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Avatar Username: FunExposedWife
Date: 21-Sep-2018 22:09:22
Mood: horny

Hello every one!

My name is Nikki!

I am 27 from Los Angeles

I love being exposed every where online. 

I use temp.exposed for that so please feel free to ask me for my link. 

My husband just found out that I am an exhibitionist. He is very support of it which makes me want to go further. 

I love the rush of some one recognizing me  hehe its so hot. 


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Old friend with new peter implant

Avatar Username: sexhound46217
Date: 21-Sep-2018 19:04:52
Mood: full of life

Wife and I have had this one friend that we met years ago. We were in our mid thirties and he was around fifty and married. We hit it off the first time we met and years of fun with him or I should say my wife did. It turned out he really really enjoyed eating pussy and anal sex. He didn’t mind pussy sex but would rather have anal sex with my wife. He was pretty well hung and extremely thick . The hole time he was devouring the wife’s pussy his fingers were probing her butt till he had three or four fingers sliding easily in and out. With his Dick well lubed and her legs up on his shoulders he would slide in her awaiting butt. He was always gentle inserting his dick in her partially stretched out butt. He would let the head of his dick slide in and let her relax then slide the rest of his dick in. It was never long before he was stroking in and out of her butt with full strokes . All the time she was moaning and screaming fuck me fuck me hard. Well this continued like this maybe once a week or sometimes more for years. Then a couple of years ago when he stopped over he was just devouring her pussy and only fingering her butt. Then after four or five meetings like this the wife ask why no anal sex. Finally he owned up he couldn’t get it up any more because of a blockage of blood flow. The wife explained that she still enjoyed his tounge and fingers as much as he wanted. He was happy and continued to stop by even more often some weeks. Then last winter he announced he was going to Florida for a few months. Well this spring when he returned home from his vacation he called and wanted to show my wife a surprise he had for her. He had gotten a gift for her and she was admiring it when he said that’s not the only thing I got. She looked surprised and said what do you mean? He smiled and dropped his pants and said watch this as he squeezed by his nut sack his dick started to spring up and began to harden. You got to realize this guy is seventy two years old and smiling from ear to ear. The wife was excited to try it out and giggled like a little school girl. Lucky it was early in the afternoon because they fucked for hours then rest and go back at it again. We had many MMF fuck sessions all evening till around nine o’clock she said I’ve got to shower and get some sleep to work tomorrow. The next morning she exclaimed I’m going to take a cushion sit on at work because my ass is sore! To say the least she is impressed with his implant and has hinted about me getting one.

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Mistress Jennas Schoolgirl Sluts

Avatar Username: jennad152
Date: 19-Sep-2018 22:57:01
Mood: horny
Music: Erotic For Masturbation

I love to fantasize about training and controlling a class of sexy young schoolgirls and watching them masturbate and follow my orders and serve groups of horny older men....here's one of my fantasies.



As Lisa moved towards her seat she hiked up her skirt and tossed her wet panties into the pile by the door. Her bra soon followed landing in a pile of similar bras ranging in size from training bras to Bs. Lisa was lucky to have the second largest pair of tits in the class.  She didn't bother to button up her top, letting them sway in the open air.  It looked as if she was the last girl to class. A few of them commented on her near tardiness but she just shrugged. The rest of the girls were chatting, moaning in pleasure, or making out; just killing time until class started. She slid through the girls and found her seat next to her best friend, Winter. They kissed deeply and Winter smiled at the taste she found in Lisa's mouth, “Someone waited till the last minute to do her homework.” Lisa sighed dramatically as she sat down, slipping the vibrators attached to the seat into her pussy and ass. She smiled as she felt them buzz to life but her smile turned to a frown as she turned back to Winter.

“It's not my fault! My parents wouldn't let me go out all weekend, something about me going out too often lately or whatever, and you know we're not allowed to use our dad or brothers for homework yet.” Lisa crossed her arms dramatically but it was hard to stay angry with a vibrator pressing up against her g-spot just right. Winter just smiled and leaned over and kissed her again. “No worries... oh and you missed a spot.” Winter reached out and swiped a small glob of cum off of Lisa's cheek and offered it to the girl. Lisa gleefully sucked the cum off of her friends finger savoring the taste in a way she hadn't been able to before.

All at once the vibrators in Lisa's cunt and ass stopped. The class quieted down in a moment and turned as one to face the classroom door. It swung open to reveal an attractive blonde woman in her early 40s holding a small remote in her hand. She was wearing a white leather dominatrix outfit, cut to expose her massive breasts and her shaved cunt. Her thigh high white leather high heeled boots clicked across the tile of the floor as she moved to stand in front of the desk, “Good Morning Girls.”

Her voice was husky and sent shivers of pleasure throughout the class. “Good Morning Mistress Jenna.” the girls all chanted in unison, the words triggering minor orgasms in each of them. Jenna smiled wickedly at her class, “Now your homework over the weekend was to give a man, or boy, a blow-job using the skills we have been practicing in class. Raise your hand if you completed this assignment.” 20 hands shot into the air and their teacher smiled, “Excellent, and I'm sure you all remembered to swallow every drop.” The class all nodded, remembering the experience and smiling.

“We have a very special class today, but I do want to go over the assignment...” She scanned the room and her eyes stopped on a dark haired girl with a golden cross hanging between her A cup breasts and a nicely rounding ass. “Faith tell the class about your homework.” Jenna pressed the button on her remote that started up the girl's dual vibrators as her free hand drifted down between her legs and started to caress her pussy.

Faith moaned slightly when the vibrators started again and then began to speak, “On Friday night I was out at the mall with my mother. I saw a cute high school boy head into the bathroom by the food court so I lied and said I had to go. Instead I followed him into the boys’ room and waited for him to finish in the stall. When he unlocked the door I was topless and I pushed him back onto the seat and dropped to my knees.”

“He seemed confused at first but when I pulled his cock out of his pants he stopped complaining. I used all the techniques that we had practiced, including deep throat, licking his balls, massaging and humming and it only took him a few minutes to grow hard and blow his delicious load down my throat. I thanked him and gave him my number. One guy saw me leave the bathroom but didn't say anything. My mom didn't notice a thing.” Faith finished her story she was panting hard from the recollection as was most of the class.

