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Avatar Username: Maturecouple62
Date: 18-May-2024 22:13:36
Mood: happy

We had an Electrician round this morning,hubby had gone to work I had just had a shower and put my robe on when the Electrician knocked on the door. I opened the door for him and let him in, he was about 25 years old and good looking. He asked where the bathroom was so that he could fit the new heater, I told him it was upstairs and off he went, it was only then that I remembered that I had left my dildo on the side of the bath. I asked if he wanted a cup of coffee and he said he would like one and he would be finished in a couple of minutes. When he came down he had a big smile on his face and asked if I had enjoyed myself. We were in the kitchen and I said yes but I prefer the real thing. He came over to me and undid my robe and started caressing and sucking my big tits and one of his hands found my pussy I started moaning as his fingers started playing with me. He then bent me over the worktop and started licking my arse and pussy, I couldn't take much more and told him to fuck me, he stripped off and asked me to suck his cock, it was big and thick I sucked him for a while before bending over and telling him to fuck me hard. I don't know how many times I came but it was a lot, suddenly he said he was about to cum I told him to cum inside me which he did a few moments later. I then sucked his cock again before he had to leave. He asked if he could fuck me again another day so I gave him my number and told him anytime he wanted. He phoned me this afternoon and he's coming back tomorrow xx 

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More Bank Holiday Fun..

Avatar Username: Louboutinlassx
Date: 07-May-2024 21:31:11
Mood: in love

I dont know what it is about Bank Holidays but this one was extra special. With my mate out of town, her husband took the risky, yet exciting decision to book us a room in a hotel.Why would I complain?  Excited, I packed my bag full of sexy lingerie and toys and wore a low cut summer dress as he picked me up. There's something about a hot guy in a fast car that is an incredible turn on and I was wet before I even stepped in the passenger seat. Chatting as he drove, I slipped off my panties and wrapped them around the gearstick. I knew from the moan that he was hard already. We reached the hotel, go and get us a drink in the bar babe he ordered. I knew he just wanted me tipsy and I was happy to oblige.  I was happy to be dominated. Finishing our drinks we went to the room, he had booked a suite, fuck I knew this would be fun. Within seconds of getting in the room I was pinned to the wall, thrown on to the bed and with my legs over his shoulders, he kissed my ankles. Lets make this the wedding night that we both never had and pushed into me looking deep into my eyes. Ive never cum so much in 24 hours, that boy blows my mind x

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Avatar Username: DRHEELS
Date: 03-May-2024 17:42:13
Mood: in love

Today was the day Ross would come over to discuss with Diane what she would allow as part of her upcoming gangbang. The three of us have put time aside to work this out in advance. We could not do this while the two of us were fucking her as Diane wanted to be sedated. She said it was just for fun plus she wanted no memory of what Ross and I planned to do to her (after last time!!!) so she was laying it all out for us beforehand.

Why this turned her on was a mystery as one thing she made very clear was here was to be no pictures or filming of the event – of course we agreed - hand on heart - we would never do such a thing ha ha.

Diane and I have been married for 19 years and it has been awesome. She is open to all manner of mischief and when Ross, my oldest friend, took a shine to her our sexual realtionahip rose to a new level. I will never forget the feeling of watching Ross's 8 inch pole entering Diane for the very first time - magical.

Back to the story - before Ross arrived I suggested she dress in her shortest miniskirt and highest heels, two things she did that drove Ross literally insane with lust. So when she teetered into the room looking like the cheapest whoremeat on the planet I choked with desire and nearly took her then and there.

There was knock on the door and I turned to let Ross in. Ross entered and we were both confonted by my slut wife grinning as she knelt face down on the floor and spread her ass groaning the words - gangbang is on guys - choose your hole!!! She got up laughing at our speechless faces and told us she thought that might get us in the mood to discuss the plan of attack for her gangfuck.

It was a little surreal sitting with my whore wife dressed like a piece of filth while she listed out all the things she would or would not allow to be done to her while Ross and I, and a few of the boys we might invite over, gangfucked her.

We had a smorgasbord of dirty acts lined up for her, throat-fucking, double vaginal even pissing and she was fine with all of that but when we got to anal, well she was indignant saying it was rude for all of us to line up and take turns buggering her. Ross and I looked at each other, worried as anally fucking her was a major part of the plan - unknown to Di was we had 7-8 guys lined up to run a train throgh the bitches ass while we sat back and jerked off over the slut and as the guys got more and more excited Dianne would be passed around like a piece of filth - and now this might not happen!?!? 

Diane could see the panic in our eyes and said, what the fuck, you bastards would probably do my ass anyway so she put a nice big tick beside ANAL on the list. We were set!

She said no time lie the present so shecleared the table, climbed on it and spread her legs inviting ross into her dirty cunt. Ross was not about to say no and climbed up onto my wife while I got a real close to her cunt so I could watch Ross's gorgeous massively erect fuckpole split my bitch wife open, again.

