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How I got Julia to have sex with another guy

Avatar Username: Bostonmark
Date: 07-Jun-2017 07:55:14
Mood: full of life

We've had several questions about the steps I used leading up to the "big day" of Julia enjoying sex another guy. Here's what worked for me:

There were several steps I used to actually get her to where I could watch her having sex with another guy. It took about a year I think. The first thing I did was to set it up one day so another guy could spy on us having sex in the back yard (we do that all the time). He was hidden well and I made sure she did everything for him: undress, masturbate, suck my cock, mount me, and of course I fucked her in just about every position imaginable. I set this up several times with a few different guys. When I told her months later she was really mad at first, but then started to think about and I think she liked the idea of being watched. (I think she's a little exhititionist at heart)

Then at night we started fantasizing about me being another guy - she would pick a guy who she though was good looking (I would always ask her to describe why - that always got her embarassed), then we'd turn off the lights and I would pretend to be him. The sex started to get really good as she got more comfortable with that. it was still play - but at least I knew now the guys who she had the hots for. We did this for months, and sometimes it was really hot. Most of the guys I knew but a few I did not.

Next, I actually arranged quietly sneaking in her favorite "secret hunk" one night and let him slip in and take my place. She was blindfolded and tied on her back (something we do all the time) and I just watched. The first time was just he just gave her oral, but then the second time he gave her both oral and intercourse. Totally unaware, she didn't resist anything and layed there and loved ever second of it. Again when I finally told her she was angry at first but then started to get really turned on by it. She now knew exactly what it felt like to have sex with another guy and that I was totally OK with her enjoying it.

Finally, a few weeks later the three of us came home one night really drunk. It took a while but I convinced to let me give her oral while he watched. (she loves being watched, she whined a little buy eventually said yes). She already knew that he was the guy who had secretly had sex with her and knew what it felt like. Wasn't long before her was standing there naked and she was staring at his cock. Then she started touching it. After I finished giving her an orgasm right in front of him, I think she knew what was going to happen so she just laid her head back. She was completely soaked so he just moved over softly kissed her and quietly slipped into her. As I finally got to watch her completely enjoying another guy, the sight of her laying there head back, arms back over her head, and her little tits rocking back and forth in time to his thrusts was unbelievable. Honestly, none of wanted that moment to end.



Avatar F-Train
2017-06-07 21:49:02

What a sight that must have been to see him fucking her without her knowing it was not you. So where do you two go from here?

Avatar lickclitt
2017-06-07 13:22:42

Hmmmmmm I might try employing that with Deedee. I'm slowly trying to get her to turn to enjoying other men and their various ways not to mention cock. Hopefully someday it will happen Thanks for sharing

Avatar vonnie1971
2017-07-10 11:32:21

That's fantastic! Very hot! Glad it worked for you.

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