“Perfectly done, Faith, you may cum.” Jenna said as she pressed hard onto her clit bringing, herself to a small but satisfying orgasm. Faith began to rock and moan in her seat, grunting and panting, “Thank you Mistress... Thank you Mistress...” A few moments later her body shuddered and she sank back into her seat, breathing heavily.  The rest of the class looked on with envy, but they were only allowed to cum during class when given permission. Jenna stepped up to the center of the room and smiled at her students. “As I said before we have a very special class today. But first girls, your mantra...” All around her the girls’ eyes began to glaze and then 20 voices spoke in unison.

Jennas  girls are toys

We want to be played with,

We love girls and boys.
Jennas  girls are horny
Jennas girl's obey

and I'll be a Jennas Girl
'Till the end of my days"

Lisa, like all of her class mates, felt her mind empty and her cunt grow wetter as she spoke the words. Soon there was nothing in her mind but the mantra and an intense desire to learn and obey Mistress Jenna. She was Jennas Girl... always. Jenna smiled at the entranced class and began to speak. “Today we are going to entertain some very important guests. Nothing is more important than their pleasure. Class, repeat!” Once again all the girls spoke in a droning unison.  “Yes Mistress Jenna... We are Jennas Girls... We will serve and obey our guests... nothing is more important than their pleasure...” The words echoed in Lisa's empty mind becoming her new truth. Nothing else mattered but obedience and pleasing Mistress Jennas guests.

“Very good, now girls you will stand and follow me into the kitchen.” She smiled at the sucking sound of vibrators pulling out of 40 moist holes. She turned to the second door in the room it lead to the practice kitchen where a normal Home Ec. class would practice baking.

Jenna pushed open the door and held it as the 20 entranced young girls walked inside. The room had been rearranged: all of the tables had been pushed into the corner and there were now nine comfortable chairs arranged in a semi-circle in the center of the room. A rolling TV was against the wall and the screen was blue, a video had just finished playing. Jenna gestured and her girls lined up facing the chairs. Each was occupied, six men and three women. All but one of the men looked to be in their fifties or sixties. Two of the women looked to be in their thirties while the last looked to be in her mid-sixties. All of them were well-dressed in expensive clothing and wearing black domino masks to afford some level of anonymity. The masks did little to hide the open desire on their faces as they leered at the assembled girls.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm sorry for any delay but I hope you found the presentation to be both entertaining and informative. What I have planned is big but I firmly believe it will be successful with the help of the proper funding. But I can see that you've heard enough shop talk, so without further ado I present the first class of Jennas Girls for your enjoyment.” Jenna smiled seductively as her girls chimed in perfect unison, “How may we be of service?” They lifted their skirts, revealing their ripe young pussies and gave a curtsy.

“Girls, two for each of our guests if you'd be so kind. Faith and Mia to me.” The girls responded with a “Yes Mistress Jenna.” before springing into action. Lisa and Winter ran across the room to one of the older men. He looked like he was in his late fifties, slightly overweight and balding. The girls fell to their knees before the man and looked up at him with gazes of lust and submission. He looked right back, gaping at their breasts down their open blouses. “How can we serve you, Sir?” Lisa said meaning every word. “Yes,” chimed in Winter, hiking up her skirt and running her fingers playfully along her naked cunt, “Anything you command... we Obey... !!

The man gasped at the sight and felt his erection growing harder than ever before. He was stunned at the prospect of his darkest fantasies coming to life but managed to mutter the word, “Cock…” In a flash two pairs of tiny hands were on his crotch, rubbing his erection as they found the clasp on his pants and unzipped it. Soon his rock hard cock was in their hands being rubbed and massaged with gentle expertise. He moaned in pleasure, which Winter took as a cue to begin kissing and licking her way around his cock while Lisa freed more of him from his pants and began to gently massage his balls and rub his shaft, moist from Winter's kisses.

The older man relaxed back into his chair, enjoying the sensations. As he felt his orgasm building he spoke again, this time with much more confidence. “You!” He pointed at Lisa. “Climb up on my lap and mount me, and you don't stop licking me.” Both girls gave a cheery, “Yes sir!” Lisa lifted herself onto his lap and gazed lustily into his eyes as she slipped herself down onto his hard cock. She had broken her hymen in class, as had most of the girls, and she was dripping wet so she effortlessly slid down his thick seven inches burrowing him inside her up to the base. Winter continued to lick at the exposed bit of cock and balls, happy at hearing her friend’s gasps of pleasure and the moans of contentment from their charge. 

Jenna looked around the room in contentment, as she pressed Mia's face into her cunt and felt Faith's talented tongue trying to bury itself in her ass. Most of the men had one of the girls riding their cocks, impaling her girls’ cunts and asses.  The young man just lay back and let his two girls worship his cock in tandem. The women were off of their chairs, one was using her girls much like Jenna was, one at each hole. Another had a girl at her lips, enjoying the flavor of unripened fruit, while the other worshiped her cunt. The final woman had brought a double headed strap-on and was gleefully taking turns fucking her two girls in their asses.

Jenna. pushed Mia further into her cunt, grinding her clit against the girl’s blindly worshipful face as she cried out, “Cum Girls!” The room was filled with the groans and moans of pleasure of 20 girls driven over the edge. The sounds had a profound effect on some of her guests, a few of which joined the girls in their orgasms.  Lisa moaned and rocked back and forth on the cock deep inside her. She felt herself spasming around its length as she lost all control of her wild humping. Suddenly the cock inside her twitched and, with a deep moan from the man, she felt a torrent of cum filling her up. The feeling of cum in her pussy triggered a second orgasm right on the tail of the first and she moaned again as she fell back off of the man's cock. Luckily Winter was there to break her fall and, as Lisa lay twitching in mindless bliss, Winter moved to clean the man’s now deflating cock of cum and juices.

An hour later the girls once again stood at attention before their nine guests. The formerly neat and clean looking girls now were disheveled and covered in cum, and looked exactly as they were, totally degraded and well-fucked. Jenna smiled at her guests and turning, she led the class back into the main home economics room. With a word the girls began to help each other clean up, wipe off cum stains, and fix hair and clothing. In a few minutes they looked almost totally normal.