What joy it was to see him holding his cock at the entrance to my wife and looking at me as if to ask if its ok, then plunging into the slut. In between Ross's massive thrusts into her cunt, Di asked me to get her bag and find her valium, I went off to find it while she was being ruthlessly fucked. hen I cam back Di managed to wrench herself free of Ross's grip on her so she could go get a glass of water, it was about to get fun, real fun!!!

The MOST IMPORTANT thing for me was that the bitch keep her high heels on, whatever else happens I could not care less, all I wanted to make certain was she had her heels on while she had a cock up her ass.

Ross had other plans, really dirty plans for Di and was standing over my wife stroking his dick waiting for her to nod off. As soon as Di's eyes closed he started to rub his cock all over her face calling her a whore and some really disgusting names, it was lovely to see my wife sleeping like a baby while Ross ground his dick into her head swearing at her, beautiful sight.

I left him to it, he was tearing my wifes clothes off and fingering her at every opportunity telling me he was going to deal to my wife like never before, calling her a dirty fucking whore. I was too busy making myslf a coffee to care. Thirsty minutes passed and loads of grunting slapping noises later I went back into the room - what a sight!











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Kathy again

Avatar Username: Coatsbill
Date: 02-May-2024 19:21:21
Mood: in love

 It's been awhile since Kathy and I have been together. She seems to be in a good marrage and my wife and I have been out of town alot. 

  Feeling like some different sex one night I called Kathy just wondering if she was still wanting to gether sometime. She seemed like she would like to get together. That weekend I called and asked if she wanted to meet at a nice hotel in town. 

  She told me her husband likes to fuck but it's all vanilla sex. Always missionary style and nothing different. Kathy knows if she is with me it won't be vanilla sex. When we got in the room we kissed and started pulling each others cloth off. It was like we were a couple of teens the first time. She pushed me back onto the bed and went stright down to my cock. She was hungry and worked it like a washing machine. I just layed back and enjoyed her working me. I was playing with her pussy and it was wet. I told her to be careful I was a loaded gun and ready to go off. I told her to turn around and straddle me and lower her pussy down onto my mouth. She did. Cunt juice everywhere. It was flowing out of her.

  She is a squirter and I have been under her when she cums and it's alot. As wet as she was that night I knew she would be soaking my face. With me nibbling on her clit she let out a moan and pushed down onto my mouth. The juices started to flow. I was trying to swallow it all but it was impossible to swallow that fast. She sprayed her juices all over my face and it was running down my neck and my hair was soaked. With the juices flowing she started grinding her cunt onto my mouth and just kept cumming. 

 She pulled the skin on my cock down and took the head in and started running her tongue around the underside of the head. I was rock hard and when she pulled the slack skin down thats all it took. My wife gives me good blow jobs sometimes but nothing like Kathy. I was drained and still she milked out the last drop. 

 We napped and when we woke up she got fucked just like her husband does her. It was early afternoon when we got out of there and the reat of the day I just kept thinking about the good fuck Kathy and given me. As you can guess the wife got nailed that night. I was smoldering all day and when the wife got into bed she didn't stand a chance. I slid down and ate her a little then up and fucked her to a good cum for the both of us.  It was a Good Day

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The Thrill of the Chase: Finding Sexual Adventures via Sugar Daddy Platforms

Avatar Username: mattywhatty
Date: 25-Apr-2024 21:35:36
Mood: horny

Definition and Overview of Sugar Daddy Platforms

Sugar daddy platforms are online services designed to facilitate relationships typically between a wealthier, older individual, often referred to as a "sugar daddy," and a younger person seeking financial support, known as a "sugar baby." These platforms provide a space where members can define their relationship expectations, boundaries, and financial agreements openly and transparently. The primary function of these websites or apps is to connect people who are explicitly looking for a relationship that includes financial transactions or gifts in exchange for companionship or other relationship benefits.

These platforms vary widely in terms of services offered, ranging from more discreet matchmaking to open, network-style connections. They often include detailed profiles, verification processes to ensure the authenticity of users, and tools to help manage relationships and agreements securely.

The Appeal of Sugar Daddy Relationships

The appeal of sugar daddy relationships can be multifaceted. For many sugar babies, the attraction lies in the financial benefits. Engaging with a sugar daddy can provide them with financial support, luxurious gifts, travel opportunities, and help in advancing their careers or education. This financial aspect can be particularly appealing to those who are in financially precarious situations or who are seeking a certain lifestyle that they cannot afford on their own.

For sugar daddies, the benefits often include companionship, the excitement of dating someone younger, and the ability to establish a relationship where expectations are clearly defined from the start. Many sugar daddies also appreciate the efficiency and honesty that these platforms provide, allowing them to find compatible partners who are interested in the same type of relationship dynamics.

The psychological appeal can also be significant. These relationships can offer a sense of rejuvenation, a break from traditional dating norms, and the excitement of engaging in a relationship with clearly defined roles and expectations. For both parties, sugar daddy relationships can provide a sense of control and empowerment, as they can negotiate their own terms and have clear conversations about what each expects from the relationship.

