are you going to watch me read, too?"
"Will you let me?" I plead, half joking.
"I suppose". You seem pleased at the idea of me watching you.
"Thanks, I'll enjoy the show as quietly as I can".
"K, I'll try to make it entertaining".
you sit back and start to read the pages of your book. Soon you are enthralled in it, and I can tell you are getting excited by the words on the pages. Your nipples are hard and your legs are crossed at the ankle. I pull out my phone and read through texts, half paying attention, more interested in watching you. Your knees part and you slouch down into your chair, Your skirt rides up enough that I can see you. Shaved and smooth, I start to think about what you taste like. I flip my phone to video mode and take a quick video from the toes of your boots, up your legs and your exposed pussy with the rest of the library oblivious in the background. You notice me filming you. Your hand reaches down and you slide your hand under your skirt, fingering your clit and rubbing your swollen labia.
I'm ready to explode, but I don't want to distract you, or attract anyone elses attention. So hard to stay cool when you are there, so hot. A few minutes, and I start to notice the librarian in the corner watching me, staring intently at my phone and back at you. I flip the phone off and try to gather myself. You are smirking, and you sit up and pull your skirt down.
"I should come to the library more often" I say.
"I was thinking that too. I should go soon, but we should do this again".
I happily agree. "lets make it a date. Shoot me an email and we can work something out. You should see what I saw, it was amazing."
"I bet it was, and you haven't seen anything yet. Whats the address?"
"pass me your phone", I reply. I add a new contact and include stebon55 at gee mail into the email field. You are happy with that, and with a long hug we exchange good byes. my cock is rock hard and my heart is racing with excitement from the last 20 minutes. It seemed to last forever, and go by so fast at the same time. A quick peck on the cheek and away you go. I sit back down in the chair waiting for my erection to fade down to a less conspicuous chub. The librarian is watching me, and she looks amused. I smile at her, and she smiles back. I look over to my pile of books. The erotic short stories is there in my stack. I pick it up and go back to where I left off. 
"your friend is here every week, just so you know". It was the librarian. "It looks like you guys really hit it off" she said with a knowing smile "We close in 15 minutes. Did you find everything you were looking for"
" I found more than I was looking for, but I'm finding myself decidedly unsatisfied" I say with a grin.
The librarian looks at the book I'm holding. "Considering what you're reading, I'm not surprised. Come with me" and she gathers the books on the table beside the chair. 
I follow her. "Where are we going?" I ask.
"Its a surprise. But you will like it, I promise".

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Wife With Friend In Our Bed!

Avatar Username: voyeurhubby
Date: 21-Aug-2014 06:34:33
Mood: in love

This needs to be a blog, I started on our profile page, get caught up there. She has arrived with him. It is so sexy to hear your wife talking and teasing with another man. They came in from his house and they were taliking in the liveing room until it got quiet, and I heard the tinkle of a belt buckle. ;) After a few minutes I could hear them both making pleasure sounds. Very Hot! Then laughter and she took him down the hall to our bed, new sheets, thoughtful hubby. And then she just walked in and started french kissing me, with cockbreath! Awwwwwwww, how cute! "I'll tell him you are tipsy and asleep honey. He want to fuck some more right now." Babe, go see how many times you can make him cum and then get him to leave!  "OH, that sounds like fun she says and off she goes. I'm happy with hearing them, she usually dates away from home and dont' even telll the majority of men that I am in the loop. (performance issues in the past, and fear probly) Mike fucks her Good, and he knows I know. Next time I see him I will smile, nod and shake his hand and he will say thanks, bro'! Now, to hear my wife get laid, a lot I hope! The messier the better! Wet spots? Cool with me!

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Question for Wife Sharers

Avatar Username: voyeurhubby
Date: 21-Aug-2014 05:26:20
Mood: in love

My wife fucks othe men.I love it. You may have seen out stuff. She dont' allow pics for business reasons. HOWEVER, I have hidden in hotel closets and even UNDER the king size hotel bed and made cell phone AUDIO. Is there a way I could share some of them here? She is quite vocal for my enjoyment when I'm hiding! One guy fucked her so long he has 5 recordings since the recorder has a limit! Good stuff, so glad I did that.

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