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Jennas Sex Club Degradation

Avatar Username: jennad152
Date: 19-Sep-2018 22:48:57
Mood: high
Music: Loud And Sexy

A few nights later, after a weekend of intense bondage submission and incessant masturbation, the sex-crazed Jenna, while frantically rubbing her inflamed clitoris, announced to the surprised but delighted Damian that she had invited some men over for the evening.  An hour later, dressed in an obscenely tight white micro-mini skirt, so short that it revealed her thong-pantied cunt and bottom, and wearing a clinging blue silk blouse cut low to reveal her voluptuous breasts down to her hard pink nipples, cinched in by a wide black belt, Jenna descended the stairs in black stockings and 5" spike heels, her eyes heavily made-up and wearing long gold-hooped drop earrings, and elbow length black leather gloves.  Eyeing the enormous bulge in her Masters tight pants, the cock-crazed whore sat back moaning with lust on the family room couch, her thighs spread obscenely and holding a buzzing vibrator between her glistening cunt lips as her sex juices poured down her silken white thighs.


Some time later, as the slut already half-drunk on wine and sake writhed in orgasmic lust, the bell rang and she teetered to the front door to admit three young Latinos wearing tight jeans and black leather jackets.  Jenna handed one the chain leash attached to her studded slave collar and forcing her to her knees the men led her crawling , her tight skirt high on her ass, begging for their cocks, into the room to display the slut to her waiting Master.  Damian then ordered his sex-crazed slut to stand in the center of the room, her leather-gloved hands cuffed behind her head, and commanded the men to take turns masturbating her dripping cunt and fondling and sucking her enormous exposed breasts.  Damian stroked his huge erect cock as he watched his whore, moaning and slutted out of her mind, writhe and wet in submission as each man in turn brought her to orgasm with their fingers as she begged obscenely for their cocks and cum.    


With her wrists still cuffed in leather restraints, and her cunt juices running freely down her black-stockinged thighs, the men then led the moaning slut outside to their car in full view of the neighbours, and drove to a notorious strip-club in the seamiest part of town.  Damian and her three new masters then led the slave-whore inside on her leash, teetering on her spike heels, her thong-split bottom swaying lewdly in her tight micro-skirt, past tables of drunken men who fondled and spanked her half-naked ass, causing the slut to frantically rub her clit with her cuffed hands, licking her full pouting pink lips in depraved anticipation of what was to come. 


Leading his bitch to a booth, Damian ordered her to kneel before the men and suck one off while masturbating the other two swollen cocks with her now-uncuffed hands.  Her half-naked ass exposed to the room, the voluptuous blonde slave-whore submissively complied while her Master held her chain, watching his sluts frantically sucking mouth and pumping fingers rapidly bring the groaning men to completion, feeding jets of thick cum onto her greedily extended tongue and cupped leather gloved hands.  Damian then commanded her to lick the cum from her gloves and spread it on her face, tits, and bottom so that she glistened with their cock-juices, showing the whole room her degradation. her aroused cunt under the table, begged for permission to expose herself on stage, as fantasies of men masturbating for her and using her in public filled her sex-crazed mind.  After talking to his friend the owner, Damian lead his collared slut on her leash up onto the stage, and gave her favorite ZZ Topp dance music to the MC to play.  Soon the slut-whore was writhing obscenely to the pounding music, pumping a thick dildo up her liquid cunt, shaking her big tits and pouting down at the men in the audience who were openly jerking off at the spectacle of the sex-crazed bitch


Soon the club owner announced the start of the evenings amateur strip/dance contest.  Jenna, breathing rapidly as she fingered lewdly dancing for them.  Kneeling at the front of the stage, she sucked on her cupped breasts while men fingered her cunt and licked her clit as she jerked her hips wildly to the music.  A second collared slave-slut, similarly dressed, was now led onto the stage by her owner and displayed to the cheering audience.  Lupe, a beautiful young black-haired Chicano joined Jenna on the stage and the two slave-whores bumped and grinded side by side, licking their pouting pink lips and fingering their cunts as they danced.  Spreading wide their glistening cunt-lips, the two degraded bitches crouched at the front of the stage, masturbating each other, their tits pressed tight together, moaning in their cock-lust.


Damian and Chico, Lupes master, again climbed onto the stage and led their slutted whores on their hands and knees, tight-skirted asses swaying lewdly, to a large frame in the center of the stage.  The sluts were then bent forward over the frame, their voluptuous breasts clamped, their wrists again cuffed, and their legs spread wide with ankles fastened, so that their dripping pink cunts were wide open for the audience to see and use.  Damian and Chico inserted vibrating dildos deep into their slaves cunts and commenced to whip the moaning whores writhing bottoms, while two young sluts from the audience sucked frantically on their jerking cocks.  As Jenna and Lupe begged for cocks and cum their Masters rammed their hugely swollen dicks into their assholes and, while the young sluts licked their heavy full balls, pulled their bitches heads savagely back by their hair and proceeded to use their whores for the depraved pleasure, groaning with lust as they spurted their warm cum deep inside their writhing cock-slaves.


As Damian and Chico watched, a succession of men followed them onto the stage, filling the bondage whores mouths, cunts, and asses with their huge cocks, and covering them in torrents of thick white cum which dripped from their abused holes and squirming glistening bodies.  Before leaving the stage, the cock-crazed whores were again soundly whipped by their Masters as they pleaded for still more cum, masturbating beside each other on the floor in their frenzy.  Their begging fell on deaf ears however and they were led from the club on their leashes, still rubbing their swollen clits, and moaning for more cocks and cum.  Damian had decided to take them to his house for the night, and to continue their training together on the following day.           

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Jennas Tributes

Avatar Username: jennad152
Date: 18-Sep-2018 00:01:03
Mood: horny
Music: Sexy

My sex crazy slut Jenna wants to read your comments while she gets off...the filthier and more degrading the better...she cant get enough.! Tributes welcome.! We also want to hear from other sluts....Damian and


Friday 04th 2016f November 2016 04:17:34


i'd take you...collared and leashed...into that room where the black masters are waiting for you....their huge cocks and cum filled balls already sticking out of their black leather pants....ooozing cum...ready to be served by their slaves.  you'd be fingering each others dripping shaved cunts....begging to be used.  they would make you crawl to them and suck their massive cocks and heavy balls....worshipping them....totally submissive degraded white whores....your minds would be consumed with lust...ready to be fucked,  slut cunts and mouths filled with thick streams of their cum.

white slaves for black masters...

Monday 25th 2016f July 2016 05:49:03


You sound like a very slutty little whore baby.  Jenna loves to dress up like Max's little video sluts and be treated like one of his submissive mom whores...painted faces...used and abused...covered in cum.  Training young girls to serve us in heels, ankle socks...total baby sluts.  Check out our porn vids and pics.  Would love to see you in slutty make up...masturbating for Daddy.