The Pursuit of Sexual Adventures

How Users Seek and Negotiate Sexual Adventures

In the realm of sugar daddy platforms, users often engage in a nuanced process of seeking and negotiating sexual adventures. This process typically begins with the creation of a profile where users articulate their desires and expectations. The clarity and specificity of these profiles play a crucial role in attracting potential partners with similar interests. Users often state whether they are looking for casual encounters, long-term arrangements, or specific types of kink and fantasy fulfillment.

Communication between users on these platforms is key to negotiating the terms of their interaction. This often involves direct messaging where boundaries, consent, and sexual preferences are discussed openly. The negotiation phase is critical as it sets the tone for the relationship and ensures that both parties are clear about what the adventure will entail. This phase may include discussions about safety, the use of protection, the frequency of meetings, and any financial arrangements or gifts that might be involved.

The Role of Explicit and Implicit Agreements

Explicit agreements on sugar daddy platforms are often formalized through messages or verbal agreements before meetings. These agreements can include details about the nature of the sexual adventure, such as the acts that are agreed upon, the use of safe words, and the duration of the relationship. Explicit agreements help ensure that both parties have a clear understanding of what is expected, thereby minimizing misunderstandings and enhancing the safety of both participants.

Implicit agreements, while not explicitly stated, are equally significant in the dynamics of these arrangements. These agreements are based on the unspoken understanding and expectations that develop over time between partners. They might include the expectation of discretion, the understanding of mutual respect, or the assumption of certain roles during the sexual encounters. Implicit agreements rely heavily on the ability of both parties to read and respond to social cues, which can sometimes lead to assumptions and misinterpretations.

In both explicit and implicit agreements, the underlying foundation is the mutual consent and respect for each other’s boundaries and desires. The effectiveness of these agreements often dictates the success and satisfaction derived from the sexual adventures sought through sugar daddy platforms.

Ethical and Safety Considerations

Navigating Consent and Mutual Respect

In the context of sugar daddy platforms, where relationships are often transactional, it is crucial to maintain a foundation of consent and mutual respect. Consent should be informed, enthusiastic, and continuous, meaning all parties have a clear understanding of the terms and feel comfortable with the arrangement at all times. It is essential to openly discuss expectations, boundaries, and the nature of the relationship before entering into any agreement.

Mutual respect involves recognizing each other as individuals with their own autonomy and feelings. This respect should extend beyond the financial or transactional elements of the relationship. Both parties should feel valued not just for their contributions but also for their personal qualities and integrity.

Safety Tips for Participants on Sugar Daddy Platforms

Personal Information Protection

When using sugar daddy platforms, safeguarding personal information is paramount. Participants should avoid sharing sensitive details such as real names, home addresses, and banking information until a significant level of trust has been established. It’s advisable to use the platform’s communication tools rather than personal devices during the early stages of interaction.

Meeting in Public Places

For initial meetings, choose public and well-populated areas. This not only ensures safety but also provides a neutral environment for both parties to feel comfortable. Avoid private or secluded locations until a genuine trust and understanding have been developed over multiple meetings.

Health and Well-being

Discuss and agree upon health precautions, especially concerning sexual health and safety. Both parties should feel comfortable requesting or providing current health status and should consider regular health checks as a part of their arrangement.

Emotional Boundaries

It’s important to recognize and respect emotional boundaries. Engaging in a sugar daddy relationship does not provide one party unrestricted access to the other’s emotional bandwidth. Clear communication about emotional needs and capacities should be maintained to ensure that the relationship does not cause undue emotional strain on either party.

Use of Platform Features for Safety

Leverage platform features designed to enhance safety. Many sugar daddy platforms offer verification processes, background checks, and secure payment options. Participants should utilize these features to ensure a safer experience. Engaging only with verified profiles and using secure methods for any financial transactions can significantly reduce risks.

By adhering to these ethical and safety considerations, participants on sugar daddy platforms can better navigate the complexities of their relationships while ensuring a respectful and secure environment for all involved.

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What to Expect When Hooking Up on Sugar Daddy Websites

Avatar Username: mattywhatty
Date: 25-Apr-2024 16:52:22
Mood: horny

Definition and Purpose of Sugar Daddy Websites

Sugar daddy websites are online platforms designed to facilitate relationships typically between older, wealthier individuals, often referred to as sugar daddies, and younger individuals seeking financial support, known as sugar babies. The primary purpose of these websites is to create a space where mutually beneficial relationships can be formed. These relationships often involve financial agreements where the sugar daddy provides monetary support or gifts in exchange for companionship or other relationship benefits.

Overview of Common Expectations and Arrangements

Financial Agreements

One of the most prevalent expectations in the sugar dating scene is financial support. Sugar babies often enter these relationships with the expectation of receiving a predefined allowance, gifts, travel opportunities, or help with tuition and other expenses. In return, sugar daddies expect companionship, and sometimes more intimate interactions, depending on the agreed terms.