Saturday 12th 2015f September 2015 02:01:22


What the fuck is your secret? Everytime when I'm on DoMyWife and I see a picture of you, no matter how tiny, I get instantly horny. My dick is hard in no-time and I jerk off while watching your vids or pics. It's unbelievable, but even Pat gets horny when she sees your vids or ptcs. She sees you and not long after she is masturbating or she comes to me and pulls my cock out of my pants, sucks me like a real slut and what a surprise; I cum much too quick and she just wants my speem.
You're a sort of natural talent, having the appearance of a filthy slut and that makes men and woman horny as hell.
When there ever will be one opportunity in my life of getting physically in touch with you .... please promise me that I get to fuck you as a real filthy slut as hard and as many times I want and can. And that you will suck my cock like you've never sucked before? I'll give you more sperm than you can swallowand I just want to fuck and lick that wet, big cunt of yours. I would love it if there would be some other guys who fuck you while I take a short break. It must be so hot to see you getting fucked by several guys and to see how you enjoy all that big ciocks.! Pat has asked me to write you that she now and then dreams of you. When she wakes up, her pussy is so wet and the first thing she does is grabbing her huge dildo and shove that monster inside. Yeah, Jenna even at the other side of the ocean people get fucking horny of you.! I'm gonna wank now because writng this stuff, realizing that it's for you .... shit, it makes me so crazy and I love it ....
Loving your horny and slutty looks.! BIG X on that always wet cunt !

Friday 14th 2015f August 2015 06:21:34


 When I read your messages and I see your photo's/vids ..... I would love to have a long steamy night with you. And somewhere in that night there'll be two men who pay a vist. My god, I think you are really the one who can make me insane, crazy, squirting all over the place and I want you to continue, don;t stop!

Jesus, I don't want to be a perfect slut, I wanna be you're filthy.no tabboo, perfect slut !When I squirt I'll squirt over you, in your mouth and cunt .... And if that's not enough .... when I'm really totally horny I also love to pee or you peeing over me .... warm and horny juice. Will you join me with that ?


Wednesday 11th 2016f May 2016 09:28:43


I'm still waiting for your message of submission Teenie Fucktoy.  You must be spending too much time masturbating to your Mistress pictures to obey me.  Mommie doesnt like that BITCH.  I'm going to have to whip you while you suck mens cocks at our next party.  You will dress like a dirty little schoolgirl in a tiny plaid skirt that exposes your cute little butt with NO PANTIES...and slutty black high heels with white ankle socks... just what the dirty men like...and Mommie will walk you round...collared and leashed...as you rub your bald pussy and beg for their cocks and cum....MENS COCKS MENS CUM MASTERS!!!....and they will all gangbang fuck you and cover your pretty little body and titties with thick creamy cum...and fill glasses with CUM for you to drink and spread on your face.  And then Mommie will fuck your Teenie Slave ass with her big thick strapon dildo while more men drench me in their cum.  And you can lick it all off me Debbie...like a good little Teenie slave girl bitch!!  Now go and write that letter of submission on my profile CHILD WHORE!!  Mommie has to go MASTURBATE!!

RE: RE: RE: Gangbang
09-Apr-2016 21:37:26  Oh Jenna, you make me soo fucking wet. My pussy is dripping juices like a faucet. Just the thought of you fucking me with a strap on in front of a dozen guys stroking there cocks is making my shudder. I'm rubbing my little button raw as my bare ass is sliding around in large puddle in my leather chair. Might need to go get my butt plug and try to slide down on it while I reread your email a few more times. Licking the large amounts of cum off each others bodies would be HEAVEN. Icould imagine you tying my up with my legs spread in front of all the guys. And after each one is spent, you scoop up the cum and feed it to me. As the guys leave your female friends cum over, each with a larger strap on and fuck me till I cry to stop. But they don't stop. As the double fuck me and you straddle my face pushing that wet cunt down on my face so hard I can only breath in the musk from the depths of your pussy. Then I hear the door to the motel room open and more male voices enter the room. All I can see is your sweet ass as you grind your sweetness hard on my mouth. Seems the guys are watching the action and start jerking off all over my body again. I get covered with a dozen more loads. You don't clean me up this time, you let it become a crusty coating. Then you untie me and have me put on a long tank top and make me walk down to the lobby to get you and your girlfriends some coffee. Cover in cum, I am your bitch. Kisses hun...Debbie.xxxx!

Saturday 05th 2016f March 2016 06:25:15


Just came twice watching your vids with clamps on my nipples and a big
dildo in my ass. My clit was huge. Always wanted to be a sub whore for a couple.
Wish we lived closer


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Sep 09, 2015 at 08:24 AM love to fill your hot teasing pink "fuckholes" deep and hard and fill them with a big warm load of white jizz till the sticky CUM drips out, down those hot sexy legs !! .... i would cumdrench your pink holes good sexy horny wifey !! let me know on my profile page if you wanne be my lil nasty cumcraving slut and i will give you plenty of my fresh creamy nutsmilk !!!! many wet kisses on your nice pink holes , juicy tits and hot yummy nips !!!!
Aug 26, 2015 at 12:46 PM
Collared and on your knees begging for cum, just like you should be.

2015-04-22 08:10:14
You truly are the best cum drinking slut of a piss whore on here.  i have my fist up my hole as i type Master says if i train very hard i can be almost as good a slut whore as Jenna is.. he is putting a dildo up my ass
oh god i have cum so hard thinking of you Jenna as Master allowed me to look at your pics before He really started to play with my worthless clit ….i hope this pleases you

Apr 18, 2015 at 05:26 PM
Lets play plug all three holes. You work a dildo in your ass, and Ill work the other in your pussy, while you swallow my cock. After 5 minutes, we switch holes. Five more minutes, switch again. Repeat as needed until swollen and gushing. First one to get the other to pass out after orgasmic overload wins!
Apr 13, 2015 at 05:26 PM
I would definitely ram my hard cock up your ass and fill you up.
2015-03-29 15:00:24
I soooo Love to Rent her for a few weeks, Ill send her back full of my sperm!!!! Jenna ever in orlando id love to feed you my sperm...loveeeee your tits sexy...Id feed you my cock all day hun

Mar 23, 2015 at 10:51 PM
A hot cock teasing slut whore wife.! Sub slut ready for the use abuse...Bitch hole needs to be tied and whipped as well A true cum slut and fuck hole .Suck my cock while your tied up whore! Like to gag her on my cock.! Like to tie and clamp and inseminate this slut for fun and my pleasure.! Like to force feed my cock down this slut blondes throat...............FUCK MEAT.! And everybody line up to fuck her hole next showing whata slut /whore she is and cock pleaser.! Let me give her more coke so I can enjoy fucking her,breeding her, and useing tihs blonde cunt meat hole.! Now you slut hole spread those legs wide show me your insides and post it on here so I can enjoy your cock addicted slut hole.! I am getting addicted to that slut pussy.

3 of 17    16-10-23 11:08 AM

Feb 20, 2015 at 02:49 AM
Fuck you turn me on Jenna, So hot and sexy, what a great slut you are. Fucking instant hard cock.! I would party with you any time. Those tits are just ripe for sucking hard on. Yummy. Love those tits.! I am looking, I am looking, don't rush me, so fucking sexy.! Oh yeah, would love to ride you Jenna.! Go girl, go    sorry I don't like your photos, I FUCKING LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love how slutty your body is and boy could I have some fun with it. Just looking at your slutty whorish pics my cock gets hard and leaks precum everywhere.! Those tits of your drive me wild. I would love to get down on my back with you sitting on my face and grinding your cunt into my mouth while you sucked on my cock and squeezed my balls.! They we would have a second guy start to fuck you while I am licking your clit.

Feb 18, 2015 at 03:58 PM
God I love watching you fuck yourself and hearin g you come, your nipples get so hard. And you must be so wet. You make the best vids. And I love your tits.Love watching you desperate to cum. Your vids are my favorites. Look how hard those nipples are Love your sexy videos and those hanging tits.! They are perfect. Would love to see them hanging in front of me as you suck my cock and I squeeze your nipples.
I would love to lick your clit and have you cum u til you beg to have my cock in you. I love to feel my cum squirting in you ad I pump hRd. I love to see you craving cock as you masterbate. I like to see you naked not dressed. I would like to fuck you in the ass while your hubby! is in your pussy. . Or I could jrk off while you are fucking a girlfriend with a strap on. And then I would fuck you both . Now I will wTch you some more ..
Feb 02, 2015 at 10:37 AM
jenna you such a sexy woman my cock would love to ride you.! Love your nipples very sexy
Jan 29, 2015 at 01:56 PM
She can eat my cum any day.... SAY WHEN!!!
Jan 26, 2015 at 02:26 PM
hmm love a secretary with such smooth well curved thigsh! would train her too!

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For a 15th anniversary you're supposed to make a bigger deal than on another anniversary not divisible by 5 right?  I had it all planned out.  We were going to do something completely opposite of what we normally do.  Going hiking and staying in a cabin was the plan but so was fucking all weekend.  One of them happened but the other almost didn't.  

I gave her the smaller presents early so we wouldn't have to bring them back with us from the cabin.  The night before we left she started her period and I didn't think there would be any weekend sex for me.  She was very apologetic but there wasn't anything she could do about it and her period wasn't going to cancel the trip so off we went.  

We got to the cabin late after getting lost and getting a speeding ticket so the bad luck is piling on.  The cabin was on a lake that we had no intention of going near and was next to 2 other cabins.  The hot tub was on the deck and visible to anyone looking but with her bleeding I didn't think we would use it either.  The first night was uneventful as we were both tired and we wanted to get a relatively early start the next day.  We got up that morning, went hiking and explored the area to see what we couldn't see when we pulled in at dark.  

That night we decided to get frisky.  We both went out onto the deck completely naked and stayed in the hot but until we started to wrinkle.  I was hoping one of our neighbors would wander by to the shared fire pit behind our cabin and possible see her naked ass when she got out but it never happened.  Just the thought kept me semi-hard the entire time we were in the hot tub.  When she came over to the side of the hot but I was on, kissed me, started stroking my dick and asked me if I was ready to fuck I forgot all about her getting caught.

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Ambitious Asian Executive (Continued)

Avatar Username: lovelyasianwife
Date: 12-Sep-2018 03:14:18
Mood: horny



She began to plead for him not to do so as he returned the missed call and put her speaker with the phone right beside her mouth. As the phone rang on the other side, Eric positioned himself at Vanessa’s buttocks, spreading them wide and massaging her cheeks. She could feel his hot breath on her ass crack as the sound of her husband’s voice came up on the other end.


Husband: Hello? Babe? How are you? I have been trying to call you for ages! Is everything all right?


Vanessa: H..Hi honey..yes…everything is ok. I’m sorry. I have just been so tired lately so I slept for really long. Are you doing alright over there? Don’t worry about me. Just works been umm…crazy here.


Vanessa stammered through her answers, desperately trying to calm the tone of her voice as Eric began licking and tonguing her asshole and pussy causing her to squirm while attempting to answer her husband.


Husband: Ok dear. As long as you are doing well. I know you are busy as hell but try to drop me a note every now and then to let me know you are all right please? I miss you and will see you soon.


Vanessa: Yes babe. I..I..I will…. I’m sorry again. I will try and finish up everything here and come home. I m..mm..miss you too. Love you.


He said goodbye to her with the trusting husband not in the least bit aware that his wife was basically going through hell. She winced and pleaded with Eric to stop, which he did after a while, grinning and smiling at how desperate she looked. He fondled, kissed and teased her for a few minutes before untying her, leaving her sitting on the bed, looking at him in a bewildered and unsure state. He instructed her to go back to her room, clean up and she would be picked up later in the evening as they had some Japanese friends to dine with. Vanessa stared blankly back at him as he changed the passcode on her phone, giving himself access to it at anytime before returning it to her. She returned to her room thereafter to get cleaned up, fully aware that these bastards now owned her as they had access to her private life as well.