Emotional and Social Dynamics

While financial aspects are prominently highlighted, emotional and social dynamics also play a crucial role. Some sugar daddies seek the thrill of dating someone younger and are looking for a genuine, albeit non-traditional, relationship dynamic. On the other hand, sugar babies might seek not only financial stability but also mentorship or a networking boost from someone successful in their industry.

Duration and Terms of Arrangements

The duration of these arrangements can vary widely. Some are short-term, lasting just a few dates or a couple of months, while others might extend to long-term relationships spanning years. The terms are usually explicitly outlined at the beginning of the relationship to ensure both parties have clear expectations. These terms can include anything from the frequency of meetings, the type of activities involved, and the privacy levels expected by both parties.

Setting Up Your Profile

Tips on Creating an Attractive and Honest Profile

When setting up your profile on a sugar daddy website, the key is to strike a balance between attractiveness and honesty. Start with a clear, high-quality profile picture that shows you in your best light but is also a true representation of your current appearance. Avoid overly edited or outdated photos as these can lead to misunderstandings or disappointment.

Craft your bio with care. It should highlight your interests, lifestyle, and what makes you unique, while remaining genuine. Be specific about your hobbies and passions as this can help you connect with someone who shares similar interests or appreciates your particular lifestyle.

Use positive language and be upfront about what you bring to a potential relationship. This doesn't just mean physical attributes but also your qualities such as being a good listener, adventurous, or intellectually curious.

Importance of Clear Communication About Expectations

Clear communication from the outset is crucial in setting the tone for any potential relationship on sugar daddy websites. Your profile should explicitly state what you are looking for in a relationship. Are you interested in casual dating, a more serious relationship, or something in between? Being upfront about your expectations can help attract the right kind of partner.

Discuss your boundaries and what you are comfortable with. If there are specific things you are not willing to compromise on, these should be clearly mentioned in your profile. This could include aspects like discretion, the type of dates you enjoy, or your availability.

By clearly stating your expectations and boundaries, you can prevent misunderstandings and ensure that you are more likely to connect with someone who respects and aligns with your desires and needs. This approach fosters a healthier interaction and a more satisfying experience on the platform.

Navigating Initial Conversations and Meetings

How to Approach Initial Messages and Conversations

When initiating contact on sugar daddy websites, it's crucial to maintain a balance between being straightforward and respectful. Start by carefully reading the profile of the person you're interested in to tailor your message with relevant details that show genuine interest. It's advisable to be clear about your intentions and expectations from the outset to ensure transparency and mutual understanding.

Engage in light, friendly conversation to build comfort and trust, without delving into overly personal topics too quickly. Discuss interests and lifestyle to gauge compatibility. Keeping the tone polite and the conversation engaging helps in forming a connection that can lead to more meaningful discussions.

Advice on Arranging the First Meeting

Choosing the right setting for the first meeting is key to ensuring both parties feel safe and comfortable. Opt for a public place such as a coffee shop, restaurant, or a park, which are neutral and safe options. It's important to agree on a time and place that is convenient for both parties.

Before the meeting, confirm the details and communicate any last-minute changes to avoid misunderstandings. It's also wise to set the duration of the first meeting to be brief (an hour or so) to keep the pressure low. Both parties should have the opportunity to leave gracefully if the meeting does not go as expected.

Discussing Allowances and Terms Safely

When it comes to discussing allowances and terms, it's important to handle the conversation with sensitivity and respect. This discussion should ideally take place after a mutual interest has been established and preferably during the first or second meeting.

Start by clearly outlining what you are comfortable with and listen attentively to the other person's expectations and boundaries. It's crucial to discuss the form of the allowance (cash, gifts, etc.), frequency, and any terms related to the arrangement. Ensure all agreements are mutually beneficial and clearly understood by both parties.

To maintain privacy and security, avoid sharing personal financial information such as bank account details until a solid level of trust has been established. Use secure and discreet methods of communication when discussing allowances to protect both parties' privacy.

Safety and Privacy Considerations

Ensuring Personal Safety and Security Online and Offline

When engaging with sugar daddy websites, it is crucial to prioritize your safety both in the digital realm and when meeting someone in person. Online, always use a secure and unique password for your dating profiles and avoid sharing this or any other sensitive login details. Be cautious about the amount of personal information you share on your profile or with individuals you meet on the site.

For offline meetings, always choose a public place for initial interactions, such as a coffee shop or a busy park. Inform a trusted friend or family member about your plans and consider sharing your location with them via your mobile device. It's also wise to arrange your own transportation to and from the meeting place to maintain control over your mobility.

Privacy Tips for Protecting Personal Information

Protecting your personal information is essential to avoid identity theft and maintain privacy. Use an alias or a nickname on your profile instead of your real name, and be cautious about sharing details that could be used to identify or locate you, such as your home address, place of work, or phone number.

Be mindful of the photos you upload. Avoid pictures that reveal identifiable landmarks near your home or workplace. Additionally, consider using different photos from those on your other social media accounts to prevent someone from doing a reverse image search to find out more about you.