Chapter 4


The company Daniel and Eric ran had ownership over a small hotel just out of town where they were to have a Chinese dinner that evening with their counterparts from their Japan office. The two Japs, Saito and Mako had a short transit in LA for a night and had reached out to their friends to entertain them, which Daniel and Eric gladly obliged. They booked a nice private room that was connected to the kitchen itself with a full course meal and plenty of whisky available. Saito and Mako loved to come to LA as Daniel and Eric always readily entertained them with girls always available to an evening’s entertainment. This time however, they were disappointed as they entered the room to dine, with only the other two men present. However being Japanese they put on a polite front and proceeded to discuss business over whisky and a few choice Chinese course meals. They did notice that the round table that they were seated at was particularly big for only four guests but chose not to comment on that fact.  Daniel and Eric apologized to them for the lack of companionship as they were actually going to introduce their new VP of sales from their tech vendor who would join them shortly. Eric then placed the focus on the food, mentioning that the whole roast suckling pig was the specialty tonight and was not to be missed. When the time came for that particular dish, the kitchen door opened and two strong waiters emerged, holding up the handles of an enormous metal serving dish with the ‘Chinese Suckling Pig’ on it. Vanessa had been placed completely naked on her knees, with her face flat on the plate, her wrists fastened between her ankles in a steel spreader bar with her ass facing upwards. Much like a roast pig, a red apple had been fastened much like a ball gag between her lips.  The Japanese men took a moment to recognize the mini prank played on them by their friends before erupting in laughter and applauding loudly as the serving dish was placed on the spinning tray in the middle of their table. The four men laughed out loud, high fiving each other as Daniel happily announced that sadly the restaurant had run out of suckling pig that evening but they had the next best substitute in the form of their tech vendors Sales VP, Miss Vanessa. Tears welled up in her eyes as she stared at the men fearfully; she was awash now with feelings of humiliation and utter despair. She closed her eyes as the Japanese whipped out their camera phones and began snapping pictures of their main course. Even as Japanese men, they had never before seen a completely naked Chinese girl in bondage served up as a restaurants main dish. They examined her by spinning her around on the tray so they could get a complete 360 view of her entire body. To the men it was a fun as well as an arousing scene as Vanessa was placed really much like a suckling pic actually would which was in the middle surrounded by other dishes such as vegetables, fish, tofu etc. She was getting quite dizzy as she was spun around so that the men could snap pictures of her from her face on, to her side to her backside, which was raised and spread therefore hiding absolutely nothing from full view. Her legs spread by the bar ensured that her bare pussy and asshole were clearly visible at all times. She tried in vain to plead with them to release her but only incoherent muffled moans and groans came from her behind the apple. Saito in the meantime was actually video calling his friends in Japan, eager to show them the prize sight of a hot young Chinese beauty so degradingly exposed during an actual dinner! She could not understand what he and his friends were talking about over the phone but she could not mistake their excited yells and laughter as her experience was captured live and aired across the globe.  To make matters worse, she watched and listened as Daniel and Eric shared their stories, pictures and videos about their shared time with Vanessa over the past few days. The men sat and happily ate, deliberately spinning the tray to obtain various food dishes and to enjoy the sight of poor Vanessa who was stuck on display until further notice.


Daniel: My friends, you would know better than us on this matter. How does one enjoy a nice suckling pig like this best? Is there anything we need to do to prepare the pig?


They all laughed out loud.


Saito: You are absolutely correct Daniel-san. To really enjoy a pig like this, you must make sure that it is always kept moist and warm. Once it is cold and dry it is not as nice! Waiter!


With that he proceeded to order a jug of olive oil and when it was brought, he stood over the table and explained that it was best to constantly ‘baste’ the pig before enjoying it. Vanessa cringed and winced as she felt him pouring the warm oil all over her back, legs and butt. The oil encased her entire body, flowing down her ass crack, lubricating her sweet asshole and pussy in the process. Her body was gleaming under the lights and she looked absolutely stunning.


Mako: Also very important to make sure meat on the pig is always tender. So when basting, you must always massage the pig so it is not tough!


They all laughed once more as they all stood up and surrounded the bound and gagged centerpiece. She groaned through her gag as four pair of hands began rubbing her body all over, massaging her flesh firmly. Saito was right in front of her face, bending over forwards with a stupid grin on his face as he rubbed her shoulders before spending most of the time fondling her hanging breasts and tweaking her nipples. Mako was at the opposite end, his hands fully focused on her ass cheeks, groping them before causing her to scream out loud as his thumb easily entered her well-lubricated asshole. She started to squirm and struggle but quickly thought twice about it as she began to slip and slide on the tray which was now filled with the oil that had dripped off her naked body. Mako’s entire thumb remained in her asshole as the others groped every inch of her with Eric mercilessly pouring the remaining oil over her head, drenching her hair and causing her eyesight to blur as it flowed down all over her face. Mako’s two fingers then entered her pussy, thrusting freely in and out of it as he explained how he was being through in cleaning the ‘pig’s insides. The room was filled with the sound of his entire hand thrusting vigorously at her asshole and pussy along with her cries for release and the other men’s incessant laughter. As the waiters entered the room with a tray of fresh iced fruit for dessert, the men sat down but not before Mako added to Vanessa’s torture by inserting his pair of chopsticks in her asshole citing the need ‘to keep everything nice and loose’. She was quite the sight with her being drenched and shining in oil with a ceramic pair of chopsticks sticking out of her ass.


Eric: I don’t know about you gentlemen but I’ve always liked my roast pork with a little bit of spice added to it. I think its nice, moist and loose but I fancy a bit of mustard perhaps?


He reached for the small bowl of Chinese mustard and smeared his chopsticks in them before removing Mako’s chopsticks from the unfortunate girls asshole. Vanessa screamed bloody murder as the other three held her still as best they could as she felt the burning sensation of the mustard smeared sticks entering her rear. It was a terrible feeling, which brought more tears to her eyes as she fought desperately to expel it. Her pain increased as Saito then rubbed the mustard all along her ass crack causing her to feel like her pussy and ass were on fire. Daniel then stood at her head, grabbed her oil soaked hair and pulled her face up to meet his. Through her screams, sobs and tears she could just make out what he said to her.


Daniel: Well my lovely VP, do you want this to stop? Do you want this dinner to be over? If you do, you have to promise to go with our Japanese friends upstairs to their room and do EVERYTHING they want without question. Will you do that? If you agree, we’ll end this ahem dinner now ok?