Recognizing and Avoiding Scams

Scammers often target users of sugar daddy websites. Be alert for red flags such as someone expressing strong emotions very quickly, asking for money, or claiming to be in a sudden crisis. Scammers might also send phishing emails attempting to gather your personal information.

Be skeptical of profiles that seem too good to be true or lack depth in their details. Never share your financial information, such as bank account numbers or credit card details. If a user asks for money, regardless of the reason, it is advisable to cease communication and report the profile to the website administrators.

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Do u like milf?

Avatar Username: shyladie1976
Date: 16-Feb-2024 23:33:21
Mood: in love

Nice Milf Posing in Lingerie

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Father in law

Avatar Username: BlondeRabbit
Date: 13-Feb-2024 19:34:19
Mood: horny

My hubby's father was an attractive gent always dressed very smart in expensive attire andwhen he came to visit he would always give me a hug and say how sexy I looked and at times feel my ass and grin... I did not not mind as I say he was an attractive guy with a wicked sense of humour....
One day me and hubby had a huge argument, so bad I told him to leave and threw some of his clothes out of the bedroom window along with a few other possesions of his LOL.... he picked them up and left...
The following evening the front door opened (never used to lock it until late at night a very quiet village we lived in) and in walked his father (Colin) he said how are you I spoke to Andy (my hubby) and he said he had been kicked out of the house, I said well he deserved it, Colin just laughed and gave me a hug as usual and then said have you had dinner yet ? I said no he said ah good neither have I shall we go out for a meal I am paying ? I said no it is ok I have food in here he said oh to hell with that lets just go out for a meal ! I said well yeah if you insist, I need to freshen up my make up first though, he said ok well since your are doing that could you change into your very short white min dress for me ? I laughed and said you serious he said yes, oh ok if that's what you want... 10mins or so later I came back downstairs into the kitchen and he said wow you look very sexy I said thank you, Colin said though where are the white fishnet stockings ? I said I have them they are in the drawer, he said well go and put them on and wear your pink high heels I seen you wearing a few months ago ! I did not question for some reason I just went back to my bedroom and did what he asked... When I returned he was stood outside smoking and had hellped himself to a glass of wine, I said are we ready to go now ? he said hell yes give me a moment to finish this, so I went back inside the kitchen to get my house keys and my handbag, Colin walked back in placed the glass in the sink turned and ran his hand up the inside of my thigh very quickly and felt my pussy ! I stepped back a bit and asked what are you doing ? he said at your age you should know by now and laughed, he placed his arms around me and moved his hand under my dress again and pulled down my thong panties he said you won't be needing to wear these Michelle not tonight !!! I did not protest...
Off we went to a very nice resturant in the city and had a lovely meal along with some drinks, he said well maybe it is time I drive you back home do you have anymore of that wine ? I said yes Colin said great so we can have a drink at your house then ? I said yes of course.... during the drive back my stocking tops where clearly visible and Colin after a short while started to run his hand up and down my leg, I thought what the hell and slid slightly forward in the seat so my dress would ride up and he could see my pussy ! he looked and said now that looks very tasty Michelle I just smilled...
Once at home I poured two glasses of wine Colin sat at the table and said have aseat and relax a bit so I did, we talked about general things for a while and he asked about his son etc... we finished two bottles of that wine and Colin said I am way over the limit for driving can I just crash here tonight ? I said of course you can... then Colin said can I crash with you ? I laughed and said so you want to fuck your son's wife ? Colin said damn right I do I wanted to fuck you from the first time we met ! I said oh dear such a long time to have an errection he laughed and said yeah way too fucking long ! I said well what if I say no ? he said I will respect that... I said well it is no I will get you some blankets and you sleep on the couch he said that is fine...
He went into the living room to sleep and I went upsatirs to bed after around 30 mins or so just laid on the top of my bed I took off my mini dress and bra, left only my white stockings and heels on then went downstairs into the living room Colin was fast asleep and snoring lol I pulled the blankets back and was pleased to find that he was only wearing his underpants, I started to rub his cock and put it in my mouth and gently licked and sucked it a bit, he sort of stirred and grunted a bit, his flacid dick was getting hard, I climbed on top of him still pulling his cock and kissed him on the lips he woke up all of a sudden eyes wide open and said oh it's you Michelle what are doing I thought you did not want this ? I said I changed my mind Daddy, he said Daddy ??? I said well you are my father in law still yes ? he said oh fuck yes so you want Daddy to fuck you hard girl ? I said yes please Daddy, he said you are so fucking sexy stand up and let me have a good look at those big tits and your sexy legs girl ! so I did and he was pulling his now very hard cock it was a good couple of inches bigger than his son's, I said daddy let's go to my bed, he said yes.... once up there he licked my pussy for what seemed like ages and made me cum twice ! we had amazing sex.
Afterwards we talked for a short while whislt I was still rubbing his cock and kissing him deeply inbetween conversation, he said to me girl can you do something else for me ? I said yes Daddy what ? he said I am going to go down and have a smoke,can you wear for me what my son likes to see you dressed in he must have a fav outfit ? I grinned and said yes he does Daddy you go for a smoke and I will get dressed for you..
I wore a black minidress witha zipper that go's all the way from top to bottom up the front of it, black stockings, black knee lengh boots with crimson bra and lace panties.... I went down to the kitchen he had finished his smoke and he said omg wow so fucking sexy I unzipped the front of my dress slightly so he could see my panties and he said girl my son does have good taste in choice of clothes and women if nothing else I laughed.... Colin then said girl can I fuck you in the ass wearing that ? I said yes daddy of course you can I love to be fucked in the ass Daddy especially witha big cock like yours Daddy, I did not even have to touch his cock or kiss him his cock was rock hard !!!! He bent me over the table and roughly fucked me in my tight ass, I was saying to him yes Daddy please harder thank you Daddy cum insdie me Daddy I am your girl.
The next morning I woke up and he was gone, I found a note on the kitchen table basically saying thank you for an awesome night, i have work to do so had to leave early sorry for that, I hope we can do this again ? Love Daddy.. P.S. this is my cell phone number....... LOL I felt slightly used but not concerend about it becasue I did enjoy myself, I sent him a mesage and said Yes Daddy I understand, thank you for fucking me me so good xxx.... he replied with So we can do this again even if my son comes back to you ? I said Yes Daddy I am your slut now I will not have sex with my husband only with you Daddy so please come and visit me again xxx
A few days later my hubby showed up at the house and appologised, we made peace with eachother and he moved back in... later on that evening we where talking and he said yeah I spoke to my father and said I advised that I should appologise as I was in the wrong.... I said ah well ay least one of you has some common sense LOL hubby said nothing and had another drink... I went to the toilet and messaged Daddy and said he is back home.... Daddy said good, this makes it even better me knowing you are going to be sucking and fucking Daddy's big cock whilst your husband is at home hahaha, you are MY slut now nobody elses unless I say so ! you already dress like a slut and act like one so I expect you to never wear any panties again so I can have easy access to your shaved pussy at any time....
I responded with Yes Daddy I am your slut so whatever you wish...
It was quite a few hours later and Daddy sent me a message saying he is going to come and visit ! he said he wanted to fuck his slut so badly again LOL.... His orders where simple he said only wear tan hold up stockings and the brown boots you have nothing else !!!! I said well hubby is in the house ! Daddy said yes even better just go and put your makeup on and get wear what I said then go downstairs, make sure the front door is unlocked and also make sure my son see's you !
I siad yes Daddy.... oh hell I thought this is going to be awkward ! anyway off I went, and after I walked into the living room and beside my hubby's computer room / office where he was and he seen me and said fucking hell you look very sexy Michelle ! I said thank you and as that was said my hubby seen his fathers jeep pull up outside !!! he said oh shit quick go and put a dress on.... I walked along the corridoor and in walked Daddy through the front door ! he smilled and said hello slut very loudly ! and with that he reached out and stroked my pussy along with inserting two fingers inside me I let out a slight gasp, my hubby came through and said ah hello father sorry about Michelle not having a dress on she was just asking me if the boots suited the tan stockings before she got dressed.... Daddy said that is ok the slut looks perfect to me !!! my face went bright red and my hubby said come on father don't say that she is my wife for fuck sake, he said ah yes and patted me on the ass then said go and get me a glass of wine ! my hubby said well wait untill she puts a dress on ? Daddy said no need I have seen everything anyway.... I got him a glass of wine and said Colin your wine is on the table he shouted and said who ? I said sorry Daddy your wine is on the table... he said that's better he and hubby cam einto the kitchen, hubby looked a bit confused of course and daddy said well are you having a glass ? hubby said no Daddy said well best you go back to do your work or whatever it is you do on that computer then ! hubby said yes I have to actually and he said to me Michelle go and put a dress on !
Daddy sat down and pulled his big cock out of his pants and said come here slut suck it now ! I did as he asked after a few mins he ordered me to sit on his hard cock and he fucked me very hard it did not take long for him to cum inside me this time and I went to get a tissue to wipe the cum up that was running down my leg !... Daddy said NO do not do that go through to my son's computer room so he can see the cum running down your leg and ask him what dress does he think you should wear tonight ? ..... Oh heck ! I hesitated and daddy ordered me to do it again so I did... I walked into the computer room and said Andy which dress do you think I should wear ? he looked at me and said I think the tan coloured one that will match your boots Michelle and then he noticed the cum running down my leg his eyes widened and then looked at me again but said nothing he just knew I had been fucked !!!
I went back to the kitchen and Daddy was laughing he said very well done slut ! no go put that dress on... I went off upstairs put the dress on, came back down and Daddy said wipe the cum off your leg with your hand and lick it up, so that is what I did he said you are such a dirty fucking slut Michelle I said yes Daddy I am...
After that I went though to to see hubby and said ok me and Daddy are going out for a few drinks you are busy so we shall see you later ? hubby said Daddy ? I said well yes he's my father in law so yes my Daddy also yes ? he said well yes yeah.... daddy was listening and when we got into his jeep (Range Rover it was) he laughed and said that was a good comeback I can imagine the look on my son's face hahaha.