The helpless beauty, completely without choice desperately nodded her head over and over again, begging incoherently to have the pain relieved. The men then mercifully used their warm towels to wipe up her ass crack, which in truth did little to reduce the burning. The evil Mako however offered some respite by taking the ice from the fruit tray and inserting pieces into her pussy and asshole. She squealed again as the cold was a shock to her system but grateful that it helped to alleviate the pain. She felt like passing out as she was not only in pain, cramped but also extremely hungry and thirsty a fact not lost on these wicked men. They released her from her restraints and removed the ball gag, helping her off the table and onto the ground. They ordered her to kneel down as they poured their leftovers into a big bowl, a mix of the food they themselves did not eat as well as giving her a large glass of water, all of which were placed on the floor. Vanessa was then ordered that she would be allowed to eat only when she had crawled around and kissed all four of their feet. Appalled yet not surprised, she crawled slowly and submissively kissing their shoes and winning her ability to eat. She was not however given any utensils as according to Mako and Eric, pigs logically eat from troughs. She bowed her head and despite knowing that they were recording her, she forced herself to eat on all fours, licking up the bowl hungrily. Saito and Mako who escorted her through the kitchen and up the service lift to their room where another long night awaited the broken Asian beauty raised her to her feet.


Vanessa knew she was in for another rough night. Her head was absolutely spinning as two different perverted men yet again led her to another room. Soaking wet in oil, the naked girl was herded through the door and pushed to the center of their room where the two men looked at her hungrily. She was fully aware that the level of perversion of Japanese men was likely on a different level to other men and clasped her arms around her chest with her legs drawn close together in a full defensive stance. Both Saito and Mako looked at each other before removing their belts and holding them in hand. Mako briefly left the room before emerging with a thick white cloth belt from his hotel bathrobe. He approached the trembling girl, inserted the belt to serve as a cleave gag into her mouth and tied it around her head. She shook her head violently staring at them with eyes that were pleading for mercy to no avail. The two men began whipping her non-stop with their belts causing her to cry out loud and fall to the floor with her arms up in a vain attempt to defend herself. The sound of whipping leather meeting soft feminine skin rang out as they focused mostly on her ass and legs causing large red welts to form on her delicate skin. They were obviously instilling fear and submission from their piece of entertainment as blow after blow rained down on Vanessa. She covered herself into a ball, screaming in pain through the thick cloth in her mouth, sobbing away. They finally stopped and sat down on the couch while she slowly gathered herself. She sat up, facing them all the while wiping the tears away from her face. They informed her that she was to obey them in all things and perform as how they instructed. She was nothing more than a ‘Chinese suckling pig slave’ to them and for that night they were her owners and masters. Should she fail to serve them well, she would be subjected to even more pain than what she just felt. Broken down and defeated by all her recent rounds of total humiliation, she nodded sadly. Saito then removed his clothing and commanded her to accompany him to the bathroom. He was a reasonably fit man of around 40, five eight in height but with a small cock that couldn’t have been more than 4 inches erect. He entered the shower and instructed her to clean herself and bathe him. The hot water would have felt very good on her body if it were not for the sores and welts on her legs and ass, which burnt when the shower hit her. She was forced to ignore that however and focus on lathering and massaging Saito’s body in addition to her own. She fearfully massaged him strongly with her hands and at his command, paid a lot of attention to his small cock and balls. He groaned in satisfaction as Vanessa rubbed him down, kneeling down in front of him to work on his legs and ass. He marveled at her fit body, her big breasts, shapely waist, lovely sultry face not to mention her marvelous ass that he paid extra attention to. A beautiful specimen, he thought as she sorrowfully worked on ensuring he was lathered from neck down in bath soap. He couldn’t wait to get started on her immediately and when he was washed clean, he exited the shower leaving her to shift her attentions to Mako. Mako immediately told her to give him a good show by soaping her own body up. She meekly began soaping her own body up, paying attention to his fingers which directed her to concentrate more on her breasts, pussy and buttocks. He watched with great satisfaction as she worked up a thick lather of soap on her splendid body and upon that directed her to wash him ‘body to body style’. Mako was a short squat man, about three inches shorted than herself with a hairy cock about the size of his colleague. Disgusted at the sight of him but forced to comply, she pressed her breasts and the front of her body to his back, rubbing herself on him much like a human sized sponge. Her hands worked his front as he groaned with pleasure at the feel of her large smooth breasts rubbing against his back. He eventually shifted her to his front, her back rubbing on him, her ample round fit buttocks, rubbing up against his cock. As she did so, he couldn’t resist grabbing her tits with both hands, enjoying the full, firm yet soft mounds that rose high and proud on her chest. When they both had washed off the soap from their bodies, she was told to get out, dry herself and head to the sitting area where a naked Saito was sitting down over a laptop. He turned the laptop to face her, revealing a Japanese sex chat room with over a 100 men logged on eager to watch a sexy Chinese girl perform. That night Vanessa was turned into the latest hot Japanese porn platform sensation as her actions were captured and recorded for broadcasting on every porn tube around the world after that night.




Finally Vanessa was eventually allowed to head back home after a long arduous trip where she had gotten what she set out for, yet each moment made her question the lengths she had been forced to go through to attain her goals. She flew back alone, having plenty of time to contemplate her ordeal and what to do moving forward. Priding herself on being strong minded, she was determined to put it behind her and take on the job she had earned to her own benefits. After all she would not be seeing Daniel, Eric or their Japanese friends soon if not ever again.


She made her way home and collapsed into the arms of her husband who showered her with praise and adoration at her success. She met his enthusiasm with a subdued pretense of joy that she merely passed off as tiredness. Upon returning to work, she was met by human resource, which quickly introduced her to her new bigger office, her substantial raise in salary and lastly an introduction to her team of now 50 personnel who were under her supervision.  She quickly addressed them all and laid out her expectations for her new subordinates. They all seemed receptive and that helped her to put aside her apprehensions and whatever self doubt she had experienced since attaining her promotion.


Wrapping that up, she adjourned to her room to sink down into her chair at her new desk. Breathing a small sigh of satisfaction, she had to admit that the room was really what she had always wanted. Spacious and private, it had huge glass windows as well facing a nice view of the office park where staff would hang out and have lunch or take their cigarette breaks. She also had her own en-suite bathroom, along with a large couch and coffee table for guests. Perhaps what she had done had been worthwhile after all, she thought.


Suddenly she heard a knock on the door to which she told the person to enter. One of the younger sales executive, Aaron entered wishing her a good morning and how glad he was that she had taken charge of the team. He was a newcomer to the company, aged only 22 years old and had an air of annoying cockiness about him. After a brief exchange of pleasantries, Vanessa in her trademark direct fashion, enquired what she could help him with.


Aaron: Well to be honest Ms. Vanessa, I feel I deserve a higher commission and a much higher base salary. I definitely have earned it and I think it would be important for you to give that to me.