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Seperated but stuck with him

Avatar Username: lifes2short
Date: 07-Feb-2024 21:35:32
Mood: angry

Hi Everyone. 

I wanted to share a personal story that has been ongoing since before christmas. i split with a man who i'd been in a relationship for five years the day after a night out that ended with accusations which was embarassing leading to a full blown argument. wasn't the first time there had been others when we had been out, i'd had enough of the insecurity of his and immaturity he showed me over the last year had grown to all time low. the constant monitoring when i'd go out alone till the time i returned felt like i had been on trial for something. before christmas we got invited to a party at a friend of mines house the night was great good music atmosphere we all was having a good night with laughs. later on heading towards 11pm roundabout my friends older son had asked me for a dance politely i said why not and danced till the song had finished then returned to my drink sat down next to my then ex, i knew there was something wrong he didn't speak went all quiet with a face like thunder just staring onwards. my friend had noticed also that his demeanor had changed when he got up and went for another drink alone she quizzed me what was wrong with him i replied i honestly dont know he hasn't spoken to me since i came from having the dance, she replied, looks to me as if he'd rather be somewhere else or wants to go, i replied probably go, when he got back soon as my friend left us alone and i spoke to him again asking him if he'd go get me a drink, he looked at me replied why dont you ask that cunt of a friends son who had his hands all over your arse, i replied, whats wrong with you your determined to ruin the night at any cost, he replied don't take me for a eff fool i seen you and him laughing together whispered in your ear hands all over your arse i watched you both. i replied, whatevers in your head your way off it was a dance nothing more its a party people dance have a good time, he replied, soon as i've drank this we're going, i replied, i'm not i'm enjoying it, he replied, your coming home with me when i go not staying here on your own with him, i replied, him? theres no him, you've put 1+1 together come up with 6 it was a just a dance ffs grow up. i got up went for another drink and stayed chatting to my friend were he was eyeballing me all of the time. i told my friend what he was suggesting and she replied, omgg how paranoid can you get, i replied, yep he's becoming pathetic. he drank more and my friends son came outside to our group having a laugh and he came out saying we're going get your bag, everyone looked at me way he carried on so i replied no i'm staying i've booked the taxi for 1am, got right up his nose that did and he did not let it go. he later went up to my friends son and told him to keep his hands off me or go near me again, he told my ex he had to much to drink and to go home that he was causing embarrasment for everyone. my friend said she didnt want him there again after embarassing me and the blowout with her son. the following day i knew that was the final straw the scene he caused and the paranoia. i told him we was finished he apologised i said no enough is enough i want out. he accused me of sleeping around and mentioned my friends son again referred to me as basically a tart with no heart. i moved myself clothes everything out of the main bedroom into the other room and asked him to leave find somewhere to go, he declined no he was going nowhere' our home is a shared tenancy not up untill june' he won't leave and i cannot afford to leave, so i rang our landlord and spoke of the predicament i'm in and told me only thing he can do is when up for renewal is only let it to me so then he'd have to leave. i had to get someone to put a lock on my bedroom door as a safeguard while he was out at work. days later i came in and he said there was no need for that putting a lock on, so he'd been in the bedroom when i been out at some point otherwise how would he have known i had a lock on the inside. left me a note saying he loved me can we try again on the kitchen table one day. followed me to my sisters in a mack and a trulby disquised checking to see where i was going or meeting, how pathetic, how low can a man stoop its a long time till june i'm determined to see it through and finally get the pathetic man out of my life. has anyone else been through the same sort of paranoid delusion with a man?

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Stealing my friends random pick up

Avatar Username: BlondeRabbit
Date: 07-Feb-2024 15:20:26
Mood: horny

To cut a long story short my best friend June had split up with her husband and rented a house for her and the three kids just around the corner from me.... When she was with her hubby their house was a regular party house at a weekend and we used to alternate between her house and mine.

June had only had sex with two guys in her life and one being her husband so once she was seperated from him she was like a bitch in heat LOL (very pretty lady natural blond hair and a shapely figure) we used to go out as per usual at a weekend mostly around the local bars but at times into the city.... of course the guys always used to target us two blondes wearing very shot mini skirts boots and stockings hehehe June's mission was to just get any man to take back home and fuck her she wanted it more and more, as for me luckly I could be much more selective so to say...

One night we were out locally and June got talking to a quite hansome guy in his mid 30's I guess, I was talking to a few other guys that did not interest me in the least... at closing time June said to the guy do you want to come back to my house for a drink and stay over if you want ? he said yes I would like that, June literally grabbed me by the arm and said we are going back to my house now ! I said erm ok yes...