Vanessa was slightly taken aback by his forthright and arrogant approach and she immediately took it on herself to give him a reality check.


Vanessa: Are you serious? You have only just joined and I haven’t seen anything of note from yourself yet. You are going to have to do a lot more over a period of time to warrant anything you are asking for. I am not taking this seriously at all. At your age it is anyway impossible for you to be earning that kind of money. It is something you will have to earn Aaron.


A smirk appeared on his young, bespectacled nerdy face as he reached into his pocket and took out his mobile phone.


Aaron: You see ‘boss’ I was so happy that you of all people were taking charge of the team. To respond to your statement, I don’t think I have to earn anything from you. In fact you might be the one that has to treat me with more respect from now on. I am an asset to you and one of the things I do really well is my own research on the people that I have to deal with.


Struck dumb at his impossibly cocky attitude, she gazed at him as he briefly keyed on his mobile and turned the screen to face her. Her heart sank as she was shown a microsite that contained images of her experience in L.A. From the shots taken of her in her American flag bikini, to her bondage pictures in Daniels room, to the images of her trussed up on the suckling pig platter, they were all there in sequence. She gasped as Aaron clicked ‘play’ on a video that captured her masturbating on camera at the behest of the Japanese to an online audience.


Vanessa: How..how did you get these?


Aaron: (Laughing evilly) I watch a lot of porn my dear boss. So happened that I was one of the audiences that were lucky enough to be watching you that night. So I hacked into Mako’s laptop and found that your hosts had shared every single image and video they had taken of you amongst themselves. I have no idea if they actually shared anything but I have it all in a microsite, which I have yet to launch. So I suggest that you do what you can to make sure that doesn’t happen?


She knew she was now at his mercy. This pompous kid who was meant to be under her control now held the upper hand. She had to do whatever she could to prevent this from getting further out of control. She reached out for his phone asking if she could take a closer look to which he nodded and handed it to her for her inspection. Quickly in a fit of rage, Vanessa flung the phone as hard as she could against the wall immediately smashing it to multiple pieces. She then began to begin berating him for his attempts to blackmail her and that she would never take this lying down especially from a nerdy little fucker of a mere sales junior executive.


He sighed and maintained his air of calm. He then strolled behind her desk and opened a new private window on her desktop. He demonstrated to her that the microsite was very much available anytime and on any device that he could get his hands on. She sank back in her chair, her mind racing telling her that she was indeed defeated. She had to put aside her ego, her pride and her decency if she was to ensure her dignity was not further compromised.


Vanessa: Fine then. You will have to wait a month or two for appearances sakes before I can instate your raise and higher commissions. But I need assurances that your fucked up microsite never ever goes out.


Aaron: I think that the assurances are in your hands ‘boss’. I was fully prepared to just take what I asked for but now that you’ve broken my phone and yelled at me, it just isn’t going to be as easy as all that.


Vanessa: So what else do you want you sneaky little rat fucker?


Aaron: First up, you get smart and don’t talk down to me bitch. Now I will do everything I can not to out you as the biggest slut this industry has ever seen and how you used your tits, ass and cunt to get ahead. But then again its hard, cause I’ve never been with a woman like you before. So umm..to see you on screen like that, it makes me think maybe you can change that eh?


He reached for her face and despite her attempts to pull back, he began stroking her cheeks and brushing her hair. She scowled at him as he undid her top button, followed by his order to see what she had underneath her blouse and skirt that day. With his help, her blouse and skirt quickly were removed to expose her black lacey lingerie set. She was stunning he remarked out loud. Aaron sat down in her own desk chair after removing his trousers and underwear and commanded his VP to kneel down before him. Vanessa sank to her knees with his thin but long erect cock inches from her face. He bent over and kissed her lips sloppily and whispered his instructions into his boss’s ear.


Vanessa grasped his cock in her hand, her tongue emerging from her mouth with her pretty eyes looking up at his, she began running her tongue right from the base of his nut sack all the way up to the tip of his cock. Aaron groaned in pleasure as his VP applied more pressure on his dick and balls, her saliva and hot breath enhancing the thrill and sensation for him. To add to her humiliation, she was also forced to utter words that she normally would never have while performing her task.


Vanessa: Mmm ummmm yumm OH Aaron your cock tastes so good .Oh please don’t tell everyone I am a slut…mmm…oh you are my boss Aaron. I love to suck your dick sir. I am your bitch sir. MMM uhhh you make me so wet..dont show people my videos pleaseee…lick..slurp…slurp…love your cock so much…


Upon receiving more instructions she reached back and unhooked her bra revealing her luscious breasts to him. Using her hands, she placed his cock in between her tits, squeezing it in the middle of her lovely pair. Her hands massaged her breasts, in turn giving him a wonderful titty fuck and simultaneously her tongue busy lapping at his tip. Her hot mouth enveloped as much of the length of his cock as she could take driving him even wilder with lust.


Finally he grabbed her underneath her armpits and raised her up to a seating position on her brand new desk. Pushing her torso downwards, he made her lie down on her back, with her legs dangling over the table, her crotch square in his face. He reached for the band of her sexy black panties and pulled them down over her legs, exposing her bare shaved pussy.  He pushed her sexy, silky legs upwards, spreading them apart with his arms as his eager mouth met her pussy lips. He urgently began feasting on her velvety pussy, thoroughly enjoying her wonderful taste and smell. His hands reached up to firmly grasp her ample breasts, tweaking her nipples at the same time. It was all happening so fast but she had to admit that he was really good at licking pussy. Very good in fact.


Vanessa (loud whisper): Oh my god. I’m going to cum.


She moaned and gasped as he lapped and sucked away at her vagina. She had not meant for that loud whisper to escape her lips and Aaron had heard that clearly. He grinned triumphantly as he continued to work his beautiful VP into a frenzy. He was the best she had ever experienced at having her pussy licked and he teased her little pink sensitive spot fervently causing her to reach up to her own mouth with both hands to cover and muffle the sounds of ecstasy escaping her lips as she climaxed as hard as she had ever done in her life. Aaron sat back with a smug, satisfied look on his face as he drank in the sight of his woman boss before him. She lay naked on her desk, her legs spread, knees downwards dangling over the edge of the table. Her large Asian breasts heaving with each gasp of air she was taking as she recovered from her intense orgasm. Her crotch and the table beneath it drenched with her juices and his own saliva.





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