Once at Junes house she put some music on and poured a few glasses of wine the three of us where sat in the kitchen just talking about general stuff... June said where is your hubby ? I said he's at home playing online games far as I know why ? well message him and tell him to come round and bring some more wine LOL, so I did (June was just as much his friend as she was mine) Hubby showed up 15mins later with more wine and June introduced him to the new random guy she had picked up at the bar hehehe, we all got along great and June said oh its a bit cold in here lets go to the living room and sit there with the fire on we all agreed...

Hubby sat down on the rug next to the fire, June sat on her sofa with the random guy I sat down next to hubby but had to raise my skirt so it would not split which exposed my panties within full view of the random guy his eyes lit up ! and then then he diverted his attention to listen to what June was talking about... we chatted again for a while and June got up and brought another bottle of wine in and filled our glasses, I said thank you I need to use the toilet though June laughed and said you are not going to be sick are you ? (as a joke) I said hell no I just need to pee that is all LOL

I went upstairs to the toilet I did not need a pee at all I had a thought to to tease the random guy so I took off my panties went back downstairs and into the kitchen and placed them into my bag then went back to the living room and sat down again on the floor next to hubby the random guy sort of glanced and then refocused since he had just seen my shaved pussy I made sure he could see all of it his eyes where fixed for a few moments lol...

Hubby decided he wanted to go outside for a smoke and June said yes give me one please so off they went... I rasied my leg higher and said to the guy do you want me hun or do you want June ? he said I want you, I said stand up quickly and show me your dick then hun he did and it was already erect !!! I said oh wow you really do want me hehehe I told him to move forward and I gave him a very quick blow job and told him to sit back down, he said so how are we goign to fuck ? I said just wait...

Hubby and June came back in and sat down June put her arm around random guy and was trying to get close but he was not really interested, after a while I said well hubby go and get teh botle of Vodka from home and we will make up a few cocktails and june turn the music up ! hubby agreed and off he went the three of of us went into the kitchen and sat down, hubby came back and made us all some strange mixture (could not call it a cocktail but tasted ok) after a few shots of that hubby and June got up dancing hehehe left me sat beside the random guy he placed his hand on my thigh under the table I said to him do not drink too much of that stuff just keep my hubby and June topped up with it ok ? he grinned and said yes understood....

After about an hour us all up and down dancing there was just hubby and June dancing still and very drunk... the random guy got up and said I need to pee so off he went to the toilet... I waited a few mins and went upstairs knocked on the toilet door and said are you ok in there ? he said yes come in, I entered and he is stood there naked with a very large errection and said I was waiting for you ! he came closer to me and placed my hand on his hard dick and started to French kiss me, his body was so muscular as I was pulling his hard dick I was stroking his chest and his back and his cheeks, he said you like this ? I said yes I do very much hun, he said ok babe unzip your dress for me, so I did and let it fall to the floor he stepped back a bit and said yes babe I like also, he undid my bra leaving me almost naked apart from my hold up stockings and boots.... He placed two fingers inside my very wet pussy and kept on kissing me I was pulling his very hard dick all the time...

He said where can we fuck babe ? I said downstairs in the living room he said no way what if your hubby or June comes in ? I so what LOL so we went down into the living room I gave him a very sloppy blow job he loved it he kept calling me dirty bitch and pushing my head down deeper, I sat on top of him and his big dick slid right inside my wet pussy he fucked me sensless I was panting and almost screeing with pleasure I could not help myself he was trying to keep his hand over my mouth LOL he turned me over and we had sex doggy style and he asked me if I like a dick in my ass I siad oh yes I do hun he pulled out rubbed my pussy and massarged my cum into my ass and then roughly forced his dick inside my anus ! I let out a slight screem and he was pumping me hard... A few moments later my hubby came into the living room and seen me getting fucked the random dude tried to pull out of me but I held onto him and said it is ok stay inside hun ! Hubby said oh ok you are alright then I was just checking I will go back and dance with June and keep her out of your way !

The random guy laughed and after a while shot his load into my very sore ass ! he laid on the floor and I sucked his big dick dry and clean milking his balls, he said you are such a fucking slut I said thank you LOL

We both went to the toilet together and got dressed then went back down and into the kitchen, June said wher have you two been I said just talking in the living room (she was very drunk) hubby said well I think it is time we head off home now, I said good bye to the random dude (he did place his hand up my skirt again for on last sneeky feel lol) and bye to June and off we went...

Once back at home hubby said did you enjoy that ? I said yes it was awesome hun did you like what you seen when he was fucking me in the ass when you walked in ? hubby said hell yes I did look and he unzipped his jeans and showed me all the cum in his underpants ! LOL I he said I cum in my pants as soon as I seen you getting fucked !

The next day I sent June a message saying have you recovered from the drink ? she said only just, what about the random guy then ? she said he called a taxi after you left and fucked off !!! I said oh dear sorry to hear that maybe you two were not compatible afterall she said obviously not but there is always next weekend LOL

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